Prices shown exclude VAT 


Integrated Drive System/Mono for the KST X10, X10 Mini, DS125, DS135 and DS225
 Integrated Drive System
Review by Colin Hutchinson on 22 Apr 2021

Much easier to install than I imagined it would be. Very positive, strong, exact, and an excellent product.

VM 25mm Spinner for 5mm shafts
Review by Anonymous on 21 Apr 2021

One of the best on the market. Reasonably priced too.

Ultima 2 F5J 4m
 Ultima 2
Review by Bert Laan on 20 Apr 2021

I have now had some time to fly the Ultima 2. It is without doubt one of the best planes I have flown. It is easy to fly, shows thermal well and circles well in thermal. I fly with the CodG well back but that has given no problems, it can almost stand still in the air, or go seaching for lift. I does not seem to have any vices, I have not found any so far.
The finish is great, up to a very high standard. I had to install a new rudder pushrod as there was not enough clearance between the two pushrods, but what was due to the servos I used.
I do not hesitate to reccommend this glider.

Blaster 3 DLG Throwing Blade
 Fits Blaster 2
Review by Steve H on 20 Apr 2021

I needed a throwing blade as i bought a blaster 2 second hand and im left handed. This did the job nicely.

Alt 1m DLG
 Great little kit, brilliant service
Review by Mr Russell S Jones on 20 Apr 2021

The alt kit is really well packaged. Really accurate laser cut pieces. Instructions on internet are good too

KST X08N V5 Lugless Servo - 0.09s 8.3g 8mm
 Excellent service
Review by David Bradfield on 20 Apr 2021

Received servos the next day. Thank you

KST DS125MG Wing Servo - 0.12s 27g 10mm
Review by Eric Elston on 19 Apr 2021

These servos buzz a fair amount as they hunt for neutral point. Otherwise they seem to be great so far

KST DS135MG Mini Wing Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
Review by Eric Elston on 19 Apr 2021

These servos buzz a fair amount as they seem to hunt for neutral point.

Auri 1.5m DLG including wing bags
Review by edward Handford on 16 Apr 2021

Short: Nice model , needs printed instructions and clear pictures.

Finish of the model is very nice, and the carbon is nicely done.
I used MKS servos which do not fit in the tray provided (kst servos fit well), so i made my own tray.
I did have issues with installing the control surfaces springs, i followed the build on the RC Groups thread but they were not very obvious for me, and the pictures were not great (on example is the picture of the rear fin , which as it is taken directly from above it is not clear which side the control horn is meant to sit).
The screw holes in the wing did not line up with the fuselage holes so I had to Dremel the hole out a bit.

It would have been a lot more enjoyable if the kit came with a printed set of instructions , which I thought at this price point would be a given.

Flys very well, it has a very neutral response with air speed and it is easy to find lift as the wings give a clear indication . It can thermal on a dime.

After a bit of test flying i found moving the cofg forward to improve the performance and give a obvious indication when close to stall.

Mini Q Slope/Electric Sports Racer 81cm
 Let's soar!
Review by Andrea faletra on 15 Apr 2021

Thanks Hyperflyght for that creation!
Mini Q looks easy to mount, easy to transport and fun to fly! Strong carbon/fiber structure give to this plane strenght and acro ability even in strong wind condition.
What to say... Jump in the sky with that plane!

Auri 1.5m DLG including wing bags
 Excellent Aircraft
Review by Tom Stanton on 14 Apr 2021

I'm new to the 1.5m DLG class and decided to get the Auri based on reviews and a thread on RCGroups. Being my first quality carbon aircraft, I was initially a little intimidated by the build, but it went together surprisingly easily. The wings and fuselage are stiff, lightweight and have a very nice finish. With 4x KST X08 servos and a 2s 300mah lipo, the all up weight is 236g (5g of lead in the nose) and wow does it fly nice! I followed the setup sheet for the control surface travel (but CG at 66mm) and it flew extremely well on the first day out. My launches need some practice, but after just a few slow practice throws, I caught my first thermal which lifted it almost out of sight! This will definitely my chosen model on a calm summers day!

Carboline SC39/2 Spread Carbon - large sample
 Worked great
Review by Seth on 14 Apr 2021

Worked great. Easy to use. It was exactly what I needed to repair my DLG.

KST MS320 HV Contactless Servo - 0.07s 21g 12mm
Review by Lloyd Davies on 14 Apr 2021

These are great servos for the fuselage on high performance gliders. I just about managed to get them to fit a strong Freestyler 5 and 6 but had to Dremel some of the fuselage where the servo corners are. One thing to watch out for with these is not to let the receiver battery drop to a very low voltage say less than 3.5v-4v as the servo output does a full 360deg turn which can damage linkages that are connected.

6mm Carbon Tube
 Carbon Tube 6MM X 5MM
Review by Aleksandr on 13 Apr 2021

Товар плохой. Трубка кривая, сечение не постоянно 6,1*5,6

Fresh 2m
Review by Hugh on 13 Apr 2021

This is a nicely sorted kit, and as usual from Neil, packaging and postage were first class and quick. I built mine as an electric powered plane using the recommended ADH300L motor and will run with a 3S 450mAh battery. I found the model was quite nose-heavy (having been originally designed as a glider) and chopped a 60mm plug out of the pod between the equipment hatch and wing LE before covering the pod - using some plywood (and glass) reinforcement at the butt join. Then the completed model balanced perfectly at 71mm from LE with the battery up front near the motor. AUW 490gm.

Blue Bird BMS-125WV Servo - 0.09s 11.3g 10mm
Review by Pieter on 11 Apr 2021

The servo is nice but has some play, the mks DS6100 does not have that so I go for the mks.

Introduction F5J 2.9m
 Introduction F5J
Review by Chris P on 9 Apr 2021

I bought this, (together with the recommended bluebird servos) in October 2020, and it had its maiden flight today. I used a Roxxy 28-34 motor with a 9x6 prop providing just under 100 Watts.
1) Good prompt service from Hyperflight; thank you.
2) Instructions are in German – though well-illustrated. Unofficial translations are available on the web.
3) Balsa quality is good; hardware complete. Nicely drawn plans. Perhaps the circular spar holes in the wing ribs are a little large. Materials are light and it needs care not to be heavy handed when building. It goes together quickly – all the parts fit. The carbon leading edge with iron on covering works remarkably well. Needs care with wing joiners – but the system works well.
4) It balanced at 87 mm from LE, as per instructions, using a 1600 mAh battery and no added weight. Also flew OK with a 1300 mAh battery which was 24 g lighter.
5) Landing flaps are effective – landings are slow.
6) It circles tightly and gains height quickly. It is my lightest and largest electric glider yet, and it thermals better than anything I have had previously. More than once today I had to use flaps to dump height in a thermal. I am looking forward to flying this a lot.
7) Good value at this price.

Blue Bird BMS-207WV Servo - 0.05s 17.5g 12mm
Review by Andrias Thomsen on 9 Apr 2021

very good

Longshot 4 DLG 1.5m
 Longshot 4 dlg
Review by Anonymous on 7 Apr 2021

This is a very good kit - high end dlgs cost twice as much but this is a great alternative if you’re not interested in competition. This is the second one I’ve had. AUW is close to 330g but you can still catch a nice thermal. I would recommend it. I make the canopy opening a bit larger than stock and use a throwing blade instead of the pin. I also use pull-spring instead of the pushrods that come with the kit. All in all, it launches and flies great considering the price! Hyperflight service was great - shipped fast to US.

PicoSwitch - Magnetic RC On-Off Switch for batteries with RC plugs
 Pico switch
Review by Pat Malone on 7 Apr 2021

Great company to deal with

Spin Electric 1m including powertrain and wing bags
 Vladimirs spin
Review by Mark Stoneham on 7 Apr 2021

Beautiful little glider, extremely well made, arrived in Australia very promptly, great service from the team at hyperflight, will buy again, Thanks

VM DLG Torque Spring
 Torsion springs!!!
Review by ES on 7 Apr 2021

Bought these for a brand new, unbuilt, Vortex 3 DLG I bought from the RC Groups a very good deal on it!!....These springs should work well on it!!!

KST DS145MG Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
 KST Wing Servos
Review by Bob Playle on 6 Apr 2021

High quality servos.
Nicely packed and delivered very quickly.
Many thanks Hyperflight for your fine service!

32mm HyperSpinner for 3mm shafts
 32mm Spinner for 3mm shaft
Review by Joseph Hutton on 6 Apr 2021

The Spinner assembly with a 3mm aperture for the motor shaft was well manufactured, the need for bolts to hold the prop blades is eliminated, pins are held in place by the body of the spinner, clever.

KST X06 Servo - 0.07s 6.4g 7mm
 Lovely little servos
Review by Robby B on 6 Apr 2021

I bought a couple of these to replace the 2 Bluebird AMG's in my Elf because the constant buzz of the AMG's finally pushed me over the edge. The KST06's are totally silent and just about fit into the Elf with the lugs still on (with some trimming of the very central leading edge. Lugs left on because I'll rob the servos from the Elf later in the year). I'm quite happy to give up a couple of grams for the extra quality that the KST's offer over the Bluebirds

Alt 1m DLG
 Alt 1M DLG
Review by Felix K. on 5 Apr 2021

This is a great plane. Construction was straight forward. I did install 1.5mm carbon pushrods and micro control horns instead of the string/spring system. Even with the pushrods, total flying weight is 189 grams.
This is a great flying plane, it's my first DLG, and now I'm hooked!

Samba RES Evo 2m
 Easy build
Review by Mark Mollenhauer on 5 Apr 2021

The kit goes together with the precision of a Swiss watch. Everything clicks snugly into place, except the empennage. I was puzzled by the wood choice—I could identify little moderate weight wood and no C-grain, so things were a bit crumbly, especially the empennage. I found it useful to flip back and forth between the Pike’s Peak step-by-step instructions, glidermang rcgroups’ build log, and Google translate of the included German instructions. I have not high-started it, and my electrification ultimately failed (see my review of the kit), but it flew well from the ground.

KST DS215MG HV Servo - 0.05s 19g 12mm
 Kst ds 125 mg servo
Review by erbay raman on 5 Apr 2021

Recently purchased the servos , . these are great and size is as described , Will most definatley be buying more soon

HyperFlight 300 mAh 4.8V NiMH 31g Battery
 Hyperflight 300ma battery
Review by J.nelson on 5 Apr 2021

These were replacements for the two which I lost and expect the same good results.

Blue Bird BMS-M15H Servo - 0.10s 14.0g 10mm
 Broken after 2 weeks of use
Review by Anonymous on 4 Apr 2021

Good servo but broke after 2 weeks of use... Spins like a crazy and not responding to pwm signal

Geronimo 2 F5J 2.5m
 Super service
Review by Ferri on 3 Apr 2021

Place an order of Geronimo 2 from Neil.
As expected the kit arrived in two weeks time in good condition.
Another super service from Hyperflight.

4mm Carbon Tube
 Carbon tubes
Review by Murat Kece on 2 Apr 2021

I ordered 4 mm carbon rod, 5 and 6 mm carbon tubes for my Res Eagle build.. Excellent quality products.. Delivered on time.. As always great sevice from Hyperflight.. Thank you.

KST X06 Servo - 0.07s 6.4g 7mm
 micro elevator swervo
Review by Ian Harvey on 2 Apr 2021

As usual, good advice from Neil and very happy with this recommendation.

Fresh 2m
Review by Norrie Kerr on 1 Apr 2021

Excellent service from Hyperflight and a good kit of the Fresh RES.
Unfortunately I could not find the parts F28 and F29 so made them from scrap 1mm ply.They are mentioned on the plan but seem to have been omitted from the 1mm ply sheet.

HyperFlight comment: Very sorry about this. Thank you for making the parts up yourself. We have taken this up with the manufacturer.

30mm HyperSpinner for 4mm shafts
 Hyper Spinner
Review by Norrie Kerr on 1 Apr 2021

Looks the part

Blaster 2 & 3 V Mount
 Blaster v mount 2/3
Review by erbay raman on 1 Apr 2021

Recently purchased Blaster V mount. A great item, well made and very strong, perfect fit to boom as well. A great service all items well packed, and arrived within 2 days, thanks guys for a great service and items.

Sapphire Fuselage-suitable for 1.5m-3m gliders & eSoarers
 glider fuselage and boom
Review by erbay raman on 1 Apr 2021

Recently purchased a glider fuselage and boom. Top quality, light and strong Sapphire pod, ideal for my plan. Great service, fantastic delivery time aprox 2 days, service is faultless thanks guys.

HyperFlight 110 cm (43") Glider Bag
 Fantastic glider bag , ideal for what its for
Review by erbay raman on 1 Apr 2021

A great glider bag well made, and ideal for what its needed for. Once again the item arrived within two days, packed well.

Very happy again, Hyperflite is now my top place to buy from, thanks guys.

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6
Review by andrew keyte on 31 Mar 2021

Tried my servo out today. I had a problem with the elevator trim wandering when using a cheap servo, my F3 RES glider would creep into a stall and over speed in the same flight at the same trim. This super little servo has solved that problem and suddenly the model can be trimmed to a consistent slow speed and now defies gravity like those amazing HLG videos we see.
Packaging excellent and arrived within 2 days. Thx Hyperflight

AVA Pro Wing Mounting Screws
 Ordering replacement parts
Review by Steven cohen on 31 Mar 2021

I don't know how they do it. I ordered on Sunday night and received the parts on Tuesday afternoon. They are in the UK and I'm on the east coast of the US. All I can say is amazing. You can't go wrong with Hyperflight ordering services

GM 15x8 Folding prop blades
 GM folding Props
Review by Ian Duff on 31 Mar 2021

Good quality, light weight and very efficient woven carbon cloth prop.

XPower F2925/8 Windy 102g 1380 RPM/V
 Windy X Power
Review by Andrew on 31 Mar 2021

The motor is installed in a:
Windy Maxa at 2.23kg, 78.6 ounces all up,
Battery is a 4S, I'm running two types an 850mAh (Daves Toys Australia) and 900mAh black Hyperion.
11 x 7 Vladimers prop (A beautiful-looking propellor).
60 Amp speed controller. (set it to soft start)

Goes very well in both level and climbing flight, I am really impressed. It pulls about 53 amps in level flight based on battery recharge calculation ignoring losses and climbs at 10/14m/s.

Mini Dart 2 1m DLG
 Mini Dart 2 1m DLG
Review by John Taylor on 29 Mar 2021

Bought the new “Mini Dart 2 1m DLG”, my first DLG. I am very impressed, the quality of all the contents are 1st class. Everything fits perfectly, the finish is really nice. This is an easy build, the fuselage is nice and wide and accommodates the 4 servos on the provided tray very well. You will need to use micro servos no wider than about 9mm (those recommended are ideal, as are the batteries). The delivery as always is very quick, well packed and in a sturdy box.

Blue Bird BMS-126WV Servo - 0.07s 11.3g 10mm
Review by Tone on 29 Mar 2021

As always, the Hyperflight service is expeditious. Installed BMS-126WV centers evry time during "dry" tests - flight test is still pending :-)

Carboline SC39/2 Spread Carbon - sample
Review by Dominic on 25 Mar 2021

Used this to reinforce a throwing blade install on my DLG. The "sample" contained about 20x more material than I actually needed and looks great!

Contoured DLG Throwing Blade
Review by Dominic on 25 Mar 2021

Very high quality blade, perfect fit in my Deviant 1m DLG and far superior to the stock blade

KST DS145MG Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
 Nice servos
Review by TONY WHITTAKER on 25 Mar 2021

I really like kst servos. I am sure you pay. For what you get.

0.71mm ID Etched PTFE (22 AWG Bondable PTFE) Pushrod Outer Tube
Review by Frank Schwartz - Germany on 25 Mar 2021

Super Produkt für meine R.E.S.- und E-R.E.S.-Flieger: leicht und leichtgängig. Über die Gewichtsersparnis und Tipps zum Einbau in FMT 6.2021 in meinem Bericht über die Eli. Sofort versendet. Die Zeit auf dem Versandweg hielt sich - trotz Brexit - in Grenzen (ca. 10 Tage).
Great product for my R.E.S.- and E-R.E.S.-flyers: light and smooth. About weight saving and tips for installation in the grat german magazine FMT 6.2021 in my report on the Eli. Immediately dispatched. Despite Brexit, the time on the shipping route remained limited (approx. 10 days).

Dream-Flight Intelligent USB NiMH Charger
 USB Ning charger
Review by Ian Ross on 24 Mar 2021

Charger works a treat, once again great service from Hyperflite

Foxtrott 2.7
Review by Kelvin on 23 Mar 2021

1st off I marked it down one star as my kit came incomplete. 1. I only received a manual for the body and tail no details for the wing. I did source a complete manual which Neil has put on his site. 2. I had full plans for the wings but no full size plan for the body (which would have been handy for shaping) 3. Some small parts were missing (some dowel and a couple of small rods and connectors) these I had in my workshop so no problem. Having said the above I received in my kit some parts that were not part of this kit.
All though it sounds like I am disappointed far from it the plane is nearly finished and looks really good.
One thing I would say is that if you are not ok or this is your first build this Not an easy build Google translate from German is not the best read. If you can build from a plan only you will have no problem.

Enigma F5J 4m
 What an Enigma!
Review by Phil Brandreth on 23 Mar 2021

Well I just had to have another one, just received my second Enigma from Neil.
The finish quality and fit are just superb and cannot be faulted at any level.
It is a joy to put together the second time and the lessons learnt with No 1 helped immensely. I do wish that the firewall was not drilled at all, rather than the four bolt holes, better just to have the central hole so that three bolt fixing for reisenhaur gear box can be achieved with good spacing.
I have now had some 8 outings with the No1 model, and it is an absolute joy and revelation to fly, indicates lift brilliantly, it is also much easier to repair being of solid cored construction. I have unfortunately had several radio failures with it, which has now been traced to faulty lipo’s no reflection on the plane but is beginning to look like the most battle scarred glider I have ever had, not bad as it’s only a few months old, it does break, but I have found it is well easier to repair than hollow moulded construction. It does not look pretty now but still flies beautifully.
Certainly the model of choice if we ever get back to comp flying in 2021.

Eli F3-RES 2m
 Amazing Order Turnaround
Review by Bob Goodenough on 22 Mar 2021

Ordered late afternoon and delivered just over 24 hours later. I've looked longingly at the plan and the kit components but am not yet ready to start building. The quality of the balsa and the part-cutting is very impressive. The English translation of the build instructions is a little challenging but I think I've worked it all out. "Controll turning of the wing, on tip-1 negative 1-2mm ......" was particularly challenging but I'm assuming that it really does mean washout.
Hyperflight have a fabulous selection of kits and their response to customer orders is second-to-none. I know that obtaining balsa kits from Europe is very difficult at the moment and I hope that will be resolved because I look forward to building more of these.

HyperFlight comment: Yes it means washout.

Vitaprop 8x5 Folding prop blades
 Great Quality
Review by Paul on 22 Mar 2021

I’ve not tried these yet but they look fantastic quality. Quick shipping and good service as well.

Carboline SC39/2/45 Spread Carbon Fabric +/- 45° 39g/m²
 Easy to lay up
Review by MartinE on 22 Mar 2021

Great fast delivery as usual.
This thin carbon fibre is much easier to work with than expected. Bagged a DLG elevator and fin no problem.

KST X08 X08N X08H Gear Set
 Most needed gears just made it!
Review by José Evangelista (Zevang) on 20 Mar 2021

I was really in need of these gears! Not only the price was the right one, but the package made it quickly. And what a good packing! Thanks Neil!

Inside F5J 2.9m
 Inside f5j Lockdown Project
Review by Ian on 20 Mar 2021

I had a spare A20 Hacker motor and 30a esc and looked round for something to fit them in that involved a bit of building. It soon became clear that the Inside could fit the bill but I also fancied a carbon boom/pod fuselage as I liked the look of the AVA Pro-e.

I contacted Neil and thanks to his excellent advice, I now have an Inside f5j married to a carbon pod/boom fuz. Regarding the Inside, the plan was informative, well drawn and the laser cut parts so precise that it it was a joy to build. Similarly, the appropriateness and quality of the fuselage parts/servos provided by Neil were first class. I am very grateful to Neil/Hyperflight as his advice and ability to supply quality components was key the the successful completion of my project.

Purito RES Electric 2m
 Flying the Purito Electric
Review by Graham Lorimer on 18 Mar 2021

With test flights successfully undertaken, it is time to give my thoughts on the Purito Electric 2 Meter RES Glider.
Supplied by Hyperflight, along with the Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servos, the final launch weight is 465 grams. I have to mention, these servos, while not cheap at £18 each, are very very smooth.
Power is supplied by a Hacker A10-7L motor / gearbox combination, turning a 13” x 8” GM Prop and Spinner, power output measured at 9.5amps / 105 Watts on a 3S 350 mah Hacker Top Fuel ECO-X Lipo.
This battery was chosen as it gave the C of G at 75mm from the leading edge and proved a great choice in flight. There is no problem to get 90 seconds of full power running with only about 135mah taken from the battery.
90 Meters is very easy to obtain in less than 30 seconds, although the transition to smooth level flight is going to take some time to master, after flying high powered 4 meter F5J models.
The rudder is currently set at 70% Expo, and is still too fierce, some more work required there. Very slight input to rudder or elevator is all that is required, I think dual rates will need to be set up.
Very long floating glide and the slightest lift at 9.00am on a cloudy morning, saw a rapid climb out, very easy to achieve.
A lovely model, I can’t wait to fly it on a hot summer’s day.

Introduction F5J 2.9m
 5 Star Kit
Review by Robert Oats on 18 Mar 2021

The delivery by Hyperflight is excellent.

As mentioned by most, this kit is absolute quality and the parts fit perfectly. Given the kit seems to have found its way to the USA and Australasia I am surprised the instructions haven't been officially translated from German. The translation for the Inside F5J differs significantly after the centre section of the wing is complete. The sheet and part numbers are different and it means following the German version. They use symbols for gluing so it is quite intuitive. Once you have completed the centre section the same process is followed for the outer sections.
Having covered the wing sections I would highly recommend that all the surfaces are sanded to remove the charred surface. In covering the main section the covering started tearing away when stretched because adhesion to the burnt area was very weak.

For the price this kit is an absolute steal :)

Looking forward to getting it in the air.

GM 14x10F Folding prop blades Flat
 GM 14x10F Folding prop blades Flat.
Review by david bradbury on 18 Mar 2021

Very nice great fit to fuzz and sounds and pulls great Great quick service as usual Many thanks

Mega 16/20/2 Brushless Motor
 Great service from hyperflight
Review by Dave Appleton on 18 Mar 2021

Arrived next day, really prompt service. Neil is very helpful and responds very quickly to enquiries. Mega motors are great quality and hard to come by in the UK, so I'm glad I discovered Hyperflight!

Hawk RFT 1m DLG with Servos Installed
Review by Dan on 17 Mar 2021

What a superb little dlg. Excellent construction
Prompt delivery with great packaging. Servo failed but Neil replaced no problems.

Elf Nosecone
 Elf Spares
Review by Pete on 17 Mar 2021

I received a ‘back in stock l’ email, I ordered immediately and the nose cone was delivered promptly. The new nose cone fitted perfectly. Good all round service.

6mm x 1mm Carbon Strip
Review by Andy on 17 Mar 2021

Carbon strip, as you'd expect it. An awkward item to post but handled very well and delivered super-quickly.

0.25 mm DLG Control Run Pull Wire 9m Spool
 Great Service
Review by MarkB on 17 Mar 2021

Great service and fast delivery as always.

I bought my first DLG from Hyperflight last year and several upgrades and repair items afterwards They always have good stock and respond to queries quickly

Blue Bird BMS-A10H WV Servo - 0.07s 7.4g 8mm
 Great service and quality product
Review by Rod on 17 Mar 2021

Needed these servos for my thesis research. Ordered them on Sunday, shipped on Monday and received 'm on Wednesday in The Netherlands. Great products, quality service and fast shipping, simply excellent!

1.3mm Carbon Rod
Review by Graham on 16 Mar 2021

Dimensionally very accurate on diameter which is what I required.

KST DS135MG Mini Wing Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
Review by Philip Lewis on 16 Mar 2021

The servo's, like the service from Hyperflight were as usual first rate.

Eli F3-RES 2m
 Beautiful Kit
Review by Andy Noctor on 16 Mar 2021

Beautiful kit, cutting and wood. First class, fast delivery and very well packaged. A1.
A pleasure to build. Thank you HyperFlight.

MKS Long Metal Servo Output Arms (2)
 Mks servoarms
Review by alan williams on 16 Mar 2021

Much better than the plastic ones supplied with the servo. A little heavy and bulky for what they have to do

Introduction F5J 2.9m
Review by Peter Smith on 14 Mar 2021

Very satisfied arrived in good condition easy build very good service recommend to all.

Auri Wing and Tail Bags (discontinued)

Auri Wing and Tail Bags
 Perfect fit
Review by Georg on 13 Mar 2021

Glad I got theese bags to stop hangar burn. Clever design and perfect fit.

0.71mm ID Etched PTFE (22 AWG Bondable PTFE) Pushrod Outer Tube
 Nice tubing!!!
Review by ES on 13 Mar 2021

Got this tubing to insert in the tails of my 1 meter Hawks....after a lot of flights, the torsion springs started pushing on the carbon skin...drilled some 1.05 meter holes, glued in the tubing, inserted springs, done deal!!!....Got the idea from my Auri build!!

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
Review by Richard Lee on 12 Mar 2021

Bought these servos to put in a Schloilderding, the arrived very quickly and were well packaged. They are truly tiny servos, as yet I haven't fitted or tested them. BTW I love the Schloiderding which was a birthday present from my sons!

32mm VM Pro Spinner for 6mm shafts
 Perfect spinner for my F5J plane
Review by Tim Thomas on 12 Mar 2021

Great product and great service.

32mm VM Pro Spinner for 6mm shafts
 Perfect spinner for my F5J plane
Review by Tim Thomas on 11 Mar 2021

Great product and great service.

Sunrise 5.5V 6A UBEC
Review by Ian on 11 Mar 2021

Good match for the micro drone ESC and results in a light weight/small volume installation, ideal for the current generation of light weight F5j and e-soaring models.

Kontronik / Speed 480 / Speed 600 / Universal Mount - 38mm
Review by Remy PELLATON on 11 Mar 2021

Excellent produit utilisé pour un moteur Kontronik 480-31 facile à installer

Edge F5J 3.8m
 Extrem light, beautiful plane
Review by Peter on 11 Mar 2021

Well packed, fast shipping. The Edge is a perfect built, extrem light plane. It's a pleasure to finish it. If it flyes like "function follows form" then it would be great.

Vitaprop 11x6 Folding prop blades
Review by Rex on 11 Mar 2021

Replacement blades for a set which suffered impact damage in a workshop accident. These blades are a perfect match for the Redfox Baby in my Aloha.

Powerline Turbo 10XX & Reisenauer 5:1 Motor Mount - 38mm
 Superb craftsmanship
Review by Glen on 10 Mar 2021

Simply a must have item. Very happy. I'll be buying more for my other composite models. And as per usual, speedy post from Hyperflight to Australia. Love this shop

Jolt 2 Pylon Racer 1.4m
 Jolt 2
Review by Michael on 10 Mar 2021

I’ve been researching affordable hotliners and pylon racers for a while. All my research pointed to the Jolt 2.
Unable to locate one in the United States, I came across HyperFlight and found the exact color combination I was looking for. With a bit of hesitation, I hit the purchase button and expected a long wait to receive my bird. Literally within and few days, my package showed up, with zero damage on the shipping box and the plane perfectly packed.
As I unpacked the Jolt 2, I was amazed at the quality and craftsmanship of this plane. The finish is smooth and flawless, the fit spot on and nothing was warped or damaged in any way. The colors are vivid and stand out.
With my busy schedule I have not completed the assembly, but I can’t wait to finish it.
I’m not looking to race competitively, but looking for speeds around 160mph and something that turns heads, so to speak.
HyperFlight - great job on an awesome product. I’ll definitely be a return customer!!!
Thanks Neil for your quick communication and professional operation.

Pulley For KST X08 Servos (4)
 Pulley for KST 08 servo.
Review by Bob R on 10 Mar 2021

These work really will. I wished they did a slightly larger diameter version. Another 2mm version would be good for me.

XPower F2925/8 Windy 102g 1380 RPM/V
 XPower F2925/8 Motor
Review by Colin on 10 Mar 2021

A beautifully manufactured quality motor. I have only so far performed static testing on it but from these figures alone I think this will be a cracking F5J motor exhibiting excellent dash time and rate of climb in windy conditions where ballast will be used.

How its possible to design/manufacture such a small powerful in-runner motor is impressive. My static tests on 4S 850mah 80C battery with a 11x6 GM prop showed it giving 63A @985 Watts with min pack voltage of 13.4v. 60A is the recommended maximum continuous current draw for this motor but in actual flight this is likely to drop to around 50-55A with this battery/prop combination. Wont know for sure till I flight test it but experience tells me that in flight it should be under the 60A mark meaning that the recommended prop of11x6GM is probably about right. If you want a little more head room use a 10x6 or a10x5 GM Prop.

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
Review by Anonymous on 9 Mar 2021

Was delivered very promptly and product was exactly as described

Introduction F5J 2.9m
 Introduction f5j
Review by Shane on 8 Mar 2021

Starting at the beginning, the kit was well packaged and arrived promptly.
The quality of the material selection and the laser cutting is outstanding, parts fit with little or no reworking making the assembly of the model fast and a joy.
The plan is clear and comprehensive, the instructions although in German give a graphical guide, and English instructions for the Inside F5j, downloadable, cover most of the build .
Build threads on YouTube are worth watching.
First test flights confirm the model is easy to fly and I am looking forward to relaxing days thermal soaring in the summer ahead.

Blue Bird BMS-21HV Servo - 0.09s 15.2g 12mm
 Blue Bird BMS-21HV Servo - 0.09s 15.2g 1
Review by William Haigh on 8 Mar 2021

The servos are well made and very smooth and quiet in operation very quick and the initial tests show the centering is good its nice to find a decent HV micro servo of quality at a reasonable price

X-RES Elektro 2m
 X-RES trailing edge taper.
Review by GB on 8 Mar 2021

Excellent kit - but beware small error in the English instructions. Taper the 2mm trailing edges on the bottom surface not the top. Info from Robert Zeller.

Auri 1.5m DLG including wing bags
 Another Auri!!!!!
Review by ES on 7 Mar 2021

When the aforementioned orange and gray Auri arrived, my girlfriend and I opened the box....I noticed that she was eyeballing it heavily....she liked the checkerboard carbon on the wing!! went back to my shop and ordered her a pink and gray one....When we opened that one up, we noticed some of the small parts were missing...we sent an E-mail with a photo of the small parts that did come to a couple weeks we had the parts...Great service!!!...Now to build and fly!!!

Auri 1.5m DLG including wing bags
 Nice Auri!!!
Review by ES on 7 Mar 2021

Bought an orange and gray Auri and 4 KST 08 servos, got here to California in under a week!!...Nice packaging and great service....Gonna use this for the slope...and for javeline throwing at the park....I wanna work those low level poppers and sustain!!

Auri Wing and Tail Bags (discontinued)

Auri Wing and Tail Bags
Review by Robert Rent on 7 Mar 2021

While I greatly appreciate having wing bags for my Auri, these are a very tight fit which causes tearing after a few uses.

Pulley For KST X08 Servos (4)
Review by Robert Rent on 7 Mar 2021

Perfect for tight installations

Ply Frame for KST X06 (pair)
Review by Robert Rent on 7 Mar 2021

Nicely made. Useful for wing mounting

Plastic Frame only for the KST X06 (2)
Review by Robert Rent on 7 Mar 2021

Must have for X06S

KST X06 Servo - 0.07s 6.4g 7mm
Review by Robert Rent on 7 Mar 2021

Small. light and accurate. Usual excellent Hyperflight sales and shipping.

KST X08H V5 Horizontal Lug Servo - 0.09s 8.4g 8mm
Review by John Hsu on 6 Mar 2021

These are great little servos. They are high voltage servos so no need for regulators. I use them in all my DLGs and now in my F5K planes. Neal and the Hyperflight team are super responsive and quick to ship out the order

1.68mm ID Etched PTFE (14 AWG Bondable PTFE) Pushrod Outer Tube
 PTFE push rod outer tube
Review by John Hsu on 6 Mar 2021

These are perfect for housing your pushrods. Neal and the Hyperflight team are super responsive and quick to ship out the order.

Pulley For KST X08 Servos (4)
 Pulley for KST 08 servo.
Review by Bob R on 5 Mar 2021

These work really will. I wished they did a slightly larger diameter version. Another 2mm version would be good for me.

Purito 2m
Review by Anonymous on 5 Mar 2021

Beautiful Kit. First rate wood and design. Thinking about getting another. Neil has great service. Highly recommended.

VM 4.7x2.3 Folding prop blades (1.6mm hinge pin)
Review by yannick on 4 Mar 2021

Very fast delivery... ordered at noon and posted the same day... took 7 days to arrive in Belgium... customs delayed the delivery a bit

Use this prop on my u-glider on a 3300kV motor with 2S battery...
Had to slightly adapt the prop ...
Works very wel, much better than the original cheap plastic prop and less noice...

KST 25T-5 Metal Servo Output Arm
 Kat servo arm
Review by Mauro on 4 Mar 2021

Fit perfectly with my tgy servo, very good qualità.

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