Prices shown exclude VAT 


Dream-Flight Ahi 1.2m
Review by Anonymous on 15 Apr 2024

Excellent plane and outstanding service!

BL Heli USB Programming Interface
 Useful little device
Review by CirrusRC on 14 Apr 2024

Normally use my Arduino Nano but tested one of these for a fellow flier. Drivers installed automatically on windows 10. Very easy to use and worked with both BLHeli-32 and BLHeli-S. The software is already on the device so no need to flash when swapping between Heli32 and Heli-S.

DLG F3K and Tail Wing Bags
Review by Sebastian on 13 Apr 2024

Tolles Produkt, passt perfekt fŁr Auri und CX 3

HyperFlight 162 cm (64") Glider Bag
Review by Martin on 13 Apr 2024


Mini Dart 2 1m DLG
 Nice Plane!
Review by Bruno on 13 Apr 2024

This is a lovely made little DLG. As far as I can tell, it flyes really nice. However, be careful not to leave as many dents in the wing as I did building it, the surface looks as strong as double carbon, but it isn't :) I'm tempted to compare it to the glass version, but so far it handles my "neary catched" landings pretty well.
Thanks for the perfect shipping!

Axi 2220/16 V2 Long 910 RPM/V 91g Outrunner
Review by Anonymous on 13 Apr 2024

Always a pleasure dealing with Hyperflight

Mini Dart 2 1m DLG
 Incredible Little Thing!
Review by Michael J on 10 Apr 2024

Arrived in California in 4 DAYS! Very impressed with the quality of this model and build time, all up around 4 hours to build and then longer waiting for glue/epoxy to cure. I will be ordering another one soon. I want more of these for the quiver!!! Hours of fun with a 300mah battery! Also note: The HS40 servos do not fit in the vertical position, they are too tall. The aileron servos should be about 15mm tall max.

MaxFlight F5K 1.5m
 One of the nicest DLG you will own
Review by Greg Prindle on 7 Apr 2024

The Max Flight F5K was the first elect. DLG I owned. I bought this plane to fly under the FAA 250-gram guidelines. When i saw how well it fly's I had to start up a collection. These planes fly and land on a dime. I have both 4 servo and 6 servo planes. The 4 servo turns faster than the 6-servo unit and they are both fantastic and led me down a long journey on exploring the world of elect. DLGS

Genteel Lady 1.2m
 Gentile v. Genteel lady
Review by Maciej PL on 7 Apr 2024

Maybe I didn't read it correctly, but I don't know if this model is Genteel or Gentile Lady because the assembly drawing shows something different and the decal shows something different. In my case, the element: 2.5mm Balsa lower hatch base was incorrectly cut with a laser... When building the model, you can use YT and PDF of the Angelwing Designs construction file to help you build the model. I was looking for just such a thermal glider, with a wing for slow speeds without much wind, rather silent flights. Although, as you can see on YT, even the sea breeze does not bother this sub250g drone. I am preparing to use a pylon on top of the wing center wing with an electric small motor. I recommend it for flights in small spaces without having to maintain the A1/A3 category.

XPower F2915/12 XLight 1600 RPM/V 72g Cased Outrunner
 Conversion project
Review by Nick on 7 Apr 2024

Given the weight should work well in an F3J to F5J conversion project. Product was shipped quickly.

GM 10x6 Folding prop blades
 Met expectations
Review by Nick on 7 Apr 2024

Shipped & delivered quickly. No surprises.

Joy F5J 2.5m
 Excellent ĎBabyí F5J
Review by Iain on 7 Apr 2024

Like a lot of us Iíd love a 4m carbon ship, but the price jumps exponentially at that sort of size, and for most sport flyers (like me) itís hard to justify.

Thatís why this 2.5m Joy appealed to me, and a lovely thing it is too. A lot of the assembly work is done for you, and these things are beautifully manufactured, Iíve got the smiley face design and itís flawless. Everything goes together so well, and the wiring harness is pre-installed and everything marked on the carbon layup for things like servo horns and the cuts for the wing servo rods. The servo boxes are cleanly finished and you really canít mess up the channel to the servo horn unless youíre very ham fisted!

As ever with a precision wing like this one, you need some high precision servos to do it justice and to ensure you get reliable and consistent camber and other wing positions, so donít skimp on those if you can help it.

All up weight for mine was 690g, but I went for a gearbox motor. The two fuse hatches allow for flexible rc positioning and access, but tape them on before flight just in case.

Flight wise, Iím finding it really rewarding, it will float quite readily if thatís your style, but is also happy screaming around making you smile at the sound of it.

Delivery from Neil was as ever brilliant, well boxed and arrived in perfect condition. The box has got a second life at my daughterís primary school as part of a giraffe sculpture, the cardboard is very strong! :-D

KST 25T-6 Heavy Duty Output Arms (2) - Also fits Blue Bird Servos
Review by Graham Jones on 7 Apr 2024

Excellent service many thanks

Lightweight 5 cm Servo Extension Lead
 Lightweight servo extension leads.
Review by Anonymous on 6 Apr 2024

Not what I was expecting as didnít seem lightweight. Seemed std weight and quite stiff. However did the job.

Lightweight 5 cm Servo Extension Lead
 5 cm Serbian leads
Review by Anonymous on 6 Apr 2024

Not what I was expecting. Didnít seem particularly lightweight. Quite stiff and seemed like standard weight. However did the job.

XPower F3426/7 Storm 1250 RPM/V 142g Cased Outrunner
 Xpower storm 1250rpm Outrunner
Review by Arran Birmingham on 5 Apr 2024

Purchased the 1250 rpm outrunner & carbon prop for my Dream Hotliner 2.0. Postage to Country Australia was 2 weeks exactly. I have installed and tested but not flown as yet. Seems to have plenty of pull and carnt wait to get this airborne Neil has been absolutely excellent to deal with and I will be purchasing more products in the future.

Micro Runt  85cm
 Excellente service and product
Review by Rodrigo on 5 Apr 2024

As Allways, the service is excellent. Talking about the kit, excellent quality.

CN Models 25mm Spinner for M5 shafts
Review by Richard T on 5 Apr 2024

Really nice quality spinner

HyperFlight 1806 2450 RPM/V 20g Outrunner
Review by Richard T on 5 Apr 2024

Beautiful little motor

HyperFlight 28A BLHELI-32 ESC with 3A SBEC
Review by Richard T on 5 Apr 2024

Great esc. Small and smooth in operation. I have two. Perfect set up for a RES and F5k models.

MicroMax Pocket F3F 1.15m
 First time customer
Review by Philip D. on 4 Apr 2024

Very happy with my MicroMax purchases. Everything was shipped fast and packaged very very well making it to the USA in perfect shape. The models arrived just a few days after ordering! Thank you Hyperflight. (Neil)

KST DS135MG MINI WING Servo - 0.12s 23.0g 10mm
 KST Servos
Review by Serhii on 4 Apr 2024

Good service, all received in time, quick shipment.
Definitely recomend this shop, and will comeback with order once needed.
Thanks Neil!

Malibu Pro 1m
Review by chris hansen on 3 Apr 2024

Very fast clean shipping very nice quality highly recommend!! Wish you folks had a couple pictures of rigging and servo battery and RX layout..

40mm Ali Spinner for 3, 3.17, 4 & 5mm shafts
 40mm Ali Spinner for 3, 3.17, 4 & 5mm shafts.
Review by David Bradbury on 2 Apr 2024

Very good spinner reasonable price very handy with different centres great service as usual

Tera V5 2.25m
 Geodetic Lightweight Excellence
Review by John Barrow on 2 Apr 2024

The Terra V5 is a 'quality' kit that comes in a lite-ply box which becomes the building jig for the wings. It includes push-rods, hinges carbon joiner rod and 3D printed wing joiner mouldings. Assembly was straight forward but some care is required fitting the 1mm lead edge sheet and some effort required to sand down the trailing edges. It is a lightweight design using commendably light balsa for the tips and tail. I recommend carbon reinforcement (1x3 mm strip or 2mm rod ) is incorporated during the build. Some though is required during building as how to connect the wing servos and how to keep the wings in place . Nothing is mentioned on the plan. There is very little space to use rubber band retainers so I fitted a vertical tube in each wing root to be joined by a piano wire u shape across the top of the fuzelage. I used small 4way pcb header pins and plugs to connect the servos at the wing root. I used the recommended servos but needed to modify the supplied servo mounts to suit the confined space in the wings. My motor is a Dualsky XM2532 1500K which being a "cased outrunner" was a easy fit with a 9x6 folding prop. The model flys well in light conditions but I have not tried it in a strong breeze. Mine weighs in at 640gm but because of the rather short nose I needed 50gams of lead and a 78gm 3S 850mAh Lipo to bring the CoG to the recommended 60mm behind the leading edge. This is a rewarding model but requires prior building experience.

MPJ Medium Clevis (2)
 A lightweight clevis
Review by Sir Bob on 31 Mar 2024

These are ideal for lightweight models. The only problem is that you have NO adjustment. Just roughen the end of a 1.5mm carbon push rod, apply medium cyno glue and slide on. The pin needs a 1.6mm drilled to the control horn for a perfect fit. Only 4 stars because there is no adjustment but they do work well.

KST X08H V5 & V6 Wing Servo - 0.09s 8.9g 8mm
Review by andynr on 31 Mar 2024

these are great thin servos. using in v tails and ailerons.

Astrid Elektro F5L 2m
 Astrid F5L
Review by Rob Morgan on 31 Mar 2024

Overall a nice plane , but lack of instructions and guidance let it down . the spoiler system seems ok but is a bit quirky . The 'Medina' model system is simpler and works well .You need build experience for this. Hyperflight were good and fast shipping.

Dualsky  XM3040EG-9 1350 RPM/V 104g Cased Outrunner
 Dualsky XM3040EG-9 1350 RPM/V 104g Cased Outrunner
Review by David Bradbury on 29 Mar 2024

VEry nice motor and plenty of power fo my needs great service as usual

Mini Dart 2 Tailplane
Review by ElŪas on 29 Mar 2024

Perfect, thank you.

Mini Dart 2 Fin
 Perfecto como siempre.
Review by ElŪas on 29 Mar 2024

Perfecto como siempre.

Purito Electric 2m
Review by ROBERT45 on 29 Mar 2024

Have not started the build yet. Quality kit, very well packaged, prompt delivery. Hyperflight will now be on my main list of suppliers.

ZAP PT41 Z-Poxy Finishing Resin/Epoxy
 Very good
Review by Manuel vella on 29 Mar 2024

Good product and great seller

KST X12-508  Servo - 0.07s 20.5g 12mm
 KST X12-508
Review by Carl-Magnus Nystad on 28 Mar 2024

Good price, great service👍

Stiletto Hot Slope Racer 1.2m
Review by Mihai on 27 Mar 2024

Received the parcel in Romania after 8 days. All in excellent order. Thanks.

HyperFlight 30A BLHELI-32 ESC with 5A SBEC
Review by Phil on 24 Mar 2024

Great service as usual. Fast delivery and esc works great.

3mm Carbon Tube
 Good Product
Review by Roger Bird on 24 Mar 2024

Excellent quality and very consistant with the usual good service.

1mm Carbon Rod
 Good Stuff
Review by Roger Bird on 24 Mar 2024

Good quality and a prompt service.

Dream-Flight 700 mAh 4.8V NiMH Battery
Review by Colin pilling on 23 Mar 2024

Great little battery and fast delivery

M2 Aluminium Pushrod Ends for 3mm Rods (2)
 Great Quality & Service
Review by Pete W on 22 Mar 2024

Great solution for making carbon push rods. I epoxy these to the end of a carbon rod. Finally coating the carbon rod and aluminium end with epoxy and heat shrink the assembly before the epoxy sets. This makes a strong end set up that will stand most if not all stresses.

30mm M2 Control Rods (2)
 Great Quality & Service
Review by Pete W on 22 Mar 2024

Great solution for glider flap and aileron push rods. The quality is good and clevises screw on firmly.

Control Horn for V Tail (2)
 Great Quality & Service
Review by Pete W on 22 Mar 2024

This is the fist time I have used horns like this. The horns are a substantial item and look a good solution for my new V Tail Project.

Brass M3 8mm Horn(2)
 Great Quality & Service
Review by Pete W on 22 Mar 2024

Great product and Ideal horn solution in composite wings.

M2 Clevis (4)
 Great Quality & Service
Review by Pete W on 22 Mar 2024

The clevises are stronger and shorter than others on the market giving a more secure reliable connection. The shorter length helps when using them in glider applications.

MKS HV6120H Servo - 0.08s 11.0g 8mm
 Great servo
Review by Sir Bob on 19 Mar 2024

Great servo. These were for my Eternity F5j. Fast and consistently accurate. These on Rudder and Elevator.

Bonka LiPo 2S 300mAh 7.4V 75C JST
 Loads of Power From a Tiny Battery
Review by Carl Shorter on 18 Mar 2024

Bought 3 to replace some Nano-tech 300mAh 2S lipos that didn't deliver the power for my Spin El I just assembled. But these Bonka lipo packs sent the Spin El of like a scolded cat! These will become my go to lipos from now on....

Malibu Pro 1m
Review by chris hansen on 18 Mar 2024

Very fast clean shipping very nice quality highly recommend!! Wish you folks had a couple pictures of rigging and servo battery and RX layout..

Universal Mount - 38mm 16 & 19mm Motor Holes
 Great Quality & Service
Review by Pete W on 18 Mar 2024

I asked Neil and his team in the order comments section if the list of items I had ordered were compatible with each other (fire wall, spinner, props, collect etc). Within an our of placing the order Neil rang me and informed me the spinner I ordered was incorrect for the set up. The correct one was added to the order and the wrong one removed. Great service as always and the components are the best on the market. Many thanks Neil & Team.

3mm Carbon Tube
 Great Quality
Review by Pete W on 18 Mar 2024

Good quality product Neil even cut them to the length I required and saved me money on postage. Great service and great model shop to buy from.

Brass M3 5.8mm Horn (2)
 Great Quality
Review by Pete W on 18 Mar 2024

Good quality product at a reasonable price. As always great service from Neil and his team.

Astrid Elektro F5L 2m
 Astrid electro
Review by Rob Morgan on 15 Mar 2024

Received in a great 7 days. Well packaged and all there . There was a replacement parts bag for some bits that were cut too small, all good. There is a small leaflet on some instructions , but minimal , there is a build thread on RC Groups. Some thinking on some of the build , but an experianced builder should be ok . Some of the ply fuse parts needed a little sanding/cutting as they didn't quite slot in . The wing joining points I got to a great fit and good angle UNTIL i covered when they bent noticebly , some angled balsa needs to be added at 45 ' to stop this , braced against the carbon spar at the next rib down . ( like a geodetic structure. ). Not flown yet but will soon . Overall pretty good .

Blue Bird BMS-126WV+ Servo - 0.07s 11.3g 10mm
Review by Nick on 15 Mar 2024

Mighty little servo at a decent price delivered promptly

Dualsky XM3036EG-11 1370 RPM/V 89g Cased Outrunner
 Great for a lighter F5J setup
Review by Nick on 15 Mar 2024

Worked as advertised and delivered within a day. Motor best used in a 32mm firewall.

XPower F2925/8 Windy 1380 RPM/V 102g Cased Outrunner
 Good fit for a 30mm firewall in F5J ship
Review by Nick on 15 Mar 2024

Works as advertised and delivered in a day.

HyperFlight 28A BLHELI-32 ESC with 3A SBEC
 Great, lightweight, ready to go ESC
Review by Carl Shorter on 15 Mar 2024

Used a few of these now, and have been very good and ready setup to use with a glider. All I do is set the throttle limits via my transmitter on first use and it's ready.

DYS D2225-19 1350 RPM/V 32g Outrunner
 Enough Power For F5L RES Glider
Review by Carl Shorter on 15 Mar 2024

Used in a Kavan Resco El along with the HyperFlight 28A BLHELI-32 ESC and 9x5 prop.

Measured just under 80 Watts power, drawing 9 Amps.

Takes my Kavan Resco with AUW of 490 grams up to 60m between 15 to 18 seconds.

Happy with the setup.

25mm Ali Spinner for 2, 2.3, 3 & 3.17mm shafts
 Quality spinner for 8mm blades
Review by Mike on 13 Mar 2024

Appears well made - haven't flown it yet. All parts fit precisely and very reasonably priced.

MKS HV6125E Servo - 0.05s 19.9g 12mm
 Great servos for F3F V-tails.
Review by Kjell-Sture Johansen on 13 Mar 2024

Probably the best servos one can buy for F3F V-tails at the moment.

Ply Frame for CHA LV06H, LV06N, CHA HV06H & HV06N (pair)
Review by Anonymous on 13 Mar 2024

Prompt service, thank you

Malibu Pro 1m
Review by chris hansen on 13 Mar 2024

Very fast clean shipping very nice quality highly recommend!! Wish you folks had a couple pictures of rigging and servo battery and RX layout..

Ply Frame for CHA LV06H, LV06N, CHA HV06H & HV06N (pair)
Review by Anonymous on 12 Mar 2024

Prompt service, thank you

Spinner Rubber Band (10)
 Stops that dangling prop!
Review by Carl Shorter on 11 Mar 2024

I've given these 4 stars only because they don't last very long, but are great for holding the prop blades close to the fuse. No more blades that dangle or don't quite fold all the way back. Will be buying some more, although I forgot with an order I just put in - doh!

Vitaprop 9x5 V2 Folding prop blades
 Nice Blades but.....
Review by Carl Shorter on 11 Mar 2024

These are very nice prop blades, but there was a difference of 0.4g in weight between the two blades. As you can imagine, the front of the fuselage had the shakes when I tried a static test (it was at this stage I weighed them). I ended up sanding the front and rear surface of the heavier blade until it matched the lighter one, and repolished it. The other issue was I needed to remove bulges from the roots as they were preventing the blades opening. Hopefully Neil reads these reviews and feeds them back to manufacturers, at least match up pairs of blades better. Having said all this I would use these again, as once balanced are great, and fold nice and close to the fuselage when used with a CN-U Spinner.

3.17mm (1/8") Collet for CN-U 30mm & 32mm Spinner
 Snug Fitting Collets
Review by Carl Shorter on 11 Mar 2024

These are required for the CN-U Spinners and solid, well made items that fit snuggly onto the motor shaft

32mm CN-U Spinner (No Collet)
 CN-U Spinner + Collet + Vitaprop blades = Great!
Review by Carl Shorter on 11 Mar 2024

Used a few of these spinners now and love them. Robust (fence post tested ha ha), compact, and hold the prop blades snug against the fuselage. The 32mm was perfect for my Kavan Resco.

Eli F3L 2m
 Eli RES
Review by Chris W on 11 Mar 2024

I wanted to wait until I had completed the build and flown the model before posting a review. I mostly scratch build my planes from plans rather than a kit but wanting a 2m glider and faced with all those ribs, so on this occasion I chose the Eli RES. Like other reviewers I was very impressed with the quality of the kit and apart from a few head scratches during building, it went together very nicely with excellent fits. I used a suggested power train of the DYS D2225-19 1350kv (which is a nice snug fit in the nose) and the 28A BLHI-32 ESC. For r/e I used a pair of the CHA DS06 Chaservo and a pair of Power HD servos for the spoilers. The suggested spoiler/servo mechanism works fine. I covered the model with Hyperflight's own transparent covering and was surprised how nicely it worked. Finished weight was 470g with a Tattu 750mAh battery which I was able to squeeze in. I have flown it several times now, the power setup gives several reasonable climbs and although there was marginal lift on most occasions I flew the ELI it still managed not to disappoint. I can't wait for some better days. Spoilers are set to about 60 degrees and a little up elevator to compensate. They are not overly effective. I would thoroughly recommend the Eli, it looks and flies great. Excellent service from Hyperflight.

Bonka LiPo 3S 300mAh 11.1V 75C JST
Review by Anonymous on 11 Mar 2024

Great service

CAM Height Limiter
Review by Nick on 10 Mar 2024

Shipped promptly and was as advertised. A no fuss product suitable for training and practice sessions. Not suitable for F5J following FAI rules i.e. not a data logger.

KST X10 Mini V8 Wing Servo - 0.09s 23.0g 10mm
 KST X10
Review by Nick on 10 Mar 2024

Product shipped promptly and was as advertised.

Replacement Gearbox for Powerline 1010/15/20/25
 Replacement Gearbox for Powerline
Review by Marco Moschetta on 10 Mar 2024

Arriving within a few days, I was able to quickly restore a Powerline Micro 1010/19 gearmotor which, due to a fall to the ground, had hardened the rotation of the propeller axis.
The supply from Hyperflight is always fast and precise.

Enigma F5J 4m
 Enigma F5J
Review by Tim Knowles on 8 Mar 2024

I'm no way the most experienced F5J pilot but have second hand Explorer Ultima 2, Osprey but in any weather the Enigma is put in the car first. Its the Kevin De Bruyne of F5J.

Pug 2.1 Mini DLG & Slope Soarer 80cm
 Great glider, Brittle 3d printed parts
Review by Anonymous on 8 Mar 2024

I found the Glider fun to build and seemed to be reasonably easy even for me a first time builder.
The Pug flies great and responds to very light lift conditions which is a blast, I was able to thermal it first day out!
Unfortunately, I found the 3d printed bits to be excessively brittle I broke one of the pushrod guides separating them, broke the elevator mount installing the elevator, broke the forward wing mount tightening down wing for the first time and finally the rear wing mount broke on the second day out during a slightly hard landing. My kit was also missing the carbon throwing peg.
Regardless the pug is a joy and I will likely be picking up a twisty soon enough!

2m RES F3L Wing Bags - for 2 piece wings
 High quality bags
Review by Anonymous on 8 Mar 2024

Durable, lightweight and robust.

OA 6x4 Folding prop blades (2mm hinge pin)
 Great product
Review by Anonymous on 8 Mar 2024

Well made props and they fit perfectly to the CN spinner.

CN Multi CNC Mount - 32mm
 CN Multi CNC Mount - 32mm
Review by Jerry K on 8 Mar 2024

I am converting a Topaz to electric. Dualsky 3036 mounts perfectly. Nice product

Pico Switch RED/F5J Backup System & Magnetic Switch
 Saved me 3500 punds on second day!
Review by Otto Jśger on 6 Mar 2024

Bought two Pico Reds and installed in both a Prestige 2PK Pro Standard and Storm. Both in conjunction with a 2S/300 battery. My last flight yesterday testing 6S in the Storm, and not yet familiar with the total consumption used at full power. Ended up at around three hundred meters in 10 seconds (after already flying for 20 min...) and got low voltage warning. Looked at the Jeti display which told me 15 volts! No chance to fly the 2PK down in time. Then "popped" the low RX voltage up, and the backup battery took over. Full brakes from 300 meters brought the ship safely down.

I have set the BEC voltage to 8,4 V, and charged the 2S/300 battery to 3,9V cell (7,8V total). 3,9 V gives around 190 mAh for use. The telemetry is set for Voltage low at 8V, so I knew the backup was "taking over".

What a fantastic solution! It helped me this time, but I know for sure to land before this happens again

Mini Dart 2 1m DLG
Review by Bapt on 6 Mar 2024


Pug 2.1 Mini DLG & Slope Soarer 80cm
 Thank you
Review by Takanobu Omoto on 6 Mar 2024

The performance is wonderful,I surprise it. and also very thanks for deal.

Eli F3L 2m
 Amazing Kit
Review by Christoph Graf on 6 Mar 2024

Top quality parts, perfectly cut and good instructions plus a colour plan

Corsa 108" 2.75m
 Corsa 108" 2.75m.
Review by Randy Woodbridge on 5 Mar 2024

The kit itself is high quality. I would rate this kit about 9 to 10 for craftsmanship!
I am very impressed with the way the servos for the tail are laid out in this sailplane.
The elevator control horn uses a steel rod that is joined from the root end of both elevators. You have to use a clevis to connect to this rod and the servo, but it's a neat idea the way it works!
Overall, love this kit!
It's one of the best kits on the market!

Frame with bearing for the Blue Bird BMS-125WV / BMS-126WV / BMS-127WV (pair)
Review by Andy on 4 Mar 2024

Usual speedy delivery from Hyperflight and after a couple of minutes with a permagrit to reduce the width of the servo lugs they fit the frames just fine. The external bearings need pliers to gently snap them into place into the nylon frame but just be careful to keep the bearing level with the top of the frame when doing this. So much better than the wooden frames.

Alien Fin
 Alien fin
Review by Glenn on 4 Mar 2024

Superb quality part that was on my doorstep, half a world away, a week after damaging the original DLG style fin which is fragile in a sloping environment. The replacement fin arrived perfectly packed to prevent damage during transit. Superb service as usual Neil!
The original fin was fairly easy to remove at the glue joint and a minimal amount of boom sanding was performed to assist adhesion. A hole needs to be created in the forward 'shell' of the fin for the pull cable to pass though. I re-purposed the original horn and torque rod but needed to make a new pull cable due to the extra length required. The whole job took less than an hour to complete.

Mini Q Slope/Electric Sports Racer 81cm
Review by David Maynard on 3 Mar 2024

This is absolutely fantastic, test flew last weekend in about 20mph wind , cg at 20mm, 3mm up trim on elevons and away she flew.
Very responsive and fast !! Absolutely love it !!

Alien Wing Bags
 Perfect protection
Review by Guillermo on 2 Mar 2024

thick, padded protection. perfectly adapted

Falcon 2 1.5m DLG
 Great DLG
Review by Anonymous on 1 Mar 2024

High quality product with a nice surface finish, easy to build and a joy to fly!
Was worried about the short boom and its overall "short" length but it is very stable, very agile and light like a feather. A great DLG!
Great service from hyperflight and received it within 5 working days to central europe.

KST A13-610 Servo - 0.10s 24.0g 13mm
 KST A13-610
Review by Kev on 1 Mar 2024

Popped onto my Chris Foss Centri Phase 2.5 mtr
Rudder and elevator
Perfect for the job
Metal cased and good torque.
Super slick postage from Neil

Blue Bird BMS-207WV Servo - 0.05s 17.5g 12mm
 Bluebird BMS
Review by Kev on 1 Mar 2024

Great little servos
At a good price
Must have purchased a few handfuls of these from Neil over the past 24 months.
Can fault them
My go to servo for up to 3mtr gliders.

MPJ Medium Clevis (2)
 A lightweight clevis
Review by Sir Bob on 1 Mar 2024

These are ideal for lightweight models. The only problem is that you have NO adjustment. Just roughen the end of a 1.5mm carbon push rod, apply medium cyno glue and slide on. The pin needs a 1.6mm drilled to the control horn for a perfect fit. Only 4 stars because there is no adjustment but they do work well.

Feather Cover (Satin)
 Great for small models
Review by Chris on 29 Feb 2024

This stuff is great. Easy to apply and adhesive bonds well. Gives a classic look if left unpainted. Will be ordering more.

36mm VM Pro Spinner for 6mm shafts
 36mm Spinner for Precision 2 electric
Review by Peter Hoeve on 28 Feb 2024

Fits nicely

1mm Carbon Rod
 As described, packed well
Review by Rob Adamson on 28 Feb 2024

Product is well made as described. They will be snipped to size and used as Pikes for my Tin Figurines. Will buy again!

Axi 2208/34 V2 Long 1100 RPM/V 48g Outrunner
 Axi 2208/34 V2 Long 1100 RPM/V 48g Outrunner
Review by Maxwell George on 27 Feb 2024

lovely looking piece of engineering as you would expect from an AXI product. I like the extended front end because there is no way the mounting screws can touch and damage the coils.

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 8mm
 Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo
Review by Maxwell George on 27 Feb 2024

Very small and seems to work well while being installed but as yet unflown.

Hawk 2 1m DLG
 Tricky install for a 1st timer
Review by Simon on 26 Feb 2024

Well packaged and great 1st impressions of the Hawk 2 glass layup, superb build quality!
It's my 1st DLG having mainly flown slope so was impressed at how feather light but very stiff it was.
The build was tricky with no real guide but decided to brick all 4 servos together (bluebirds) and after a few attempts got all control rods and lines perfectly installed.
Maiden flight in very light but cold conditions was a blast! Launched it over 60 times that day! Think I'm hooked! Roll on summer!

CN 12x6 Folding prop blades
 Super sharp (looks and shape)
Review by Andreas S. on 26 Feb 2024

Got these from Neil today (untracked shipping to Germany within 5 days!). Sadly german Post does add 6,- Euro just for the service of handling with 3,75 Euro tax.
The blades are looking absolutely bling-bling! Excellent craftmanship!!
Can't wait to mount these on my Sansibear Juna (which is still in the making at the manufacturer)...

Blue Bird BMS-126WV+ Servo - 0.07s 11.3g 10mm
Review by Anonymous on 25 Feb 2024


CN Models 25mm Spinner for 3.17mm (1/8") shafts
 25mm spinner for 3.17 shafts
Review by Ross Abraham on 25 Feb 2024

Great product. Exactly what I needed.

Dualsky XM2532EG-16 1550 RPM/V 48g Cased Outrunner
 RES Motor
Review by Kees den Hoed on 23 Feb 2024

This XM2532EF-16 is amazing! It gets my own designed R.E.S. (665 grams) in just 7-10 seconds to approximitly 120-150 meters verticaly! It pulls about 24-25 Amperes so on a 900 mah 3 S Lipo pack I get 10-15 climbs! Dualsky from now on!

10mm - 5mm x 0.88m Tapered Carbon Boom
 Tapered Carbon Boom
Review by Milos Minarik on 21 Feb 2024

Very pleased with this 10mm - 5mm x 0.88m carbon Fibre Boom and very prompt delivery and well packaged. Thank you Hyperflight

HyperFlight 1.3/2 Pushrod Set
 Excellent pushrods
Review by Ed Dumas on 20 Feb 2024

I needed a set of Ultima 2 R/E pushrods and these are perfect! As usual, Neil's service is spectacular and they arrived sooner than expected, and in perfect shape inside the pizza box.

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