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Hawk 1m DLG
 Hawk Carbon DLG
Review by Dave on 27 Jul 2021

Hawk arrived well packed with no damage. Assembled with radio without adding any unnecessary weight. Only 3 light weight servos. Had to add a small amount of nose weight to get CG right. All up flying weight was just over 130 gm. Model was nicely finished when arrived. Flies nicely. Little bit tight for putting in radio in nose.

Sunrise Pro ESC Programming Card
Review by Anonymous on 27 Jul 2021

not tried yet, but exellent service

Axi 2820/10 V2 Long 158g 1200 RPM/V
Review by Anonymous on 27 Jul 2021

exellent motor for my electric glider, and first class service

PicaRES Evo V2 2m
 Pica-RES - Finally takes to the air!
Review by John Clogan on 26 Jul 2021

Well My PicaRES-e has finally taken to the air. It flies like a dream and does not want to come down!

Ripmax SD100 / H47 / TS1118 Servo - 8.1mm 4.7g
Review by andynr on 26 Jul 2021

bought these for a dlg. all good and suitable for my 1 m dlg ailerons and elevator. Service from hyperflight excellent as ever.

Assorted Servo Cover Set
 Servo cover set
Review by John James Beaney on 26 Jul 2021

This servo cover set will be used on two models.

Altis Telemetry Cable
Review by Nigel Taylor on 26 Jul 2021

Great service, the cable is just a cable nothing else to say


Altis V4 Keypad
Review by Nigel Taylor on 26 Jul 2021

Very swift service from Neil and the Team, very easy to use making programming at the field really easy.


Altis Nano
Review by NIgel Taylor on 26 Jul 2021

The usual fast service from Neil and the Team, Haven't used the Altis Nano yet, however I am expecting it to meet all my requirements.


Snipe & Snipe 2 Setup Template
Review by Anonymous on 23 Jul 2021

Great tool for setting accurate surface throws. I traditionally use a ruler but this tool is a lot easier to use and more accurate, plus it has the elevator throw for easy setting of zero. Well worth buying.

KST X08H Plus Horizontal Lug Servo - 0.09s 9.5g 8mm
Review by Anthony Dodson on 22 Jul 2021

Excellent service and awsome servos fitted the magnus slope soarer perfectly...was recommended by hyperflight..thanks again

KST X08N V5 Lugless Servo - 0.09s 8.3g 8mm
Review by Mike on 21 Jul 2021

Had over 350hrs on the x08s that these replaced, aileron/flap servos work really hard on a dlg, I think getting that many hours shows how good the x08s are.

KST X08N V5 Lugless Servo - 0.09s 8.3g 8mm
Review by Peet on 21 Jul 2021

Fast delivery and good quality.

1.3mm Carbon Rod
Review by Lindsay Wiles on 20 Jul 2021

Worked well as a new rudder push -rod on the Libelle

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Light weight & inexpensive
Review by Richard Oxby on 19 Jul 2021

Bought 6 of these mini servos for a Horesji Geronimo 2.5m. Perfect fit & quite responsive.

Malibu Pro 1m
 first dlg
Review by Andynr on 19 Jul 2021

this is my first dlg. being use to larger gliders of course things all somewhat smaller but plenty of room for installing 3 servos. Once servo arrangement was decided it is easy to assemble. wings already have bolt holes and fixings in fuselage are in place in fuselage so that took a lot of the stress out of assembling compared to other models. decided on sd100 servos which fit fine. not flown yet as ever first class service from hyperflight.

5mm x 1mm Carbon Strip
 5mm x 1mm Carbon Strip
Review by Laurent Lasne on 19 Jul 2021

Good quality product and excellent service. Good packaging and fast delivery, I will recommend this shop. Thank you

3mm x 1mm Carbon Strip
 3mm x 1mm Carbon Strip
Review by Laurent Lasne on 19 Jul 2021

Good quality carbon strip, very good packaging, and fast delivery. I will recommend this shop. Thank you

ADH300L / MM1914-1100 Front Mount 39g 1100 RPM/V
 Small problem
Review by Anonymous on 18 Jul 2021

Had a problem with the motor I received, it would not turn. At closer examination I found there was glue between the windings and the bell. Once I got it apart and cleaned it was go to go.

Alpha 2.0
 Alpha v2
Review by Anonymous on 18 Jul 2021

The build quality really good, not a lot of room inside for servos but can get it all in. Yet to maiden weather in Australia at the moment isn’t all that good.

Glass Fibre Sheet 1.0mm
 1mm glassfibre sheet
Review by John on 17 Jul 2021

Perfect product, arrived very quickly, reasonable price - excellent!

VM F3J/F5J Tailplane Mount
 Exactly what I needed
Review by Daan on 16 Jul 2021

After a mishap in a competition I needed to replace my tailplain mount on my Maxa. Neil had this in stock and sent it to me very quickly indeed. Ready for the next competition! A great precision part by Vladimir and it fit perfectly.

Sapphire Fuselage-suitable for 1.5m-3m gliders & eSoarers
 Sapphire fuselage and boom
Review by PeterW on 16 Jul 2021

Great quality items promptly delivered and well packaged. I look forward to the build.

KST X08 V5 Servo - 0.09s 8.4g 8mm
 KST X08 V5 Servo - 0.09s 8.4g 8mm (x4)
Review by peter Whitnear on 16 Jul 2021

Excellent value, prompt delivery and good advice over the phone. 1st time customer but will definitely use again. Thank you

Foxtrott 2.7
 Denk aan invoerrechten
Review by Dick de Kluiver on 16 Jul 2021

Wacht inmiddels anderhalve week op het model, zal wel 2 weken levertijd worden

Magnus Slope Racer 1.5m
Review by Anthony Dodson on 16 Jul 2021

Firstly excellent service the magnus arrived in 3 days to my door in ireland ...I actually only maidened the model last night and what can I say except awsome it's fast sleek and stops on a dime with crow brakes

Magic 2 Allround and SuperLight 2m
 Magic 2 Allround
Review by Paulo on 16 Jul 2021

As usual, the kit arrived well packed.
Delivery was delayed because it stopped at customs and with the new rules for purchases outside the EU, it is necessary to pay taxes.
The kit parts have a super-precise laser cut so it will be a delight to assemble this gem. Thank you.

DLG F3K Wing Bags
 Good quality DLG wing bags
Review by Steve on 15 Jul 2021

I ordered both the wing bags and the tail bags for my BAMF2. The pouch at the end for the throwing peg is nice, and extra material in the middle covers the fuse somewhat as well.

Vortex DLG Wing and Tail bags
 Vortex DLG Wing & Tail Bags
Review by Anonymous on 15 Jul 2021

Everything was packaged well and received without damage
thank you

Blue Bird BMS-125WV Servo - 0.09s 11.3g 10mm
 Blue Bird BMS-125WV Servo
Review by David on 15 Jul 2021

I had two '105' old versions fail when overstressed trying to open jammed undercarriage doors on my SHK. My carelessness. Nevertheless the new ones work fine and appear better overall.

Orastick Adhesive 100ml
 Orastick, the good, the bad and the ugly!
Review by David on 15 Jul 2021

Although I finally was very pleased with the results with Oralight covering after painting the stuff on I feared I’d ruined the wing and tail. It does seem too thick (next time if used I’d thin it) and areas were over generously painted whilst other sparsely. After drying for several days it was still sticky and like Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby I couldn’t put fingers anywhere and had to prise them off. Too easy for stray wood shavings to get where they shouldn’t. That aside to my surprise the covering could be easily repositioned before tacking and shrinking and I’m extremely pleased with the final results. Basically it’s stressful and a devil to deal with but the end result was worth it.

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Quiet, fast, smooth - perfect
Review by Anonymous on 15 Jul 2021

These are the best I've tried. No noise, very low power draw. Fit and forget.

Elf Wing Attachment Screws
 Get some!
Review by Anonymous on 15 Jul 2021

Dropped a spare the other day onto long grass and ruined my flight time. Get plenty for spares.

Elf & Elf Pro Pushrods (2)
 Great kit for repairs
Review by Anonymous on 15 Jul 2021

Just the job!

Oralight Transparent Red 31-029 Covering Film
 Oralight trans. red
Review by David on 15 Jul 2021

Really easy to use to get good results. Great service as per normal, thanks.

ADH300L / MM1914-1100 Front Mount 39g 1100 RPM/V
 Little gem
Review by John Clogan on 14 Jul 2021

This is a powerful little motor. Ideal for F5RES gliders where space is tight.
It feels quite stiff to turn but goes well when powered up.

6mm Carbon Tube
 6mm Carbon tubes
Review by John Wilkinson on 14 Jul 2021

Excellent tubes of a useful length. Light and strong. I thought the carriage cost was a bit steep, but it was a small order, and the tubes arrived the next day. Recommended.

Sunnysky R1106 8g 3500 RPM/V
 Sunny Sky 3500 KV Motor
Review by Tom U. on 14 Jul 2021

Love my ELF PRO but it was really a handful with the 8000KV motor.The 3500KV
motor is a perfect replacement which draws only 5 amps compared to 10 amps
with the 8000. Useable power is more than adequate and the motor and speed control
run longer and stay cool.

Dream-Flight Intelligent USB NiMH Charger
 What a useful charger!
Review by David H on 13 Jul 2021

Bought this alongside my Weasel Trek slope soarer and I can use it to charge both the 4-cell 750mAh NiMH battery for the glider and the 5-cell 1800mAh NiMH battery in my Futaba transmitter.

I always have a USB power supply of some sort with me, so with this charger the amount of charging clutter I need to take on holiday with me has been greatly reduced!

Stick-on Trim Sheets - RED
 Very effective and sticky but has its limits
Review by David H on 13 Jul 2021

Bought this to decorate and personalise my Weasel Trek slope soarer and it did a great job. It’s very sticky and it had no problem sticking to the smooth shiny foam surface of the Weasel.

It doesn’t have much stretch to it though, so if your model has anything more than the slightest compound curve you’ll need to cut darts into the film to get it to follow the surface. Unfortunately, the colour of the film appears to be applied to its upper, non-sticky surface, and where the darts end I’ve found the colour will quickly wear / flake off. It’s no big deal though, and is obviously only visible up close.

Given you obviously can’t use heat-shrink film on a foamie (or you won’t have a flyable foamie afterwards!), this does a good job. Bear in mind you don’t get a lot in each pack (check those measurements), so make sure you order enough for your needs.

Dream-Flight 750 mAh 4.8V NiMH Battery
 Perfect fit in the Weasel Trek
Review by David H on 13 Jul 2021

Bought this as it was the recommended battery for the Weasel Trek and it fitted perfectly. Seems to last for many hours and I’ve not been able to run it flat yet!

Dream-Flight Weasel-Trek 90cm
 Amazing holiday slope soarer!
Review by David H on 12 Jul 2021

Having always loved slope soaring but rarely having the opportunity to fly, I wanted to buy a compact slope soarer that I could take on holidays and which could handle a range of wind conditions — and could also take the odd knock and bump without breaking. My previous ‘holiday’ slope soarer — the balsa and fibreglass Nano Floh — was great fun and was very lightweight, but the film covering over the balsa wing was prone to punctures and the wing itself was also pretty delicate.

The Weasel Trek has fitted the bill perfectly! It was a pleasure to assemble, and literally only required the use of a small screwdriver to complete the build. I then added some red and black adhesive film (sold by HyperFlight) and the decals that came in the box to personalise the plane and also make it more visible in the air.

I’ve now flown the Weasel at 4 different locations, each with different hill profiles and with varying amounts of wind (from light / medium to seriously stiff!), and the Weasel has handled all the conditions very admirably! I almost always fly it using the ‘high’ rates as detailed in the manual, and it gives it very spritely performance. Being basically a large wedge of lightweight foam, it doesn’t carry its speed particularly well (certainly compared to the all glass-fibre 2m slope soarer I used to fly), but it still recovers height well after a fast dive and generally a blast to hurl around the sky.

I’ve also developed my own lead ballast weights which allows me to add 15g, 30g or 45g of lead to the ballast cavity in the underside of the wing just behind the finger rest. I’ve not noticed a huge difference in performance yet, but the lead will certainly help the plane carry its speed better and also penetrate into stronger winds. The weights were formed by pouring molten lead into square aluminium tubing, cutting it to length, covering it in clear heat-shrink, and then drilling a 3mm hole in the middle for an M3 nylon screw. I then sunk an M3 threaded pillar into the foam at the bottom of the ballast cavity for the screw to screw into. Fortunately the foam wing is deep enough to allow either both 15g and 30g weights to be used together, or for no weights to be used, without the M3 nylon screw sticking out of the top surface of the wing, even when fully screwed in.

The Weasel Trek is a blast to fly and I’m so glad I bought it — I now take it everywhere with me on holidays if there’s a chance we will encounter the slightest of hills!

Magnus Slope Racer 1.5m
 Magnus 1.5vM
Review by Anonymous on 12 Jul 2021

Nicely built and rock solid construction. Much more robust than the Sunbird. Build is quite easy. Flies great. While the Stabilizer is technically removable, its pretty hard to do in the field, so its essentially not. Impressive , cordial and speedy response in ordering!

Integrated Drive System/Mono for MKS HV6110
Review by Ron Russell on 12 Jul 2021

Ideal for the modern skinny winged F5j models. Not as difficult to fit as I've read, just a different technique required.

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
Review by Anonymous on 12 Jul 2021

Buen servo llegaron en 7 días a Chile con despacho rápido por un costo rasonable únicamente por impuestos del país se generó un cobro extra..
Feliz con los servos encargados!!
Único detalle por si alguien también le pasó el centro del servo no siempre es preciso ..

30mm HyperSpinner for 5mm shafts
Review by Nikola on 11 Jul 2021

Great spinner!

Blue Bird BMS-115HV Servo - 0.09s 10.9g 10mm
Review by NIkola on 11 Jul 2021

Got them in my F5J plane (Crozilla) and works perfect now after 25 hours of flight.

Powerline Micro 1010/19 68g
 Fantastic Motor
Review by chris on 9 Jul 2021

Put this into a sprite hot-e and it climbs vertically drawing 39amps from a 850mah , very light and small. time will tell how it lasts but very impressed with build, weight , size and power. perfect job for sprite hot-e

 great telemetry
Review by chris on 9 Jul 2021

The controller is brilliant the instruction could be so much better. 1st for windows 10 needed to install the drivers from her then could be programmed with the card although in all honestly the default settings from hyperflight would be fine for glider. The multiplex telemetry is fantastic and you can use this and a various. Would buy same again just for the telemetry

Sprite Hot-e 2m with wing bags
 Fantastic Plane, first flight
Review by Chris on 9 Jul 2021

Purchased this plane with Powerline Turbo 1010, YGE-35LVT and having just flown it off a slope can't tell you how impressed I am with both ballast and without. The flaps and control and landing is incredible, the rudder control is awesome. It is incredibly sensitive to camber / reflex changes. All in all very very pleased. With the motor it goes vertical with a 850mah and the telemetry from the esc is just what i wanted. Will be interested how it thermals but off a slope it worked wonders.

4mm Carbon Tube
 Wont Fit
Review by Barry Manley on 9 Jul 2021

Good product. I purchased the 3,4,5 and 6 mm Dia tube hoping that the 4mm would fit inside the 6 mm Dia and the 3mm would fit inside the 5mm Dia but not a chance.

Compression Contact Wing Connectors
 Compression wing connectors
Review by DAVE on 8 Jul 2021

Product arrived next day well packaged.easy to fit and solder to.
Awesome service Niel thank YOU

Sapphire Fuselage-suitable for 1.5m-3m gliders & eSoarers
Review by G. Frederick on 7 Jul 2021

I ordered this from the States on the 2nd of July. I had it on the 7th of July. I am so impressed with your service! And, the items look great, I cannot wait to get started. I will be back! Thank you!

Oralight Transparent White 31-010 Covering Film
 Excellent film covering. Rapid delivery.
Review by Colin Leighfield. on 6 Jul 2021

A perfect match for the covering on my Circle Dancer, excellent adhesive and shrinking qualities.

Universal Plastic Firewall - 30mm
 30mm spinner
Review by Ron Russell on 6 Jul 2021

A super cheap alternative to the machined versions.

GM 11x8 Folding prop blades
 Super props
Review by Ron Russell on 6 Jul 2021


CN Multi CNC Mount - 30mm
 30mm spinner
Review by Ron Russell on 6 Jul 2021

A lovely wee motor mount, thanks again.

GM 10x6 Folding prop blades
 Happy customer
Review by Ron Russell on 6 Jul 2021

Excellent range of propz.

MKS HV6110 Servo - 10mm 10g
 Happy customer
Review by Ron Russell on 6 Jul 2021

Excellent product, excellentt service again. Thank you.

DLG & Small Glider Composite Repair Kit
 Very nice kit
Review by Jacco van Schaik on 5 Jul 2021

Very nice kit. Everything needed to repair light damage to a DLG. And with quick delivery and great service!

Eli F3-RES 2m
Review by phil sellwood on 5 Jul 2021

nicely presented kit with excellent plan. took 8 days to build and fit motor to F5 spec with Hacker A7 geared motor- plan shows conversion and 2 motor bulkheads are included with different hole spacings. went together very well though tailplane pylon is fiddly. wing tips are very weak and I braced them with bent wire at T.E. and carbon rod into mainspar. turned up some stainless ballast bars to give an extra 100g and have now flown with and without ballast- very impressive all-round. looking forward to some competitions.

Shrouded Servo Cover with small bulge (2)
 Variable quality
Review by David Bolt on 5 Jul 2021

I bought 2 pairs of these covers. One pair were formed from what could only have been the last of the CF sheet so the item was moulded with frayed edges and open weave.

HyperFlight 180 cm (71") Glider Bag
Review by frank on 5 Jul 2021

This is already the third glider bag I buy.
Excellent quality, strong and good layout internally.
They last a lifetime.
But there is a small minus.
Since the fuselages are getting thinner, they can no longer really be fixed.
When you carry the glider bag, the fuselage rotates due to the weight of the rudder.
Actually, the rudder should also be able to fixate so that it remains flat.
This reduces the chance of damage.
But otherwise more than satisfied.

Blue Bird BMS-M57V Servo - 0.09s 22.5g 10mm
 Blue Bird BMS-M57V Servo
Review by Pavel CZ on 5 Jul 2021

3x bearing. Hall position sensor instead of potentiometer ... who has it :-)

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm
Review by John Robinson on 4 Jul 2021

Great servo at a reasonable price. Accurate and fast in action

Gear Set for KST X10/Mini/DS125/135/145/225
 Addendum to my Previous Review
Review by Bill T, Burnie Tasmania on 4 Jul 2021

After writing my previous review I noticed that the product image shows only three gears and two shafts. All sets I have received so far actually contain five gears, three shafts, and an output shaft ball race. This is the entire gear train except for the motor output gear which is not replaceable in any case.

Gear Set for KST X10/Mini/DS125/135/145/225
Review by Bill T, Burnie Tasmania on 4 Jul 2021

I have used quite a few of these as detailed in my review of DS125MG servos. In all cases there were no installation issues and the servos now function as well as new.
The gear set is comprehesive and even includes new shafts. In my experience so far the only gears to suffer damage are the two in final drive, and although it is probably good practice to replace the entire set I have not done so yet with no ill effects. However I have used some of the spare gears to minimise the backlash on a couple of used but servicable servos by selective assembly.
I am entirely satisfied with these items and would recommend anyone using the 10mm KST servos (the gearsets fit most of them) keep a few in stock.
Neil's service is always exemplary and his prompt and reasonably priced postage rates make Hyperflight my preferred supplier.

KST DS125MG Wing Servo - 0.12s 27g 10mm
Review by Bill T, Burnie Tasmania on 4 Jul 2021

Before going further I should state that I am delighted with these servos and Neil's service. The servos have minimal backlash, good speed and centering, and under normal conditions are extremely reliable. However, like any mechanism they have limits.
I fly mostly on slope and the normal heavy usage that this entails coupled with my inexperience with heavy, slippery planes has given these servos an extreme trial and revealed the conditions under which they could fail.
When I bought my first moulded glider, a second hand but immaculate Valenta Prosecco full carbon it was fitted with these servos on the ailerons, and I also installed on the flaps before I flew the model.
First flight I had a hard dorked landing in turbulence and damaged the fuselage but no apparent damage to servos.
On rebuild I installed a motor to get some landing practice away from slope and had many successful flights but with the inevitable failures to fully raise flaps on landing.
One day I noticed that the flaps servos although operating correctly had some notchy movement at certain points in their travel. I decided to investigate and discovered that both of the servos had missing teeth on their output gears. Purchased replacement gears from Neil and servos functioned perfectly after they were fitted (see my review of replacement gearsets).
Later a combination of gusty weather and over confidence led to a vertical arrival at high speed. Luckily the ground was soft but still the carbon wing joiner was cleanly sheared off both sides. Miraculously the only other damage apparent was a couple of very minor cracks in one wing and the tail broken off - a tribute to the massive construction of the Prosecco. However further inspection revealed that the plastic flap servo arms had shattered and the servos had rough spots in travel, aileron servos seemed OK initially but careful inspection also showed rough spots. All of the servos had broken teeth. Since rebuild of plane and servos I have had many more flights with absolutely no issues.
Given the hard usage detailed above it is no surprise that the gear failures occurred. The output gears are robustly dimensioned and are used on a wide range of KST servos up to torque. However they are made from case hardened steel and large impact loadings cause brittle failure of teeth. To some extent this is a good thing as it protects the other parts of the mechanism from damage, after rebuild all the servos have shown no ill effects over a long period.
Usually the failure is of a single tooth and can be quite difficult to detect. It is very good practice to carefully inspect the servo operation after any hard landing or flap contact, and dismantle and check the gears if there is any suspicion of damage.
Again I must state that I am completely satisfied with these servos and have no hesitation in recommending them.

8mm Carbon Rod
 8mm Carbon Rod
Review by Richard Graydon on 2 Jul 2021

Rod size as requested with no adjustments necessary for correct fitment in carbon tube.
Service was excellent with package arriving the next day.

KST X08H Plus Horizontal Lug Servo - 0.09s 9.5g 8mm
Review by Alan on 2 Jul 2021

Ideal replacement servos for identical ones which had died suddenly. First rate service from the hyperflight team.

Blue Bird BMS-125WV Servo - 0.09s 11.3g 10mm
 Great servo but watch out
Review by Gary Blake on 1 Jul 2021

If you invert your power source you'll not just damage these you will fry them as they have no protection. I just lost 2... ;-( Own fault I know.

Ripmax SD100 / H47 / TS1118 Servo - 8.1mm 4.7g
 Ripmax Servo purchase
Review by Mike on 1 Jul 2021

Excellent service from Hyperflight. Quick and easy order from website. Quick delivery also.
Communication very good. Have used Hyperflight a few times now and recommend them as a top class supplier. H47 servos were just the job, if not the same as my SD100 servos in my Elf DLG.

Blue Bird BMS-115HV Servo - 0.09s 10.9g 10mm
Review by Ken Coble on 30 Jun 2021

First time purchased these servos , good torque fast and return to center tightly , Again fantastic service from Neil.

KST DS135MG Mini Wing Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
 Hyperflight scores again
Review by Anonymous on 30 Jun 2021

The JST servo is high performance servo at a reasonable price point and with Hyperflights excellent and immeduate zttention on orders, what is not to love.

Ripmax SD100 / H47 / TS1118 Servo - 8.1mm 4.7g
 SD servos
Review by David on 30 Jun 2021

Used these many times, they are great. Although ordered as Ripmax the H47 appear identical to SD100. They are a really neat unit but you need to find the right jewellers screwdriver for the servo arm locking screw. Definitely my favourite small lightweight surprisingly powerful servo.

0.74mm 22SWG Stainless Steel Wire (1.5 m)
 S.S. Wire + ptfe outer
Review by David on 30 Jun 2021

Very good smooth operating fit with PTFE tube. Needs patience to obtain a secure straight long run inside a carbon boom, eventually I bound the tube to quarter by eight spruce spar (there may be better ways of doing this) which was fixed at servo and tail end of boom. I guess it’s much easier to install in a built up fuselage.
* there was some sticky residue from tape packing on the wire, this was causing resistance but sorted with a cloth and meths.
Prompt delivery.

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Bad lot.
Review by Jacques on 30 Jun 2021

Ordered together with a Dart Mini2 as they were recommended for that model. The reviews below are split between "Great" or 'Horrible" and unfortunately the 4 I got belonged to the latter category... :(
They don't center well and most of all, they only move in random increments. Move the sticks slowly and they jump from one position to another by step. As they are transparent, I can see it's not an issue of play in the gear, but the motor just starting when it feels like it. Same issue with a different receiver and 5V supply. It made the otherwise great DM2 a bit weird to fly, with constant correction needed, especially on elevator. Not nice. I've since swapped them for Dymond D47/Robbe FS31 Pico and the difference is amazing! Unless you feel lucky and get a good batch, I'd avoid them and go for something else...

Mini Dart 2 1m DLG
 Great value for money!
Review by Jacques on 30 Jun 2021

Looking at trying my hands at DLG, I was on the hunt for a 1m reasonably priced model, as I was not ready to invest hundreds of £s on something I might not like in the end. Read good reviews about the MD2 and found no better price then on Hyperflight (though I live in CZ). The glider was shipped pretty much the day of the order and arrived very quickly, very well packed with the BMS101 I had ordered too (note : avoid those). I was amazed by the quality and finish of the kit! Great set of accessories too, straightforward assembly, and it flies great!! Just be careful to land straight as the rudder is very thin and light and can bend break, but that's easily fixed with epoxy. Very happy with my purchase and HF service.

6mm x 1mm Carbon Strip
 Carbon strips
Review by Alan on 29 Jun 2021

good product, well delivered and packaged

Kiwi F3-RES Glider/Electric 2m
 Kiwi Build and Flight Review
Review by Greg McGill on 27 Jun 2021

We now have three examples of the Kiwi flying in our club. They have proven to build well and fly well. The build requires care to deal with the thin balsa sheet that forms the wing leading edge, but the wing performs! Lots of lift, little drag. We have not seen any evidence of flutter under any launch or flight condition. The fuselage also requires care to build straight, but everything fits and it is strong and rigid.

DLG F3K Wing Bags
 High quality
Review by Rory H on 25 Jun 2021

Bought these to replace some homemade wingbags made for a 2nd hand Vibe2 I bought from Europe. Wasn’t completely confident they would fit. But, true to form, Neil has nailed it. Like a glove. Quality is very high - very like Vladimir in feel but actually better with high end stitching and embroid. The peg pocket is genius. One thing though. I’m a lefty and so the bags have to go on back to front. Can you switch a few for left handed flyers like me Neil ? Otherwise perfect. Delivery within 24 hours of the order. Thank you Neil and team.

MKS HV6120 Wing Servo - 0.08s 11.0g 8mm
 Eagerly awaiting these
Review by Lloyd Davies on 23 Jun 2021

Can't wait for these to come out. We've needed servos like these for a long time

Mini Vick 75cm Micro DLG
 Mini Vick
Review by Markus on 23 Jun 2021

Perfect kit, all included that was necessary. However I added some adjustable joints for the servo push rods. Flies nicely and also surprisingly agile. The foam wing is quite firm and robust. I hope I can try it on a slope as soon as possible!

5mm Carbon Tube
 carbob tubes
Review by nigel charles bennett on 23 Jun 2021

Good quality tubes but need a lot of sanding of the inner one if it is to fit inside the larger.

X-RES Elektro 2m
 Learning Curve
Review by Chris Beck on 22 Jun 2021

I'm returning to the hobby after my youth, radio gear is so sophisticated, robust & cheap! When I started I could only afford a 3-Channel radio set. Also, modern kits like this are a revelation after cutting out ribs by hand, and CA has made the build process so quick. I used to have to hold wings down on a flat board overnight while the PVA cured. Anyway, on Neil's recommendation I got my eye back in with a Big Vick then built this X-RES Electro. I made a few mistakes but was able to recover them, that's the downside of the speed of CA!
I learnt to cover with Oralight, a bit easier than tissue & dope.
AUW was 483g + 10g to balance. Not bad for a beginner.
Neil's service and advice goes without saying and is repeated in the many reviews here.
I started off with the CoG at 77mm which was a mistake and I struggled to get stable flight. Two heavy crashes and subsequent repairs later, I put 10g of lead in the nose to move the CoG to 73mm and it was transformed. I am now rapidly learning how to fly again and have installed a Vario to monitor my height.
A few points:
The plans provided were not for the Elektro so caused some head scratching. I got some great advice on the RC Groups forums, one guy in Greece even sent me a soft copy of the correct plans that I think he'd got from the designer.
I think the nose has been shortened too much from the pure glider to suit the latest lightweight motors and LiPo cells, I installed the servos right up under the leading edge and have a 2S LiPo pushed right up to the motor but still needed some lead. I would have preferred a longer nose and more flexibility with gear location to achieve the CoG. The guy in Greece who sent me the correct plans has built 3 of these as electrified glider versions, I might do this next.
The airframe is amazingly strong given its built up construction and spruce main spars. I crashed it heavily enough to break the nylon wing bolt but that only fractured the false leading edge and I was able to splice in a new section. There's a bit of filler and it's not as pretty as it was, but it flies!
For info I've installed the following:
Servos: 4 x Bluebird BMS-101DMG.
Motor: ADH300L / MM1914-1100 Front Mount 39g 1100 RPM/V
Prop: GM 9x5 + 30mm Spinner.
Battery: Overlander 850mAh, 7.4v, 2S, 35C Supersport Pro LiPo (Perfect fit in the fuselage).
ESC: Overlander XP2 20A Brushless Speed Controller.
FrSky RC Gear with RX6R Receiver.

Shrouded Servo Cover with small bulge (2)
Review by Lindsay on 20 Jun 2021

Fantastic product and delivery to New Zealand

0.38 mm DLG Control Run Pull Wire 9m Spool
Review by Lasse on 20 Jun 2021

Perfekt for my dlg

Review by Anonymous on 20 Jun 2021

New version & logo. Yge is the best ESC and reliable for use on my F5J. Good co-work with my Jeti transmitter DS24. Hyperflight is reliable dealer for glider accessories. This is my 2nd time buying item from hyperflight. Very good quality and delivery especially ship to China.

Dream-Flight Ahi 1.2m
 Le Fish
Review by Rob Atkinson on 20 Jun 2021

This looks like the Le Fish design, also the Floonda which can be printed. Nice handling

KST DS125MG Wing Servo - 0.12s 27g 10mm
Review by Wayne Jones on 19 Jun 2021

Always been great servos and add to that great service from Hyperflight.
Delivered to Australia in under 2 weeks.

30mm VM Pro Spinner for 6mm shafts
Review by Garry Morgan on 19 Jun 2021

Best spinner on the market. The prop sits very neet . And quick delivery as I'm on the other side of the world

Magnus Slope Racer 1.5m
Review by Anthony Dodson on 18 Jun 2021

The magnus arrived so fast to me in ireland I couldn't believe it packaged well and what an awsome glider can't wait to build it will def be using hyperflight again

Blue Bird BMS-M15V Servo - 0.10s 14.0g 10mm
 Light, Strong Precise
Review by Rick on 18 Jun 2021

A very nice wing servo for my new 2.5 m F3F plane.
Light and precise, fast enough.
Futaba spline makes it easy to get sevoarms or LDS output adapters.
A pity that there is not yet a specific complete LDS set.

HyperFlight 125 cm (49") Glider Bag
 Love this Bag
Review by Justin Mellor on 17 Jun 2021

Perfect fit (but only just) for my 3.8m F5J Explorer Q... with wing bags.
Heavy duty, good quality.

Integrated Drive System/Mono for the KST X10, X10 Mini, DS125, DS135 and DS225
Review by Justin Mellor on 17 Jun 2021

I had to modify the servo mount screw holes slightly to fit my X10 Mini servos. But other than very good - they work perfectly. Very precise.

Integrated Drive System/Mono for MKS DS6100 & HV6100
 Beautifully precise
Review by Justin Mellor on 17 Jun 2021

These work really well with my DS6100 servos. I use the smallest 3.5mm servo arm. This provides beautifully precise control of the very large ailerons on my 3.8m F5J Explorer.

KST X10 Mini V8 Wing Servo - 0.09s 23.0g 10mm
 Excellent Servos
Review by Justin Mellor on 17 Jun 2021

Using these to drive the flaps on my 3.8m F5J Explorer. They work perfectly, driving the flaps down to more than 70 degrees. I am using them with a BEC voltage of 5.3 to 5.5V.

MKS DS6100 Servo - 10mm 9.5g
 Excellent Servo
Review by Justin Mellor on 17 Jun 2021

These are excellent precise servos with really good centering. I am using them to drive the ailerons in my 3.8m F5J Explorer Q. The ailerons are really big, but it seems to work very well using the smallest size servo arm 3.5mm (!) with the Servorahmen IDS. Gives plenty of travel, even with such a small servo arm.
4 Stars only because they do not work down at 1S lipo voltages, in fact not below about 4.5V. I am using them with BEC voltage of 5.3 to 5.5 V with no problem.

GM 10x6 Folding prop blades
Review by Justin Mellor on 17 Jun 2021

I am using this prop with a 3S battery and the XPower F2919/10 Light motor in my 3.8m F5J Explorer. It works well and provides plenty of thrust for normal flying. The blades fold pretty flat against the fuselage. I have reduced the throttle limit to 80% because it was drawing 45A (static) at full power - though my power meter may not be accurate.

Inside F5J 2.9m
 inside f5j
Review by drew on 17 Jun 2021

excellent kit , I have already built the inside f5j great flyer, and now looking forward to flying with the extra control surfaces

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