Prices shown exclude VAT 


KST Servo Programming Tool 2 - USB Interface
Review by Anonymous on 11 Dec 2023

All best, works perfekt

Blue Bird BMS-125WV+ Servo - 0.09s 11.3g 10mm
 Excellent little servos
Review by Simon on 10 Dec 2023

Excellent little servos, look well made. Have used them in anger yet as their intended model is not started yet. However, have hooked the servos up to a receiver and done an initial test, all looks good

VoiceZone Talking Timer
 Talking Timer
Review by Andrew on 10 Dec 2023

I bought two of these as I was time keeping to process 90 school children through two flight simulators with 3 minutes each. The voice countdown was excellent as the children knew what to expect and they also helped the pilots. I highly recommend them and my thanks to Hyperflight for finding a second one.

Tempest Wing Bags
 Tempest wing bags
Review by John James Beaney on 9 Dec 2023

These are best wing bags I have ever seen, well worth the money, have since bought some for my Magnus

HyperFlight 30A BLHELI-32 ESC with 5A SBEC
 Great ESC!
Review by Peter Huessy on 9 Dec 2023

Amazing ESC, use it in my Riddick wing with a T30 2800Kv motor and 3s Lipo. Is similar or the same to the 30A Vladimir's Model ESC, which is no longer available because of the war in Ukraine that sadly made Vladimir to stop activities for now. Great it is programmable with Arduino, but Hyperflight already prepared it with the right parameters for my use!

HyperCover Transparent Red Covering Film
Review by Anonymous on 9 Dec 2023

Easy to use, good covering Excellent product.

XPower F3426/7 Storm 1250 RPM/V 142g Cased Outrunner
 Storm Motor Review
Review by Bob Goldstein on 8 Dec 2023

Motor arrived on time and as advertised. Good thrust for F5J XPlorer2.

CN Multi CNC Mount - 32mm
 cnc mount
Review by Anonymous on 8 Dec 2023

looks good great with screws and not a bad price.

Malibu Pro 1m
 Great and solid DLG Glider
Review by Frederik Lattner on 6 Dec 2023

Great RC DLG Glider !
Fairly easy to fly (my first RC plane after a long time) and pretty solid. I landed it quite hard a few times and things broke (mostly cracks in fuselage, dents in wing and vertical stabilizer), but nothing that couldn't be repaired. I recently ripped off the vertical stabilizer (because it cought on some stone on landing, but vertical stabilizer have to be below the tail boom) and am currently 3D printing a new one.
It is also pretty easy and intuitive to launch, resulting in good useable hights without too much effort / experience.

There are only two points I'd like to critique:

1. absolutely zero instructions. This plane comes with zero instructions. Therefore I was quite confused on where to mount the servos, where to drill holes for the steering rods, which steering rod to use where (I switched them around and notices too late: the thin one within the tube goes to the elevator, the thicker metal rod must be cut in parts and connects to the flapperons). But again, very little experience on my hand.

2. very slim fuselage / very little room for servos etc. It was tricky figuring out how to mount the servos in the fuselage. The fuselage could harly fit a servo standing up or laying down, cannot imagine two side by side, not to mention finding a mounting point. Therefore I used a single servo for the flaperons, making them just ailerons. Using really small servos might help, more experience as well. (I used BlueBird servos)

Blue Bird BMS-125WV+ Servo - 0.09s 11.3g 10mm
 Powerful but unreliable
Review by Frederik Lattner on 6 Dec 2023

The two servos I ordered were great. Really small and still powerful. Was a fairly tight fit into my Malibu 1m DLG, but that was expected.

Unfortunately, after a couple not so soft landings and plugging them in and out a few times, one stopped working. Since I live in Germany, ordering another one from this store was out of the question (high shipping cost, tax, fees, …). I would've liked to get a similar one again, but couldn't find one anywhere.

Sunnysky R1106 5500 RPM/V 8g Outrunner
 Excellent Micro Outerrunner
Review by Ludwig Georg ESSER on 6 Dec 2023

Have modified a Angelwingdesign / Nick Chitty Dune Freak glider with a R1106 engine and a VM 25mm Spinner, hosting the engine Inside the spinner. All fits perfect. Lots of thrust provided by 4.7x2.4 folding prop blades. Will buy another set of the same power train for my next winter project. Quality at its best!

HyperFlight 750 mAh 4.8V NiMH Battery
 Exact the good size
Review by W.A. Broer on 6 Dec 2023

Searching for a battery for my F3j glider
I discovered this item and it is exactly the good size to fit into my fuselage.
Also the capacity is what I wanted, so very pleased with it. The delivery was quit fast so also about this nothing to complain.

 Top quality, very reliable ESC
Review by Christian on 30 Nov 2023

I had one of these and it served me exceptionally well. It is easily programmable, very compact and of very high quality. Delivery to Australia was quick and delivery fee was very reasonable. Recommended!

Dream-Flight Ahi 1.2m
 Fastest delivery Ever!
Review by Sam on 30 Nov 2023

Used HF now 3 or 4 times! They are always super fast dispatching (maybe an hour?) & delivery (maybe 2 days and thats to NI) and product was perfect. Not assembled yet! 10 Stars!

MKS HV6130 Servo - 0.10s 22.5g 10mm
Review by Sandro Nobili on 29 Nov 2023

Ottimo prodotto

CHA HV06  Servo - 0.05s 5.8g 6mm
Review by Anonymous on 28 Nov 2023

Great servos for its package size

40mm Ali Spinner for 3, 3.17, 4 & 5mm shafts
 New Spinner for Finesse Max
Review by Brian Sharp on 27 Nov 2023

This spinner was the only one I could find that totally fitted my requirements. It was easy to set up and was a gave a good tight fit to the fuselage. Neil turned the order around quickly and the aircraft was back in the air in a few days.

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.4g 8mm
 Tiny HV digital servos. Unique to find!
Review by Anonymous on 26 Nov 2023

Small digital servos for using with 2S Lipo. They have been fitted to operate gear doors on a turbine aircraft and do an excellent job. They are tiny but powerful for their size.

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.4g 8mm
Review by David on 24 Nov 2023

These servos are very well made and reliable. Very small and light. I’ve used them on Elf and Pug gliders, with 2S batteries.

HyperFlight 40A BLHELI-32 ESC with HV SBEC
 HyperFlight 40A BLHELI-32 ESC with HV SBEC.
Review by Shayne Fielding on 24 Nov 2023

Small compact and light, shame there are no instructions

Mini Q Slope/Electric Sports Racer 81cm
 Mini Q slope version
Review by Ian W on 24 Nov 2023

Finally got my Mini Q flying yesterday in a good breeze of 15 - 25mph, and found it to be great fun, and requiring full concentration! Trimming had been a struggle, with the model uncontrollable using the recommended settings. it's a tribute to the strength, ( and light weight) of the model that the first 2 arrivals caused no damage. 3rd launch settings were - CofG 22mm, reflex 3mm, elevator +/- 4mm, aileron +/- 8mm. I may later increase the aileron movement for better roll rate.
Thanks to Hyperflight for usual excellent service!

Powerline Micro 1010/19 68g
 Fantastic lightweight F5J motor
Review by Jerry M. USA on 23 Nov 2023

Just installed this in a FAI light Prestige 2PK F5J glider ( weight 1112g). Output with GM 12x8 prop and Tattu 750mah 95C 3s is at 320watts. Plane will climb straight up at about10m/sec. Very very small and compact, only 3-4g heavier than the 65g AXI Outrunner it replaced but FAR more power. It seems to have more pull and speed than wattage output suggests. Draws 31-32amps, so CC 35AMP Talon ESC works great and is very small, light, and compact.

Mini Dart 2 1m DLG
 Le meilleur rapport qualité / prix du matché!!
Review by Jean-Marc on 23 Nov 2023

J'ai acheté un Dart V2 carbone... et à peine quelques jours après la réception...J'en ai acheté un deuxième en fibre de verre!! Ces modèles sont IMPECABLEMENT fini, les surfaces sont magnifiques! La qualité des modèles correspond à celle de modèles beaucoup plus chères! Ils ont été envoyé TRES rapidement et étaient parfaitement conditionnés! Mon expérience d'achat avec Hyperflight est vraiment très satisfaisante, je compte faire encore de nombreux achats auprès de cet EXCELLENT vendeur!

HyperFlight 40A BLHELI-32 ESC with HV SBEC
 XPower F2915/12 XLight 1600 RPM/V 72g Cased Outrun
Review by Shayne Fielding on 23 Nov 2023

Small compact item that does not take up real estate in a small F5J.

XPower F2915/12 XLight 1600 RPM/V 72g Cased Outrunner
 XPower F2915/12 XLight 1600 RPM/V 72g Cased Outrun
Review by Shayne Fielding on 23 Nov 2023

Good motor at a reasonable price, fitted in my Geronimo 2 nicely, being cased there is no way to trash the power leads

10mm - 5mm x 1.02m Lightweight Tapered Carbon Boom
 Very well made
Review by Chris on 23 Nov 2023

Order this boom to fix a 2M yellow jacket. Very high quality and timely delivery from Hyperflight!

Kite 1.5m DLG
 Nice quality but very poor fit
Review by Peter on 22 Nov 2023

I carefully reviewed the attached instruction and Armsoar build video before building. I successfully avoid the mistake mentioned in the video but quickly find that it is impossible to install the aileron pushrod for the right wing follow the instruction. The reason is three-fold: 1. I The servos have to be located very forward otherwise the aileron pushrods will be way too high; however, this will make the CG too much forward. 2. The instruction shows the last servo arm is backward which is wrong; you need to put it forward to get more space. 3 The instruction mentioned 10mm from the servo to the fuselage edges; I find it is way too much as the left wing pushrod will touch the right wing servo case. This is my third DLGs and it has the worst fit!!

Inside F5J 2.9m
 Inside F5J 2.9m
Review by Mike on 21 Nov 2023

The kit arrived very quickly and was double boxed. Whilst I don't intend building this immediately as I have other projects on the go, I have checked everything is present, and it is. I have to say the quality of the wood and cnc work is outstanding. Prior to the purchase I rang Neil with a few questions and his knowledge and customer service were/are again outstanding. I would highly recommend doing business with Neil/Hyperflight. As previously mentioned in reviews the instructions are in German, however this is not a problem as there is a link in the product description above with comprehensive build instructions. I am really looking forward to building this kit.

30mm GM F5J Spinner (No Collet)
 GM Spinner
Review by Mike Wiz on 20 Nov 2023

GM spinners are great! I like them better than any other. Hyperflight is the best! Good selection, good price and fast service.

GM 6.5x4 Folding prop blades (2mm hinge pin)
 Tiny blades
Review by David on 20 Nov 2023

RES model's climb was very slow on 2S so Neil advised 3S with a smaller prop. however my spinner was for M3 pins and the new prop was M2. The compromise solution he suggested is fiddly and involved inserting short spacing bushes to convert a 2mm screw and nut to 3mm but it does work and my PURES climbs more strongly.

AerobTec Altis V4+ F5J Start Height Recorder and Flight Logger
 AerobTec Altis V4
Review by Craig Robinson on 20 Nov 2023

These units have been difficult to locate anywhere as "in-stock". Fortunately, Neil at Hyperflight took care of me and it was received here in the states within 7 days.
Thank you, Neil! You are the best!

Review by Robert on 20 Nov 2023

Compact design and worked perfectly from the start. Excellent product

Powerline Micro 1025/10 102g
 First Hyperflight Order
Review by Brian Olson on 18 Nov 2023

I recently ordered a motor and related parts for a Pike Brio Extreme I was converting to
an electric sailplane. The order was easy to complete and being able to track the order to Canada was great. Everything arrived as ordered with no problems. I think Hyperflight will be my 'go to' business in the future.

Ply Frame for MKS DS6100 & HV6100 (pair) New
Review by Anonymous on 18 Nov 2023

First class product fits servo perfectly, I glued two frames together to gone the servo extra support.

Mini Dart 2 Tailplane
Review by Reimo on 17 Nov 2023

Bought as spare part for my MD2 build. Nice packing and superb quality, came with horn and pre bent tension wire!

Mini Dart 2 Fin
Review by Reimo on 17 Nov 2023

Bought carbon fiber fin for my glass fiber MD2 build. Mega quality, came with horn and pre bent tension wire!

PuRES V2 2m
 Pures f3-res
Review by Krzysztof on 16 Nov 2023

The model is easy to assemble, the parts fit very well, I recommend it to everyone

Dream-Flight Alula-Trek 90cm
 Alula Thermals
Review by Bill on 15 Nov 2023

I’ve had the Alula Trek for only a couple of weeks and flown twice. Assembly was easy plus it seems quite durable. The plane balanced perfectly with battery placement, no weights required. I’m using the (tiny) Radiomaster ER4 ELRS receiver and the recommended 300 mAh NiMH battery. I recently took this out on a sunny November day and had one of the best thermal flights of my life. The Alula seems somewhat challenging to thermal, but when you find good lift it is absolutely amazing and on this day I could easily have flown it out of sight. As others have mentioned control can be a bit twitchy, but proper CG and a decent amount of expo works wonders. This plane is pushing me toward DLGs like nothing else I’ve flown. The Alula is a remarkable design and an extremely fun glider.

1.07mm ID Etched PTFE (18 AWG Bondable PTFE ) Pushrod Outer Tube
 A great source for PFTE bondable tubing
Review by U2builder on 15 Nov 2023

I'm on the other side of the pond, and I can't find PFTE here, No worries though, Hyperflight has it in a selection of ID's and any length. Like many items from Hyperflight, Shipping is very reasonable, and it gets here as quickly.

I will be using the 1.07 mm with ,8mm piano wire or CG rod on my next build.

Joy Wing and Tail Bags
 All great..!
Review by M. Kralowetz on 15 Nov 2023

Hello HyperFlight.
The Joy bags are great!
The transport to Germany was very quick and easy.
Thanks Milan

Offset DLG Throwing blade
 Excellent quality
Review by Rodrigo on 15 Nov 2023

Excellent quality of the product. I want to stand out the fast shipping ( since I live in Chile). Thanks for the good service

MicroMax Pocket F3F 1.15m
Review by Luke Shaw on 14 Nov 2023

Overall very impressed with the flying qualities. It flies great especially with ballast and copes fine in over 40 mph. I recently took it down to the cliffs with waves crashing against the rocks and sending spray up into the air. It’s fast, very agile, very responsive. The wing is especially stiff and responsive with an excellent roll rate, and the model is very grippy with excellent energy retention in turns.You can tell it’s a small model due to its lack of momentum, but overall the flying qualities really are very ‘F3F’ with a very nice vice free feel to how it handles. I really like flying it ballasted in challenging conditions because it’s small size makes it easy to walk with and hand launch if you’re on your own.

There were some build issues with the RTF version, I’d recommend others save money and install yourself. The aileron servos were installed out of centre and one aileron servo hadn’t been tested for good centring and this had to be replaced. It was challenging as the servos were glued to the wing skin. The back of the horns also scraped against the wing skin adding to centring issues.

Overall I’m happy now but initially didn’t find it very good value due to the build issues. But it’s a lot of fun to fly now.

Mini Dart 2 1m DLG
 et de deux!!
Review by Jean-Marc on 13 Nov 2023

Et de deux! Je n'ai pas pu attendre Janvier, j'ai commandé et reçu un deuxième Mini Dart , mais cette fois-ci en version fibre de verre! La qualité de fabrication est tout aussi irréprochable que la carbone, l'envoie a été ultra rapide et parfaitement sécurisée!! Mon expérience d'achat avec Hiperflight est vraiment au top!

Blue Bird BMS-126WV+ Servo - 0.07s 11.3g 10mm
 Blue Bird BMS-126WV+ Servo - 0.07s 11.3g
Review by MalcP on 13 Nov 2023

Great little servos

Slash Slope Soarer 1.61m
 Slash slope soarer
Review by MalcP on 13 Nov 2023

Quality product

GM 14x7 Folding prop blades
Review by mick on 12 Nov 2023

Great blades worth the money

MKS Short Metal Servo Output Arms (2)
 MkS short metal servo arms
Review by Mike Bleathman on 12 Nov 2023

Excellent fit to my 6160 servos. Great service from Neil, as always.

HyperFlight 40A BLHELI-32 ESC with HV SBEC
 It worked
Review by Roy on 11 Nov 2023

What more can you ask for than a product that works straight out of the box . No need to get some obscure download or funky programming it just goes .

Hawk 2 1m DLG
 Very Impressed
Review by Jeff on 10 Nov 2023

It's just after 3:30 Thursday afternoon here in Waukesha, USA. The Hawk just arrived! How the hell did you ship this spectacular model to me in less than three days and have it arrive in such excellent condition .... for way less costs that it would have if I had bought it here in the colonies?

I will be a returning customer from this point going forward! Even for small stuff. Bravo Sir.

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.4g 8mm
 Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 8
Review by Pedro on 10 Nov 2023

Light but strong servo which works very well with spring tension rudder and flap control. Metal gears ensure good lifespan of the servos.

Feather Cover (Satin)
 Just right for the job...
Review by Neil watts on 9 Nov 2023

Easy to apply, good, but not too strong a shrinkage to distort - currently using to covering a KK Senator. Excellent material, highly recommended for lightweight structures. Can we have some colour?
Just miss the smell of dope and tissue :-)

Vortex 3 1.5m DLG
 Nice DLG, don't like auto-connect ailerons.
Review by Mike K. on 8 Nov 2023

I just finished building the Vortex 3, I haven't flow it yet. Good build videos on the Vortex site really help with the build. The auto-connect ailerons are a devil to set up. Even after everything is in place it is difficult to get the aileron linkage to line up when putting on the wing, I don't want to remove the wing because it. I like the pull-strings being guided through teflon tubes in the front half of the fuse. I take two stars away from the overall rating because of the aileron connection, otherwise it's a 5 star kit.

GM 17x10 Folding prop blades
 light and powerful!
Review by AKIRA on 8 Nov 2023

I purchased GM folding prop blades for the first time. It's light and powerful! producing big thrust.

Malibu Pro 1m
Review by Richard on 8 Nov 2023

Kit arrived quickly in good order and was well packaged. I won't be able to fly it until the spring but fully expect outstanding performance; it's a Malibu

HyperFlight 180 cm (71") Glider Bag
 Red glider wing bag
Review by Anonymous on 6 Nov 2023

Really a Nice wing bag. Will take a lot abuse.

PicoSwitch - Magnetic RC On-Off Switch for batteries JST BEC plugs
 Recent order
Review by John Carlin on 6 Nov 2023

Great service ordered the wrong item but was quickly sorted and exchanged

ADH C20 / MM1908-2050 2050 RPM/V 26g Front Mount Outrunner
 Neat little motor
Review by Jeff on 6 Nov 2023

A neat little motor that I needed for an EPP flying wing. Works fine and can be changed from front to rear mounting.

Replacement Gear Set for MKS DS6100, HV6100, HV6110
 New Gears
Review by Tim Knowles on 5 Nov 2023

Excellent service

PicoSwitch - Magnetic RC On-Off Switch for batteries JST BEC plugs
 Recent order
Review by John Carlin on 4 Nov 2023

Great service ordered the wrong item but was quickly sorted and exchanged

Blue Bird BMS-125WV+ Servo - 0.09s 11.3g 10mm
 Bluebird servos
Review by Clint on 4 Nov 2023

Haven’t tried as yet but great service and support over the years I’ve done business with you.
Thanks Neil

Blue Bird BMS-115WV+ Servo - 0.09s 11.1g 10mm
 Bluebird servos
Review by Clint on 4 Nov 2023

I haven’t tried them yet but I’m impressed with the Great service I’ve received over the years

HyperFlight 40A BLHELI-32 ESC with HV SBEC
 Tiny little power house
Review by Solidmanager on 2 Nov 2023

Normally I'm uing the YGE ESC - but in smaller F5J400 planes for what? This one can cope with the same load, is ready to run out of the box, can handle all type of motors. It will fit in any plane and the price/perfomance index is awesome. So far - best bang for the buck, the one and only drwback is - I have to pay a tariff on this one here in Europe. Brexit was not the best idea .......

X-Dream Elekro 2m
 X-Dream F3RES sailplane kit
Review by Michael Fritz on 1 Nov 2023

I ordered this kit and it arrived in 4 days here in the Rocky Mountains. Great packing and service as usual. I am so grateful to have a company available that still values customers and provides great customer service. I am building this for a club member that doesn't like to build and so far, this kit is a breeze to assemble and should be an excellent replacement for his X-RES...which has seen better days.
Thanks again,

E-Kite F5K 1.5m
 DLG Kite strong 1.5 m
Review by Greg prindle on 30 Oct 2023

I have been looking for a durable DLG 1.5 m for work and found it in this plane I wish they had more. This is the go-to plane i use when landing in bad areas. It is very quick and has some of the fastest turns of all my electric DLGs - and best of all it only weighs 261 grams

Fresh 2m
Review by Graham Donaldson on 30 Oct 2023

Excellent kit. Excellent service from Neil. Now complete and awaiting a suitable day to fly.

Oralight Black 31-071 Covering Film
 Back to Black
Review by David on 30 Oct 2023

Oralight ~ the same as ever, top quality easy to use and forgiving covering. Exemplary delivery.

Mini Dart 2 1m DLG
Review by Jean-Marc on 30 Oct 2023

INCROYABLE!!! J’ai réceptionné mon Mini Dart ce 30/10/2023 et les finitions sont irréprochables!! Tout est parfait!! Le rapport qualité /prix de ce planeur est la meilleure du marché!! J’attends le début de l’année prochaine pour en acheter un deuxième!!

Dream-Flight Intelligent USB NiMH Charger
Review by David on 28 Oct 2023

Neat and well designed little device. USB supply very convenient to use especially as our phone chargers seem to be breeding like rabbits.

Dream-Flight 300 mAh 4.8V NiMH Battery
Review by David on 28 Oct 2023

Very pleased with battery. I had intended to use a 450 2 cell lipo but in the event it was too big for my Slite hence the NiMH

AerobTec Altis V4+ F5J Start Height Recorder and Flight Logger
Review by Tim Knowles on 28 Oct 2023

Delivery first class. Really takes time to get the all the information from the device. I don't find it that intuitive but if everybody else can work it satisfactorily then....

Dualsky XM2225EG-23 1600 RPM/V 32g Outrunner
 Great motor for 2m RES gliders
Review by U2builder on 26 Oct 2023

The Dualsky XM2225EG-23 1600 RPM is a great motor many 2m RES gliders that are designed for 30mm spinners and one of the few that can be made to fit. It is quite a bit more powerful and more efficient than DYS 2225-19 alternative and lighter than the geared Hacker options.

Big Vick 1m DLG (discontinued)

Big Vick 1m DLG
Review by DB on 26 Oct 2023

just rcvd the bigvick which was very well put together in kit form.........fuse.tail went together quickly the wing assmbly is another story. If I hadnt been building models 50+ yrs would have really been in trouble! They say to slit the wing so the carbon spars will go deeper in order to fit under the wing surface....I wound up cutting to deep and sliced the wing in half......... but was able to glue the wing back together! I wouldnt mind paying more if the kit came with a pre assembleld wing .............ohwell ...back to the building board hoping things will go smoother and anxious to fly this bird.......

Oralight Transparent Violet / Purple 31-058 Covering Film
Review by Kev on 24 Oct 2023

Aways used some cheap covering film up to now, which wrinkles and don't stay down for long.
Oralight went down really well and not many wrinkles which I was able to gently remove with iron and heat gun, a tad more expensive but will be my go-to covering film from now on.

Blue Bird BMS-127WV+ Servo - 0.05s 11.3g 10mm
 Blue Bird servo
Review by Kev on 24 Oct 2023

great little servo never have any issues with them
purchased a fair few from Neil over the years
excellent service

Mirai F3-RES F5-RES 2m
Review by Dmitri Relin on 24 Oct 2023

first upon arriving I was amazed by the beautiful wood but disappointed by the lack of instructions and been looking at the images and figuring it out slowly wish I spent more on something more well known my other modelers. needs better instructions

XPower F2925/8 Windy 1380 RPM/V 102g Cased Outrunner
 What a fantastic little motor.
Review by David Singer on 24 Oct 2023

Very pleased as prefer the small prop folds down neatly causing less wind resistance. Works on higher rpm than old geared motor but gets the model up to height equally as well with less drag.

1.57mm (1/16") Music Wire (91 cm)
 1/16" Music Wire
Review by RichardO on 24 Oct 2023

Excellent service from Hyperflight. Well packaged and arrived in good condition. Used to replace flimsy pushrods in an ARTF plane.

5mm x 1mm Carbon Strip
 5mm x 1mm Carbon Strip
Review by RichardO on 24 Oct 2023

Fantastic service from Hyperflight, as usual. Excellent quality carbon fibre strip.

Lightweight 10 cm Servo Extension Lead
 Good value leads
Review by Anonymous on 23 Oct 2023

Good quality leads at a great price

XPower F2925/8 Windy 1380 RPM/V 102g Cased Outrunner
 What a fantastic little motor.
Review by David Singer on 23 Oct 2023

Very pleased as prefer the small prop folds down neatly causing less wind resistance. Works on higher rpm than old geared motor but gets the model up to height equally as well with less drag.

40mm M2 Control Rods (2)
 40mm M2 Control Rods
Review by John on 23 Oct 2023

High quality control rod - just what I needed

35mm M2 Control Rods (2)
 35mm M2 Control Rods
Review by John on 23 Oct 2023

Just what I needed

M2 Clevis (4)
 M2 Clevis
Review by John on 23 Oct 2023

Good quality clevis

Brass M3 8.5mm Horn (2)
 Brass M3 8.5mm Horn
Review by John on 23 Oct 2023

Good quality control horn

Wing Removal Tool 2 - Medium
 Wing removal tool 2
Review by John on 23 Oct 2023

Handy, good quality accessory

Pull Cord Crimps (5)
 Pull Cord Crimps
Review by Anonymous on 23 Oct 2023

Small Crimps which crimp the pull chord easily and do not get stuck on the side of the fuselage or servo arms due to reduced length.

Mini Q Slope/Electric Sports Racer 81cm
 Built for speed
Review by QuadyMcQuadFace on 22 Oct 2023

Well made aircraft that will cut thru the air like butter. In the process of making it into a 6s fpv cruiser.

XPower F2925/8 Windy 1380 RPM/V 102g Cased Outrunner
 What a fantastic little motor.
Review by David Singer on 22 Oct 2023

Very pleased as prefer the small prop folds down neatly causing less wind resistance. Works on higher rpm than old geared motor but gets the model up to height equally as well with less drag.

Medina kit F3L/F5L 2m (discontinued)

Medina kit F3L/F5L 2m
Review by Cuypers peter on 21 Oct 2023

Great service hyperflight

Big Vick 1m DLG (discontinued)

Big Vick 1m DLG
 my mistake
Review by zeke on 21 Oct 2023

my mistake fellas..............found out I should have used the "track option and didnot realize that being my 1st order with HF..................hopefully itll show up soon getting excitied and anxious for the build which can be seen on YT...........

Longshot 4 DLG 1.5m
 new LS4
Review by D. H BURDICK on 21 Oct 2023

Had been flying an old LS1 kit which was my 1st DLG and a great education being it was my first DLG, liked is so much decided to get the LS4 just arrived today.......everything looked great and complete came in a sturdy long box and shipping time was I think around 4-5 days from europe,fantastic!!..this will be a fun winter project and another great learning experience>>>>>>still waiting on the BIGVICK that will be another fun project! lots of building info on YT so hopefully itll show up soon

Longshot 4 DLG 1.5m
 OK Kit
Review by Fred. on 20 Oct 2023

Component finish is very good. The wings, and tail/boom go together without a problem. Elevator and rudder control rods are steel wire inside very thin plastic tubing, supplied in a roll. The plastic tubing needs to be glued to the inside of the pod, no instructions on how to do this. Limited access (small hatch and hole at end of pod). It's very difficult and time consuming to glue the tubes in place, straight an in enough places to prevent flexing. Took hours to puzzle out. These tubes should have been glued to inside of the pod when the pod was molded. I would gladly pay another $150 for kit which has the control rod/tubing installed.

Frame with bearing for the Blue Bird BMS-125WV / BMS-126WV / BMS-127WV (pair)
 Great little servo frames
Review by Andy on 19 Oct 2023

Normal slick delivery from Hyperflight. Now used to fit a BMS125 and BMS126 into the wing and found it so easy. The servo mounting lugs are slightly too wide for the frame but two minutes with a sanding block and the issue is sorted. Very neat solution.

MaxFlight F5K 1.5m
 Maravilloso producto
Review by Franco Argento on 19 Oct 2023

Estoy muy conforne y feliz con el producto, llego en 8 dias a la patagonia chilena, practicamente al otro extremo del mundo, además su embalaje muy bien preparado no existe daño de ningun tipo.
en cuanto al armado del max f5k, creo que especialmente poner las lineas de control del estabilizador vertical y horizontal fue lo mas complicado, todo lo demás fue mas bien sencillo y rapido de realizar. lo recomiendo mucho es un lindo y buen planeador

Radient 1600 mAh 6V NiMH 2/3A Battery
Review by PJ on 19 Oct 2023

Super easy ordering process and goods recieved promptly. One of the very best suppliers i have had the pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend

Wiki F3-RES 2m
 Nice flyer
Review by Bernie O on 17 Oct 2023

Wiki covers ground quickly with its clean lines. Keep the speed up a bit; too slow and it gets loose. I set the CG slightly forward of the recommended range and bumped up exponential. Low roll inertia from its light wing panels clearly signals air currents and helps the plane core itself similar to free flight models. This plane seems to know what it's doing and flies best with minimal stick inputs from my thumbs. Spoilers are nicely sized with a small amount of 'up' elevator mixed in when they're deployed. Makes for stable, predictable approaches.

AerobTec Altis V4+ F5J Start Height Recorder and Flight Logger
 Altis v4
Review by Paul Wellacott on 17 Oct 2023

Disappointingly my first one broke after 5 downloads of data, the USB c port came out with the cable and now it’s useless. This is the replacement.

Medium Light Servo Twisted Extension Cable 6.4 g/m
 Servo wire
Review by David on 16 Oct 2023

Nice quality wire that solders well.

Maverick F5K 1.5m
Review by John Lewis on 16 Oct 2023

Sixty years ago I was carefully, some times, cutting out ribs and formers with a razor blade on a bread board. As an aero modeller many stick and tissue rubber models, control line, free flight, radio assisted old timer and RC sport aircraft and of course gliders have been built and flown. Only bought one ARF model toward the end of the 1990’s. As a builder and flyer that’s the joy in the hobby for me. The Maverick F5K kit was delivered in a couple of week to Australia, well packed and complete undamaged. The quality of the kit is outstanding, the best ever laser cutting, the blend of materials providing strength to critical areas while being ever weight conscious is a credit to Evgen and his team at Flight Point. The plans and construction manual are equally outstanding so to the posts relative to the Maverick F5K on RC Might buy another one don’t tell my wife.

 Quality ESC
Review by Tm on 15 Oct 2023

Neil's recommendation was spot on. As always great product backed by great service.

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