Prices shown exclude VAT 
2.5mm Carbon Tube
 2.5 x 1.5mm carbon fibre tube
Review by Richard on 27 Jan 2020

I wanted a light, stiff, pushrod outer tube to replace the plastic outer tube provided in a 'Speedo' glider kit. This is perfect. It's one third of the weight of the supplied tube and much stiffer. Slop is minimal. The price of this tube is also very reasonable and delivery speed superb. It is securely sent in a cardboard tube. You might want to buy several carbon tubes the same time to offset the postal cost.

Introduction F5J 2.9m
 Fabulous floater!
Review by Brett on 26 Jan 2020

I inherited this Intro from my dear deceased friend Spencer, who didn't quite manage to complete it before he departed for the great hanger in the sky. My only task was to install the motor, ESC and lipo, which was relatively easy, giving an AUW of 975gms.

The maiden flight off the slope was delightful in its stress-free nature with minimal trimming required. Since then I've flown Intro on numerous light weather occasions up the hill (10mph or less) and it is always a joy to experience its vice-free behaviour - so stable you can almost eat your sandwiches without having to touch the sticks! At the same time it indicates thermals well and picks up height quickly. Precision landing is no problem with the very effective flaps. At first I was a little worried about landing such a fragile-looking model on our rock-strewn slope sites, but it's survived 2 seasons now with no damage.

Overall, an excellent lightweight floater that is tougher than it looks!

Dream-Flight Ahi
 Delightful Ahi
Review by Brett on 26 Jan 2020

All went together in a straightforward manner using the supplied Dreamflight servos and battery pack. Only minor niggle was cleaning up the embedded elevator snake outer which had a small kink near its exit that introduced a little too much friction for comfort. After that it was plain sailing with the CG spot-on without additional weight.

Maiden flight was routine, needing only a couple of elevator clicks to achieve 'hands-off' balance in around 10mph breeze. A quick workout and boy is this model agile! A true delight to bring a huge smile to your face!

A little experimentation with the CG eventually returned me to the initial neutral setting as giving the best overall behaviour. Watch out for the elevator compensation if you decide to droop the ailerons in landing phase - the elevator needs 'up' dialling in, rather than the more usual 'down' associated with thermal gliders.

Also had the chance to try it out on small coastal cliffs/dunes, where it similarly offers great flying. Now to start practising those tricky right-up-close-in-your-face manouvres!

Overall, the Ahi is an absolute delight with the usual excellent service and delivery from Neil at Hyperflight.

CG Measuring Scale
 CG Scale - Not good!
Review by BjarteH on 24 Jan 2020

Sadly this scale is far from worth it!
I bought one, and after a while the cables to the display broke in the soldering points, (shorting and destroying the LCD display). after a few e-mails back and forth I just stopped asking Hyperflights advice. The scale is now (still) at a local shop, who will try to replace the display, change the cables and recalibrate the scale.
My conclusion is that the quality of the scale does not match the price.

KST X08N V5 HV Lugless Servo - 0.09s 8.3g 8mm
Review by Paul on 23 Jan 2020

Superb servos and superb service from Hyperflight!
You can fit these tiny servos almost anywhere.

Carboline SC26/2 Spread Carbon - large sample
 Carboline spread carbon - F5j wing repair
Review by ian duff on 20 Jan 2020

Ideal replacement carbon skin for a damaged F5j light weight wing. Securely well packed by Neil and posted without delay.

Picares Longears F3J/F5J 2.5m
Review by Peter Ward on 17 Jan 2020

Good quality kit with good wood selection, CNC cutting and very clear and precise CAD drawings. I particularly liked the parts index sketches on the main plan which provide an indication of the shape of the various bits.
Yet to be built so I can't comment on that but so far it all points to a clean and accurate build.
The manual and 'Long Ear' supplement are well illustrated but are in German and even using Google Translate they took a long time to decipher. I had to use a technical German on-line translator for some of the wording as might be expected.
The item was out of stock when I ordered and I was offered notification of stock arrival. This was duly done after about a week and my delivery instructions were met without problems.
First class service from Hyperflight!

Auri DLG
Review by Anonymous on 16 Jan 2020

After having owned a few of the top end models like Snipes/NXT/NRJ/Vortex 2+3 I settled on the Auri. I am very impressed with these planes, whilst I have yet to fly mine, I cannot fault it's build quality for the price, it's very very close to that of the top end designs. The wing in the standard textreme layup is both stiff and really glossy. The Carbon tails on mine are on par with the above brands, very well made. I love the fuse design, the pod is around the same size as the Vortex 3 so plenty of room for your rc gear and the 4 in pod layout is super easy to set up, I will never go back to top drive designs. The boom is a interesting square section and extremely stiff and the socket for the rudder is the best fit I've seen on any of the designs. Whilst the wing may not be the current hype of small chord, I am expecting it to be far easier to fly and easier to set up which for me will equal enjoying flying it far more than I did with my last model. Dimitry of LD models is super quick to respond to any questions you may have also, unlike some other brands which never reply. I would definitely recommend the Auri if you're looking for a new dlg and usual first class service from Neil at Hyperflight.

HyperFlight 162 cm (64") Glider Bag
 Hyperflight 64" glider bag
Review by Darron on 16 Jan 2020

Bought this bag for my Explorer BF 3.8m F5J - it's the perfect size. Nice strong and rugged bag with internal separators for 3 piece wings and pockets that fit the stab and fin. The fuselage is slightly longer than the bag with the nose sheath on.
The bag has been logo'ed with Hyperflight which is better than the Vlad logo on the picture I saw.
Very happy with the purchase.

KST X08H V5 HV Horizontal Lug Servo - 0.09s 8.4g 8mm
Review by Andynr on 16 Jan 2020

these are great servos - the first time have bought them. Installed in V tail of scale glider. Excellent centering - will buy again. Great service from Neil - ordered and arrived the following day. Also bought the servo mounts - these are great too. will buy again

Large Plastic Shrouded Servo Cover (makes 2)
 Large Plastic Shrouded Servo Cover (makes 2)
Review by Kevin on 15 Jan 2020

Excellent product and super quick delivery as usual. Thank you for great service.

Beli CA Fast Curing Medium Viscosity Superglue #075
 Malibu pro dlg
Review by Sally on 11 Jan 2020

Great dlg glider, great design very easy to fly and stays up with no effort at all . On very limited thermal. Service from hyper flight was good too very swift . Thank you

 Super Smooth
Review by Mark on 8 Jan 2020

Smoothest running and as an added plus, the lightest ESC I have used. The telemetry to my FrSky is awesome and replaces numerous modules to get the same information. Expensive but is worth it. As always.. Hyperfight provides us with quality equipment.

Replacement Gearbox for Powerline 1010/15/20/25 with 5mm shaft
Review by Anonymous on 7 Jan 2020

Happy as usual with prompt service.

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
Review by Simon on 7 Jan 2020

Excellent servos apart from cantering issues Super service.

HyperFlight 125 cm (49") Glider Bag
Review by Simon on 7 Jan 2020

Great glider bag fast and Excellent service.

3mm Carbon Rod
 Very Satisfied
Review by Anonymous on 7 Jan 2020

Very fast delivery!

Blue Bird BMS-115HV Servo - 0.09s 10.9g 10mm
Review by Bob on 7 Jan 2020

I like the Blue Bird BMS-115HV servos for my gliders up to 4 meters
They have the power and can run on 2 cell lipos.
I had problems finding them in USA so I ordered from Hyper Flight
there service was great.

MKS 5mm Servo Arm Retaining Screw (4)
Review by Fons Kremer on 7 Jan 2020

Good and fast delivery.

HyperFlight 1.3/2 Pushrod Set
Review by Antonio on 7 Jan 2020

Truly a great product

KST X10 HV Servo - 0.10s 28g 10mm
 Kst x10 servos
Review by Steve S on 7 Jan 2020

Great servo have had a few of these now and all have been great.

Fast delivery and service what more could you want! Well done hyper flight 👍 top job

1mm Carbon Rod
 High quality product and service
Review by Richard on 7 Jan 2020

Great quality, had stock of something I couldn't easily find, very well packaged and delivered swiftly.

Powerline Turbo 10XX & Reisenauer 5:1 Motor Mount - 32 mm
 Perfect fit for poly tec 480-32xs
Review by Peter Vanlanduyt on 7 Jan 2020

It fits perfectly in the nose of my simitri, powered by a poly-tec 480-32xs with 3 mounting holes.

KST 25T-5 Heavy Duty Servo Output Arms (2)
 Output arms for Turnigy servos
Review by Kevin Wright on 3 Jan 2020

I have used Turnigy wing servos for some years and find they are fast accurate and reliable . But their output arms are appalling. These KST arms are a perfect fit. In fact the servos are exact copies of KSTs so much so I think they are just rebaged.

MKS DS6100 Servo - 10mm 9.5g
Review by Kevin on 31 Dec 2019

Excellent service. The only servo to choose when installing elevator servo in fin, due to size, weight and quality.

HyperFlight 300 mAh 4.8V NiMH 31g Battery
 HyperFlight 300 mAh 4.8V NiMH 31g Battery
Review by Richard O. on 31 Dec 2019

Fantastic next-day delivery from Hyperflight. This battery is a perfect size for the 'Speedo Pro' slope soarer. I checked it out on my discharger and it has a capacity of around 350+mAh. I agree with Chris T. about charging at 30mA as it got slightly warm when charged at 150mA on a delta peak charger.

Dream-Flight Ahi
Review by John on 30 Dec 2019

Assembly was straightforward, I used £2.49 Lidl pack of 4 AAA's, which fit, but not as well as the recommended battery, so I had to use a bit of glue to keep it in place.If came adrift inverted, fell out and took the canopy with it!

Flying looks promising so far - picks up the slightest bits of lift on the slope like a DLG would, but also happy in breeze - feels stable sitting up there, but very lively when you want it to be. I've now found that spoilerons really help with landings - it has a slippery shape and I've needed to slow it down to land on a couple of sites - it's not really a rough and tumble model!

I'm going to fit a better Rx - was using the basic 'Lemon' with a simple dipole aerial, yesterday we had a brief radio outage in flight, I wonder whether it was because the carbon canopy is right over the dipole. Will now use the 'Lemon' diversity Rx, 2 antennae which can be positioned away from the canopy.

KST X08 V5 HV Servo - 0.09s 8.4g 8mm
 KST X08 V5 Servo review
Review by Steve York on 28 Dec 2019

Superb servo which I bought (x4) for Precision Aerobatics Addiction X build which I wanted to keep the weight to a minimum. Plenty of power for this application and about 1/3rd the weight of recommended servos without sacrificing speed and power.

My one criticism is that by extending the throw of the V5 they have eliminated any possibility of extending the throw as available in my Taranis radio where I can extend throws up to 120%. This is a problem because it means that even normal 100% throws, if you apply a subtrim, you lose it at the extreme - there becomes a dead part of the stick for which there is no more servo travel.
Once this is realised, it can be worked around because the V5 has so much throw that it can accommodate subtrim by slightly reducing transmitter throws to (say) 80 or 90% giving a little leeway for the subtrims.
Very pleased with this tiny servo.

Frame with bearing for the Blue Bird BMS-125WV / BMS-126WV / BMS-127WV (pair)
 Perfect frame for bluebird servoís
Review by DH on 28 Dec 2019

The servo frames are superb. Delivery ok!

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
Review by Hein on 28 Dec 2019

Fast servo, and absolutely tiny. Complete package with screws, different control horns and double-sided tape. Packaging could be reduced for less waste.

So far the servo's are working excellently in my Dart DLG. Satisfied.

Mini Vick 75cm Micro DLG
 Mini vick
Review by Colin jervis on 24 Dec 2019

First dlg. Very good quality, really light. Havnít flown it yet.

38mm HyperSpinner Power for 6mm shafts
Review by Anonymous on 24 Dec 2019

Spinner is of great quality, looks and works perfect. Great quick service 1st class thank you

KST MS589 HV Contactless Servo - 0.08s 38g 15mm
 KST ms589
Review by Ricky Bobby on 23 Dec 2019

Best servos available for extreme flight 60Ē airplanes! Super smooth and fast! Amazing torque and holding power! Perfect centering!

VM Spinner Set 25/5 for Snipe 2 Electric
Review by Anonymous on 23 Dec 2019

Spinner needs trimming to allow the blades to fold fully out.
They also donít really fold flat the the fuselage.
I expect other spinners might be released soon if F5K takes off as a class.

KST X08N V5 HV Lugless Servo - 0.09s 8.3g 8mm
 KST X08N V5 servo
Review by Dick on 23 Dec 2019

This is an ideal servo for shallow wing mount to operate ailerons/flaps, works well and is reliable. Service excellent as usual. Thanks

KST X08N V5 HV Lugless Servo - 0.09s 8.3g 8mm
 KST X08N V5 servo
Review by Dick on 23 Dec 2019

This is an ideal servo for shallow wing mount to operate ailerons/flaps, works well and is reliable.

1.5mm Carbon Rod
Review by Anonymous on 22 Dec 2019

Good carbon rod. This is my first purchase from Hyperflight and I found the company delivered quickly. Will buy from them again.

Vitaprop 13 x 7 Folding prop blades
 Ok prop
Review by Stefan Wickelgren on 21 Dec 2019

Ok propp, just couldnīt not find any other brand with that exakt data, itīs not that slim on the fuse and for some models you have to modifie it to be able to retract complete

32mm GM F5J Spinner for 6mm shaft
 Best spinners ever
Review by Stefan Wickelgren on 21 Dec 2019

This spinners is the best spinners ever for F5J, perfect fit and quick mounting hels when shifting :)

Integrated Drive System/Mono for MKS HV6110
 Exellent product!
Review by Gudmund Malones on 21 Dec 2019

Very good servo, underrated by all means..

KST DS135MG Mini Wing Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
 excellent servo
Review by John Biggin on 20 Dec 2019

Very good little servos and good value.

KST X10/Mini/DS125/135/145/225 Gear Set
 Raise the flaps on touch down or you'll need these
Review by John Biggin on 20 Dec 2019

Fit well and restore good servos with stripped teeth. I restored two ds125mg servos. These also fit the older analogue 125mg but the servo arm just spun round continuously, so I guess it is not compatible with these, pity,

Kappa 35 F5J (discontinued)

Kappa 35 F5J
Review by Brian Rivas on 18 Dec 2019

Being so impressed with the performance and superb quality of the Kappa 20, I just knew I had to have its bigger brother, the 3.5m Kappa 35. As with everything that Neil handles, the packaging was superb, the delivery very quick, and I couldn't wait to get everything unpacked. Mine is the spread carbon version and the quality of this model is stunning, the finish breathtaking, not a blemish to be found. It feels very strong, and I admire the way the designer has done everything to minimise drag: no external horns anywhere, with the aileron and flap actuation all within the wing and the wipers ensuring airflow disturbance is kept to the absolute minimum. This theme continues through to the tail feathers, where all gaps are sealed.

One thing that struck me about the Kappa 20 was how small the tailplane and fin are in relation to the wingspan, but this is not the case on the 35: in fact these components are quite a bit larger than I expected, and at around 50gm the tailplane is not as light as on some designs.

After spending a few days familiarising myself with the model and getting a feel for it - something I always like to do before getting down to work - I realised this installation was not going to be quite as simple and straightforward as on the 20. For a start, a dry run with a Powerline Micro 1025, 3S 1300mah battery and Turnigy Aerostar 50 ESC revealed that some extra noseweight was going to be needed - even with the battery right behind the power unit. I would have liked to use a graphene lipo, as on my smaller Kappa, but even a 1000mah one is too fat to slide into the nose. After much faffing and juggling around, I decided the order of the powertrain would be motor, battery, ESC, with rudder and elevator servos at the rear of the hatch. This made everything accessible, the battery easily removable, and the weight as far forward as possible.

For servos, I chose KST X08's for the ailerons - you need the slimmest servos possible here - KST DS135MG's for the large flaps, and X08's again for rudder and elevator. I didn't use the supplied mounts, which are for MKS servos, as I wasn't comfortable with the amount of space they would occupy. As with the Kappa 20, I decided to use pull-spring actuation for the rudder and elevator to minimise weight - however, for me this proved impractical: due to the material and its location inside these components, there was no way I could insert the spring and feel confident of its integrity and operation, so in the end I used the supplied wire snakes and plastic outers. Heavier than I would have liked, but ultra-reliable and absolute zero play.

After making up the wiring for the wings, I soldered the harness to a Multiplex 6-pin connector as per the manufacturer's intention, but I wasn't happy. These things give a good connection but are small and stiff, not easily accessible, and I felt there was the potential in the tight space to stop the wing seating cleanly on the fuselage, and so I used my favourite Deans connectors - a red pair for one side, black for the other, and I drilled a hole on top of the fuselage for the wiring to drop into after connecting before flight. Felt much happier and secure with this.

With the build finally done, I set the CG at 92mm as per Eroplan's recommendation. I needed some extra weight to achieve this, and the only place to put it was immediately behind the battery. I used small ball bearings in a sealable plastic bag, which makes any adjustment easy and accurate, but I needed 115gm to achieve the correct balance. AUW was 1420gm - heavier than ideal for sure, but I can see no way I could have reduced this very much. Carbon pushrods would have helped a bit, but it would still have been well over what most Kappa flyers seem to achieve, some of whom appear to be using even lighter powertrains yet still get the correct CG without the need for further weight. Well, whatever, I wasn't too worried.

After setting up control throws and programming, it was time for that first flight. I felt slightly nervous, and just did an initial unpowered hand-launch. Totally uneventful: she flew absolutely straight and true and I didn't even touch the transmitter. Then came the first proper flight on a calm and overcast day. My goodness, up she went like the proverbial homsesick angel, the Powerline 1025 pulling her up fast and vertically. Quite an impressive sight. I cut the power at a few hundred feet and she went into a smooth and purposeful glide, much faster than the leisurely pace of my Super AVA Pro. But so precise yet docile was the handling, that I felt instantly at home with her, and she was certainly in no hurry to come down, yet when she did I was able to bring her in slowly and steeply with the big flaps and land almost at my feet.

Since that flight I have been moving the CG back by small increments and getting an improvement each time. I have read of someone who likes it at 105mm, which sounds a bit extreme, but clearly it works for him.

Early days for my Kappa yet, but this is one fabulous model, its extremely low drag and very thin high aspect ratio wings contributing to a relatively fast glide, yet it is easy to handle and feels and looks so right. A bit of a frustrating build for me, but all that's forgotten now!

Reisenauer 5:1 Motor Mount - 38 mm
 Reisenauerr 5:1 Motor Mount
Review by Anonymous on 17 Dec 2019

Great product. Fits like glove .

Super AVA Pro-e eSoarer 3.7m
Review by Brian Rivas on 17 Dec 2019

This classic design has been around for so long that there surely can't be anything to add to what has already been said. Or can there?

Being a purist, I never liked the idea of a prop on the front of a sailplane - until I tried the Kappa 20 and realised just how much flying time I had been missing. In an instant my so-called purist days were over and a whole new field of enjoyment opened up. And so I spoke to Neil and ordered an e-fuselage for my Super AVA Pro. He didn't have an e-fin and rudder in stock, but advised me that it wasn't necessary, that with today's lightweight powertrains the rudder and elevator servos could be mounted up front in the fuselage. How right he was - as usual: with a Powerline 1020, 3S 1300mah graphene lipo and two KST X08 mounted just behind the hatch, I still needed to add some noseweight to get the CG at 99mm. I also fitted a Reisenauer aluminium motor mount, which I secured with JB Weld. Well worth all the drilling and dremelling, as the result looks so classy.

As with all Vladimir's designs, the quality and fit and finish are stunning, but I didn't get on too well with the standard 1.83mm carbon pushrods: the outer tube is quite rigid and I found that the slightest bend stiffened things up, so on Neil's advice I used 1.5mm carbon rod in 1.93mm PTFE tubing. Much lighter, silky smooth, and more than strong enough for the flight loads.

As for the AVA's flying qualities, there really isn't much left to say. 'It just doesn't want to come down' has become something of a cliche in soaring circles, but that's because it's true. However, it certainly wants to go up and the Powerline has no problem doing it vertically. You don't need a thermal to enjoy long and relaxing flights with the AVA, for it settles majectically into what seems like walking pace, yet with a touch of down elevator it quickly gathers pace. Response from the large rudder is instant and it is capable of very tight circles, almost turning on a wingtip. Accurate landings are a piece of cake with the spoilers extended, and very little up-elevator compsensation is needed.

This is one of the most beautiful and easy-to-fly sailplanes you could hope for, so rewarding and satisfying - and great value too. An aging design for sure, but one that in its category is still hard to beat, perhaps only the 4m version having the edge. I love it!

MKS Long Metal Servo Output Arms (2)
Review by PHILIPPE BRET-MOUNET on 13 Dec 2019

Fit perfectly our HV6130 servos , good quality and material , just one comment could have be just slightly longer around last hole .

GM 12 x 8 Folding prop blades
 Great Propeller and GREAT Service
Review by GO on 13 Dec 2019

As Always Great Service and another great product.
Arrived in USA in 7 days. That's faster than in country postal service.

Vladimir's Models Fuselage and Fin Bag for the Maxa Pro 3.5
 Fuselage and and bag
Review by Andrew Healy on 13 Dec 2019

Worth the price to protect a glider like the Maxa

Spinnin' Birdy with Ailerons
Review by Michael on 13 Dec 2019

Fantastic service to Melbourne, Australia , thanks hyperflight.
I bought this cuz I have an old Callistic that is still a great plane to fly.....
Researching the build, the manual is in German with the kit, but between photos on the German rc forums and the DS Birdy English manual and very good plans it looks like a straight forward if a little unconventional build, will report back.....
Michael D

Hawk / Light Hawk 1m DLG
Review by Ludovic on 12 Dec 2019

Perfect, fast and spot on service ! Neil kept aside my order during the week time it took to pass through my bank security check for international bank transfers. Many thanks !

Beautiful manufacturing for the price !
Hawk not mounted/tested yet, waiting for christmas electronic gears ;o)

Elf Nosecone
 Elf Nosecone
Review by Iain on 12 Dec 2019

Ploughed into local sand dunes nose first, as always excellent and prompt service for replacement.

KST DS125MG Wing Servo - 0.12s 27g 10mm
 great Servo from Hyperflight
Review by Barry Hall on 11 Dec 2019

Product is as ordered and arrived within good time. Very accurate and powerful & good response & centering

Blue Bird BMS-101AMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
Review by Ahmad on 9 Dec 2019

Ordered for libelle by dream flight. As said , perfect fit . Nicely packaged in foam box and arrived really fast in Australia. Price wise, on the higher side. Customer service is excellent , fast order processing.

Hawk / Light Hawk 1m DLG
Review by Marc on 9 Dec 2019

great! this little DLG are perfect!
nice finish and easy build

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm
Review by Marc on 9 Dec 2019

this servos are ok for that price, not the best!

Blue Bird BMS-A10S WV Servo - 0.07s 7.3g 8mm
 good servo
Review by Marc on 9 Dec 2019

great servo and great service, thanks

Altis Nano
 2 Altis Nanos delivered to NZ
Review by Phil on 8 Dec 2019

Easy to order, quick to set up by downloading the Altis flight manager. Handy screen for F5j height. Will be ordering from Hyperflight again.

38mm HyperSpinner Power for 5mm shafts
 Minimizes gap between spinner and the fuselage
Review by Toshiaki on 8 Dec 2019

Unlike other spinners, we can control and minimize the gap between the spinner and the fuselage. This is critical for a stylish glider. Care should be taken to securely tighten the screw. I once lost the spinner and the prop during a flight just after starting the motor.

Kritka 2 Shrouded Servo Cover (2)
 Nice servo covers
Review by Thom Earle on 7 Dec 2019

Very nice servo covers for my F5J. Stiff but lightweight. The best Ive found To protect and streamline aileron/flap linkage.

MKS HV75K-N Servo - 9mm 7.4g
Review by C Cairns on 6 Dec 2019

Excellent servo: Except for two things. The leads are too short. I missed the small print that actually says its 7cm as opposed to 8cm for the low voltage version, but in fact mine is only 6,4 cm. Even 7 would be too short for a four in a row installation, you will have to splice leads on the 4th, maybe even 3rd servo's.
Nowhere on the manufacturer's site or anywhere does it say what servo horns it comes with. For the price I had assumed it comes with a selection like the KST's does. It comes with a single un-modifiable 7mm horn and nothing else.
For the price: I admit to being disappointed.

Vladimir's Models Adjustable Tow Hook
Review by Nick. UK. on 4 Dec 2019

Got here fast. It means fast. Adjustable toe hook light strong easy to fit and the adjustable feature great. I Set it in mid position. At my usual point so I can fine tune to a good safe climb. Or back to pull some 'G' and go high...


Zap Flexy Tips PT-21
 Beats squeeze and hope
Review by Nick. on 4 Dec 2019

Yes the stuff comes out, in my case always too much. These tips you have an extended nozzle with drop at a time accuracy. Or with a light squeeze flow enough to send a flow down tail tube to the end. Now in my model box permanently. Recommend!

Hawk / Light Hawk 1m DLG
 Hawk DLG
Review by ROMAN JAKäE on 4 Dec 2019

Excellent DLG for the price. Very good service from Neil Stanton .

Beli CA Thin Fast Curing Low Viscosity Superglue #050
 Thin CA
Review by Nick on 4 Dec 2019

Delivery was exceptionally fast.
The thin CA as good as I've used and did a first rate job. Unbeatable for fixing bowden cable to tail tube.

KST X08H V5 HV Horizontal Lug Servo - 0.09s 8.4g 8mm
Review by Fred Weaver on 30 Nov 2019

I like these servos because "They Work".... I recently switched over to HV type servos and these seem to have the power and centering we need.
I like the service I get from Neil and his packaging and shipping is very good.

RES Dart Electric
 RES Dart
Review by Aubrey Hack on 29 Nov 2019

Picked up the kit from Hyperflight, worth the drive just for the visit and purchased a couple of other bits as you do.
The kit is splendid with first rate laser cutting the width of a hair(slight exaggeration) but very clean and exact.
Reading a build note from some one else which said (if the part doesn't fit it's the wrong one or you made a mistake) is spot on. Every part fits like a glove.
Everyone mentions no English instructions and I didn't think this would affect my build having built numerous kits before(obviously cheap and nasty) but this model is something quite different and looking at the parts and what ever instructions you can get several time before and during the build is essential. I did make a mistake on the fuselage and the first wing due to not understanding the building method and precision of the build.
It's not finished yet and still needs a final sand on all parts but I have high hopes for this model with the low weight of each item.
The kit is expensive when compared to others but what you get is well worth it, with the quality wood and a well thought out building process. I have built a glider fuselage as well which is a simple task which only carries the receiver and battery.

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Little gem
Review by Nick on 29 Nov 2019

Great little servo, used in a stiletto lift. With those big flaperons this little fella has no problems. And kit of arms and screws should do any install. Recommended.!

32mm VM Pro Spinner for 6mm shafts
 Excellent profile !
Review by Joon Kim on 29 Nov 2019

The lay flat profile of this spinner with vlads new propellers is excellent. The construction and finish is the same as the previous generation spinner.

Ultra Light Servo Twisted Extension Cable 3.7 g/m
Review by Bob Ryan on 29 Nov 2019

It arrived the next day. Perfect for My sunbird wiring harness as well as my latest F5j.
Very flexible and good quality.

Slite V2
 Slite v2
Review by Anonymous on 28 Nov 2019

Firstly, I ordered this kit and some servos etc. and everything arrived next day in very sturdy packaging so top marks to Hyperflite.
I have built many kits over the years but this is by far the most precise and well designed kit using jigs rather then building over traditional plans. Everything was high quality and precisely cut. In general the model went together very well but it was fairly fiddly in places. The instructions are all in German so I downloaded a pdf and used google translate for each section which worked out fine. There are a few oversights in the instructions such as no mention of installing the wing locator pieces but nothing that can't be easily worked out by looking at the plans. One thing I found strange was having a removable stabiliser but the control linkages are glued in place with no snap link! Again something that is easily fixed but when so much thought and detail has gone into the design this is a little suprising to find.
I have installed 3 x ripmax sd100 servos but as others have mentioned in the online build logs they were installed further back then shown on the plan to allow space for the battery. It seems the design was originally based around a 1S lipo but moving the servos back makes has made space for a 800mAh NiMH. I had to also remove a small former (F4) in the wing to fit the spoiler servo and allow the spoiler to fully close.
The finished model is very light and looks fantastic (transparent Oralite shows of the intricate design). I've no doubt it will fly superbly but I haven't had a chance to fly it yet. I had plans to fly not only from a bungee high start but for light winds on the slope but it might prove to be a little fragile for slope use.
I have given 4 stars due to the complexities of changing things around (something I feel most people would need to do) but overall a fantastic kit that promises great performance.

Maxa Wing Templates Perspex
Review by Andy on 26 Nov 2019

First template came with no calibration showing. Phoned Neil and it was replaced immediately. Excellent service as always and a very useful way to set flight modes.

2mm Carbon Rod
 2mm carbon rod
Review by Richard Moss on 24 Nov 2019

Good quality, fast delivery

Oralight Transparent Yellow 31-039 Covering Film
Review by Anonymous on 23 Nov 2019

Excellent product and exemplary service as always

5mm Carbon Tube
 Carbon tube
Review by Nigel on 23 Nov 2019

Good tube for model yacht booms. Good service and well packed

10mm OD 8mm ID Wound Carbon Tube
 Carbon tubes
Review by Nigel on 23 Nov 2019

Good quality tube ideal for yacht mast. First class service. Well packed for posting.

Auri DLG
Review by Herbert Reich on 22 Nov 2019

As with the Malibu Pro the AURI arrived at my doorstep in Australia six days after placing my order with Hyperflight. The AURI was well packaged. All components were accounted for and of high quality.
I am about to complete the build which includes fitting 4x KST X08 V5.0 servos, micro receiver and a 2S 300ma Lipo. The only change I have made is fitting Kevlar string elevator and rudder rods. The build is relatively easy and well supported by pictures posted on RCGroup AURI.
Concluding, again the whole process of ordering and dealing with Hyperflight has been a positive experience and I will be dealing with this organisation again.

Malibu Pro
 Malibu Pro
Review by Herbert Reich on 21 Nov 2019

Just a quick follow up on my Malibu Pro. The Malibu was easy to complete including placing the Blue Bird servos into the wing. Flying the Malibu of a shallow beach dune was a delight. The aircraft is very responsive and response positively to any lift. I have flown the Malibu now in conditions up to 16 knots and I am surprised how well the plane handles and penetrates. Another plus is the low power consumption, three Bluebird servos and receiver consume +/- 35ma per 30min. All in all I would recommend the Malibu Pro to anyone seeking a dlg that is inexpensive but has a wide performance envelope.

MM1914-1100 / ADH300L Front Mount Brushless Motor
Review by Stephen Machin on 19 Nov 2019

Excellent little motor which gives plenty of thrust on 2 cells mines in an O/ D lite weight 2 meter glider with a narrow front fuselage where your standard 28mm outrunner wouldn't have fitted.
I inadvertently ran it with 3 cells on a 10x6 and it still works !!

High Start Flag / Pennant
 Hi Start Flag
Review by Tony C on 17 Nov 2019

I've tried over the years making these things and it's just not wortrh the time and effort as they always turn out inferior and cost more. I prefer the yellow penant tied to red mono line. Nothing fancy about the line either use .7 if you want to be legal or just use 30-40 lbs

Pulsar Pro 2 RES Sailplane
 Quality build super service
Review by Nick. UK. on 16 Nov 2019

To start I ordered from hyperflight Sunday night, just 2 in stock and I had waited too long before. Tuesday 11.20 am hyper fast. Packaging to proof against earthquake.! Inside the model is close to finished two cables and 4 sevos and done...
Build quality is best I've ever seen, I could not have done as well at my best. So 5 stars for build. The 2 servo on spoilers intrigued me but on looking all becomes clear, put servo on plate below spoiler and the arm lifts it up. KISS (Keep it simple stupid) principle. An e band to keep it down, simple.... And nothing to go wrong. The wings in two colours compliment each other, clear film I can't wait to see in the sky. Servo shelf in I think glass cloth n resin in fuz lots of room so one to left other right. (hope it's right, it works without any play.) no instructions, but really none needed. Control runs straight and simple. Tail fin rudder and vert stab all finished just horns to put on. AND DONE. Bad news I live in the UK so November not the best for a test, so no flight yet but I'm very confident it'll go up. And spoilers will get it down. FYI you will need a hook I got the adjustable from HFlite. It's great.

KST X12-508 HV Servo - 0.07s 20g 12mm
Review by Nick P on 16 Nov 2019

Excellent servos, great power and they work really well as aileron servos, very happy to put them in any glider.

Glass Fibre Sheet 1.5mm
Review by Anonymous on 16 Nov 2019

parcel arrived in good conditon and was up to my expectations. Many thanks.

Sapphire Ultralight Fuselage-suitable for 1.5m-2.5m gliders & eSoarers
 Exceptional service yet again!
Review by Philip M on 15 Nov 2019

Ordered Sun , arrived Tuesday super well packed as always.

Blue Bird BMS-20HV HV Servo - 0.13s 14.9g 12mm
Review by ERIK on 15 Nov 2019

good servo i used as a dig-servo in a axial capra

30mm HyperSpinner Pro for 6mm shafts
Review by Olav Dahl JÝrgensen on 15 Nov 2019

Very nice touch to a F5J model, perfect fit and even more aerodynamic with VM props than GM spinner and prop

18SWG 1.09mm Stainless Steel Wire (1.5 m)
 Exceptional service yet again!
Review by Philip M on 13 Nov 2019

Seems impossible to buy this elsewhere especially at this length. Ordered multiple lengths of several sizes and all came NWD labelled as to size in a super study cardboard tube. Thanks again Neil!

Sapphire Ultralight Fuselage-suitable for 1.5m-2.5m gliders & eSoarers
 Exceptional service yet again!
Review by Philip M on 13 Nov 2019

Ordered Sun , arrived Tuesday super well packed as always.

Compression Contact Wing Connectors
Review by NAKASIMA on 12 Nov 2019

I ,ve looked everywhere but did not find ,but at last found your shop. I ,m very pleased
and, now I,m making my plane. Thank you for your help.

Frame with bearing for the Blue Bird BMS-125WV / BMS-126WV / BMS-127WV (pair)
 Frame with bearing for Blue Bird servos
Review by RonG on 11 Nov 2019

I bought 4 of these to fit the Blue Bird servos into the wing of my Osprey F5J and was glad that I did as it made the fitting the serves so much easier. Really well constructed and easy to fit. Thoroughly recommend these as they are also great value for money too! I should also add that the delivery service from Neil was also first rate, I ordered them and asked Neil if he could get them off to me quickly as I wanted them for the build (I forgot to order them with the main order), they arrived the next day! Can't get much better than that.

KST DS135MG Mini Wing Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
 Dead on Arrival - told to be grateful
Review by Ian on 11 Nov 2019

One out of four servos was dead on arrival - zero resistance across the power leads. I'd soldered direct into a tight wing installation when I found this, so out it came. Apparently removing the plug counts as "modifying the servo" so I'm only due 50% cashback, which I still await. I'd have some sympathy to this - if there's a credible way in which removing the plug could cause an internal short circuit, I'd accept zero. But apparently I should be "grateful" for this level of service. So much for supporting the independent toy shop owner like we used to do with Addlestone Models 35 years back - next time I'll show my gratitude to Hobbyking.

HyperFlight Comment
The customer modified the servo and then wanted it replaced when he found it wasn't working. I gave him a voucher for 50% of the cost so he could prurchase a replacement at half price but he was not happy with this.

MKS HV6100 Servo - 10mm 10g
Review by ian duff on 10 Nov 2019

A thank you to Neil for tolerating the fact I ordered the wrong servos, sorting out the credit for the returned servos and sending on the correct servos......all in under a week.

Orange Polypropylene Tape
 Do not shrink with lighter
Review by Anonymous on 10 Nov 2019

I used it on building the Big Vick.
It does not stick to the foam as good as to the packing tape, but this can be improved by adding a thin layer of wood varnish.
It shrinks too fast, when using a lighter, use a hair dryer.

Big Vick 1m DLG
 Nice Project
Review by Anonymous on 10 Nov 2019

This is a nice glider to tinker with. I oriented myself on the manual of the Slingshot V5 to add some elevons to the build. It still has a good glideslope with 180g flightweight (and a 5g screw in the news).
The manual could be clearer with how to attatch the string to the servos and wing attatchment.
I recommend buying two. One to train building on and one to build right.

Blue Bird BMS-127WV Servo - 0.05s 11.3g 10mm
Review by anick on 10 Nov 2019

bought for a Snipe RES glider, for the "S", very powerful. probably on 1s will be used.

Blue Bird BMS-115HV Servo - 0.09s 10.9g 10mm
Review by anick on 10 Nov 2019

used in a glider F5J - K3000, for flaps and ailerons, it fits perfectly

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
Review by anick on 10 Nov 2019

I put this servo in a K3000 glider for Ruder and Elevator and I thought it was small for the 1.3 kg of the plane, but it behaves very well.

HyperFlight 162 cm (64") Glider Bag
Review by RonG on 9 Nov 2019

Added this to my shopping list when I placed the order for my new Osprey F5J. So glad I did, the bad is beautifully made and totally protects the model. Well done HyperFlight a great product.

Blue Bird BMS-125WV Servo - 0.09s 11.3g 10mm
Review by RonG on 9 Nov 2019

Used Blue Bird servos in my F3K and have been more than happy with them so decided to use these in my newly purchased Osprey F5J. They behave implacably.

Leomotion/Neu/P29 Motor Mount - 32 mm
Review by RonG on 9 Nov 2019

Used this on my Osprey to mount my leomotion motor. A nicely engineered motor mount that made fitting the motor oh so easy.

Osprey 3000 REF
 Osprey 3000 Full House Electric
Review by RonG on 9 Nov 2019

Deliberated first a long time over which Ďplane to get for my first foray into F5J. Boy am I glad I chose this one as itís an absolute beauty. Extremely well made and easy to assemble. I needed to open up the rear of the fuse so that the elevator control clevis could operate. This was because the control horn slot was slightly off centre and I didnít notice it before I stuck the horn in! The wing tips also proved to be a bit difficult to join without a gap to the centre wing section. I ended up slightly sanding the dihedral braces to get a better fit, not too bad now, 2mm gap on one, slightly more on the other but covered by tape when flying anyway. I use Jesperís F5J program for flying and it needed no in flight trimming after setting everything up on the workbench. Iím not thermal soaring expert but even I can see when even weak thermals are encountered as the Osprey responds to lift really well. The only thing Iíve got to sort out now is better landing braking as she just floats and floats and floats. Excellent value for money.

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