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Hawk RFT 1m DLG with Servos Installed
 Two glass Hawk RTF's
Review by ES on 23 Jan 2021

Our two glass Hawk RTF's were shipped from England on a Thursday and arrived in our grubby hands in the USA mid-day the following Monday, boxed beautifully and in excellent shape...The SD100 servos in these are larger than the BB101's in our carbon jobs, so the AR 410 receivers have been de-pinned and servo lines soldered directly to the board...That big goofy capacitor was taken off the receiver board and epoxied behind the servos, under the wing area, with a couple of lines running to it...The receiver board fits nicely on top of the front servos with the battery in front of that, in the nose, and the balance is spot on!!...Waiting for better weather here to have a fling!!...Thanks again Neil

Axi 2217/16 V2 Long 74g 1050 RPM/V
 Motor AXi for mefisto glider
Review by Tony Whittaker on 23 Jan 2021

Good service as always. Lovely motor. And made in EU ! Great stuff.

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Tiny but strong servo
Review by Wouter on 22 Jan 2021

Great little servo which I am using on the ailerons of my 1.3m scratch build dlg. They seem to last through strong throws so far. Centering could be slightly better but the size, strength and prize is hard to beat.

Mini Vick 75cm Micro DLG
Review by Ray on 22 Jan 2021

Usual excellent service from Hyperflight.
Great little kit and really enjoyable to put together.
Used some cheap 3g servos that I had lying around and a 150 mah nimh pack.
I treated the bare tail surfaces with a couple of coats of Sand n Seal, packing tape on the wings, and covered the pod with some black oratrim which sticks OK to the pink foam.
Test glides in the garden look promising, just need lockdown to finish to give it a proper test!

HyperFlight 150 mAh 4.8V NiMH Battery
 Nifty battery!!
Review by ES on 21 Jan 2021

I use these in my Hawk DLG's....after about an hour of flying time, the battery checks at 5.3 volts...have three now....Great service and speedy delivery to the USA...Thanks Neil

Dream-Flight Intelligent USB NiMH Charger
 Handy charger!!
Review by ES on 21 Jan 2021

Works well from my computer and shooting brake!!!

Hawk RFT 1m DLG with Servos Installed
 Nice model, bad shipping
Review by Adam Cooney on 21 Jan 2021

The build quality of the model was great. Unfortunately, when my Hawk arrived the package had been smashed and the fuselage was broken and the wing was dented by the same event. I was able to repair the fuse and Neil offered to give me a partial refund. His customer service and support after shipment was great despite the challenging situation.

Blue Bird BMS-127WV Servo - 0.05s 11.3g 10mm
 Servo Purchase Order
Review by Greg McGill (glidermang) on 21 Jan 2021

When local sources for Blue Bird servos dried up, I turned to Hyperflight. As per usual, they responded quickly and efficiently. Even after shipping, their price is competitive. Note: people purchasing from Hyperflight need to realize that shipping worldwide is slow these days, no fault of Hyperflight.

HyperFlight 1.5/3 Pushrod Set
Review by andynr on 21 Jan 2021

best pushrods around.

55mm GM SL Scale Spinner (No Collet)
Review by Tony Ruddlesden on 21 Jan 2021

This spinner fits the e flite radian perfectly ,teamed with a vladimirs or gm prop ,makes an excellent climb improvement.

Need to buy a 4mm collet to use it on the stock Radian motor,

HyperFlight 1.5/3 Pushrod Set
Review by andynr on 20 Jan 2021

best pushrods around.

Brass M3 8mm Horn(2)
Review by Andynr on 20 Jan 2021

good quality product and received very promptly and efficiently. would be good if the end caps were available for purchase as well.

Snipe 2 Electric 1.5m including powertrain and wing bags
 As always....first class service
Review by Anonymous on 18 Jan 2021

This was a short notice Xmas present to myself, and honestly wasn't expecting it in time for the holidays.
But it arrived in short order, well packed and with all the bits included, bar the x08's and receiver, I was assembling over the hols.

Needless to say the quality of the model is outstanding, nice details and though a tad fiddly to assemble a lovely, lovely model. Vladimir's models are nearly always exceptional and a real treat to study, nearly like a piece of art or an instrument.
RTF weight is 271grams, or 9.9 oz, which I'm very happy with considering she's powered with a 2s 550mA.
Great model and as always, first class service from Neil.

Hawk RFT 1m DLG with Servos Installed
 Two Hawk SC RTF's!!
Review by ES on 16 Jan 2021

Ordered two carbon Hawk RTF ships....Got here to the USA in under a week and boxed damage...Came with the HyperFlight 150mah NiMH battery which fit nicely in the nose...We (My girlfriend and I) are using Spektrum AR410 antenna-less receivers with the covers off, which fit nicely behind the servos and halfway under the leading edge of the wing...balanced nicely at 55mm from leading edge without any additional weight...These things are perfect for the small parks and schoolyards we have around here and they thermal very well, especially the low level heat coming off the grass!!...I ordered two more RTF ships, glass ones this time, to fly the beach and small slopes and cliffs along the shoreline, as well as our local RC field where there isn't any grass, so as not to scratch or ding up the beautiful carbon jobs, which are "Grass only" flyers!!....These things are a blast, we are having too much fun!!!....Thanks Neil

Shrouded Servo Cover with large bulge (2)
Review by Bernie on 15 Jan 2021

Great product and great service

Tow Hook - Large
Review by Bernie on 15 Jan 2021

perfect for my needs

NRJ 1.5m DLG
 NRJ - fantastic!
Review by Jack G . on 14 Jan 2021

I’ve been flying RC for over 30 years. I got back into DLG flying 5 years ago and I’ve owned a flown a lot of the top models( BAMF / NXT/ CX-5/ Falcon. I tend to keep my models for about two years and I fly a lot- weather permitting. I decided to give an NRJ a try as Neil / hyperflight had a new shipment arriving around Christmas.
I ordered a standard layup NRJ in bright red- it arrived amazingly fast in three days from the UK to Pennsylvania via fed ex. I built it over two days and was out flying the second day ! The build was easy and went together fast- the servo arrangement and linkages are a bit confined ... but it wasn’t too bad to complete. I used all of the included hardware and everything was perfect.

I set the CG at 65 mm and took it out for a maiden flight.....on the third throw on a cold overcast day I managed to hook some light lift and rode it up to 120 meters I decided to come back after a 7 minute flight!
I flew it again today in calm overcast conditions and had at least 3 or 4 flights over 5 -6 minutes in the span of 40 minutes on a cloudy overcast day.
I am really impressed with the performance and launch height- the design is very efficient and I felt very comfortable with it from the first flight- ( I tend to fly a bit faster than most and live faster sportier ships) I liked this one from the first flights and I imagine it will only get better with more flying time and tuning.
Thanks for the excellent design team OA and the excellent service Neil and Hyperflight!
Jack G.

Hawk 1m DLG
 Two glass Hawks!!!
Review by ES on 14 Jan 2021

Just snapped up to more Hawk RTF's...This time they are glass....These are for flying the beach and slopes, and our local RC field, where there isn't any turf...sort of a "beater" Hawk!!...Our carbon Hawks are for the village green only...Having too much fun with these!!!

GM 12x8 Folding prop blades
 GM 12x8
Review by Roland on 12 Jan 2021

The blades are light, stiff and the thin air foil matches very well for motors in the low to middle range of speed.
The blades align nicely along the fuse, after removing a bit of material. The removal is possible because the speed is only 8000rpm.

PicoSwitch - Magnetic RC On-Off Switch for batteries with RC plugs
Review by Phil sellwood on 12 Jan 2021

use these on all my aerotow models- just so easy. if anything goes wrong they default to ON. no fumbling for hidden switches inside canopies. magic

Elf Fuselage
 New Elf fuselage, tailplane and rudder horn
Review by Graham on 12 Jan 2021

Items needed after a bad crash. very pleased with the quality of the replacement parts, carefully packaged and promptly sent. Good value too considering the overall cost of the complete model.
Still learning how to fit even micro r/c gear into the nosecone (Emax ES9251-2 servos, FS2A Rx and 300mah 1S lipo), without it being a real squeeze and damaging the nose cone at it's edges. (This is how I fractured the first carbon boom while trying to push the nose cone on!)
Thanks for great service Neil.

Stiletto Hot 1.2m Slope Racer
 Stiletto hot
Review by Mike on 10 Jan 2021

update. well it's built 189 grammes with 350mah 2 s lipo and no lead. i have not motorised yet but have flown it 13 days out of the last 15 on the local vilage sports pitches (it handles wind quite well). i just stuck the sevros in laid flat on servo tape. i did change the rudder / elevator to spring / put cord as i found the snakes would not run smoothly. (stretchy outers). pulled the cord through the servo horn and tacked in place with meduim cyno. Please, please, prity please can we have the electric version as well? the 1200mm wingspan is perfect to walk with at full arm stretch. i am easily launching this to 80 to 100 feet but have yet to find a thermal so a motor will extend flights over 35 to 60 seconds..

Mini DLG Wing Bags
 wing bags
Review by charles on 9 Jan 2021

didnt work for my deviant but bags are of good quality

DLG F3K Wing Bags
 wing bags
Review by Charles on 9 Jan 2021

Worked great for my bamf-2

Hawk 1m DLG
 Two Hawk SC's!!!
Review by ES on 9 Jan 2021

Bought two Hawk SC RTF's in green on black, one for me and one for the girlfriend, beautiful ships!!!...Got her plane trimmed out and she's flying it well...On my 2nd gentle hand launch to check the glide, it flew into a bump at about 2 feet altitude, I spun it around and up it went!!...Very happy with this purchase!!....I just ordered another SC for a friend....he'll get a kick out of it!!!....Thanks Hyperflight!!

KST DS125MG Wing Servo - 0.12s 27g 10mm
Review by Mezri FILALI on 8 Jan 2021

Very pricise and no play around neutral.

Blaster 2 & 3 V Mount
Review by Eric on 7 Jan 2021

Very good quality, good service
Sorry UK leaves EU, makes purchase in the future more expensive for smal items

Hawk 1m DLG
 Nice Plane fast delivery
Review by Anonymous on 6 Jan 2021

Fast delivery by hyperflight with fair shipping costs. The Hawk is a nice little plane with a very good quality. A building manual would be nice for DLG beginners. But there is no problem because it is less work to do and all the other informations are available at the internet like this tutorial:

I use 4 KST X06 servos at 2S240mAh Lipo which are perfect at elevator and rudder but not so good at Aileron because of bad gear backlash. Receiver is a Frsky GR-X6.
My throwing heights are about 35m without any wind which is more than enough to find some updraft. The Hawk shows every movement of air but it follows the stick input perfectly.

HyperFlight 162 cm (64") Glider Bag
 HyperFlight 162 cm (64") Glider Bag
Review by Ken Long on 5 Jan 2021

I purchased this for my Nan Explorer and it fits a treat. Will be much better for transporting instead of being in separate wing bags in back of car. Also arrived next day, so as usual, excellent service.

HyperFlight 180 cm (71") Glider Bag
 Hyperflight glider transport bag (71")
Review by Ken Long on 5 Jan 2021

The bag arrived the next day is ideal for my 4mtr Valenta Thermik XL, albeit the fuselage is slightly too fat to fit in the external side pocket. Not an issue though as the bag is big enough for it to go inside.

5mm Carbon Rod
 Good product and service
Review by Robin on 5 Jan 2021

I have never purchased a carbon item before so I can't compare to others, but it is exactly what I expected and wanted for my weird DIY project so I am pleased. Well packaged and arrived on time. I was also impressed by the polite and personal-feeling email requesting this review.

32mm HyperSpinner Power for 3.17mm (1/8") shafts
 32mm HyperSpinner Power for 3.17mm shaft
Review by Terry Kovack on 1 Jan 2021

Received quickly over the pond. Am converting a Sophisticated Lady to electric. Am using 9x6 VitaProp along with this HyperSpinner. Great looking spinner paired with the folding prop. Have not used as yet but hoping it will bring airplane to altitude in a hurry.

Vitaprop 9x6 Folding prop blades
 Vitaprop 9x6 folding prop blades
Review by Terry Kovack on 1 Jan 2021

Received very fast over the pond. Have not used as yet as am converting my Sophisticated Lady to electric. They look top quality and should bring sailplane to altitude in a hurry.

KST X10 V2 Wing Servo - 0.12s 28.0g 10mm
Review by Richard Edmunds on 31 Dec 2020

Have these in my Baudis Skywalker and performing well. Much cheaper than MKS, and in my experience more reliable. Fast delivery as usual.

Wing Removal Tool 1 - Small
Review by Richard Edmunds on 31 Dec 2020

Bought small and large. This is the sort of tool that you wonder how you managed without. Really neat and effective

Carboline SC38/3 Spread Carbon - sample
 Vortex 3
Review by Richard Edmunds on 31 Dec 2020

Thought it would be good to have some repair cloth in case I ding my Vortex. Looks a neat product and sample big enough for cosmetic repairs

M2 Clevis (4)
Review by Richard Edmunds on 31 Dec 2020

Fast service, fair price, good quality

Frame with bearing for the KST X10, X10 Mini, DS125, DS135 and DS225 (2)
Review by Richard Edmunds on 31 Dec 2020

Fast service and well worth protecting KST X10 servos

KST MS320 HV Contactless Servo - 0.07s 21g 12mm
Review by Richard Edmunds on 31 Dec 2020

Ideal for my new V tail Harrier. Like the idea of no potentiometer, so await similar 10mm wing servo

KST DS145MG Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
 Kst DS 145MG
Review by Nick on 31 Dec 2020

Nice servos that pack some torque for their size. Speedy delivery from order.

Introduction F5J 2.9m
 Introduction f5j
Review by Paul on 30 Dec 2020

Great service, fantastic advice for those who are actually interested in purchasing great quality kit

MKS HV6110 Servo - 10mm 10g
 MKS as a Glider Tail Servo
Review by Brian on 30 Dec 2020

Accurate fast servo. Thin enough for mounting in fin of most gliders. Received next day by paying extra and guaranteeing arriving two days before Christmas. Excellent service from Neil. Thankyou

KST X06 Servo - 0.07s 6.4g 7mm
Review by Anonymous on 24 Dec 2020

Three words. Precision, Speed, Micro.

HyperFlight 300 mAh 4.8V NiMH 31g Battery
Review by Ed Fraser on 24 Dec 2020

Nice little battery. Bought a couple for a RES glider and also for my scratch built DLGs.
I email Niel as I was a bit confused about how best to charge them. He answered promptly and walked me through it. I can understand why people seem to love Hyperflight so much.

KST DS125MG Wing Servo - 0.12s 27g 10mm
Review by Gary Grant on 23 Dec 2020

Great Servo and hyper flight is a great online store!

Fresh 2m
 Fresh 2M
Review by Richard Crooks on 23 Dec 2020

Phenomenal quality kit, well designed, well packaged, and shipped unbelievably quickly. Can't wait to start the build, which most likely will be electric powered. Thank you Neil for your outstanding service, and providing the opportunity to purchase such quality items. RTC

Snipe Throwing Blade
Review by roland on 23 Dec 2020

commande est livraison impeccable. le T-blade est parfait pour mon longshot 4.
hyper-flight, je recommande.

MKS HV747 High Torque Servo - 15mm 38g
 Great Serco
Review by Russell on 22 Dec 2020

Very good quality servo, smooth genuine 1us deadband and very powerful! Great prompt service from Hyperflight.

Spinnin' Birdy with Ailerons 1m
 Spinnin Birdy
Review by John Goldthorpe on 21 Dec 2020

Received this small very well packet parcel from Hyperflight, first class kit first class service.
This kit has all balsa lazer cut precise pieces with very little or no sanding to fit.
Still to finish the kit as work tends to get in the way.
Would i buy from Hyperflight again YES
Hyperflight Thank you

HyperFlight 1.5/3 Pushrod Set
 Carbon pushrods
Review by Lars Åkerblom on 19 Dec 2020

I have never had any problematiikka wit the produktio nor the service oh Hyperflight.

Stiletto Hot 1.2m Slope Racer
 stiletto hot
Review by Mike on 18 Dec 2020

the model arrived very well packaged and only 2 days from the notifcation of posting, so brilliant service as normal.
i have only looked at the model so far and the quality looks magnificent. i should point out the wing is asimetricly split for right handed DLG. i will be a while putting this together as i am going to motorise as well.

Elf 1m DLG including wing bags
 Elf DLG
Review by Gareth Hughes on 18 Dec 2020

Just finished putting this together & agree that the quality of the Elf is outstanding. Neil at Hyperflight helpfully advised on my shopping list so I could get it done without having to go shopping again & delivery was next day in a really sturdy box with wing bags included! I would say test fit the wing early on, I had to carve out a lip of carbon/adhesive from one hole to get it seating correctly which is trickier to judge with all the electrics installed. I've used a Frsky G-rx6 receiver which sits tight to the rear of the fuselage putting a bit of stress on the antennas so I detached and re-installed them rotated outwards by about 30 degrees. All set up and ready to go when the next calm, dry day happens (which may be a while now given it's a week until Xmas!) This is my third plane from Hyperflight and as ever, it's a quality kit supplied with quality gear combined with amazing customer service.

Dream-Flight Weasel-Trek 90cm
 Weasel trek
Review by James on 18 Dec 2020

Great product, high quality, they’re recommended servos are great too.

1.8mm Carbon Rod
Review by Aneil P on 17 Dec 2020

1.8mm carbon, 1.5 meters long.Product as expected, thanks to Hyperflight for going the extra mile in being creative with Packaging and freight

KST DS135MG Mini Wing Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
 KST X10, X10 Mini, DS12 servo
Review by Chris Johnson on 16 Dec 2020

Good servos great service as always

Sapphire 2m
 Build It Like A DLG
Review by Ernie BuenaFe on 15 Dec 2020

The Sapphire (aka Q12) is a light F5J that can be made even lighter. The tail group would benefit from the use of a spring-pull system, i.e., torsion springs and string. This modification is relatively easy to do if you have some experience building DLG's. The overall benefit is reduced tail weight and a cleaner appearance. There are no unsightly exposed pushrods nor cables.

The conversion require reducing the height of the pylon that supports the horizontal stabilizer. I removed about 6-7mm. The shortened pylon placed the stabilizer nearer the boom, allowing the tip of the elevator control to fit inside the boom. A slot was cut into the boom for the control horn. With the tip of the elevator control horn now inside the boom, it is a simple matter to run string from the control horn, down inside the boom, and to the elevator servo in the pod.

For the rudder, another slot needs to be cut into the boom just below the horizontal stabilizer pylon mount.

The link below has some photos.

Black Cone for 30mm Power Spinner
Review by Ron Russell on 14 Dec 2020

Exactly the correct replacement needed for my slightly bent one.

1.3mm Carbon Rod
 Carbon rod
Review by Ron Russell on 14 Dec 2020

A perfect fit for my models control tubes, thank you.

30mm HyperSpinner Power for 5mm shaft
 30mm spinner
Review by Ron Russell on 14 Dec 2020

Exactly what I needed, a great fit.

Big Vick 1m DLG
 Big Vick
Review by Alexander on 14 Dec 2020

I would recommend the Big Vick as THE beginner DLG or better, THE beginner plane in general.

Here’s why:
You don’t have to worry about charged batteries or broken rubber, don’t need a winch, just throw and fly. So you can spend a lot of time outside and practice. So did I during the Covid summer. In two weeks, I gathered around 2500 take-offs and landings. Do that with any other plane…

The parts are very well thought out and manufactured. The plane is easy to assemble, even for a beginner. Just take your time and read the manual carefully, or look it up on Youtube.

Flying is awesome. I came from a WhipIt and noticed, in comparison, that you really have to fly the Vick with both rudders. I quickly progressed from nose first “precision” landings to coming in smooth, using the ground effect. The Vick is a rather sturdy model. I even managed to land with a broken boom. Fixes can be made quickly.

If your primary goal is thermaling, build it as light as you can. Mine came out at 165g (I messed up the wing and had to put 10g in the nose), that is a bit too heavy to go up in weak thermals, but it’s convenient with a little wind and on the slope. Pay extra attention to the wing covering, especially at the wing tips. Poor covering and crumpled edges cost a lot of performance!

You should consider to tape some 0,5mm steel wire to the leading edge (under the covering), to protect it from damage. The nose can be made out of solid balsa, armored with CA.

All in all a great plane!

Alt 1m DLG
 Alt DLG
Review by Mark Youatt on 14 Dec 2020

Interesting build, some new techniques needed which is nice. Everything of good quality and fits well. Easily balanced with no nose or tail weight needed.
Flies beautifully. All in all a great introduction to the DLG world!! A real bargain.
Highly recommended.

AVA Pro Tailplane  & Supra Pro Competition Sleeve Nut
Review by Anonymous on 14 Dec 2020

Very fast shipping to Germany and quality looks perfect

30mm HyperSpinner for 4mm shafts
Review by Ondřej Matula on 13 Dec 2020

Hi, the HyperSpinner is a very well thought out and precisely executed product - I am very satisfied with it and have not yet found an error on it! I'm getting through!

Inside F5J 2.9m
 Inside f5j
Review by Roger Chapman on 13 Dec 2020

Great kit went together very well, using a AXI 2217/16 motor running a 11 x 6 folding prop, flys great still getting it right. First flight used a 2S 1300 battery but not enough power so now using a 3S 1300 - too much power. Can't believe how fast it got to Australia, what a good firm to get the kit from.

Assorted Servo Cover Set
 Servo covers
Review by John Quinlisk on 11 Dec 2020

This is the second time I have bought these covers, they are very versatile as they come in a moulded sheet form which allows adjusting the shape and size to your own requirements.

Introduction F5J 2.9m
 Introduction F5J
Review by Geoff Hosking on 8 Dec 2020

Unbelievably rapid delivery. Kit box was received suspended within a robust outer box - very safe. All components complete. Quality of materials and cutting appear excellent. Really looking forward to building this one. Birthday present to myself so can't start until the day comes around!

Snipe 2 Electric 1.5m including powertrain and wing bags
 Snipe 2e
Review by Andy MEYSNER on 7 Dec 2020

Superb quality and fit as usual with Vladimir's models. See post #72 at
As usual great service and prompt delivery from Hyperflight, thanks Neil.

HyperFlight 162 cm (64") Glider Bag
 Large enough for gliders
Review by Anonymous on 7 Dec 2020

There is enough room for two wings, but only for one fuselage.

KST X08N V5 Lugless Servo - 0.09s 8.3g 8mm
 KST X08N V5 Lugless Servo
Review by Andy on 7 Dec 2020

Brilliant tiny servo for my Snipe 2 DLG. Every trim click on the transmitter seems to register on the servo.

HyperFlight 162 cm (64") Glider Bag
 Large enough for gliders
Review by Anonymous on 6 Dec 2020

There is enough room for two wings, but only for one fuselage.

Inside F5J 2.9m
 Inside F5J Review
Review by Dave on 6 Dec 2020

This is my first F5J model.

Delivery to Melbourne, Australia was fantastic and very well packaged.
Arrived in only 6 days. Excellent service. Thankyou Hyperflight.

I took my time with this build as we were in Covid lock-down here in Melbourne.
This was the first time I've ever built a model from kit form.
Went together very well and the English instructions were spot-on.

I made a larger (longer) battery hatch than what was supplied and I've found this extra access to the fuse to be very handy. Would highly recommend doing the same if you're considering this plane.

The construction was excellent. All parts fitted together perfectly.
I used PVA glue on most balsa to balsa or ply joins as I feel as though the bond is better. Otherwise CA everywhere else worked well.

Covering the model went well, despite this being my first ever attempt at building a model. I opted to hinge the wing control surfaces with traditional pinned hinges. This didn't work so well for me and I wish I had followed the instructions and used the covering film as the hinge. Would have made final set-up of the wing much easier.

I used the recommended Hacker motor, ESC and prop.
Works very well. Also used Hitec servo's throughout.

I'm using an FRSky Taranis X9D+ SE 2019 transmitter as my Futaba T10J TX just couldn't cope with the programming & channels.
Learning the Taranis X9D+ has been a challenge, but got it all working in the end.
If I had extra $ then I would prefer either a Futaba or Jeti alternative.

First flight went okay, but some adjustments were required to the wing control surfaces. Again, the result may have been better if I had followed the instructions and used the covering film as the hinges rather than opting for pinned hinges.

After adjustments were made, the plane has flown perfectly.
I have really enjoyed flying this model. I'm still getting used to the amount of rudder input required, but that's the nature of these larger F5J models (I have flown mostly F3A pattern in the past, so this is totally different).

This plane was a pleasure to build and it's a pleasure to fly.
I plan on entering into F5J competitions at my local club and this plane looks to be quite capable.

Overall I can recommend this plane to anyone looking for a good F5J model. If this is your first F5J model then I would suggest looking more closely at the "Introduction F5J" as the lesser amount of wing control surfaces will make final set-up much less complicated.

Stormbird Forza 2.5m 100"
Review by Stephen hill on 4 Dec 2020

I'm getting used to squeezing radio in modern fuselages now having set up a few recently. This is not to bad but thought is needed to get to the ballast tube in the fuz. It all worked out well and i have flown it twice at whitesheets in a good SW. Easy to fly and the recommended set up was all good. KTS servos on the ailerons and elevator. king max on the flaps, all wing servos in cages with bearings. Tail servo was fiddly but doable. mine was the std lay up and is incredibly rigid, i cant imagine what the extra carbon one is like.
All in all very nice model great finish, and fly's very nicely.

Radient 1600 mAh 6V NiMH 2/3A Battery
Review by stephen hill on 4 Dec 2020

Good fit in my Stormbird

MKS HV747 High Torque Servo - 15mm 38g
 Mms servos
Review by Robin on 4 Dec 2020

Great service very handy as the are on my door step and good price as well and is always very helpful

KST X06 Servo - 0.07s 6.4g 7mm
 KST X06 Servo - 0.07s 6.4g 7mm.
Review by Paul B on 4 Dec 2020

Great Service as always from Hyperflight. These servos certainly compliment the rest of the KST range with a look of quality and very quiet operation, they have been installed using the plastic frames which are available from Hyperflight, make sure you keep the four very small screws supplied with the servo as you need two to hold the servo in the frame(there are no screws supplied with the frame), Not flight tested yet but will work hard being installed in a D40 so time will tell.
Thank You

Powerline Micro 1010/19 68g
 Works well smooth and powerful.
Review by Donald Grant on 3 Dec 2020

Once I sorted out the right cells/battery and prop the motor is doing a great job. At present powering an Andreas 650gram ALES model with a GNB 2s 550mah drawing 24 amps with a 13x8 aeronaut folder.
The motor cuts at 200 meters before the 30 seconds is up taking the battery down to
60% capacity.

2mm Carbon Rod
Review by Stage Technician on 3 Dec 2020

Used by Industrail Light & Magic these rods were perfect for our needs and the service was excellent

Introduction F5J 2.9m
Review by Laurence Carroll on 3 Dec 2020

This arrived in about 5-7 days to here in New Zealand. An excellent looking kit and such a small carton for this wingspan. Very Happy thanks...Laurie

Inside F5J 2.9m
Review by Devon Slopes on 2 Dec 2020

What more can I add to the current reviews other than to say they are right, this is an excellent kit. Some of my experiences are on my build blog at

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Servos blue bird BMS-101 DMG Servo
Review by José Enrique on 2 Dec 2020

Muy buenos servos, digitales y piñonería metálica para aplicaciones de DLG-F3K.

KST X10 V2 Wing Servo - 0.12s 28.0g 10mm
Review by Gudmund on 1 Dec 2020

When ordering here, I know what I get🙂.
Five stars for both service and servos!

KST X08H V5 Horizontal Lug Servo - 0.09s 8.4g 8mm
Review by Anonymous on 1 Dec 2020

Exellent service, speedy and precise as allways. Top notch servos!

0.89mm 20SWG Stainless Steel Wire (1.5 m)
Review by Derek Brooker on 1 Dec 2020

The 20 swg wire was perfect for the rigging on my SE5a it complemented the scale look perfectly. I ordered the wire in2 lots to be sure of the quality and was not disappointed.

Snipe 2 Electric 1.5m including powertrain and wing bags
 Sooo excited
Review by Tony Paine on 1 Dec 2020

Unbeknown to me my wife she needed a Christmas present so ordered one of these lovely craft. It arrived the very next day (thanks Neil) and now I have to wait four weeks before I can open it (if only Hyperflights delivery was poor I wouldn't have to wait knowing it's in the house somewhere). But seriously I love my DLG Fireworks FW5 supplied by HF some years ago and have never had such fun, but age has hit me and I can't do a decent launch so have bought the E-Snipe. When built I will tell you how things went. Happy Christmas all :)

KST X08H Plus Horizontal Lug Servo - 0.09s 9.5g 8mm
 Very good servo
Review by Matti Lahtinen on 29 Nov 2020

Quality servo for my purpose.

Oralight Scale White 31-099 Covering Film
Review by PHILIP BIRD on 26 Nov 2020

Whilst most Oralight films are very good I had problems with this one. The problem being the colour change across the roll. Light grey one side, changing to almost white the other side. Of course I didn't notice it until the wing was covered.

AerobTec Altis V4+ F5J Start Height Recorder and Flight Logger
 Brings a great new dimension into the sport
Review by chris myers on 26 Nov 2020

This is excellent product with excellent documentation the flight manager software is nice. I am not using for competition but for fun, its introduced a great dimension to be able to say today ill start at 70m and practice or tomorrow ill do 8 second motor runs. The ability to have emergency restart for me was a requirement and i love the competition restart so don't have to land to reset. Delivery of course was next day well packaged etc , but you know that from hyperflight already .

Dream-Flight Weasel-Trek 90cm
 Weasel Trek
Review by Mike A on 26 Nov 2020

At first I thought this a little expensive for a foamy but I now think it is a wonderful model. It is so well designed and perfected. Easy to finish and put in the air. Flying is absolutely amazing. With throws set to minimum it is gentle and agile in the air. Put the throw to recommendation maximum and Vooo!!! It will put you on your toes and will perform almost all imaginable aerobatic manoeuvers in spectacular, reliable and smooth manner. A marvellous little model, a bundle of fun! Highly recommended.

Zap Flexy Tips PT-21
 These are great
Review by Hutton on 25 Nov 2020

These are great. They fit other glue bottles (such as Superphatic) as well as CA. They save mess, and help put the glue where it is intended to go.
..and of course Niels "elves" do a great job.

Blue Bird BMS-207WV Servo - 0.05s 17.5g 12mm
Review by Anonymous on 25 Nov 2020

Servo de trés bonne qualité, puissant et compact.
Je recommande.

Mini Vick 75cm Micro DLG
 Mini vick
Review by Anonymous on 25 Nov 2020

Great service from hyper flight
And love mini Vick
Easy to build and great introduction to DLG

Medium Light Servo Twisted Extension Cable 6.4 g/m
Review by Mike on 24 Nov 2020

Great cable. Nice to have copper inners

MKS HBL6625 HV Servo - 10mm 29g (discontinued)

MKS HBL6625 HV Servo - 10mm 29g
 Top quality servo
Review by Bob R on 24 Nov 2020

These are really super servos perfect for high end glider flaps. The only down side is the cost so I have taken one star off for that. I’d still recommend them though.

Mini Vick 75cm Micro DLG
 Mini vick
Review by Anonymous on 24 Nov 2020

Great service from hyper flight
And love mini Vick
Easy to build and great introduction to DLG

Alt 1m DLG
Review by Barry Slater on 24 Nov 2020

A great quality kit, beautiful wood and really accurate cutting. Assembly requires care as some of the parts are delicate until firmly glued. I'm currently halfway through building so I cannot comment on flying, but from experience I have no fears in that area. All in all, well produced, well presented and a pleasure to put together.

35mm M2 Control Rods (2)
 Top quality & Reliable
Review by Pete W on 23 Nov 2020

I love these control rods when installing flap and aileron servos. With both ends threaded and the high quality steel used it is easy to attain a slop free fit out. Whether used on a DS, large scale or sport aerobatic model these will stand the test of time. High quality product well recommended

Shrouded Servo Cover with large bulge (2)
 Great covers
Review by Pete W on 23 Nov 2020

I have been fitting out my new Magnus glider and the 10mm wing servos I had stood proud by 2mm on the Aileron mount. This was a neat solution with minimal loss on performance by the introduced drag. Great Product great service.

HyperFlight 180 cm (71") Glider Bag
 Excellent Bag
Review by Dominic M on 23 Nov 2020

Perfect fit for a 4m Ultima 1. Super high quality. Would be a deal at double the price.

KST HS08B Servo - 0.11s 11.0g 8mm
Review by John Barrow on 20 Nov 2020

I have previously fitted KST X08 plus servos to 2 models and was keen to try the new HS08 with its enclosed motor which has a larger diameter than that of the X08 but is 3mm shorter in overall height. I like the idea of a full enclosure unlike the xo8 with its exposed motor leads. The performance of the servos is excellent with good centering and resolution but like all the 08 series it is not very quiet but by now I am now used to the buzz from digital servos. All my KST servos have been used to power ailerons through a servorahmen IDS frame. I was concerned that the new HS08 would need a different IDS frame but mounting dimensions are all the same and the IDS frame can be used with the vertical or horizontal mounts.
The KST HS08 with its 8mm width is ideal for the latest F5J models many of which are using slim low profile aerofoils. As the servo delivers 5Kg+ torque it could also be used for flaps as well as ailerons.

KST X08H Plus Horizontal Lug Servo - 0.09s 9.5g 8mm
 KTS x08 servos
Review by John Quinlisk on 18 Nov 2020

I have just bought 6 of these servos plus servo mounts. The service was first rate and although I made a mistake when ordering it was rectified very quickly. Overall a great service.

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