Prices shown exclude VAT 
Cherry Red Cone for 38mm Spinner
Review by juan boullosa on 16 Oct 2017

Probado en F5J-FAI, ninguna pega, funciona perfectamente y encaja a la perfeccion en la Z, gran sistema de sujeccion de las palas , con simples pasadores sin tuercas .
Aguanta muy bien los aterrizajes forzados contra el suelo.

HyperFlight 110 cm (43") Glider Bag
Review by Bryan Newstead on 16 Oct 2017

outstanding service and product from Hyperflight
the only place to buy quality rc glider parts and accessories

a very happy customer

Review by Andynr on 15 Oct 2017

as with other reviews - excellent service from Neil. The kit makes for a relatively easy build. as with most kits worth reading a few times to understand the translation. Looking forward to completing. would I buy this kit or another - yes most certainly. ideal for those wanting to build and could not face cutting the pieces out. Take a look at RCgroups for building tips - will post flights once ihave completed.

Compression Contact Wing Connectors
 Great for my DLG
Review by Gonzalo Moreno on 13 Oct 2017

Just installed the connector on two DLG's. Easy to install and very secure... very happy.

Supra-e Classic Canopy Hatch
 Supra e canopy
Review by Hairy Hugh on 13 Oct 2017

Replacement ordered for a lost one. fits perfectly and supplied by return post.

Carboline-SC59/3 Spread Carbon - sample
 Great product.
Review by Mark on 10 Oct 2017

Used this to reinforce wing tips and joints on a 1.5m DLG. Incredibly tensile and light. As ever1st ckass packaging and post from Neil.

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Superb little servo.
Review by Mark. on 10 Oct 2017

I've bought multiples of these tiny little servos and they are brilliant. I think they represent goid value for money too. Great speed, centering and torque values. Dispatch and delivery 1st class.

MKS DS6100 Servo - 10mm 9.5g
Review by Pete W on 10 Oct 2017

Great performing servo fast accurate powerful and lite. This servo fitted perfectly into the fin of my Schwing keeping the weight to a minimum and not effecting the CG too much. As usual very quick delivery and great service from Hyperflight

30mm HyperSpinner for 6mm shafts
Review by Bob Dickenson on 10 Oct 2017

Excellent service, my only slight quibble is that the design of the spinner makes it hard to fit a rubber band to ensure the prop folds

Elf Mini DLG
 Instructions need updating
Review by David North on 9 Oct 2017

I’ve been very busy recently and haven’t yet had time to finish my Elf, but I have no reason to disagree with all the other positive reviews. The quality of the hardware and Hyperflight’s service are both excellent.

However, I’m only going to award it four stars out of five because I think the Assembly Guide is overdue for revision. It really needs to have errors corrected and to reflect the state of build in which the kit is now delivered. And it could include some of the pearls of wisdom to be found in the RC Groups forum thread. Bear in mind that the Elf is being marketed as especially suitable for beginners, so it’s reasonable to assume that some purchasers (like me) will have zero experience of RC installations. Indeed, I would have found it helpful if the kit (or website) had included a link to some sort of dummies’ guide to radio control. Then perhaps I wouldn’t have been surprised that something called a “1s lipo” and costing about a fiver requires a £45 charger!

Sorry to whinge, I hope I’m being constructive and I’m really looking forward to flying my Elf.

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm
 I would recommend this servomoors
Review by Régis on 9 Oct 2017

Very good product. These servomotors are light little cumbersome and rapids. They seem very solid and have a couple being enough for a glider DLG. very satisfied with my purchase.
Thank you Régis.

Strike 3 DLG
 Excellent sailplane
Review by JC on 8 Oct 2017

This is a magnificent DLG. Quality and performance are ahead of strike 2 (which was already great).

It does launch higher than the strike 2, and it floats more.

Blaster 2 & 3 V Mount
Review by Petr Liška on 7 Oct 2017

It is an excellent product, very well designed and great functionality!!! Strongly recommended! Prompt servis also for Czech republic.

HyperFlight 125 cm (49") Glider Bag
Review by Marco Moschetta ITALIA on 6 Oct 2017

An ideal bag for safe transport of an F5J model.
Made of robust nylon fabric.
Beautiful and accurate realization.
Excellent and sliding zips.

Pulsar Pro 4e  Compact
Review by Marco Moschetta ITALIA on 6 Oct 2017

A beautiful and elegant model.
Precise and accurate construction.
Impeccable cover.
Robust and well-protected package for shipment bumps.
Fast Shipping. A pleasant discovery!!

DLG Seagull Type Thowing Blade
Review by Paul on 6 Oct 2017

Very nicely made. Long tang to spread the load well.

Devcon 5 minute Epoxy 25ml Syringe
Review by Gonzalo Moreno on 6 Oct 2017

Unfortunately the product came with the resin a little bit hard. I told it to Neil, and after 24 hours, he came back with a solution for this one and sent me also a new one for free.

Great service! Thanks so much

VoiceZone Talking Timer
 Great for F3K training!
Review by Gonzalo Moreno on 6 Oct 2017

I purchased the talking timer to train with my DLG for F3K, and it works perfectly well. Easy to use, exactly what I was looking for.


Diamond Ultra Clear Sticky Tape
 Superb hinge tape.
Review by Mark on 4 Oct 2017

I used this for control surface hinges on a scratch build 1.5m DLG. It's superb! Easy to handle and apply. Really good value for money too. Postage and packaging 1st class as usual. Thanks Neil.

Kevlar Thread 3m
Review by Mark on 4 Oct 2017

Really strong thread for it's thickness. Multiple uses. I used it to reinforce the joint on carbon pushrods where the spring steel clevis is bonded to the carbon rod. Wrapped around joint, soaked with CA glue and finished with heat shrink tube. Postage and packaging 1st class. Thanks Neil.

Flight Pack for Dream-Flight Ahi
 Fit and forget
Review by Brian on 3 Oct 2017

Fitted to Ahi and was perfect for it. No weight needed to balance using this flight pack. No negative points as yet.

Dream-Flight Ahi
Review by Brian on 3 Oct 2017

Wished to practice more dareing aerobatic moves with a plane that if crashed would not be totalled. The Ahi is absolutely great for this. Is is great fun to fly and will complete moves that easily get out of trouble should you make a mistake. I have flown it in winds varying from 12 to 30. I prefer winds around 20 with lots of lift amd all this unballasted. A great fun plane

Hinge Tape 24mm
Review by JS on 29 Sep 2017

Perfect update for my "Old School" sailplanes that still have the old tape hinges. This tape is far better than the old tape used years ago.

Neon Orange Cone for 38mm Spinner
Review by JS on 29 Sep 2017

Perfectly matches the florescent Orange color of my Pike Perfection fuselage.

38mm HyperSpinner for 6mm shafts
Review by JS on 29 Sep 2017

Perfect fit for my Pike Perfection F5J! These are quality spinners and far better in price than RFM.

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Blue Bird HV Servo's
Review by Chris on 29 Sep 2017

Brilliant service from Neil, received the next day and fitted to my Elf Mini, perfect fit and superb quality, as it states centering is spot on.

Blaster 3 DLG Throwing Blade
 Blaster 3 DLG Throwing Peg
Review by Jürgen on 27 Sep 2017

Dieser Wurfpin wurde an meinem Highlight SAL montiert als Tuning zu dem 6mm Kohlerohr.
Der Pin ist einwandfrei verarbeitet und mit kleinen Anpassungen an meinen HLC geklebt. Beim werfen ein ganz neues Gefühl, da die Kraft besser auf die Finger verteilt wird.
Sehr zu empfehlen.

This throwing pin was mounted on my highlight SAL as tuning to the 6mm carbon tube.
The pin is impeccably processed and glued with small adjustments to my HLC. When throwing a whole new feeling, since the force is distributed better on the fingers.
I recommend.

Blue Bird BMS-107HV Servo - 0.04s 10.9g 10mm
 Another winner from Blue bird!
Review by Mark on 27 Sep 2017

Having bought multiples of the Blue bird BMS 101 HV servo I opted to try these as I required more torque. Like the 101HV, the 107HV is just as good. Responsive, great centering and super quick. I would recommend these definitely. Delivery and packaging is the usual first class service from Neil. Superb, thanks.

Blaster 2 & 3 Rudder Horn
 Good product.
Review by Mark on 27 Sep 2017

I bought this for a scratch build 1.5m DLG. The horn is reslly well made, torsionally very stiff and light. The material looks like kevlar. As usual delivery and packaging is 1st class.

Small Plastic Shrouded Servo Cover (makes 2)
Review by Anonymous on 27 Sep 2017

Very nice product, easy to ajust for a perfect finish

Vladimir's Models Elf Wing Bags
 Neat but fragile
Review by Roger on 25 Sep 2017

Be careful removing any adhesive tape that may hold these together for packing, I didn't and the very thin foil tore a little. They are a good fit, and some type of wing cover is essential to protect the wing.

KST X08N V5 HV Lugless Servo - 0.09s 8.3g 8mm
 Best servo for this price
Review by Protsenko Kirill on 24 Sep 2017

This is the best servo with no compromises, precisious, metal, high power. Servos were delivered fast to Ukraine and packed good.

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Centering, depend the position
Review by Dominic on 23 Sep 2017

I need to update the centering of this servo, actually its depend on what position it is. After trim, the centering will change, from 0.4 to 1.2 degrees of shift, depend on where it is. For your reference. D47 is better, always about 0.4 degree of shift.

AerobTec Altis V4+ F5J Start Height Recorder and Flight Logger
 More Gadgets!
Review by PJ on 23 Sep 2017

I just love gadgets, and this doesn't disappoint, used with the telemetry converter, Altitude and Vario are displayed on my Hitec Tx. Easy to use and programme, but be careful with the telemetry cables, as I managed to break a wire at the plug connection.

Also Hyperflight's service is second to none, this and other orders arrived extremely promptly, like, ordered on Friday at 4pm delivered next day at 11am

30mm M2 Control Rods (2)
Review by Richard Edmunds on 22 Sep 2017

Good choice of sizes, avoids the need for compromise. Well made. Fast service

Deans Micro Plug and Socket MPN 1242 - Red
 Le Fish
Review by Richard Edmunds on 22 Sep 2017

Bought to replace standard JR connectors on wing roots. Much more secure, and easy to solder. Neil is one of the few online shops to stock these. Quick service

Small Plastic Shrouded Servo Cover (makes 2)
 Scale project
Review by Richard Edmunds on 22 Sep 2017

Inexpensive but does the job. Good service

 Flight Review
Review by "rofly" on RCGroup on 22 Sep 2017

Flew the X-RES this morning in active 4 gust 6 78F air, bright blue skies with a few puffy white clouds. She is 15.3 oz so 3.7oz/sf. Used a tiny hi-start, 1/4” rubber and maybe a hundred feet or so of light Dacron line. She climbs near vertical and on the second launch she was clearly in lift, stretching the rubber nicely which produced a very credible zoom.

The airfoils are working! She moved from thermal to thermal with ease for several minutes, exhibiting a very nice L/D, circles in 10 foot circles, climbs nicely in frog farts, and the rudder is way effective. The dive test at 75mm CG showed a slow but positive pull up. Spent some time setting the elevator compensation for the spoilers which activate to about 60 degrees… more than enough to bring her down. Need to refine that and put the comp on a curve.

Bottomline: Boring !!! I highly recommend this bird for anyone who wants the ultimate gas bag!


KST MS320 HV Contactless Servo - 0.07s 21g 12mm
Review by Mike Evans on 22 Sep 2017

Initial impressions are very good, looks and feels like a quality servo. spec is great.

Vladimir's Models Adjustable Tow Hook
 VM Tow Hook
Review by Tom Lee on 22 Sep 2017

A solid and well made item. I brought this hook for my Circle Dancer 3000, it fits well into the rounded fuselage.

Circle Dancer 3600 Full House Electric
 Circle Dancer 3600 Electric
Review by Tom Lee on 22 Sep 2017

This kit is worth every penny! It is so beautifully made, strong and flys so well. I've fitted a variometer in mine and am amazed how she looses so little height in 'dead' air.

I've installed one of the recommended motors a Powerline Micro 1025/F5J and a GM 16x8 carbon folding prop.

Have a look at a very short video of one of my launches. The throttle was set at only around 70% but she has a phenomenal rate of climb.

Circle Dancer 3600 Electric climbout video

With a 3s 1300ma lipo I have had to add a little tail weight but I am hoping a change to a smaller 1000ma lipo and repositioning I should be able to remove the tail weight.

Strike 3 DLG
 Strike 3
Review by Mark on 22 Sep 2017

The quality of the strike 3 is amazing 😀

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Maybe I've bought a worse one
Review by Dominic on 21 Sep 2017

Just bought one and another for normal voltage version. But seems I'm not lucky as this one's centering is very bad. There is about 3 times of shift distance while centering compared to the normal voltage version or D47.
Anyway, I'll buy another one to try again.

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Compare to D47
Review by Dominic on 21 Sep 2017

Just bought one and working normal.
Compare to D47: Centering is a little bit better, but resolution is worse(cheap digital servo's behavior, sometimes moving smooth, sometimes jump a big distance).
Anyway, it's metal gear, feels no play and smaller size. Still need time to check its reliability.

Review by Tom Lee on 20 Sep 2017

Usual fast service from Hyperflight. A high quality kit and a delight to build. I covered mine in Oralight and used the recommended Blue Bird and Power HD servos. The RX battery I used was a small 150ma Nimh to save weight, which is good enough for several launches before recharging. I do not fly competively and I've used a 10m x 6mm bungee with 50m of line achieving good launch heights. This glider performs fantastically being very light weight and is strong enough to survive a bad launch (computer radio fopar!, accidentally launched with full up trim). I've had around 20 flights now and have been so impressed I have ordered the electric version, hopefully it will be in stock soon :-)

Ripmax SD100 Servo - 8.1mm 4.7g
Review by Tom Lee on 20 Sep 2017

Brought two of these (usual prompt service and delivery) for my Voodoo ailerons. Fitted perfectly into a very limited space and work great. Good value servo!

GM 16 x 8 Folding prop blades
Review by Bob on 19 Sep 2017

Great prop on my Perfections.
Performance with a schambeck 1025 is more than sufficient and a much nicer fit on the fuse than the rf 16x8,5 small!

Frame with bearing for the KST DS125, DS135, DS225 (pair)
Review by PW on 19 Sep 2017

Great product providing reduced stress on the servo while operating and makes servo removal and servicing easy. *****

KST DS125MG Wing Servo - 0.12s 27g 10mm
Review by PW on 19 Sep 2017

This is the second batch of 4 KST DS125MG Wing Servos I have bought from Hyperflight which I intend to use in my Valenta models Freddy. I am very please with the performance of the DS125MG servos that I installed in my Schwing last month. I intend to use the KST DS125MG Wing Servos as my preferred wing servos. Good performing servos at a reasonable price.

Replacement Gear Set for MKS DS6125 Mini, DS6125, DS6125E DS6125H
Review by Couto on 19 Sep 2017

Normally only the main (the bigger one that drives the pot.) gear brokes. I have 3 that broke that way. Should be just this gear for buy. The replacemant is easy and works fine.

Kappa 25 F5J-400
Review by Thomas Wang on 18 Sep 2017

A very high quality standard class e-glider, I plan to use it to fly in a local contest that limit the power time and request very accurate landing.
The equipment installation is so easy, since the flap and aileron linkages were already installed , I first create a new model in Tx and set the right position for servo arms, build a simple harness with Din connectors, connect the harness to Rx and then glue the servos, the movement of the linkage is smooth and there is no slope.
Tail part is easy, just like a DLG, I use pull-spring control and completed the work in 2 hours.
I use a powerline 1015 2S as climbing rate is so import with local rules, I hope it can climb to over 150m in less than 10s, with 15X8 prop and 650mAh battery, 15m/s can be archived.
Still need some time to get it to the air, but so far I am happy with this bird.


Vladimir's Models Wing and Tail Bags for the Supra
 Vladimirs tailored bags for Supra
Review by PeteB on 17 Sep 2017

Having spent so much on the Supra I thought my (homemade) bags looked decidedly tatty....So I ordered a "proper" set, the bags arrived promptly and really looked the part. They are the essential finishing touch, and really added really classy personally branded protection to show how much I valued their contents......

El Niño 3.9m
 El Nino
Review by Daniel on 16 Sep 2017

The El Nino is an amazing performer. I currently fly an Xplorer 2.5 F5J, an Ultima, and two El Nino's. The Xplorer and Ultima are for sale. The El Nino indicates lift and turns like no other model I have ever flown.
The El Nino does not come as finished as an Xplorer or Ultima, so I would not recommend it for a beginner builder. I have both the light and strong layup versions. The light version is strong enough for almost any situation.
Both aircraft have Powerline 1015 motors and Castle 35amp ESC's, MKS DS 6100's for the flaps, and DS 75K's for the ailerons. Using the same methods as Hutton describes, I am able to get proper control surface throws with flat servo covers.
The El Nino's thin wing section really makes a difference in penetration. I fly in 15-20mph winds without ballast and never have a problem returning from downwind.
The high aspect ratio truly makes El Nino act like a DLG plane.
I have found taping the vertical stabilizer on the fuselage still allows the stabilizer to rotate slightly in flight. This was easily fixed by using a small screw to secure and index the joint.
I have not added a firewall doubler to my aircraft. I have found the molded firewall to be strong enough. Although I have only drilled the 4 mounting holes in the firewall, no cooling holes. I have found the motor runs hot, but even on 95F days I do not experience any over-heating issues.
El Nino is a wonderful aircraft.

Stiletto Lift 1.2m DLG
 Nimble and fun. Build instructions could be better
Review by L on 16 Sep 2017

Excellent pre and post sales service from Neil at Hyperflight. Well packed and swift delivery in UK.

First DLG build...
Several evenings were spent creating the servo mount, gluing the servo horns, cutting the slot for the throwing peg etc. Then more evenings spent gluing more bits together and then making the pushrod ends. Would be easier 2nd time around as instructions are minimal... so patience and determination are required in abundance. 185g* including 2s lipo and a variometer.

Once airborne it's a pleasure to fly. Responsive. Stable. Launches to 45m.
(Best with the variometer to give feedback on whether you're climbing or falling - got over 100m today). I found that pushrod-ends and horn-connectors need to be purchased (or made) in addition to what it comes with in the box to complete the build.

Make sure you drill holes to route the antennae externally else you might end up losing all signal and spiralling to the ground and snapping the fuselage, as irritatingly happened to me!

*now weighs 192g after a carbon fibre / epoxy repair. Good as new. Won't make same mistake again, though actually pleased as reinforcement has reduced flex in the tail.

Would recommend Hyperflight for excellent customer service.

Would recommend the Stiletto Lift for its performance. Lots of fun. Worth the assembly time.

4/5 as build instructions could be improved upon. Otherwise a great little plane.

Review by Mark on 16 Sep 2017

Compact and light and I suppose you have to pay the price for that would use again in another project

0.38 mm DLG Control Run Pull Wire 9m Spool
Review by Martijn Vink on 14 Sep 2017

This works fine as control wire for DLG, I used it as an upgrade replacing the wire included with my Strike 2 kit. Slightly on the stiff side but I like that and it can still be knotted although using crimps is easier.

 New X-RES on the left coast of the USA
Review by "rofly" on RCGroups on 13 Sep 2017

Received the kit in California, USA, from Hyperflight after just 4 days. Amazing service from Neil. The kit arrived safely, is beautifully done, with exceptional wood quality and selection of weights for the intended purpose… nice.

Between the wonderful plans and Greg’s build thread on RCGroups there were few question except I’m stubborn I suppose. Having designed so many birds over the decades I sometimes find it a bit difficult to build another’s design. Oh well !!!

To nitpick a bit, the parts are “diecut” with a router, beautifully done, but leaving a radius of about 30 thou (0.7mm). That was not a problem except for the ribs and getting the spar caps to seat perfectly. Just required some fiddling with a very small square file to fix… no biggie.

A minor change was the hatch. I prefer a proper hatch and a nicely rounded top side so just used ¼” balsa (6mm). Used cross-grain fore and aft of the hatch and longwise grain for the hatch. That required sanding a flat on the fuselage for the hatch… easy stuff and all shaped with ease. With a tab at the front and a magnet in the aft end all is spiffy.

For equipment I used KST X08 v5 servos on the rudder and flying H-stab, Dymond D47 servos on the spoilers with just the servo arm directly driving the spoiler, a 1200mAh round 1S LiPo, and a JR RG612BX Rx… same stuff I used many times in my hand launched stuff. That setup provides at least 3 hours of flying. I do have Rx voltage telemetry to watch the 1S power supply on the JR XG8 Tx.

I did hog out the nose block to accommodate a full ounce of lead shot before gluing it on and needed most of that capacity. I use a hole in top of the block to add lead. In the end, with 24 grams of lead shot (0.8oz) the bird balances at 75mm with an AUW of 436 grams (15.3oz), resulting in a wing loading of just 3.7oz/sf… stupid light !!! (Yeah, I mix units of measure… sorry)

Looking forward to many moments of flying and with other like birds under construction at the field we could have a bit of serious competition!


Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm
 BMS101 Hv servo
Review by ron ?thatcher on 12 Sep 2017

good smooth free running ,HV servo . Just right for DLG use.

Dream-Flight Libelle
Review by Anonymous on 12 Sep 2017

Excellent plane and brilliant service from Hyperflight. Easy to put together, look forward to flying it.

Strike 2 1m DLG
 Just a great DLG
Review by Martijn Vink on 11 Sep 2017

Just love how this DLG flies, remarkably stable and quick on its feet for a 1m with great agility. It thermals well although finding the settings for easiest turning takes some time. I have flown it in Bft 3-4 wind often and eventually even made some ballast for it to make it up to 20g heavier. The build needs some planning but it's not overly complex if you are familiar with DLG techniques like building single pull control surfaces and getting the flaperon deflections right.

I much prefer a more rearward CoG on this plane, I am currently at 59mm. I set the rudder deflection at 13mm. Also I added quite some snapflap. These settings helped agility but I also find finding and staying in lift a lot easier.

A drawback of this plane might be that the wing dents pretty easily and the tail surfaces tend to break on tough landings. I fly on somewhat rocky ground and had to do some repairs. A good trick to get dents out of the wing is to carefully pour boiling water over them. Also I would get some syringes and laminating epoxy for repairing delamination bubbles on the wing or tails.

All in all a great flying plane that comes close to 1.5m performance, I absolutely adore it Service and shipping to the Netherlands from Neil was great as ever.

MKS HV6110 Servo - 10mm 10g
 MKS 6110 HV
Review by Tim on 11 Sep 2017

Great Servos! Nice centering and torque, no slop in gear. My new standart for f3j and f5j!
Perfect service from Neil!

Blaster 3 DLG Throwing Blade
 Great peg - Solved my issue with the Strike 2
Review by Martijn Vink on 11 Sep 2017

When the peg of my Strike 2 broke (my fault, I made it too small and it broke and got lost on a dodgy landing) I wasn't really looking forward to trying to get the remainder of the previous peg out of the wing. This peg proved to be an easy fix.

While the finish is pretty good as is I sanded it a bit to diminish drag and loose a bit of weight (it's a bit large for a 1m DLG of course). It fits great over the wing tip and is solid as a rock. I now actually prefer it to the standard contoured blade of the Strike 2.

Cellevia 1S 250 mAh LiPo Battery *Reverse Plug Polarity*
 The ideal battery for the Elf and Strike 2
Review by Martijn Vink on 11 Sep 2017

This battery works great for the Elf. It can go way upfront, has a very low weight and offers enough capacity for hours of flying. I used two of these in my Strike 2 as well, again they easily fit way in front of the nose. I run them in parallel so they make a 1S 500mA battery together but running them in 2S would be possible too of course.

The wrong polarity didn't bother me, I didn't even notice as I changed connectors anyway. After 100+ charges in the Strike 2 at 1C I have lost no performance whatsoever. I do recommend taping over the contacts and print with some PVC insulation tape to add some strength.

Elf Mini DLG
 A simple but great flying DLG!
Review by Martijn Vink on 11 Sep 2017

After a ten years hiatus from RC flying I recently used an Elf to relearn my skills and had a great time with it. The build is simple and straightforward. I used Ripmax SD100s, an MPX RX-5 light Rx and a Cellevia 250mA battery which works superbly for the Elf as it has the exact right shape to place it way forward, weighs almost nothing and has enough capacity for over 3h of flying. My build came out at 94 grams.

The Elf flies excellent, it's quite easy to control but still very nimble and can pick up some speed too. It's easy and uncritical to launch, I got it up to about 30m without using a lot of power. I preferred using a rearward CoG (78-79mm) and enlarged deflections on the rudder.

Minor issues: The throwing peg is at a somewhat sensitive spot that tends to break, if you plan on launching hard I'd recommend supporting the tip with carbon rovings or glass cloth. The elevator can get a bit loose/floppy over time, be careful it doesn't flutter or bends on launch. I used some thin CA in the hinge to remove most play but I couldn't remove all. Also be aware an Elf has more drag than a molded design so penetration against strong wind is limited and ballast doesn't do it much good. It really is a light wind plane and if treated as such it performs great.

Unfortunately I lost my Elf in a too strong thermal, I couldn't get it down to earth no matter what I did (+ and - loops, vrilles, inverted flying). So, be careful not to fly it too high or in too strong lift as it has no airbreak and very low weight.

Service from Neil and others at Hyperflight was excellent as well, both the plane and some spare parts arrived very quickly from the UK to NL.

GM 16 x 8 Folding prop blades
Review by Ian W on 11 Sep 2017

Very prompt delivery, as usual from Hyperflight. I normally use aeronaut blades, so, at more than 3 times the cost, I was pleased to find a considerable improvement in performance from these blades, though obviously not a 3 fold improvement !
A good performance upgrade.

Review by John Lueke on 10 Sep 2017

I modified these to be a light weight voltage regulator for F3-res planes. Easy to do. Snip the connector that plugs into Rx and switch gender to whatever the battery plugs into. then use an extension with male to male connector to go from regulator to Rx. 2amp capacity should be fine for RES plane with 9gram servos

Altis Telemetry Convertor - for Futaba & FrSky
Review by hotelbravo13 on 10 Sep 2017

Nice product, light, small and easy to install.
Works fine on ma futaba T18MZ.

Stiletto Lift 1.2m DLG
 They want a review, ok…
Review by Andreotti on 10 Sep 2017

Hmm, I don’t know. It’s a very good plane and it is not.

It is very well made. Very smooth. All surfaces are sort of hexagon shaped.
Twice the flying time compared to my 1m DLG.
Plenty of room to get everything in. The flat surfaces (because of the hex) make it easy to glue your electronics into place.
It flyes like a feather. It feels every bubble. You can throw this one very high (when it is not resonating).
Long nose. Easy to get the balance right.

It resonates very much. The harder you throw it, the harder it resonates. You can see the ailerons do unpleasant funny things and brake like hell.
I think the linkages to the tail are too loose in the body. And not thick enough because I had to use a spring to help the elevator get the right positions.
Some foam pushed into the tail helped a bit, but that moved around and soon the vibration where back.

Mine is 192 grams, everything included.

1mm Carbon Rod
Review by Anonymous on 9 Sep 2017

Excellent stuff and fast as always, like everything Hyperflight sells

ADH300L Rear Mount Brushless Motor
 ADH 300 L
Review by Gary warner on 8 Sep 2017

Great motor , 3 cells , 8x4 prop on a vintage style model ... cheap efficient and reliable ... I have bought 4 of these with absolutely no issues

Blue Bird BMS-105HV Servo - 0.09s 10.9g 10mm
Review by Kenth on 8 Sep 2017

Quick, Strong, Low noise, Good price

Vladimir's Models Adjustable Tow Hook
 Not as good as I'd hoped
Review by Pete on 8 Sep 2017

Disappointing. It's a nice idea but: the hook is smaller than I expected (were there dimensions in the catalogue?), the mounting is designed for a much more curved fuselage cross-section than I was able to deduce from the photos, the M4 bolts (as other noted) are only long enough for the thinest fuselage skin and, on the one I got, there's a small (5 deg?) but annoying misalignment between the hook and the base due to an error in the welding. It will find a use, but not on my current build.

Blaster 2 & 3 V Mount
Review by Mark on 7 Sep 2017

Very well made component. Light, strong and looks beautiful. Removed the headache of setting 0/0 incidence. Great price too fir such a specialised piece of carbon kit. Great dispatch and packaging as ever. Service such as Neil provides will always retain and attract new customers alike.

24SWG 0.60mm Piano Wire
Review by Mark on 7 Sep 2017

Used this as recommended by hyperflight to run inside PTFE and then used magnets to hold in place to glue inside of DLG boom. Magic. Brilliant dispatch time and equally excellant packaging.

0.71mm ID Etched PTFE (22 AWG Bondable PTFE) Pushrod Outer Tube
Review by Mark on 7 Sep 2017

Fantastic solution when paired with .5mm carbon rod for smooth, slop free control run. Great dispatch and packaging from Neil.

0.5mm Carbon Rod
Review by Mark on 7 Sep 2017

Ideal solution when combined with PTFE tube, for light, low friction control runs. As ever fantastic dispatch service from Neil. Superb

Strike 2 1m DLG
 Strike 2 1m
Review by Andreas on 7 Sep 2017

Phantastic workmanship and phantastic colour on the wingtips. I love it and can't wait to build it up.
Unbelievable fast shipping - payed on tuesday and the package arrived on friday! In Germany.

Samba RES Evo
 Excellent Flyer
Review by Greg MCGill on 5 Sep 2017

The Samba EVO is proving a happy and impressive performer, displaying graceful handling qualities at all times so far. We have not had a chance to fly in really harsh conditions, but in conditions ranging from calm to steady breeze, it is showing us a very nice time. "Fun to fly" is what everyone says. Glide ratio is impressive, and it shows lift immediately and with authority. Handling, once we straightened out a minor construction issue (not a problem with the kit, but a problem with a negligent builder - myself) has turned out to be sensitive and quick, while showing no instabilities when left alone. I think this will be a wonderful airplane in a competition, that allows the pilot a chance to look around and think while the airplane takes care of itself. I think it worth while to mention the initial handling problem: the wing is not a full D-tube, and the outer panels may be subjected to twisting during the covering process. Once we straightened ours out, using a heat gun for a couple of minutes, the airplane has been impressing everyone. And no, there has been no evidence of flutter, at all. We only have one nit, and that is that the tail surfaces are fixed in place, which makes travel sometimes awkward. A small price to pay for a strong, light and slick design.

GM 14 x 7 Folding prop blades
 Very Nice
Review by John on 5 Sep 2017

Purchased the GM 14-7 to replace a Aeronaut 14-6. Bench tests show a slight increase in thrust and a two amp lower draw. Non-scientific flight tests with a recording variometer indicates a better climb. They fold very flat against the fuselage.

30mm M2 Control Rods (2)
Review by Pete SY on 4 Sep 2017

Great product, different sizes available making it easy to choose the required length for the installation. Excellent solution and easy to install.

Vladimir's Models Blistered Servo Cover (2)
 Blistered Servo Covers
Review by Pete SY on 4 Sep 2017

The covers are a great quality product, easy to shape and fit and a excellent solution for covering wing servos.

Compression Contact Wing Connectors
 wing contacts
Review by d brabury on 3 Sep 2017

not used them yet very small ideal for small models time will tell

2.16mm ID Etched PTFE (12 AWG Bondable PTFE) Pushrod Outer Tube
 outer tube
Review by d bradbury on 3 Sep 2017

used this before and is a must fore the purpose intended

Deans Micro Plug and Socket MPN 1241 - Black
 micro plug
Review by d bradbury on 3 Sep 2017

i said before perfect

Deans Micro Plug and Socket MPN 1242 - Red
 micro plugs
Review by d bradbury on 3 Sep 2017

Great nice neat and very secure perfect solution

HyperFlight 162 cm (64") Glider Bag
 Glider transport bag
Review by Davek on 2 Sep 2017

These bags are good and well made. Like others, I would like to see back pack straps and additional external compartments for the rest of the gear we carry to the flying site. Fuselage space on the outside is of little use when transporting Scales/semi scale models as the body will not fit into the available pocket. Still a good product, good service and a reasonable price

16SWG 1.63mm Piano Wire
 Piano Wire
Review by John Border on 2 Sep 2017

Very good price and fast dispatch.

AVA V Mount
 Ava V mount
Review by Ian Purcell on 2 Sep 2017

As usual great service V quick delivery.

150 mAh 4.8V NiMH Battery
 150ma Nimh RX Pack
Review by Tom Lee on 1 Sep 2017

Perfect small and lightweight packs. I have a few now and have used them successfully in my X-Res, Elf and Snipe. I charge at 100ma on a multi charger.

Strike 2 Tailplane
Review by Paul B on 1 Sep 2017

Really nice for home brew DLG's, works nicely on the Libelle too. Plus the usual superb Hyperflight service, brilliant.

PicoSwitch - Magnetic RC On-Off Switch for batteries with RC plugs
 small light and handy
Review by Bob Tito on 1 Sep 2017

small light en easy to use. more than happy

Dream-Flight Ahi
 Fantastic acrobatic sloper
Review by Kevin on 31 Aug 2017

Fantastic sloper and more acrobatic than anything else I have flown. Flys in very light winds to 20mph without any issue. One star deducted because I bought two and on both the tail / elevator is not square to the wing. I think there is a slight issue with the manufacturing or hyperflight got a bad batch. I'm about to buy a third from T9hobbysport to see if I can get a straight one.

HyperFlight 162 cm (64") Glider Bag
Review by Roger James on 29 Aug 2017

These bags are of high quality and well worth it They give you the opportunity to place up to 2 sets of wings easily spaced out. The only down side is a lack of a shoulder strap but this is easily overcome by using your tranny strap attached to the handles and as I am short this keeps any v tail off the ground. If space allows another fus can be inserted in the wing part

Review by Anonymous on 27 Aug 2017

Kits showed up in Texas within a week, un damaged. Great customer service.

Vladimir's Models Wing, Fuselage and Tail Bags for the Snipe
 Snipe bag
Review by Anonymous on 26 Aug 2017

Fits my Snipe nicely!

CAM Height Limiter
Review by John K on 25 Aug 2017

I ordered a Cam hight limiter and motor ,limiter working perfectly motor not installed yet, both arrived by return post . Will use hyperflight for future purchases.

Stark Pro F3K
 Stark Pro
Review by Andy Matthews on 21 Aug 2017

I purchased the stark pro in May 2017, the product was delivered very quickly and arrived well packaged to prevent any damage in transit. On inspection it is evident that the quality and presentation of the art work and finish on the model is some what disappointing for a product in this price range. The imaging is not crisp and gaps show through the pigmenting which lets the overall product down. Another disappointment is the lack of any assembly instructions, although there is plenty of information in the forums online.
On assembly it was found that the moulded saddle pylon that the tail plane screws to, does not fit the fuselage at all well. Judicial application of the heat gun sorted the problem out however yet again for a model in this price range the parts should fit correctly?
The remainder of the build is straight forward and the model came out at 230 grams ready to fly.
Blue bird metal geared servos were used throughout along with etched PTFE tube and piano wire for push rods, Beadalon wire was chosen for the spring pull systems which all work well so far. These were all supplied by Neil at Hyperflite and all blend perfectly in the build of the StarkPro.
When it comes to flying, the model cannot be faulted, straight off the board with no vices. Initial flights were performed with the CG at 65 mm at which the model has a positive balance and is light on the controls.
This model really wants to fly and I look forward to many hours trying to master it.
It is a pity that the few negative points mentioned above detract a little from what is a superb flying DLG.

Overlander 600 mAh 4.8V NiMH Battery (discontinued)

Overlander 600 mAh 4.8V NiMH Battery
 Overlander 600 mAh 4.8V NiMH Battery.
Review by Seán Bannister on 21 Aug 2017

Perfect fit in the Ahi.
Not able to comment on long term use - yet!

Dream-Flight 12.4g - 9.4mm 11.5g Metal Gear Servo
 Dream-Flight 12.4g - 9.4mm 11.5g servos.
Review by Seán Bannister on 21 Aug 2017

Excellent bit of kit!

Dream-Flight Ahi
Review by Seán Bannister on 21 Aug 2017

Not 5 stars because: The tailplane is not parallel to the wings. The problem appears to be wings not joining the fuselage at 90deg. Managed to twist the fuselage and achieve a true alignment.
substituted the 5mm dia carbon wing joiner with a 5mm dia steel joiner, adding 36g ballast conveniently.
Great design, predictable flying characteristics and fun to fly after 40 years away from the slope!
Thank you.

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