Prices shown exclude VAT 
Mini JST (BEC) Socket with Lead
 mini bec socket
Review by IM on 22 Apr 2019

very good quality items with nice soft leads, usual rapid Hyperflight delivery ,,

Vladimir's Models Elf Wing Bags
 elf wing bags
Review by Andy Appleby on 20 Apr 2019

quick delivery and top class products as usual from hyperflight.
would highly recommend this shop/website to everyone

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
Review by Anonymous on 20 Apr 2019

Fast, good value and as advertized!

1.5mm Carbon Rod
 Carbon rod
Review by ModelMaker on 19 Apr 2019

Excellent service and item, quick post

0.71mm ID Etched PTFE (22 AWG Bondable PTFE) Pushrod Outer Tube
Review by Viktor on 19 Apr 2019

Best DLG solution.

Vitaprop 10 x 6 Folding prop blades
Review by Viktor on 19 Apr 2019

One of the best props in the world.

32mm HyperSpinner Power for 3.17mm (1/8") shafts
Review by Viktor on 19 Apr 2019

My favorite spinner.

32mm HyperSpinner Power for 5mm shafts
Review by Viktor on 19 Apr 2019

My favorite spinner.

KST X08N V5 HV Lugless Servo - 0.09s 8.3g 8mm
Review by Viktor on 19 Apr 2019

All good as usual.

HyperFlight 162 cm (64") Glider Bag
Review by Anonymous on 16 Apr 2019

Excellent product very good quality and excellent service as always, thank you.

Flitzbogen 2
Review by Anonymous on 16 Apr 2019

The 2-piece wing is great for transportation, and only adds ~3g
The fuselage is <1m long, so lots of options for cheap hard transport case (Airsoft 105cm)
Quality is excellent, relatively easy build.
Flies great

Altis Nano
Review by Tony on 14 Apr 2019

I have the normal Altis but bought one of these a while ago as I hadn't much room in my Q12X. Some have said it's difficult to read I haven't found it so at all, so much so this is my second one. Great bit of hardware

Vitaprop 14 x 9.5 Folding prop blades
Review by Tony on 14 Apr 2019

Great prop fits snug against the fuselage, not tried yet but as I've bought Vitaprops in the past I'm sure it won't disappoint

38mm HyperSpinner Power for 5mm shafts
Review by Tony on 14 Apr 2019

These seem to be my "Go to" spinner so easy to put together, all of my planes have these now

AVA Pro Tailplane  & Supra Pro Competition Sleeve Nut
Review by Tony on 14 Apr 2019

Good to get a spare. Great service from Neil as usual

Deans Micro Plug and Socket MPN 1242 - Red
Review by Tony on 14 Apr 2019

Always get these from Neil good bit of kit

DLG F3K Wing and Tail Bags
 Top notch DLG wings and tail covers
Review by Glen Cowan on 12 Apr 2019

Excellent and very sturdy bag/covers for your pride of joy. I had a slight issue with the delivery, BUT it was professionally and quickly corrected and I had my DLG covers in record time 😊😊😊 to Australia.
Great service and excellent prices will keep me a loyal customer. Thank you Neil

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Not as expected
Review by Bjarte H. on 12 Apr 2019

2 servos for v-tail on Art-Hobby Zuni. One of the servos is behaving normal, the other is slow and sluggish. Reordered the same servos to see if problem reoccurs.

32mm HyperSpinner Power for 4mm shafts
 Nice fit
Review by Fab on 12 Apr 2019

I like it. I installed this 32 mm spinner with an Aeronaut 12x6 on an F3J CLM-Pro fuselage that I've cut to 32.5 mm. It's a little tight but works. It would be better cut at 32.0 or even 31.5 mm.

Slite V2
Review by Anonymous on 12 Apr 2019

well made product, wish we had english instructions

Snipe & Snipe 2 Setup Template
 Snipe set up gauge
Review by IM on 9 Apr 2019

purchased with my Snipe 2 , just to make setting up easy and accurate , it certainly does exactly that , well worth the small outlay.

Snipe 2 DLG
 snipe 2
Review by IM on 9 Apr 2019

having been flying a Blaster2 for about a year, I decided to have anew DLG for this year, Snipe 2 was a nervous choice, mainly because of cost, but I ordered one anyway, the same excellent service from Neil, next day delivery of my kit in a box so strong you could bury your granny in it !! what a fantastic kit this is , fit and finish 2nd too none , assembly is the usual plan before gluing or cutting; the only fiddly bit is the aileron horn too pushrod fitting, 3 hands would be useful as you need to hold the wing in position and screw the ball socket to the hinge from under the fuselage, cross threads would be easy to do ! all assembled and C of G set at 66mm back, test flight beckons , slightly nervous I javelin launched my Snipe away into a gentle head wind ,WOW ! it flew away straight ahead for what seemed ages before a gentle landing , I did test a couple more times, before doing a gentle discus launch , I need not to have worried she sailed skyward at an incredible rate ,so smooth and responsive in flight , this model is on another level , REALLY worth the cost, every flight is magic ,,

0.71mm ID Etched PTFE (22 AWG Bondable PTFE) Pushrod Outer Tube
 Brilliant product, brilliant service
Review by Ian McDowell on 9 Apr 2019

I read about this in RCM&E. I am installing ‘pull pull’ aileron controls into an SE5a (3ft span) and previous experience with fishing wire did not bode well. This tubing however is exactly what was needed to provide minimum resistance for 4 ailerons off a single micro servo. Tests are excellent, but a way to go yet before it’s proven in the air.

ADH300L Front Mount Brushless Motor
 ADH300L Front Mount Brushless Motor
Review by Joe Pierson on 8 Apr 2019

Fantastic fast shipping , and the motor is excellent!!! All the way! Thank you!

28SWG 0.36mm Stainless Steel  Wire (1.5 m)
 Stainless wire
Review by Ian Widdowson on 8 Apr 2019

Excellent price. Excellent service.

MKS HV6100 Servo - 10mm 10g
Review by Ferri Iriandi on 7 Apr 2019

Best servo for light glider and fast service from Neil. Thank you

Blue Bird BMS-A10S WV Servo - 0.07s 7.3g 8mm
 BMS101 Hv servo
Review by Ronald Thatcher on 7 Apr 2019

great little servo, fits into small spaces & packs a punch .I do hope however that they perform better than other blue bird servos I have used in the past ,which for no apparent reason suddenly pack up!

HyperFlight 162 cm (64") Glider Bag
Review by Tony on 7 Apr 2019

Expensive yes but so worth it considering models are very expensive this is a must have bit of kit. I should have purchased one of these years ago.

MKS RDS Adaptor (4)
Review by Dr D Wilson on 7 Apr 2019

I must say I received these promptly to the UK, great service.
The item itself could do with redesigning, as there is now way to lock the wire arm into the aluminum RDS adapter, could do with being heavier with a grub screw to lock the wire.
I have modified mine using wheel Collets over the adapter, and drill a clearance hole through, works just fine. This way you can make final adjustments, then a little epoxy for extra security.

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Servo backlash
Review by Dan Sergison on 5 Apr 2019

The gear train has several degrees backlash. You can see the output spline rock a little. They are small and light.

KST DS113MG Servo - 0.11s 12g 12mm
 Compact and powerful
Review by Richard Edmunds on 4 Apr 2019

I moved over to only using KSTs a few years ago. Small and light but good power and quality build. Great value. Neil’s speed of delivery is always 1st class

Stiletto Hot 1.2m Slope Racer
 stiletto hot
Review by Paul on 3 Apr 2019

Fast delivery and well packed
My first build and it was very easy and quick

I mainly slope and it hoons around the sky on max control surface throws
Loops in its own length but can also fly sedately (40% expo)
The two piece wing and easy remove tail make it the perfect portable glider
It fits into pvc ducting allowing me to strap it to my motor cycle and go any where for some adventure flying

30mm HyperSpinner Power for 6mm shaft
 Spinny thing
Review by rob on 2 Apr 2019

All good , fits the bill. Shipped real fast.

GM 13 x 8 Folding prop blades
 Efficient, light, beautiful
Review by Andrew C. on 2 Apr 2019

I've ordered GM props from Hyperflight before and will do so again. The have excellent performance, light weight, and great looks.

Small Shrouded Servo Covers (2)
 Excellent size, quality and a nice touch
Review by Andrew C. on 2 Apr 2019

I've used these servo covers on a number of 1.5m and 2m gliders, both for ailerons and flaps. They're a good size for those applications (and possibly larger gliders), and are a huge aesthetic step up from plastic servo covers. As always, the service and shipping from Hyperflight on my most recent sets was superb. My Hyperflight orders typically arrive in Canada faster, cheaper, and with fewer customs hassles than from US suppliers.

Flipper 1.25m DLG
 Flipper 1.25mtr dlg
Review by Wayne on 1 Apr 2019

Glider came boxed and was well protected. Good quality product, great service. Only downside it is my first dlg and with no instructions I didn’t have a clue on how to put it together, the threads on line for a first timer are not that great.

Blue Bird BMS-101AMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Blaster 2e servos
Review by Lee Nulty on 31 Mar 2019

These are a perfect replacement servo for the vertical and horizontal stab. Slightly smaller than the recommended servos. As per usual Hyperflight have been excellent with advice and extremely quick delivery and ordering service.

Deans Micro Plug and Socket MPN 1242 - Red
 Deans micro plug
Review by Rob Traynor on 30 Mar 2019

Excellent service great product

GM 15 x 8 Folding prop blades
Review by SteveT on 29 Mar 2019

Superb. I have several pairs of GM blades, all very nicely made, light and fit well when folded. May require some light sanding at the root pivot point to get a smooth fold, but that's normal for any blade and not a criticism.

CG Measuring Scale
Review by SteveT on 29 Mar 2019

Very pleased with mine, it has made precise balancing and marking balance point graduations quick and easy for me. I balanced my new Ultima 2 using it but double checked with a traditional balancer just in case, following a flight test I found the cg to be within half a millimetre of perfect trim. I did find the battery compartment a very tight squeeze when inserting the battery, risking damage to the connector.

Strike 3 DLG
 Strike 3 smiley face
Review by Geoff on 28 Mar 2019

I received this plane last autumn but, for various reasons, I've only just got round to building and flying.
I'm a re-entrant to rc flying and thermal gliders has always been my main interest. DLG is completely new to me so I did plenty of research before I settled on a Strike 3.
The model was received quickly, perfectly packed and the build quality lived up to others reviews.
I really took my time but there's plenty of info available online even though there's no instructions with it. Neil was quite happy to give advice on a little problem I had.
I fitted it with Bluebird 101 DMG servos, 1s 600mah lipo and MPX 5ch uncased rx.
There was the perfect amount of room for everything to fit. With the 600mah acc I had to add a bit of tailweight to get the cg at 57mm but it's come out at 129gms, bit heavier than I wanted but still an acceptable wing loading.
Today I gave it, and me, the first workout and I've still got a big smile on my face. I'm knocking on a bit so my launches were only to a modest 50-60ft so far but I still managed to get a couple of areas of lift that spun the flights out. As my confidence grew then I was able to get a consistent height and, eventually, I contacted a good thermal and up it went like a homesick Angel.
It is a very agile glider and I know it exceeds my abilities but I'm so glad I went for it because it flies beautifully. Full flap, combi-switch, thermal, speed, snapflap and cruise, it's still perfectly manageable.
Thanks to Strike 3 I'm definitely addicted to DLG.

Stiletto Lift 1.2m DLG
 Stiletto lift
Review by Keith on 28 Mar 2019

This is an excellent 1.2 m DLG. Great value and very strong. I've been flying it for over 6 months with a lot of slope soaring in tough environments and it takes some real hard landings in stride. The Lift version is quite acrobatic. Mine weighed out at about 185 g. Highly recommended!

MKS HV6100 Servo - 10mm 10g
 Perfect servo
Review by MASSIMO VERARDI on 25 Mar 2019

Perfect servo for F5J gliders, fast and powerful enough at 5.5 V. Is a standard for ail, elevator and rudder.

Snipe & Blaster 3.5 tailplane
 Snipe tailplane
Review by Michael S. on 24 Mar 2019

The tail unit was perfekt and great service from Hyperflight.
Thank you !!!

38mm HyperSpinner Power for 3.17mm (1/8") shafts
Review by Martin Burr on 24 Mar 2019

Top service as always, and an excellent product.

Carboline SC26/2 Spread Carbon - sample
Review by Guillaume on 24 Mar 2019

I had a windy day ~hard landing~ with my hawk dlg 1m, pushed back to a tree behind me. The wing took a 15mm dent on the leading edge.
The rohacell foam/carboline take every small incident and keep it...

My process:
- cut properly the damaged part of the wing rohacell and carboline
- prepare a sanded foam piece to fit the hole exactly
- surround the area with the thinner tape (i took kapton tape) 5mm border around the area.
- cut a piece of carboline the size of the new foam area with a 2-3 mm border.
- sand the 5mm border of the wing carboline, between the tape and the new foam.
- prepare the resin (I took hyperflight ZAP PT41, slow)
- lightly resin the border of the foam, fit the foam
- lightly resin the surface of the foam and the wing carboline
- fit the new carboline piece, should to be wet with resin
- lightly add resin over the carboline just to saturate.
- Cut a piece of lamination film (or any non epoxy sticky film) to overlap the area and the kapton tape. remove air bubbles. Fix it with tape.

Let it cure and remove everything.
The surface have the same finish and the repair is nearly seamless. I added 0.3g.

Thanks hyperflight.

Deans Micro Plug and Socket MPN 1242 - Red
Review by Tony on 24 Mar 2019

Perfect for the job in hand great quality

30mm HyperSpinner Power for 4mm shaft
 Great product
Review by Christoph Graf on 23 Mar 2019

Great cone. It is light, well thought and well made. Great product

Ply Frame for KST X10, KST DS125, KST DS225, MKS HBL6625, MKS DS6125
Review by Anonymous on 23 Mar 2019


Malibu Pro
Review by Dave T on 22 Mar 2019

very well packaged assembled and tested in no time i am a pensioner and was happy with the height i could launch to second model from hyperflight will buy more

 cam f5j
Review by raymond hinkley on 22 Mar 2019

works just as advertised and installation could not be easier ,just waiting for the next F5J event.

CG Measuring Scale
 GC measuring scale
Review by Bert Laan on 20 Mar 2019

The scale seems to work fine, though I have not checked the accuracy, but the problem I have found is the limited root chord it will work with. I have an Explorer and the CofG at 125 mm from leading edge (given range is 125 to 135 mm) makes the model fall off the back of the scale. The balance pads need to be much further apart in length to accommodate rearward CofG and wide wings.
The limitation is not given as a warning on the web site, it is worth adding such a warning. My version is the 3 kg model, the 4 kg may be different because it looks longer.

HyperFlight 125 cm (49") Glider Bag
Review by John Clarke on 19 Mar 2019

I bought this for my Inside F5J. The extra length suits this model well with its wingtips, polyhedral and glued in joiner rod.
The bag is very well made, looks great and is well worth the price. I am so glad that I bought this bag rather than making my own from bubblewrap!

DLG F3K Wing and Tail Bags
 Bags for DLG
Review by Anonymous on 19 Mar 2019

Received quickly the bags along with other items. The bags fit perfectly wih the DLG I have. They look well made and sturdy. I have the feeling they will last long.

30mm HyperSpinner for 3mm shafts
Review by Anonymous on 18 Mar 2019


Altis Nano
Review by Jeroen Kole on 18 Mar 2019

Very small size will make it very easy to install in some of the smaller F5J fusalages. With electric dlg’s getting slowly more popular it should easily fit in these models as well.

MKS HV6110 Servo - 10mm 10g
Review by Jeroen Kole on 18 Mar 2019

Excellent servo that I use on the aileron of most F5J gliders as well on the flap of the lighter el nino.

KST X10-710 HV Servo - 0.09s 23g 10mm
Review by Anonymous on 17 Mar 2019


HyperLipo 2S 175 mAh LiPo Battery
 Perfect fit for Elves
Review by Dave Phipps on 17 Mar 2019

A perfect fit for the Elf DLG and quick delivery from Hyperflight.

7mm Carbon Rod
 7mm carbon rod
Review by Anonymous on 17 Mar 2019

I found the 7mm aluminium rod on my ROC Hobby 2200 electric glider was bending so I ordered this 7mm carbon rod to replace it.
Although it's longer, it's light enough that I simply tapped off the depth limiting washer from the old rod, CA'd it to the new one and use it without needing to cut it to length.
As always, very quick service from Neil and he's always been most helpful whenever I've phoned him for advice.
For me it's not only about price, service counts for a lot and Hyperflight can't be faulted on either.

HyperFlight 162 cm (64") Glider Bag
 Super tassen
Review by Gert Mulder on 17 Mar 2019

Heb een aantal van deze tassen gekocht, met verschillende maten.
Tassen zijn van super kwaliteit.

Introduction F5J
 Introduction F5J
Review by Carl Barker on 15 Mar 2019

Amazingly fast delivery to me in Connecticut. I have just started building the Introduction and I was very impressed with the over all quality. The parts just snap out of the sheet and require no sanding and they fit perfectly. It's a well engineered kit.

Blue Bird BMS-115HV Servo - 0.10s 21.0g 13mm
 Blue Bird BMS-115HV Horizontal Lug Servo
Review by John O'Sullivan on 15 Mar 2019

Used these servos in my 4m Compact Pulsar and re-ordered these extras. Powerful output from a tiny servo. Excellent service as usual.

Sapphire 2m
 Sapphire Kit
Review by George Foster on 12 Mar 2019

Judging by earlier reviews, this kit has undergone some improvements. The wing mount ply is installed and the wing bolt holes have been tapped accurately to ensure that the wings are aligned correctly. The motor mount is drilled for 28mm motors and has been epoxied in position. All the components are made to a high standard and the kit goes together very easily. The instructions are still basic, but the German build log, translated by Google Translate, should clarify most points to the inexperienced. The kit was very well protected in the stout cardboard box in which it came, and response to the order was as rapid as we have come to expect from Hyperflight. The weather has prevented its maiden flight, but the design has been well received by earlier reviewers and I confidently expect it to fly beautifully.

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm
Review by pb on 12 Mar 2019

ok but little use yet

0.8mm Carbon Rod
 Great service
Review by Janet on 12 Mar 2019

I'm knitting a lace sunhat and am going to use this rod around the outside brim of the hat, to stretch it out. It's great that the rod is so light in weight, and will not rust! I've bought a few different diameters of the rod to try out, to see which will work best. Thank you for your great service, prompt delivery and the advice that was given to me after I received the rod! I have already recommended your company, and using carbon fibre rod instead of sprung steel, to a lady who runs a millinery school.

CG Measuring Scale
Review by Otto Jæger on 11 Mar 2019

I'm sorry to only give two stars for this product. Was looking forward to the new electronic world of measuring. This scale is about 2,5 mm off. I've measured with two "old" manual cg scales. The producer (in Spain) told me I could ship it to them for repair/change, but too much hazzle. I'll buy another one.

But, as usual, very quick delivery. Only wish it was a correct scale...

Hawk / Light Hawk 1m DLG
Review by Carsten on 11 Mar 2019

A super lightwight small DLG in excellent quality. There is limited space in the nose, so it is a good idea to check the RC groups forum for details.

Elf Mini DLG
 Luvvly Jubbly!
Review by Keith Burrage on 11 Mar 2019

The only disappointing thing about my newly acquired Elf is that after assembly ('build' is hardly appropriate for such a simple job) there was no suitable weather in the superbly packed box for me to fly it in! Still won't be long (ever the optimist) Can't wait.

Elf Mini DLG
 Luvverl Jubbly!
Review by Keith Burrage on 11 Mar 2019

The only disappointing thing about my newly acquired Elf is that after assembly ('build' is hardly appropriate for such a simple job) is that there was no weather in the superbly packed box for me to fly it in! Still won't be long (ever the optimist) Can't wait.

Vladimir's Models Pull Cord Set
 Very nice stuff!
Review by Keith Burrage on 11 Mar 2019

I bought this to replace the elevator pull cord on my DLG which had been trashed by a rogue servo. Because of it's longitudinal stiffness, it was the work of moments to thread it through and secure it at both ends. What's not to like?

KST X08 V5 HV Servo - 0.09s 8.4g 8mm
 Very nice!
Review by Keith Burrage on 11 Mar 2019

I bought this servo on Neil's advice to replace a FrSky c2110 that had failed on my Loola DLG. Bit expensive but performance, resolution and centering are noticeably superior to the FrSky offering. Runs faultlessly on one cell Nice one Neil, I'll be back!

Snipe Elevator horn
 Does what it says on the tin!
Review by Keith Burrage on 11 Mar 2019

I bought this to replace the elevator horn on my Loola which had been snapped clean off by the elevator servo going berserk! It's a perfect replacement.

Alt 1m DLG
 All Built
Review by Russell on 11 Mar 2019

Finnally got round to building the Alt Dlg. With help of build log, easy to build and almost perfect laser cutting. Trailing edge needed thin cyno to stiffen it up, everything else good. Perfect intro to DLG and building. Emax 4 gram servos are a squeeze and need lower cases removed to fit. AUW of 142 grams using a 2S 300 lipo and 2 gram regulator stock Lemon 6 ch RX... but it sadly needs 5 grams in the nose to balance, so 147 grams.

Hope this helps :-)

Longshot 4 DLG
 Longshot 4
Review by Peter Wood on 10 Mar 2019

This was a replacement for my venerable and much repaired Longshot 1. As usual service from Hyperflight was excellent. I reused much of the gear from my old model. Hitec 65MG in the wings and Hitec 55 's in the fuselage.
Assembly presented one or two problems. Aligning the tailplane mount square with the tail boom and holding it in place whilst the epoxy set was difficult.
The main difficulties came with the tailplane pushrods. I found it very difficult to cyano the outer accurately to the inside of the pod in order to support them between the servos and the exit to the tail boom. At the tailplane end I fitted a fine wire z bend with heat shrink and cyano. At the servo I threaded the wire inner through a hole in the servo arm and then secured it with a small self tapper on the opposite side of the output arm. This gave some adjustment and was compact. All up weight 326gm. Now for test flights

Ultima F5J 4m
Review by Brad on 8 Mar 2019

Great flying model and great service from Hyperflight. This model was packaged very well and shipped very quickly. Arrived in the US with no damage. I thank Neil for having this great place for all us glider people purchase all the things we need to stay in the air.

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Excellent like servo
Review by Robert Beswetherick on 8 Mar 2019

I love this service! Dollar for dollar you can't beat it for DLG / F3K gliders. Killer centering, plenty of torque and fast. 5 stars definitely. Have bought 10+ and happy with every one.

Blaster 3 Tailplane
 Empennage horizontal blaster 2
Review by Alain - Pierre MOLLARD on 8 Mar 2019

Une œuvre d’art de beauté et de légèreté, mais fragile.
En centrant mon planeur, je l’ai malencontreusement laisser glisser et l’empenage est venu cogner contre le bâti en bois de’ mon étrier d’equilibrage et à été marqué ( petite déchirure et bosse rentrante du bord d’attaque) heureusement facile à remettre en place avec un «  massage » entre deux doigts.
Très bel article, mais attention aux chocs, il n’est pas fait pour çà.

Blaster 2 DLG Fin
 Dérive Blaster 2
Review by Alain - Pierre MOLLARD on 8 Mar 2019

Super article,
Je l’ai adapté sur un fuseau de saphyre en y encastrant deux micro servos HP power DSM 44 de 1,2 k de couple pour 5 gr. logés dans la partie avant de la dérive, l’un en position normale en dessous de la baume pour la dérive, l’autre tête en bas au dessus de la baume pour actionnera le plan horizontal, à la façon du montage du Suoer Ava, mais en miniature, après découpage de leur logements d’en part en part dans la dérive et collage avec un filet de colle epoxy tout le tour du servo d’un côté et un simple scotch transparent de l’autre. De cette manière les servos ne dépassent que d’un millimètre de chaque côté et cela évite la complication des servos et tringleries à installer dans un’fuselage très fin. Le centrage se fait parfaitement avec un micro moteur et une lypo de 80 gr pour arriver à un planeur électrique de 2m hyper léger ( moins de 500 gr) avec un super look.

Sapphire Ultralight Fuselage-suitable for 1.5m-2.5m gliders & eSoarers
 Fuselage saphire
Review by Alain - Pierre MOLLARD on 8 Mar 2019

Une véritable œuvre d’art!
J’en ai acquis deux pour les équiper avec les ailes du MadRES d’Hyoerflight et du Pegasus de Topmodel, j’arrive à des planeurs électriques de 2m pour moins de 500gr tout équipés avec micro moteur type hacker À10 réducté et batterie d’air soft, longue et étroite pour pouvoir être glissée dans le fuselage.
Livraison rapide, articles bien protégés dans leurs emballages bulles.
Je recommande cet article et Hyperflight quî est une maison de confiançe.

GM 16 x 8 Folding prop blades
 GM 16 x 8 Folding prop blades.
Review by Anonymous on 6 Mar 2019

Very good product and great service

AerobTec Altis V4+ F5J Start Height Recorder and Flight Logger
 Aerob Tec Altis V4+
Review by Anonymous on 6 Mar 2019

Great service and a speedy delivery

 Quick delivery
Review by Jarka on 5 Mar 2019

Quick delivery to US and great packaging. Kit is nice, hope it will fly.

0.8mm Carbon Rod
 0.8 carbon ro
Review by Mark on 5 Mar 2019

Fast prompt service. Packaged well. Recommended

38mm HyperSpinner Power for 4mm shafts
 Hyper spinner
Review by Tony on 5 Mar 2019

This is the 3rd Hyper spinner I've purchased and they are great so easy to set up

7mm Carbon Tube
Review by McCoy on 4 Mar 2019

Great price for a great tube . Cheers

3mm x 0.8mm Carbon Strip
 Super service
Review by McCoy on 4 Mar 2019

Thanks again for your brilliant service .
Just the job for adding strength to my foam board wings

KST DS135MG Mini Wing Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
 KST DS135
Review by JLD on 3 Mar 2019

Very ... very fast delivery.
Price interesting
Very good service, I recommend.

Blue Bird BMS-A10H WV Servo - 0.07s 7.4g 8mm
Review by Olivier on 2 Mar 2019

Excellent servo for F3K. Works very well on 1S

HyperFlight 125 cm (49") Glider Bag
Review by IM on 1 Mar 2019

Ideal for my Blaster 2, fuselage with fin just fits inside , these bags are high quality & worth every penny , I have larger version for my Circle dancer 3000 , only criticism I found is that they need too be made ridged by adding very stiff cardboard to the back section inside , excellent service as usual from Neil at Hyperflight,

KST X08H Plus Horizontal Lug Servo - 0.09s 9.5g 8mm
 KST X08H Plus Horizontal Lug Servo - 0.0
Review by Roger Sanders on 28 Feb 2019

I have used the standard sized XO8 servos without problems. This new "Plus" servo has almost twice the power without being much larger. When they work, they work very well with minimal (but not zero) backlash in the gears.

However, I have had 50% failure rates in these servos. The failure is in the electronics, which suddenly fail to respond at all. The cause of the problem is unclear.

Fortunately, the failures occurred while the servos were being used on the flaps, so the failure did not result in the loss of the aircraft. Due to my experience, I would recommend that you avoid using these servos on critical controls like the elevator where reliability is essential.

Big Vick 1m DLG
 Big Vick Build
Review by Sture, from sweden. on 28 Feb 2019

Just finished the build. Maiden flight remains. Definetely not for beginners, but I'm not.( I am 70 now, built models since 10)
You learn a lot about different glue types, and about tape covering.
I have a very small 4ch receiver, two 4,3 g servos, a 5V boost converter (saved from a powerbank). With a 750mAh 1S (AA cell) total weight is 127 g and CG is about right.
Looking forward to the maiden, Fun to build, tricky to install pull-string control though. Recommend the kit. Good starting model to learn DLG before you take next step in the hobby.

Malibu Pro
 Malibu Pro
Review by PYves on 28 Feb 2019

This is my first DLG. First glider with carbon wing. So good quality product. And it flies great.
I have added rudder control. All the controls are inside the fuselage = elevator with 0.36mm wire in tube and rudder with torque spring and a pull cord.
I used a Radient 1S 600 mAh LiPo Battery with JR connector, 4 Blue Bird BMS-101AMG Servo and a Graupner GR12 receiver without box. The total weight is 160g with 12g/dm2 wing load.
Only one bad thing : the package was made with bubble wrap and tape. I would have liked to receive it in a box with division for each parts.

HyperFlight Comment: The model *was* of course sent in a very strong cardboard box. We find wrapping the components in a generous layer of bubble wrap, and then suspending them with tape and void-fill is the best way of ensuring the model arrives safely.

Schloiderding V2 "Spinthing" 1.2m DLG
Review by Mark on 28 Feb 2019

Having built and then flown the “spinthing” several times I have to agree with Charles Caswell. It flies poorly. However, I can confirm it flies beautifully with a different wing. I used a spare wing from a scrabble h build called “Mimi”. The wing planform is almost identical to the “big vik” sold by hyperflight. So if you are considering buying this kit; go ahead. However you will have to reshape the wing; in particular the tip shape and mass. The airfoil needs care and attention also as this will result in poor flight performance. To conclude, if you reshape the wing you will have a dlg that launches, flies and thermals very well indeed. Hope this helps those individuals that are disappointed with or in doubt as to whether to buy this kit.

GM 15 x 8 Folding prop blades
Review by Yuriy KZ on 28 Feb 2019

Beautiful performance

Neon Orange Cone for 30mm Spinner
Review by Brad J on 27 Feb 2019

Neil always carries these had to find parts. Quick shipping and well packaged. Thanks

HyperFlight 125 cm (49") Glider Bag
 hyperflight bag
Review by patrick on 26 Feb 2019

this is the second bag (two different models) I bought. there are very good products and very nice too. I am very satisfied ,very good job . Thank you

Blaster 3 DLG Throwing Blade
 Blaster 3
Review by Ketil on 25 Feb 2019

I was lookin into diy after an insert type left my wing until I found this. It seems a reasonable shape and massive enough to sand in some ajustments. It will be good to get the load on the skins! I have not flown it yet, but feel confident it will suit just fine on my 150cm dlg

GM 16 x 10 Folding prop blades
 GM props
Review by John Hsu on 25 Feb 2019

The props arrived very quickly even though they had to travel across the pond. Items were packed well and securely. Thanks Neil and the Hyperflight team!

KST X08 V5 HV Servo - 0.09s 8.4g 8mm
Review by Rich on 25 Feb 2019

Nice perfect yet to test them in flight but look impressive

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