Prices shown exclude VAT 
Stark Pro F3K
 Stark Pro
Review by Andy Matthews on 21 Aug 2017

I purchased the stark pro in May 2017, the product was delivered very quickly and arrived well packaged to prevent any damage in transit. On inspection it is evident that the quality and presentation of the art work and finish on the model is some what disappointing for a product in this price range. The imaging is not crisp and gaps show through the pigmenting which lets the overall product down. Another disappointment is the lack of any assembly instructions, although there is plenty of information in the forums online.
On assembly it was found that the moulded saddle pylon that the tail plane screws to, does not fit the fuselage at all well. Judicial application of the heat gun sorted the problem out however yet again for a model in this price range the parts should fit correctly?
The remainder of the build is straight forward and the model came out at 230 grams ready to fly.
Blue bird metal geared servos were used throughout along with etched PTFE tube and piano wire for push rods, Beadalon wire was chosen for the spring pull systems which all work well so far. These were all supplied by Neil at Hyperflite and all blend perfectly in the build of the StarkPro.
When it comes to flying, the model cannot be faulted, straight off the board with no vices. Initial flights were performed with the CG at 65 mm at which the model has a positive balance and is light on the controls.
This model really wants to fly and I look forward to many hours trying to master it.
It is a pity that the few negative points mentioned above detract a little from what is a superb flying DLG.

Overlander 600 mAh 4.8V NiMH Battery
 Overlander 600 mAh 4.8V NiMH Battery.
Review by Seán Bannister on 21 Aug 2017

Perfect fit in the Ahi.
Not able to comment on long term use - yet!

Dream-Flight 12.4g - 9.4mm 11.5g Metal Gear Servo
 Dream-Flight 12.4g - 9.4mm 11.5g servos.
Review by Seán Bannister on 21 Aug 2017

Excellent bit of kit!

Dream-Flight Ahi
Review by Seán Bannister on 21 Aug 2017

Not 5 stars because: The tailplane is not parallel to the wings. The problem appears to be wings not joining the fuselage at 90deg. Managed to twist the fuselage and achieve a true alignment.
substituted the 5mm dia carbon wing joiner with a 5mm dia steel joiner, adding 36g ballast conveniently.
Great design, predictable flying characteristics and fun to fly after 40 years away from the slope!
Thank you.

18mm - 8mm x 1m Tapered Carbon Boom
Review by Oliver-Seamus on 21 Aug 2017

Beautiful product! Great quality, though does not resemble the product picture (Does not have the woven pattern.) but no reason to be upset, since the product is so excellent!

Altis Telemetry Convertor - for Futaba & FrSky
 Altis Telemetry Convertor - for Futaba & FrSky
Review by Lars-Eric on 21 Aug 2017

Delivery was fine but the telemetry converter does not work. The transmitter will not register the devise no matter what I try.
There is no marking on the device saying that it is an Altis Telemetry Convertor - for Futaba & FrSky and not for any other brands, so maybe I got the wrong device.

Stiletto Hot 1.2m Slope Racer
 Stiletto Hot Pre-Build Review
Review by Ian Williams on 20 Aug 2017

Stiletto Hot Pre-Build Review
I was delighted opening the Stiletto Hot box to find everything well protected and the full carbon wings look just fantastic. Very nice finish and all the bits fit together perfectly.
I have been hankering for a light DLG to fly off the slope when everyone else is moaning the lack of wind since my 1m Mini TopSky suffered a mid-air with a RCRCM Typhoon at some speed. The Typhoon was unmarked!
The carbon fuselage has a hexagon (6 sided) section, wider than it’s tall in front of the wing (40mm x 30mm), tapering to closer to square (10mm x 8mm) at the tail. This gives a nice flat section under the canopy of about 27mm x 110mm to install the servos.
The assembly guide show BMS21HV servos mounted on their side, which seem to be excessive for what I am after at 15g each. Neil sent me 4 x BMS-101HV (less than 5g each) and they can be mounted standing up and screwed down to a standard ply mounting board side by side 2x2. These BMS-101 servos are only 21mm tall overall including the arm. I am very pleased by the lack of gear noise and slop.
The other advantage of the hexagon section is the elevator / rudder snakes have a natural channel down the inside of the fuselage to follow when they are glued in.
The Stiletto assemble instructions show the tail post fixed to the fuselage, whereas the design has changed, for the better, to have it separate (see the Boom assembly guide This means you can make the push rod Z bends and then finally glue the post to the fuselage to end up with a perfect neutral.
I plan to install the FrSky Rx under the wing so the antenna exit behind the wing TE away from as much carbon as possible. A trail CofG balance with the main components taped together suggests I can get 650mA 2S LiPo up front which will last for days.
I am enjoying having that ‘new toy’ feeling so much, and the good flying weather, I seem to be putting off making a start. I have every expectation it will come together easily and fly great to keep out of the path of speedy Typhoons.

1.5mm Carbon Rod
Review by David B on 19 Aug 2017

Excellent product and price well packaged. Need I say more!!!!.

3mm x 0.8mm Carbon Strip
Review by David B on 19 Aug 2017

Very good product used this for reinforcing the motor area and mounts on depron foam shock flier
Gave great strength and rigidity to the structure.
Recommended and was well packaged

3mm x 0.5mm Carbon Strip
Review by David B on 19 Aug 2017

Very good product used this on foamie depron model on the wing leading and trailing edges.
Gave great strength to the aerofoil.
Recommended and was well packaged.

Overlander 600 mAh 4.8V NiMH Battery
Review by KEN COBLE on 19 Aug 2017

PURCHASED TWO for my dreamflight AHI balance perfect, good flight times in the 3+hr also great service again From Neil

El Niño 3.9m
 El Nino
Review by Hutton on 17 Aug 2017

The El Nino is very nice piece of kit. The build quality is top notch. The surface finish is superb. Overall it isn’t in quite the same pre-finished state as a Supra or Maxa, but it’s up there with what you need to do to finish a DLG (which is the pedigree of the El Nino anyway). The one I have has the heavier (Textreme) centre panel.
Some comments on the assembly. The wings went together easily, I mounted the servos against the spar (with 5mm balsa pad) and 6.5 mm hole to centre on the flaps and 5mm on ailerons. I looked at the ServoRhamen frames and found that they put the horn too far back which would have required a blister in the cover. With the servos mounted as above, they don’t need a blister. The trailing edge is stiff considering the 1.2mm wire used as push rods (there is a bit of bounce, but it’s not a problem in the air). I used lighter wire than supplied for the servo extensions (Flaps MKS 6100, Ailerons KST 08).
The horizontal tailplane required a few strips of tape to level up with the wings. The supplied push rods are perfect but you need to reduce the amount of free wire at the Elevator and Rudder end. The connections to servos is as per the Tweagle, There isn’t a lot of room for the servos in the fuselage, but horn length of 6mm is enough to get all the required travel.

Fitting the motor / ESC servos Rx and Batteries into the nose is a challenge. I used the 2.5mm thick mount plate from Reisenhauer gear box and Tenshock motor., with the Himodel 40A SB ESC. I soldered the ESC wires to the motor wires and tucked the connections alongside the motor. The Rx (Jeti 7REX) fits diagonally between the battery area and the servos. A 13x8 GM prop is more than enough. The El Nino can easily get to 250m is less than 30 secs (don’t ask –it’s a great way to lose points).
The model weighs 1115g with the 650mAh batteries and 1140g with 850mAh (Tattu / GensAce fit). Putting the El Nino together at the field is easy (and fast) compared to a Maxa, and the elevator doesn't need those little screws. Battery weight determines CG. The CG with the 650mAh battery is 103mm, with the 850 mAh battery 100mm. XT30 connectors are the go. With the motor / prop setup above it uses ~200mAh for a 10 minute flight, which suggests the current draw is no greater than 30A.
Flight characteristics are excellent. The El Nino is much more nimble than my Maxa, it gets around the sky with authority despite the low weight and handles winds of at least 20 km/hr without the need for ballast.

I like it very much. It’s not a model for first timers, but if you have experience putting together a DLG you won’t have any problems. You will be rewarded by the excellent handling and easy flight characteristics.

Vitaprop 11 x 6 Folding prop blades
Review by Anonymous on 17 Aug 2017

superb quality and is a perfect match for the Hyper spinners, a very light combo. These will be my first choice in the future

Oralight Transparent White 31-010 Covering Film
 Oralight Transparent white Film
Review by Brian Lawrence on 16 Aug 2017

I used this on the R.E.S olution model. An easy film to apply if you follow the instructions. Finished surface is like a drum. Appearance in flight is excellent.

RES-olution Elektro
 R.E.S.olution Electric
Review by Brian Lawrence on 16 Aug 2017

A very efficient electric model. Building instructions are in German but with the excellent diagrams are not difficult to follow. Kit parts are very accurately cut, and only a little fitting is required on things like wing joiners. Anyone with some building experience will find this a quick model to put together. Flying is a real pleasure. Spoilers at about 60 deg. give a nose down trim, making landing easy.

Review by Couto on 16 Aug 2017

Very good solution for servos that can not accept 6V+.

Turbulator Tape
 Works well
Review by Craig Mead on 15 Aug 2017

Easy to apply and adheres well. Does the job it was intended for. Works very nicely indeed.

MKS DS75K-N Servo - 9mm 7.4g
 MKS DS75K-N Servo
Review by Anonymous on 15 Aug 2017

Good servo for DLG , strong & Good centering.

Blaster 3 DLG Throwing Peg
 Blaster 3 DLG Throwing Peg.
Review by Anonymous on 15 Aug 2017

Good for generic use.

AerobTec Altis V4+ F5J Start Height Recorder and Flight Logger
Review by Tony Hollings on 14 Aug 2017

The unit works well as a standalone logger and it also works with my TM1000 (using the HS converter) but it does not work with my AR9350 which has integrated telemetry.

I emailed Aerobtec about the problem and they say they are aware of the issue and later versions do work with it.

It appears HyperFlight don't stock the newer versions though.

Blue Bird BMS-105HV Servo - 0.09s 10.9g 10mm
 Quick, hard, precise !
Review by Peer on 14 Aug 2017

Works great on the V-Tail of my X2-F3F-Sloper! Withstands 180 mph DS-ing....

Kappa 40 F5J
 Kappa 40, (D box), 'the Big K'
Review by CJS on 12 Aug 2017

Been having a hard time this year in deciding where to go E-glider wise . . . thin wing sections, super light, radical design. All have 'buy me' stamped all over them, a lot of thought, watching and discusion finaly bought me to Kappa. I had a 35 for a few months about 3 years back, inexperiance bought that association to an early, abrupt and dramatic end.

However, I have never forgoten what an impresion the Kappa 35 made on me and my flying friends. Reasoning, 'better a devil you know . . . ' the big 'K' ticking all my boxes, in due course a large box was delivered.

Unpacked, inspected, all OK as has always been with goods ordered from Hyperfligth. A couple of weeks pawing over Kappa 40 got me fully familier with the way I was going to assemble it. Tail, wings etc., all went together nicely, the Blue Bird 105 wing servos were mounted in cradles with an extra head bearing. Needed a little bit of redesign of the servo bays removing the ply push rod keepers which were re instaled in the servo cradle.

Rudder and elevator servos were instaled in a conventional upright tray at the back of the cockpit, a tray is suplied but I prefered the old fashioned way.

Now we come to the nose and motor instalation. Originaly, I was to fit a Glider Drive 960, a tad heavy although a dry run earlier in the assembly had indicated it would ballance out OK. It was the 38mm can diamiter that put me off. So I chose a SK3 28-36. I used a motor mouting system that is a one off to me, keeping the ESC fixed in the top of the fusalarge, wires away from the out drive motor can. The 1800mah 3s battery sliding in under neath up to the motor with a gap keeper, no crumpled wires in a heap.

The 28-36 motor produces a little over 300 watts from an 11x6 carbon toothpick style blade. The building was streight forward enough provided a little experiance is used?
(as an aside, I have also produced a power train using the Glider Drive. Not flown it yet but worked out a way to get a quart into a pint pot, thats 38mm through a 27mm opening)!

So we come to the 'nity grity', how does 'the Big K' perform . . . . .
It has had about one dozen flights so far, flew from the maiden launch with no problems, it flies. I have needed that dozen flights to get things the way I like them, but the throughbread that she is came through exhibiting good charicturistics that could be built on in the trimming process.

Today I deliberatly went for a session with a forcast 14mph wind . . . How did she handle herself, thats just the point, she flew as though it was her normal weather. The 14mph wind was much more like 20mph we estimated at 200m, making no bones about the buffeting she was getting, a friend comented on how similar she flew compared to a DLG,. Take the rough with the smooth, but do nothing that would alarm the pilot. Penetration was easily controled with camber mix and speed mode, along with a little encouragement from the pilot.

So there you have it, Kappa 40 the 'Big K', 1450grs (mine is the carbon 'D' box ley up) of high aspect ratio sailplane, that seems to want to 'fly'. She leaves me wanting to get bak to the field asap to explore more posibilities and refine those that curently show. It also means I will be a better pilot in due course with the 'Big K' as my teacher.

Nearly forgot, the flaps, landing today was not easy, being a bit bumpy in the last 20m or so. Kappa excelled in her stability, responding gently but positivly to every input. Those watching were waiting for here to drop a wing, she simply glides in giving me no cause for consern, as I say, responding smoothly to every input. These landing realy did end every flight with a smile on my face and some very impressed spectators.

Well worth the 5+ stars IMHO


Stick-on Trim Sheets - Fresh GREEN
Review by Mike S on 12 Aug 2017

Very easy to use and adheres well to the foam

Dream-Flight Ahi
Review by Mike S on 12 Aug 2017

I bought this as a first model to return to slope flying after a 25+ year lay-off and the maiden took place in 25mph winds! However, very impressed at how it coped un-ballasted and I look forward to flying it in lesser conditions. Also very impressed with the design and fit of the foam components.

Dream-Flight Ahi
Review by KEN COBLE on 12 Aug 2017

Just get one fly's great, strong build, also the overlander 600mha batt from Neil gives way over 2hr flying time. Again great product and service from Hyperflight. would buy another. FLOWN IN 10MPH AND 25MPH no ballast does the book.

Sprite Ballast Set - Aluminium and Brass
 Sprite ballast set.
Review by Mike on 12 Aug 2017

Excellent. Quality clever product as you would expect from Vladimir.

HyperFlight 2/4 Pushrod Set
 bowden cable
Review by david on 12 Aug 2017

neat and light perfect for my application

HyperFlight 2/4 Pushrod Set
 pushrod ends 2mm
Review by david on 12 Aug 2017

small compact snug fit great

HyperFlight 182 cm (72") Glider Bag
 HyperFlight 182 cm (72") Glider Bag.
Review by jørgen hvass on 8 Aug 2017

Super cool /nice bag.
But I wish the room to the fuselage was bigger.
So there is room for a more wide body.
As well as a pair of handles to carry it your back.

HyperFlight 162 cm (64") Glider Bag
 HyperFlight 162 cm (64") Glider Bag.
Review by jørgen hvass on 8 Aug 2017

Super cool /nice bag.
But I wish the room to the fuselage was bigger.
Super cool bag.
But I wish the room to the fuselage was bigger.
So there is room for a more wide body.
As well as a pair of handles to carry it your back.

Dream-Flight Weasel-Trek
 Weasel Trek
Review by Colin on 6 Aug 2017

Much improved on original version, easy to put together and as long as C of G is accurately obtained, performs very well. First flights in 20 mph winds and performed well with and without ballast. Important to keep elevator throws low initialy and I find about 20% expotential on both controls helps.
Would have liked some bright decals but otherwise great value.

HyperFlight 125 cm (49") Glider Bag
Review by Mike on 6 Aug 2017

Just the job for my new Graphite 2 electric model instead of a home brew carry/protection bag, and quick service.

Elf Mini DLG
Review by Randolph on 6 Aug 2017

I have been out of the RC hobby for about 10 years. My last plane was a woody gambler DLG. I thought it was the best thing ever. Fast forward 10 years, I started to get the itch again. After lots of research and reading the NINETY SIX reviews on hyperflight (Can't go wrong with the overwhelming reviews), it was an obvious choice that the elf DLG should be my reintro to RC. I don't regret the decision at all. Went together very fast and easy! my setup is 1 HS-35 servo and one HS-40 servo, 6ch lemon rx and 200mah lipo,
This plane flies great right out of the box(with the exception of CG preference)! The CG was exactly at the quoted 75mm without any adjustment. Although for me with it set at this CG, the elf was a roller coaster. Reading up on it again I added some weight to the nose to move the CG to 65mm, and BAM!!!! Flew so well didn't want to come home from the flying feild, but the sun was setting and the mosquitoes are ravenous here. With the added weight to shift the CG forward to 65mm, AUW of my elf is 98grams. Hands down this is the most well behaved docile flyer. It is so nice to have something easy and fast to put together and fly with little mods right out of the box!

The shipping service from hyperflight was excellent also. Received within a week.
Thank you Vladimirs models and hyperflight for supplying such a wonderful DLG :)

Vladimir's Models Elf Wing Bags
 Every sword needs a scabbard
Review by Randolph on 6 Aug 2017

This is a must have for storage and if you are travelling to your site with the elf. Protects and keeps the wing looking like new. Was a little concerned that it wouldn't fit over the launch pegs and velcro wouldn't connect, but those concerns were laid to rest as i slid them over the wings!

White Wing Attachment Tape
 My 1st order
Review by Tom on 4 Aug 2017

This tape deserves all the great reviews it receives. After trying many different tapes, I extended my web search and crossed the ocean. The shipping costs was worth every penny ... if you want the best wing tape, I hope you follow my lead. I used PayPal and in just 8 days it arrived at my door in Ohio ! Needless to say, I bookmarked HyperFlight.

Vitaprop 14 x 9.5 Folding prop blades
 VitaProp 14-9.5' folding props.
Review by Nicholas Pusey on 4 Aug 2017

I bought a pair of these a few days ago off Neil and I installed them on a Nan models Orion and wow, I had a pair of nylon blades on before and swapped them out and wow what a difference, she will climb vertical which the nylons wouldn't, fantastic blades, I want another set for another glider. Awesome blades.

Thanks Neil.

KST DS125MG Wing Servo - 0.12s 27g 10mm
Review by Nicholas Pusey on 4 Aug 2017

I bought 4 of these off Neil for my Nan models Orion and wow, value for money, amazing!

Brilliant servos, powerful, no slop and very efficient.

They fly my machine around like nothing else I have had before.

KST DS145MG Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
Review by Nicholas Pusey on 4 Aug 2017

I bought 2 of these off Neil for my Nan models Orion and wow, value for money, amazing!

Brilliant servos, powerful, no slop and very efficient.

They fly my machine around like nothing else I have had before.

38mm HyperSpinner for 3.17mm (1/8") shafts
 38mm Hyperspin
Review by Nicholas Pusey on 4 Aug 2017

So I Bought this spinner off Neil, second one and its a splendid spinner, lightweight, easy to use and very efficient.

I would recommend this spinner to any modeller, I have it on a Taser carbon and a Nan Models Orion.


2mm Carbon Rod
Review by Anonymous on 4 Aug 2017

I'm happy with my order. Just remember that when cutting these carbon rods with a small hacksaw, make sure to go careful near the end of the cut. They will fray slightly at the ends. A fine-tooth file cleans it up nicely though.
No complaints.

Blue Bird BMS-A53M
Review by Tom Satinet on 2 Aug 2017

I feel this is a good servo. Slop is low and the gears seem strong. Lots of power and very quick.

Samba RES 2
 Samba Res 2
Review by Mike on 30 Jul 2017

Although not started building yet I am very pleased with the quality of the parts I have inspected which come completely cut out and bagged up. I chose the Samba 2 over the Evo Because of the strength of the D box wing and have been pleasantly supprised that many of the design features of the Evo seem to have been used in the Samba 2, Tail, Airbrake, Wing mounting etc. I expect a fairly easy build although have spent some time translating key word of the German instructions using Google translate.

MKS DS65K Gold Label - 8.5mm 6.5g
Review by Gil on 28 Jul 2017

Fast shipping, and top notch quality servos, worth to put in a high end dlg

MKS DS65K Gold Label - 8.5mm 6.5g
Review by Gil on 28 Jul 2017

Fast shipping, and top notch quality servos, worth to put in a high end dlg

Ripmax SD150 Servo - 9.1mm 9.9g
 Good product good service
Review by Dick Wood on 28 Jul 2017

Looking for a servo to fit the space this product fills the bill. Quick service helped the job along

Ripmax SD150 Servo - 9.1mm 9.9g
 Good product good service
Review by Dick Wood on 28 Jul 2017

Looking for a servo to fit the space this product fills the bill. Quick service helped the job along

Kappa 40 F5J
 Kappa 40 F5J Spread Carbon
Review by Michael Connell on 27 Jul 2017

Review of Kappa 40 F5J Spread Carbon.
I decided to spend some cash on a new F5J glider. This is based on the fact you cannot take it with you when you go. Only the best will do and no expense spared. I regularly compete in the Bartletts league and F5J. The first question is what to buy? We are spoilt for choice with all the models available. I had not seen a Kappa 40 in the flesh but it looked good to me when Skip Miller was testing a Kappa 35 on U Tube. I was sold.
I thought that looks competitive and it’s different. The flying weight was quoted 1315 grams and it look state of art and modern. I am not technical enough to discuss the merits of high aspect wings etc. The advertising says it banks in a very tight circle and it does. The first flight was 10 minutes plus in not very good conditions. I suspect in competition that will change.
I bought the most expensive model from Hyperflight and that was spread carbon model which came in a red/orange livery. It looks very attractive to me. The electric motor is a Leomotion 3007-5000 F5J 6.7:1, YGE 60 Esc, Elevator, Rudder, Ailerons, MKS DS 6100, and Flaps, KTS DS125MG. RX Futaba R617FS. All items new. Total cost £2,500.00 plus or minus a few pounds.
The model came in a large box and well packed. There are no assembly instructions. The standard or manufacture is very good in my opinion.
You need some experience to assemble this model and other models I would suggest. There was a bag of profiled ply bits which I could not fathom. I contacted Neil who came back with a drawing. The drawing showed how to assemble the bits to hold the elevator and rudder servos. I did not like the design so I installed my own design. I then had to install the pushrods for the elevator and rudder. I used some magnets which held the pushrod in place and then ran some cyno down the fuse. The finished installation is a very firm with no slop at all. In my opinion the elevator is the most important servo on the glider.
The next operation was install the motor. The fuse comes with the firewall already installed. The Leomotion motor has a stepped front. You cannot fix directly to the firewall. So I cut a 4mm Circle of plywood and placed over the step. The circle was pre-drilled and stuck to the motor. I then attached the ESC and tested before installing. The fuse nose is very long. To attach the motor I used 2.5mm threaded rod and pulled the assembly into place and then fixed with the motor screws. I ensured there was a good flow of air through the firewall. The next job was to fit the servos in the wings. The wings come with pre-cut holes for the electric connectors. A little bit of filing was needed but it all went together without a problem. The aileron and flap horns are fitted and include the servo control rod. I used wood mounting frames which are glued to the wing with cyno or epoxy. The aileron servos are hot glued in place and the flap servos fixed with screws. It all went together with little fuss. I made the wiring harness and used a multiplex connector for connection to the wing. The wing fits directly on the fuse and then held with 2 bolts. I bought some very expensive Vitoprop but they did not sit against the fuse. Neil would not accept them back as he said they had been used, which they had not. Anyone, going cheap. The CG was back too much. I was going to use a 1300 x 3 x 30C battery but the glider was too light at the front. I had a 2200 x 3 x 30C battery and that was perfect. The CG is spot on. I am about 100 grams over the published flying weight but there is nothing I can do about that. The watt meter showed 37 amps 360, watts which is more than enough. 248 watts a kilo. I could have got away with a 40 amp ESC but the 60 amp will not get stressed. I did many calculations on E-Calc, and it was correct.
I have been advised it Kappa 40 will fly up to 15 – 20 mph. There is no method of ballasting it, but I am working on that.
My opinion so far is that I am pleased and think it has good potential. I look forward to seeing you on the flying filed.

18.3mm - 8mm x 1.1m Tapered Carbon Boom
Review by Anonymous on 25 Jul 2017


18.3mm - 8mm x 1.1m Tapered Carbon Boom
Review by Anonymous on 25 Jul 2017


Carboline SC26/2/45 Spread Carbon Fabric +/- 45° 26g/m²
Review by jpherit on 25 Jul 2017

It is a pleasure to deal with Neil and his bank in the US made payment easy. The Carboline arrived promptly; it is an amazing product!

Inside-F5J 2.9m
 Inside-F5J 2.9m
Review by Lloyd Davies on 24 Jul 2017

I am so pleased with my Inside F5J. It is really cheap and flies superbly. Running 6 servos independently in the wing and only a 3s 1300mAh battery. I regularly get >30 minute flights from flat field. 40 minutes the other day and had to force her out the thermal. Everyone at the field likes this model and have been around gliders for years. Very pleased and well worth the money and building effort. Would buy again.

Deans Micro Plug and Socket MPN 1241 - Black
 Deans Micro Plug and Socket MPN 1241 - Black
Review by Anonymous on 23 Jul 2017

Excellent quality and quick delivery

Deans Micro Plug and Socket MPN 1242 - Red
Review by Deans Micro Plug and Sock on 23 Jul 2017

Excellent quality and quick delivery

Stark 2017 DLG
 Stark 2017
Review by Anonymous on 23 Jul 2017

Very good value for money. Ideal price for a beginner in F3K.
However, with no detailed build instructions it might be daunting for a beginner.
Just had a very flights so far quite pleased.

Carboline SC39/2 Spread Carbon - sample
 Carboline sc39/2 spread tow carbon sample
Review by Steve Rogers on 23 Jul 2017

I bought this cloth to reinforce the lower edge of the tail fin on my Blaster DLG , constant contact on landing was just showing wear at this point. The material is perfect for my needs and a joy to use ,being very easy to wet out and apply.
A remarkably tough and almost in visible repair.
I ordered the small sample but recieved the larger piece at no extra cost. As usual I am delighted with my dealings with Hyperflight ,thank you Neil

Hinge Tape 24mm
 24mm hinge tape
Review by Anonymous on 23 Jul 2017

As Neil says ,a very sticky tape that is not going to part in use. Ideal for backing up torn surface hinging on moulded wings.

Blue Bird BMS-105HV Servo - 0.09s 10.9g 10mm
Review by Anonymous on 21 Jul 2017

Top Servo for all functions

Kappa 25 F5J-400
 Review from Australia
Review by Derry on 12 Jul 2017

I have only just completed the model and had half a dozen trimming flights. The Kappa arrived at my home in Queensland, 10 days after ordering, which I think is brilliant, well done HyperFlight, some Australian company’s cant process and deliver an order to me in that amount of time.

The model was removed from the box with much anticipation, no damage, plenty of bubble wrapping had been used for shipping. The workmanship and finish of all the model parts is excellent. I have just returned to modelling after 25 years and I have never owned any thing like this before, so I spent a couple of weeks looking and planning before I started the build, thinking "would have liked a basic set of construction details etc with control throws, etc.". Google to the rescue.

She went together easily after deciding the position of the fin and rudder. a bit of a grey area, found photos on RC groups, of fin and rudder mounted on top of the boom and some with the rudder extending to the bottom of the boom. Went with the second option. Cut the boom to give me 1200mm to the LE of the rudder and then extended the rudder down to the bottom of the boom. Possibly wrong choice, she came out tail heavy, even with a rearward CG of 75mm. I have 22grms of weight taped to the back of the esc. All motor / esc wires were shortened as much as I could and the battery is pushed as far forward as it will go. I used 1mm carbon fibre inside PTFE tubing for the rudder and elevator pushrods. R&E servos are fitted at the rear of the hatch area is a fiddly job.

Wing servos were then wrapped in tape and then glued in place with ply servo frames. I went a bit overboard and epoxyed in some extra small blocks around the servos. The wing wiring harness was soldered up to the mini deans plugs with a lot of swearing, not a job I enjoyed. The receiver aerials were exited - 1 thru the top and 1 thru the side of the fuse. With everything mounted including the extra 22 grms and battery she came out at 870 grms - a little over weight. my servos, esc, motor and battery are heavier than the items in the model spec sheet.

The radio - Futaba 10j - was programmed as per full house sailplanes and with the motor on a switch. Spent a week looking and checking and double checking then down to the club field.

Range checked out OK.
Cool, early morning, no breeze
A good firm hand launch, no motor, she just flew straight out and kept going.
no control inputs until a flair to land.
Next, turn on the motor and launch, needed down to maintain a steady climb, climb rate was good, all control throws were to much, first flight was just over 4 min.
The next five flights were used to check and adjust control throws.

I am very happy with the way Kappa flew, and she will only improve as I continue with the tuning process.

Gear used: Dualsky eco 2216 Kv 980
Motor: Hyperion G7- 900 x3s
Esc: Hefei 45a.g
Servos: Ail / Ripmax 150, Flap/ Corona, R&E / Hitec HS45hb.

I am not happy with any of the servos I used / they do not centre very well. Apart from that I am very pleased with the plane.


38mm HyperSpinner for 6mm shafts
Review by Anonymous on 11 Jul 2017

High quality product

Corona DS843MG Servo - 9.1mm 10.5g
Review by Antonio on 11 Jul 2017

High quality product

 x res
Review by nigel Bennett on 11 Jul 2017

Excellent quality parts and cutting.
English build instructions would be a help, as with the wing centre section its quite easy to go wrong. Very important to fully trial fit all ribs and spoiler box before gluing anything.
Still building.

Strike 2 1m DLG
Review by Taanas on 9 Jul 2017

Thank you for your help.
I got late with repeated business trips but today I was able to fly for the first time.
I intended to test flight, but I am surprised to go up beautifully.
Production was like a beginner because DLG is the third aircraft, but it was completed with 107 g batteries.
Servo = Hitec HS-5035HD × 4
Lipo = 1 s 300 mAh 112 g (including ballast) CG = 59 mm

Sapphire Fuselage-suitable for 1.5m-3m gliders & eSoarers
Review by Anonymous on 8 Jul 2017


Sapphire Fuselage-suitable for 1.5m-3m gliders & eSoarers
Review by Anonymous on 8 Jul 2017


Frame for MKS DS6125 Mini (pair)
 Frames for D 6125 mini
Review by Roger on 8 Jul 2017

Good fit for KST X10 mini.

Vitaprop 11 x 6 Folding prop blades
 beautiful blades
Review by Be on 7 Jul 2017

Very nicely made blades, cannot say for sure if they work better than the blades they replaced as it was not a like for like replacement.

AndREaS Elektro RES
 Some Question
Review by Jeong Jin on 7 Jul 2017

Most of them were satisfactory, but there are some questions.
Res fuselage and tail wings were manuals, but wings do not have manuals. Was it originally? There is also one iron rod for connecting the fuselage with two holes. Was it originally?

Vitaprop 11 x 6 Folding prop blades
 Some Question
Review by Jeong Jin on 7 Jul 2017

Most of them were satisfactory, but there are some questions.
Res fuselage and tail wings were manuals, but wings do not have manuals. Was it originally? There is also one iron rod for connecting the fuselage with two holes. Was it originally?

Leomotion/Neu/P29 Motor Mount - 38 mm
Review by on 7 Jul 2017

Very well made, nice machine work. Highly recommend.

HyperFlight 162 cm (64") Glider Bag
Review by Barry on 5 Jul 2017

Great bag very pleased. Such fast service. Well done Hyperflight. I agree with other reviews maybe a few loops for fixing a shoulder strap at least. Wouldn't be to difficult or costly. Its always good to improve a good product.

Samba RES Evo
 Samba RES Evo
Review by Greg MCGill on 4 Jul 2017

As part of our effort to look at a wide spectrum of F3RES kits, we acquired the Samba a couple of months ago. We have completed one, but not flown it yet. The kit has been exceptional for fit and finish. All parts are laser cut, and already freed from the carrier sheets, so there is very little to do. The fuselage, for instance, was assembled entirely without use of either razor blade or knife, until it was time to finish sand. Typically, all parts are separated into small bags, and once you figure out the logic, it is easy to find what ever part is needed. Sticks are even bundled: wing spars are in one bundle, fuselage longerons in another (and, they are pre-cut to proper length!). There is even a pre-bent wire for the canopy latch, and a nice little tow hook. Some of the assemblies, because I am alergic to CA, took some study to get right, but we assembled ours almost entirely with Titebond glue. Thin CA would make assembly very easy indeed. Parts all fit, and are almost entirely self-jigging for straightness. As a build, I recommend this kit very much. Final build weight: 392g/14oz. We are looking forward to the first flight opportunity.

HyperFlight 0.5/1.0 Pushrod Set
 Super Duper Service
Review by Jamie on 4 Jul 2017

Just thought it worth noting:
website 5*
delivery 5*
quality of product 5*
All round ... Super Duper ***
If only the pizza box had gone through the letter box it would have Super de Duper ****

2.0mm Carbon Tube
 2.0mm Carbon Tube
Review by Paul on 3 Jul 2017

2.0mm Carbon Tube, i used this tube in my snipe build to make my aileron push rods,did not like the stock push rod set up advice was taken from paul naton build of the snipe which i purchased from him on dvd

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Bought more.
Review by Mark on 2 Jul 2017

See previous review.

Oralight Transparent Red 31-029 Covering Film
 Transparent red oralite
Review by Mark on 1 Jul 2017

Really fantastic easy to use product. I used it to cover a home build 1m DLG called a Mimi. Prompt, well packaged dispatch. Thanks.

20SWG 0.89mm Stainless Steel Wire (1.5 m)
 Order review
Review by Richard Lewis on 1 Jul 2017

Wonderful service with out any hic ups

HyperFlight 750 mAh 4.8V NiMH Battery
Review by Scott Miller on 1 Jul 2017

Nice product and nice packing job. Oregon is a long way from England, but everything arrived in great condition. And quickly.

Sprite Thermal-e
 Sprite, a work of art
Review by Mike A on 30 Jun 2017

I received the Spread Carbon Sprite Thermal last week. It arrived in perfect condition.
Among my flying friends I am known for being pinicity and striving for perfection. I have to say this model's quality is perfection. It is sooo beautiful in both design and quality. It is also extremely light. How I will ever throw this work of art off a cliff , will be difficult!! :). I have yet to build and fly but can see it is something very special and slippery. Absolutely delighted.

Vitaprop 11 x 6 Folding prop blades
Review by Mark S on 27 Jun 2017

Over the years I have tried most available props. This is definitely at the top of the list. Excellent quality, light weight, good thrust and an added bonus it looks great too. Thanks Hyperflight for providing us with quality products.

Vladimir's Models Adjustable Tow Hook
Review by Don Cherry on 26 Jun 2017

As always, brilliant service from Neil. Top quality item very easy to install - recommended.

KST DS145MG Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
 Nicely engineered feel, and efficient
Review by Adrian on 26 Jun 2017

Fast delivery, much appreciated. I really like the solid engineered feel of these servos. In my "wing" glider, 2 servos use up very little battery power - my experience over many outings is that 2 typically consume 155mA per hour in total, which is great for those wishing to use smaller capacity batteries for space/lightness reasons, or just enjoy plenty of hours flying between charges.

Frame with bearing for the KST DS125, DS135, DS225 (pair)
 Frame with bearing for the KST DS125
Review by PW on 26 Jun 2017

Quality product, easy to install, will prolong the life of the servo, enables easy removal of the servo for maintenance or replacement even on the slope. This will become a standard item on all my models.

KST DS125MG Wing Servo - 0.12s 27g 10mm
 KST DS125MG Wing Servo
Review by PW on 26 Jun 2017

I recently bought a 2.3m Schwing. My standard wing servo choice for such a model would be a Hitec 125mg however I decided this time to look for something with a higher torque and faster movement for the Schwing. Looking at the data of the KST DS125MG wing servo it was similar in size and the speed was 0.02 seconds faster than the Hitec 125 servo. However the torque was double that of the Hitec 125. At on £1 extra the decision was made and I ordered 4 from KTS 125's with the servo frame and bearing kit from Neil. Receiving the usual excellent service from the Hyperflight team the ordered arrived 36hr later (it was a Sunday when I ordered). The servos are very well made and operate precisely. They were easy to install into the wing using the frame bearing kit which will allow my to remove the servos for repair or replacement even on the slope. I have yet to complete the fuselage on the model and fly it but I am very happy with the servos during installation and bench testing. Over all great performance and value.

Brass M2 6mm Micro Horn (2)
 Good quality rods
Review by Walter Haslinger on 24 Jun 2017

Good buy, good quality and fast delivery, can recommend Hyperflight

Frame for KST X08 (pair)
 KST 08 frames
Review by Don Ginthner on 24 Jun 2017

Perfect fitting frames, Quick service, good price.....

Super / Hyper AVA Pro 26mm - 9mm x 1.14m Homebuilder's Boom
Review by N.Coates on 24 Jun 2017

Bought this to replace the boom I broke on my Sprite Hot-E. Might be very slightly thicker but is a perfect fit if you have it delivered uncut.
Thanks Hyperflight. Another component delivered with speed and safely packaged.

KST DS215MG HV Servo - 0.05s 19g 12mm
 A great value high performance servo
Review by George on 22 Jun 2017

Just as good as the "other brand" at a much more affordable price. Fast, slop-free and powerful. What's not to like!

Longshot 4 DLG
Review by walter wright on 21 Jun 2017

Very pleased with the kit and assembly is progressing well.One of your recommended receivers is the Spectrum 6100e. On the spec for the receiver it states not suitable for Carbon fusalages. I presume the Longshot fus is a carbon/glass composite and the 6100e is ok.Do you recommend poking the short aerials through the sides of the fuselage.

32mm HyperSpinner Power for 4mm shafts
Review by Paul on 20 Jun 2017

This gives precision and friction free turning as there is no play at the root when used with hyperflight blades. This is a bit more costly but its worth it at a small additional cost. The reduced vibration must benefit the model.

Medium-Light Servo Extension Cable
Review by Anonymous on 19 Jun 2017

Good quality copper wires making it easy to solder to connectors plus perfect for making up your own ends/leads as it is the right size for crimping.

Deans Micro Plug and Socket MPN 1242 - Red
Review by Anonymous on 19 Jun 2017

Excellent quality connectors with very good tight contacts.

Oralight Bright Red 31-022 Covering Film
 bright red
Review by b-a englund on 19 Jun 2017

very good Product superb service i am very pleased
thank you.

Elf Mini DLG
 Elf Mini
Review by Anonymous on 14 Jun 2017

Fast becoming my favorite glider.
As long as you appreciate this is designed for no wind or VERY low wind it floats like a feather.
It is so easy to fly, the glide slope is so shallow, very easy to launch (DX8 with a launch mode setup, but minimal offsets need for a straight launch), it just hangs in the sky, you can fly it further away than I would have believed possible and still get it back for a hand catch for something so light.
So onto the build etc, ordered the Ripmax servos and a 2S Lipo, unfortunately both servos and lemon receiver i had pulled out of an existing plane just fried in a puff of smoke, I have no idea why or which component was to blame so lets move on.
Ordered the 150MAh bat x 2 + bluebird digital servos (so far cant praise the Bluebird servos enough, use them in my Sprite hot and they work very well)
Fitting space is very tight, ie the servo arms almost rub against the bottom of the fuse.
That said I have cut the arms down and am using the second hole out from the pivot center and I am confident the first hole would give enough movement on the control surfaces, this plane really does need minimal input to fly unless you are into mad aerobatics.
But the battery space is so limited !
Solution was to Dremel a 3mm recess into the battery mount area of the boom so it could sit lower (epoxied a bit of 220 carbon cloth on the underside to reinforce, pics available of the mod if anyone is interested) now a perfect fit for the 150 NiMh bat.
The only other issue was the wire on the end of the control rod kept popping out of the rudder control horn, simple solution was to use an offcut piece of carbon rod and 2 tiny rings of heat shrink to effectivly form a clevis (again pics available if needed)
No nose weight needed or axcessive trim required. I use a bit of tape to secure the nose in place but that's it.
If I lost or trashed it tomorrow I would order another one immediately its that much fun to fly.
As an introduction to DLG for a competent flyer of any RC plane I cant recommend it enough.
For a complete beginner I would say i would be a pleasure to fly with no wind and an instructor with a trainer mode slave transmitter, remember it is very light and delicate.
Side note, for slope fun and toughness I love my Weasel Trek

Happy Flying
Richard from Cumbria

Oralight Transparent Red 31-029 Covering Film
 Transparent covering
Review by Michael Shackell on 13 Jun 2017

This covering is of the highest quality and very easy to use.
Service from Hyperflight was first rate with product dispatched promptly and well packed. Many thanks to the Hyperflight team.

EMAX CF2822 Outrunner Brushless Motor
Review by David on 13 Jun 2017

Great little motor for the eBlaster but, having tried 2 cells, it seems best with a 3 cell LiPo achieving an impressive climb with the stated prop size. Very easy to replace the motor with quick release and positive replacement. After a fried esc I decided to go the whole hog and replace the motor as they are such good value.

M2 Stainless Steel Pushrod Ends for 2mm Rods (2)
Review by PT on 13 Jun 2017

Very nicely made. Fits my 2mm CF pushrod perfectly for glue joint. Threads are well formed. I also like the small glue hole. Well thought out design

White Wing Attachment Tape
Review by PT on 13 Jun 2017

Perfect combination of thickness, strength, adhesion & slight stretch. This is now my official go-to tape. Only thing that could be better is a 'clear' version :)

5mm Carbon Rod
Review by Brett on 12 Jun 2017

Strong, accurate sizing and really good quality. Quick delivery as always.

MKS HV6110 Servo - 10mm 10g
 fast delivery
Review by Anonymous on 11 Jun 2017

high quality servo.
4 days after ordering it was delivered to Germany

RES Dart Flying Wing
 res dart
Review by guillermo on 10 Jun 2017

recibí el kit en poco tiempo, material de calidad, instrucciones ausentes en la caja, hay que descargarlas en alemán y luego buscar su traducción a ingles en rcgroups. Requiere experiencia en construcción, así que cuando acabe os cuento. saludos

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