Prices shown exclude VAT 
KST X08 V5 HV Servo - 0.09s 8.4g 8mm
 KST - X08 Servo
Review by Kev on 6 Apr 2020

Fabby service every time.
Great products

PicoSwitch - Magnetic RC On-Off Switch for batteries JST BEC plugs
 Saves canopy damage
Review by paul gar on 6 Apr 2020

This little gadget saves removing canopy every time that you need to turn off power to the radio . Canopy should last much longer.

HyperLiPo 2S 300 mAh LiPo Battery
 Nice size to fit into nose of dlg
Review by paul gar on 6 Apr 2020

This battery fits into nose and still leaves a little room.

Contoured DLG Throwing Blade
 No more sore fingers
Review by paul gar on 6 Apr 2020

Fits my fingers well, pin type peg tends to dig into fingers.

MKS HV6110 Servo - 10mm 10g
 Recent purchase
Review by Garry on 6 Apr 2020

The servos I ordered were received in double quick time. Excellent service as always.

GM 12 x 8 Folding prop blades
Review by ferruccio on 6 Apr 2020

I have already tried these propellers in all sizes and for lightness and efficiency they are extraordinary

18.3mm - 8mm x 1.1m Tapered Carbon Boom
Review by ferruccio on 6 Apr 2020

excellent product, very light, perfect for my needs

MM1908-2050 / C20 Front Mount 26g 2050 RPM/V
 review not possible
Review by ferruccio on 6 Apr 2020

Unfortunately I never received the motorea even if I requested it.
I am amazed because I know your seriousness and precision but I cannot write anything.

Strike 3 Wing Bags
 Strike 3 wing bags
Review by Carl on 4 Apr 2020

These wing bags for the Strike 3 are beautifully made,fit perfect and were received in a few days to the US.

Blue Bird BMS-125WV Servo - 0.09s 11.3g 10mm
 Blue Bird BMS-125WV Servos
Review by Justin Mellor on 4 Apr 2020

These servos are accurate and good value for money.

Review by Aubrey Hack on 4 Apr 2020

Just finished the glider kit and like all of the other reviews I must say the wood selection and laser cutting were excellent. The kit went together without any problems even with German instructions. I'm putting the final touches to an electric fuselage which is a copy of the glider fuselage that has a cropped front because of weight with a built up tail in the same construction method of the main wing, carbon carbon rod and balsa ribs. This has caused a slight problem due to being too lite believe it or not and I'm switching battery and electronic components around to find the correct balance. Just need a little less Corona for a test flight.

GM 11x5 Folding prop blades
 Nice props
Review by Stein-V on 4 Apr 2020

Nice props fits well and always good service 👍

Leomotion L3007-5000 F5J 6.7:1
Review by Toshio Kimura on 4 Apr 2020

It is a valuable item that is not available in Japan
This shop is very accurate, kind and reliable.
Britain's departure from the EU is a good choice、
Because the EU structure is advantageous to Germany.

Integrated Drive System/Mono for MKS HV6110
Review by Toshio Kimura on 4 Apr 2020

It is a valuable item that is not available in Japan.

Hawk / Light Hawk 1m DLG
 Fragile yet strong
Review by Thomas Petersen on 3 Apr 2020

First of all, great service at Hyperflight thanks. This is a small fragile plan. A bit difficult build. There is very little room for servos, batt and receiver. There is no manual for this plane which I would have loved to have had. Flies great, can handle tough landings. Itís definitely worth the money.

Strike 3 DLG
Review by Barry T on 3 Apr 2020

Currently constructing the Strike 3, it is a quality model and well packaged for delivery by Hyperflight

Inside F5J 2.9m
 Inside 5fj
Review by Phil on 1 Apr 2020

Kit arrived safe. Looks great it hasnít been opened itís on its way to my home in Australia
Service was great no issues at all

Introduction F5J 2.9m
 Introduction 5fj
Review by Phil on 1 Apr 2020

The kit arrived promptly looks good, no English instructions so if your not an experienced builder or German then it may be an issue
Iím looking forward to building but it wonít be for a while the kit is on route to my home in Austrslia

Elf Mini DLG
 Elf DLG
Review by Philip Whiteley on 31 Mar 2020

I ordered an Elf from Hyperflight, it was dispatched within 24 hours and arrived at my doorstep in Australia in about a week. The model was well packed and arrived undamaged. The Elf is a work of art and no doubt it will fly as good as it looks. The service that Neil provides is first class and my other purchases have all received the same attention. I will not hesitate to purchase from Hyperflight again in the future.

HyperFlight 300 mAh 4.8V NiMH 31g Battery
 Excellent shop
Review by Ian Sant on 30 Mar 2020

Ordered the batteries in the afternoon and they arrived next day. Can't get better than that given our relative isolation in Mid Wales!

Samba RES Evo
 I like it
Review by Rastislav RehŠk on 29 Mar 2020

Yesterday I made maiden flight. It flew nice just on the first throw. After five minutes my wife asked why she can't hear engine.
The build was easy even though I am not so experiences balsa builder.

Vladimir's Self-Adhesive Servo Cover Sticker Set (4)
Review by Aubry GABANON on 29 Mar 2020

Perfect quality and very prompt service, as usual

Slite V2
Review by Anonymous on 27 Mar 2020

Next day delivery and really excellent packing....the type you keep 'because it is bound to come in useful sometime..!' Lovely to see a coloured and highly detailed plan with all the parts numbered on both plan and wood.
The quality of the wood laser cutting is the best I have seen as is the quality of the balsa and ply chosen. This a a beautifully engineered glider. I would claim that you do need prior building experience even though the german instructions are well illustrated. All parts are of course cut to the correct size but the order of 'events' and the glues used will have an effect on the final strength and performance. I have not actually started yet because I have some repairs to do on my Bird of Time but the package is a great incentive to get them finished so I can get this obviously high performance machine into the air. I am investigating launches via a small electric motor 6" x 3" folding prop and ESC......these will not have to be to competition standard as I only sport fly. I think I will just about be able to fit same into the existing fuselage by slightly widening at the nose. The fuselage is 26 mm wide at that point so a 23mm dia motor from Hyperfilght should fit. I look forward to a theraputic build.

Inside F5J 2.9m
 Inside F5j
Review by Lee Andrew Smalley on 27 Mar 2020

the kit is excellent, almost a jigsaw puzzle of a build, everything slots in where it should and fits almost perfectly, the only downside is that you have to print your own manual off unless your fluent in german, care has to be taken to ensure the fuselage stays straight, if you own a Jig this is not a problem, but the shear length of the fus will cause you a problem if your not careful, ailerons can also twist when covering if your over keen with the heat shrink, other than that it was a pleasure to build. flying wise it very simple and responds well to thermals and sink !! did suffer from wing flutter whilst trying to get out of thermal even with full crow, personally i would have liked another carbon spar in there. but keep the speed down to where it should be and you will be fine. overall a bargain and a great aircraft

M2 Stainless Steel Pushrod Ends for 1.8mm Rods (2)
Review by Anonymous on 26 Mar 2020

very nicely machined- smaller and lighter than I pictured (good)

GM 14 x 10F Folding prop blades Flat
Review by Olav JÝrgensen on 25 Mar 2020

Perfect folding aganist F5J fuselage with the GM spinner

Replacement Wing Attachment Screws
Review by bryan newstead on 25 Mar 2020

Great service as always
highly recommended and helpful advice.
thanks Neal

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
Review by Tom on 25 Mar 2020

As usual everything is great. These are very good little servos.

Carboline SC26/2/45 Spread Carbon Fabric +/- 45° 26g/m²
 Great material
Review by Naohiro Kurozumi on 25 Mar 2020

Carboline SC26 / 2/45 Spread Carbon Fabric has been carefully packed and delivered. It is used only for the upper surface of the main wing of 1M class DLG, and the lower surface is made of micro glass. I think that the rigidity of the upper surface alone is enough.

Stormbird Forza 2.5m 100"
 Storm bird Forza
Review by Brian Oxman on 21 Mar 2020

Excellent service from Hyperflight as usual, good levels of stock of models and accessories. This model does not disappoint, looks good goes together well and flies great. First flight without ballast in 22mph wind was brilliant, second flight with 11oz ballast in 24 mph wind was even better. Got 12mm brass rod for wing ballast but needed to grind down to 10mm, 5 1/2 oz in each wing. MKS 6130 for flaps, KST X 08H for ailerons and KST X12-508 for rudder and elevator. A 1600 Life batt and a couple of ozs lead in nose balanced it as per instructions and no trim change was required.

Integrated Drive System/Mono Midi Pushrod & Horn Set
 Badly need a manual/instruction
Review by Eddie3141 on 20 Mar 2020

I bought it in a set with Integrated system for Futaba servos. I was disappointed to get it without any instruction or manual. This is not simple product like a wooden frame. It has a lot of parts and connections between them. It was difficult for me to figure out how to connect the arm to the aileron/flap plug in. No even picture on site or in the item set. For this money (and from this storage) I believe we deserve one.

Snipe 2 DLG
 Snipe2 first air----update
Review by Mike on 18 Mar 2020

I now have 230+ hours on the S2, many contests and lots of flying. I have had a mid-air, hit trees and lost orientation where the plane ended up about three inches straight in like a lawn dart. I have been able to keep in the air with minor fixes for all of these mishaps with no new parts needed. Very well built plane that will hold up to the real life of a contest plane.

Blue Bird BMS-A10H WV Servo - 0.07s 7.4g 8mm
 Blue Bird Servo
Review by Ernie Buenafe on 18 Mar 2020

These are excellent quality servos capable of using 7.4 volts. Reasonably priced, I installed these on the Auri DLG powered with a 2-cell lipo receiver pack which increases their holding torque. I would buy them again.

Blue Bird BMS-115HV Servo - 0.09s 10.9g 10mm
Review by Eduardo Silva on 18 Mar 2020

very good servo

HyperFlight 182 cm (72") Glider Bag
 Essential equipment
Review by Gary Binnie on 18 Mar 2020

I have three of the next size down bags, recently bought a 4 metre Xplorer, the centre panel needed this larger bag, fits perfectly. Delivery was extremely fast (it always is).
Compared to my older bags the two dividing foam panels are thinner but they still do the job.

As a precaution I make sure that any protruding control horns face to the outside of the bag or not facing each other. 10/10.

32mm HyperSpinner Power for 3mm shafts
 32mm Spinner
Review by peter brett on 17 Mar 2020

Great service Neil

3mm x 0.27mm Carbon Strip
 3mm x 0.27mm Carbon Strip
Review by Dave on 16 Mar 2020

Really useful section that I haven't seen anywhere else, and super-fast service with very skilful packaging.

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Not impressed at all
Review by Steve on 14 Mar 2020

Out of the 3 I ordered 2 worked okay and the other just did not run right from the beginning. As it had no smoothness to it's running I used as a spoiler servo. Once installed and under a small load, on a 7.4V system, one-by-one they all burnt out. Not good.

Picares Longears F3J/F5J 2.5m
 Long Ears arrives in Melbourne Australia
Review by Michael Dwyer on 13 Mar 2020

Amazing service, thank you Hyperflight.
The big box of balsa & big plans arrived in perfect condition in less than one week.....
Solid box full of balsa , so it will take me a bit too get my non german head around it and produce a sailplane .....
Nice kit

KST 25T-5 Metal Servo Output Arm
Review by Andrea on 13 Mar 2020

Very good quality and fit perfectly with X10 and X10-710

Mini Q Slope/Electric Sports Racer
 Mini Q slope
Review by Chris Chambers on 11 Mar 2020

Just got back from a maiden flight with the Mini Q. What a plane! Been flying slope for 20yrs and love small, quick and aerobatic gliders. This thing ticks all the boxes. 15mph wind and away she went. Beautiful axel rolls and good turn of speed. No hint of tip stall when I slowed her down into wind.
My advice, go with the recommended C of G. It seemed insanely too far forward to me but worked. Also donít forget the 3mm of up trim. Never had a model require this before but it works.

38mm HyperSpinner Power for 5mm shafts
 Good Product
Review by Phil on 10 Mar 2020

Works well. Nicely balanced and light weight. Clever how the design allows most of the leading arm to be recessed behind the edge of the spinner

Leomotion L3007-5000 F5J 6.7:1
Review by Toshio Kimura on 10 Mar 2020

This wonderful motor can not be purchased in Japan.
I love the fast delivery of HyperFlight.
a lot of thanks.

Shinto F3F Racer Glider 3m
 Great Shipping and Plane
Review by Jim on 10 Mar 2020

My Shinto came today in good order. You have the best shipping in the industry. I was pleasantly surprised to find, ballast, nose weight, wing, tail and fuselage bags and wiring all in the box. Thank you,

KST DS135MG Mini Wing Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
Review by Richard on 9 Mar 2020

Have these in most of my gliders, and have never failed. Delivered within 24 hours, great value too.

Frame with bearing for the KST X10, X10 Mini, DS125, DS135 and DS225 (2)
 Frame with bearing for the KST X10, X10 Mini, DS12
Review by Chris Johnson on 9 Mar 2020

Great servo frames and as always great service

Elf Mini DLG
 ELF mini DLG
Review by Trevor on 6 Mar 2020

ELF ordered on Friday and received on Monday! Very well packaged in a strong cardboard box. Build (?) almost completed now, just need to set CoG, then await a suitable day. I have to say I have used Hyperflight in the past and have always found the service excellent.

Replacement Gear Set for MKS HV6100 HV6110
 Replacement gear set for MKSHV6100
Review by Graeme on 5 Mar 2020

I have recently purchased a large amount of product from Hyperflight over many orders each package has arrived in quick time and correct, the replacement gear sets are great, I still haven't found on youtube how to replace the first gear closest to electric motor.

HyperFlight 182 cm (72") Glider Bag
Review by PD-TUG on 5 Mar 2020

Very nice and well made bag fits my 4m F5j plane perfect

Blue Bird BMS-101AMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Excellent Packaging
Review by Tim Arnold on 5 Mar 2020

I just love the way everything arrives so well packaged and on time

Vladimir's Models Sprite & 2m Glider Wing Bags
 Wing Bags
Review by Kev on 4 Mar 2020

Great wing bags at a competitive price.
Fabby quick service from hyperflight

Gap Seal Tape 20mm
 Gap Seal 20mm
Review by Maurice Culverwell on 4 Mar 2020

Tape shipped immediately and I was actually surprised at just how quickly I received it here in the USA. It was easy to apply! Worked flawlessly to replace a section that was missing on a used glider I recently bought.

PicoSwitch - Magnetic RC On-Off Switch for batteries JST BEC plugs
 My trusted magnetic switch.
Review by Bšnz on 4 Mar 2020

A lot of my friends use Zepsus. I find the Practical RC products more reliable. The microcontroller in the Practical RC switches handles the states better, with a defined state on power up (on) and reliable long term state. I never unplug my Picoswitches. Even after the winter my batteries are still holding their charge from when I stored them. I have observed how other switches randomly turn on during storage, deep discharging - and destroying - the battery. You will tell me, you just have to unplug the switch during storage - I am telling you use a switch from Practical RC and you don't have to do that.

Blaster 3 Fin
Review by Justus on 4 Mar 2020

I was looking for a replacement fin for my Helios 1. The blaster fin was an exact fit for the preshaped fuselage and did not need any modification to install.

Delivery was quick and in good order

Vladimir's Models Pushrod Exit Fairings (2)
Review by Neil Watts on 3 Mar 2020

Used on the top mounted flap exits they make a tidy exit for the pushrod. Usual great service from Hyperflight

Kritka 2 Shrouded Servo Cover (2)
Review by Neil Watts on 3 Mar 2020

Used as a replacement for ABS , these covers are excellent, as is the service from Hyperflight

Ripmax SD100 Servo - 8.1mm 4.7g
Review by Anonymous on 2 Mar 2020

it works as I thought

Stormbird Forza 2.5m 100"
 First Impressions
Review by Charles on 29 Feb 2020

Fit and finish is top notch for the money. Wings are very nice and the WMD version is extremely stiff with little weight penalty, 8 mm servos are required for the ailerons. Nice to find that a wiring loom was included with the kit, but curiously no snake for the rudder although snake ends are included. No problems with the factory fitted horns which speed up the building process. The fuselage is ideal for modern hi voltage set ups with lots of space for long Lion batteries, a small powerful servo is needed for the elevator as installation is quite tight.

32mm VM Pro Spinner for 6mm shafts
Review by Bert Laan on 28 Feb 2020

This spinner was bought with the VM blades and fits near perfectly along the fuselage. They do show up that a fuselage is not straight. Very well made and the blades are razor sharp. They make a frightening meat slicer. Service and delivery was top notch as always.

Stick-on Trim Sheets - BLACK
 Works well on Oratex
Review by David on 28 Feb 2020

Iíve used this trim several times before with great results on glassed balsa wings, also to make my Sapphire less invisible against sky however I was unsure how well it would stick to the texture finish of Oratex. Glad to say it sticks well and can be repositioned easily before final grab occurs and without lifting the woven surface. It isnít cheap but you get what you pay for, in this case an excellent product.
Very efficient speedy delivery.

0.5mm Carbon Rod
 Carbon Rod
Review by Terry on 28 Feb 2020

I ordered 0.5, 0.8 and 1mm carbon rod so will review all in one review.
I have ordered from Hyperflight before and have been very satisfied with price and delivery. So it is this time with high quality products all in stock and super fast delivery well packed.
Top marks Hyperflight.

Tow Hook - Large
 Very nice adjustable tow hook for bungee
Review by Pete on 27 Feb 2020

Bought to install in a 2m RBCKits RES-EAGLE for F3-RES competition off bungee it gives about 25mm adjustment in about 1mm steps. Very nice machining of alloy and steel parts and a nice 3mm ply template for a fuselage floor mounting slot. Would be even better if the lock hex bolt didn't protrude a few mm below the base as I think this technically breaches strict BARCS F3-RES rules. The alloy base itself seems to protrude slightly over 3mm so might need 1/8th inch ply or a 1mm liner inside to make really flush. Last ask: if the laser cut ply template was say 40mm x 100mm I could have used it directly instead if as a template. But for all that it's far nicer than I could hope to make! I will buy more for certain.

Blue Bird BMS-115HV Servo - 0.09s 10.9g 10mm
Review by Hal A on 27 Feb 2020

A very quick, sure servo. For its size it handles moving the flaps on my Ultima 2 quite well. No slop, lots of power. Looking at using them again on my next F5J.

VM 11 x 7 Folding prop blades
 Blade size
Review by Gordon on 26 Feb 2020

Unused as yet, hence the rating.
Very neat fit in a vladimir 32mm spinner.
Worth noting that the diameter on this centre piece matches the specified size. Other props Aeronaut/Graupner are usually sized based on a bigger middle piece.
Very light,slim and neat fitting blades.

KST X08H V5 HV Horizontal Lug Servo - 0.09s 8.4g 8mm
 KST Quality
Review by Paul C on 26 Feb 2020

The usual great KST Quality and fantastic service from Neil and his team.

Dream-Flight Flight Pack for Dream-Flight Ahi
 Servo set
Review by Mike Jones on 26 Feb 2020

They fit perfectly, using them is a "no brainer" As other have said perfect balance straight out of the box

Yellow Wing Attachment Tape
 Attachment tape
Review by Bob on 26 Feb 2020

Yellow wing attachment tape is perfect for attaching yellow wings. Also quite useful for hingeing. Being translucent it will not cover up a different colour beneath it. For example, if it is put over a solid blue covering it will result in a green stripe.

PicoSwitch - Magnetic RC On-Off Switch for batteries JST BEC plugs
 No fob?
Review by Dave on 25 Feb 2020

I've got to be honest and say I'm disappointed that these switches don't come with a fob for the small magnet that is supplied, I'm sure I can glue it to lollipop stick or something but surely better to supply the switch with a fob even if it cost a little more.

KST DS125MG Wing Servo - 0.12s 27g 10mm
 KST DS125MG Wing Servo†
Review by Kevin Johnson on 25 Feb 2020

Super fast service as usual from hyperflight. Bought 4 of these for a Greacalis 3m glider
The servos are quality servos. No slop. Well made. Good centering
Strong and reliable
Highly recommended.

Elf Mini DLG
 Elf mini DLG
Review by Martin Pile on 25 Feb 2020

Great little glider to put together , although manual could be updated as pointed by other purchases .
No missing parts and arrived in a very sturdy box and in good condition by ( parcelfarce )within a couple of days of ordering .
Nice to know the glider is well rated on RCGroups and Hyperflight as well ..

PicoSwitch - Magnetic RC On-Off Switch for batteries with RC plugs
Review by Johnforty on 25 Feb 2020

Excellent units that mean no switches or holes to let water in. All done by magnet/s. Would be good to find a charging system that can be done similarly. J

KST X08 V5 HV Servo - 0.09s 8.4g 8mm
Review by Mark on 24 Feb 2020

Switched back to KST X08 for my latest dlg as I want to use a 2s lipo and my current servos were not 2s compatible. Used plenty of X08's before from my first Blaster 3 that I had off Neil, through many other planes to my current Auri, and they have always been rock solid for me. Usual high class service from Neil, I wouldn't shop anywhere else.

HyperFlight 182 cm (72") Glider Bag
 Great bag for 4m F5j glider
Review by Phil R on 22 Feb 2020

This is my second bag from Hyperflight and I'm again very happy with the product. I'm using this larger bag with a 4m Voyager F5j and it fits very well. The width for the wing is enough without being to wide, and the bag is nice and long to fully hold the fuse.

VM 16 x 8.5 Folding prop blades
 Vladimir Pro props
Review by Brad on 22 Feb 2020

These props have perfect balance and fit the fuse very tight reducing drag. I would buy again

Mini Q Slope/Electric Sports Racer
 Mini Q Slope
Review by Ian Williams on 20 Feb 2020

Very pleased with the quality of the moulding. Iíll be using this on the slope.

The mid body plywood bulkhead where the wing spar would be now has a fiberglass bridge that makes the wing completely rigid. Well done.

The fin needs a little fettling to get it to fit, but once the gel coat is sanded off the mating surfaces, thereís very little that needs to be taken off the fin sides to get it to fit. The nose cone is a bit of a sloppy fit, which is a good thing so thereís room for some carbon / epoxy packing. I didnít like their metal clevises so I am using black MPJ plastic ones as they match the carbon horn.

Fast and well packed service as ever. As soon as it stops raining, Iíll be heading for the hills.

KST DS135MG Mini Wing Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
 KS Ds135 Mg
Review by BL on 20 Feb 2020

Fast delevery, correct price.
Very good servos for the price
I will buy anothers!

Alt 1m DLG
 Alt 1m
Review by Carl on 19 Feb 2020

I just finished building all the structure( wing,elev/stab,fin,rudder,and fues).It took about 3 days to build,a few hours a day.The wood is good and the laser cutting excellent.All the parts fit perfectly,very nice to build.Take your time lining up the wing ribs to avoid having to undo them.I fiberglassed the bottom of the fues and around the rear where the carbon boom exits.I also put carbon fiber on the rudder,fin,elevator and stab.I hope it flies as well as it was to build.Great bargain.

Sapphire Ultralight Fuselage-suitable for 1.5m-2.5m gliders & eSoarers
 Ultra light Sapphire fuselage
Review by Richard on 18 Feb 2020

Exceptional quality, light and robust, great value, fits my Horejsi Hot Shot like a glove. Exceptional service yet again. Thanks.

Strike 3 Wing Bags
Review by David on 17 Feb 2020

It fits perfect for my Hawk!! Thanks you.

Vladimir's Models Wing, Fuselage and Tail Bags for the Snipe
Review by David on 17 Feb 2020

It fits also perfect for my Auri!! Thanks for your quick delivery to Germany!

HyperFlight 1.3/2 Pushrod Set
Review by Neil R on 17 Feb 2020

Good items - very good length, which is why they were bought. Need to be installed as straight as possible. Very good service.

RES Dart Electric
Review by Alan Mayhew on 15 Feb 2020

Kit is of high standard. English instructions not readily available. The one that is online is very poor.

 Very Disappointed
Review by Phil on 14 Feb 2020

The product blurb claims "The PWM frequency is automatically optimised for the motor" so I'm very disappointed that it performs so badly with the 12 pole mini quad racing motor that I am using in my pylon racer, driving a 4 cell/2750Kv setup. The 240,000 rpm limit for a 2 pole motor (40,000 rpm for a 12 pole motor) is breached well before full power off load. Under load (c. 80% of off load revs) the esc just about keeps up with full speed but "misfires" (hesitates) the motor at around the mid throttle position. With a price tag in excess of £90 I was expecting a lot better. I could try programming via the USB interface but frankly it's not worth it for another £33. You can get better controllers for under £20 eg the Turnigy Plush 40A which has a much higher switching speed of 300,000 rpm for 2 pole motor (I have two and they work brilliantly - very smooth)

Pico Switch RED/F5J Backup System & Magnetic Switch
 Works well
Review by Rod Scrivener on 13 Feb 2020

Very small and light i am using it on an explorer f5j as i am stretching the yge esc (bec set to 7.4v) to its limits and wanted a backup in case it fries. I have a tiny 260 mah two cell lipo and a tiny 5v 6g bec, plenty to get through a flight safely. Seems to be a good solution.

Powerline Micro 1015 Turbo/3S 79g, up to 1700g model
 Schambeck Powerline Micro 1015 Turbo/3S 79g
Review by Pete Beadle on 13 Feb 2020

I needed a motor that would fit the 28mm ID nose of my Xplorer 2. The Micro 1015 was the motor fitted by the previous owner, so I chose the same one, and was rewarded with exactly the motor I needed and wanted. Perfect fit, smooth power delivery, more than adequate power. The prompt delivery from Hyperflight was the icing on the cake! Another satisfied customer!

6mm Carbon Tube
 Carbon Tube 6MM X 5MM
Review by Brian Jackson on 13 Feb 2020

The carbon tube was light, strong and straight. The diameter very accurate. The tube was fitted into 3D moulded "tubes" one of which was over 600mm long. The assembly was an easy task. The result was a light and strong structure. The packing and delivery were both excellent. Thank you.

3mm x 0.5mm Carbon Strip
Review by Manuel Joao Teixeira on 12 Feb 2020

Good service, packaging & delivery

3mm x 1mm Carbon Strip
Review by Manuel Joao Teixeira on 12 Feb 2020

Good service

HyperFlight 162 cm (64") Glider Bag
 Great bag
Review by Chris Johnson on 12 Feb 2020

Great Bag
Perfect service as always
Thank you

Frame with bearing for the MKS HV6110 (2)
Review by MF on 12 Feb 2020

Great product, excellent speed and Service.

Dream-Flight Libelle
Review by Steve Sheppard on 10 Feb 2020

Fast delivery ,great kit cant wait to fly it

Graupner 6 x 3 CAM Folding prop blades
 Very nice
Review by Marcio on 8 Feb 2020

The props are the high quality Graupner, the service is perfect. Thanks Hyperflight.

30mm GM F5J Spinner for 3mm shaft
 I like it.
Review by Marcio on 8 Feb 2020

Very nice spinner, light and perfect finishment. The service is perfect, thanks Hyperflight.

MM1906-2400 / ADH300S Front Mount 21g 2400 RPM/V
 Nice motor
Review by Marcio on 8 Feb 2020

I didn't run the motor yet, but it's light and looks very good. The service could not be better, thanks Hyperflight.

GM 14 x 8F Folding prop blades Flat
 Brilliant product
Review by John D on 8 Feb 2020

I purchased these blades for a conversion from F3J to F5J. Matched with a hyperspinner they fold perfectly flat against the fuselage. They are superior to all other folding props I have used

KST X08N V5 HV Lugless Servo - 0.09s 8.3g 8mm
Review by saul on 6 Feb 2020


PicoSwitch - Magnetic RC On-Off Switch for batteries with RC plugs
 Great Switch
Review by Mark Mortimore (Morty) on 5 Feb 2020

Great switch, I use it on my model yacht saves removing the cover every time. I just glued it under the carbon fibre hatch. I wish the magnet cam in a holder or on a string. I used red heat shrink to make a tube but I still lose it.

Malibu Pro
 Malibu Pro
Review by Michael on 4 Feb 2020

As this is my first DLG build, i must say it was easy. Everything fitted nicely together, came out ~160Grams so not that bad. Very nice flyer. Now I do not have anything to compare to, but first flight was in ~5-6 M/S it handled it with ease!
I designed a 3d printed servo tray and canopy magnet holder, the designs may not be perfect or what you like, but they work - feel free to use them :).
What more to say? It's just great fun! Oh yes, and a great swift service from Hyperflight - Thank You!

Graupner 6 x 3 CAM Folding prop blades
 Excellent Service
Review by Lee Nulty on 4 Feb 2020

As usual nothing but an excellent service from Niel at Hyperflight. Delivery was extremely prompt with in two days and the product was exactly what I was expected. Top marks as usual.

HyperFlight 162 cm (64") Glider Bag
 HyperFlight 162 cm (64") Glider Bag.
Review by Brian Taylor on 4 Feb 2020

Bought this to keep my Xplorer F5J safe from hangar rash and transport damage. A really well made strong wing bag with useful storage compartments that does just the job. Very pleased with it and once again thanks for the excellent service from Hyperflight.

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