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HyperFlight 125 cm (49") Glider Bag
 Great wing bag
Review by Neil on 27 Jan 2022

I bought this bag for my Black Horse Wilga wings and I am very pleased with the quality. Definitely worth having.

HyperFlight 30A BLHELI-32 with SBEC & XT30 Plug
 HyperFlight 30A BLHELI-32 with SBEC & XT30 Plug.
Review by Loet Wakkerman on 26 Jan 2022

Very happy with this controller for my T30 motor in my ERES Purito. I first used the Pulsar 15A but that was pretty unreliable.

Adventure Travel F5J 3m
 Travel Adventure
Review by GS on 25 Jan 2022

Flight report for the Travel Adventure....Finally finished the ship last month...On the first flight everything was spot on...Incredible hang time and goes up in the lightest of thermals....It goes up well at 1/3 to 1/2 throttle with a direct drive motor spinning a 10X6 propeller on a 3 cell 1300mah lipo...Michelle, my girlfriend, flies it well...It's her Birthday present!!

Purito RES Electric 2m
 Purito-E 2m RES
Review by Brett on 24 Jan 2022

Late last year I built the Purito glider kit along with an additional electric fuselage to give me both options with only 1 wing. This did, however, involve building a duplicate horizontal tailplane, because this is not supplied as part of the electric fuselage kit. No problem, as the parts and layout are shown on the original glider plan. The effort was definitely worth it, as I now have the best of both worlds!
The electric version was maidened very recently in extremely light airs and was an absolute delight. A worthy competition model indeed - or just great up the hill. Having the option of electric 'get out of jail free' gives additional confidence to be more adventurous in exploring unpromising conditions. The Purito-E excels in these sort of conditions and so you rarely end up needing the power anyway. A very gratifying model that I doubt will be easily beaten for fun and performance.

Purito 2m
 Purito 2m RES
Review by Brett on 24 Jan 2022

To complete my earlier building review, I can now add that the slope flying experience with the Purito has proven to be excellent. Even on unpromising days it manages to float gently on the 'thinnest' of air. Trim can be quite sensitive, but once you find the sweet spot it responds wonderfully and indicates gentle lift very well indeed. Excellent light weather model.

GM 18x10 Folding prop blades
 Folding Blades
Review by Anonymous on 24 Jan 2022

Nice blades ... as ever with Hyper, turned up real quick :-)

Wing Removal Tool 1 - Small
 Wing Removal Tools
Review by Anonymous on 24 Jan 2022

Bought large and small ... thinner edge of the small ones seems to do the job fine.

Introduction F5J 2.9m
 Most Impressed
Review by Mike Lence on 23 Jan 2022

I cannot overstate how impressed I am with the Introduction. The kit is beautifully produced, and goes together like a Tamiya plastic model. In less than a month of very relaxed building, I was ready to test fly today. I have been building and flying RC model aircraft since 1974, and in all that time, have never had a model fly "off the board" until today. Not a single click of any trim was required. I cannot recommend this model enough.

Alt 1m DLG
 Alt DLG built by Nick
Review by Nick on 21 Jan 2022

Having not built a sticks 'N' glue model for a very long time and having
M. S. I was dubious about this purchase. However the build was not difficult at all even with my disability (shaking hands) it went together with ease,tricky bits including threading lines to control surfaces and the springs there in.
Build was made easy by the excellent ALT. Build log which I studied beforehand, but most helpful was the laser cut parts and high grade choice of timber. Timber cut from sheets suitable for purpose.Dont confuse this cutting with old die cut. All parts are perfect and need just a light sand to remove the tiny remaining tags holding it to the sheet.
In conclusion this kit was a pleasure to work on and covered with Oralite weight came out below (157.23 grams) the minimum weight of 198grms.also the wings finished perfectly true, I feel because of the excellent design. I would highly recommend the ALT. to anyone beginning or returning to this wonderful hobby...if at 64 I can you can.. Oh thanks Neil the hinge worked at treat.

Elf Fuselage
Review by Anonymous on 21 Jan 2022

New elf fuselage and rudder. Beautiful. Rapid delivery and excellent packaging. Now eager to get it flying again. Always excellent service from Hyperflight.

Hitec HS-40 Nano Servo Servo - 0.10s 5.2g 9mm
 Perfect fit
Review by Neil on 21 Jan 2022

Arrived quickly, well packaged and the servos are a perfect fit for my model

F3-RES High Start Silicone Rubber
 Res high start
Review by Ian Hirons on 21 Jan 2022

Very happy with the high start,have yet to try it out.Was well packed and arrived safely in Australia in a short amount of time.

KST X06N V6 Servo - 0.07s 6.3g 7mm
Review by simon cocker on 21 Jan 2022

I always used Hitec in all my models..they seem like clunky old chunks these days compared to the KST servo range, which when you've used you quickly forget about the alarming cost & just drool over their precision & performance..I used these tiny gems in the tailplane roots of a Redshift instead of the binding control rods..neat remedy & worthy of consideration in any smallish area control surface..never used such a tiny servo in such an application..but this is the tech we have now so bye bye Hitec small servos..

34mm VM Pro Spinner for 5mm shafts
 Pedantic ..ohh yes...
Review by simon cocker on 21 Jan 2022

This is a perfect conforming shaped spinner cap for certain models & is worth the expense just to satisfy that obsessive desire to have the finished airframe look just so..not withstanding the cost! Aero-Naut cool nose are almost half the price & as strong & allow the ingress of cooling air if needed & the mtor mount allows it...but ..the look is a compromise in certain applications..the quality of VM is great as is the design of the prop hub so the blades tuck in tight & provides minimum drag & neatness..if you use the correctly shaped blades that also conform..

PicoSwitch - Magnetic RC On-Off Switch for batteries JST BEC plugs
Review by John on 20 Jan 2022

Good product promptly delivered

GM 17x10 Scale Folding Prop Blades
 Good quality finish
Review by MartinE on 20 Jan 2022

These appear to be very nicely made, not used yet.

40mm GM SL Scale Spinner (No Collet)
 High quality spinner
Review by MartinE on 20 Jan 2022

Whilst this spinner is not cheap, it is very well made on carbon fibre, with an very smooth white finish.

XPower F2925/8 Windy 102g 1380 RPM/V
 XPower Motor
Review by JB on 19 Jan 2022

Great Motor! Great Service from Hyperflight... The combo is A+ I'm using a 4S 650mah pack and a 10x5 GM prop. It pulls my 73oz Infinity (F3J wings on a F5J fuse) vertical. The bench measurements are 546 Watts and 45.2 Amps. I really like this motor.

Slite V2 2m
 Slite V2
Review by Richard on 18 Jan 2022

The kit looks amazing, the lazer cutting looks so intricate and precise, can't wait to start the build. Packaging and delivery was first class as is to expected from Hyperflight, thanks again Neil :-)

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Bluebird bms-101hv
Review by Andy S on 18 Jan 2022

Great little servo,got these for my Shaka slope soarer, they centre well. Put 2 of these in my pulsar 2.5 tail for rudder and elevator and have performed perfectly for the last 2or 3 years without any problems and as always great service from Hyperflight.

2mm Carbon Tube
Review by A. Brindle on 18 Jan 2022

The best carbon tube for very light wing building - love it.
Great service as always.

18.5mm - 7.5mm x 0.88m Tapered Carbon Boom
Review by A. Brindle on 18 Jan 2022

Strong, light and very well made.
Perfect boom for home builder.
Great service, as always.

Oralight Transparent Red 31-029 Covering Film
Review by A. Brindle on 18 Jan 2022

The only good lightweight film there is. (a tad expensive though !)
Great service (as always)

0.89mm 20SWG Stainless Steel Wire (1.5 m)
Review by A. Brindle on 18 Jan 2022

Really good for springs - Pull / spring surfaces or closing spoilers.
Great service (as always).

PuRES V2 2m
 Pures V2 Update
Review by N Taylor on 17 Jan 2022

An update since my last review have built and flown the model. I agree with Brett building was very easy. Maidened on Sunday and it was a joy, easy to fly no vices and no adjustments needed. A fantastic kit and a great introduction in to 2 m RES flying.

Vaiana Sport F3-RES & F5-RES 2m
Review by Anonymous on 15 Jan 2022

Arrival was a little late, probably because of Christmas and Corona. The package had some dents in the packing material, but the box and contents of the product were not damaged and arrived safely. I am very happy that I was interested in the airfoil used by VAIANA and was able to purchase it. From now on, I will start assembling while having fun.

KST DS145MG Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
 Servo purchase
Review by Andy on 13 Jan 2022

Absolutely excellent great service! Super fast delivery. Quality through and through. Both the products and the service. Many thanks

ADH300L / MM1914-1100 Front Mount 39g 1100 RPM/V
 Decent motor
Review by Tom Shaw on 13 Jan 2022

Smooth motor, but wrong mounting holes completely for the res dart even though its recommended.

RES Dart Electric 2m
 Nice kit
Review by Anonymous on 13 Jan 2022

Kit looks nice, one of the ribs is missing the tail, no biggie though. Make sure to buy a 38mm spinner and not a 30mm as recommended on the page as this is wrong.

Mini Dart 2 1m DLG
 International cargo delivery
Review by wenchuan_huang on 11 Jan 2022

The speed that delivers goods is very quick, the goods quality for receiving is very good.
Fine merchandise!!
Very satisfied

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g
Review by John HAREN on 6 Jan 2022

I ordered 5 of these servos(1 spare) to use in a Stilleto Lift DLG. I had noted the comments re centering so I made a small degree quadrant and using the longest arm - found the centering accurate ,before and after bursts of auto movement - under no load conditions. Installed on the flaperons - the servos again accurately centred. However friction could be a problem and I was careful to eliminate this - watch for stiff live hinging and to much curvature in the pushrods.

30mm GM F5J Spinner (No Collet)
 GM Spinner
Review by Michael Wade on 6 Jan 2022

I agree with the other reviewers, this is a quality unit. Several things stand out, the collet gets very good "purchase" on the shaft with only moderate tightening of the screw, also the body of the spinner is accurately round & very stiff. I'm impressed

AVA Pro-e Electric Fin
Review by James E. Pugh on 5 Jan 2022

Really fast service to get the part. Better than what I get in the US.

Circle Dancer 3600 Full House Electric 3.6m
 Cercle Dancer3600 FullHouse Electric 3.6m
Review by HITOSHI YAMAGUCHI on 5 Jan 2022

I am satisfied with the careful packaging that I received the product in Japan in about a week. The aircraft is very beautiful and advanced and very fun. Thank you hyperflite

Micro Bird of Time 1.2m
 Micro BOT
Review by William MacLeod on 4 Jan 2022

Thank you for an excellent transaction. This kit arrived in Canada from the UK in excellent condition and in very short order. I'm very impressed with both the kit and the service and am looking forward to an "over winter" build.

Vortex Ballast
Review by IM on 4 Jan 2022

having purchased a Vortex 3 from Neil , (now built & flying ) I also purchased a ballast set, which arrived a couple of days after the DLG, Im glad I did get these as the glider is very light (220gr ) & I found that it needed some extra weight to achieve a good air speed in anything but still air , 230<240 grs seems about right in good conditions , easy to assemble wires & well molded lead weights just clean the wires & CA onto the wire , I covered mine with heat shrink tube to stop them rattling inside the fuselage ,

Pug 2 Mini DLG & Slope Soarer 80 cm
 Pug V2
Review by Richard Lee on 4 Jan 2022

Can't comment on the kit as I bought it as a present for my son for christmas (and due to Covid I haven't seen him to give him it) delivery was brilliant as always with Hyperflight.

Birdy DS 1m
 Birdy DS
Review by Gareth Hughes on 3 Jan 2022

Having completed the kit and taken it out on its test glide I'm really surprised at how well this little glider goes. I test flew it in 12mph winds which wasn't ideal but it's really manageable, has a surprisingly shallow glide angle and despite the dihedral was pretty much unaffected with side winds. I'm completely sold on it now and I'm looking forward to getting it onto the slopes! The build log's really useful but watch the siting of the elevator horn, I had to re-locate mine further outside of the "wedge" allowed for the rudder movement. I may even try a Spinnin' Birdy next!

Knife Racer 1m
 Just get it! You won't regret.
Review by FT on 2 Jan 2022

Has been waiting for almost 3 months. Once I got the notification that the plane is back in stock I had order it immediately. The plane itself looks perfectly made and perfect finish. All of the parts you need is included. I also had order the recommended servo from Blue Bird. I still have to start building it and hopefully will maiden soon. Big thanks to Neil for a perfect customer service!

Vortex 3 1.5m DLG
 well worth the wait
Review by IM on 2 Jan 2022

having had several DLG models from Hyperflight in the past, I decided to order a Vortex 3 from Neil last September, it arrived the week before Xmas, packaged as always in a really strong box . I wasnt disappointed , super fit & finish all the necessary parts included, Using KST08 servos the build was easy because everything is on top & there is loads of room in the nose, the only criticism I would make is ,the horrid printed plastic servo trays in the kit , they are hard to trim & very brittle, ply would be better & easier to work. all built up with a2s 300 lipo connected to a micro pico switch & 5v ubec & rx all easily fitted in the nose, CG came out at 64 mm back, all up weight of 220 gr, build was made easy by watching Roy Dors excellent vids on youtube. test flew new years day, bit windy ,but all was well, needed 30gr ballast to get enough energy into the model to fly well. . it seems to me that 220gr is too light for all but dead calm days, flys best at around 235 -245 gr .I did purchase the Vortex ballast & wing bags at the same time ,worth doing I believe, quite expensive overall but an excellent very strong glider made to a very high standard , thanks again to Neil at Hyperflight for a first class service.

Blue Bird BMS-212DMH Servo - 0.05s 15.5g 12mm
Review by Kev on 30 Dec 2021

Nice servo at an affordable price, as always super slick service from Neil and the team at Hyperflight.

Circle Dancer 2000 RES Glider/Electric ARTF 2m
 Circle Dancer electric update
Review by Shaun Walsh on 30 Dec 2021

OK, it wasn't a good idea to mount the motor with hot melt glue. On the second bench test the motor/gearbox got hot enough to soften the glue allowing the gearbox to rotate and wind up the motor leads. Fortunately no major damage, will have to rethink the mounting.

4mm x 1mm Carbon Strip
 Carbon strip
Review by B Boucher on 30 Dec 2021

Good product and first class service

Slope Soarer Fuselage
 firebird fuselage
Review by Andynr on 29 Dec 2021

bought this to give me something to do over winter making wings and tail plane to match. fuselage is good quality and well made - carbon from the rear of the hatch. need to cut out rudder or go rudderless there is a single blind not already fitted. wing is retained at front by dowel with a recess in fuselage. great service from hyperflight.

Slite V2 2m
 Slite V2 - Third Time is the Charm!
Review by Greg McGill on 28 Dec 2021

I built more than my fair share of the original Slite, and when this version came along, I found I was initially disappointed. Initially! I completed my third example last year, and I can now enthusiastically recommend this airplane. My current example flies very straight, and delivers the goods time after time. Mine is built as per plan, with these two exceptions: I substituted carbon rods for the steel wing joiners, and truncated the rudder to fit the finished bird into my travel box. The key to a good build is to assemble the wing panels, but without the trailing edges. When all else is complete, remove the panel from the board, and tape, clamp or weight the trailing edge flat on your board. Apply glue, and carefully position the wing upside-down, right on top of the trailing edge. It will come out straight! I've never been able to build the Slite v2 as light as the original, but in the end, if you set the CG at the plan location, it will fly fine, in light lift or wind. I wish there were a V-tail version, but oh, well.

F5K/Snipe 2e Pro Powerset with ESC and 6x4 Carbon Prop 34g
Review by Ian on 27 Dec 2021

The all-in-one powerset is well engineered and a brilliant help in getting a small ELG into the air in minimum time. The ESC comes with Blheli software loaded so is easily and fully programmable via a laptop or smart phone.

GM 18x10 Folding prop blades
Review by Richard Edmunds on 27 Dec 2021

Ordered a 18 x 8.5 GM in white with white GM spinner from Neil who quoted 4 weeks.
Arrived exactly as promised. One of the best retailers in our hobby

Circle Dancer 2000 RES Glider/Electric ARTF 2m
 Circle Dancer electric update
Review by Shaun Walsh on 25 Dec 2021

The Hacker A10-7L motor was a good choice, it leaves plenty of space for the motor wires so no danger of them rubbing against the rotating motor. The only problem was fitting it as it doesn't have conventionally spaced mounting screw holes, here's how i did it.
I decided to use the motor with a 32mm hyperspinner and as the gearbox shaft on the motor is short the spinner had to be mounted as far down on the shaft as possible. To do this I opened out the central hole on the motor firewall to 15mm using a Dremel to match the gearbox diameter, inserted the motor/gearbox through the hole and placed an O-ring around the gearbox as far back as possible. I then put the spinner on the shaft and pushed the motor/gearbox back until the clearance between the spinner was approx 1 mm. The spinner was than removed and the O-ring superglued to the gearbox. Hot melt glue was then run around the gearbox behind the O-ring. Pushing the gearbox back until the O-ring touched the firewall gave the correct position when the glue set.
I also found that the tailplane mount was set about 4mm too far back meaning that the elevator would foul the fin, trimming the bottom of the tailplane mount at the front solved that. The tailplane mount also needed sanding along one side to ensure the tailplane was perpendicular to the fin.
Next, the elevator snake run at the tail end bends at too acute an angle and puts strain on the servo, I trimmed the back of the tailplane mount and extended the slot on the boom where the snake exits forward to smooth the angle and reduce the friction in the snake.
Finally, the system of restraining the snakes in the tailboom (5 round ply formers with holes and a slotted length of balsa is so delicate it defies assembly without breakage so I left it out, my non-electric circle dancer flies fine with the snakes glued only at the front and back.

Feather Cover
 Feather cover instructions
Review by Nick on 25 Dec 2021

This is an addition to my first review. Don't panic Neil nothing negative...
Your Feathercover is accompanied by a note of temps for tack, sealing and shrinking.. (thanks Neil). Burn it.! Or at least disregard the temperature aspect the iron you use is king establish your own glue/tack, seal and shrink temperature with just a very small square or so, a set of temperature s for the iron in use can be found. Also allow iron to cycle a time or two
First heat it tends to run high...
I have tried three irons,all work well, all claim different temps doing the same job. Instructions say just a guide. It should read irons are a law unto themselves.
Feathercover is great and strong. Just don't believe your iron,its out to get you. 😁

Medium Light Servo Twisted Extension Cable 6.4 g/m
 Servo extension wire
Review by GS on 25 Dec 2021

Got this to replace some heavier servo extensions in a sailplane...Solders well and very flexible!!......Quick service to Orange County, CA!!!

Ultra Light Servo Twisted Extension Cable 3.7 g/m
 Twisted servo wire
Review by GS on 25 Dec 2021

Top notch wire for running through wings and fuselages to the tail!!!...Got here in Southern California in 6 days!!...Yayyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

F3-RES High Start Silicone Rubber
Review by Bob on 24 Dec 2021

Again, superb service and product quality

Orastick Adhesive 100ml
Review by Alan on 23 Dec 2021

Oracover recommend iron-on-adhesive (ref no. 0960) for Oralight. It is clear and less viscous and when dry it is not tacky. A much smoother surface is achieved.

KST MS320 V2 HV Contactless Servo - 0.07s 21g 12mm
Review by Anonymous on 23 Dec 2021

Excellent company to purchase from. Lightening delivery experience

MicroMax Pocket F3F 1.15m
Review by Martin on 23 Dec 2021

Absolut klasse Flieger für kleine Hänge und wenig Wind. Geht mit Ballast aber auch bei ordentlich Wind.
Vor allem bei hyperflight im hübschen Design und nicht so langweilig wie bei uns. Versand ging absolut problemlos und war in 5 Tagen inklusive Wochenende bei mir.

Magnus Slope Racer 1.5m
 Well worth a try great service and staff
Review by Ian Gallimore on 22 Dec 2021

Magnus good quality for the price .wing joined a little sloppy in the cuz but easily sorted . Service from hyperflght first class as normal

AVA V Mount
Review by Steven cohen on 22 Dec 2021

I believe you folks are the best in the business, thank you Merry Christmas and a very happy healthy New Year

VM 25mm Spinner for 3mm shafts
Review by Joe Pierson on 22 Dec 2021

Beautiful Designee!!

CN Multi CNC Mount - 30mm
 CN Multi CNC mount- 30mm
Review by anton nikoloff on 22 Dec 2021

Replacing firewall on new Plus X.
When this arrived I thought it was some sort of composite product. But in preparing it for gluing, it is metal covered in some sort of grey/ green coating. I trimmed the fuselage just in front of the existing firewall, cut it out, and with some minor sanding the mount fitted perfectly. I'm fitting a Powerline motor. It looks as if it would suit Xpower motors as well.

YGE USB Adaptor for ESCs
 Just what I needed!
Review by José Evangelista da Silva on 22 Dec 2021

Just received the YGE USB Adaptor, with a cable. With the computer program, it worked like a swiss clock, really!
Delivery was as usual, quick and made it directly home.

KST X08 V6 Servo - 0.09s 8.4g 8mm
Review by John Postle on 21 Dec 2021

Very good service on my orders

HyperFlight 180 cm (71") Glider Bag
 Large glider bag
Review by M Parsons on 21 Dec 2021

Great protective bag to keep our expensive models safe in transit.

Vaiana Sport F3-RES & F5-RES 2m
Review by Michael Dwyer on 19 Dec 2021

So this was a fun glider to build.
I've only flown it once so far, but I'm excited to be having the opportunity to have this to fly for the summer ahead....
I used the Hyperflight drone motor combo with excellent results.
The build can be seen on RCGroups

Replacement Sleeve Nut for VM 25mm Spinner
Review by Lee on 19 Dec 2021

Perfect replacement! Get a few so you have a spare if one spins off during launch.

VM 11x7 Folding prop blades
 Great Service
Review by Rod W on 18 Dec 2021

Just a general review, Hyperflight is the only place I got to for the best range, prices and excellent service. Always 5 stars. And the prop is great as well!!
Please keep up the great service Neil, very much appreciated.

Geronimo 2 F5J 2.5m
 Geronimo 2
Review by John Barrow on 18 Dec 2021

This is a beautifully manufactured kit with great emphasis on lightweight materials. Its intended for the 2.5m (F5J) class flown in Europe. The instructions are rather basic and you may need to refer to construction pictures on the manufactures site. I fitted the machine with 6 x bluebird BMS10 metal servos which looked rather small in the wing servo cut-outs but do the job as well as KST x08s. A wing wiring loom needs to be made to suit the narrow conduits. Lightweight twisted cable from hyperflight is recommended. I powered the model with an XPower 2915/12 Xlight (72g) , an old YGE 40amp ESC and an Overlander 900mAh 3S lipo . Its little OTT but the climb out is sparkling. I can recommend this motor over the Dual sky out-runner mentioned by the manufacturer as the Xpower avoids any issues with finding clear space for the motor cables. This model has a long fuselage and needs the all this power pack weight up of up front to get the C of G in the range 90 -95mm from the leading edge. The model is easy to fly and is nice a stable for competition work. The flaps are very effective and make spot landings a joy to practice. It would be worth investing in a small battery screw driver to help secure the wings and tailplane to the fuzelage as a standard driver becomes tedious by the time you have fitted all the nylon screws.

Big Vick 1m DLG
 Big Vick
Review by Malc Davies on 17 Dec 2021

Ordered on Thursday and arrived Friday morning dispatch very fast.
Can,t wait to build.
Great service

Circle Dancer 2000 RES kit 2m
 Circle Dancer
Review by Walter Audley on 16 Dec 2021

Absolutely first class, arrived the day after I ordered it, a beautiful kit, can’t wait to get this finished then some practice in, hopefully next years comps will beckon. Thanks Hyperflight

KST X10 V8 Wing Servo - 0.12s 28.0g 10mm
Review by Ross Bathie on 16 Dec 2021

Super happy sensational customer service
and a great product extremely happy with my purchase and will be buying more from Hyperflite.

Feather Cover
 Covering with feather cover
Review by Nick on 16 Dec 2021

Feather cover, well it certainly lives up to its name, because of this it is a little tricky to work with at first. It is very light but after a trial or three (in the main to establish correct settings on the iron.irvine iron the dial is imprecise and worth setting up the thing before covering in anger.) covering has a good tack and shrinkage is adequate. Overall feathercover is good and on the model much stronger than I at first thought.Final finish is good and I had no trouble in getting wrinkles out and a tight faultless cover... And colouring with permanent marker for a stripe or two works well. Overall I am very happy with it and would recommend. colours next please feathsrcover.

HyperFlight 30A BLHELI-32 with SBEC & XT30 Plug
 HyperFlight 30A BLHELI-32 with SBEC & XT30 Plug
Review by Garry Whitfield on 16 Dec 2021

This is a great little unit and finally (through no fault of HyperFlight) I have received my second HyperFlight 30A BLHELI-32 with SBEC & XT30 Plug. The freight time was a little longer than usual but I put that down to the COVID situation. Well done Neil and Staff.

Alien Slope Soarer  & DLG 1.2m
 Looks Stunning
Review by Andy Whitehead on 15 Dec 2021

As a kit designer and manufacturer I was really excited to see the Alien appear on Hyperflight, and it was a must have toy. Its not often I take the plunge on a model I didn't design myself and really happy I did. Whilst the build hasnt started yet due to other commitments the quality of the components and the fit and finish is exceptional and more that meets my own expectations. I fully intend to do a mini review of the model when I start construction and will share my findings with Neil.

Circle Dancer 2000 RES kit 2m
 Circle Dancer
Review by Walter Audley on 15 Dec 2021

Absolutely first class, arrived the day after I ordered it, a beautiful kit, can’t wait to get this finished then some practice in, hopefully next years comps will beckon. Thanks Hyperflight

32mm HyperSpinner for 3mm shafts
Review by Shaun Walsh on 14 Dec 2021

Ok, on the good side, the metal yoke seems to be good quality and well made so I don't doubt it will work OK. The plastic spinner is available separately I believe.
Not so good, The bottom of the spinner extends below the metal yoke so you need a reasonably long motor shaft . I'm going to have to trim the spinner down for it to fit on the shaft properly which will mean that the spinner diameter is reduced a little. . Next, the blade retention pins appear to be held in solely by the the side of the spinner pressing on the end of the pin. I presume this will work but it doesn't fill me with confidence.

KST X06N V6 Servo - 0.07s 6.3g 7mm
Review by Bob R on 13 Dec 2021

These were purchased for a prototype racing model with a really thin wing. They are well made with good centering and super smooth. They are not particularly fast but that doesn’t matter but accuracy does. Fab little servo.

Dream 2.0 Electric 2m Hotliner
Review by Mike on 11 Dec 2021

I've been flying the dream for 2 month as of this review. I typically fly almost everyday on small beach dunes, my outdoor videogame. The glider is very adaptable, stable, and maneuverable. Outfitted with the Xpower storm and 4S power, I don't toss just let the power pull it out of my hands. I have had it in medium strength thermals, and it did ok for a heavier glider, medium flaps and the turn radius was within 15 yrds. I didn't care for the carbon control rods and re-fit with 4mm, the other supplied hardware isn't top line but will work.
Already ordered the 2.8m version...if that tells you anything.

KST X08 Plus Servo - 0.09s 9.5g 8mm
 Very strong, but tiny and light
Review by Georg Weiller on 10 Dec 2021

Strong servo, good service

Oralight Black 31-071 Covering Film
Review by Georg Weiller on 10 Dec 2021

Oralight is great. Of several colors I have used black is by far the best looking.

Oralight Transparent Yellow 31-039 Covering Film
Review by Georg Weiller on 10 Dec 2021

Handles excellent, evanaround difficult forms. Very transparent, more like tinted glass. Super light, but quite easy to damage.
Veey quick posting by Neil, but TNT took long to get it to Australia.

Blue Bird BMS-125WV Servo - 0.09s 11.3g 10mm
 Great servos
Review by Mike hyde on 10 Dec 2021

Used these servos in a number of installations. Great value and a reliable performer

MKS HV6110 Servo - 10mm 10g
Review by William Winefield on 8 Dec 2021

Neil -best service Ive had in years -Ill be dealing with you again -thanks again

32mm VM Pro Spinner for 5mm shafts
Review by Dean Tilley on 8 Dec 2021

As with the carbon blades i purchased with this spinner, the blades didn't fit/fold so i had to modify the spinner to suite cheaper blades, they were meant to fit and were ridiculously expensive for what they are

GM 10x5 Folding prop blades
 GM 10x5 Folding prop blades.
Review by Dean Tilley on 8 Dec 2021

Ordered them with a 32mm VM Pro spinner . They didn't fold flat on the fuselage like they should have done, I had to substitute them for other blades that were cheaper , the money they cost this shouldn't happen, not impressed.

Tango F5J 3.1m
 Tango F5J 3,1
Review by kevin lever on 7 Dec 2021

Very fast delivery,packaged very well. With kits of this quality, i dont understand why more folks are not building. The quality of the kit is excellent, it comes with its own balancing jig. Highly recommend Hyperflight and the kit, you wont be dissapionted

MKS HV6120 Wing Servo - 0.08s 11.0g 8mm
Review by Phill on 7 Dec 2021

Super servos and super service

XPower F2915/12 XLight 72g 1600 RPM/V
 Best value
Review by Stefan Wickelgren on 6 Dec 2021

Great motor for F5J

Altis Nano
Review by Stefan Wickelgren on 6 Dec 2021

Always fast en good service

36mm GM F5J Spinner (No Collet)
Review by Lawrie on 5 Dec 2021

Top class product from a top class shop.
6 days to Australia.

3mm Split Collet for GM Spinners
Review by Lawrie on 5 Dec 2021

Top class product from a top class shop.
Received in Australia 6 days after ordering.

KST A08N Servo
 KST A08N Servo
Review by Kyri on 4 Dec 2021

I got one of these for the elevator in an F5B model. Having used the brushed equivalent (5 per plane) these are quieter, and hopefully will be long lasting. The torque, cantering and low backlash make these ideal servos for this type of application. If I need to replace existing ones I will use these. Thanks for the quick delivery as usual!

Circle Dancer 2000 RES Glider/Electric ARTF 2m
 Circle Dancer electric
Review by Shaun Walsh on 2 Dec 2021

Delivered 20 hours after ordering, excellent.
Build quality is very good. The only adjustment required was to make the carbon fibre wing joiners a bit thinner and to file out a small lump of glue in one of the wing joiner boxes. The tail boom is different from the one in the instructions so it took a bit of head scratching to work out the best way to mount the fin. in the end I glued in a balsa plug that was the length of the fin slot in the boom and when it was dry I cut out the slot for the fin leaving plenty of balsa for the fin to glue to, I also cut a slot using a dremel on the right of the boom just before the end for the rudder snake to exit, Waiting for a Hacker A10-7L 4:1 to arrive, the other motor suggestions looked to be a very tight fit, the inside of the fuselage is only about 28mm wide!

High Start Flag / Pennant
 High Start Flag
Review by Greg McGill on 1 Dec 2021

It's cheap, and it works - for a long time!!!. What's not to like? Here in New Mexico, at our high altitude, anything that spends time in the sun will get blasted eventually, but these flags stand up quite well. We can make our own fro less, I suppose, but these look way cool. Plus, there is always Neil's cheerful and responsive customer service.

F3-RES High Start Silicone Rubber
 F3RES High Start Silicone Rubber
Review by Greg McGill on 1 Dec 2021

We have come to rely on this particular high start rubber because of its consistency and longevity in use. Add to that the fact that it comes to us with eyelets for hooking up already installed, and it is an excellent bargain. To top things off, we get the deal with Neil at Hyperflight, so we know our order will be filled promptly and correctly.

Vitaprop 11x6 Folding prop blades
 folding prop
Review by peter currie on 1 Dec 2021

haven't used the prop yet , but looks well made and short delivery time

30mm HyperSpinner for 5mm shafts
 30mm spinner
Review by peter currie on 1 Dec 2021

arrived in Australia in a few days,
great range of hard to get parts, very happy with spinner

Hawk 1m DLG
 Hawk DLG
Review by STR on 1 Dec 2021

Every positive review about this company is 100% the truth! They are top rate. A couple guys and I were talking at the field here in Texas. All of us agreed and only had nice thing to say. Oh, the plane is good too. I have bought two of them. It’s not a beginner’s plane, but once you know a little about what’s going on with DLGs it’s a lot of fun to fly in light air.

Shrouded Servo Covers (2)
 Great product.
Review by Robert Puvogel on 29 Nov 2021

Received the products perfectly in Chile. Great service. Many thanks.

KST X10 Mini V8 Wing Servo - 0.09s 23.0g 10mm
Review by Anonymous on 29 Nov 2021

More X10's ...arrived the next day ... what more can we say :-)

Auri 1.5m DLG
 Auri flight report!!
Review by ES on 28 Nov 2021

Finally got a chance to finish the two Auri gliders I got for me and my girlfriend....What a great looking and great flying ship....My favorite thing (DLG wise) is hunting down those pesky low level thermals off the grass at the local park....This thing excells at that, as well as everything else!!!

10mm - 5mm x 0.88m Tapered Carbon Boom
 Superb packaging
Review by Craig Field on 28 Nov 2021

Shipped all the way to Sydney, Australia! Everything arrived safe and in excellent condition.

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