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Hyper AVA Pro-e 4m
 Still flying the Orginal AVA Pro over 4 years old
Review by Ben on 24 Oct 2020

When I first bought this glider in 2016, I never realized how much enjoyment it would give me and how well it last. . I got another after a couple years for backup but have never unboxed it. It flies just like it did the first flight. Going to enter a couple RES contest (Tangerine and Toys for Tots) here in the fall for old times sake. Best glider I ever owned for the pure joy of flying!

VM 25mm Spinner for 11xx Motors
 Spingere for 11xx motors
Review by Marco Scarante on 24 Oct 2020

Pur se in plastica la qualitŗ Ť buona, peso molto ridotto

VM 25mm Spinner for 5mm shafts
 25mm spinner
Review by Marco Scarante on 24 Oct 2020

Ottimo prodotto di qualita

VM 6x4 Folding prop blades (2mm hinge pin)
 6x4 prop
Review by Marco Scarante on 24 Oct 2020

Fantastiche pale, ottima manifattura e incredibilmente leggere

HyperFlight 162 cm (64") Glider Bag
Review by Robert Welford on 23 Oct 2020

High quality product that I hope will protect my NAN Shadow E from hangar and transportation rash.

HyperFlight 180 cm (71") Glider Bag
 HyperFlight 180 cm (71") Glider Bag
Review by Robert Welford on 23 Oct 2020

High quality product that I hope will protect my composite gliders from hangar and transportation rash.

GM 17x10 Folding prop blades
Review by Mariusz on 23 Oct 2020

perfect workmanship worth the price
I recommend 5/5 +

YGE USB Adaptor for ESCs
 YGE USB Adaptor for ESCs
Review by Anonymous on 22 Oct 2020

Easy programming, lots of options.

Dream 2.0 Slope Soarer - Carbon 2m
 dream glider
Review by erbay raman on 21 Oct 2020

a great glider with a great service thank you hyperflite

VM F3K DLG Composite Repair Kit
 VM F3K DLG Composite Repair Kit.
Review by Phil Paramore on 21 Oct 2020

The repair kit arrived in a timely fashion and in perfect condition. I was impressed with the quantity and quality of the materials provided. I think it was a good value compared to the other repair kits I looked at prior to making this purchase.

Sapphire Fuselage-suitable for 1.5m-3m gliders & eSoarers
Review by Jon Mees on 21 Oct 2020

as ordered - perfect

Sprite Thermal-e 2m
Review by Mick on 21 Oct 2020

This my second Sprite thermal e they fly like a much larger model I am looking forward to flying the carbon version I recemend this model. Will fly in windy conditions with ease!!!

Powerline Turbo 10XX & Reisenauer 5:1 Motor Mount - 38mm
Review by Mick on 21 Oct 2020

Had 3 in the past this is my 4th they are great

Dream-Flight 12.4g - 9.4mm 11.5g Metal Gear Servo
 Excellent servos, but with some caveats.
Review by Ben Dean on 20 Oct 2020

A friend of mine and myself built Dreamflight Weasels and both of us bought these servos with it. My experience of the servos was excellent, they obviously fit into the weasel perfectly and offer excellent precision and centering and I had no problem using them with my Futaba FASST 2.4ghz system.

My friends experience was somewhat different, he uses FrSky TX/RX equipment and it seems that these servos are particularly vulnerable to interference from the FrSky RXís telemetry transmissions, with the installation in the weasel (the proximity of the servos to the RX) seeming to exacerbate the problem. Said telemetry would cause the servos to constantly chatter and twitch back and forth and was not suitable for flying. Unfortunately due to TX Firmware reasons my friend wasnít able to disable the telemetry on his RX so we tried a few other things like adding ferrite cores to the servo leads, twisting the servo leads and even shielding the servos and leads in tinfoil, this did reduce but not eliminate the interference. Out of options, my friend was forced to use another brand of servo (Corona) which while also being digital have exhibited no interference issues. He gave his servos to me. Iíve checked the servos out with my system and they work flawlessly.

Searching online this does seem to be an issue with FrSky telemetry and tends to effect JR servos, it might be worth adding a note onto the shop page for the servos that they can have problems with FrSky telemetry to avoid frustration for other FrSky users.

HyperFlight 300 mAh 4.8V NiMH 31g Battery
 300mAh 4 cell battery
Review by GrumpyGnome on 20 Oct 2020

Excellent service - 5 stars!

Introduction F5J 2.9m
 Introduction F5J
Review by Herb Reich on 20 Oct 2020

The Introduction kit packed in a sturdy box arrived at my home in Australia 7 day after placing the order. All components are accounted for. The cutting and the wood employed in the kit is of high quality. Building has commenced and I am amazed how accurately components fit together.

Thanks Neil for another effortless transaction.

Sapphire Fuselage-suitable for 1.5m-3m gliders & eSoarers
 Nicely designed and finished
Review by Colin McCubbin on 19 Oct 2020

Received both fuselage and boom quickly, well protected. Nice finish, bits went well together. Wood inserts for wing mount bolts a nice touch

1.5mm Carbon Rod
 Carbon rod
Review by Cggs on 19 Oct 2020

Carbon rods received on time and as stated in 'pizza box. Good service'

Malibu Pro 1m
 Malibu pro
Review by s warne on 19 Oct 2020

kit arrived quickly all complete the kit is good quality and fits together well ,a small amount offideling/ placing to do but well worth it

Plus X F5J 4m
 Plus X in flight
Review by Brian Rivas on 18 Oct 2020

My first review of The Plus X regular was in the nature of an out-of-the box drool, so impressed was I by the design and execution, but since then it has taken to the air - and I am mightily impressed. For a start, I thought nothing would outfloat my beloved Super AVA Pro-E, or be as relaxing to fly. How wrong I was.

Two comments have stuck in my my mind from an online thread: one is by Joe Wurts, designer of the wing, who described the Plus X as ĎOMG easy to flyí, while the other was from someone who did not appear to own one but said that in spite of the six-servo wing, it looked to him more like a rudder-elevator design with aileron assist. It felt like one of those remarks where contempt precedes familiarity, but it turns out that on a calm day the Plus X will fly very nicely without using any of the wing servos - in fact out of interest I did one flight on rudder only, apart from launch and landing, and there wasnít a trace of nose-drop, even during fairly tight turns. Someone else remarked that itís a bit like a giant DLG, and this is true, for it will practically turn on its own wingtip, while stalling doesnít appear to be in its remit.

To get the maximum from this extraordinary glider will require a lot of experimenting with aileron, flaperon and flap settings, and I havenít even started in earnest yet. For preliminary flights I have mixed the flaperons to operate with the ailerons, but only for about half the upward throw of the ailerons and no downward throw at all. It works well, but Iím sure itís not the optimum. For landing I have about 80 degrees on the flaps and about half as much on the flaperons. Again, that is very effective, with the glider sinking rapidly, touching down at little more than walking pace and perfectly stable. I havenít begun to think about thermal and speed settings yet - but what fun this is!

As for building the Plus X, factory-fitted IDS makes the wing servo installation simple, as does the dedicated fuselage servo mount. I chose to put the receiver in the fuselage with the antennae sprouting in front of the wing and the SBUS unit in the wing itself. This seems to go against convention which has the rx in the wing, but I wanted to keep the antennae well away from all that carbon. My flying field is only 10 minutesí walk away, and as the wing central panel has quite a short span I can carry the glider fully assembled, apart from the wingtips. This saves a great deal of assembly as well as the making and breaking of connections.

The Plus X is a lightweight but very strong glider, although if youíre not used to a design of this size with foam core and carbon-skinned wings it is easy to accidentally acquire a few dents and dings before it even flies. On the other hand, repairs are simple.

I would advise anyone building a Plus X to invest in a set of Vladimirís wing templates.These ensure an error-free set-up, and I find them particularly important for the elevator neutral setting. This is quite tricky without the protractor as there is no reference point, and it turned out that what I was convinced was neutral was actually one degree out. This, of course, had an effect on the CG, which ideally is 105mm from the leading edge at the root.

So pleased am I with this glider that I have ordered one with the Storm layup, as we seem to get so many windy days now. For this I have chosen one of Vladís spectacular new Fire Demon finishes.

The Plus X is one very special sailplane; complex yet simple, perfect for relaxed soaring yet a challenge for those who want to extract its maximum potential. I still have a long way to go!

Slite V2 2m
 A Ring of Truth
Review by Dick Ruck on 17 Oct 2020

I read the reviews here before buying this kit, plus spending a fair amount of time on the forums, and I can only add that they are all accurate. Neil is well known for his superb packaging and I wish to add that that his customer service is equally as good - both before and even months after purchase. Thanks Neil!
As for the kit... The quality is outstanding, both in wood selection and accurate CNC cutting. So accurate that using the supplied jigs I did not have to use the plan for the entire build. The fuselage was such that when I pulled the tail end together the sides met perfectly and the shape was true around the centre line.
When I maidened the Slite (8mph wind) and started to extend the bungee I discovered that she went up vertically and was very stable during weaving on the line.
A pleasure to both build and fly.

Strike 3 DLG 1m
 An Excellent Glider
Review by A.Saddington on 17 Oct 2020

This is a great flying, high quality glider. The build was fun but slightly tricky so a little patience is required. This was my first DLG build. Some notes that may assist you:
- Mine didnt arrive with the M2 screws required for the horizontal stab. (2x6mm countersunk seems perfect)
- I had to trim and recrimp all the servo leads to remove all excess (test them first). This was important as the space inside is very tight. (I used a Jeti 5ch rx, which is quite large)
- Mine arrived with a curved throwing blade that needed a slot cutting through the wing. I positioned mine 10mm forward of the hingeline and 14mm in from the wingtip measured at the hingline.
- Mounting the blade I went slowly drilling a series of holes just slightly smaller than the width of the blade. I then linked them all together using a fresh sharp scalpel and smoothed to the correct shape. Fixed in place with epoxy. I then learned that you should make a hardpoint in the wing... So using some 0.5mm carbon sheet I made 2 teardrop shaped patches and slotted them for the blade. Chamfered the edges alot and skimmed the thickness down a bit. Fixed on both sides of wing with epoxy thickened with microballoons. Seems to be very strong so far after around 70 launches.
As a noob to DLGs I can definitely recommend the Strike 3, its a very nice looking and excellent flying glider. You just have to spend some time thinking about the best way to fit everything in the front, don't rush it.

Mini Vick 75cm Micro DLG
Review by Patrick K LaVan on 16 Oct 2020

1) service from hyperflight was great. got the kit in 4 days.
2) the mini vick arrived in perfect condition. all parts were cut to perfection. I had spent al lot of time procuring the DSM2 radio and servos with connectors to fit. I ended up using redcom cm421 radio and bluearrow d03030 servos.and 500mA battery to balance. This is a great product combined with the videos showing the build.

Oralight Transparent Yellow 31-039 Covering Film
Review by Steve Lee on 16 Oct 2020

Strong and light - an ideal covering for f3-RES gliders

KST DS113MG Servo - 0.11s 12g 12mm
Review by Anonymous on 16 Oct 2020

Good quality servos at a very good price

HyperFlight 162 cm (64") Glider Bag
 Glider bag
Review by James on 16 Oct 2020

One of the few if not only place that had what I was looking for. I hesitated at first because they are overseas but even with shipping and VAT the bag was still cheaper than a similar item from a retailer here in the US with shipping. What I was impressed with more tha anything was the fact that from the time I placed the order untile it showed up on my door step was only 5 days from the middle of England to the middle of Indiana USA! I have waited twice that long for something to show up from the west coast. Thank you Hyperflight! Great products and service.

Blue Bird BMS-115HV Servo - 0.09s 10.9g 10mm
 You can use it in competitions
Review by Anonymous on 16 Oct 2020

BMS-126WV has been installed for the tail of the INFINITY evo(F5J).
I bought it this time as it is useful enough.
We verify durability and reliability.

ADH300L / MM1914-1100 Front Mount 39g 1100 RPM/V
 Great motor, fantastic service
Review by Hutton Oddy on 14 Oct 2020

Put one of these in my home built Allegro Lite (480g RTF). Great performance using a 9x5 GM prop. Was impressed enough to buy another one for the next eRes model I build.
..and as usual, the service from Niel's shop was perfect. 2 weeks from his farm to mine on the other side of the world.

Snipe Throwing Blade
 Snipe Throwing Blade
Review by Anonymous on 14 Oct 2020

perfect piece of work as known from Vladimir and as usual fast delivery by hyperflight. Thanks

Mini Q Slope/Electric Sports Racer 81cm
 Mini Q Slope Racer
Review by Ian Willians on 14 Oct 2020

This is my second Mini Q. The first came to grief in a 40mph wind on a Welsh hillside after a few hours of exciting flying, some of which I had a degree of control. Most of the time it was pure survival. It would have been repairable, but as thereís a new, improved batch in stock I opted for a new airframe and lift & shift the radio gear across. Itís such good value for money.
Ten points to TJIRC for the extra fiberglass over the central bulkhead which is exactly where my failure was. Itís a pity the front carbon canopy pin now interferes with it so the canopy no longer sits as it should. I removed the offending pin and replaced with a shorter carbon 0.8mm strip thatís got the flexibility to work. The carbon pin is too stiff with a shorter length.
Easy build second time round. Lesson learnt from the first build - leave gluing the tail on till last so you can work on the wing on the flat.
Back on the same Welsh hill in a light 10mph wind to trim it out last weekend. Very pleased with the outcome and service from Hyperflight.

Blaster 2 & 3 V Mount
Review by Colin on 13 Oct 2020

Nicely made and very useful item

2mm Carbon Tube
 Various sizes of carbon tube
Review by TJ on 13 Oct 2020

Ordered 5 different sizes of carbon tube - all in stock, which was the main thing, and quick delivery.

Spin Electric including powertrain, 4 servos and wing bags
Review by Ian Burridge on 13 Oct 2020

The model comes in a very sturdy cardboard box with all the components taped to the sides to prevent damage. I started with the wings and would suggest that ONLY the recommended servo's are used as all the mountings have been designed for them. Although small and a bit of a fiddle there is nothing an average modeller cannot do. The same goes for the the fuselage and it is a real help to have all the paperwork from Vladimir's site to look at to make sure that you get everything the right way round or in the right place. I found that the rudder pushrod was a fraction long to enable correct movement but was very easy to shorten ( 2mm). Even using the smallest Futaba RX i still had to remove half of the case to get it in and still be able to fit/remove the battery.
I would be very wary of flying using the recommended CG as this makes the model extremely sensitive, mine was approx 10mm forward and even this is on the limit for relaxed flying. The model climbs well but you will need to hold some down on with motor and then start looking for the slightest bit of lift. This is an amazing model that will stay up in the lightest of breeze on those calm mornings/evenings and the quality is superb. It is not hard to assemble but you you do need to take your time and refer to the pictures as you are are working in a very small space and things have to go in specific places to fit and then it is tight !
All in a superb model with outstanding quality that is a joy to fly if a little fiddly to assemble.

Brass M3 7.5mm Horn (2)
Review by Richard Wade on 12 Oct 2020

Exellent and prompt Service by Hyperflight saw my glider back in service with a very quick turnaround.

Circle Dancer 2000 RES Glider/Electric ARTF 2m
 Circle Dancer 2000 RES
Review by cstaatsoregon on 11 Oct 2020

This is a competitive F3-RES sailplane. Please note: due to the composite boom fairing, and the fin mount, some CDs may not allow this sailplane in their F3-RES events. Our club sees these as "non-performance enhancing" items, so it is not an issue at our contests. Check with your local CD. I purchased the ARF version of this sailplane, which was well constructed, with a very nice covering job. Only a few hours were needed to assemble and install the radio gear. This model launches high, floats well, is good at signaling lift, and still able to penetrate wind effectively without adding ballast. FYI, I did need to move the CG forward of recommended CG range to get the best overall performance from this model. Also, as always with hyperflight shipments, it arrived in the US quickly, well packaged, and without damage.

KST DS135MG Mini Wing Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
Review by Bradley Turner on 10 Oct 2020

Very nicely made servo's, prompt reliable delivery.

KST DS135MG Mini Wing Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
 Post to NZ
Review by Rob Morgan on 10 Oct 2020

Service from Hyperflight is excellent . All the way to NZ

X-Dream 2m
 X Dream
Review by Gordon Lockwood on 9 Oct 2020

Bought this as sometimes going to the east coast when wind forecast is 12 but when you get there it is 5/6 mph as a lightweight flyer and yes it does fly very well in light winds and also with the c/f ballast tube in and 280 mm of brass in it it coped admirably in 15 mph.laser cutting is excellent especially the complex fus doublers, next to no fettling throughout the kit. Glue ! I used cyano in some parts but gluing the false LE used Ailiphatic resin as it is sandable also for the LE and the front of the d box sheets .To attach them I used Super phatic to glue them to the ribs as it is much more controllable than cyano. Only used 1roll of Lw covering for the whole model without skimping or taking too much care with overlap scrap.There are planes that seem expensive but fly very well and there are cheap ones that look good but do not, this is in the former category.

Strike 3 DLG 1m
 Strike 3 Review
Review by David and Jack Jowers on 8 Oct 2020

The Strike 3 is a quality one metre span DLG with an excellent surface finish and is commendably light, though some care and forethought is necessary to install everything in the very cramped space in the fuselage. However, the removable nosecone is a bonus for easy access.
No instructions are supplied so you are left to your own devices for the installation, relying on anything you can glean from the internet and your own experience and expertise. Nano servos and the smallest receiver are a must. Rudder and elevator rely on traditional torque springs, which are a little on the stiff side, with Kevlar string for the pull. You have to very carefully cut into the carbon surface to mount the control horns, one for a new sharp blade. Each aileron has its own servo which is connected to the surface by a piano wire pushrod. Careful wire bending is required as there is no room for including adjustment. Again, careful cutting into the carbon surface is needed to mount the control horn and it is recommended that the horn is away from the inner aileron edge to facilitate wing removal by pushing the piano wire out of the horn. No room for a clevis.
To put four servos, battery and receiver all into the confined space of the nose and fuselage was akin to a three-dimensional puzzle but the nose design does give good access. Internal layout ended up with the battery fully forward in the nose, next the block of four servos as forward as they will go followed by the receiver under the wing, with all servo wires carefully taped flat under the receiver. Each servo had its mounting lugs cut off to make a block two by two glued together with UHU Por and wrapped in tape to glue into the nose. No lead was needed to achieve a balance. A nice launching blade is included but you are left to your own devices as to where it should be placed. Carefully drilling a succession of holes and filing out to create a slot in the wingtip proved nerve wracking but successful and the blade epoxied in with a nice fillet for strength. Carbon reinforcement for the throwing blade could be included for strong launchers if you want to be doubly sure.
Battery: 2S, 300mA/Hr., LiPo.
Servos: 4 x Bluebird BMS Ė 101HV.
Receiver: JETI 5ch.
Flying weight was 123g and control throws proved satisfactory as a starting point on Hyperflight recommendations.
Test glides were easy and once trimmed, a good launch height was effortlessly achieved with a straight track. Central CG location was preferred as it is a bit frisky further aft. If flown a little faster it has a superb all-round performance and on a marginal day for lift, a test flight of seven and a half minutes was exhilarating.
Altogether the Strike 3 has a superb performance, is easy to fly and a good looker. The nose cone for easy access to the battery and servos is a great design point, but the DLG is really for an experienced builder and it desperately needs some instructions.
Once built, the Strike 3 is a great 1m DLG. Highly recommended.

GM 14x9F Folding prop blades Flat
 GM folding Props (Flat)
Review by Ian Duff on 8 Oct 2020

Previously I have stuck with aero-naut folding prop blades for esoaring and F5j. The GM (flat) prop certainly hugs the fuz better and presents a significantly smaller aerodynamic profile when gliding.

16mm OD 14mm ID Wound Carbon Tube
 Carbon fibre tube
Review by Rick on 6 Oct 2020

Superb looking tube, glossy finish, very tidy weave. Dimensions exactly as described. Packaged very securely, speedy order time and quick delivery.

Fresh 2m
 Fresh 2M
Review by Trevor on 6 Oct 2020

The kit arrived in good time and as usual was well packaged (box within a box). i am in the process of building the model and am opting for the electric conversion. The parts are all of good quality. However care is needed when fitting the half wing ribs to the carbon tube. These did need eased slightly but be careful as they are easily broken!! I opted for the ADH 300L motor which will fit but neat. Almost there now and looking forward to the test flights. Overall a positive experience from Hyperflight.

Hinge Tape 12mm
Review by John Palmer on 6 Oct 2020

Awesome product from an awesome company 5 stars

Big Vick 1m DLG
 Big Vick
Review by Petethepilot69 on 6 Oct 2020

Brilliant little kit which makes into a nice fly weight model. Ordered 2 and put ailerons in 1 wing and still came in at around 95gr AUW. Will stay up on the proverbial knats F***. Ideal for late evening when the others have to land and go home.
Brilliant service as usual from Neil always a pleasure to receive high quality gear from Hyperflight.

Spinnin' Birdy with Ailerons 1m
Review by Rory Hammerson on 5 Oct 2020

as usual, Neil provides a first class service. great communication and excellent packaging. if anyone can help with a build log thread that would be great. this is my first foray into ailerons, having only ever built RE previously

M2 Stainless Steel Pushrod Ends for 1.5mm Rods (2)
Review by Anonymous on 4 Oct 2020

Great service

KST X06 Servo - 0.07s 6.4g 7mm
Review by Tony Whittaker on 4 Oct 2020

Just got a pair. I wanted the "iphone11" of small servos, and I got that. Small, quality, quiet, smooth. Fine on 1S lipo. Just what I wanted, the Rolls Royce of DLG servos.

KST HS08A Wing Servo - 0.11s 11.0g 8mm
Review by Nicolas on 3 Oct 2020

This KST servo has more backlash than the MKS 6100 servo, but it works well under all voltages. If you prefer no backlash, it's better to use the MKS.

Enigma F5J 4m
 Hidden Gem
Review by Phil Bird on 3 Oct 2020

This model has to be the hidden gem of the F5J world. Fantastic looking V tailed glider at an amazing price. First class fuselage, cw ballast tube and wiring harness already made and fitted. The wings are well built without all the bells and whistles of the show ponies. Assembly and flight review to follow.
Good prompt service once again from Hyperflight. Really well packed, survived the trip to Australia intact.

Vladimir's Models Blaster Wing Bags
 Great bags
Review by Dominic Messiha on 2 Oct 2020

These bags are an outstanding value. Very well constructed. I use them on a Storm DLG as well as on a 60" Magnus slope plane. They should fit lots of different 60" wings. Stock up on em!

Ultra Light Servo Twisted Extension Cable 3.7 g/m
Review by Bill Smith on 1 Oct 2020

I ordered 10 meters of Ultra Light Servo Twisted Extension Cable to be shipped to my home in USA. I expected high postage and a long wait time. To my surprise postage was minimal and it arrived in about 10 days even though the US postal service seems to be going through a meltdown. The quality of the cable is excellent and will help reduce weight in my sailplane.

Alpha 2.0
 Alpha 2.0
Review by Steve on 1 Oct 2020

I bought this model for some light weather sport thermal flying.
Ordered it at lunch time and it was delivered at 09:30 the next day! The best customer service from Hyperflight, as always.
The model is a beautiful example of a fully moulded plane - very light, perfect mouldings and nice flying surfaces.
The fittings pack looks to be very complete and as an unexpected bonus the model was supplied with a set of very nice wing/tail/stab covers.
I need to work out what electronics to use but I'm thinking KST X06 servos all round with a Hacker 4.4:1 geared A10-9L. There's not much room in that fuselage.
Looking forward to building and flying.

1.09mm 18SWG Stainless Steel Wire (1.5 m)
Review by Anonymous on 1 Oct 2020

bought this to make push rods. so much better than piano wire. good quality product.

Plus X Fuselage Mount Plate for MKS HV6110 Servos
Review by Brian Rivas on 30 Sep 2020

A piece of advice: do not attempt a Plus X fuselage servo installation without this, unless you fancy being carted off in a secure van by men in white coats. Less than a tenner is a small price to pay to keep you from the brink of madness by trying to fabricate your own mounting, for there is no room for even 1mm of error in the positioning and angle of the servos.

Elf 1m DLG
 Elf DLG
Review by Andrew Dale on 29 Sep 2020

Amazing little model. The way it hangs in the air is fantastic. Iíd heard from others the model appears too fragile and perhaps a bit too light but it isnít so.
The model appears strong and the wing has an amazing level of torsional rigidity.
My only modification was to wrap the upper nosecone with a double wrap bandage of .6oz/sq yd
glass cloth and epoxy with say 10% micro balloons.
This has made the edge of the nosecone much stronger and stops it getting chipped and damaged around the interface with the main cone/fuselage.
An excellent model that will be a mainstay of my collection for many years.
Excellent service as always from hyperflight.

Ripmax SD100 / Dymond D47 Replacement Gears (discontinued)

Ripmax SD100 / Dymond D47 Replacement Gears
Review by Dave Jackson on 29 Sep 2020

Great product and service. Fast delivery to the other side of the world.
Every gear in the servo provided although I only needed to replace the one damaged.
My Dymond D47 is now working perfectly again.

Stiletto Lift 1.2m DLG
 More on Stiletto and Hyperflight
Review by Richard Shilling on 29 Sep 2020

If one can edit a review I don't know how. After reading my review of the Stiletto I wanted to add two points. Today I had one or two hard landings with zero damage. For a 185 gram model that's unexpected. I also wanted to say that Hyperflight gives excellent service. I get faster deliveries from Hyperflight in the UK than some of the suppliers I buy from in the USA!

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Blue Bird BMS-101 DMG servos
Review by Nigel Bennett on 29 Sep 2020

Nice little servos, a masterpiece of design packaging. Very quiet gears and virtually no backlash there. But there is some play in the top bearing which does translate to a small amount of dead travel when under load

KST HS08A Wing Servo - 0.11s 11.0g 8mm
 F5J Flap servo
Review by Jim Hathaway on 29 Sep 2020

Bravely fitted these as Flap servos in an El Nino. A 10mm servo would have been a very tight fit in the thin wing. Fits perfectly in the same frames as the rest of the X8 range. Landed several times today and threw the glider around in breezy conditions. Behaved perfectly on 7.5V.

KST X08 V5 Servo - 0.09s 8.4g 8mm
 F5J Fuselage servo
Review by Jim Hathaway on 29 Sep 2020

More than adequate power for a light glider. Perfect accuracy.

Dream-Flight 300 mAh 4.8V NiMH Battery
Review by Anonymous on 29 Sep 2020

Great service

Stiletto Lift 1.2m DLG
 Stiletto - a great DLG
Review by Richard Shilling on 28 Sep 2020

When the Stiletto was flight ready, the weather wasn't. I live in the Seattle, Washington area and the smoke from fires in California blew up here. Then it rained. Finally, came the maiden and it went very well. I have to make little adjustments here and there but the performance is excellent. A 1.5M DLG is just too big for me and the Stiletto is perfect. I like that the fuselage is wide enough so that mounting the servos is not a pain. I used Pull-Spring for the elevator and rudder and my Stiletto weighs 185g. The construction and finish of the model are world-class!

DLG Tailplane Mount
 DLG tailplane mount
Review by Mike on 28 Sep 2020

This item is as light as it possibly could be and is easily bonded to the boom.
The price, well it saves time and looks great.

GM 16x8 Folding prop blades
Review by Anonymous on 28 Sep 2020

nice blades, perfect fit, fast delivery

Alt 1m DLG
 Great dlg ki
Review by Tony Whittaker on 28 Sep 2020

Super kit. In the 70's I remember cutting out ribs from poor quality balsa in kits. This lazer cut stuff is great. This wing design of the Alt is amazing. Fits together like a jigsaw. Brill

Dream-Flight 300 mAh 4.8V NiMH Battery
Review by Anonymous on 28 Sep 2020

Great service

GM 16x8 Folding prop blades
Review by Anonymous on 27 Sep 2020

nice blades, perfect fit, fast delivery

Hawk / Light Hawk 1m DLG
 Hawk Light
Review by Herb Reich on 26 Sep 2020

This is just a follow up on my previous review. The Hawk light has now been completed. Building the Hawk was straight forward and having only basic building skills posed few problems. There are some excellent articles re the build on RC
My configuration is as follows, 2 stacked Blue Bird HV at the rear for the ailerons and 2 Blue Bird HV in line towards the nose activating rudder and elevator. The receiver (LM 6Ch SH DMS2 compatible) is located at the top of the rudder/elevator servos. Battery is a Nano Tech 2S 300ma placed forward. I opted for a 300ma battery to save weight even so a larger battery could have been accommodated.
My setup followed the recommendation put forward by Hyperflight with a CG of 53-54mm, this CG setting proved adequate however my personal preference is a slight nose heavy setting. Adding 5gr of lead beside the battery gave me that in flight behaviour at a new CG of 55-56mm.
In flight the Hawk is agile and responsive and penetrates well even in winds up to 11knots. All in all I am delighted with my purchase.

NRJ 1.5m DLG
 Flys great, but building is very frustrating.
Review by Tom L on 25 Sep 2020

This is my third DLG purchase from Hyperflight and things started off the usual way. Great service from Neil and speedy delivery on the order. The model was packaged really well and was really excited to build. The quality of the parts is good but I have seen better. The colours (i.e. the white) could have been little brighter (i.e. white looks a bit greyish) but nothing that would ever make me drop a rating point. The wing however had an issue where one of the flaps was sprung (i.e. always wants to point up). Not great but not horrible either.

The build of this model is where things got disappointing. The hardware package supplied with this model was incomplete and some of the materials where completely unusable. The tubing and push rods supplied for the flaps/ailerons had so much friction when you tried to move them they had no business being installed on this model. One set was practically seized and the other one had way too much friction. Although there is music wire (for the tail surfaces) shown in the picture of what will be provided my kit was missing this. When you spend this much money on a top end DLG I think it is fair to expect proper quality materials and for it to be complete. With hobby shops closed or poorly stocked during the pandemic it was difficult for me to find replacement parts.

The instructions that are available could really use a revision to make them clearer. As it stands they are more of a collection of thoughts on the assembly of the aircraft rather than step by step instructions. The horn supplied for the tail for some reason is too long and needs to be modified so it will fit. This is in the instructions but in my opinion is not clear enough. This begs the question, why wouldn't the model ship with the correct horn in the first place? I have built many models but this is the first time in many years where I had to redo several steps to get the model to work.

The linkage connection is not easy at all to do. Aside from missing parts it takes multiple attempts to get the required range of motion while not interfering with the movement of other servos. The method of securing the servos is certainly innovative but the elevator and rudder servo does not have a direct clear path as the flap servos are directly in the way. I think more work is needed to refine how to make interference free connections.

That said it is a beautiful aircraft once you sort the assembly portion out. It flies as described and launches and penetrates really well. I caught some great thermals with it today. I think with more work on the linkages, a complete hardware package and better instructions I can see giving this plane 5 star review status.

Pulley For KST X08 Servos (4)
Review by Danny Chapman on 25 Sep 2020

Pretty good (though a bit of a luxury item!) - used these on DLG rudder and elevator. Results in more linear movement - and more slightly movement than you'd get with an equivalent arm. I was unsure what the intended method of securing the pull string is - so I take it around the back of the pulley, up through one of the holes and then wrap it around the servo screw before adjusting and tightening.

Hawk / Light Hawk 1m DLG
 Light Hawk or Nightmare Hawk
Review by Stjernswšrd Carl-Adam on 25 Sep 2020

In my opinion really poor design regarding the space for the electronic. No instructions on how to be able to squeeze in the markets smallest servos and still barely any space left for the batteries. Save your money on this model, donít buy it!

KST MS320 HV Contactless Servo - 0.07s 21g 12mm
 Great little servo.
Review by Bob R on 23 Sep 2020

On test these are very accurate. Perfect for V tail F5j model. Great servo.

2.4Ghz Antenna Supports - Guides (2) - Special Offer
 Great items
Review by Bryan Windus-Smith on 23 Sep 2020

Very well made and light. Easy to install and do look good.

The usual rapid delivery from Neil.

Turbulator Tape
 Turbo Tape
Review by Anthony Richard Whincup on 21 Sep 2020

Works well. Easy to apply - sensible price

F3-RES High Start Silicone Rubber
 Reach for the Skies?
Review by Christopher on 21 Sep 2020

It's been a very long time since I renewed my 'bungee' Hi Start system. The new Hyperflight rubber looks to be of good quality. It's so difficult to find decent silicone nowadays, I've yet to put it the test.

Small Plastic Shrouded Servo Cover (makes 2)
Review by Martin on 19 Sep 2020

Perfect for what I need. Fast low cost post UK to Australia! No one had the same product locally.

KST X08 V5 Servo - 0.09s 8.4g 8mm
Review by Tony on 17 Sep 2020

Looks a nice servo, beautifully manufactured in aluminium rather than plastic and appears to work as expected. My only worry is that the exposed motor and wiring might be suspect able to water damage should it rain or land on wet grass. Probably just me worrying rather than anything really to be concerned about.

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm
Review by Anthony Purnell on 17 Sep 2020

Super little servo, delighted with it.

Sapphire 2m
Review by Anonymous on 17 Sep 2020

The quality of the model is absolutely first rate, my only compliant is that the build instructions are really rather poor. The online version is a tad better with useful photographs, but all a bit second rate. So if you are an expert builder this will be no issue, if a little rusty (like me) it is suboptimal, but in truth it looks simple enough to put together.

VM 6x4 Folding prop blades (2mm hinge pin)
 Snipe 2e Powerset
Review by Wren on 17 Sep 2020

Yet another quality product provided with exceptional service. Thanks Neil!

Auri Fin
 Fin replacement option
Review by Glen on 16 Sep 2020

After damaging my Stark Pro vertical on too many cross wind landing, I was after a replacement. Luckily Hyperflight came to the rescue with an Auri replacement vertical fin. From the day I ordered it to the day I received it felt like it was only days apart, .... it was super quick. Great quality just when I needed it. As always great service all round from Hyperflight.

Blaster 2 & 3 V Mount
 V mount
Review by Anonymous on 16 Sep 2020

Product is a high quality build and a test fit on the boom shows it is a perfect fit. Looking forward to putting it into use

Supra & Supra Pro V Mount
 V mount
Review by Anonymous on 16 Sep 2020

Product is a high quality build and a test fit on the Hyperflight boom shows it is a perfect fit. Looking forward to putting it into use

26mm - 9mm x 1.2m Tapered Carbon Boom
 Carbon boom
Review by LESLIE WALKER on 16 Sep 2020

High quality carbon boom, very lightweight tube that appears strong. I have yet to use this but am confident it will work well.

Auri 1.5m DLG
 Awesome Auri
Review by Steve on 14 Sep 2020

Beautiful to look at and a joy to fly. The Auri is my third DLG having had Longshots previously. The finish is good. The glider goes together easily but I did have to spend time studying build threads and photos to work out certain measurements. Mine came in at 226g and is the first plane I have built that balanced straight off without the need for adding weight, somewhere! Flying it is simply a joy. Launches are easy. It can float, turns nice circles, or can whiz through the sky. Easy to fly - the challenge being to fly it well. I canít get enough of it to be honest. Worth every penny.

Geronimo F5J 2.5m
 Great Performance
Review by Justin Mellor on 13 Sep 2020

This is an excellent thermalling glider. It penetrates well for a light machine and can fly tight circles to work small patches of light lift. With strong thermals around, it needs to be flown faster to avoid pitch upsets and stalls - this is something I am learning! It is, however, quite fragile and the surfaces are easily damaged if you are not careful. You need to be particularly careful of landing with flaps down! I had to move the servos from the pod to under the wing to achieve the required CG, even with the a very light flight pack - the tail is very light.

Big Vick 1m DLG
 Big Vick
Review by Mark on 13 Sep 2020

Great littlle DLG to leave in the car for those just in case opportunities.flies very well but not hawk material, thanks yet again hyperflight.

Small Lightweight 4 Servo Wing Wiring Harness 55 cm (2)
 4 servo wiring Harness
Review by Paul B on 13 Sep 2020

Purchased this harness system to save on soldering and butchering existing leads, Good Quality well assembled product with the usual Excellent delivery service from Hyperflight. Thank You.

Snipe 2e Powerset 33g 2500 RPM/V
Review by Graham on 11 Sep 2020

Great quality product from Vladimir backed up bt Hyperflight's usual exemplary service

Alt 1m DLG
Review by Oene on 11 Sep 2020

Great service
Good product
Very satisfied

KST X08 V5 Servo - 0.09s 8.4g 8mm
 KST Xo8
Review by Ali Sutherland on 11 Sep 2020

I have been using these servos for some time now because they fit perfectly in my DLG'S, also operate on a wide range of voltages and are powerful beyond my requirements, my personal choice!!

HyperFlight 1.3/2 Pushrod Set
Review by Antonio on 10 Sep 2020

Great product

Sprite Hot-e 2m
Review by Ian Harvey on 10 Sep 2020

As always great service, a beautifully packed box and a perfect model which emerged. The Sprite is Vladimir's usual impeccable finish and fit. The only negative is that although there is good information on control surface settings, there is little advice or guidance on the best ways of getting them there through the fitting of servos, linkages etc. I fly these models for fun, not competition, and therefore I am not as up-to-speed as others may be on the best way of doing everything. These are such beautiful models that I really don't want to make a mistake and curse myself afterwards. Some guidance, however brief, would be welcome!

GM 11x5 Folding prop blades
 GM 11x5 Folding prop blades
Review by Retired Mike in TX, USA on 9 Sep 2020

I'm building a Geronimo which also came from HyperFlight, I built a thrust measuring stand so I could find the best prop for the motor I am planning to use. Although this prop is moe expensive than other brands, it clearly out performed all other props tested. I am delighted with it.

PuRES V2 2m
 PuRES V2 kit
Review by Brett on 9 Sep 2020

Excellent service from Hyperflight, as usual. The kit is an absolute joy to put together. Why can't all kits be this good?
The maiden was a complete non-event: up , up and away with no trim clicks (must be a first for me!). Model immediately promoted to top light-weather 2m favourite.

Auri 1.5m DLG
Review by Julian on 9 Sep 2020

Great dlg brought this to replace alula fairy straight forward build 4xkts servos on 2s and the option for 1s only had the maiden flight so far due to weather
As for the flight fantastic great thermaling and speed a good all rounder 10/10

Auri 1.5m DLG
 Auri dlg
Review by Bob on 8 Sep 2020

The Auri flies extremely well. With four KST X08 HV servos mounted on the supplied servo mount and a 300mAh 7.4V battery up front the model weighs 230 grams and balances at 63mm from wing leading edge without any added weight. Fitting the aileron control rods was not straightforward. Cyano did not glue the rods effectively to the carbon fuselage and had to be backed up with epoxy adding a few grams of weight. The canopy is about 2mm too narrow and 2mm too short to be a good fit. Otherwise a great quality kit and once the Auri gets airborne the small niggles are soon forgotten.

Fresh 2m
Review by John Armstrong on 7 Sep 2020

I have spent 2/3 months slowly putting this kit together. Quality was excellent with all parts fitting perfectly. End result gives me immense satisfaction. I have had to wait a few weeks for suitable weather but the Fresh flies beautifully with long gentle glides just as I had hoped. I have also had a couple of bad landings that left not a mark on her. Fills me with confidence just how strong the construction is. Will certainly be buying from Hyperflight again .

Introduction F5J 2.9m
Review by John Alexander on 5 Sep 2020

Wonderful kit very precise! And awesome service took only 3 days for delivery to the US!

HyperFlight 110 cm (43") Glider Bag
 Top quality & Reliable
Review by Pete W on 5 Sep 2020

This is my third model bag from Hyperflight. The eldest one is 8 years old and has stood the test of time and numerous trips to the slope. The internal pockets offer more than adequate protection for the horizontal stabilizer and wing joiners. The bag is overall well padded and keeps the model protected weather in transit or in storage. As always great service from the Hyperflight team.

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