Prices shown exclude VAT 
Altis Telemetry Convertor - for Futaba & FrSky
 Altis Telemetry Convertor - for Futaba & FrSky
Review by Jörgen Johansson on 21 Mar 2018

I have the same problem as Lars-Eric.
The telemetry converter does not work. I can not make it show any values at all, whatever I try on my Futaba 18sz

YGE USB Adaptor for Telemetry ESCs
 Thin, light, and smooth
Review by Don McCullough on 21 Mar 2018

After figuring out the timing, needed to be lower than he Graupner 50T it replaced, this ESC performed flawlessly. I got it for my E Niño And it solves the problem of not much space in the nose. It is thin enough so my ESC, 500 mAh battery, and receiver can fit side-by-side just behind the motor.

Review by Paul on 20 Mar 2018

Having identified the correct setup procedure from the info sheets available, and sorted this out, excellent product. Light, small, fits in my Dynamic setup comfortably.

22SWG 0.74mm Stainless Steel Wire (1.5 m)
 Will use again
Review by G.Carter on 20 Mar 2018

Exactly what I needed, as described and a no hassle transaction with fast secure shipping, 5***** service

20SWG 0.89mm Stainless Steel Wire (1.5 m)
 Perfect Transaction
Review by G.Carter on 20 Mar 2018

Excellent purchase, quality goods with fast shipping 10/10

Dream-Flight Libelle
 Libelle & battery
Review by I,M on 19 Mar 2018

fantastic service once again from Hyperflight , I ordered one day received my Dreamflight Libelle the next day. a super easy kit to assemble & fly thanks to a comprehensive manual from Dreamflight, a lovely model that will fly well in light too moderate winds on a slope or flat, set up as instructed, it will fly brilliantly ,, the Hyperflight battery for this model is also excellent.

0.25 mm DLG Control Run Pull Wire 9m Spool
Review by Andy Sephton on 19 Mar 2018

Great product plus quick and efficient service means I'll be coming back for more when I need it!

Hawk / Light Hawk 1m DLG
 Hawk miniDLG
Review by taanas on 18 Mar 2018

I was able to get a thermal immediately after adjustment. As the center of gravity got in front, we are planning to re-adjust the lipo.
I liked the design and bought it, but the quality of painting may be low somewhat.

Snipe 2 DLG
Review by Brian Rivas on 14 Mar 2018

There is only one word to describe the Snipe 2: stunning - yet even that barely does justice to the sheer beauty and impeccable fit and finish of this glider, which is surely the Rolls-Royce of DLGs. I have been flying Vladimir’s Models for about 10 years and have always been impressed by their design, faultless production and superb performance. But the sight of this thing took my breath away.

There is plenty of information on Hyperflight’s and Vladimir’s sites on the differences between this and the original Snipe, differences that are confined to the fuselage and control linkages, yet I feel the Snipe 2 is greater than the sum of these changes. The fuselage is a completely new design that is much stiffer, very sleek and slender, and the interface with the fin has a greater gluing area with the result that everything aligns perfectly without need for adjustment.

Although I haven’t started work on my Snipe 2 yet, I have given some thought to the installation of the gear - and some thought and foresight are needed here, for due to the very slim nosecone things will not fit quite so easily as on the original Snipe. Although there appears to be plenty of space, if the battery, four servos and receiver are installed in-line there is a strong likelihood that the battery will slightly snag the front of the nosecone (at least, all the batteries of adequate capacity that I know of). I don’t like the thought of that. I have seen a photo on a forum of a very neat installation, but the front edges of the battery project beyond the width of the fuselage. Contact with the nosecone is surely inevitable. However, I found the answer from a pic on Vladimir’s site: mount the rx inverted on top of the rearmost servo, and this is an example I will follow.

I shall be using 4 x MKS HV75K-N servos, 1S or 2S battery, and a Storm S603 rx. Although suspiciously cheap, I now use the S603 on all my gliders. They have all performed faultlessly and have a huge range.

As I said on my review of the original Snipe, no ever regretted buying the best. With the Snipe 2, to coin a well-used phrase, the best just got better.

Circle Dancer 3600 Full House Electric
 Circle Dancer 3600 Full House Electric
Review by Peter McEvoy on 14 Mar 2018

Eventually got a gap to get mine in the air. And it didnt come down!

Awesome glider!!!

Stark 2017 DLG
Review by Ian on 12 Mar 2018

What a lovely glider! The Stark is my first DLG and I wasn't even sure when I was building it whether I would be a left or right handed launcher (I do different things with each hand/arm). However, I went for right handed so as to be part of the mainstream. The glider went together very easily - 4 in the pod - but I was astonished how delicate the tail feathers were and how thin the epoxy finish on them is.

Never having flown a DLG, I was a bit apprehensive on my first outing but no worries.
I did a couple of gentle hand launches to check and adjust the trims and then it was time to go for it. I took it very easy to begin with but had no real problems. After half a dozen or so launches, i was getting what I thought was a reasonable height for my first attempts. I have no idea what height I was actually getting but after about 20 minutes, I got a couple of 2 minute flights and was getting 90 seconds on most launches. This glider rocks!
I have only given it 4 stars though, because the paint job is not the best (orange logos on white). There is quite a lot of bleed of the orange onto the white paint. Not noticeable in the air but very obvious on the ground.

Carboline SC39/2 Spread Carbon - large sample
 SC39/2 Spread tow carbon
Review by Anonymous on 10 Mar 2018

An excellent product, easy to handle, and apply ,doesn't fall apart as one might suspect

Still Racer
 Still Racer
Review by Simon Clark on 10 Mar 2018

Really good quality kit - all fibreglass parts without flaw and filmed parts straight and no wrinkles etc. have not built yet, but it looks pretty easy. cant wait to get flying

Malibu Pro
Review by Les on 10 Mar 2018

Pleased with the service and delivery, happy with the quality and finish apart from the paint lines in the aileron hinging but can put up with it, overall a very nice looking model

30mm HyperSpinner for 6mm shafts
Review by Reinhold on 10 Mar 2018

Dies ist schon der 5. Spinner den ich für meine Elektrosegler gekauft habe. Alles passt perfekt.

Nanotech 1S 750 mAh LiPo Battery
 Great battery for its size.
Review by NickP on 9 Mar 2018

Bought this single cell LiPo to power the radio in my new Blaster 3. It fits just behind the front of the fuselage boom (leave a small gap or the canopy rubs against the cell which I didn’t want). It comes with two power leads - I have chosen to use the JST plug but you can also use the Molex fitting. Cycling the battery on my charger shows it performs well and am looking to seeing how it lasts in the air.

Blaster 3 DLG
 New to DLG
Review by NickP on 9 Mar 2018

This is my first DLG and Neil at Hyperflight has been very supportive in terms of recommending a plane that is easy to build and seems to have an excellent reputation on the various forums. Still to be flown; so can’t comment on the performance, but I am expecting great things of it. The installation is straightforward just needing planning to route the wires neatly from the four servos in the fuselage.

Blue Bird BMS-A10S WV Servo - 0.07s 7.3g 8mm
 Astounding tiny servos
Review by NickP on 9 Mar 2018

This is my first foray into the world of DLG. Neil at Hyperflight couldn’t have been more supportive in terms of recommending a suitable glider and these servos. The servos are tiny compared to what I’m used to but beautifully made with a lovely CNC milled case and a great cosmetic finish. They seem to have no discernible slop in the gear train and have a good voltage range. I will be using a 1S LiPo to power them and my Jeti radio with a vario giving me useful telemetry.

DLG Carrier
Review by KEN COBLE on 9 Mar 2018

Great item easy to store and carry your models, three DLG no problem.

Review by Paul on 7 Mar 2018

Setup instructions are poor. Instructions supplied with product, download manual and setup instructions, all are inconsistent, and offer different variants of basic setup instructions.
They seem to assume a familiarity with YGE products. I don’t have this familiarity, new user of this product, and would like some clear, unambiguous setup instructions .
Don’t know what the product is like yet. Have been unable to set it up for f5j glider .

Introduction F5J
 Introduction F5J
Review by David on 5 Mar 2018

Excellent delivery very quick but there was damage to the both box’s. Look as it the instruction manual took the force no damage to the parts.
The kit is excellent quality.
I am so pleased with my introduction to f5j.The build is so relaxing easy to assemble and every part fits very precise.

High Start Flag / Pennant
 Excellent Service
Review by Jon Vance on 4 Mar 2018

As always.....great, reliable service. Super fast shipping.

30mm HyperSpinner Power for 4mm shaft
 30mm HyperSpinner Power for 4mm shaft
Review by KJ on 2 Mar 2018

This is a nice small diameter spinner, and as usual, excellent delivery time from Hyperflight. There was an extra spinner cone and an allen key in the box, much appreciated!

The spinner is attached to the hub with two little screws, and easy to remove. The prop blades are be held in with some pins which, once located, the spinner will trap in place. A neat system.

The allen screws are well fitting, as usual on spinners with two allen screws, one is tightened and the other nipped slightly or better still, removed and kept as a spare.

A great well priced product, thank you!

Glassfibre 32mm Firewall for Reisenauer Microedion Gearbox
 Glassfibre 32mm Firewall for Reisenauer Micro 5:1
Review by Anonymous on 2 Mar 2018

This is a very useful item, having made my own in the past, it is great to have firewalls that fit the 3 screw arrangement of the maxon 4.4:1 and the micro 5:1 gearboxes.
There are other firewall diameters and types available, which looks like a great selection, and I will be getting more of these in due course. I was modifying an F3B glider so needed a very small cross section firewall with reasonable wall thickness and stiffness. I further modified the firewall by reducing its diameter and grinding some slots in it to ensure a good fit. A great result!
The service from Hyperflight was excellent, as usual, with rapid order confirmation and delivery.

Supra Pro Competition / AVA Pro Tailplane
 Supra Pro Tailplane
Review by Paul.B on 26 Feb 2018

So much a piece of artwork than a tail plane you're loathed to fit it too the model lol.
But it also looks great with the sun shining through it, so I guess the model won!

The usual super quick and safe service from Hyperflight.

Frame for MKS DS6125 Mini (pair)
 KST DS135 MG Servo Mount/Frame
Review by Paul B on 26 Feb 2018

Perfect fit for the KST DS135 MG Servo in terms of case outline etc.
The servos rubber grommet does lift the servo up fractionally from the frame on one side. But I always just file a recess into the frame around the lead exit hole anyway. A glue layer will usually negate any need for this. But just to make it clear. Very few servo recess mount locations are perfectly flat anyway.
Great service as always from the Hyperflight team.

Many Thanks As Always :-)

El Niño 3.9m
 El Nino 3.9m
Review by Roger Sanders on 26 Feb 2018

As a mechanical engineer, I am very impressed by the aerodynamic design of this glider. In my opinion, it has the best performance of any of the current large, F5J gliders. This is because it has the lowest aerodynamic drag combined with ultra light weight (mine weighs 1,048 grams), very thin airfoils for good penetration, and very tight circling capability.

I have an older Xplorer and one of the early Ultimas to which I can compare the El Nino. The Xplorer weighs over 2 KG while the Ultima and El Nino weigh about half that. The difference in flight behavior between these three are remarkable.

Being relatively heavy, the Xplorer flies fast, penetrates upwind very well, and responds quickly to control inputs. Its glide slope is quite good, but not as good as either the Ultima or the El Nino, and it flies down that slope faster than than the other gliders. Its relatively high weight and high flight speed means that it does not "float" as well as the others, and it is not able to detect and circle as tightly in light lift.

The Ultima is the ultimate floater. It flies very slowly and will turn extremely tightly. So in calm conditions, it has significantly better duration than the Xplorer. But the Ultima is useless in windy conditions. The Xplorer's greater weight and speed makes it vastly superior to the Ultima, which will only hover into any significant head wind, and it is knocked around severely by turbulence.

The El Nino is a much better all-around glider than either the Ultima or the Xplorer. This is because the El Nino is very light so floats well, but it has a very thin airfoil for speed. The result is that the El Nino will float well in light conditions, but penetrates into the wind almost as well as the Xplorer.

Generally the faster the glider, the greater is its sink rate. So fast gliders typically do not have duration performance as good as slow floaters. The El Nino is an exception to this rule. It has such low drag that its glide slope is flatter than any other glider I have experienced. As a result, it can be flown fairly fast while maintaining a very slow sink rate. Additionally, it can be slowed down for calm conditions and float virtually as well as the Ultima.

The higher air speed of the El Nino also translates into more responsive handling. The Ultima has very weak and sluggish handling due to its very slow speed. The Xplorer has good control response, but due to its weight, it just isn't quick and agile. By comparison, the El Nino is both agile and responsive.

In short, I find the El Nino to have the best all around performance because it has a very wide speed range, an amazingly flat glide slope, outstanding duration, indicates lift superbly, and has the best handling and agility. It is by far my favorite glider.

So why have I given it only a 3-star rating? Unfortunately the fit, finish, workmanship, and completeness are poor. A glider this expensive should be state-of-the-art in these areas -- like the Xplorer. The El Nino is a major disappointment and quite unsatisfactory. Compared to the Xplorer (which is the gold standard for fit and finish), the El Nino is a real mess and has a multitude of detail defects. be fair and objective, I will list some of the specific defects in the El Nino so you can see that this is not just a matter of opinion.

To begin, the servo pockets in the underside of the wings are not symmetrically placed. Those in my glider were randomly placed with differences in position between the right and left wings by as much as 14 mm. Obviously they were not fitted using a jig.

The servo pockets are too far aft in the wings. This makes it virtually impossible to anchor the servo trays to the spar, which is the best place to distribute the servo forces. Anchoring the servos only to the upper wing skins is not good practice and causes the wing skin to deform under load.

Another advantage to having the servo pockets up near the spar is that is the thickest part of the wing. This makes it possible to keep the servo arm completely within the wing so a flat servo wing cover can be used. This would eliminate any need for the bubble in the servo covers that were supplied in the kit.

The aileron and flap control horns are very well designed. They are thicker than those in other kits so they have a wider bearing surface to resist wear. The aileron horns are at 90 degree to the hinge line while the flap horns are 45 degrees forward of the hinge line. It is the correct way to design control horns since these surfaces are very different in their throws. Both the Xplorer and the Ultima could take a lesson from the El Nino.

The control horns are CNC machined -- but they are not completed. They are left in the base fiberglass, which requires that the modeler cut them free and sand off the rough edges and mounting points. The other models provide finished horns, why not the El Nino?

The holes in the horns are too large for the wire that is supplied with them. This results in an unacceptable amount of slop in the linkages. To fix this problem, you will either need to make new horns and drill the holes to the same size as the wire, or you will need to get larger wire and drill larger holes in the supplied horns to get a slop-free fit.

There are no gap seals on any of the El Nino's hinged surfaces. The Xplorer does it best with beautifully constructed, internal gap wipers. The Ultima comes with gap seal tape. The El Nino has no seals at all.

Although there are no gap seals on the El Nino, the manufacturer supplies a wide roll of plastic film that you can cut and to make gap seal tape yourself. It will be difficult, to cut the very long, thin lengths of film accurately so that it is about 10 cm wide and has parallel edges and looks good.

You must then apply a very narrow, thin, double-sided tape to the pieces you cut. Laying this tape straight and neatly is very difficult. Additionally the tape is too narrow (about 1 mm) to hold the film firmly in place. You must use two parallel rows of tape spaced about 5 mm apart to mount the plastic strips adequately.

In short, you not only have to apply gap seals yourself, but you have to make the gap seal tape. You cannot do it as well as commercial gap seal tape. On a glider this expensive, there is absolutely no excuse for this. The manufacturer should, at the very least, supplied a roll of commercial gap seal tape. But he really should apply it himself so that the wings come already fitted with it -- like all the other glider manufacturers do. Better yet, use internal wipers. I bought a roll of commercial gap seal tape so that I could do the job well.

The construction of the wings is not precise. When wings are made in molds, the layers of carbon, foam, resin, and other parts will normally be very consistent and the left and right wings will be virtually the same weight.

The left wing of my El Nino was 17 grams heaver than the right. When you pick up the glider, the left wing immediately falls towards the ground. To get this much weight difference between the wings requires truly sloppy workmanship. This is simply unacceptable in a glider with such an impressive aerodynamic design. What a shame that the manufacturer has such careless workers.

The wing/fuselage alignment pins and mounting bolts were not aligned. The wing and fuselage would not fit together when I got the kit. It required extensive modification to get them to fit. The wing tip alignment pins also did not fit.

I understand that the manufacturer has addressed this issue in his current production, but the fact that customers had to make him aware of the problem says volumes about the factory's quality control -- or complete lack of it.

The flat head bolt wing recesses were too deep for the bolts to be flush with the with the wing surface (they were recessed 1.6 mm). To make matters worse, they were not centered. This is only a cosmetic problem, but again shows careless workmanship.

The fuselage halves are not accurately glued together. They are out of alignment by 0.8 mm. This results in a step in the firewall, where half the firewall is further forward than the other half.

The step can be removed by carefully sanding the firewall so it is flat. But you you cannot sand firewall that is inside the fuselage. As a result, an internal step remains. When you bolt the motor to the firewall, the motor shaft ends up being cocked at a small angle -- it is not aligned with the axis of the fuselage. Therefore, the spinner gap will be different at different points around the fuselage.

This is not only unsightly, but the thrust line is not aligned with the fuselage. This causes the plane to pull to one side under power.

There are also steps in the wing tips. These cannot be sanded flat because alignment pins are already glued in place so you cannot use a sanding block to true up the entire surface. As a result, the wing tips do not fit flush to the center wing panel.

The canopy is held in place with a 3 mm shaft. This shaft is glued to the underside of the canopy. But the glue is too far towards the ends of the canopy so that the shaft is so stiff that it is very difficult to install and remove the canopy. The shaft should be glued closer to the center of the canopy so it is more flexible.

The shaft is glued to the canopy with huge, irregular lumps of glue that are very ugly and unnecessary. A couple of small drops are all that are needed.

There are many surface faults in the wings and tail apparently caused by dirt in the mold. There is one big glob of dirt actually in the skin. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy! I could go on, but I am out of characters, so cannot write more. But you get the picture -- this is a great design that is ruined by terrible workmanship.

MKS DS65K Gold Label - 8.5mm 6.5g
Review by Steve Warner on 25 Feb 2018

Excellent servo, excellent service, packaging and prompt delivery.

Elf Rudder Horn
 Elf rudder horn
Review by R Halls on 25 Feb 2018

Service from Hyperflight first class as usual, order one day receive it the next.

Elf Nosecone
 Elf noseco
Review by R Halls on 25 Feb 2018

Ordered online one day try received it next day, excellent service, a good quality replacement too. Thanks.

Carboline SC26/2/45 Spread Carbon Fabric +/- 45° 26g/m²
Review by PW on 25 Feb 2018

Excellent product easy to cut and apply. Provides a good strong light repair or use for general strengthening. Not cheap but I would never not have this in my workshop. Fast delivery well packed

Malibu Pro
Review by Paul on 25 Feb 2018

What a great dlg for the money lovely finish great way for a quality first dlg entry model

Integrated Drive System/Mono for the KST DS125, DS135, DS225, X10, X10 Mini
Review by Anonymous on 24 Feb 2018

I ordered 16 of these LDS product, they are of good quality and work perfectly, I will be ordering more as they are not overpriced and arrived quite quickly from UK to Australia. Excellent service.

Thanks Hyperflight.

Blue Bird BMS-105HV Servo - 0.09s 10.9g 10mm
 What a little powerhouse!
Review by Jay D on 23 Feb 2018

I originally ordered these for a Snipe precise, so fast and so small! Loved it. It has since become my go-to servo for rudder/elevator in F5J/ALES competition planes. Absolutely love them. I have 8 of them in operation on my 4 contest ships and I've never had an issue.

Again- these are fantastic servos, fast, precise and about 30% cheaper than those other brand's servos. I highly recommend them! They are also great for wing servos in gliders (with the IDS servo frames that Neil sells.)

Buy with confidence!

Jay D

KST DS135MG Mini Wing Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
 Fast, precise, dependable!
Review by Jay D on 23 Feb 2018

I was looking for a dependable, high-speed and precise thin-wing servo for my competition F5J/ALES gliders. These fit the bill perfectly. I've been using them for 5 years and have not had a single one fail me. I've currently have 16 of them in service and they are absolutely fantastic!
You are getting a very very nice 5,2kg torque servo for about 30% less than that other brand and in my opinion, they are just as good.
Buy with confidence!

Jay D

KST X08 V5 HV Servo - 0.09s 8.4g 8mm
 Excellent servos!
Review by Johan on 23 Feb 2018

Very good resolution! Measured only 1us deadband on mine V5 servos. Very pleased with the quality and I have converted to only KST 08 type servos in Indoor models and MPX Parkmaster. You need good servos to enjoy the precision of your Control input.
Best regards

Vladimir's Models Sprite & 2m Glider Wing Bags
 Vladimir Sprite thermal sc
Review by Frank on 20 Feb 2018

Fast shipping.
Vladimir top quality very Nice finish on the model.
Very trustwothy dealer that I`ve ordered at several times before without any problems.
Thanks to Neil.

Blue Bird BMS-106HV Servo - 0.06s 10.9g 10mm
 Bluebird 106 HV servo
Review by Andy on 19 Feb 2018

bought this as a change from KST and so far this is a good well centering servo in a tiny package. so far I am impressed- and the servo is quiet as well. First time i have bought bluebird servos and these I will certainly buy again. I also have to mention the excellent service provided by Hyperflight - it makes online shopping far more relaxing - excellent quick service.a

KST X08 V5 HV Servo - 0.09s 8.4g 8mm
 Issues with KST 08
Review by Hutton on 18 Feb 2018

Have had 3 of these go awry over the past month.

Posted here on RCGroups.

Welcome advice as to how best to fix it (thought I had, but not in every case).

As usual Neils team does great service. They can't be held solely responsible for product failures.

Leomotion L3007-5000R F5J 5:1
Review by Bill Cooke on 17 Feb 2018

I too had similar results to Phil. I queried this with Leomotion and their response was;
'We recommend to use this motor only on very light planes well below 1500g and below 40A (with small batteries below 1300mAh)!
Otherwise use the 3013-4550!
Without cooling, there is no chance, that it can survive 40A.
Running in static situation, even worse the heating.'

1mm Carbon Rod
 Excellent stuff, great service
Review by Agnes on 17 Feb 2018

Great quality, great price, timely responses and fast delivery. What more can you ask for?

Elf Nosecone
 Elf nose cone
Review by HFO on 16 Feb 2018

Ordered on line, 20 minutes later received despatch confirmation, following morning it was in my postbox. Perfectly packaged. Great service.

Corona DS843MG Servo - 9.1mm 10.5g
Review by Andy Green on 16 Feb 2018

Excellent service. Thank you.


Longshot 4 DLG
 Longshot 4
Review by C Cairns on 14 Feb 2018

Bought one about 2 years ago as my first full sized DLG. Built it topdrive and pull-springs. Steep learning curve for both building and flying it. By now called "Patches..."
Although I will probably not replace it now if I were to lose it, it was one of the best buys I ever made. Magnificent 1st 1,5m DLG.

GM 14 x 7 Folding prop blades
 wonderful product.
Review by mitsuo on 13 Feb 2018

It is a wonderful product.
Although the current value fell, it became powerful.
Thank you

38mm HyperSpinner for 5mm shafts +7º twist
 wonderful product.
Review by mitsuo on 13 Feb 2018

It was a wonderful product.
Although the current value went down, it became powerful. Thank you.

Carboline SC26/2/45 Spread Carbon Fabric +/- 45° 26g/m²
Review by PW on 12 Feb 2018

Excellent product easy to cut and apply. Provides a good strong light repair or use for general strengthening. Not cheap but I would never not have this in my workshop. Fast delivery well packed

55mm M2 Control Rods (2)
Review by PW on 12 Feb 2018

Well made strong push rod. Great service

Sullivan M2 Clevis (4)
Review by PW on 12 Feb 2018

Great clevis for tight spaces. Good strong construction. Very secure when fitted . Excellent service from Neil and his team.

Blue Bird BMS-105HV Servo - 0.09s 10.9g 10mm
Review by Ian ludwell on 10 Feb 2018

Have not installed servos into glider yet.
Satisfactory test with servo tester.
Excellent service and delivery.
No buzzing.
Very pleased

MKS DS6100 Servo - 10mm 9.5g
 Mks ds6100 servo
Review by Mike Bleathman on 10 Feb 2018

As always, excellent service from Neil, great little servos also.

AVA V Mount
 AVA V Mount
Review by goorgi on 10 Feb 2018


ADH300L Rear Mount Brushless Motor
 Looks good so far
Review by Paul on 9 Feb 2018

I have not run it yet but love the nice strong magnets which promise a good performance. The construction looks up to par and the smaller size will help the installation in a Madres I am building for a friend. I think he should be able to get everything in.
Photos in the Madres manual very poor, I had to refer to the RC Groups build logs. The English version of the Madres manual is just a machine translation with some very odd words. Fortunately, I can read German so fewer problems. Madres is a model where you need to build one, throw it away and then the next one will be fine.

Frame for MKS DS6125 (pair)
Review by John Palmer on 9 Feb 2018

Great product and super fast service thanks

Flight Pack for Dream-Flight Ahi
 Fast servos, perfect set
Review by Radler on 8 Feb 2018

Same experience as Brian: All fitted perfectly and the center of gravity could be obtained just by positioning the battery pack. Except for the receiver, which everybody needs a different one, this set contained all I needed in addition to the Ahi kit.

Just as an observation without exact measurement: It appears that the servos seem to work pretty fast and precisely.

So, all in all I think it definitely was worth it to wait a few weeks for this set to make it from UK to Germany. :-)

Dream-Flight Ahi
Review by Roger James on 8 Feb 2018

Goes together very quick with no hassle. First few flights proved a let down with a very sensitive elevator but after honing it cg wise and taming with expo its turned into a sweet flyer and very friendly acrobatic plane. The secret is to fly as near as you can to yourself hugging the slope as per the rc groups thread. I can see that is one that will go with me everywhere this year and am really looking forward to the sessions. Well worth the money

HyperLiPo 2S 300 mAh LiPo Battery
 Small battery!
Review by Mark on 5 Feb 2018

Great little battery which fits well in the Schloiderding v2, with enough space left for a small receiver such as an Orange R410x.
Great packaging and dispatch time.
Thanks Neil.

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Très bons produits
Review by Régis Paret on 5 Feb 2018

Ces servos sont montés dans un F3K. Ils sont légers, puissants, rapides et précis alimentés en 2S.
Leurs petites tailles est un atout pour ceux qui n'ont pas trop de place dans le fuselage.
Je n'ai pas encore testé sur le long terme la météo n'étant pas des plus favorable au vol en ce moment. Ils ont été livrés très vite et bien emballés.

Compression Contact Wing Connectors
 Used on a Multiplex Heron
Review by Adrian on 2 Feb 2018

Fitted four to my Multiplex Heron 2.4m electric sailplane, which is of Elapor foam construction. These components might not seem like a natural choice for a “foam” model, but since this one has plug-in quick-release wings, it made sence to enhance this design feature. Assembly/take apart at the flying site is now very quick and easy. Very pleased.

I found it took longer to install them than I had anticipated. This is a reflection on the type of model/wing fixing design rather than the components themselves. Plenty of ingenuity and care was needed. Accurate alignment/set-up is vital to ensure robustness and reliability in use. Soldering area is small, I used a fine tipped 15w iron.

ADH300L Front Mount Brushless Motor
 Failed after a few uses
Review by John Gallant on 1 Feb 2018

I bought one of these to go in a Horesji Geronimo - turns out it was a bit underpowered with a 3S battery and a 9x6 prop but it worked OK. But after about 5 flights (maybe 10 minutes running time) it failed, with one lead now open circuit.

I reckon this is unrelated, but while inspecting the motor I also found that the spacing between rotor and stator varies from about 0.6 mm down to about 0.2 mm - a less serious version of David Still's fouling.

Frame with bearing for the Blue Bird BMS-105HV / BMS-106HV / BMS-107HV (pair)
Review by Steve Hannon on 30 Jan 2018

Excellent support frames with end bearing. I usually mount them on a piece of 1/32 ply to provide a larger gluing area. The plastic wedges that lock the servo in place require sanding but this is only a 5 minute job.

Osprey 3000 REF & Full House Electric
 It's lovely!
Review by Andrew on 29 Jan 2018

The Osprey arrived in perfect condition yesterday. I couldn't be happier. I've already made a start on assembly. It was impossible to resist.

Thanks for the solid advice, excellent packing, and swift and easy passage through customs. Your shipments arrive with me faster, easier, and at no greater cost than packages from the US.


Gening D541BB Servo - 8.5mm 5g
Review by Amdynr on 28 Jan 2018

Bought these for spoilers on res. These operate well and centre well. Would buy these again. Excellent service from hyperflight.

RES Dart Flying Wing
 RES Dart
Review by Roger Hymans on 28 Jan 2018

I am very pleased that I decided after assembling a number of ARTF, mouldy gliders and foamy models to revert to my childhood hobby of actually building a model.
Laser cutting makes all the difference but you do need good quality materials. The Dart kit is of very good quality and has been a great pleasure to build. I now await covering film and servos to arrive from my model shop to finish the job. The kit is not difficult to put together and Hyperflight have given some good links to assist in the build. I must admit that a good translation from the German would have been very useful. Richard Ng made a valiant effort but the difficult bits where some help was needed made little sense to me, happily the photos from other forums helped a lot. I have built two fuselages one for high start and the slope the other for electric power at our flat field. After seeing the performance of the Dart on videos I am looking forward to flying this wing.
Thanks to Neil for excellent service from Hyperflight

6mm Carbon Tube
Review by John on 28 Jan 2018

Nice tube, very well packed and received on time, I will purchase here again.

Supra & Supra Pro V Mount
 Excellent Service
Review by Keith B on 28 Jan 2018

Being from the US, I was concerned with how long it would take and how much it would cost to ship this. Not anymore!
The shipping was very reasonable and did not take much longer than a domestic order.

And the V-Mount is very well made. Hopefully the rest of the plane I’m building will come out as good.

I will definitely be back.

Pulsar Pro 2.5e
 E-Pulsar 2.5m
Review by Wren on 28 Jan 2018

I have taken delivery of a 'full house' 2.5m Pulsar, to compliment my 2.5m RES Pulsar. These are new toys, age prompting my retirement from F5J competition. I just loved those big moulded gliders, bloody marvellous!

Once again Neil has provided exceptional service in packaging and speedy delivery, from the UK to Australia. I have purchased many times from HyperFlight and hold them in the highest regard.

Both planes are works of art, beautifully constructed and finished. Assembly is relatively simple, maiden flights are without drama.

I have been flying the RES for several months, enjoying sniffing around low level lift in our early summer mornings, and continuing into booming thermals as the day progresses. An amazingly well performed device!

The full house plane sits ready for assembly, sort of teasing me every time I walk near it! The theory is that it is an autumn project, but.......!!

Thanks again Neil!

Frame with bearing for the KST DS125, DS135, DS225, X10, X10 Mini (2)
Review by PW on 27 Jan 2018

These frames are a great addition to the DS125mg wing servo. The frame is strong and easy to install providing easy removal of the servo for maintenance or replacement. The external bearing supports the servo arm reducing stress on the servo increasing its life. Great product great service

KST DS145MG Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
Review by PW on 27 Jan 2018

Good quality reliable servo with flawless performance. Great value servo back up with a quality service.

KST DS125MG Wing Servo - 0.12s 27g 10mm
Review by PW on 27 Jan 2018

Good quality reliable servo at an affordable price backed up by a great service.

Vladimir's Models Sprite & 2m Glider Wing Bags
 Sprite 2m wing bags
Review by Steve Moss on 27 Jan 2018

Dose the job.

Carboline SC39/2/30 Spread Carbon Fabric +/- 30° 39g/m²
Review by Anonymous on 27 Jan 2018

Good product and great service

Inside-F5J 2.9m
 Quality kit
Review by Richard Shagam on 26 Jan 2018

This is a quality kit. All parts are well--marked and arranged logically on the supplied balsa and ply sheets. Absolutely perfect laser cutting. I've only just started the build, but I don't see how this a/c won't just fall together and fly itself.

Stiletto Lift 1.2m DLG
Review by Brian on 25 Jan 2018

Purchased this DLG as a first time build. Prompt delivery service, arrived in a large rigid cardboard box. Build quality of the plane looks impressive. Doesn't come with any build instructions(hence 4 stars) so maybe a phone call to Neil for a few tips and youtube vids when i get round to the build.

HyperFlight 162 cm (64") Glider Bag
Review by Chris Williams on 24 Jan 2018

General Comment - Outstanding Service!
I have placed many orders on Hyperflight from complete F3J/f5J models to small items over the past 4 or 5 years.

Every time the orders have always been processed the same or occasionally the next day if super busy. The items have always been exactly as described on the Website and received super well packed. I believe Neil personally checks every order that goes-out - they've certainly never made a mistake.

Neil through my occasional contact has also shown to be a thoroughly honest person to deal with.

In addition the website works exactly as it should and the range of items is huge. It's also full of useful information on the models and accessories sold so is a ready reference.

Circle Dancer 3600 Full House Electric
 Circle Dancer 3600 Full House Electric
Review by Steve Moss on 24 Jan 2018

This model is beautifully made strong and looks great looking forward to flying it
10 out of 10

24SWG 0.56mm Stainless Steel Wire (1.5 m)
Review by MASSIMO on 23 Jan 2018

Exellent wire, i need for replace the pull wire on the Plus F5J, perfect.

DLG Torque Spring
Review by Anonymous on 22 Jan 2018

Great spring, works perfectly.

Oralight Transparent Clear 31-000 Covering Film
 Great product.
Review by Mark on 20 Jan 2018

Really great product for finishing light weight models such as the schloiderding V2 DLG. Please view the schloiderdingV2 product page, refering to the transparent version, to see the finished result. Well packaged as is the norm from Neil.

HyperLiPo 2S 300 mAh LiPo Battery
 Super small battery!
Review by Mark on 20 Jan 2018

Great little battery. I used it in the schloiderding V2 DLG. As usual brilliant packaging from Neil.

PicoSwitch - Magnetic RC On-Off Switch for batteries with RC plugs
 Very neat lightweight switch
Review by Anonymous on 20 Jan 2018

Not used in anger yet have only just installed inside a carbon fibre hull but it appears to work very well - you just have to be patient and hold for 3 seconds and not be too hasty to get going. Certainly much better than leaving battery permanently connected or having to remove a hatch covering to disconnect.

ADH300L Front Mount Brushless Motor
 so far so good
Review by Paul on 20 Jan 2018

I have not run them even less mounted them but they have strong magnets, much stronger than normally found in a motor of this size and they appear better made than some. We will see how they go when I have them in a plane.

Universal Fuselage LDS for MKS DS6100 & HV6100
 LDS servo tray
Review by Sir Bob on 18 Jan 2018

The principle of this system is really good. Unfortunately the pillars that support the servos were not properly tapped to receive the 2mm bolts supplied and the bolts were very soft. My solution was simply to tap them properly and use 2mm x 6mm Alan head bolts. This resolved the problem but should not have been necessary. (Otherwise they would have had 5 stars).
Given the very narrow fuselages on many models these days I believe they should make a tandem version. Slide it in and fasten with one screw or bolt.

Frame with bearing for the MKS DS6100 & HV6100 (2)
 MKS servo frame
Review by Sir Bob on 18 Jan 2018

I have used this type of servo mount before on verious servos but this is the first time with 6100 servo.
They do the job really well but also make maintenance of the servo really easy.
I ordered them mid afternoon and received them the following day in the post. Great.

Stark Pro F3K
 Excellent Customer Service
Review by Sam Shultz on 17 Jan 2018

I recently bought a Stark Pro from Hyperflight. After more than a month or two after receiving it, I started to look at the kit to start building it, but found it did not contain some of the parts - the Elevator standoff, screws, throwing blade, etc. I contacted Neil and he promptly sent me the parts with no questions asked. I would give HyperFlight a 5 star rating on their customer service. Keep up the great work,

Sam Shultz

Blue Bird BMS-A10V WV Servo - 0.07s 7.4g 8mm
 Bluebird BMS-A10V WV Servo
Review by Pete on 14 Jan 2018

Purchased 4 off servos, tested them for around 15min on 4.8v Nimh. No problems, slightly warm but this was expected after the continuous test cycle. Servos show zero backlash (by hand feel) & are very smooth & quiet in operation. I would rate above the KST 08 v3 that I have. Quality looks & feels first class, very impressed so far but cannot comment on reliability or durability as yet so only 4 stars at this stage.

Oralight Transparent Violet / Purple 31-058 Covering Film
 Stella service
Review by Bradley on 13 Jan 2018

7 months of getting stuffed around in Australia trying to get this covering! Over 20 emails I've sent to Oracover in Germany with not the common decency of a reply! And 5 minutes on Hyperflight's website and it's done and dusted! Great covering but only purchased because of great service

0.71mm ID Etched PTFE (22 AWG Bondable PTFE) Pushrod Outer Tube
 0.71mm ID Etched PTFE Pushrod Outer
Review by Joerg Baumann on 12 Jan 2018

Great stuff; finally it's available on roll and not in precut length.I always have some of this in stock, just in case.Getting the wires through an F3k fuse is so easy with this. It took a bit time from order to arrival but that's when you order during christmas-time.

Review by FlyGuy101 on 11 Jan 2018

Kit delivered in the US in about a week from UK in pristine condition. Included DVD with English instructions. Have not started kit yet but everything looks first class. Anxious to get building soon ! Great customer service. Would shop with them again without any hesitation.

Integrated Drive System/Mono for the KST DS125, DS135, DS225, X10, X10 Mini
 IDS Typ KST Mono
Review by Leszek on 10 Jan 2018

Bardzo fajny system, łatwy w montażu, bardzo dobrze dopasowany. W następnych modelach też go będę stosował. Bardzo fajna obsługa.

PicoSwitch - Magnetic RC On-Off Switch for batteries JST BEC plugs
Review by Dave on 10 Jan 2018

Very good switch, perfect for RC yacht installation and very light weight. Highly recommended. Since seeing in operation and how easy it is to fit and operate other members of club are going to order.

Geronimo F5J 2.5m
Review by John Gallant on 10 Jan 2018

I ordered a Geronimo and associated parts just after Christmas. The box arrived in Australia in perfect condition a week later and after another week of building and tinkering I've successfully flown it today. As the instructions say, with the CG in the specified position the Geronimo flies first try without problems. Flying conditions weren't that great so not much to report on performance other than that it seems to float as well as I'd hoped.

The build is not difficult but is a bit tricky in places, and the instructions are a little sparse. The photos on the web help. The supplied parts don't quite match the instructions eg the supplied 2 mm aluminium rods for aileron and flap pushrods don't have threads and I don't have tools to make threads. I ended up using the left over 2 mm carbon rod instead with short wire ends to the servo horns. My all up weight is 810 g including 40 g nose weight to get the CG correct (I think I chose an overly-light motor and it lacks power, but that's my fault!).

Overall a very satisfying experience - quick delivery, excellent quality model.

KST X08N V5 HV Lugless Servo - 0.09s 8.3g 8mm
Review by Son Jinyoung on 10 Jan 2018

Good price... good service...

Review by Anonymous on 8 Jan 2018

My voodoo arrived well packaged and protected very quickly. Quality is superb although it is a very tight squeeze to fit everything in. Instructions show layout as very simple but try finding an esc and battery the size that is shown??!! Flies great and very impressed.

Sapphire Ultralight Fuselage-suitable for 1.5m-2.5m gliders & eSoarers
 Service like no other!!
Review by wayne wood on 8 Jan 2018

The Fuse quality was as expected fantastic!
But more importantly Neil's service is WORLD CLASS!
I can't get this service locally in Sydney and he makes it happen across the globe.
Great store. Great product. Great support.
What more does a modeller want.

Well done Neil.
Keep ahead of the competition!!

Oralight Transparent White 31-010 Covering Film
Review by Peter on 7 Jan 2018

Product and delivery as expected.

Sprite Thermal-e
 Sprite Thermal-e
Review by Steve Moss on 7 Jan 2018

Beautiful work of art and the wings lovely work manship 10 out of 10

Diamond Ultra Clear Sticky Tape (discontinued)

Diamond Ultra Clear Sticky Tape
 Slow delivery (or no delivery at all...??)
Review by RK on 7 Jan 2018

I was asked to review this product and I would have done so if had received what I ordered and paid for. Nothing arrived here yet (appr 3 weeks after ordering) so nothing to review except slow shipping. Might be due to slow delivery service by final miler here in Sweden.

Oralight Transparent White 31-010 Covering Film
 When you need to be sure
Review by Oliver on 7 Jan 2018

I ordered covering after getting super speedy delivery of X-RES from Hyperflight. A sturdy tube of three rolls as requested online arrived just a couple of days later thanks to Neil's quick processing and despatch. To be used on X-RES and an F3RES still to arrive from Germany (the D kit has been despatched about two weeks after ordering).

 Speedy service
Review by Oliver on 7 Jan 2018

Ordered close to Xmas as my other plane parcel to UK from Germany hadn't arrived and I wanted to be sure of a plane to build. Hyperflight ready and reliably got the X-RES to me in two days. I was made to store the package unopened under the Xmas tree. Best present, quality kit, which I have now packed to build in Ireland and fly in France.

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