Prices shown exclude VAT 
MKS HV6100 Servo - 10mm 10g
 very good servos
Review by gta on 18 Feb 2019

Great for tight space, precise and good quality.
Great service and communication from Neil.
Highly recommends servos and service!

X-RES Elektro
 X-RES Review
Review by David on 17 Feb 2019

X-RES Review.
The kit itself is well presented. I was pleased to see CNC routed parts instead of the charred edges and smell of laser cut which take a lot of sanding away or the edges show through any covering. Wood selection was excellent, very light but nevertheless fragile if mishandled. Take note!
Instructions were a very poor translation and not worth bothering with but give an order of assembly only. Use your own experience to build the kit. During the build I did spot a few errors on the plan, there are more formers to the fuselage than indicated and for some unknown reason the routed parts for one wing panel did not match the plan. If you keep your wits about you, interpret the photographs and think ahead the X-RES goes together without too much head scratching. However, the kit is obviously based on the pure glider version, adapted for electric power. Why different gauge pushrods for elevator and rudder are supplied beats me.
I hinged the spoilers with Litespan and the rudder with Kavan cyano hinges. To hold the outer wing panels to the central section strong Magnets were installed (not in the kit), which works fine for me, not being fond of tape on film. Wings, tailplane, fin and rudder were then covered in Oralight. The fuselage was finished with 25g/m2 glass cloth, applied with Poly C after an initial coat of sanding sealer and finally painted with Humbrol enamel to try and strengthen for the inevitable rigours of competition flying. Although commendably light, it seemed potentially fragile.
The motor was the ADH300L, on 2S, 850mA/Hr LiPo. Servos throughout were Bluebird BMS101AMG and radio Jeti. Flying weight came out at 1lb 2oz, (510g). How you hit 430g as advertised I am unsure unless that is the pure glider weight. A little lead in the nose was required even with the battery all the way forward. A 3S LiPo set up would perhaps obviate the need for lead.
X-RES is a good looking electric glider and flies great and we await some good days to put her through a few competitions. It took me a lot longer to build than I had hoped but we got there.

HyperFlight 1.5/3 Pushrod Set
Review by Antony on 17 Feb 2019


1.5mm Carbon Rod
 1.5mm carbon rod
Review by Gary Williamson on 17 Feb 2019

Good diameter consistency. Good packaging and quick delivery

YGE ProgCard 3 / Programming Card 3 / ProgCard III
 YGE programming card 3
Review by Steve Moss on 17 Feb 2019

Great programming card easy to use

Vitaprop 9 x 6 Folding prop blades
 Vitaprop 9" x 6" folding prop blades
Review by Steve Moss on 17 Feb 2019

look's good still testing so far so good

Vitaprop 10 x 6 Folding prop blades
 Vitaprop 10" x 6" folding prop blades
Review by Steve Moss on 17 Feb 2019

Well made look's good

26SWG 0.46mm Stainless Steel Wire (1.5 m)
 Lightweight Pushrods
Review by Anonymous on 16 Feb 2019

Very lightweight pushrods used in tubes, worked fine.

0.8mm Carbon Rod
Review by Anonymous on 16 Feb 2019

Used to rebuild Vapor, worked fine

Altis Nano
 Altis nano is great to use
Review by Anonymous on 12 Feb 2019

Altis Nano is great to use
Hyper flight service great

Snipe & Snipe 2 Setup Template
 Wing Template
Review by JOHN RUPP on 11 Feb 2019

Works like a charm.

2mm Carbon Rod
 2mm carbon rod
Review by Gary williamson on 11 Feb 2019

Great price and service. Excellent!

KST DS135MG Mini Wing Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
 KST servo
Review by Anonymous on 11 Feb 2019

Great servo for the price,&Great service as always

HyperFlight 162 cm (64") Glider Bag
Review by IM on 11 Feb 2019

excellent as ALWAYS " service & quality from Hyperflight , this bag is perfect for my Circle dancer 3000 ,just the right length for fuse in front pocket, the only minor criticism would be ,the Velcro divided pockets are a bit large & not sealed all the way down, I also cut a piece of the enormously strong cardboard from a box that my Circle dancer arrived in & put it the entire length of the bag at the back too make the bag more ridged as the wing of the Circle dancer 3000 are rather fragile .

Strike 3 DLG
 strike 3
Review by clifford on 11 Feb 2019

Received well packaged .looks like quality product.have not assembled yet, as I am busy flying my recently purchased "hawk "from hyperflight.Another great dlg.Have had very, very good service from Neil and staff.

Graphite 2e 3.1m
Review by Kevin Leonard on 10 Feb 2019

Excellent service from Hyperflight, outstanding build quality of the Graphite 2e glider, the only negative is the lack of written instructions with the kit. I WILL make Hyperflight my go to supplier for all things soaring.

Geronimo F5J 2.5m
Review by Steve on 10 Feb 2019

A very good glider. Like a big DLG. Optimal size, light, full house and cheap. One of the best you can choose.

HyperFlight 1.5/3 Pushrod Set
 Hyperflight carbon push rods
Review by Rob Powell on 9 Feb 2019

Excellent service as usual.
Have now settled on these rods as standard for tail grous on all sports gliders to c.2M. 1.5mm is probably OK too for lightly built floaters to 3M, but by then, I'd probably go to 1.8mm. Aligned correctly they produce super smooth, slop free linkages.

Auri DLG
Review by Satou ken on 9 Feb 2019

It,s easy to make and auri dlg is also obedient to a flight and thinks the steering is also easy also I bear comparison with the expensive fuselage which often also Gose up lunch. The packing of mr hyperflight was also perfect and l admired.

Shinto 3m
 Shinto Tpro
Review by Aubry GABANON on 6 Feb 2019

You won't throw caution to the wind, there's no such thing as a free lunch but this Shinto worth every cent. New "pro" improved tails enhanced agility and stability. As usual from Vladimir's plant, the finish and fit are perfect. The T version enhancement flexural rigidity, you are now able to try DS keeping the empty weight below 2500grs which is good for F3F low conditions instead of getting lighter models that you will ballast immediately. It's a white elephant. Flights are precise but videos footage are worth a thousand words:

Snipe 2 Aileron Horns (pair)
 Aileron Horns
Review by JOHN RUPP on 5 Feb 2019

I checked the fit of the ball in horns before installing in wing and all seemed well, But when assembling model on very first try I stripped thread on one ball and horn. Long story short I was lucky to be able to run a short bottoming tap into the one horn and save it. I ordered two more horns just for future just as a precaution. When I received the new horns I promptly ran a 3mm tap through them. The tap actually took out a fair amount of material. I would suggest that all builders tap horns first, because it is very difficult to do so later. Also noticed on Vladimir's web site replacement ball has changed to a brass ball with steel threads. I suspect others have had similar problem,and Vladimir's has made some changes. Hope this will help others.

AerobTec Altis V4+ F5J Start Height Recorder and Flight Logger
 Altis V4+
Review by David on 3 Feb 2019

For many years I have used the 'RC version' height limiter in competitions, plugging in the separate reader to view the start height with no problems, just fiddly and parameters can be changed at the flying field with the keypad without a PC. The Altis V4+ however offered an inbuilt view screen to read off the start height without needing a separate reader which is why I purchased the unit. The sales blurb offered a plug in keypad to alter parameters at the field which was also attractive.
Altis Flight Manager installed itself on my PC with no problems in Windows 10 and proved easy to navigate and set the V4+ as required. The V4+ view screen proved legible in most lighting conditions. When trying to change parameters at the field however I found that the keypad worked OK but could only select the V4+ standard competitions and heights, ie. 100m, 150m, 200m etc and I could not select anything in between as sometimes bad weather dictates. I queried this with Aerobtec and they agreed and perhaps a new version software may be instigated. Therefore a PC at the field is required to adjust other than the set competitions, which I found annoying and misleading in the sales hype.
Nevertheless the Altis V4+ is a nice convenient small unit with the keypad giving limited adjustments at the field. The display is nicely legible though I need my glasses to read it. A bonus is that it can connect to Jeti for telemetry feedback and has extensive logging capabilities.

AndREaS Elektro RES
Review by Chris on 3 Feb 2019

Having returned to the hobby after a long layoff, and have been used to building from plans and the occasional kit, l started to look around for a electric powered glider to build, after reading a selection of reviews this was the glider for me, having used Hyperflight previously a order was placed, and as usual the service and delivery was first class, having only constructed about half of the model (a very large parts count) the quality of the kit was excellent, dispite a number of reviews saying other wise, looking forward to getting it completed and up in the air.

Blue Bird BMS-A10V WV Servo - 0.07s 7.4g 8mm
Review by Anonymous on 2 Feb 2019

I'm a first time user of this brand, previous reviews read by me warrant some caution..with less than a hour of use one failed in a dlg wing while on the bench...have no idea why it failed, so I'm naturally going to be cautious about ordering in the future

Auri DLG
 Worth more than price
Review by Yasu on 31 Jan 2019

AURI is the latest competition DLG design from Dmitriy Lomovtsev features thin wing profile.
Easy to built, easy to fly and floats surprisingly well. Penetrate well in windy condition.
AURI will fit many flyers, from intermediate to top level competitors.
Of course, my kits were delivered without any damage thanks to Hyperflight's excellent packing as always !

KST X08H V5 HV Horizontal Lug Servo - 0.09s 8.4g 8mm
 No Brainer
Review by Stephen Wilkie on 28 Jan 2019

I have KST 08's in all my F5B models, I think they are an excellent product/weight/performace package. As to where to get them, Hyperflight equally a no brainer.

Replacement Hatch for Sapphire Fuselages
 Spare canopy for Saphire
Review by Peter Becker on 27 Jan 2019

Experience dictates if I did not have a spare, I would loose the original...!
Forgot to buy it at the outset... unit is perfect, just like the 1st one!

KST X08N V5 HV Lugless Servo - 0.09s 8.3g 8mm
Review by Ali SUTHERLAND on 27 Jan 2019

I bought 2off these servos to replace 2 (other make) servos that changed centering as voltage dropped in flight! These KST servos are absolutely perfect with 2s LiPo giving very quick response -- buy them !!

1mm Carbon Rod
Review by Barry Martin on 26 Jan 2019

Well packed, came quickly, will use again

8mm Carbon Rod
 When is 8mm not 8mm?
Review by Favonius on 26 Jan 2019

To be fair there is a warning that comes with many carbon tubes and rods that they may not fit together when the i.d. of one is the same number of mm as the o.d. of the other. I needed to sand the rod to fit the carbon tube I had. This is probably the same with all pultruded carbon (Roll wrapped carbon maybe different). It's messy (black powder) but I found wet and dry to be the best way. Fitting said rod in an electric drill works well for lengths up to say, 300mm.

Reisenauer 5:1 Motor Mount - 38 mm
 PNC Motor Mounts
Review by Mike Wade AMA L-1002 on 25 Jan 2019

These PNC mounts are GREAT, especially when mounting motors with gearboxes. Reisenauer boxes are tough to get right , as the 3 mounting holes are very near the output shaft. Used this on my new Shadow-2 , cut the fuse back till this just slips in , with a Tenshock 1515-15 & 1300mah - 4 cell , no tail weight needed !

Leomotion L3025-4550 F5J 6.7:1
 Powerful enough for 2.9kg 3m sailplane
Review by Toshiaki on 22 Jan 2019

To install this geared motor solid and stable, I strongly recommend to use CNC milled aluminum motor mount sold on this site. This system seemed to be too heavy and long to be supported by a simple FRP plate.
The motor pulled up 2.9kg 3m wingspan F3F sailplane way high with 4 cell 2200mAh lipo.

Fresh F3-RES
Review by Michael D on 22 Jan 2019

The fresh is a straight forward build, the CnC cutting accurate, the plans a little over size. A very well natured plane in light winds , gets thrown around with a bit of wind.... I'm still playing with c.o.g. And have yet to see how it flies with a bit of extra weight on board.
Mine is flying at 510g motor(+spinner 32g) & 550mAh 3s, used Neil's cf & unstretched etched tubing instead of the supplied spring pull.
I put it together with SuperPhatic glue probably alot more than was needed in hindsight (never used it before, would definitely use it again) . Neil's service is fantastic and fast , unfortunately my kit had a few bits missing...... And Germany was too slow coming up with the parts for my liking...
I'm looking forward to getting to know this plane more, and am interested to see if it can knock my Callistic off its favourite in light's winds perch.

Carboline SC26/2 Spread Carbon - large sample
Review by Jon on 22 Jan 2019

Just the right quantity for the repair to a 1m DLG wing (with enough left over for when I might need to do it again!) and superbly packaged as well.

Elf Mini DLG
Review by Graham on 21 Jan 2019

Very pleased with the purchase of my first DLG model. Fast delivery and well packaged with good instructions. It's a beautifully made little plane.
Having experience of powered electric model aircraft, I hadn't appreciated how tight the space for r/c equipment is however. I had hope to use the Rx from another model but it was too big and so I had to buy a new Orange Rx and new Tx to match. Just beware if you're new to DLG mini models. Although I fitted the Bluebird servos I found that the servo arms fouled on the nose cone , even having trimmed then as short as possible. Having said that i look forward to test flights when the weather is more suitable! Although the model is quite tough I've cracked the fin thanks to a strong wind gust piling the Elf into the ground after a gentle hand launch.

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm
 The price is right
Review by Jesse on 21 Jan 2019

Pros: Impressively small, light and quick. Usually centre well but on the odd occasion not so.
Cons: Rough as guts.. far from a smooth servo. Resolution seems terrible, doing trims, you get nothing, then a large step.. One roughish landing has rendered one useless, it flutters at a certain position.
Overall still value for money as they are a $25 aus servo so you can't expect too much. I did expect better though..

 Pures. flight stage
Review by Roy Shaw on 20 Jan 2019

This is a follow up from my review on 5th. August. Pures now fully flight tested and the results are spellbinding. This is my first experience with lightweight res sailplanes so nothing to compare with. Having said that I cannot imagine better. This thing would fly away every flight if not controlled by radio. Four to six minutes the norm in still air. Hit a thermal and it's a question of getting it down. Superb.

White Cone for 32mm Spinner
 32mm Spinner w/white cone
Review by Peter Becker on 20 Jan 2019

Just what I wanted, excellent quality

White Wing Attachment Tape
 wing tape
Review by Anonymous on 20 Jan 2019

very quick delivery as usual from Neil, this tape is excellent value , & does exactly as claimed. well worth the money,

Sapphire Ultralight Fuselage-suitable for 1.5m-2.5m gliders & eSoarers
 Sapphire ultralight fuselage
Review by Steve Machin on 20 Jan 2019

Excellent item strong and very light , prompt service

KST Metal Servo Output Arm
Review by Bay Flyer on 20 Jan 2019

Excellent product no issues
Good service and delivery

Dream-Flight Alula-Trek
Review by Brian Rivas on 19 Jan 2019

Fun fun fun, but until you get it sorted, twitchy twitchy twitchy - however, this is what you would expect from what is basically a flying plank with no sweepback.

The go-anywhere performance from this little bundle of fun is evident from the videos, but in spite of its cheapness, ease of build and being virtually indestructible, the Alula is not perhaps the best model for a beginner. For a start, although it is a DLG in the sense that this is the only way to get it into the air, you cannot expect to achieve the launch heights or ease of handling of, say, an Elf. I am amazed that one reviewer claims to get 30-40 metres launch height. I'm more in line with another who said 10 metres, but it's early days yet.

As the Alula is tailless, the relationship between CG and elevon angle is obviously extremely sensitive and some experimentation is necessary to find the ideal settings, which to some extent will be down to personal preferences - but get it slightly wrong and you will have your hands full of self-induced oscillations. However, when it's right, and provided you have dialled in shedloads of elevator expo, the Alula handles just fine. May still need to fine-tune mine.

On one moderately hard launch I was alarmed when the starboard wing detached, but no damage was done and she was ready to fly again in a few minutes - a testament to the model's toughness, if not its integrity. Although each wing is secured by a tiny screw, the addition of tape on the fueslage-wing join gives considerably more security.

Although I haven't yet had the chance to explore its thermalling capabilities, I have no doubt these will be impressive, thanks to its very light wing loading.

I bought the Alula as a bit of light relief from the more serious business of Snipes and, with a few reservations, early flights indicate it should give me what I want - but because of limited launch height, I suspect that most fun will be had as a light wind sloper.

Blue Bird BMS-105HV Servo - 0.09s 10.9g 10mm
 Blue Bird BMS-105HV
Review by nigel bennett on 16 Jan 2019

I have about a dozen of these excellent little servos. After a years solid use one of them in my Infinity F5J went wrong, jittering and failing to centre. I sent it back to Hyperflight and Neil provided me with a new replacement, with no quibbles. Fantastic service!

Dream-Flight Alula-Trek
 Alula Trek
Review by Anonymous on 13 Jan 2019

I jumped on the hype wagon and purchased the Alula.. In my opinion it is over priced and really not as nicely moulded as you would expect for the price. Yes it goes together easily but joins are not smooth/level the tiny clamps that hold the wings in place are a terrible idea. My kit was missing one of the small nuts for the wing clamps and one of the wings had damage to the leading edge. I was a bit disappointed and not really too excited with the kit. Ive made good and now glued the wings together.. Would just like to add that Hyperflight delivered quickly and the packaging was excellent as usual..

Snipe 2 Electric
Review by Mark budd on 13 Jan 2019

Amazing quality build was very easy with the build pictures from validimirs website have a lot of validities gliders which I got from Neil thanks again for all your help 👍😀

Circle Dancer 3000 RES Glider V2
 Circle Dancer 3000, " a pure joy"
Review by Anonymous on 11 Jan 2019

having been flying DLG s a while now & knowing the quality of service from Neil at Hyperflight , I decided to get a a larger & what I believe to be more pure gliding experience , so I ordered a Circle Dancer 3000 kit from Neil , as always, the kit arrived within 24hrs, massively strong box, with all the parts very securely bubble wrapped , EXCELENT SERVICE, upon unwrapping I was astonished at the quality of the parts, a beautiful kit to say the least, the next week I assembled the fuselage ,all quite straightforward, carefully fixing the pushrods ,getting the correct working lengths, the KST servos fitted beautifully ,the pre cut ply mounting board also no prob , there is ample room in the pod too fit a large battery & required nose weigh, the wing joiners require some gentle sanding too achieve a smooth fit ,great care IS NEEDED when fitting wing tips , it would be very easy to crush wing sections! the only issue I had with construction, is the spoiler mechanics, the included plan , which I followed to the letter, just would not would not work, after several attempts , I finally got the required result by trial & error ,bit frustrating ! BUT the final assembled model is just SUPERB ,,, all up weight about 38oz ready too fly , now all I need is a day to test fly "CANT WAIT,"

KST DS135MG Mini Wing Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
Review by Anonymous on 11 Jan 2019

I purchased 1 of these too use as a spoiler servo in a Circle Dancer 3000 kit, very smooth & good centering , finish on these servos is excellent,

KST DS145MG Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
Review by Anonymous on 11 Jan 2019

I ordered 2 of these servos ,too use in a Circle Dancer 3000 kit that I had ordered at the same time from Hyperflight, excellent finish ,super smooth , & perfect centering, very good value ,

Kontronik / Speed 480 / Speed 600 / Universal Mount - 32 mm
Review by Vincent on 11 Jan 2019

Nice finishing product ! 3.5gm. Outer diameter 32mm. Inner need to trim a little bit to fit my 28.1mm can motor.

Altis Nano
Review by Vincent on 11 Jan 2019

Perfect size and weight !

Cherry Red Cone for 32mm Spinner
Review by Vincent on 11 Jan 2019

Awesome colour cone to matching my model !

Hinge pins for all HyperSpinners (2)
Review by Vincent on 11 Jan 2019

Nice replacement part !

32mm HyperSpinner Power for 5mm shafts
Review by Vincent on 11 Jan 2019

Awesome product ! Perfectly fit my model requirement !

32mm HyperSpinner for 3.17mm (1/8") shafts
Review by Vincent on 11 Jan 2019

Nice and perfectly fix on what I'm looking for ! Awesome product! !

Sapphire Ultralight Fuselage-suitable for 1.5m-2.5m gliders & eSoarers
Review by John Cuthbert on 8 Jan 2019

excellent product, great service

GM 13 x 8 Folding prop blades
Review by Anonymous on 8 Jan 2019

Perfect balance. No vibration. Quick shipping and great service.

Kritka 2 Shrouded Servo Cover
 servo cover
Review by Thomas on 8 Jan 2019

excellent quality
light weight

Stormbird 2m
Review by Andrias Thomsen on 7 Jan 2019

Delivery was very fast :)

KST X08 V5 HV Servo - 0.09s 8.4g 8mm
Review by James Garrick on 7 Jan 2019

Nice servos, haven't fully tested them in flight but accuracy and speed great so far in the plane. More than I wanted to pay for a small servo, but worth it definitely.
Running them on 2 cells to remove the weight of the BEC in DLG.

 X-RES Sailplane
Review by Don on 7 Jan 2019

Excellent Service from Neil. Sailplane arrived complete and well packaged in separate shipping container. Outstanding service. Now I'm thinking of getting a PuRES V2!

KST DS135MG Mini Wing Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
 First class service!
Review by Steve on 7 Jan 2019

I ordered these over the Christmas/New Year period and delivery was very quick.
These were purchased to replace the aging (worn) wing servos in an X Models 2.5m Swift glider. The visual quality is on a par with Servos that cost twice as much. Having fitted them the control surfaces are now totally slop free. I flew the glider yesterday and the control response felt very precise and locked in, even though conditions were on the marginal side for this glider. Still to give them a real test at ballistic speeds but I feel confident these won't dissapoint. KST servos will be my go to servo from now on as will Hyperflight. Great service from Niel.

MKS DS75K - 9mm 7.5g
Review by Nuno Duarte on 7 Jan 2019

Very good servo! Strong and fast! Perfect

Just need to could change the wires!! I didnt!!!

MKS DS75K - 9mm 7.5g
Review by Nuno Duarte on 7 Jan 2019

Very good servo! Strong and fast! Perfect

HyperLiPo 2S 300 mAh LiPo Battery
 Arrived safely
Review by Anonymous on 7 Jan 2019

Arrived safely with note on packaging for safety to say batteries in packaging

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Arrived not working
Review by Anonymous on 7 Jan 2019

Ordered 2 of these and one is not working hsve rmdiled seller to advise of this

Large 4 Servo Wing Wiring Harness 90 cm
 Easy way, but not one fits all
Review by Toshiaki Ito on 7 Jan 2019

This kind of pre made wire harness is time saving, but sometimes too short or too long. Conventional soldering work may be better for tidy installment.

Leomotion/Neu/P29 Motor Mount - 38 mm
 A smart product
Review by Toshiaki Ito on 7 Jan 2019

Fuselage of recent gliders is becoming extremely skinny. I tried to install normal front mount motor on RCRCM glider, but there was no enough clearance between the motor and the fuselage to rout the harness.
Instead, I chose a geardown motor and this CNC milled aluminum mount. It fits with the nose by cylindrical plain, giving substantial stability. Wide opening and the material itself may help cooling of the gearbox and the motor. Circular notch at the front end enables precise alignment, like placing a cap on a bottle.

Oralight Transparent Violet / Purple 31-058 Covering Film
 Oracover light
Review by Anonymous on 7 Jan 2019

Very quick service and nice product.

1mm Carbon Rod
Review by Anonymous on 7 Jan 2019

Excellent product and service with quick delivery.

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
Review by françois on 7 Jan 2019

assez deçu par ces petits servos. pour un f3K le neutre est pas terrible et il manque du couple pour les ailerons

Powerline Micro 1015/2S 79g, up to 1600g model
 good job!
Review by Jiro Tachikawa on 7 Jan 2019

There is enough power with this motor!
And this motor is light.

28SWG 0.36mm Stainless Steel  Wire (1.5 m)
 "Bingo Splat"
Review by John Borlaug on 6 Jan 2019

I have never experienced a more ( slippery) perfect match of wire to (Teflon) dimensioning! Thank You Neil for sourcing such incredible quality of materials! :D

1.07mm ID Etched PTFE (18 AWG Bondable PTFE ) Pushrod Outer Tube
 Wowee! Now I can get 'work done'
Review by John Borlaug on 6 Jan 2019

Dimensioning is spot on, and it is very easy to stretch if needed. CA bonding is very easy.

6mm x 1mm Carbon Strip
 Very tight dimensioning
Review by John Borlaug on 5 Jan 2019

This flat stock ( 4 pieces) was Exactly on Dimension called out Excellent packaging and speed of arrival!
Thank You so much Neil Stanton!

6mm Carbon Tube
 Very tight dimensioning
Review by John Borlaug on 5 Jan 2019

After running an "STC Chart" for dimensions ( Found @ Captain Canardly's Blog @ RCGroups) The 6MM Carbon had the largest material conditions, however, the dimensions are well within .005" American standard on OD and ID, with .003" wall thicknesses

5mm Carbon Tube
 Very tight dimensioning
Review by John Borlaug on 5 Jan 2019

As per my review of 3mm carbon, Neil has done Above and Beyond any previous carbon experiences!

3mm Carbon Tube
 Very tight dimensioning
Review by John Borlaug on 5 Jan 2019

very stable dimensions on the 3 points-OD,ID and wall

RES Dart Flying Wing
 No blueprint needed
Review by John Borlaug on 5 Jan 2019

The wood quality in the kit is very high quality, and even though I prefer blueprints/plans, after initial getting aquanted with rib stocks, any blueprints really aren't needed! I'm looking forward to completing this bird.

Inside-F5J 2.9m
 Thermal Hunter 2
Review by Richard Edmunds on 5 Jan 2019

This is the second half of my review. As stated before, I have used 3mm nylon bolts to secure the fin/rudder, which works - passing through one side of the fuselage, through the fin, and into a captive nut in the other side. I decided against making each wing in 3 parts and feel that was a good choice. Be very careful with aligning the wing joiners, as one of my wingtips was at the right dihedral angle but the root ribs were not perfectly parallel when assembled. I was able to very carefully bend the piano wire a degree or two and it’s now a perfect fit. Thanks to other reviewers I was able to avoid the mis-aligned fuselage that was a problem for some. Corona DS843MG were fitted in the wings and seem a quality servo. Bags of space in the nose for radio and flight battery, which was used to adjust the C of G.
Yesterday was cold, sunny and still so was ideal for maiden flight. Test glide from the hand went about 40 to 50 metres first time - wow. Next was another glide launch and gentle power on, which resulted in a 45 degree climb out. At present I’m on a 980kv motor on 2s battery driving a 12 x 6 prop as I plan to mainly use this as a Slope soarer for very light days. After more use I may go to 3s and/or a 1200kv motor. Overall a fantastic quality kit and terrific light wind performance - I just hope that the flaps are effective to bring it down!

HyperFlight 182 cm (72") Glider Bag
Review by Marco Moschetta on 3 Jan 2019

Review by: Marco Moschetta
Very comfortable bag, with three compartments, with excellent padding. Ideal for transporting an F5J glider.
A single observation: the rudder remains outside unprotected, a dedicated cover is needed, to avoid disassembly from fuselage, every time.

Vladimir's Models Wing and Tail Bags for the Maxa 4
Review by Marco Moschetta on 3 Jan 2019

Excellent solution to protect the precious wings of the MAXA during storage, transport and from the sun, waiting for the flight.

Vladimir's Models Wing and Tail Bags for the Maxa 4
Review by Marco Moschetta on 3 Jan 2019

Very comfortable bag, with three compartments, with excellent padding. Ideal for transporting an F5J glider.
A single observation: the rudder remains outside unprotected, a dedicated cover is needed, to avoid disassembly from fuselage, every time.

32mm HyperSpinner Power for 5mm shafts
Review by Marco Moschetta on 3 Jan 2019

Excellent choice for my new MAXA 4 pro

Maxa Pro 4e Megalight
 Maxa pro 4e megalight
Review by Marco Moschetta, Italy on 3 Jan 2019

Customer service:
precise, fast, excellent packaging. One of the best suppliers I know. Buying from Hyperfligth is a security.
MAXA 4 pro is a very beautiful model, refined construction, very precise, definitely a perfect product!
The definitive model.

Blue Bird BMS-101AMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Fills the bill
Review by Fabrizio Sitzia on 2 Jan 2019

I ordered those for a Vladimir ELF build, and so far - after about 10 hours of flying in freezing weather conditions - they've performed flawlessly.

The choice of the analogue, non-HV version of this servo was deliberate, as I'm running the ELF electronics directly / unregulated from a small 250mAh 1S LIPO.

I stop flying after about 2 hours, when the LIPO is down to about 3.80-3.85V (safe storage voltage)

That's pretty efficient, especially considering the low temperatures.

Elf Mini DLG
 A piece of art
Review by Fabrizio Sitzia on 2 Jan 2019

"That thing is a piece of art" was the first thing that came to my mind when I first saw the wing. The quality of the whole kit is really top-notch. Everything fits perfectly, assembly is straightforward.

I run it straight from a 1S 250mAh LIPO, servos are Blue Bird BMS-101AMG (also purchased at Hyperflight), and the receiver is a stripped-down RSF06 (Futaba S-FHSS compatible). I stop flying after two hours, with battery voltage around the 3.80V mark.
Total weight is 96 grams.

Been flying 5 sorties / about 10 hours so far - in lousy Luxembourgish winter weather (temperatures around the freezing point, clouds, light rain...) - and that little ELF performs remarkably well even in those sub-optimal conditions. Typical flying times in "dead" air are around 40 seconds, and up to 2 minutes when helped by a few gusts of wind. I expect flying times to approach infinity in good thermalling weather ;-)

Delivery from Hyperflight was quick. The ELF kit came in a huge box, with everything carefully wrapped in bubble foil and taped securely to the inner box walls. The wing protection bags are a nice touch!

Sullivan M2 Clevis (4)
Review by Michalis on 1 Jan 2019

Great product and service, also really fast shipping!

 Nice but expensive
Review by Robert on 1 Jan 2019

The voodoo arrived in a large box very well packaged. It is surprising to see how small it is in such a large box. The finish is very good. Getting back to size, there isn't a lot of room to get everything in, so it does take a bit of fiddling to make everything fit.
I've installed a 28mm 3000kV motor and 40A ESC, but from cheaper brands than suggested here. With a 4.1 x 4.1 prop and 1250 3S pack the model flies pretty fast, but not as blisteringly fast as I was expecting. I may try a 3500-3700kV motor at a later date. Landings were fast(ish) and it does glide for quite a bit. It also gets very small very quickly in the sky.
In terms of value, it is very expensive for what it is, not helped by the fact that you have to buy absolutely everything to get it in the air. I also thing the £22 postage costs is a rip-off within the UK. It is currently the most expensive and smallest addition to my hangar, although it is fun.

HyperFlight Comment: The delviery cost was due to the fact that the parcel was not delivered to a mainland UK destination.

 Everything it says it is and more
Review by Greg in North Carolina on 31 Dec 2018

I ordered on a Friday, it shipped on Monday, received following Friday! The plane was an easy build if you have experience building. The manual in German wasn't much use here in the USA. The CD included translation wasn't much better. This is the 21st Century, there is no reason not to have a accurately translated manual. That said, follow the links to the RC Groups build threads, they are very helpful.
I did nothing intentional to build light but completed, the plane weighs 13.8 oz. A 1000mAh AAA NiMH receiver pack in the nose balanced right at the suggested 77mm CG with no additional nose weight added. Flying weight is 15.5 oz. With some care, it could be less. I did place receiver and servos as far forward as possible also. I covered in UltraCote Lite.
An initial hand toss produced over 250' flat glide with a neutral elevator. A couple hand glides and minor trimming and it was to the highstart. This bird just wants to fly! Right up the highstart with no pilot input. It will penetrate fine in about a 10 mph breeze but I feel it will probably need a bit of ballast with higher wind speeds. In dead calm it just floats...just a gentle very flat glide. Very relaxing. The two big spoilers will bring it down in a hurry, even still no violent downward pitching with a little up elevator programmed in. I have nothing but good to say about the flight characteristics. It's a blast just to throw it and make a big circle back to where you're standing. I have not yet had any good thermal conditions to fly in but I have no doubt, it will signal lift well and climb like a hawk.
The competition grade balsa is VERY fragile out in the wing tip sections. It is difficult not to break some, be gentle. Also, while the ribs are numbered on the plans, they are not numbered on the wood so be careful to install in the correct order. I also added additional vertical shear web per suggestions on the plan for added wing strength.
This has been a very positive experience, the kit is top notch, the service from Hyperflight is top notch, and the flight characteristics are just wonderful. The only negative is the need for an accurate English translation of the manual.

Dream-Flight Alula-Trek
 Alula trek
Review by Paul raven on 30 Dec 2018

Great little glider I have 2 now one old and one new from a flat field to a cliff face you should see the smile upon my face

Sapphire Fuselage-suitable for 1.5m-3m gliders & eSoarers
 Saphire Fuselage
Review by Peter Becker on 29 Dec 2018

Bought for an Allegro Lite. Perfect fit on wing mount. Well built and properly reinforced. I will shop here more! Found you on RC Groups.

Fresh F3-RES
 Test flown at last
Review by Russell Deakin on 24 Dec 2018

Finally calm weather, daylight and time off work co-incided to allow a test flight. The Fresh is a superb model. Very smooth, ultra efficient, responsive well balanced controls and flies very neutral. The model also looks much nicer in the air than in photos. 30 mins flying from a 3S 370 lipo today with no thermal activity.

Build is very rewarding, nothing difficult, but care and a little thought is required in some stages. Best advice is to buy the recommended motor. I shoe horned a larger diameter motor in and it was hard work. The ADH motor would have been a much better choice. AUW on mine is 515 grams. A smaller lipo and a few tweaks could easily see it under 500 grams... Highly recommended model, for those with some building experience.

KST DS135MG Mini Wing Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
 Kst ds135 mg
Review by Stephen on 22 Dec 2018

Fitted these to a Tangent Alpina great servo, good price and as usual exellent service from Neil at Hyperflighf

Malibu DLG Tailplane
Review by Peter brett on 22 Dec 2018

New tailplane needed because when building Malibu, elevator horn broke around hole during drilling out hole after it was glued in to tailplane. Hole was drilled cleanly

Snipe 2 Ballast Front Fixing
Review by Maurizio Bruni on 16 Dec 2018

well done,necessary for Snipe 2

M2 Stainless Steel Pushrod Ends for 1.3mm Rods (2)
Review by Maurizio Bruni on 16 Dec 2018

small and perfect

Snipe & Snipe 2 Setup Template
Review by Maurizio Bruni on 16 Dec 2018

Very well don, for precise set up of snipe

Snipe 2 Aileron Horns (pair)
Review by Maurizio Bruni on 16 Dec 2018

Well done essential for snipe version 2

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm
Review by Maurizio Bruni on 16 Dec 2018

great servo very powerfull and precise

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm
Review by Maurizio Bruni on 16 Dec 2018

very great servo!light, small,no getrain and powerfull

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