Prices shown exclude VAT 
Maxa Pro 4e Megalight
 Maxa Pro 4e Megalight
Review by Alan Hall on 19 Jun 2018

I couldn't take delivery of this model for several weeks but Neil at Hyperflight took a deposit and held the model for me until I was ready to take delivery. The day arrived and the model arrived the next day in a very strong box. On unpacking the model was well protected from damage with bubble wrap and careful taping. What a model! The finish has to be seen to be appreciated. The whole model just slots together like a fine jigsaw only much easier. It comes pre wired ready to plug into the receiver of your choice. Servo mounts with the exception of the rudder and all moving tail plane are already installed. The fuselage comes in three pieces. The nose pod, the boom and the fin/rudder assembly. I bought all the accessories from hyperflight and Neil was very helpful in assisting my selection of top grade fittings to accompany such a high quality model. All I need now is a bit of spare time to assemble and set up the model. I hope to have it in the air before the end of the summer.

AVA Pro-e Flapped 3.2m
 My Dream Machine
Review by John J Hudak on 18 Jun 2018

I live in the US and had to purchase my AVA Pro-E Flapped 3.2m there. This was my first major assembly. Iím an intermediate recreational pilot with about 5 yrs. experience. I prefer very slow flying and circling in thermals and have never done aerobatics intentionally. I chose this AVA based on my calculated sink rate estimates (see files attached to I did not want a 4m plane and preferred to forego ailerons and just go with the ease of flying with just elevator, rudder and flaps. I did not want a winch launched plane even though some are cheaper, lighter and offer better performance. Iíve been flying this dream machine for 6.5 months. If you can handle the cost and assembly issues, and thatís the reason I provided the build log cited above, you will be very happy with its performance.

Main Components: Neu 1107/1.5Y, P29 gearbox; DS 6100 servos, 3 ea.; Jeti Advance 40 Pro SB Brushless ESC, Spektrum AR 6270 T 6 ch Carbon Fuse Telemetry RX, Turnigy 1300MAH 3S 30C LIPO, Spinner 38 mm, hub 6 mm, 0-degree twist; Aeronaut Fold 15x8 Prop

My All Up Weight: 1343 gms = 47.37 oz = 2.77 lbs
Wing Loading = 6.5 oz/ft2 = 20.4 g/dm2, Span Loading = 133 g/m2
Measured Static Thrust: about 3.4 lb @ 75%, about 3.8 @ 100%
Wing Span: 3.175m = 125 inches, Wing Area: 67.9dm2 = 1052 sq. inches, Length: 1.7m = 67 inches

1. Very tame in flight, exceptionally stable. I often take my hands off the sticks and just watch it fly itself. Turns very easy with slight touch of the sticks.
2. Resists stalling. I suspect the wings provide high lift at low speed which prevents stalling.
3. Seems to float exceptionally well compared with my Radian Pro, Elf and Easy Star. Ten minutes of flight time before 2nd motor run is routinely obtained.
4. Flaps allow Speed, Cruise and Thermal flight modes.
5. Full flaps can bring landing speed to near zero. Landings are very easy to perform with no danger of stalling.
6. Easily climbs vertically at 75% engine power at launch. I normally launch at an angle of about 45-60 degrees. However, use of a lighter motor might require nose weight to properly balance the plane.
7. Proper CG location was achieved without the need for any additional weight, however, Hyperflight light weight wire (3.7 gm/m) was used for all servos and all pod electronics had to be mounted fully forward.
8. Batteries allowed 1 hr bench test with thirteen 30 sec. motor runs and continuously moving servos with no sign of sagging power.
9. Have used both Turnigy 30C and Zippy 25C 1300 mAH batteries with equally good performance.
10. Wingtips attach with electrical tape and are very easy to attach & remove.
11. With mid-wing, elevator and rudder attached, it easily fits in the back of a CRV or RAV4 with back seats down.

1. Took a lot of research and many eCalc ( calculations to identify an appropriate motor/prop/esc/battery combination.
2. The countersunk shoulder needed to recess the head of the wing trailing edge mounting screw below the surface of the wing had not been cut and I had to do it by hand.
3. Servos must be located to nearly +/- 0.5 mm to avoid interference with plastic covers provided.
4. The Neu 1107 motor required the addition of 1/8Ē thick plywood epoxied to the front exterior of the motor mount bulkhead and a cone drill was required to cut the 18 mm hole needed for the gear box.
5. Iím handy with tools but this being my first time assembling a high performance sailplane I thought it was tricky and required many more special tools (4-40 tap, 3/8Ē drill, cone drill, micrometer, Vanessa CG Rig, grinding wheels, bubble level) than I expected. See my RCGroups Build Log cited above.

Turbulator Tape
 turbulator tape
Review by DIDIER MALEYRAN on 18 Jun 2018

good product .fast shipping to France.
use for wind turbine blade

Blue Bird BMS-105HV Servo - 0.09s 10.9g 10mm
 Fantastic servo
Review by Jean Dorais on 17 Jun 2018

I have these BlueBird 105's in all my contest F5J sailplanes (Euphoria x2, Aspire x2) for Rudder/Elevator, and in 3 DLG's (for a total of 20)- plenty of torque, great centering and very smooth. In my opinion, every bit as good as that other 3-letter brand, at a substantial price difference. I have NEVER had an issue with these servos, and have just purchased a couple more for a new project.

Dream-Flight Weasel-Trek
 Dream Weasel-Trek
Review by Poley on 17 Jun 2018

Excellently presented product with clear and comprehensive instructions. Product delivered promptly from an easy to use website

0.71mm ID Etched PTFE (22 AWG Bondable PTFE) Pushrod Outer Tube
Review by Jim on 16 Jun 2018

Best for pushrods in DLGs

Leomotion/Neu/P29 Motor Mount - 32 mm
 Perfect fit, as expected
Review by Jean Dorais on 16 Jun 2018

Received a gorgeous PNC motor mount for my Neu 1107/P29 in 32mm diameter. Beautifully machined, lightweight and a perfect fit! Do yourselves a favour: get these mounts for your motors- you simply won't regret it!

Alt 1m DLG
Review by Petri Savolainen on 16 Jun 2018

Fast shipping, product intact and as described. highly recommend!

HyperFlight 300 mAh 4.8V NiMH 31g Battery
Review by Andynr on 16 Jun 2018

Using in RES perfect size and has given me +2 hrs flight time without getting to low battery warning. Hyperflight service is second to none.

Power HD DSM44 Servo - 8.5mm 5.9g
Review by Andynr on 16 Jun 2018

First time buying this brand. Fitted into ailerons for lightweight thermal glider. Very pleased. Will but again. Entering is good. More than adequate torque for my use. Excellent hyperflight service!

Snipe & Snipe 2 Setup Template
 snipe template
Review by Stephen Knutson on 16 Jun 2018

Fantastic service from hyperflight and one very handy and accuraute tool for a beginner

MKS DS75K-N Servo - 9mm 7.4g
Review by Vladimir on 13 Jun 2018

Very nice, strong servo. Good centering. two e.a i used more than 1year, work perfectly

Altis Nano
 Altis Nano
Review by Vladimir on 13 Jun 2018

I tested it for F5J four days ago, very good, but brightness, is not so enough to read

VoiceZone Talking Timer
Review by Vladimir on 13 Jun 2018

I used a Talking timer for F3K, very good.

White Wing Attachment Tape
Review by Vladimir on 13 Jun 2018

Very good a product of the highest quality, not so strong,but enough for fit half of wing.

Altis Nano
 NOT No restart capability...
Review by OttawaF5J on 12 Jun 2018

This little unit was to replace my standard Altis v4 in some smaller F5J sailplanes...great little unit, screen is bright (but really tiny- making it hard to see at times), but this version of the Altis does not allow emergency restarts. I get it, a restart=zero points...but I would rather take a ZERO then lose a $3000 contest sailplane!!!

HyperFlight Reply:
This is not correct. The default firmware as supplied is F5J legal (V5.1 as I type) but the user can easily update to V1.1 which allows restarts.

Blue Bird BMS-115HV Horizontal Lug Servo - 0.09s 10.9g 10mm
 Another Order Executed Rapidly
Review by Phillip on 12 Jun 2018

I ordered 4 x 115HV's and 2 x 105HV's having already ordered exactly the same items a few weeks earlier. The size and weight are such that I think I will be using this setup as a default in most of my (non-competition) sport gliders. Quick shipping as usual.

Frame only for the KST X08H (2)
 Frames for KST X08H servos.
Review by FlyGuy101 on 12 Jun 2018

Have not installed them yet, but I checked them out and they will fit perfectly into my RCRCM Sunbird slope plane. Well made for the money. Would recommend and would order again.

KST DS135MG Mini Wing Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
 Elips 2
Review by Herman D te Nee on 10 Jun 2018

I did some improvements on my Eli 2 putting 4 MKS 6125mini in the wing
Before def fixing in frames,I did some testing with a fresh loaded 4,8 nihm!
Results 2 sudden death!!
Ordered 4 Kst 135,got them within a week,now I dont Need worrying no slop
Plenty power and a super flying Eli oldtimer👏👏👏👏👏

PicoSwitch - Magnetic RC On-Off Switch for batteries with RC plugs
 Great Switches
Review by Steve Revell on 9 Jun 2018

The best way to turn on and off my F3F gliders once on the slope.
The easy single swipe to turn on and the dright LED can be seen through the fiberglass nose cone.
And the 4 second delay to turn off is an extra safety feature against accidental turn off.
Awesome swithch, l have them in all my glider, bought more than 10.... A1+

Osprey 3000 REF & Full House Electric
 Osprey 3000 full house performance
Review by Fritz Kristoffersen on 7 Jun 2018

Was looking for a model I could use on small forest covered mountain within walking distance from home. The obstacle being the landing environment is 5x10 metres (OK!) however surrounded by several high threes making landing approach impossible... However, installed LDS frames and MKS 6100 servos for a 90 degree down flap movement. Did not use the supported LDS plastic control rod, but instead used original supplied linkage system together with M2 soft steel rods for flexible damage control on poor landings. However, this model proved its brilliant braking abilities on mentioned spot, and diving into the landing spot without conflicting the three-line was no problem. The model is super easy to pick up thermals and smallest slope lift. Ended up with CG almost 10mm behind the recommended... but adjusted control-travels down accordingly, this to have super-sensitive lift indication... No nasty tendencies... For drivetrain used Reisenauer micro edition gear with TenshockViper 1020-14T 4 pol 4550KV, 5:1, Jeti Spin44 pro bec and RF 12X6 prop. Did buy 2pc 3s 2100lipos, however ended up using a 3S1800 as it will give me typically 2 hours flight on mentioned mountain even in poor lift conditions. As the landing zone has many small bushes as well, I did order transparent film at later stage for rep-job when I fail to catch the model in my hand... All in all making flights possible and enjoyable on a least to say user-hostile flight spot, now possible without any car drive from home... Recommended...

Altis Nano
 Altis Nano
Review by Ceebee on 6 Jun 2018

Although obvious, a big plus is the physical size of this item which after one competition, seems as good as the V4. However I cannot give it a five star rating as the display, although bright, is just not big enough to read easily and necessitated the wearing of reading specs. Probably fine for young eyes but there are not many of those around.

CAM Height Limiter
 CAM limiter
Review by Wilf Rath on 3 Jun 2018

Excellent product and Prompt service to Australia

Blue Bird BMS-105HV Servo - 0.09s 10.9g 10mm
Review by Steve Hannon on 2 Jun 2018

Unfortunately a further 105HV has problems. This time it's poor centering. Variation is +\- 5mm.

Elf Mini DLG
 elf dlg
Review by chris derrick on 2 Jun 2018

i have been looking for an excuse to buy the elf for some time,so on my birthday when i was asked what i wanted, guess what!!elf arrived very quickly and in a huge bomb proof cardboard box.five sleeps later i was a year older and opened said box to find a superb little plane with very little work to assemble.had to wait three weeks for decent calm weather but was not disapointed when the long awaited day elf balanced perfectly with the smart lipo i bought from neil a couple of years ago i have just spent a brilliant first hour with MY elf, I have only managed a half rotation so far , and i have hooked it a few times but i still managed to find a little lift on my first outing.this little chap will be finding a home in my works van, because its perfik for lunch breaks.

Ripmax SD100 Servo - 8.1mm 4.7g
 Marvellous (but tiny Phillips screw)
Review by Bertie on 2 Jun 2018

Fitted to my Elf, working very well, no problems after 90+ launches. Please note that the Phillips securing screw for the servo arm is tiny; I needed a Size 00 Phillips screwdriver to remove/refit it without damaging its head.

Elf Mini DLG
 Exquisite Elf
Review by Bertie on 2 Jun 2018

Superbly packaged by Hyperflight, the Elf inside was exquisitely made. Assembly was straightforward but made tricky by the tiny components (I needed a desk magnifier with integral LED lights for some of the work).

As an experienced sailplane builder, I found the included instructions mostly satisfactory. I placed the SD100 servos just forward of the wing leading edge to allow space for servo and battery wires to pass through. The servos could probably go slightly further aft to make room for a longer battery. The Cellevia 1S 250mAh battery proved to be ideal for the Elf and is small enough to permit fore/aft repositioning in order to finesse the CG position.

With control throws and balance as recommended in the instructions, the Elf flew perfectly from the first test glide. It is a delight to fly and 'sniffs' thermals very obviously. As others have said, this is a good choice as a first DLG.

My thanks to Neil at Hyperflight who generously gave time, sound advice and support when I needed it during construction.

Vladimir's Models Elf Wing Bags
Review by Bertie on 2 Jun 2018

Nicely made wing bags that fit well and have enough room at the tips to accommodate a throwing peg.

Cellevia 1S 250 mAh LiPo Battery *Reverse Plug Polarity*
 Perfect for Vladimir's Elf
Review by Bertie on 2 Jun 2018

Ideal battery for the Elf. Physically small enough to fit inside the nosecone with room to spare (thereby allowing fore and aft movement for CG fine-tuning). Capacity has proven to be more than enough for an hour of flying.

Blue Bird BMS-101AMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
Review by Robert Beswetherick on 1 Jun 2018

Great service for the price

Elf Fuselage
 elf fuselage
Review by alan hargrave on 1 Jun 2018

this replacement fuselage arrived quickly and was at a reduced price because of a small defect. There were no problems fitting it and I am very please with hyperflights super service.

Oralight Transparent White 31-010 Covering Film
 Excellent Oralight
Review by Michael Cox on 1 Jun 2018

A couple of years ago I purchased an Ava E as a retirement present to myself and it has been excellent. Unfortunately it got blown over in the and the wind struck my charging battery and the covering came off worse, not surprising. I held it together for a while with sticky tape but recently purchased the Oralight so I can do the job properly. This is expensive covering but in my limited experience the best heat shrink covering I have ever used. It sticks really well and shrinks quickly without the need for excessive heat. The Ava E now looks much better and is flying beautifully.

This is my first experience of Oracover

Spinnin' Birdy with Ailerons
 Super speedy delivery
Review by John White on 1 Jun 2018

Ordered at 14:08 yesterday and delivered at 09:00 today. Excellent service and well packed. Kit looks amazing canít wait to get stuck in. Review soon👍

Blue Bird BMS-115HV Horizontal Lug Servo - 0.09s 10.9g 10mm
 Good service as usual from the team.
Review by Phillip on 1 Jun 2018

I have not installed and used these yet, but they are certainly of a size that would fit a wide range of models.

Blue Bird A56V HV Servo - 0.12s 28.4g 10mm
Review by Anonymous on 1 Jun 2018


HyperFlight 0.8/1.4 Pushrod Set
Review by Gerry Best on 1 Jun 2018

Excellent service

F3-RES High Start Silicone Rubber
 Nice piece of kit
Review by Alex on 1 Jun 2018

Nice stretchy rubber at a good price with next day delivery too. Only slight negative is that I found the very well thought out ends not quite strong enough. OK on initial stretches but failed on what I was intending to be a full stretch. Surprisingly consistent, however - took 50 paces then line/rubber joint parts company. Temporary field fix to that end then try again. Stake end comes loose at exactly 50 paces. Took home did a bit of beefing up and OK since.
Would I buy again? Certainly.

Snipe Throwing Blade
 Top quality original part
Review by Mike Vos on 31 May 2018

These pegs are the real thing as those included with a Snipe. the best DLG peg!

Blue Bird BMS-107HV Servo - 0.04s 10.9g 10mm
Review by Glenn Salisbury on 31 May 2018

Good little servo at a great price. Teamed with the Integrated Drive System/Mono for a slop-free, aerodynamically clean set-up

Integrated Drive System/Mono for the Blue Bird BMS-105HV / BMS-106HV / BMS-107HV
Review by Glenn Salisbury on 31 May 2018

Great product at a fantastic price. Easy to install except for the tiny pins, but that's a small price to pay for a slop-free and aerodynamically clean set-up.

Stiletto Lift 1.2m DLG
 Everywhere Light DLG
Review by Stefan on 30 May 2018

5 Stars to hyperflight - website, shipping and email response
5 Stars to Stiletto. Iím flying the lift and hot version right now. You can build a 180g dlg without any compromises related to strength and quality. Completely assembled in the backseat of the car you can use every second for dlg flying. Heights above 62 m are possible but in average about 55 m. Related to my daily use the biggest compliment to the quality and ruggedness of this dlg. Related to the price I would recommend this glider to everybody that likes dlg flying.

Strike 3 DLG
Review by Egidijus on 30 May 2018

Arrived very well packed. High quality glider. Amazing performance.

Elf Mini DLG
Review by Anonymous on 29 May 2018

This is my first purchase from hyperflight. The product are very nicly packed and secure and I have receive the product just after a couple of days in Singapore.
The Elf is a great model and is very light so it will be able to stay up for a long er time.

I would like to thanks Neil which helped to quickly swap the servo to the correct type as i have ordered by mistake.

Finally, my Elf come to around 103g, it is q bit of a challenge to get it below 100g for high voltage (2c lipo) setup without using the SmartLipo from Shread-RC and a light receiver.

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
Review by RayD on 29 May 2018

Works well as a replacement for the Dream Flight servos in a Libelle. The original took some moving and the existing extension lead needed to be moved slightly to cope with a slightly shorter servo lead. The servo is a bit buzzy, which I gather is common. I haven't used digitals much yet.

32mm HyperSpinner for 3.17mm (1/8") shafts
Review by Hans-JŁrgen on 29 May 2018

Spinner ist gut verarbeitet und Leicht

Spinner is lightwight an well made.
I will use it on my RES Dart

Blue Bird BMS-105HV Servo - 0.09s 10.9g 10mm
 Blue bird 105 HV servo
Review by Bruce Stevens on 29 May 2018

I tried switching over to the Blue Birds from MKS due to all the 5 star reviews. Had one servo out of 3 completely malfunction after first hour of use. Static noise is loud as well. I will be going back to MKS and using these blue birds for spoilers only.

Blue Bird BMS-101AMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
 BMS-101AMG 1/6NG
Review by Taanas on 28 May 2018

I bought six in total so far, but one was defective.
Although the operation with no load was good, I was bogged down by the torque of the torsion bar.

Fresh F3-RES
 Hyperflght delight
Review by L. Jones on 28 May 2018

Hyperflight is THE source for US flyers to obtain these wonderful European F3-RES kits. Fast, trusted shipping makes it all work for this customer. Thanks.

30mm HyperSpinner for 3mm shafts
 Nice spinner but the cone has a problem
Review by Colin on 27 May 2018

The Hyperspinner is nicely machined and easy to assemble.
Unfortunately, the cone interfered with the root of my blades (aero-naut CAM 9x4in.) and had to be relieved to allow the prop to fold.

HyperFlight Comment
That is nt really a problem. Trimming the cone to match the blade root is easy.

Fresh F3-RES
 F3 RES Fresh
Review by Anonymous on 23 May 2018

Excellent kit, every part fitted perfectly. An English version of the instructions is available on line. It takes some time to read them and figure out the various building steps. I user 2 other web sites which provided a building log for the Fresh. They are as follows (you can use Chrome/google translation on the first site) :
This was a great build and this is the best flying glider I have ever built!

MKS HV6100 Servo - 10mm 10g
 Servos for F5J ship
Review by Tomek on 22 May 2018

Great servos for light & up to balasted F5J sailplanes.
Great service from Neil.
Highly recommend both.

PicoSwitch - Magnetic RC On-Off Switch for batteries JST BEC plugs
Review by Simon on 22 May 2018

It works! Just fitted to my Techone one metre DLG. Good service from Hyperflight too.

Blue Bird BMS-105HV Servo - 0.09s 10.9g 10mm
 Blue bird 105 HV servo
Review by Sasa Pecinar on 21 May 2018

I bought 15 pieces of this servos for my F5J Explorers. One failed directly after delivery and Neil send me replacement. I thought it was bad luck but after few flights they started to fail one by one.. Definitely quality issue. I was lucky that I didn't crashed my expensive planes. I will make complain to Blue Bird directly.

Vladimir's Models 12 x 4.5 Pusher folding prop blades
Review by Paweł on 21 May 2018

Well designed prop for this specific pusher config. Works bests with original (new) spinner sold with newer Plus having limiter preventing overfolding of blades.
Using Propdrive v2 2836, 1400kV motor, Plus goes easily over 200m within 30secs.

Frame with bearing for the KST DS125, DS135, DS225, X10, X10 Mini (2)
Review by Pete on 21 May 2018

Easy to install allows the servo to be removed in caste of repairs or servicing.

KST DS145MG Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
Review by Pete on 21 May 2018

Great performing servo at a competitive price. Ideal for narrow fuselage

KST DS125MG Wing Servo - 0.12s 27g 10mm
Review by Pete on 21 May 2018

Great performing servo at a competitive price

HyperFlight 300 mAh 4.8V NiMH 31g Battery
 HyperFlight 300 mAh 4.8V NiMH 31g Battery
Review by TAFF on 20 May 2018

Have not tried as yet, but the comment is speed of postage. I cannot remember ever having a faster order from anyone in all the years of buying online - unbelievably fast. Just what is needed sometimes. Thanks very much and will definitely be using again.

RES-olution Elektro
 R.E.S olution GLider
Review by David Fox on 20 May 2018

My kit arrived damaged and it took some time to sort out the broken parts and glue them back together. The build was a pleasure, the plan is clear. The instructions once run through Google Translate are very helpful.

The glider flies superbly, from the hand launch it climbs easily and smoothly. Very responsive on the controls, without being in any way twitchy. The spoilers are very effective and with care using the spoilers the glider can be landed at your feet.

So far have only flown it on days with light winds, not sure how well it will handle stronger winds.

Overall a really enjoyable build and a delight to fly.

Blue Bird BMS-105HV Servo - 0.09s 10.9g 10mm
 Blue bird 105 HV servo
Review by Steve Hannon on 20 May 2018

I have had 3 of these servos fail on flaps on a light F5J model.
I have had 2 fail directly as supplied from the supplier before installation.
There is clearly a quality control issue with these servos and I will be removing them from all of my models.

0.71mm ID Etched PTFE (22 AWG Bondable PTFE) Pushrod Outer Tube
Review by Mark on 20 May 2018

Not used it yet but really nice low friction tubing, will be using mine to protect my pull spring cable from rubbing on carbon.

Vladimir's Models Pull Cord Set
Review by Mark on 20 May 2018

Nice pull cord set with the crimps. Had a few of these now, while the braided lines work well without need for crimps, I just think this wire and crimp set up is a little more low profile and neater and I've never really got along with using the servo screw to secure the cable like if using a braided line.

DLG Torque Spring
Review by Mark on 20 May 2018

Good quality springs, if you have no wire in your spares box like I never, then just buy them ready made.

Hinge Gap Tape 20mm
Review by Mark on 20 May 2018

Great gap sealing tape, not used mine yet but saves the hassle of trying to make your own.

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Digital Servo
Review by Don on 20 May 2018

V. small units and seem to OK for something that size. Good things - excellent on 1S Lipo pack as I haven't go thtem to brown-out yet. Bad things - (1) They do buzz a lot when at rest, which is probably not an issue but the noise can get annoying during long setup sessions! (2) They do not reliably centre e.g do a couple of full +/- stick movements and they do not entirely reliably go back to the same centre. However, for v.small metal-gear servos, they are OK

PicoSwitch - Magnetic RC On-Off Switch for batteries with RC plugs
 RC Glider Power
Review by Steve Revell on 18 May 2018

I have these switches in all of my gliders to ease the issue of power control, l like the easy way they can be mounted in almost any position, remembering to keep them away from the servoís.
The ease of switching on instantly with just a swipe, but the safety of the ďhold for 4 secondsĒ feature means, no accidental switch off during launches.
Great device......A1+

Aerobtec Altis Terminal
Review by Sven Pontan on 18 May 2018

Fast service

Maxa Pro 4e Megalight
 Exceptional service yet again!
Review by Philip Montague on 17 May 2018

This is the 6th model I have purchased from Hyperflight over the past 6 or 7 years, + many servo's & accessories.

Every order has been promptly dispatched and received the next day, and is always exactly as detailed and personally checked by Neil. In addition nothing has ever been damaged because he employs a staff member solely to pack things up in an almost bullet-proof manner with no expense spared. (The boxes he uses are such good quality most use them to store models!)

I would also like to complement Neil on the Website - everything works exactly as it should and it has all the detail you need. (I believe he also runs a company that develops web pages much more complicated than this).

I look forward to flying this model in the near future!

Samba RES Evo
 Excellent cadkit
Review by jorgen on 17 May 2018

Excellent cadkit. Great fun to build. A few misses with the diedhral at wingtips. Building instructions could be more comprehensive. Very satisfied

Powerline Micro 1025/3S 99g, up to 2000g model
Review by Brian on 15 May 2018

Got this for Nan shadow as I needed something small and light. Don't require competition performance so proped down to 15 x 8 GM with spinner, (very neat job) to keep amps and heat down. Only using 850mah lipo to get CG without adding tail weight but manage 3-4 climes of 20 seconds and even when no lift about comes down barely warm. Good choice for narrow fuselage.

Strike 3 DLG
Review by Don on 14 May 2018

Very nicely build mode. Excellent service from Neil and company. Had some shipping time limitations which Hyperflight met for me.

Integrated Drive System/Mono for the KST DS125, DS135, DS225, X10, X10 Mini
 Integrated Drive System/Mono
Review by Anonymous on 14 May 2018

I ordered these after reading other reviews. They look very sturdy with many arms in different lengths. As always quick and easy shipping from the pros at Hyperflight.

3mm Carbon Rod
 A bit of security for the release peg
Review by NickP on 13 May 2018

Whilst Iím no strong DLG launcher I thought it would be worthwhile to reinforce the peg (as per the instructions for powerful launchers) now in case someone else has a flight and knows how to throw properly. Nice piece of 3mm carbon rod.

Small HyperFlight Sticker
 Cheeky advertising ;-)
Review by NickP on 13 May 2018

I donít normally advertise companies on my aircraft but I am always happy to tell other people about good service. Not only did I get great service from Neil and the Hyperflight team, I got a fantastic glider (Blaster 3). As Iím new to DLG, and Neil gave me the confidence to part with my cash, I thought Iíd make an exception. The sticker has a clear background and is small enough to be discrete on the wing but still present. My way to say thanks.

30g Ballast Set for the Blaster 3 & 3.5 DLGs
 Fly in a breeze
Review by NickP on 13 May 2018

This is the second ballast set I got from Neil at Hyperflight. He recommended the 60g and I elected to get that and this at 30g so I can play with the weight and see how it affects the Blaster3. Live the way I can fly in more of a breeze than I would be able to with the empty glider but donít need the whole 60g set. Great service from Neil and the team at Hyperflight.

60g Ballast Set for the Snipe, Blaster 3 and 3.5 DLGs
 Extend when you can fly
Review by NickP on 13 May 2018

Only just getting into DLG and bought the Blaster 3 from Hyperflight with Neilís recommendation. Iím blown away with it and asked him about balancing for windier weather. Bought the 60g ballast set at Neilís suggestion - slips right in and doesnít affect the balance. Great buy - love the way I can now fly in more wind than before.

Frame only for the KST X08H (2)
Review by Anonymous on 12 May 2018

Excellent service

Snipe 2 DLG
 Snipe2 first air
Review by Mike on 6 May 2018

Flew for the first time today. This is my first competition level DLG. The build was not too hard but there should be a good time allowance set aside to build it unless you have done a few planes like this. The only real nit was getting a battery that would fit, I made a 200mA 2S that fits in front of the servos. Had just over an hour on both batteries but with all the new stuff to me going on I did not look at the voltage before I took them out. The low volt warning did not go off though.
AUW came out to 226g.
I liked flying it as much as I thought I would--great fun to fly-- now to get ready for my first F3K meet.

AerobTec Altis V4+ F5J Start Height Recorder and Flight Logger
 aerobTec atlis V4
Review by anton Nikoloff on 6 May 2018

Product sent promptly from UK, arrived about 10 days later. Very good product, lots of settings to change. Great Data logging, very helpful.

AerobTec Altis V4+ F5J Start Height Recorder and Flight Logger
 AirBotec Altis V4 + F5J
Review by Олег on 5 May 2018

Я новичёк в F5J но очень доволен девайсом работает отлично так же настраивается в любом режиме пробовал в F5J FAI выполнил полёт 9.58 минут
с максимальной высотой 138 метров. теперь залил прошивку для тренировок
вобщем доволен Алтисом полностью

Schloiderding V2 "Spinthing" 1.2m DLG
Review by Charles Caswell on 5 May 2018

The build materials are excellent, the build was straight forward but it was all in German so it was of no help. Over all I was very disappointed in this kit. While it makes a pretty little dlg glider it does not fly well at all. It was over priced for something that flies this poorly. If you are going to produce a glider it should at least fly well otherwise what is the point. 2 stars only because of the quality of the materials.

Malibu Pro
Review by Peter on 5 May 2018

Experienced modeller, first DLG.
Kit arrived promptly well packed. Faulty blue bird servo replaced by Neil with no quibbles. Plenty of room for gear installation (hi tech mini rx). Detail pictures on web site helpful as a rough guide to assembly. Flies well with surprisingly long battery life.
150 mAh nimh.

RES Dart Flying Wing
 Res Dart
Review by Andrew B on 5 May 2018

The kit was delivered a week after ordering. Great service considering I live half a world away. I still have a 1 wing to build and cover and the kit fits together perfectly.
Great kit and fantastic service, what more could I ask for.

Integrated Drive System/Mono for MKS HV6110
Review by Brian on 5 May 2018

The frames are fine but the arm attachment that goes into the ailerons was slack and could not remove it without breaking so used part of system attached to conventional external horn.Did not want to try gluing in case got it on hinge.

KST X10 Mini HV Servo - 0.09s 23g 10mm
Review by Brian on 5 May 2018

These are the first x10 mini HV servos but are every bit as good or better as all the other KST servos I have and together with there frames make installation a breeze.

Blaster 2e
Review by Richard Clark on 5 May 2018

It's great to see the beautiful E Blasters back in stock with Hyperflight!

My new E-Blaster arrived swiftly and soundly packed. Two previous Blasters have proved superb fliers, easily repaired, and ideal for flight in wind range 0-15mph.. It is unsuitable for novice fliers, and requires good constructional skills.
I fly in a windy turbulant site, I fly with an E Max BL2210/30, 11x9 prop, and 3S 1000mAh battery. With this, the Blaster will streak up to the cloud base in 20-30 seconds, leaving you to thermal idefinitely even on dull days that initially apear unpromising.

Two points to consider:
1. The vertical stabilizer is tricky to assemble. Use the left over wing servo carbon fibre cutout to make an access hatch for the two SD100 servos in the fin. This is better for simplicity, soundness, and accuracy of installation. The clearence of the lower servo arm with the boom is very tight and I have found it best to open up a small slot in the boom to allow for this. To maintain and improve the structural strength of this well known weak area, fit a length of 6mm carbon tube, inside and along the bottom of the boom. 80mm length will reinforce from just ahead of the fin front 'O' ring out to 30mm out beyond boom end and provide a short skeg to protect the rudder. As with all assembly use Rapid Set Epoxy which is reworkable.
2. Control linkage construction with carbon tube and 0.8mm wire ends is great for getting precise control lengths. Failiures can occur, so replace these with one piece wire linkages. Anti-flexing carbon tube will only be needed on the long elevator link.

Good Flying!

MKS HV6100 Servo - 10mm 10g
Review by Brian on 4 May 2018

Excellent service as always and am amazed with the power from these little servoes, just a shame the raised block on the top can get in the way of control horns on some installations.

PicoSwitch - Magnetic RC On-Off Switch for batteries with RC plugs
 Magnetic switch
Review by Dave Wakefield on 2 May 2018

A brilliant device, East to fit and use. I have fitted it to a radio controlled oo gauge locomotive. Works a treat

Blue Bird BMS-101AMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Blue Bird BMS-101*
Review by Dmitry on 2 May 2018

Blue Bird 101 * - excellent servo, especially for small DLG!

Inside-F5J 2.9m
 Kit quality
Review by Anonymous on 2 May 2018

This model is very well constructed and I am pleased with the fast delivery

Dream-Flight Ahi
 Dream-Flight Ahi
Review by Thierry on 1 May 2018

Beautifully manufactured. Easy to put together. Great service from Neil.
Haven't thrown it off a cliff yet as I'm a bit rusty - am practicing on my Dream-Flight Libelle...

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
 No problems here
Review by Doug on 30 Apr 2018

Put them in my Alula after a failed launch stripped the plastic servos I had in it. Haven't had any centering problems, it was a little difficult getting it to balance again but it works better than before now and the sensitivity on these is so much better than the analogs I had before (I kept one analog to give it a much needed rudder, already thinking of getting another one of these for that too).

I know it has the 5V warning but I've run them as high as 5.4V with no problem, and as low as 3.2V before they start getting the shakes.

28SWG 0.36mm Stainless Steel  Wire (1.5 m)
Review by Steven on 30 Apr 2018

Good quality & service

Mini Graphite Electric Nosecone
 Quick arrival
Review by Cam MacDonald on 28 Apr 2018

Fits my Graphite just as good as the original, ordered about 3pm and had it the next day, Hyperflight are awesome!

38mm HyperSpinner Power for 5mm shafts
Review by Cam MacDonald on 28 Apr 2018

Great spinner fits my Mini Graphite perfectly, the pin system to hold the props in place is super easy to use too.

MPJ Lightweight Micro Clevis (2)
 Muy lijero y resistente
Review by juan jose Boullosa on 28 Apr 2018

estos los utilizo en veleros de 2m F5J y en alerones de pilon racer electrico...buen resultado en ambos

Yellow Cone for 38mm Spinner
 Muy lijero y eficiente
Review by juan jose Boullosa on 28 Apr 2018

Para sustituir de repuesto , son resiatentes , aun no tube que sustituirlo por el primero que biene con la Z

Supra & Supra Pro V Mount
 Gran V Supra y similares
Review by juan jose Boullosa on 28 Apr 2018

Es la tercera que uso oara mis Suora HM y Milvus HM, para cualquier velero de 3 m a 4m de envergadura , deapues de tres aŮos de competiciones ni una queja , perfecto

30mm HyperSpinner Power for 5mm shaft
Review by Rob on 27 Apr 2018

Excellent spinner highly recommended. I used the 30mm/5mm on a Mibo Electra2 3.5mt F5J model and fitted perfectly! Simple, easy to use and a great product.

Large Plastic Shrouded Servo Cover (makes 2)
 Pair of Large Plastic Shrouded Servo Covers
Review by Anonymous on 27 Apr 2018

I needed a pair of servo covers for a PMP Stiletto glider I'd renovated which used mini-servos in the wing. These fitted the bill perfectly. They are nicely vacuum-formed in white 0.5mm thick ABS and are sturdy enough to take landing knocks, yet light weight. Equally importantly, they take Halfords acrylic spay paint extremely well so I could match their colour to the film covering. They are very easy to trim to size with sharp scissors and I fitted mine with double sided tape.

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