Prices shown exclude VAT 
KST DS125MG Wing Servo - 0.12s 27g 10mm
 Reliable High Performance Servoi
Review by Pete W on 5 Aug 2020

I have all my gliders fitted out with these servos and they have been in use for many years. They are a good high perform high quality servos that have never let me down. Highly recommended

30mm VM Pro Spinner for 5mm shafts
Review by Anonymous on 5 Aug 2020

Thus, the main VM in 100% high-quality design does not need advertising.

Hendrych/Surpass 500 110g
 Hendrych/Surpass 500
Review by K.Preston on 5 Aug 2020

This is a fabulous little motor/gearbox combo. Super smooth operation, relatively light weight, and excellent value. This is perfect for retrofitting a narrow nose glider to electric power. Shipping to USA from Hyperflight was hyper-fast. All around great.

Ripmax SD100 Servo - 8.1mm 4.7g
 Ripmax SD100 Servo
Review by Jeremy on 4 Aug 2020

Bought to install into a Alt 1m DLG. They certainly look as though they will be very suitable for the task in hand.

Alt 1m DLG
 Alt 1m DLG
Review by Jeremy on 4 Aug 2020

It looks like a very nicely put together kit.
The build log looks good - hoping to get the time to put the model together soon.

GM 14x8F Folding prop blades Flat
 GM 14x8F folding prop
Review by Steve Moss on 4 Aug 2020

It folds nice and flat on my full house 3600 Circle Dancer great blades.

1.5mm Carbon Rod
Review by Gavin on 3 Aug 2020

First time I've used Hyperflight, a good price once you buy enough to make the p&p sensible. So I ordered 1.5m lengths and I had some 1mm rod as well. Arrived rolled up in a "pizza box" (and well warned on the package!). Quality is excellent and interesting that it's epoxy bonded not the polyester bond of most putruded rod. All round very satisfied and sure to use Hyperflight again.

35mm M2 Control Rods (2)
Review by Richard Edmunds on 3 Aug 2020

Great service, Neil. Good value, quality product

30mm M2 Control Rods (2)
Review by Richard Edmunds on 3 Aug 2020

Quality product, great service

KST DS135MG Mini Wing Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
 Wasabi wing servos
Review by Richard Edmunds on 3 Aug 2020

Bought two of these to replace MKS 6125s, one of which had a potentiometer failure. I changed over to KSTs years ago, and have never had problems with them ( unlike the vastly overrated MKSs). Delivery was the following day.

Frame with bearing for the KST X10, X10 Mini, DS125, DS135 and DS225 (2)
 Servo Frames
Review by Richard Edmunds on 3 Aug 2020

I have bought these frames before and they a big advance over gluing servos in place and then trying to prise them out if a gear fails. The latest version does not seem quite such good quality - in particular softer screws which you have to be careful not to ruin the heads. Also the plastic is very hard whereas the yellow versions were a good compromise avoiding the screw issue. Overall though, still a good buy. Neil's service is just brilliant.

Hawk / Light Hawk 1m DLG
 Beautiful object
Review by LMMMGA on 3 Aug 2020

Beautifully designed and constructed. Flying weight 111g with no ballast required, FrSKy Rx, Blue Bird Servos and the Radient 400mAh LiPo. (Carbon version.) cg 55mm. It is all a tight fit that needs planning, but it can be made to work.

Blue Bird BMS-127WV Servo - 0.05s 11.3g 10mm
 Replacement for BMS-106HV
Review by Dick on 1 Aug 2020

Had a Bluebird BMS-106HV fail in my AHI wing so I bought a couple of these as a straight replacement. They fit perfectly.
Ordered at 14:30 hrs and received them first thing the next day. Thanks Neil for your excellent service.

Dream-Flight Alula-Trek 90cm
 Dream-Flight Alula-Trek 90cm
Review by Michael on 1 Aug 2020

Service from Hyperflight very good.
Dream-Flight Alula-Trek: canopy magnet dropped out and had to be re-glued. The Dreamflight battery pack didn't fit on my plane without removal of some polystyrene from the fuselage and the canopy. A small piece of lead was required in front of the battery to achieve recommended C of G. However, initial flights quite promising and I think the model could be deceptively robust.

KST X08 V5 HV Servo - 0.09s 8.4g 8mm
Review by Anonymous on 1 Aug 2020

Tiny powerful servos at an affordable price.

32mm HyperSpinner for 3mm shafts
 Nice spinner
Review by W.A. Broer on 31 Jul 2020

It took some time but finally I received this small, nice spinner.
It fits well and looks good. So I am very pleased with it.

KST X10 HV Servo - 0.10s 28g 10mm
 KST X-10
Review by Svein M on 31 Jul 2020

Steady durable servo. Have had lots of these in wings, gliders 3 - 6 meters. Never problems.

Blue Bird BMS-126WV Servo - 0.07s 11.3g 10mm
 Best cost performance!
Review by masaharu Tsuchiy on 31 Jul 2020

Installed as a tail servo for INFINITY Evo. At first, I was thinking of the MKS HV6110, but I installed it on a trial basis because it can be purchased at a low price with the same or better specifications, but I am fully satisfied. I will continue to use it as long as I continue to fly and it is durable and reliable.

HyperFlight 162 cm (64") Glider Bag
 Great Value
Review by Josh Fint on 30 Jul 2020

I wish it had a shoulder strap, and i recomend adding soemthing padded inside with higher rigidity. The hanging strap on mine was sewn together, but quick work with a seam ripper fixed that.

Ply Frame for KST X10 Mini, KST DS135, MKS HBL6625 Mini, MKS DS6125 Mini (pair)
 Ply frames
Review by Ray Landry on 30 Jul 2020

It has been six weeks, still have not received these items. Unable to evaluate.

Ripmax SD100 / Dymond D47 Replacement Gears
Review by Larry on 29 Jul 2020

These replacement gears gave my D47 servos a second life. Considering our world Is in turmoil product was received to Canada in a timely manner.
Thanks Neil

Mini Q Slope/Electric Sports Racer 81cm
 Very Good this Plane
Review by Hans on 29 Jul 2020

Sehr gut aber der Schwerpunkt war dass Problem !! Ca 15mm vorderkante Fläche 3cm vom Rumpf gemessen !! Und beide Querruder innen ca 3mm Hoch - sind dann außen ca 2mm dann Fliegt dass Teil :)

ZAP Odourless Foam Safe CA+ 0.7 oz Superglue PT25
 PT28 Kicker is REQUIRED to set this glue
Review by Paul on 28 Jul 2020

The description needs to be altered to state that this glue will NOT cure without the accelerator. The lid and the back of the bottle state this.

VM Composite Model Repair Kit
 Almost perfect
Review by Harry on 28 Jul 2020

A must for any modeller not just useful for composite gliders, already used it to repair a ply battery tray in my Acromaster Pro. Would be perfect if they could get price under £30.

Dream-Flight Alula-Trek 90cm
Review by Jim Newberry on 28 Jul 2020

Usual excellent service from Hyperflight, within minutes of asking for a recommended glider and all necessary parts to take away for a last minute trip away, Neil had put together a bundle including the Alula Trek, servos and battery. The glider went together very easily - the instructions are the clearest and simplest I have ever seen and the glider was ready in no time. Trimming takes a little time as, being a small flying wing, it is sensitive to even the tiniest change, but once sorted the performance is excellent. I have now flown it in a range of wind strengths and it never disappoints. Highly recommended.

Radient 1S 700 mAh LiPo RDNB7001S35
Review by Jim Newberry on 28 Jul 2020

Excellent very small and light battery. Fits well into the Alula Trek, with enough room for a little ballast as required.

VM Composite Model Repair Kit
 Almost perfect
Review by Harry on 27 Jul 2020

A must for any modeller not just useful for composite gliders, already used it to repair a ply battery tray in my Acromaster Pro. Would be perfect if they could get price under £30.

Sprite Ballast Set
Review by Jonathan MEES on 27 Jul 2020

arrived quickly and fits perfectly. great job

HyperFlight 162 cm (64") Glider Bag
 Great bag and service
Review by MR DAVID GAMBLE on 27 Jul 2020

Excellent service, item received the day after ordering.

4mm Carbon Tube
 Carbon Fiber Tubes for added strength
Review by Jim Bossaller on 26 Jul 2020

The 4mm Carbon Fiber tubes were the perfect diameter to add strength to the coroplast body of my home-made plane that w use for combat events. The "Hog Wild" plane maker went out of business so have to build our own if we want to continue combat.

3mm Carbon Tube
 3mm Carbon Fibre tubes
Review by Jim Bossaller on 26 Jul 2020

The Carbon Fiber tubes were exactly what I ordered and fit perfectly around my long control rods to prevent flexing during hard maneuvers.

Oralight Transparent Violet / Purple 31-058 Covering Film
Review by John Hillman on 24 Jul 2020

I am very satisfied with your products

KST DS135MG Mini Wing Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
 KST Servos
Review by Paul Bardoe on 24 Jul 2020

Great service as usual very quick turn around on shipping
I get all my smaller servos here.

Snipe 2, Snipe & Blaster 3.5 fin and rudder
Review by Robin on 23 Jul 2020

Usual excellent service from Neil.
Dispatched within minutes of the order, thank you 😊

KST DS135MG Mini Wing Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
 KST Servos
Review by Paul Bardoe on 23 Jul 2020

Great service as usual very quick turn around on shipping
I get all my smaller servos here.

Fresh 2m
 Top Quality
Review by Rory H on 22 Jul 2020

Neil's service is exceptional. Dispatched on the order day and arrived on the following. the kit is really well designed and there is sufficient help online to support a novice builder like me. still putting it together but I can already feel the temptation to speed up and get out. fighting that....

14mm OD 12mm ID Wound Carbon Tube
Review by Ricky on 22 Jul 2020

I've used the 14mm carbon fibre tube for a tail boom in a 2.5 metre glider and I'm very happy with the result. It's more than stiff enough for the job and the high gloss finish looks great. It arrived promptly well packed and although it is 750mm long I didn't have to pay any extra postage.
Another satisfied customer.

Dream-Flight Alula-Trek 90cm
Review by Jonny on 22 Jul 2020

Very happy andre Good plane😊👍

Axi 2220/12 V2 Long 91g 1200 RPM/V
 AXI 2212/20
Review by taim on 21 Jul 2020

This is excellent motor to upgrade on Plus X. I recommend it !!!

2.4Ghz Antenna Supports - Guides (2) - Special Offer
 2.4 Ghz antenna supports
Review by Tony Butterworth on 21 Jul 2020

Fitting 2.4 Ghz receivers into slim fuselages always poses the problem of supporting receiver antennas in the correct orientation for max reception. My instance involved my Mini graphite with receiver placed within the fuselarge behind the wing . I purchased these Antenna supports and have to say they made the job very easy . I drilled a suitably large hole in fuselage side and then sanded the base of of the antenna supports to provide correct antenna orientation . The antenna supports were then glued directly to the fuselage side covering the hole ( (using cyan re-inforced with epoxy fillet ) , job done. I also found it very easy to thread the antenna into these antenna guides from inside the fuse making receiver installation easy to complete . They looked professional once in place also . Would also like to say have been dealing with Hyperflight for many years now and have always received excellent service - no need to shop elsewhere in my book .

KST DS215MG HV Servo - 0.05s 19g 12mm
 KST DS 215 mg HV servo
Review by Mike on 20 Jul 2020

Top value servo highly recommended

MKS HV6130 Wing Servo - 10mm 23g
Review by Steve Hart on 19 Jul 2020

Brought four of these servos for my Shinto.
When setting the model, the servos very precise, accurate and robust.

Shinto F3F Racer Glider 3m
Review by Steve Hart on 19 Jul 2020

I have been looking at this model for sometime now, well over 3 years. The time had come, along with price drop and the added extra's.
I have just finishing installing the radio gear into the Shinto, the aileron servos were difficult to fit due the lack of room to push the servo onto the LDS horn, but managed to succeed.
The quality of the model is unbelievable, paint lines are very crisp along with moulding lines with those funky colours.
Just can't wait to fly the model next week.

HyperFlight 300 mAh 4.8V NiMH 31g Battery
Review by Shreve Waxter on 19 Jul 2020

Exactly what was needed. Perfect fit. Couldn’t have been any better!

HyperFlight 162 cm (64") Glider Bag
 Excellent quality bag
Review by Chris on 17 Jul 2020

This is a high quality wing bag, well made with good padding and spacious pockets. Works well for my 3.8m Xplorer.

6mm Split Collet for GM Spinners
 6mm Split Collet for GM Spinners.
Review by graham parsone on 16 Jul 2020

6mm Split Collet for GM Spinners. very easy 2 install. be careful not 2 over titan the screw, Avery nice pice of kit.

8mm Carbon Tube
 Another great purchase.
Review by Rob Schofield on 13 Jul 2020

Again, good value, rapid delivery. Hyperflight does get delivery and pricing right - I was stuck with missing bits for a build, and it was delivered in only two days. Keep it up!

KST DS135MG Mini Wing Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
Review by John Palmer on 13 Jul 2020

Great servo's with a great price from a great company.

Ripmax SD100 Servo - 8.1mm 4.7g
 Best in class
Review by David on 13 Jul 2020

Great servo, best in class for gliding applications

Dream-Flight Alula-Trek 90cm
Review by Gerasimos on 13 Jul 2020

I have followed the manual and all worked fine! 3mm for the elevator and 10mm for the ailerons with 70% exponential. High Rates are too high for me. CG was easy to set. added around 15gr on the nose. Servos require glue cause the provided stickers are not safe enough.
Both elevons arrived a bit bended but with some hand pressure I put them back to position
Tail requires tape as after the first flight I found it loose and shifted back by 5mm

I had first flight on a 10m height sand dune with 18knots wind without a test flight and I prayed not to crash it! But surprisingly it just needed some up elevator and all went smooth

Delivered super fast by Hyperflight, so great service!

Very happy with this plane looking forward to try side-arm launch and catch a thermal

Falcon 1.5m DLG
 Excellent DLG
Review by Andrew on 12 Jul 2020

A quick and safe arrival to Australia, my thanks to Neil Stainton, the quality of this kit is very impressive. I know there is not much to build but as I've not assembled a DLG before (or anything else for a very long time) I read RC Groups Falcon thread which was very helpful and I took my time and overall I'm very pleased with the result. Only a couple of flights so far but so rewarding, it adds another dimension to nearly 40 years of my RC glider experiences!

X-Dream 2m
 X-Dream 2m RES
Review by William House on 11 Jul 2020

I just received the kit, from ordering to delivery from the UK to Iowa in the US was 3 days that is just incredible service! Well done Hyperflight! I will do another review of the kit when I build and fly the glider, for now I just wanted to mention the fantastic service and amazing quality of the shipping packaging and the high quality of the kit it’s self.

X-Dream 2m
 X-Dream 2m RES
Review by William House on 10 Jul 2020

I just received the kit, from ordering to delivery from the UK to Iowa in the US was 3 days that is just incredible service! Well done Hyperflight! I will do another review of the kit when I build and fly the glider, for now I just wanted to mention the fantastic service and amazing quality of the shipping packaging and the high quality of the kit it’s self.

Mini Vick 75cm Micro DLG
 finally done
Review by John on 10 Jul 2020

first-ever build that flies, took it slowly, and more from YouTube videos. I wish I was adviced about the kicker for the CA on the wing surprised on my first glide toss, flew straight and landed like a feather. Model flies great in smaller parks and in light to heavy wind .. my go to dlg for those quick fix launches .. worth the money

GM 13x10 CL Folding prop blades
Review by Otto Jæger on 10 Jul 2020

The props are fine, and beatifully sleek. But be careful, they are not made for heavy 6S use! Maximum power is 800W. I've tried 1,1kW, which is too much. There will be a stronger version in near future.

MKS HV6130 Wing Servo - 10mm 23g
 MKS HV6130 Wing Servo
Review by RICHARD HART on 10 Jul 2020

I replaced two MKS 6125 Wing servos in my Baudis Skywalker with the 6130's after I stripped a gear. The 6130's are more precise than the 6125's which are already excellent servos.

Falcon Wing, Tail and Fuselage Bags
 Falcon review
Review by Anonymous on 10 Jul 2020

My first proper DLG. So far very happy with the model. The build quality is better than what I had anticipated from such a light plane

Auri 1.5m DLG
 Auri DLG
Review by R Holmes on 9 Jul 2020

I bought the Auri in early June and it arrived in California approximately 7 days later in large cardboard box. The build quality is excellent and the surface finish is extremely smooth. Assembly was straightforward with the help of online videos and threads. I completed the build start to finish in one 8 hour block of time. The plane thermals really well on calm days and is a capable ridge soaring plane on windy days. Im using a spektrum receiver with an internal antenna and I haven't had any issues with signal loss through the pod.

KST DS135MG Mini Wing Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
Review by Miguel Macedo on 9 Jul 2020

Quick respons and deliver

Frame with bearing for the KST X10, X10 Mini, DS125, DS135 and DS225 (2)
 Nice frames
Review by G Hudson on 9 Jul 2020

Good strong frame with excellent fitting bearing. Very good fit for X10.
Excellent service.

Blue Bird BMS-A10S WV Servo - 0.07s 7.3g 8mm
 F3K servo's
Review by Henk on 9 Jul 2020

Fine servo's, good centering and power.

KST X08 V5 HV Servo - 0.09s 8.4g 8mm
Review by Anonymous on 9 Jul 2020

Excellent service. Really nice servos. Looking forward to installing!

Samba RES Evo 2m
 Samba glider
Review by Anonymous on 9 Jul 2020

As usual from Hyperflight, good service and quick delivery. I pre ordered the Samba and was quickly informed of the estimated delivery date. It arrived on that date, in the usual bomb proof packaging from Hyperflight. Kit looks great, parts separately backed and taped to board to protect longer parts. I have been through the kit and identified all the parts. Full set of plans included. Instructions are in German, but the Hyperflight website has a download of some excellent English instructions from Pikes Peak Soaring, there are some great build logs on the web as well.
Looking forward to building.

3mm x 0.27mm Carbon Strip
Review by Pedro Machado on 9 Jul 2020

Top quality, perfect.

Hendrych/Surpass 500 110g
Review by Sunny on 9 Jul 2020

Very nice packing and goods protection is excellent. Far transaction and delivery

GM 13x8 Folding prop blades
Review by Jamie on 7 Jul 2020

Impressive, light, has to be some of the best props available today!

32mm HyperSpinner Power for 3mm shafts
Review by Anonymous on 7 Jul 2020

Excellent spinner/products

KST DS113MG Servo - 0.11s 12g 12mm
 Feather weight, lightweight on the pocket too .
Review by Richard on 7 Jul 2020

Excellent little servo for lightweight gliders. Half the price of HiTec equivalent. Pulls over 2 kg. Metal geared. Eleven quid each ! What's not to like ? Richard O. Wales UK.

VM 25mm Spinner for 5mm shafts
 VM 24mm spinner
Review by John Hsu on 5 Jul 2020

Perfect little spinner. Fits perfectly for me F5K Fury. Excellent finish on both the spinner and yoke. Super fast order fulfillment. Thanks Neal and Hyperflight team. Excellent customer service as usual.

Elf 1m DLG
Review by Philip on 4 Jul 2020

Super fun small DLG! As has been said in many other reviews, service, packaging, and delivery time are superb. Having recently moved to Germany from Southern California and I was in need of something fun to fly at the nearby sloping pasture. I'm happy with the Elf. It can take some breeze, but not too much if the air becomes turbulent (although i think it's fun because of the Elf's maneuverability!). I've been flying RC sailplanes for about 40 years now (Slope and Thermal...mostly Slope) and can recommend the Elf to anyone looking for an easy to transport, great flying, affordable (comparatively speaking for what you get) and good looking DLG. Build quality is super and assembly is very straightforward. Glad I chose the Elf. Like George says (recent review)..."Everybody should have one"!...

Introduction F5J 2.9m
 Introduction f5j
Review by Lyndon Taylor on 3 Jul 2020

Ordered my glider and the next day it was delivered! Glad I ordered it as it is now temporarily out of stock again only had a quick look in the box so far but everything was packaged well and quality looks superb! Thanks everyone at Hyperflight couldn't ask for a better service

150 mAh 4.8V NiMH Battery
 Elf Battery
Review by Stephen Hill on 3 Jul 2020

Following the instructions on charging this battery with direct 12v dc with a resistor to drop it down to 15mh I got about 5 minutes of radio time. So I swapped over to a 1 cell Lipo which also only gave about 5 minutes on my Lemon rx. The lemon rx should run on 3.45v so not sure what happened. Anyway I have got it solved by adding a 3.7v to 5v booster to my Lipo. May be my rx is more volts hungry than it should be but a 1 cell and voltage booster might be a better bet for the Elf. Sorry to be negative but there is no point in reviews if they are not honest.

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Super servo
Review by Mark on 2 Jul 2020

Great little servo. I’ve ordered multiples of this servo and never had issue with them. Super light, super small and super torque. Though more expensive than other options it is well worth putting quality, reliable components in to your aeroplanes. Super despatch and packaging.

32mm HyperSpinner Power for 6mm shafts
Review by Stormeflyer on 2 Jul 2020

Good design with offset yoke, ensures 17” folded prop hugs the fuselage and is streamlined, quick delivery

KST 25T-5 Metal Servo Output Arm
 KST Servo arm, why drill?
Review by Anonymous on 2 Jul 2020

The fit of the servo arm is very good, however, you then need to increase the size of the hole for the clevis. Taking in mind that the KST plastic arm has an excellent fit the clevis, I think they could have done better

KST X08N V5 HV Lugless Servo - 0.09s 8.3g 8mm
 KST X08
Review by Robert on 2 Jul 2020

The KST X08s are excellent servos for DLGs but more importantly is Hyperflight's continued excellence in website design, clarity of product descriptions and simplicity of ordering. I live in the USA but order everything I can from Hyperflight. Kudos to Neil.

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm
 All tested fine
Review by Simon on 1 Jul 2020

I purchased 4 of these little servos, they are really tiny, but powerful for their size. I haven't used them in my model yet (going to use them in a voodoo), but initial testing of the servo's seem all good. I think they are good value for the money. Great speedy service from hyperflight.

Voodoo 84cm
 Excellent Service, great model
Review by Simon on 1 Jul 2020

Excellent service from hyperflight. 1st time I had purchased and I must say I was impressed. Items were dispatched very quickly and were very well boxed. I am also very impressed with the quality of the voodoo. I am looking forward to the build and getting it flying. I went for the cheaper bluebird servos, which I have tested and they all seem fine. I will definitely be using hyperflight services again, kepp up the great work guys, thank you.

32mm GM F5J Spinner for 6mm shaft (discontinued)

32mm GM F5J Spinner for 6mm shaft
Review by Gabriele on 1 Jul 2020

Ottima ogiva, lavorata benissimo. Servizio impeccabile

Altis Telemetry Convertor - for Futaba & FrSky
Review by Gabriele on 1 Jul 2020

Ottimo accessorio per convertire i dati telemetrici. Hyperflight sempre al top.

AerobTec Altis V4+ F5J Start Height Recorder and Flight Logger
Review by Gabriele on 1 Jul 2020

Come sempre preciso nei tempi e impeccabile nella confezione

38mm HyperSpinner Power for 4mm shafts
 perfect design
Review by David on 1 Jul 2020

These are a work of art, very cleverly thought out and neatly constructed. Furthermore they work very well nesting the prop close to the fuselage. Just a little simple easing of the cone to allow the blade to open fully was needed.

25mm - 9mm x 1m Tapered Carbon Boom
 For OD RES electro glider
Review by David on 1 Jul 2020

Perfect for what I want, but then I knew that as I have used them before.
Order came more quickly than I expected ~ thanks

Simitri  F5J 3.9m
 Simitri is awesome
Review by Jan in CZ on 1 Jul 2020

Simitri F5J Light version
I bought my Simitri with end of May 2020. Kit was delivered on June 5 in solid plywood box. The quality of the packaging is max. safe and inside the box all glider components were carefully wrapped in protective foil.In my case, the components were still stored in plywood box in Hyperflight transport bag, which I also obtained together with model.

Weight componets right from kit:
Front Pod with cabin, balast tube removed.............................................................108g
boom with two bowdens ...........................................................................................83g
Left wing tip...............................................................................................................203g
Right wing tip.............................................................................................................203g
Central panel with two mounting screws................................................................368g
rudder with mounting CFK pipe and control horn.....................................................42g
Elevator with mounting screws and CFK graft..........................................................42g
wing joiners, LDS GFK rods , servoplate....................................................................32g
Total empty kit components weight......................................................................1081g

Weight equipment and components :
4x transparent wing covers for servo caves ...............................................................8g
4xFutaba 3173 SVi with servorahmen frame kits and MPJet Alu segments .......100g
2xMKS HV6100 with reduced servoplate .................................................................26g
All SVi servo cables from wing...................................................................................30g
Motor XPower F2919/10 400W..................................................................................86g
HyperSpinner power 32mm diam. and Vitaprop 11 x 6 ...........................................22g
Gens Tattu 1300 mAh/3S 75C/150C.......................................................................117g
YGE 65 LVT regler........................................................................................................45g
Futaba receiver 7006SB................................................................................................8g
Telemetry modul UNILog II with integrated vario........................................................9g
Total weight of equipment........................................................................................451g

Total weight RTF...............................................................................1532g + 70g ballast

But CG was in my case 127 mm behind LE and it was to much for me. I had to adjust the CG to 115 mm behind the LE wing using about 70 g of lead in front of the fuselage.

Alteration against kit:
Rudder fastening -
In original design rudder steven has not secure fastening on the fuselage. For fix it steven CFK pipe has been added by an Alu insert with M3 thread at the lower end.This Alu insert ( 10mm lenght, 5mm diam.) was glued to CFK pipe by epoxy resin.The upper end of the pipe was secure glued to pipe housing in rudder steven.A hole for the M3 screw was drilled from the bottom of the fuselage against the CFK pipe. Now the steven with rudder is secured with an M3 screw 11mm long.

Receiver location -
After a good experience with this solution from AVA Pro glider I again placed the receiver on top of the wing carrier, directly below the center of the wing between the two mounting screws. The receiver is fixed in place with Velcro. I just have to make a small cave from the bottom of the wing (20x50mm in case of Futaba 7006SB receiver). Benefits of this solution :
-All cables from the fuselage (ECS, Vario, Rudder and Ele servo) are permanently connected with their original connectors to the receiver- without the need for any soldering. Before attaching the wing, I must connect only one original Futaba servo connector from the wing to the S-BUS receiver socket. This connector is attached to the SVi cables in the wing and supplies the signal for all 4 servos over only one single wire (S-BUS is awesome).

Elevator throw extension -
Simitri has about 30 mm control "horn" for elevator.With this 30mm control horn I was not able to achieve sufficient deviation of elevator. I didn't want to extremely extend the servo lever for loss of servo power. In order to get a full throw of elevator (both ways) I have to reduce lenght of that horn to approx.20mm. I removed the brass horn from the fuselage and cut off the lower end with link eye. Then I tapped the new end and after that I drilled a new link eye for attach the control rod.

Other work was standard, nothing new, thanks to the equipped LDS rods, the installation of servos in the wings is greatly simplified.

The first flight took place on June 16 and Simitri flies great as I expected.


1.0mm Music Wire (91 cm)
Review by Jonathan on 30 Jun 2020

prompt delivery, good quality products. Will use Hyperflight every time

1.5mm Carbon Rod
Review by Jonathan MEES on 30 Jun 2020

prompt delivery, good quality products. Will use Hyperflight every time

Alt 1m DLG
 Alt 1m DLG
Review by Dave on 30 Jun 2020

Superb laser cutting of balsa parts. The build log is a bit long winded in places however most of the build is shown. Ideally I would have prefered instructions and a wing plan rather than have to download and print the A4 sheets to the correct scale and then tape them together.

Orastick Adhesive 100mL
Review by Dave Hartley on 30 Jun 2020

Much better than other film covering adhesives that I have tried. leaves a slightly tacky surface when dry which holds the film in place before applying heat

1.0mm Music Wire (91 cm)
 1.0mm Music Wire (91 cm)
Review by KDC on 29 Jun 2020

This is the 1mm solid steel wire you´ve been looking for. Great for dlg pushrods. Well packaged. Promptly dispatched. Great price. Thanks, Neil.

KST 25T-5 Metal Servo Output Arm
Review by Brendan Townsend on 29 Jun 2020

It's a servo horn, but a very good one - Very strong and a perfect fit. A great companion to KST servos.

22mm - 9mm x 1m Tapered Carbon Boom
Review by victor Cernik on 28 Jun 2020

Have not received tail boom

Mini Q Slope/Electric Sports Racer 81cm
 Mini Q
Review by Marco Scarante on 28 Jun 2020

The mold quality is low, the model I received has several flaws, too bad because the model deserves a higher quality.

Blue Bird BMS-127WV Servo - 0.05s 11.3g 10mm
 not as aspected.
Review by Nuno Duarte on 26 Jun 2020

the servo looks strong as expected but makes continuous noise. even at the neutral point. I hope it lasts long enough

Foxtrott 2.7
 Very good kit, but .....
Review by Max on 26 Jun 2020

Perfectly model to build. Unfortunately, the kit only includes an illustrated building manual in German. For model builders who do not speak the German language, the not always easy structure should cause some problems. (I was born in Switzerland and went to school, the German language is not a problem for me.)

GM 12x8 Folding prop blades
Review by Mick stiff on 26 Jun 2020

I have used these blades before. They are excellent 12 x8 on a hacker A10 7l with a 500mah 3cell only pulling 9 amps very impressive

Yellow Wing Attachment Tape
 Holds well and removes cleanly
Review by Pete on 26 Jun 2020

Using it on joins in a 10" chord bungee launched glider wing covered on doped lightweight Solarfilm Airspan. Holds very well even on hot days and, importantly, removes cleanly when doubled back on itself without harm to the covering. Much better in both regards than the electrical insulating tape I was using before. Will be back for more.

Blue cone for 32mm spinner
Review by Mick stiff on 26 Jun 2020

Fits and looks great

HyperFlight 0.5/1.0 Pushrod Set
 0.5/1.0 pushrod set
Review by Jim Newberry on 26 Jun 2020

As usual from Hyperflight, excellent product and first class service.

Turbulator Tape
 Turbo tape
Review by TOM DUKESHERER on 25 Jun 2020

Quality materials, not cheap vinyl tape, clear hard plastic with adhesive back side. Got to be the best price on the planet. I am in the USA and received it very fast. Thank you

KST MS320 HV Contactless Servo - 0.07s 21g 12mm
 KST MS-320 - small piece of art.
Review by Adam on 25 Jun 2020

It's really difficult to add something more positive than was written by others modellers.
Simply this servo is fantastic - small piece of art.
I think that contactless technology will be implemented by KST soon to all servos produced by them :-)
Many thanks for quick delivery to France - even when Covid19 stopped all Europe I received my servos in 5 days.
Thank you!

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