Prices shown exclude VAT 
Frame with bearing for the MKS DS6100 & HV6100 (2)
 Excellent Servo Trays
Review by Lou Brooks on 11 Dec 2018

Excellent trays, well made, good bearing and housing. Works a charm!

CG Measuring Scale
 CG Measuring Scale.
Review by Keith Burrage on 11 Dec 2018

What an amazing piece of kit! I wasn't entirely convinced I needed one of these. I always managed more or less in the past but I have to say that if you fly DLGs or F3RES sailplanes like me, or bigger stuff, you really gotta try one of these! The accuracy is amazing and tiny adjustments to C of G are the the work of moments. Highly recommended

KST X08N V5 HV Lugless Servo - 0.09s 8.3g 8mm
Review by Peet Doddema on 11 Dec 2018

Good servos for a good price. I am using these for f5d competition planes.

MPJ Lightweight Micro Clevis (2)
Review by Fernando G on 11 Dec 2018

Nice compact sized clevis

KST DS125MG Wing Servo - 0.12s 27g 10mm
Review by Anonymous on 11 Dec 2018

Used in my 5 mtre vortex good value and performance will definatly use again

Blue Bird BMS-A54H
 no quality control on servos
Review by Martin on 11 Dec 2018

Fast delivery, but out of two servos, one is not working. The servo-motor doesn't start. If you give it a nudge it will move.
So I would assume that there is absolutely no quality check in the factory.
These servo's are crap!

CG Measuring Scale
 CG machine
Review by Dyno Don on 9 Dec 2018

Excellent quality very professional and accurate
Easy to use .

High Start Flag / Pennant
 High Start Flag
Review by John on 9 Dec 2018

Excellent quality priduct. Super fast shipping even across the pond to the USA. Thanks Neil for the excellent customer service!

7mm Carbon Tube
Review by Phil Mac on 9 Dec 2018

Excellent quality and very good service
Thanks a lot

MKS Short Metal Servo Output Arms (2)
 MKS Short servo arms
Review by Mike Francies on 7 Dec 2018

Received the servo horns very promptly.
They are an extremely tight fit on the MKS6130 servo splines, so much so that I had great difficulty removing them after an initial, test fit. The larger, aluminium servo arms were a good fit but these small ones are just a bit too tight. I am sure they will loosen up if they need removing more often.

Inside-F5J 2.9m
 First Impression Unboxing Premium
Review by Santiago Bengolea on 7 Dec 2018

The balsa wood and laser cuts are top quality same a presentation , coloured plans... A joy to watch.The cardboard box is not top, could be buch better, arrived with a puncture that didnt affect the wood. Im actually finishing a 5 meters Minimoa, my next bulding will be the Inside-F5J that Im almost sure will be a pleasure.
Hyperflight was quick in delivery, top service, will buy again.

HyperFlight Comment:
We have recently improved our boxes, so there is even less chance of damage now.
Also note this customer is in Argentina so the box did go half way round the world.

Pulsar Pro 4e  Compact
 OOOH so smooth
Review by Marcus on 6 Dec 2018

Very smooth in the air. Delicate to the touch and gentle on your mind.
Do not take a call from your wife if she calls when you are on the field. It is not a good idea off course. But in light winds and if you sense urgency on her behalf you could easily pick up the call and still feel comfortable with the Pulsar up there soaring.
Thank You Neil. Good service.

Compression Contact Wing Connectors
Review by Anonymous on 4 Dec 2018

Hard to align properly. Two alignment holes would help a lot.

1.07mm ID Etched PTFE (18 AWG Bondable PTFE ) Pushrod Outer Tube
Review by Michael on 3 Dec 2018

Great product, coupled with 0.8mm carbon rod for light weight control rods on 2m glider..
Fast shipping to Australia
Thanks Neil

YGE USB Adaptor for Telemetry ESCs
Review by Stein on 3 Dec 2018

Adapter works great.
Its a bit overkill for setting a different BEC.

Inside-F5J 2.9m
Review by Gordon on 3 Dec 2018

Soundly packaged and swiftly supplied.(Standard, first rate, Hyperflight service).

An excellent kit with clean laser cutting of well selected materials.
Still in the building phase so no flying comments; spent a little time considering wing washout as none is specified by angle adjustment of the wing panels. Concluded from review of other builders on rcgroups that none is needed beyond that built in by planform, tip plate, and possible section change along the wing span.
My only minor gripe would be that the instructions supplied are in German - although it is easy enough to find the translated version on line, - but it runs to rather a lot of pages to print if you want hardcopy.

HyperFlight 750 mAh 4.8V NiMH Battery
 Quick delivery
Review by Brett on 30 Nov 2018

Ordered this from Australia and had both batteries within about 10 days, cannot complain about service or delivery time

Medium-Light Servo Extension Cable
 Cable para extensiones de servo
Review by juan jose Boullosa Garcia on 30 Nov 2018

Dude en este o el ultralight ,para veleros de 4 m F5J ,dado el trabajo duro de los dervos ,opte por este , peso bien y silicona protectora blanda , perfecto.

Blue Bird BMS-105HV Servo - 0.09s 10.9g 10mm
Review by juan jose Boullosa Garcia on 30 Nov 2018

Usare este servo para mis modelos F5J del 2019, los he visto funcionar a compañeros todo el 2018 y su resultafo ah sido excelente, ganando varias pruebas en España, asi que despues de testearlo en casa todo ok, muy buen peso y fuerza, tamaño excelente , para mi un 10.

Altis Telemetry Cable
Review by Ray on 29 Nov 2018

Good product and fast service.

GM 14 x 7 Folding prop blades
Review by Ray Gadenne on 29 Nov 2018

As usual, excellent products and service from Neil. From order placed to door step in 15 hours.

32mm HyperSpinner Power for 6mm shafts
Review by Ray Gadenne on 29 Nov 2018

As usual, excellent service and product from Neil. From order placed to door step in 15 hours.

Circle Dancer 3000 RES Glider V2
Review by Brian Rivas on 28 Nov 2018

This is a lot of very beautiful glider for the money. All components were well protected with bubblewrap and suspended inside a sturdy box - yet another example of Neil's outstanding care and service.

For the last ten years I have been flying DLGs from my small field at the end of the garden - all from the Vladimir stable, including three Snipes. Until recently I had never considered anything beyond a 1.5m span, as this field has a number of trees around the perimeter as well as power lines crossing diagonally. However, I recently ventured to 2m with a Pulsar 2 and a MadRES. These felt huge at first and the trees seemed nearer, but I soon got used to the larger gliders without any disasters, and the field is big enough to get a reasonable height from a hi-start launch. Then, of course, my thoughts turned to a 3m wingspan: surely this would not be practical? I didn't want to spend a huge amount in case it all came to nought, and that is how I decided to try the Circle Dancer.

The build quality and finish are excellent, and this sailplane represents terrific value. Being a completely open structure with only a balsa leading edge and no carbon D-box, the wing looks a little flimsy, but in fact it is much stronger than it appears, although winch launches might result in something spectacularly horrible. Everything has been pared down for minimum weight commensurate with sufficient strength for normal thermalling. For example, all the wing ribs have had as much balsa removed as possible without compromising rigidity.

As this is a simple RES sailplane, the only work required is installing the servos, and there is plenty of space to do so.I did have a bit of an issue with the spoiler and in the end abandoned the horn and short pushrod system shown in the full-size diagram provided by the designer and instead simply used a long servo arm acting directly onto the underside of the spoiler. Two pairs of 5mm magnets not quite making contact were enough to keep it closed. The trailing edge of the spoiler does not sit quite flush with the wing surface - almost, but not quite. This is not a design or construction fault, rather it's just balsa being balsa. I might make up a balsa-ply laminate replacement.

When the time came for the Dancer's maiden on a cold November morning, I was nervous: conditions weren't ideal with a very light breeze diagonal to the launch line. Would the hi-start be strong enough to haul this heavier machine into the sky? Would she be responsive enough to manoeuvre in such a small field? I need not have worried: she went higher than I expected, and once up there just seemed to want to stay there. What a lovely sight she was, smooth and graceful and just itching to find a thermal. I was reminded of the last time I had a big sailplane, the Clean Machine back in the late 1970s, which I built from a plan (anyone remember that one?)

As for the Dancer's responsiveness, she reacted instantly to rudder input and proved capable of smooth and tight turns. The spoiler was very effective and I was able to make precise landings. All we need now are some decent thermals - but we may have to wait, judging by the current spell of unsettled weather.

I couldn't be more delighted with my first choice of 3m sailplane. With its excellent design, workmanship, and value for money I am looking forward to many happy hours of thermalling with the Somerset buzzards.

El Niño 3.9m
 El Nino build
Review by CJS on 27 Nov 2018

I have been building El Nino since spring, she was bought as a long term winter project for 2018/19, so its been a very slow and thought out process. A ‘total’ crash of my Kappa 40 in August got things moving a bit but its still been a long haul.

Why the El Nino, I have a reputation at my club for taking an ‘off the wall’ approach to my model choices and modifications thereof. El Nino is to me a breath of fresh air, ticking all my boxes, as I dug deep in to what made it tick. The designer thought much the way I do, the fuselage is radical, a short tadpole shaped front end making it a bit tight to fit the radio normally. The pictures show a spreader bar dividing the cockpit in two, that has been removed on my kit, making it a little more accusable. This spreader bar was totally unnecessary, I have yet to find a fuselage so rigid front to back, and yet there is the feeling of ‘give’ rather than brittle, I am very surprised at the toughness of the lay-up, and yet it weighs nothing.

The wing is supported on a faired, short, small pylon aerofoil shaped, 14.75mm at its widest point . . . a bit small I thought but fitting test have shown no problems. Other than there is not much room for the wiring harness.

Three millimetre carbon tube pushrods are fitted with 0.9mm very long tails, I equate this to 19-20 SWG!!!! I mean long 6-9” long, an ‘L’ bend is formed so the tails are not intended to be shortened? Un-supported, I find these to whippy, so remove them to see what can be done. First horror, one tube was crushed the other had a glued and sanded scarf joint in the middle of it! An email to Neil soon had a pair of new push rods on their way.

The horizontal tail also sits on a very small pylon, again fitting showed no problems, finally the removable fin, nicely moulded and faired into the tail spigot, one of the nicest, uncomplicated fixings I have seen.

The wing is equally nicely moulded, and as the fuzz, the od blemish or two, over all I was happy. The wing is very thin sectioned requiring the thinnest servos available for the ailerons. The kit comes with rods, horns and servo covers, all very adequate. I decide to use IDS cradles and invisible sub surface horns . . . perhaps not such a good idea? The control surfaces are so thin, I made a bit of an ‘up-cock’ on the flaps, finally got it right, but a little repair and spraying is required! Learned my lesson, the ailerons are perfect, actually fabricating my own IDS from bits salvaged out of the Kappa 40.

Going back to spring when I purchased the El Nino, Neil did warn me the kit was perhaps not up to the amazing standards of the top manufacturers, one would agree, however I am happy enough as previously sated it ticked my unconventional boxes. I new I was going to modify, I was aware of its quart in a pint pot installations, taking it as a challenge.

The mods I have made are IDS servos. Eventually ditching the carbon tube push rods and installing PTFE etched tubes, running inside the fuselage, converging and exiting the back of the wing pylon, running down the top of the boom glued as a pair. Splitting at the front of the tail pylon, elevator passing through the pylon, rudder along the side of the elevator pylon. The push rods will be 1.3mm carbon rod fully supported to within 1" to 2” of the actuators each end.

It took a lot of work to get the rods and their PTFE outers nominally ‘straight’ keeping friction to a minimum but it was worth the effort and the bonus is the PTFE/1.3mm rods weight less than the original 3mm tubes and their long wire tails.

A final radical modification, the radio, power train space is very limited, especially if you were to opt for a motor/gear box, combination. I went for a very unconventional solution, the 2836 direct drive motor, back mounted out in the wind. Looks a bit ugly bolted straight to the fire wall. I have been working on this idea for a while with good results. So remove the fire wall, install a new one pre drilled to the motor mounting holes, the fact that the nose is so short means that alan bolts can be use and accessed from the cockpit with a long alan key, the arrangement also frees up at least two thirds of the front cockpit area. This arrangement also allows the CG better adjustment space

Fitting a new fire wall around 12mm down the nose enables the motor to be rear mounted and faired into the fuselage nose. Obviously the fuzz and motor cannot touch, its an out-runner, working carefully a 0.5 to 1mm gap can be achieved with a 2836 direct drive, its a pain to do as is turning the motor if required. For me it is satisfying, being different, creating more space for the radio.

Much safer rear control surface actuation and lighter to boot. IDS has allowed me to eliminate surface drag exposed rods and horns as well as eliminating the bubble in the servo cover.

Lots of other little things required my thought and attention but most one could expect on any build.

So this is it, building has been very interesting. The flying review is not going to happen this side of Easter 2019, cold, waterlogged field and winter in general will keep me indoors. Should be starting a new project very soon, just waiting for the main component to arrive, hopefully January?

 Quick delivery, nice kit
Review by Chris on 26 Nov 2018

Took 6 days (Friday-Wednesday) for the kit to arrive in the US from Neil. Well packaged and complete.

Snipe 2 Aileron Horns (pair)
Review by Radoslav Radkov on 24 Nov 2018


Small 4 Servo Wing Wiring Harness 50 cm
 Wiring Harness
Review by Pete W on 24 Nov 2018

Good quality prouct and a real time saver for me. If you price the individual items to make your own harness the Hyperflight unit isn't that much more expensive,

PicoSwitch - Magnetic RC On-Off Switch for batteries JST BEC plugs
Review by Thomas Kroon on 19 Nov 2018

Perfect little gimmick ! Good service, shipping to the Netherlands took almost 10 days, I I have seen quicker. But the items were well worth the wait !

KST X08 V5 HV Servo - 0.09s 8.4g 8mm
Review by Thomas Kroon on 19 Nov 2018

Good solid and tight, very precise. Not the quickest but that is no problem for me !

YGE ProgCard 3 / Programming Card 3 / ProgCard III
 YGE ProgCard 3 / Programming Card 3 / ProgCard III
Review by Danno on 19 Nov 2018

My YGE 90 ESC had gone into alarm mode and given the 6 consecutive beeps. There was no way I could reset the ESC without the Program III card.
As soon as I connected the Prog 3 card and check all the parameters and set them correctly powered it down and reconnected and the alarm mode is gone.

16SWG 1.63mm Piano Wire
Review by Roger on 19 Nov 2018

Excellent product and service

White Polypropylene Tape
 Sticks well.
Review by Sean Simms on 19 Nov 2018

Covers and shrinks well. Will use again.

Hinge Tape 12mm
 Does what it says on the tin!
Review by Sean Simms on 19 Nov 2018

Will be using this as my hinge tape from now on!

Big Vick 1m DLG
 Quality, Fun and a bargain!
Review by Sean Simms on 19 Nov 2018

Perfect for me to try DLG, the quality of the wire cut parts is great. Fast assembly and surprising flying capabilities. Will probably buy another before investing in an Elf.

KST DS125MG Wing Servo - 0.12s 27g 10mm
Review by ian bryant on 19 Nov 2018

servos look good, nice smooth operation, very fast delivery,,,pleased

Samba RES Evo
 Great Build, Gentle Flyer
Review by Jim M on 19 Nov 2018

I wanted to try an F3RES to get 'back to basics' with RES controls and at the same time have an airplane that could compete in local contests. I honestly chose the Samba because it looked nice in the pictures, and the price was very reasonable. I'd never had a problem with Hyperflight before, and still haven't. The kit showed up quickly, well packed for it's travel across the ocean. I had never built a laser cut kit, but this airplane is definitely designed to take advantage of the close tolerances available using laser cutting. The fuselage goes together easily, like a 3D puzzle, and while the wing is a little more conventional, it is also almost self jigging so everything goes together well. My only problem with the build was the outboard polyhedral joints, but it was as much a problem of translating the instructions (which are in German) as it was of me rushing the only tricky part of the build. It didn't cause a problem, but the gap between the two ribs is more than I'd like. I finally got to fly the airplane last weekend, and it is a dream to fly. It really likes smooth control inputs, (yanking it around only gets you on the ground quickly) and speed can be controlled with elevator trim very consistently. It also really likes to thermal and signals lift well.

Hawk / Light Hawk 1m DLG
 Hawk 1 meter
Review by Robert Beswetherick on 18 Nov 2018

Outstanding craftsmanship, fantastic price. Research it BEFORE buying electronics as there is VERY limited space. 5 Stars.

Compression Contact Wing Connectors
 Awsom product
Review by Luke Ouellette on 17 Nov 2018

Great product none better I looked I will be buying a bunch more

KST X08 Plus Servo - 0.09s 9.5g 8mm
 KST X08 Plus Servo
Review by dave oliver on 16 Nov 2018

these are really good servos and perfect for my needs. and the the service from Hyperflight again is 2nd to none.

GM 17 x 10 Folding prop blades
 Hélice GM
Review by Alain Leclercq on 13 Nov 2018

Magnifique hélice. Finition parfaite rendement top qualité. Et un prix honnête

KST X08H V5 HV Horizontal Lug Servo - 0.09s 8.4g 8mm
Review by Jim on 12 Nov 2018

Have these in all my DLG’s since the last 3 years. (Snipe, NXT, Vortex 3, CX5) They all work flawlessly.

Deans Micro Plug and Socket MPN 1242 - Red
Review by Lillo CONDELLO on 12 Nov 2018


Ultra Light Servo Extension Cable
Review by Lillo CONDELLO on 12 Nov 2018

Excellent, right choice to have good performance and save weight.

MKS HV6110 Servo - 10mm 10g
Review by Massimo B. on 10 Nov 2018

ottimi servocomandi, sono installati su tutti i miei F5J, mai avuto problemi, silenziosi e precisi

Canopy for Dream-Flight Ahi
 Dreamflight Ahi Canopy
Review by Daren Graham on 9 Nov 2018

Great service and arrived quickly. Very expensive product, though I appreciate this is not the sellers fault. £15

Corona DS843MG Servo - 9.1mm 10.5g
 Superb little Servos
Review by Keith Burrage on 9 Nov 2018

I bought these lovely little servos for my new X-RES. Resolution and speed looks good running on a 2S lipo. I'm very happy with my purchase and of course the top notch service from Neil at Hyperflight

DLG F3K Wing and Tail Bags
 Just the job!
Review by Keith Burrage on 9 Nov 2018

I ordered these for my Loola DLG. An expensive model, the last thing I need is to be knocking lumps out of it! These covers are excellent. They don't fit as well as the bespoke ones from Fred Modelisme but for protection they are far more robust, well worth the money.

Corona DS843MG Servo - 9.1mm 10.5g
Review by Andy on 9 Nov 2018

Bought these servos to fit in a thin wing and because of reasonable torque for their size and my budget. First time buying coronas. Have not been disappointed so far and would buy again. Service from hyperflight as ever outstanding.

Frame with bearing for the MKS DS6100 & HV6100 (2)
Review by Tony on 8 Nov 2018

I'd read somewhere that these are a waste of time, sorry I disagree they are perfect and make installation very easy as usual ordered one day and delivered the next

32mm HyperSpinner Power for 5mm shafts
Review by Anonymous on 8 Nov 2018

I've two of these previous so I will order again perfect for my new F5J very easy to install

Carboline SC39/2 Spread Carbon - sample
Review by Tony on 8 Nov 2018

Used this to make servo covers excellent lightweight material and does the job.

AVA V Mount
Review by Bob Brown on 6 Nov 2018

Very well made part that will work for my application. It would have very desirable to be able to remove the hinge pins so that the rotating part can be removed. (they are currently glued in)

Replacement 28mm GM Carbon Spinner
Review by Stefan Wickelgren on 5 Nov 2018

Excelent service and delivary :) correct parts in time :)

GM 14 x 7 Folding prop blades
Review by Vladimir on 3 Nov 2018

This 14x7 screw with the AXI 2220/16 motor, li-po 3s gives 1540 grams of thrust and 30.4 amh. Current Ideal for Xplorer 3 f5j.

AVA Pro Tailplane  & Supra Pro Competition Sleeve Nut
 Fantastic Service!
Review by Lou Brooks on 2 Nov 2018

Owning an AVA Pro and a Supra you can't go wrong by having a couple of these as spares. Top quality and as always Neil provides faster than fast service to the U.S.

Blue Bird BMS-106HV Servo - 0.06s 10.9g 10mm
Review by Anonymous on 2 Nov 2018

20 Stück gekauft. 1x ohne o-Punkt.

Ripmax SD150 Replacement Gears
 not compatible with Dymond D60
Review by yonB on 29 Oct 2018

This item doesn´t match Dymond D60 servo, as it was described before. Good reaction from Hyperflight that has assumed the error and credit me for it. Thanks

White Wing Attachment Tape
 White wing tape
Review by Tom Briton on 27 Oct 2018

Completely satisfactory for purpose it was intended. Good quantity and quality.

26mm - 9mm x 1.2m Tapered Carbon Boom
 Ava pro boo m
Review by Nigel Bennett on 26 Oct 2018

Brilliant service as usual. The range of products that Neil sells is extraordinary. There's not much here that can't be bought for our hobby.

Blue Bird BMS-107HV Servo - 0.04s 10.9g 10mm
 BMS101 Hv servo
Review by Ronald Thatcher on 24 Oct 2018

good solid servo for the money, when they work!

Pulsar Pro 4e  Compact
 Pulsar Pro 4 EC
Review by Edan on 24 Oct 2018

The delivery arrived well in Switzerland. The Pulsar Pro 4.0 is a beautiful model too a good price.
- schnelle Bestätigung der Bestellung
- sorgfältige Verpackung
- rasche Lieferung in die Schweiz
- alles zu einem vernünftigen Preis

KST DS135MG Mini Wing Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
 Great service, great product
Review by Alex Hawtin on 23 Oct 2018

I was in a rush after burning out my Flap servos on my Typhoon on a late Thursday night, Ordered them then and there and they arrived for me 9am Saturday morning. Was back out on the slopes again that afternoon!.

Really impressed with these little things, extremely quick with very high holding power for its size!.

Definitely will be ordering more for my ailerons!.

Introduction F5J
Review by Keith on 22 Oct 2018

Great kit very easy to assemble as there is no cutting out to do every part is laser cut to a very high standard
The only problem I had was maintaining the alignment of the round wing joiner

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm
Review by Sandor Denes on 22 Oct 2018

First time perfect.
After 5-6 months stop one after the other.
After 1 year: 1ok, 3 dead.

HyperLiPo 2S 300 mAh LiPo Battery
Review by Mark on 21 Oct 2018

Reliable battery. Great little 2s if space is at a premium. Works well in 1-1.5mtr DLG when paired with Blue Bird HV servo.

Powerline Micro 1025 Turbo/3S 91g, up to 2400g models
 Powerline 1025 Turbo
Review by Otto Jæger on 21 Oct 2018

Very good upgrade from the "old" 1025. About 20 % more power. Where the old one draws about 43 Amps with the 16 x 8 prop, the new one draws about 54/55 Amps. Brings a 1600 g model to 370 meters in 30 seconds. Very good for a fully ballasted F5J model in heavy wind!

(The weight of the motor is 106 g, not 91 g)

MKS HV6110 Servo - 10mm 10g
Review by Francisco Machado on 21 Oct 2018

Verá good

CAM Height Limiter
Review by Robert Berger on 21 Oct 2018

Great poduct and fast service. Would be good to have 124mtr option for AELS Radian Class though.

 MADres build
Review by Mike on 19 Oct 2018

Finnish on the main wing was not as good as I thought it would be, very 'open grained' and could not be sanded out without changing the profile of the air foil. The tail boom alignment jig had a hole that was much too small to get over the boom - would have been easier to make form scratch if given the dimensions. The 'mid' wing sections when held up back to back were ~6mm different outside profile. I lined up the spar pockets and sanded the larger one down to match the smaller one. The rest of the build went fine.
First hand tosses and light HiStart flights went very well, with very little trim needed to get nice low sink glides. This is a wing that wants to move through the air to work so I ended up thinking of it like my Snipe2 - not a floater but even with launches in the 100ft(30m) range on a cool day got a couple of 2min flights.
I would buy another - I just thought the milled wing parts would be better than they were.

Pulsar Pro 4e  Compact
 Excellent Model and Prompt Service
Review by John on 17 Oct 2018

The 4m Pulsar arrived today. What a beautiful model. Everything is perfect on this model. I like the carbon D-Box better than the Kevlar/carbon as it is smoother.
Makes my other Pulsars look a bit faded, but that's fine as I have six years on one and 8 years on the other. Expect to get the same service from the 4m Pulsar.
Many thanks,

Pulsar Pro 4e  Compact
 Excellent Model and Prompt Service
Review by John on 17 Oct 2018

The 4m Pulsar arrived in Canada today. What a beautiful model. Everything is perfect on this model. I like the carbon D-Box better than the Kevlar/carbon as it is smoother.

Makes my other Pulsars look a bit faded, but that's fine as I have six years on one and 8 years on the other. Expect to get the same service from the 4m Pulsar.

Many thanks, John

Hawk / Light Hawk 1m DLG
 Hawk DLG
Review by Philippe on 16 Oct 2018

The shipment was very fast (even on French Post side !!!). The packaging seems to be able to resist severe events. All the hardware inside was in perfect condition. The assembly of the Hawk is in progress, it is definitely not for a beginner. Lot of help to be found in the links proposed by Hyperflight. A building manual would however be welcome, even a very simple one.

Snipe 2 Offset Throwing Blade
Review by Stefan on 16 Oct 2018

received the peg today. Unfortunately not the feel I was looking for.
I love more original Snipe peg feel. Me personally I do not recommend this!

AndREaS Elektro RES
Review by Ken on 16 Oct 2018

Re Andreas:

I have built fuse & tail feathers. & 1 wing panel.
Most of my building in the past has been scratch building from plans- very time consuming.
The Andreas kit is a pleasure to build. The laser cutting & the interlocking parts make the process so easy.
In contrast to another reviewer's experience my kit is very accurately cut & parts do match the plans.

I am wary re fitting magnets to both fuse & inner wing panels. The magnets are super strong & separating wings and fuse may be difficult without damaging wing.
Maybe thin steel discs in wing panels will be quite adequate.

I am making this model for a flying class in NSW , Australia- which allows only 2 control functions.

So - I will not be fitting the spoilers.

Span is limited to 2 m. & motor output to 180 W ( matches a Radian).


Sydney, Australia.

Elf Tailplane
 Elf Tailplane and V Mount
Review by Richard Halls on 16 Oct 2018

Great quality and excellent service as usual.

Tango F5J
 another great kit by CAD2CNC
Review by bruce on 14 Oct 2018

This is a high quality kit, especially the CF tubes employed. building the Tango was as much fun as flying it. If you have built the Samba (my favorite 2M RES), you will be familiar with the building techniques used for this bird. Instructions are in German and the Plans are not fully self explanatory. Flight characteristics are quite pleasant---very wide speed range, hard to stall with easy recovery. Highly recommend, but would use the most powerful motor that will fit in the space, i used an AXi 550 2220/20 with 14x7 GM props, which is just barely adequate .

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm
 Reliable servo.
Review by Mark on 13 Oct 2018

Have used these servos for over 2 years. They are great. I’ve used them in 1m and 1.5m scratch built DLG’s on all control surfaces. Also used them on 1.3-1.5m eRES. Reliable, good centering, precise and with ample torque. Light and small with high voltage capability. Would be a good addition if Blue Bird decided to manufacture an all metal gear, high voltage 101. ???

Integrated Drive System/Mono for the KST X10 and X10 Mini
 Difficult to install
Review by Sunny Tse on 10 Oct 2018

The V3 couplers for aileron and flap servos are quite difficult to install. Its also easy to damage and frequently have to replace even with soft landing.

6mm Carbon Tube
 6mm carbon tube
Review by david bradbury on 9 Oct 2018

As with 6mm used before and as usual quick delivery and service many thanks again

4mm Carbon Tube
 4mm carbon tube
Review by david bradbury on 9 Oct 2018

very good used it before just the job

Replacement Gearbox for Powerline 1010/15/20/25 with 5mm shaft
Review by Garry on 8 Oct 2018

This gearbox simply screws onto the motor once the damaged one is replaced. It is much less than a complete new motor/gearbox combination.

Sullivan M2 Clevis (4)
 not bad
Review by sean on 8 Oct 2018

they work well

Brass M3 5.8mm Horn (2)
 Best value for money
Review by sean on 8 Oct 2018

good value for money

Ultra Light Servo Extension Cable
 Best value for money
Review by sean on 8 Oct 2018

Good value for money , works a charm

Compression Contact Wing Connectors
 not bad
Review by sean on 8 Oct 2018

nice idea just hard to get it fitting properly not for beginners

KST X10 HV Servo - 0.10s 28g 10mm
 Best value for money
Review by sean Spence on 8 Oct 2018

Thank you Hyperflight for bring in this product , great value for money , centers perfect , Dam strong .using in a 4m Fox and it is super

Postage Upgrade
 Shipping to SA
Review by sean Spence on 8 Oct 2018

This is the best way to Ship to SA , the SA postal service is terrible and this method is the best . the service is 200% , Well done to Hyperflight

Medium-Light Servo Extension Cable
Review by Claudio Zunino on 8 Oct 2018

Soft and very light wire, like a feather. Just I need for my F5J gliders.

MKS Long Metal Servo Output Arms (2)
Review by Claudio Zunino on 8 Oct 2018

Adjust very well in my two MKS 65, and work very well. I think thats arms are the best for these servos. Thanks Neil!

Blue Bird BMS-A10H WV Servo - 0.07s 7.4g 8mm
 Very Good micro servos.
Review by Claudio Zunino on 8 Oct 2018

Surprise with these micro machine. I put the 6 servos in my F5J glider and very well center, power and fast. Thank you Neil from Chile.

Inside-F5J 2.9m
 Thermal hunter
Review by Richard Edmunds on 5 Oct 2018

Bought to replace very old rudder/elevator model. Superb quality materials and beautifully laser cut. Very simple and quick build but enjoyable nonetheless. Decided to go for the removable tail to minimise transport damage. When I came to fit the fin, I realised that with two nylon bolts straight through the fuselage and fin I could modify to make the fin removable as well. Just about to start the wing construction and am considering whether the outer panels could be made in two halves as lightweight wings with dihedral are always tricky to transport. Planning to fit Corona DS843MG servos. Can’t wait to get it in the air

Frame only for the KST X08H (2)
 Fast & strong
Review by Staffan on 5 Oct 2018

Very light and accurate at 7v,strong enough for my 150+ mph hotliner

MKS HV6110 Servo - 10mm 10g
 MKS HV6110
Review by vladimir on 5 Oct 2018

Best in size.

Review by Randy Woodbridge on 4 Oct 2018

I have never seen a kit as good as the PuRES V2!
Top grade!
10 + score for quality!
The best laser cutting I ever have seen!
I have been building RC sailplanes kits for 55 years!
The best kit ever made to date!
Buy more than one of these. You will love it!

Integrated Drive System/Mono for the KST X10 and X10 Mini
Review by Peter Gunning on 2 Oct 2018

A really well thought out system. The two piece horn going into the control surface works well and the two little tags help to ensure that the horn is glued to the top surface and each one sits on the same line relative to the hinge. It took a while to get the first one fettled correctly but the following 3 were easy once the system was understood.

HyperFlight 0.5/1.0 Pushrod Set
Review by bengt-arne englund on 2 Oct 2018

very good Product exellent service i am very pleased.

Dream-Flight Ahi
 Quality Model
Review by Pete on 1 Oct 2018

I have yet to fly my Ahi as I am still setting it up. I am a slow precise builder/assembler and have just completed increasing the depth of the wing servo cut-outs to suit the servos I decided to use, adjusting the length of the servo leads, and enlarging the cut-outs in the servo tray.
I will be adding a small carbon rod to the leading edges and also to the tail skid.
I am impressed with the quality of the finish and design. It all fits together very well. I am looking forward to taking the Ahi to the slope where I am sure it will perform perfectly.

Deans Micro Plug and Socket MPN 1242 - Red
 Deans Micro Plug and Socket MPN 1242 - Red
Review by david bradbury on 1 Oct 2018

bought these before does that not say it all

Sapphire Fuselage-suitable for 1.5m-3m gliders & eSoarers
 Sapphire Fuselage-suitable for 1.5m-3m gliders & e
Review by david bradbury on 1 Oct 2018

bought by mistake but when saw it threw my old balsa fus away and used it much better

Frame with bearing for the KST DS125, DS135, DS225 (2)
 Frame with bearing for the KST DS125, DS135, DS225
Review by david bradbury on 1 Oct 2018

great bit of kit bit of a fiddle but well worth the ouycome

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