Prices shown exclude VAT 
ZAP Thin CA 1oz Bottle Superglue
 ZAP Thin CA 1oz Bottle
Review by Ken Moore on 17 Aug 2018

Excellent product, arrived on time, good price

PicoSwitch - Magnetic RC On-Off Switch for batteries with RC plugs
 pico magnetic switch
Review by sammyk on 17 Aug 2018

I bought this magnetic switch to fit to a model yacht.when i turn up at the club i plug in the battery to the switch then seal down the deck patch .from then on i can switch the receiver on and off with the magnet which is supplied.fantastic unit

Ripmax SD100 / Dymond D47 Replacment Gears
Review by Mark on 17 Aug 2018

Great product, fast delivery to aus

Stiletto Lift 1.2m DLG
 Good Value, but not the best first build
Review by RayD on 16 Aug 2018

Hyperflight packing was superb. Strongest box I have encountered.
I purchased the Lift spread carbon version, the four Ripmax SD100 servos and the HyperLipo 2S 300 mAh LiPo, to obtain best power from these lightweight servos.
The Stiletto surface finish is great.
The rear wing bolt hole was very slghtly off centre... sorted.
The rudder hinge line needed a bit of sanding to improve the movement available.
Instructions are limited to a series of small photos, which seemed aimed at an experienced DLG builder. Next to nothing about building this model elsewhere. Only after finishing did I discover a review in French has a speed build in the second half of the YouTube view. This gives an idea for a servo frame, but then uses spring pulls on the rudder and elevator, rather than the 0.3mm inner steel rods supplied. I tried installing the supplied rudder cable with magnets, as per the official photos. This will work, if you first position the front end of the cable, where you intend it to connect to the servo arm. Having glued mine firmly to the fuselage wall all the way into the pod, the rod would not bend away from the wall enough for a friction free connection to a servo. With hindsight I'd also use the spring pull for the rudder and elevator.
My final build used carbon rods secured only at each end for these. This seems to be working.
I have had five flying sessions so far, with highest launch only 61 feet, so some learning involved to achieve the reported heights.
As a first carbon fibre DLG, I found the response of the flaps to be incredible. In a light breeze, one can bring the ground speed to zero and drop it the last few inches for a grass landing.
I am really enjoying flying the Stiletto.

Frame with bearing for the MKS DS6100 & HV6100 (2)
Review by Oleg Golovidov on 14 Aug 2018

These frames are a well known, high quality item, a necessity for wing servo installations in light F5J or F3J planes.
Neil's service is second to none of course. Shipped very quickly and reached the USA within days. Faster than some domestic purchases.

1.34mm ID Etched PTFE (16 AWG Bondable PTFE) Pushrod Outer Tube
Review by Oleg Golovidov on 14 Aug 2018

Great tubing, works well as the sheath for pushrods, attached with thin CA and magnets inside long fuselages (do not forget to purchase a 0.8mm steel wire also to use for magnets during gluing). Used with the 1.0mm carbon rods, makes awesome light pushrods for light 4m F5J planes.
Neil's service is second to none. Shipped on the same day (Friday, late afternoon!) and Royal Mail dispatched it to the USA within a couple days. Amazing that you can get a shipment from UK to the USA for not a lot more money and time than within the USA.

1mm Carbon Rod
Review by Oleg Golovidov on 14 Aug 2018

Great rods and not easy to find in longer lengths (1.5m). When used with the 1.34mm teflon tubing, makes awesome light pushrods for light 4m F5J planes.
Neil's service is second to none. Shipped on the same day (Friday, late afternoon!) and Royal Mail dispatched it to the USA within a couple days. Amazing that you can get a shipment from UK to the USA for not a lot more money and time than within the USA.

Blaster 2 Nosecone
 blaster2 nosecone
Review by IM on 14 Aug 2018

just a spare,,just in case !! super quick and secure delivery next day , the usual Hyperflight service from Neil , item exactly the same super quality as original.

Blue Bird BMS-105HV Servo - 0.09s 10.9g 10mm
 Very good at first, very bad at the end
Review by Rafael Jimťnez on 13 Aug 2018

I purchased 7 of these servos here at Hyperflight and installed six of them in my new home-made F5J-FAI glider. I was really satisfied with them at first and thought they were a very good alternative to the more expensive 6100. The servos worked really nice for 8-10 months (4-6 flights per week) but one by one, they began to show
centering failure and became completely useless in a few weeks. It seems that the potentiometers get ruined with time. Finally, I had to substitute all of them. I understand that most of the reviews posted here are very possitive, as the servos work perfect initially, but it would be nice if the same reviewers share their opinions again after several months of use.

Blaster 2 DLG Fuselage
 Quality, quality, quality
Review by Dave Blakemore on 13 Aug 2018

Needed a replacement fusilage for my Blaster 2. Item arrived in a substantial box within 3 days of placing order. Wonderful service from a first class company.

22SWG 0.74mm Stainless Steel Wire (1.5 m)
Review by Dave Blakemore on 13 Aug 2018

Item arrived on time and well packaged. Excellent quality as always

HyperFlight 1/1.7 Pushrod Set
Review by RayD on 12 Aug 2018

Light, rigid and nicely friction free, but keep checking during the install, as very little cable bend required to start binding. Need good long slots in the fuselage exit point.

Exact length wire fittings for rudder and elevator are tricky, so I replaced some 0.3mm wire cables in a DLG kit with these, so I could add end fittings and adjust the length. As not much end space for the standard fittings, I bent a couple of short pieces of wire and whipped to the side of the rod end with fine sewing thread. Slid the wire for exact length then thread soaked in superglue.

Dream-Flight Libelle Sticker Set
Review by RayD on 12 Aug 2018

Certainly stiffens and protect the wing. Improving launch height? I'm not sure, there should be reduced friction.
Note there are holes for the wing servos, so there is a top and bottom pair.

Intek MT-3030 Vario Receiver
 Intel MT3030 vario receiver
Review by Brian S on 12 Aug 2018

Bought to work with my SkyAssistant vario, as a direct replacement for my previous receiver which had died. It is fairly easy to programme and use and the ear bud is quite comfortable but even the lowest volume setting is a bit too loud.

PicoSwitch - Magnetic RC On-Off Switch for batteries with RC plugs
Review by Anonymous on 10 Aug 2018

Works OK as described

M2 Stainless Steel Pushrod Ends for 1.3mm Rods (2)
 M2 Stainless Steel Pushrod Ends
Review by Anonymous on 10 Aug 2018

Great quality product, perfect fit for the Pike Perfection F5J

Integrated Drive System/Mono for the KST DS125, DS135, DS225, X10, X10 Mini
Review by Sunny Tse on 10 Aug 2018

Fast shipping and nice packing

Ripmax SD100 Servo - 8.1mm 4.7g
Review by RayD on 9 Aug 2018

Fitted four in my Stiletto Lift.
Impressive quiet servo with no buzz, when new control surfaces are a little stiff, so should suit spring return rudder/elevator use.
Worth buying a spare set of gears and making servos removable for DLG aileron+flap use, as nylon gears.
Telemetry buzz is just possible with the new Frsky longer range receivers like G-RX6, but fine for most aerial positions.

KST DS113MG Servo - 0.11s 12g 12mm
 Hitec alternative
Review by Elliot on 8 Aug 2018

Half the price of the carbonite hitec equivalent, this is a great little metal geared servo, in the tail of my funray they fit perfectly, well pleased.

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm
 No complaints, little bit expensive
Review by Justin on 7 Aug 2018

I have 4x of these in a Hawk DLG that I recently purchased. No complaints regards performance, they run fine on a 1S lipo, seem to centre well etc.

Only down side is that they are a bit expensive when you're used to paying $5-10 for a digital servo from Asia.

Hawk / Light Hawk 1m DLG
 Excellent DLG
Review by Justin on 7 Aug 2018

I ordered the glass version as my first DLG and assembly was relatively straightforward. I found that 2/1mm carbon tube and 0.7mm piano wire made much smoother push-rods than those supplied in the kit so probably best to order these items along with the kit. I used 4x BMB-101DMG servos, an FrSky RX4R and 1S 260mah lipo. All up weight around 116g.

She flies very well, I've had a couple of afternoons in the park and several good flights despite my lack of experience.

I've been informed that Hyperflight do have spare parts available which is reassuring to know as the fin/stab are quite delicate.

Hawk / Light Hawk 1m DLG
 Fantastic flyer
Review by Don on 6 Aug 2018

Great 1m class DLG. Glider flies fast when it needs to, and good energy retention.
Bought the glass (not carbon) version, came in just under 118g with 4 Dymond D47's, Frsky G-RX6 and 2S 240mAh battery. Could shave a couple grams by removing servo connectors and Rx pins, plus switching to carbon should get well under 110g. Fuselage is a little tight so it takes a bit of planning to get everything in right.

Dream-Flight Ahi
Review by Mark L on 6 Aug 2018

Wow what an unbelievable model this Ahi is, I used to fly for team GB in the world jet masters and came 2nd in the 1999 world champs so I would like to think I Know a bit about models and this little slope glider from out the box and being fully ready to fly 2 hours and on the hill the following day blew me away, I chucked it with bated breath thinking it wonít be as good as people say.........OMG blown away with how ace it is.

Review by Roy Shaw on 5 Aug 2018

Absolutely stunning. Goes together like clockwork! Never had a better kit,in fact never had a kit anywhere near as good! Worth every penny.

CG Measuring Scale
 Where has this been?!
Review by Reid on 3 Aug 2018

Worked perfectly from the moment I removed it from the packaging. I measured all my models (F3K, F5J, F3J, F3RES) and corrected a couple significant CG issues on the spot! Outstanding Customer Service from hyperflight.
Arguably the best money Iíve spent on this stupid hobby I years!

CG Measuring Scale
 CG measuring scale
Review by Anonymous on 3 Aug 2018

I wish I had one of these 20 years ago. Makes balancing and installing ballast a snap. Very accurate

GM 15 x 8 Folding prop blades
Review by Pavel CZ on 3 Aug 2018

TOP product

32mm GM F5J Spinner for 6mm shaft
 Enjoy for F5J
Review by Pavel CZ on 3 Aug 2018

Super spinner for F5j.
Georgi Mirov is the pinnacle in its class.

30mm HyperSpinner for 5mm shafts
 Hyperflight ok
Review by Gunther Huber on 31 Jul 2018

Fast delivery i am very satisfied with hyperflight

M2 Stainless Steel Pushrod Ends for 1.8mm Rods (2)
 Carbon push tods
Review by Chris I on 30 Jul 2018

Bought the carbon push rods, M2 push rod ends & etched silicone tubing to make up a Bowden cable for my moulded glider. Great installation tips & service from Hyperflight. Everything a perfect fit.

Blaster 3 DLG
Review by PauloDu on 30 Jul 2018

Very fast dťlivery, nice parcel. What else ?

1.07mm ID Etched PTFE (18 AWG Bondable PTFE ) Pushrod Outer Tube
 1.07mm ID Etched PTFE
Review by Anonymous on 30 Jul 2018

This etched teflon tubing isn't available too many places. A good price even with shipping to the US.

Sapphire Fuselage-suitable for 1.5m-3m gliders & eSoarers
 Great Product
Review by Marc Humphries on 30 Jul 2018

Bought this pod and boom with a tailplane mount for an own design 1.5M glider.
Impressed with the overall quality and very light weight.

ADH300L Front Mount Brushless Motor
 Impressed with this little motor
Review by Marc Humphries on 30 Jul 2018

Bought this for an own design glider that used Hyperflight's Sapphire pod and boom.
It arrived in good time, and I was surprised how small and light it was. You never get a feel for these things even though the photos and specs give you the info!
Fitted without fuss and with the offset spinner and carbon 11 x 6 blades it really looked the part.
I had problems when using a Castle Creations ESC. It would not start consistently and would rattle / stop at anything above idle. This ESC did not offer any timing options, so I swapped for an EnErG and this sorted the problem. With the 11 x 6 it pulls around 95 - 100W on a 2S LiPo and pulls my little 1.5M span 440 gram glider up at around 70 degrees.
Only had three flights so far - hence only 4* at the moment - but so far very happy with performance and quality.

MKS HV6130 Wing Servo - 10mm 23g
 MKS HV6130 Servo quality and delivery.
Review by Philip Huddleston on 29 Jul 2018

Quality product with great advise and service, delivered quickly and fitted in minutes during a flying event.

Blaster 2 & 3 V Mount
 V-mount RES
Review by W.Heijne on 28 Jul 2018

Excellent product. I build a fuse for a RES model, and needed this part. Took some time to get it at this side of the water!

Orastick Adhesive 100mL
 Orastick Adhesive
Review by Harry on 27 Jul 2018

I would not recommend this product but would suggest a water based "heat-seal" adhesive.

Small Plastic Shrouded Servo Cover (makes 2)
 Small but perfect
Review by Adam on 27 Jul 2018

Incredibly small compared to similar powered servos . Fitting kit includes parts to fit flat to side of servo or conventional. Excellent power , no chatter . Very impressed.

Deans Micro Plug and Socket MPN 1241 - Black
 Great Connectors
Review by Paul Freeman on 27 Jul 2018

Great Connectors
Easy to use connectors which cannot be plugged in incorrectly. The two colours available ensure no mix ups between wing halves.

Deans Micro Plug and Socket MPN 1242 - Red
 Great Connectors
Review by Paul Freeman on 26 Jul 2018

Easy to use connectors which cannot be plugged in incorrectly. The two colours available ensure no mix ups between wing halves.

HyperFlight 2200 mAh 4.8V NiMH Battery
 2200 mah Nimh Rx Battery
Review by Paul Freeman on 26 Jul 2018

Good capacity battery which fits neatly into the nose of my Circle Dancer 3600 glider.

KST DS145MG Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
 KST DS145MG Servo
Review by Paul Freeman on 26 Jul 2018

Nice smooth servos with good centering.

Frame with bearing for the KST DS125, DS135, DS225, X10, X10 Mini (2)
Review by Paul Freeman on 26 Jul 2018

These frames are a good fit and allow easy servo removal when adjusting the servo arm and control linkage.

KST DS135MG Mini Wing Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
 KST DS135MG Servo
Review by Paul Freeman on 26 Jul 2018

Nice thin wing servos which centre well.

Circle Dancer 3600 Glider
 Circle dancer 3600 Glider
Review by Paul Freeman on 26 Jul 2018

The Circle Dancer 3600 arrived two days after I placed the order. Inside a stout box I found the model, protected by two layers of bubble wrap, in perfect condition. The model is beautifully built and covered. In particular the carbon wing leading edge and the fuselage boom have a glossy finish almost too perfect to touch. The model was easy to assemble though I took my time to get it just right. The manufacturerís data sheet laid out the control throws and cg position. Interestingly it also said that the glider wing is much stronger than the wing of the electric version.
The first flights were made on a gusty day so know that the model can take a good strong launch. The model is a smooth flyer, indicating lift well and is easy to land thanks to the large flaps. Overall Iím very pleased with the Circle Dancer 3600.

KST DS135MG Mini Wing Servo - 0.10s 23g 10mm
 Excellent Servos
Review by Mark Bennett on 24 Jul 2018

I bought 4 of these following recommendations from other RC flyers. They centre perfectly with no slop and movement transition is very smooth. I would highly recommend these servos to others and next time I need slim wing servos I will buy more of these without hesitation. Delivery from Hyperflight was very quick i.e they arrived next day from ordering. I'm a very happy customer.

Vladimir's Models Blistered Servo Cover (2)
Review by Al on 24 Jul 2018

To achieve throws wanted I had to use slightly longer servo arms on the ailerons of a Nan Orion, the supplied blisters were not tall enough.The Vladimir covers were a perfect fit. Also prompt delivery to the U.S.

Hawk / Light Hawk 1m DLG
 Lovely DLG-no spares
Review by Andreas Mueller on 24 Jul 2018

Just started building the Hawk enjoying part quality and fitting. For month I have tried to first get some spares e.g. fins, rudder to stock for some potential damages. Sadly this bird seems not supported with spares ...worldwide! Consequently you may have to consider buying a second one which, considering price, may make sense the most.

Kontronik KPG 25 / Speed 480 / Speed 600 / Universal Motor Mount - 38 mm
 universal motor mount
Review by Mick Stiff on 24 Jul 2018

This is a great product easy to install. This my third one the first I fitted in a Sprite thermal E the second in a Supra and this one in my pulsar pro. Fits the KPG 25 Spot on.
Thanks Neal

Vladimir's Models Blistered Servo Cover (2)
 Vladimir's Blistered servo Covers.
Review by Paul Rogers on 23 Jul 2018

The pair of covers are easy to trim to size if required and have the typical carbon finish.
The final finish to a set of wings, well worth the cost.

Blue Bird BMS-20HV HV Servo - 0.13s 14.9g 12mm
 Very good
Review by Tomi on 22 Jul 2018

very good and tight servo for good price. servo arm very tight servo itself very well maiden

KST DS113MG Servo - 0.11s 12g 12mm
Review by Tomi on 22 Jul 2018

good servo for that price, but it is not good for professional use. Servo arm is not tight to the crank

Altis Nano
Review by Anonymous on 21 Jul 2018

Excellent little device well up to Aerobtecís established standard and accuracy. It is very small so is easy to retrofit into a model. it is not unreasonable to have to accept the penalty of a small readout. One of our regularly used flying sites is subject to the new UK 400ft height restriction, so this device is being used as an aid to achieving compliance. The available keyboard is a useful accessory for field use.

Small High Start
 Small Hi-start bungee
Review by Doc on 21 Jul 2018

6mm bungee is working perfectly in a launch system for my DLG .. 10m of bungee, 60m of 10lb breaking strain monofilament, and the glider effortlessly climbs to the very top of the line, and straight into thermal-filled air again. I'm an old man and can no longer "twirl'n'hurl" the way I used to, so this hi-start bungee has restored my thirst for thermalling once more. Very grateful!.

MKS HV6110 Servo - 10mm 10g
 Still great
Review by Matthias Seifert on 20 Jul 2018

This MKS (6110) servo is still an excellent product: HV, powerful, fast, and lightweight.

Elf Mini DLG
 Great little glider
Review by Xavier S. on 18 Jul 2018

Really nice little glider. Build is not difficult, but I like to take my time and carefully plan each operation (cutting servo wires to correct length, trimming pushrods after locating right place for the servos for a 75 mm CG, depinning the Frsky X4R RX, inserting a bit of scrap balsa in tail tube to ensure better contact, checking/adjusting wing balance...). I think that this pays off in the end. All-up weight is 94 grams with 260 mAh 1S (3.7V) battery and bluebird servos.

From a couple of simple throws in a gentle slope, no trim was needed, but I did reduce elevator travel by half. Rudder travel can be kept large. I was a bit anxious about attempting my first ever discus-sytle launch (not trying to put too much energy) : success, the climb happens like it is on rails and the flight is very nice (30 seconds +), even though I didn't catch thermals, as this was too late in the evening. Returned the next day, around noon and catched a good thermal on my second launch. I kept it in the air for 5 minutes (including a loop) but it could easily have been more. It ended up in my hand. Pure joy!

If I had to change something, it would be replacing the X4R by the new stamp-sized RX4R to shave another couple of grams or perhaps the G-RX6 which is also lighter than the X4R and includes a vario. But then, who needs a vario for something that floats in silence like the ELF :)

KST Metal Servo Output Arm
 KST metal servo arm
Review by Anonymous on 17 Jul 2018

Recommended. Excellent communication, fast shipping and acceptable quality.

KST DS113MG Servo - 0.11s 12g 12mm
Review by John Lee on 16 Jul 2018

Good little servo, working well in a quick foamy aerobatic model. Excellent service as usual from Hyperflight.

Dream-Flight Weasel-Trek
 Weasel-Trek = ideal traveling companion
Review by Tim on 16 Jul 2018

I have flown RC planes and Helis for many years, but am a novice at Slope Soaring.
I was going on a month's holiday to Portugal all June. Expected perfect flying weather but too complicated to take & build a kit and no room for a plane already built.

I ordered the Weasel-Trek on a Friday, with recommended servos, battery and postage upgrade. Arrived 11:00 Saturday morning, into a suitcase and off to the airport.

I built (assembled) the plane in the holiday Flat - very quick and easy with mainly a small phillips screwdriver needed.
Note to HyperFlight : You do not need glue. You do need tape to decorate (add visibility) and cover the wing and tail joints for security.

I found a small sand dune ridge by the beach and had a lot of fun learning the basics. Just brilliant.

Packed up the plane to bring it home easily, pretty small box and reassembled it. I tried a serious slope with about 10 - 20 mph wind and wow, this thing just flew and flew.

I am super happy with the HyperFlight service, the Weasel-Trek is so practical for a traveler and flys so beautifully.

Vitaprop 9 x 6 Folding prop blades
 An excellent upgrade
Review by John Hollinshead on 15 Jul 2018

This excellent prop is a worthy upgrade for my Voodoo.

18mm - 8mm x 1m Tapered Carbon Boom
 tapered carbon boom
Review by Bob Cockerill on 15 Jul 2018

very light,feels strong,I have not used yet

HyperFlight 300 mAh 4.8V NiMH 31g Battery
 Hyperflight Libelle battery
Review by IM on 15 Jul 2018

I purchased another couple of these wonderful little batteries for my new Blaster 2 , fit perfect, excellent power & durability ,highly recommend them. first class service again from Neil at Hyperflight.

Red Wing Attachment Tape
Review by PW on 14 Jul 2018

Great tape holds wings fast yet tape is easy to remove at the end of the flying session.

M2 Stainless Steel Pushrod Ends for 1.3mm Rods (2)
Review by PW on 14 Jul 2018

Good quality product for thin push rods

Sullivan M2 Clevis (4)
Review by PW on 14 Jul 2018

Great product fitting securely to the servo arm highly recommended

Inside-F5J 2.9m
Review by Daniel Lee on 13 Jul 2018

Can not review because have not got the package since 6/25/2018.

HyperFlight 1.5/3 Pushrod Set
Review by Steve on 10 Jul 2018

Very pleased with this product, I'm using for a home built 3 meter sailplane,. Shipping from the UK to USA was reasonable and quick. Email inquiries were promptly answered. Thanks Neil!

1.07mm ID Etched PTFE (18 AWG Bondable PTFE ) Pushrod Outer Tube
Review by Josh adam on 9 Jul 2018

Quick international shipping, exactly what I needed to complete a project

Blaster 2 DLG F3K
 Blaster 2
Review by IM on 8 Jul 2018

excellent service again from Neil at Hyperflight , my new Blaster arrived in the usual extra strong box next day , the build was straight forward ,all servos in the pod ,but I made a spring for the rudder & pullwire , this works very well, I masking taped the inside of the pod so that servo positions could be penciled in before cutting ,also the receiver ( Hi Tec KA6 case removed ) & a Hyperflight 4cell nimh 4.8 300mah battery. all goes in well , I then added lead shot with epoxy in the space right at the front of the pod ,sanding to fine tune the C of G, Now to fly ,, I could not believe how well this model performed in a light breeze it glides so easily just with javelin launch . with dlg launch it performs so well , a real pleasure to build and fly , I also purchased some wing joining tape from Hyperflight , because I was not to sure about other tapes ,maybe damaging what is a fairly delicate surface , the tape again arrived next day ,well worth the small extra cost just too be sure of no damage,

Elf Mini DLG
 Excellent Elf
Review by DB on 8 Jul 2018

I've been flying my Elf for over a year, so this review is rather overdue.

It's become possibly my favourite model ever! Beautifully made, simple to fly and excellent performance. I'm over 50 so I don't go mad launching it too hard, but on a thermic day I find I climb away 1 launch out of 3, and the other 2 end up in my hand ready to go straight away.

I set it up as per Neil's suggestions and it was spot on from the first flight.

Get one! I may get a spare as I can't imagine not having it for impromptu fun flying sessions.

KST DS125MG Wing Servo - 0.12s 27g 10mm
 KST DS125mg wing servo
Review by Steve Rogers on 7 Jul 2018

An excellant servo at an amazing price, bought to replace a damaged similar servo in an older non HV model. Usual top class service from Neil that we are so familiar with.

30mm HyperSpinner for 4mm shafts
Review by Stefano Quaglini on 7 Jul 2018


Blue Bird BMS-107HV Servo - 0.04s 10.9g 10mm
 Wing Twisting!
Review by Stephen Mettam on 6 Jul 2018

Hello Neil, I fitted two of these excellent servos into a £7.99 all plastic (PPE I think) foam chuck glider. Each servo controls wing incidence so with 'flying wing' format selected on the Tx this model is fun to fly on the slope and is fully aerobatic, much more versatile than it looks. Regards, Stephen

32mm HyperSpinner Power for 6mm shafts
Review by Anonymous on 6 Jul 2018

Excellent product for my plane and super fast delivery!

Vladimir's Models Wing and Tail Bags for the Maxa 4
 Maxa pro 4m wing and tail bag
Review by DAN FIEDLER on 6 Jul 2018

HyperFlight is the best co. I have ever bought RC products from and ever fast shipping
and Vladimir's Models are the best planes and products there is
Great products and great service from a great dealer

Dream-Flight Weasel-Trek
Review by Doug Woodhouse on 6 Jul 2018

I bought the Weasel to give me more flying options. It was delivered quickly and well packed, I ordered the recommended servos and battery pack which fitted perfectly. To balance it i added a small amount of lead in battery slot. On my first attempt to fly off a slope i had no weight in the nose which made it a bit manic to handle but when i added the extra weight it made a huge difference. This is a big learning curve after flying on a flat field but such a buzz . I will be taking it on holidays as it fits easily in the car. This thing has fun written all over it and I am so glad i bought it.
Thanks to Hyperflight for a great product and service to match.

KST X08N V5 HV Lugless Servo - 0.09s 8.3g 8mm
 Excelent stuff and delivery
Review by Nikolay on 6 Jul 2018

One of the best DLG servos with excelent price and quik delivery

Altis Nano
Review by Pete Heywood on 5 Jul 2018

I'm using this for DLG flying. Awesome tiny little thing. Helps me work on my launch - telemetry works great with my Jeti DS16. Only additional ask would be that there be an option to send the telemetry to the already attached servo plug, but that is probably only needed for Jeti (spektrum I know uses the smaller connector).

RES-olution V2
 RES Glider/Electro
Review by Steve Machin on 4 Jul 2018

Built the electro fuzz off the glider plan ( both are illustrated ) and used a Mega 16/15/4 direct drive Graupner 9x5 and a Thunder power 65c 2cell 1300 the C of G is spot on.
Excellent climb and terrific flat glide in still air this is an excellent model and with both fuselages gives you flexibility

PicoSwitch - Magnetic RC On-Off Switch for batteries with RC plugs
Review by John Hsu on 3 Jul 2018

Brilliant service as always form Neil at Hyperflight even across the pond to me in the US. The switch works great and is light and small!

PicoSwitch - Magnetic RC On-Off Switch for batteries with RC plugs
Review by John Hsu on 3 Jul 2018

Brilliant service as always form Neil at Hyperflight even across the pond to me in the US.

 Fast shipping, A ++ on kit
Review by Scott C. on 1 Jul 2018

Ordered this kit and it came in about 6 days to Missouri.
Kit is one of the best thought out kits if seen. Been into building kits for 40 years, and this is one of the best.

Carboline SC39/2 Spread Carbon - large sample
 Carbon spread
Review by Scott Cahn on 1 Jul 2018

Worked perfectly my first time using it. Exceeded my expectations

Inside-F5J 2.9m
Review by Sandy Colquhoun on 1 Jul 2018

Top quality materials, assembly over the plan on the building board is very quick, very small inconsistency between the plan and the interlocking parts, particularly wing rib spacings. I replaced the wingtip alignment dowel which is shown as steel, with a wooden dowel. The wingtip retaining clips have been discarded in favour of R clips inserted through 2mm holes drilled through these dowels(Modelfixings).The fuselage builds straight and true over the plan, however care is needed when covering to ensure that the film is shrunk evenly both sides and top and bottom, otherwise the very light structure will twist.The wing is much more rigid. CG is correct as per instructions, and flying is straightforward. Good performance, not a cheap kit, but a quality build and nice to fly .

HyperFlight 1.3/2 Pushrod Set
Review by nigel Bennett on 26 Jun 2018

As usual very prompt service from Neil. It is amazing how much stock of models and parts Hyperfight carry. And very accommodating when I wanted to p/exchange some goods after I had received them. Excellent!

Review by Dave C on 26 Jun 2018

Absolutely brilliant and could not be simpler to use. Plug it in and away you go.
Mine arrived by post on the Friday two days before the competition. 200m / 30 seconds, right on the money. Need to buy more.

22mm - 9mm x 1m Tapered Carbon Boom
Review by Issa Saad on 25 Jun 2018

Very good product, Fast shipping!!

Radient 1600 mAh 6V NiMH 2/3A Battery
Review by Alex on 25 Jun 2018

Bought two packs here. After few training cycles one pack has 1250 mah and other one has 1330 mah. Charge rate was 1.5A, discharge 1A

Geronimo F5J 2.5m
 Geronimo Glider/EGlider
Review by David Haigh on 24 Jun 2018

I bought a Geronimo EGlider a few weeks ago now. My intention was to use it as a lightweight floater for calm weather sloping/thermalling at Burton Dassett Country Park. It is a larger version of the Saphire, which I have built as an E-Glider and have been very pleased with.

I would like to give the model 5 stars, and if my review was on performance alone it would get 5 stars in a heartbeat. Probably the best way to summarise my experiences are to write a set of 'good points and 'not so good points', so here goes:

Good Points
Fabulously lightweight, and aerodynamic airframe
Converts to a pure glider easily with little noseweight required
Flies beautifully
Stays airborne in the slightest hint of lift when just about all other models give up.

Not so good points
Incomplete parts packs. A bag of 2mm threaded rods was completely empty and the clevices for the wing linkages was one short.
Scant instructions, so definitely not for the novice builder.
The control horns for the flaps were way too short making it difficult to make the linkages slop free.

The model is perfect as a light wind glider for the slopes, but it isn't strong enough to take a bungee launch, so don't try!

I have taken a series of constructional photographs of varying quality and posted them with a share by share alike licence on Wikimedia Commons under the category Geronimo Glider/EGlider.

Overall, this is a truly fab model, and I am considering buying another to use as an EGlider.

Pulsar Pro 4e  Compact
Review by Torben Gabsen on 24 Jun 2018

Fantastic glider. Well built and easy to install servos, engine etc. There is a lot of space in the body for ballast and what you can find in it. Is easy to fly and easy to read in the air. Have just flown a single day with it where it almost did not blow, and it just does not want to come down from the sky. I am excited to try it under more windy conditions, with ballst in. A nice detail is that you can pack the plane down to the maximum of 1 meter in the lumbar. This, however, requires that you spend some time collecting the plane before flying, but when you have a small car, it's nice that it does not fill up so much during transport. However, it would be good if Hyperfligth would be so kind to put the right pictures on the website so you can see how the flight looks. The pictures on the page now are the old version.

SkyLite Speed
 Great floaty model thatís not slow and boring
Review by Anonymous on 23 Jun 2018

I have the electric version which I fly loads. I run 350 watts and it climbs vertically, even with the extra weight of a Hyperion outrunner hpz3013-14 and 3s 2000mah battery and an esc It will thermal and is capable of plenty of aerobatics due to its strong wing, although being a lighter model it bleeds off energy pretty quickly during aerobatics. The fuselage isnít anything special but mine has stood the rest of time. There is a 2m version with a different airfoil (natschalnik) which is more of a pure floater, this version is good in light air but more suited to flying a bit faster and banging in rolls and loops aplenty. Iíd buy another I just wish there was a bigger version

Altis Nano
Review by Carl J McMillan on 23 Jun 2018

Altis Nano is an ideal switch for electric glider competition, it is light weight and easy to install. It is easy to connect to a PC and program with Altis Flight manager. Is is a good data recorder for recording altitude and flight times.

Blue Bird BMS-106HV Servo - 0.06s 10.9g 10mm
 Blue Bird BMS-106HV Servo-4.2kg.cm0.06s
Review by Harry on 22 Jun 2018

They passed with flying colours and would recommend them. (Ref Review 18/04/2018)

AVA V Mount
 Good product, reasonable price
Review by geoffrey d robinson on 22 Jun 2018

The product arrived in good order and as described. It was well wrapped. It arrived a little sooner than I expected. I would recommend working with Hyperflight.

Deans Micro Plug and Socket MPN 1241 - Black
Review by Andrew C. on 20 Jun 2018

Excellent quality. Perfect for wing connections. Very fast shipping from HyperFlight (as always).

32mm HyperSpinner Power for 6mm shafts
 Light, solid, good looking
Review by Andrew C. on 20 Jun 2018

I'm very happily using Vladimir Power spinners on a number of models at power levels up to 750W. One recommendation: For most secure mounting, use only one of the set screws to secure the yoke to the gearbox shaft.

Maxa Pro 4e Megalight
 Maxa Pro 4e Megalight
Review by Alan Hall on 19 Jun 2018

I couldn't take delivery of this model for several weeks but Neil at Hyperflight took a deposit and held the model for me until I was ready to take delivery. The day arrived and the model arrived the next day in a very strong box. On unpacking the model was well protected from damage with bubble wrap and careful taping. What a model! The finish has to be seen to be appreciated. The whole model just slots together like a fine jigsaw only much easier. It comes pre wired ready to plug into the receiver of your choice. Servo mounts with the exception of the rudder and all moving tail plane are already installed. The fuselage comes in three pieces. The nose pod, the boom and the fin/rudder assembly. I bought all the accessories from hyperflight and Neil was very helpful in assisting my selection of top grade fittings to accompany such a high quality model. All I need now is a bit of spare time to assemble and set up the model. I hope to have it in the air before the end of the summer.

AVA Pro-e Flapped 3.2m
 My Dream Machine
Review by John J Hudak on 18 Jun 2018

I live in the US and had to purchase my AVA Pro-E Flapped 3.2m there. This was my first major assembly. Iím an intermediate recreational pilot with about 5 yrs. experience. I prefer very slow flying and circling in thermals and have never done aerobatics intentionally. I chose this AVA based on my calculated sink rate estimates (see files attached to I did not want a 4m plane and preferred to forego ailerons and just go with the ease of flying with just elevator, rudder and flaps. I did not want a winch launched plane even though some are cheaper, lighter and offer better performance. Iíve been flying this dream machine for 6.5 months. If you can handle the cost and assembly issues, and thatís the reason I provided the build log cited above, you will be very happy with its performance.

Main Components: Neu 1107/1.5Y, P29 gearbox; DS 6100 servos, 3 ea.; Jeti Advance 40 Pro SB Brushless ESC, Spektrum AR 6270 T 6 ch Carbon Fuse Telemetry RX, Turnigy 1300MAH 3S 30C LIPO, Spinner 38 mm, hub 6 mm, 0-degree twist; Aeronaut Fold 15x8 Prop

My All Up Weight: 1343 gms = 47.37 oz = 2.77 lbs
Wing Loading = 6.5 oz/ft2 = 20.4 g/dm2, Span Loading = 133 g/m2
Measured Static Thrust: about 3.4 lb @ 75%, about 3.8 @ 100%
Wing Span: 3.175m = 125 inches, Wing Area: 67.9dm2 = 1052 sq. inches, Length: 1.7m = 67 inches

1. Very tame in flight, exceptionally stable. I often take my hands off the sticks and just watch it fly itself. Turns very easy with slight touch of the sticks.
2. Resists stalling. I suspect the wings provide high lift at low speed which prevents stalling.
3. Seems to float exceptionally well compared with my Radian Pro, Elf and Easy Star. Ten minutes of flight time before 2nd motor run is routinely obtained.
4. Flaps allow Speed, Cruise and Thermal flight modes.
5. Full flaps can bring landing speed to near zero. Landings are very easy to perform with no danger of stalling.
6. Easily climbs vertically at 75% engine power at launch. I normally launch at an angle of about 45-60 degrees. However, use of a lighter motor might require nose weight to properly balance the plane.
7. Proper CG location was achieved without the need for any additional weight, however, Hyperflight light weight wire (3.7 gm/m) was used for all servos and all pod electronics had to be mounted fully forward.
8. Batteries allowed 1 hr bench test with thirteen 30 sec. motor runs and continuously moving servos with no sign of sagging power.
9. Have used both Turnigy 30C and Zippy 25C 1300 mAH batteries with equally good performance.
10. Wingtips attach with electrical tape and are very easy to attach & remove.
11. With mid-wing, elevator and rudder attached, it easily fits in the back of a CRV or RAV4 with back seats down.

1. Took a lot of research and many eCalc ( calculations to identify an appropriate motor/prop/esc/battery combination.
2. The countersunk shoulder needed to recess the head of the wing trailing edge mounting screw below the surface of the wing had not been cut and I had to do it by hand.
3. Servos must be located to nearly +/- 0.5 mm to avoid interference with plastic covers provided.
4. The Neu 1107 motor required the addition of 1/8Ē thick plywood epoxied to the front exterior of the motor mount bulkhead and a cone drill was required to cut the 18 mm hole needed for the gear box.
5. Iím handy with tools but this being my first time assembling a high performance sailplane I thought it was tricky and required many more special tools (4-40 tap, 3/8Ē drill, cone drill, micrometer, Vanessa CG Rig, grinding wheels, bubble level) than I expected. See my RCGroups Build Log cited above.

Turbulator Tape
 turbulator tape
Review by DIDIER MALEYRAN on 18 Jun 2018

good product .fast shipping to France.
use for wind turbine blade

Blue Bird BMS-105HV Servo - 0.09s 10.9g 10mm
 Fantastic servo
Review by Jean Dorais on 17 Jun 2018

I have these BlueBird 105's in all my contest F5J sailplanes (Euphoria x2, Aspire x2) for Rudder/Elevator, and in 3 DLG's (for a total of 20)- plenty of torque, great centering and very smooth. In my opinion, every bit as good as that other 3-letter brand, at a substantial price difference. I have NEVER had an issue with these servos, and have just purchased a couple more for a new project.

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