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XPower F2925/8 Windy 102g 1380 RPM/V

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The F2925/8 Windy is an excellent high performance cased outrunner for 3m - 4m electric gliders, especially F5J competition ships ballasted up to 2300g weight. The 28mm diameter outer can does not rotate and the wires extend from the rear so it is perfect for installing in narrow glider noses, and the 5mm motor shaft stands up to dorked landings.

Eliminating the gearbox simplifies the powertrain and reduces the risk of failure. It also results in requiring a smaller (less efficient) propeller. In the past that was a disadvantage as powertrain efficiency was essential for good performance. However with the current state of technology excellent performance can be achieved even with small props, and they do offer several advantages, namely:
  • Less stuff hanging out in the wind and less glide drag, so overall better glide performance, especially at speed.
  • Usually a higher pitch speed is obtained, allowing very fast transitions to a low level thermal a long way away (if you are one of those god-pilots who know there the lift is).
  • Smaller propellers reduce the effects of torque, making the initial climb out easier.

XPower F2925/8 Windy Specifications
KV 1380 RPM/V
Max current 60A for 30s
Internal resistance 27 mOhm
Dimensions Ø28.1x48.7 mm
Shaft diameter 5.0 mm
Weight 102 g
Number of poles 12
Recommended number of cells 3 - 4 LiPo
Recommended props 11x6-11x8"

Prop: XPower Carbon Folding Prop 11x8"+ 32mm spinner
Controller: YGE 65LVT
Battery pack: Hot Lips VHD 850 4S1P
RPM: 12000
Current drain: 56A
Static thrust: 2.5kg

Prop: GM DD Carbon Folding Prop 11x6"+ GM 32mm carbon spinner
Controller: YGE 65LVT
Battery pack: Hot Lips VHD 850 4S1P
RPM: 11700
Current drain: 56A
Static thrust: 2.3kg

Prop: XPower Carbon Folding Prop 12x8"+ GM 32mm carbon spinner
Controller: YGE 65LVT
Battery pack: Hot Lips VHD 850 3S1P
RPM: 9100
Current drain: 48A
Static thrust: 1.95kg
Recommended controller: YGE 65LVT

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 Review by:

Windy X Power

The motor is installed in a:
Windy Maxa at 2.23kg, 78.6 ounces all up,
Battery is a 4S, I'm running two types an 850mAh (Daves Toys Australia) and 900mAh black Hyperion.
11 x 7 Vladimers prop (A beautiful-looking propellor).
60 Amp speed controller. (set it to soft start)

Goes very well in both level and climbing flight, I am really impressed. It pulls about 53 amps in level flight based on battery recharge calculation ignoring losses and climbs at 10/14m/s.

 Review by:

XPower F2925/8 Motor

A beautifully manufactured quality motor. I have only so far performed static testing on it but from these figures alone I think this will be a cracking F5J motor exhibiting excellent dash time and rate of climb in windy conditions where ballast will be used.

How its possible to design/manufacture such a small powerful in-runner motor is impressive. My static tests on 4S 850mah 80C battery with a 11x6 GM prop showed it giving 63A @985 Watts with min pack voltage of 13.4v. 60A is the recommended maximum continuous current draw for this motor but in actual flight this is likely to drop to around 50-55A with this battery/prop combination. Wont know for sure till I flight test it but experience tells me that in flight it should be under the 60A mark meaning that the recommended prop of11x6GM is probably about right. If you want a little more head room use a 10x6 or a10x5 GM Prop.

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