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KST Servo Programmer - Tool #5 (KST-TOOL5)
KST Servo Programmer - Tool #5
 (no reviews)
2 in stock
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Vortex 4 1.5m DLG (VORTEX4)
Vortex 4 1.5m DLG
 (4 reviews)
More than 10 in stock
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Prandtl Wing V3 1.2m (FVT3)
Prandtl Wing V3 1.2m
 (no reviews)
8 in stock
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VinceRES 2m F3L
 (no reviews)
7 in stock
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UHU Hart Model Glue (UHU-HART)
UHU Hart Model Glue
 (no reviews)
6 in stock
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Micro Balloons Filler (MICRO-BALLOONS)
Micro Balloons Filler
 (no reviews)
7 in stock
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Dragonfly ARTF 1.5m (DRAGONFLY)
Dragonfly ARTF 1.5m
 (no reviews)
More than 10 in stock
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Vapour 2.6m (VAPOUR)
Vapour 2.6m
 (no reviews)
6 in stock
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Genteel Lady 1.2m (GEN-LADY)
Genteel Lady 1.2m
 (no reviews)
7 in stock
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Encanto X F3L with ballast (ENCANTO)
Encanto X F3L with ballast
 (no reviews)
3 in stock
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Encanto X F5L with ballast (ENCANTO-E)
Encanto X F5L with ballast
 (no reviews)
5 in stock
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MKS Servo Grease (MKS-GREASE)
MKS Servo Grease
 (no reviews)
3 in stock
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Featured Products

KST X06 V6 Servo - 0.07s 6.4g 7mm

The KST X06, KST X06N and KST X06H are a great new range of world-beating 7mm thick wide voltage range (1S , 4.8V or 2S) servos from KST. These precise and reliable metal cased servos only weigh 6.4g and are ideal for DLGs and other RC gliders and models weighing up to 1kg.

Ultima 2 F5J 4m

The sky just moved. If you fly F5J RC gliders the world will never be the same again. Can you believe a practical all molded 4m electric glider with an aspect ratio of 20 could weight just 1100g?

MKS HV6130 Servo - 0.10s 22.5g 10mm

The fantastic MKS HV6130 Wing Servo is in stock. The MKS HV6130 has 8.1 of torque, absolutely no free play and works on 1S and 2S LiPo and well as 4.8V - 6V NiMH batteries. This is one of the best servos for RC gliders.

Latest Reviews
Simon,  26 Feb 2024
Tricky install for a 1st timer
Well packaged and great 1st impressions of the Hawk 2 glass layup, superb build quality! It's my 1st DLG having mainly flown slope so was impressed at how feather light but very stiff it was. The build was tricky with no real guide but decided to brick all 4 servos together (bluebirds) and after a... read more
Andreas S.,  26 Feb 2024
Super sharp (looks and shape)
Got these from Neil today (untracked shipping to Germany within 5 days!). Sadly german Post does add 6,- Euro just for the service of handling with 3,75 Euro tax. The blades are looking absolutely bling-bling! Excellent craftmanship!! Can't wait to mount these on my Sansibear Juna (which is still ... read more
Anonymous,  25 Feb 2024
Ross Abraham,  25 Feb 2024
25mm spinner for 3.17 shafts
Great product. Exactly what I needed.
Kees den Hoed,  23 Feb 2024
RES Motor
This XM2532EF-16 is amazing! It gets my own designed R.E.S. (665 grams) in just 7-10 seconds to approximitly 120-150 meters verticaly! It pulls about 24-25 Amperes so on a 900 mah 3 S Lipo pack I get 10-15 climbs! Dualsky from now on!
Milos Minarik,  21 Feb 2024
Tapered Carbon Boom
Very pleased with this 10mm - 5mm x 0.88m carbon Fibre Boom and very prompt delivery and well packaged. Thank you Hyperflight
Ed Dumas,  20 Feb 2024
Excellent pushrods
I needed a set of Ultima 2 R/E pushrods and these are perfect! As usual, Neil's service is spectacular and they arrived sooner than expected, and in perfect shape inside the pizza box.
David Maynard,  20 Feb 2024
Mini Q slope soarer
What a super little sloper !! Assembled in a couple of hours using little Emax servos which fit perfectly, cg at 20mm, 3mm reflex on the ailerons and away she flew, two clicks of left aileron trim and that was all the trimming required !! Very impressive stability, no dropping of wings even when sl... read more
Jon,  20 Feb 2024
Arrived promptly as always 👍
Jon,  20 Feb 2024
Arrived promptly as always. 👍

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