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VM PowerNose 28mm Spinner for 1806 motors (POWER-NOSE-SPINNER)
VM PowerNose 28mm Spinner for 1806 motors
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More than 20 in stock
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Small Glider Power Pod (POWER-POD)
Small Glider Power Pod
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4 in stock
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X-RE Electric Fuselage Only (X-RES-E-FUSE)
X-RE Electric Fuselage Only
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1 in stock
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SOAS Wing Bags
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3 in stock
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Featured Products

KST X06 V6 Servo - 0.07s 6.4g 7mm

The KST X06, KST X06N and KST X06H are a great new range of world-beating 7mm thick wide voltage range (1S , 4.8V or 2S) servos from KST. These precise and reliable metal cased servos only weigh 6.4g and are ideal for DLGs and other RC gliders and models weighing up to 1kg.

Ultima 2 F5J 4m

The sky just moved. If you fly F5J RC gliders the world will never be the same again. Can you believe a practical all molded 4m electric glider with an aspect ratio of 20 could weight just 1100g?

MKS HV6130 Servo - 0.10s 22.5g 10mm

The fantastic MKS HV6130 Wing Servo is in stock. The MKS HV6130 has 8.1 of torque, absolutely no free play and works on 1S and 2S LiPo and well as 4.8V - 6V NiMH batteries. This is one of the best servos for RC gliders.

Latest Reviews
David Bradley,  26 May 2024
Kite repair
Excellenr service. Great quality. Stock availability.
David Bradley,  26 May 2024
F3J repair
Excellent service.
David Bradley,  26 May 2024
Kite repair
Excellemt service. Good quality parts.
David Brsdley,  26 May 2024
Kite repair
Excellemt service. Good quality parts.
Peter L,  25 May 2024
Mini dart 2
I bought the mini dart 2 from Hyperflight late in 2023. The shipping was very quick from the UK to me here in western Canada and the plane arrived in perfect condition. This was my first dlg assembly and the smallest plane I've ever kitted out so I did lots of forward planning. I did make my own se... read more
Andy Deacon,  25 May 2024
4mm Diameter Carbon Tube
Surprisingly strong for such a lightweight product - very happy with my purchase . Great Customer service as always from Hyperflight; delivered quickly. Thank you.
John Treble,  24 May 2024
Direct drive ailerons on 3.4m model
Maidened my modified Tangent Kult yesterday. The modifications were made to the ailerons which used to be top-hinged, but are now centre-hinged to enable them to be driven directly by KST A08 servos. No pushrods! A 2 cell li-ion battery provides about 3Kg/cm torque. The servos fit neatly between th... read more
Anonymous,  24 May 2024
Product from Main frame looks like universal for many types also X08 plus so very large dimension. Set weight around 5g depending on pusher length. For my application will be beter to buy main frame mini set. But anyway good strong material, most likely very difficult t... read more
Kamil,  24 May 2024
Everything fits well. Different metal and color than first production montage set. Only one bearing in set.
Julian Beckett,  23 May 2024
Vortex 4 DLG
Finally overcame my fear of working on solid core airframes! After a meticulous build, the first chuck was straight as an arrow. Six KST X06 servos and 239g AUW. Unreal... Quality is next level, although I'd prefer the flap servos in the wing, and save the weight of the pushrods and alloy drive for... read more

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