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KST MS320 HV Contactless Servo - 0.07s 21g 12mm

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The new KST MS320 is a revolutionary high reliability servo that uses contactless/magnetic position sensoring to do away with the unreliable and limited life potentiometer (pot) that has been a thorn in the side of RC models until now. This advanced KST developed technology has the potential to revolutionise the RC servo industry, with servos no longer the least reliable part of the RC control system. This increased reliability will make these servos the preferred choice for all high value/high energy models, and for the UAV industry.

The KST MS320 has an excellent 6.2 torque with a really good 0.075 sec/60° rotation speed. This makes it particularly suitable for cyclic on 450 and larger helis, and control surfaces of large fast models up to 10 Kg in weight.

In addition to the contactless/magnetic position sensors KST MS 320 high voltage (2S LiPo capable) servos use zero slop hardened steel gears, aluminium alloy cases, and well designed electronics to deliver the best performance at this size and price point. The combination of no free play in the geartrain and the ± 100º rotation range gives these servos the best resolution of any on the market.

As the KST MS320 has better specifications than the KST MS325 we consider the MS325 to be superceded by the MS320.

The extreme reliability and performance of these servos also makes them very suitable for use in film and motion picture industry special effect departments. They are also used in robotic, drone, UAV, UAS, academic research, military, and other highly demanding applications.

(c) 2016 Neil Stainton.

KST MS320 Specifications
Body dimensions 23.0 mm wide x 12.0 mm thick x 26.7 mm high 0.91" wide x 0.47" thick x 1.05" high
Max dimensions 32.0 mm wide x 12.0 mm thick x 32.0 mm high 1.26" wide x 0.47" thick x 1.26" high
Stall torque (6V) 4.5 62
Stall torque (7.4V) 5.5 76
Stall torque (8.4V) 6.2 86
Weight 20.8 g 0.73 oz
Lead length 21 cm 8.3 in
Operating speed (6V) 0.09 sec/60°
Operating speed (7.4V) 0.08 sec/60°
Operating speed (8.4V) 0.075 sec/60°
Operating voltage 6.0V to 8.4V
Bearings 2 ball bearing
Gear material Hardened steel
Case material Aluminium alloy
Motor type Coreless
Working frequency 333 Hz
Dead band/resolution 2 µs
Pulse width for ± 50º 1000 - 2000 µs
Pulse width for ± 100º 500 - 2500 µs
Digital Yes
Programmable No
Position feedback Contactless/magnetic
Operating temperature -20 to +65 ºC
Supplied accessories 3 plastic output arms, 2 arm retaining screw, 2 mouning screws
Optional accessories KST Plastic Servo Arm Set, KST Metal Servo Output Arm

Reviews 4  

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Excellent Servos

Beautiful little servos! Center great, quiet and very fast.

 Review by:

KST MS-320

Very good product. Fast delivery.

 Review by:

KST ms320 HV servo

These contact less servos are quite superb,powerful,quiet and accurate with no slop,add to that the extra reliability gained from the hall sensor positioning then why would you ever use anything else for elevator control?

I look forward to KST bringing this technology to ten mill wing servos, I will feel a great relief!

As always the very best service from hyperflight .

 Review by:

Initial impressions are very good, looks and feels like a quality servo. spec is great.

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