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Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo - 0.07s 4.5g 7.6mm

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The Blue Bird BMS-101DMG is a tiny metal gear servo from Blue Bird with a digital amplifier, to maximise resolution and holding torque. This servo is strong, powerful and has a very tight geartrain with little or no free play. Featuring low weight, a 7.6 mm thin case and one kg-cm or torque this is an excellent servo for DLG / HLG / F3K / F3P / 3D EP RC models.

The 7.6 mm body thinness ensures the Blue Bird BMS-101DMG will fit in very thin wings, making it a great servo for 1m discus launched gliders and small slope soarers. Its light weight, high speed and great precision makes it well suited for F3P and other small aerobatic/3D indoor and outdoor RC models.

The BB BMS101 DMG is supplied with four output arms, mounting screws, optional mounting tape, and a fun sticker set. The large arm is 5 cm diameter (2.5 cm largest hole radius) making it excellent for F3P aileron control.

The Blue Bird BMS10DMG is in many ways similar to the Ripmax SD100, and is a good alternative to this servo for those using NiMH batteries or 1S LiPo batteries. Its main benefits over the SD100 and the Dymond D47 are its metal geartrain and digital controller, giving it greater toughness, holding power and resolution. For applications a 2S LiPo battery we recommend the HV version of this servo: Blue Bird BMS-101HV.

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Specifications
Body dimensions 18.6 mm wide x 7.6 mm thick x 15.7 mm high 0.73" wide x 0.30" thick x 0.62" high
Max dimensions 26.6 mm wide x 7.6 mm thick x 19.5 mm high 1.05" wide x 0.30" thick x 0.77" high
Stall torque / Speed @ 3.8V 0.6 / 0.11 s/60° 8 / 0.11 s/60°
Stall torque / Speed @ 4.8V 0.8 / 0.09 s/60° 11 / 0.09 s/60°
Stall torque / Speed @ 6V 1.0 / 0.07 s/60° 14 / 0.07 s/60°
Weight 4.5 g 0.16 oz
Lead length 11 cm 4.4 in
Operating Voltage 3.7V - 6.0V
Bearings Plain
Gear material Metal alloy
Case material Nylon
Motor type Coreless DC motor
Working frequency 333 Hz
Dead band/resolution 2 µs
Pulse width for ± 60º 900 - 2100 µs
Digital Yes, 12 bit A2D
Programmable No
Position sensor Potentiometer
Supplied accessories 4 plastic output arms, 2 arm retaining screws, 2 mounting screws, double sided mounting tape, sticker set

Reviews 15  

 Review by:

Tiny Servos

A1 service and shipping, goods arrived well packaged in a sturdy cardboard container. Untried. Hard to believe the small size and low weight, specs as described. Looking forward to installation. A bit dear.

 Review by:

Excellent servos. Super service from Hyper Flight as usual.

 Review by:

Excellent servos. Super service from Hyper Flight as usual.

 Review by:

Fast, good value and as advertized!

 Review by:

Excellent like servo

I love this service! Dollar for dollar you can't beat it for DLG / F3K gliders. Killer centering, plenty of torque and fast. 5 stars definitely. Have bought 10+ and happy with every one.

 Review by:

assez deçu par ces petits servos. pour un f3K le neutre est pas terrible et il manque du couple pour les ailerons

 Review by:

No complaints, little bit expensive

I have 4x of these in a Hawk DLG that I recently purchased. No complaints regards performance, they run fine on a 1S lipo, seem to centre well etc.

Only down side is that they are a bit expensive when you're used to paying $5-10 for a digital servo from Asia.

 Review by:

Works well as a replacement for the Dream Flight servos in a Libelle. The original took some moving and the existing extension lead needed to be moved slightly to cope with a slightly shorter servo lead. The servo is a bit buzzy, which I gather is common. I haven't used digitals much yet.

 Review by:

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Digital Servo

V. small units and seem to OK for something that size. Good things - excellent on 1S Lipo pack as I haven't go thtem to brown-out yet. Bad things - (1) They do buzz a lot when at rest, which is probably not an issue but the noise can get annoying during long setup sessions! (2) They do not reliably centre e.g do a couple of full +/- stick movements and they do not entirely reliably go back to the same centre. However, for v.small metal-gear servos, they are OK

 Review by:

No problems here

Put them in my Alula after a failed launch stripped the plastic servos I had in it. Haven't had any centering problems, it was a little difficult getting it to balance again but it works better than before now and the sensitivity on these is so much better than the analogs I had before (I kept one analog to give it a much needed rudder, already thinking of getting another one of these for that too).

I know it has the 5V warning but I've run them as high as 5.4V with no problem, and as low as 3.2V before they start getting the shakes.

 Review by:

Centering, depend the position

I need to update the centering of this servo, actually its depend on what position it is. After trim, the centering will change, from 0.4 to 1.2 degrees of shift, depend on where it is. For your reference. D47 is better, always about 0.4 degree of shift.

 Review by:

Compare to D47

Just bought one and working normal.
Compare to D47: Centering is a little bit better, but resolution is worse(cheap digital servo's behavior, sometimes moving smooth, sometimes jump a big distance).
Anyway, it's metal gear, feels no play and smaller size. Still need time to check its reliability.

Comment by:

Should been a 1 star review not five

 Review by:

Same experience as above. On is perfect, the other buzzes constantly even with no horn attached.

Comment by:

Blue Bird BMS-101DMG Servo

i purchased two , during test ( time is 5-10min) one of them servo time to time jammed, i am not sure ,that will working correctly during flight. other servo work good,i am regret ,50% money lost

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