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Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm

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The Blue Bird BMS-101HV is a tiny metal gear high voltage servo from Blue Bird. This great servo is strong, powerful and has a very tight geartrain with little or no free play. Featuring low weight, a 7.6 mm thin case and over one kg-cm or torque this is an excellent servo for DLG / HLG / F3K / F3P / 3D EP RC models where the RC is run directly from a 2S LiPo battery.

The 7.6 mm body thinness ensures the Blue Bird BMS-101HV will fit in very thin wings, making it a great servo for 1m discus launched gliders and small slope soarers. Its light weight, high speed and great precision makes it well suited for F3P and other small aerobatic/3D indoor and outdoor RC models.

The BB BMS101 HV is supplied with four output arms, mounting screws, optional mounting tape, and a fun sticker set. The large arm is 5 cm diameter (2.5 cm largest hole radius) making it excellent for F3P aileron control.

The Blue Bird BMS101HV is in many ways similar to the Ripmax SD100/Dymond D47, and is a good alternative to this servo. Its main benefits over the SD100 and the Dymond D47 are its greater speed, metal geartrain and digital controller, giving it greater holding power and resolution. For applications not using a 2S LiPo battery we recommend the two LV versions of this servo: Blue Bird BMS-101DMG and Blue Bird BMS-101AMG

Blue Bird BMS-101HV Specifications
Body dimensions 18.6 mm wide x 7.6 mm thick x 15.7 mm high 0.73" wide x 0.30" thick x 0.62" high
Max dimensions 26.6 mm wide x 7.6 mm thick x 21.5 mm high 1.05" wide x 0.30" thick x 0.85" high
Stall torque (6V) 0.9 12
Stall torque (7.4V) 1.1 15
Weight 4.5 g 0.16 oz
Lead length 15 cm 6.0 in
Operating speed (6V) 0.08 sec/60°
Operating speed (7.4V) 0.06 sec/60°
Operating voltage 6.0V to 8.5V
Bearings Plain
Gear material Metal alloy
Case material Nylon
Motor type Coreless DC motor
Working frequency 333 Hz
Dead band 2 µS
Idle current 2 mA
Pulse width for ± 60º 900 - 2100 µs
Digital Yes, 12 bit A2D
Programmable No
Operating temperature -20 to +60 ºC
Supplied accessories 4 plastic output arms, 2 arm retaining screws, 2 mounting screws, double sided mounting tape, sticker set

Reviews 27  

 Review by:

Not as expected

2 servos for v-tail on Art-Hobby Zuni. One of the servos is behaving normal, the other is slow and sluggish. Reordered the same servos to see if problem reoccurs.

 Review by:

Servo backlash

The gear train has several degrees backlash. You can see the output spline rock a little. They are small and light.

 Review by:

ok but little use yet

 Review by:

The price is right

Pros: Impressively small, light and quick. Usually centre well but on the odd occasion not so.
Cons: Rough as guts.. far from a smooth servo. Resolution seems terrible, doing trims, you get nothing, then a large step.. One roughish landing has rendered one useless, it flutters at a certain position.
Overall still value for money as they are a $25 aus servo so you can't expect too much. I did expect better though..

 Review by:

Arrived not working

Ordered 2 of these and one is not working hsve rmdiled seller to advise of this

 Review by:

great servo very powerfull and precise

 Review by:

very great servo!light, small,no getrain and powerfull

Comment by:

Very neat little unit,fitted in my Boom dlg 4 in the pod with room to spare. Good power good centering.

 Review by:


First time perfect.
After 5-6 months stop one after the other.
After 1 year: 1ok, 3 dead.

 Review by:

Reliable servo.

Have used these servos for over 2 years. They are great. I’ve used them in 1m and 1.5m scratch built DLG’s on all control surfaces. Also used them on 1.3-1.5m eRES. Reliable, good centering, precise and with ample torque. Light and small with high voltage capability. Would be a good addition if Blue Bird decided to manufacture an all metal gear, high voltage 101. ???

 Review by:

Super servo

These are super little servos. I have used many of these servos in various installations: DLG; small power assisted gliders and spoilers on 1.5m E-Res. Great reliable performance for such a small, light servo. A perfect subsitute for Ripmax SD100. Dispatch and packaging is Neils usual exempler. Thanks.

 Review by:

Tiny, precise, powerful, lightning fast: what could be better at this price? Perfect for my yet-to-fly MadRES, where space is a little tight. And thanks again, Neil, for the superb service.

Comment by:

Good servo, like SD100(ripmax),but small size, flight test in progress

 Review by:

Très bons produits

Ces servos sont montés dans un F3K. Ils sont légers, puissants, rapides et précis alimentés en 2S.
Leurs petites tailles est un atout pour ceux qui n'ont pas trop de place dans le fuselage.
Je n'ai pas encore testé sur le long terme la météo n'étant pas des plus favorable au vol en ce moment. Ils ont été livrés très vite et bien emballés.

 Review by:

Prompt delivery as always, when they came into stock. Needed a small servo for a project with a small amount of room. Have not used as yet will follow up later.

Comment by:

A fast and strong servo!

The speed on 8v is just amazing. Quite string too, and hardly any slop and good centering. Good value and excellent servo. The power requirement is quite high and more than others, like Ripmax SD100 for example. I've use them for a F3P model on 2S.

 Review by:

See previous reviews.

 Review by:

Superb little servo.

I've bought multiples of these tiny little servos and they are brilliant. I think they represent goid value for money too. Great speed, centering and torque values. Dispatch and delivery 1st class.

 Review by:

I would recommend this servomoors

Very good product. These servomotors are light little cumbersome and rapids. They seem very solid and have a couple being enough for a glider DLG. very satisfied with my purchase.
Thank you Régis.

 Review by:

Blue Bird HV Servo's

Brilliant service from Neil, received the next day and fitted to my Elf Mini, perfect fit and superb quality, as it states centering is spot on.

 Review by:

Maybe I've bought a worse one

Just bought one and another for normal voltage version. But seems I'm not lucky as this one's centering is very bad. There is about 3 times of shift distance while centering compared to the normal voltage version or D47.
Anyway, I'll buy another one to try again.

 Review by:

BMS101 Hv servo

good smooth free running ,HV servo . Just right for DLG use.

 Review by:

Bought more.

See previous review.

 Review by:

Prompt service, brilliant servo.

I bought these servos to upgrade my homebuilt "Mimi" DLG from analogue to digital. I'm very impresseed with all aspects of the servo; size, torque values and that the servos will run straight off 2s lipo. Regarding Hyperflight service I am just as impressed. Many thanks.

 Review by:

Initial impression is great. Very smooth, centers well. I needed the HV capability to run on 2s lipo unregulated.

 Review by:

Excellent Servo

Excellent little servo. I have used it on my elf, so thank you for the advice. As soon as the battery is connected they centre and there is no play. I wanted to use a 2s lipo without a regulator. I would recommend these.

 Review by:

Great value

Fantastic little servo, I use it as a replacement to Dymond D47 (Ripmax SD100) since it's digital and HV. Minimal play. Good precision. I installed 2 of these in a 1.5m DLG and so far they're working well.

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