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Blue Bird BMS-126WV+ Servo - 0.07s 11.3g 10mm

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The Blue Bird BMS-126WV+ is optimised or both good speed and good torque, making it the medium option in the new Blue Bird BMS-125WV+/126WV+/127WV+ range of 11g servos. At 8.4V the torque of the BMS-126WV+ is still a very impressive 6.5 while also having an excellent speed of 0.07 seconds per 60° of movement. These are very impressive speed and torque figures, making it good for most applications. It is suitable for all control surfaces except flaps on F5J models, most gliders up to 3.5 m wingspan and many RC sports models and helicopters. At 10 mm thick it is suitable for mounting in small fuselages and thin wings and tails.

The WV in the name stands for Wide Voltage, indicating that this servo has wide range of acceptable supply voltages and is suitable for 1S LiPo, 4 or 5 cell NiMH and 2S LiPo operation.

The + plus moniker on these servos is to indicate this version is an upgrade on the BMS-125WV we previously sold. Some of the photos still show the BMS-126WV as apart from the label the new servo looks identical.

The Blue Bird BMS-126HV+ is a great servo built to the same space saving form factor as the MKS HV6100/DS6100. It is similarly precise, with no free play in the geartrain, and it is even more powerful and faster than the competing product. The large output spline is identical to Futaba 25 tooth splines, so replacement output arms are readily available. Note the output spline is not the same as MKS so the servo cannot be used with most MKS accessories.

Although it looks like the BMS-105HV the new BMS-126 WV+ uses better components, better bearings and an improved internal design and does not suffer the longevity problems that affected some high hours BMS-105 installations. The BMS-106HV was not affected by the problem anyway.

Blue Bird BMS-126WV+ Servo Specifications
Body dimensions 23.2 mm wide x 10.0 mm thick x 23.0 mm high 0.91" wide x 0.39" thick x 0.91" high
Max dimensions 32.0 mm wide x 10.0 mm thick x 25.0 mm high 1.26" wide x 0.39" thick x 0.98" high
Stall torque (3.7V) 3.1 43
Stall torque (6V) 4.7 65
Stall torque (8.4V) 6.5 90
Weight 11.3 g 0.40 oz
Lead length 16 cm 6.3 in
Operating speed (3.7V) 0.16 sec/60°
Operating speed (6V) 0.1 sec/60°
Operating speed (8.4V) 0.07 sec/60°
Operating voltage 3.5V to 8.4V
Operating temperature 0 to 40 °C
Bearings 2 ball bearings
Gear material Metal alloy
Case material Nylon
Motor type Coreless DC motor
Working frequency 250 Hz
Dead band/resolution 2 µs
Pulse width for ± 60º (L) 900 µs - (0°) 1520 µs- (R) 2100 µs
Digital Yes
Programmable No
Position feedback Potentiometer
Supplied accessories 2 plastic output arms, 1 arm retaining screw, 4 mounting screws, Blue Bird sticker
Optional accessories Ply Frame for Blue Bird BMS-125, Integrated Drive System/Mono for the Blue Bird BMS-125WV, Frame with bearing for the Blue Bird BMS-125WV

Reviews 12  

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I've been replacing 1st gen digital servos with these Bluebird's and they are a big improvement.

 Review by:

Excellent Servo’s

Wanted accurate, small servos that centered well and had no slop.
These for a 50” pattern ship.
Have now had a dozen flights and they perform really well.
Good value considering the specs.
Would buy again.

 Review by:

Installed as V tail servos in an old F3F I'm refitting. Centre beautifully and nice and quick, even on 4.8v.
Fast service as usual.

 Review by:

Mighty little servo at a decent price delivered promptly

 Review by:


 Review by:

Blue Bird BMS-126WV+ Servo - 0.07s 11.3g

Great little servos

 Review by:

The servo was very stiff in operation and very quickly burnt out.
However hyperflight, upon request, supplied a replacement and so far has proved to be of excellent quality.
I must thank hyperflight for the first class service that i received.

 Review by:

Great Servo and wonderful company to work with

These servo's are the best I've brought as yet to date, that backed up by a great company and fast delivery.

 Review by:

No ha llegado nada

No ha llegado nada. Muy decepcionado.

 Review by:

As always, the Hyperflight service is expeditious. Installed BMS-126WV centers evry time during "dry" tests - flight test is still pending :-)

 Review by:

Blue Bird BMS-126

Appear good servos time will tell great service m
by Hyperflight again

 Review by:

Best cost performance!

Installed as a tail servo for INFINITY Evo. At first, I was thinking of the MKS HV6110, but I installed it on a trial basis because it can be purchased at a low price with the same or better specifications, but I am fully satisfied. I will continue to use it as long as I continue to fly and it is durable and reliable.

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