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Magnus Hotliner 1.5m

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Designed by UK expert modeller Jonathan Wells the Magnus Hotliner is a tough high performance 1.5m (60") all molded glass and carbon electric glider with a great speed range and forgiving handling characteristics. The model looks fantastic with a good surface finish and a practical easy to fit-out design. A slope racer version is also available.

The two piece wing is available in glass and carbon layups. The glass version has a fair amount of carbon and is very strong. The full carbon version is about 50g heavier and is extremely strong and rigid and will be ideal for high power setups. The wings are kept in place with a very substantial carbon joiner. The tailplane is removable making the model very easy to store and transport. The electric fuselage is glass with carbon reinforcement and is wider than the slope racer version, allowing a substantial motor and battery to be installed. The large canopy hatch gives great access to the front, making for a very easy powertrain installation and quick battery changes. The elevator servo is under a hatch in its own pocket molded into the fuselage, just to the rear of the wing trailing edge. This makes for a very short elevator control run and also leaves the front fuselage free for the electrics.

The complete accessory pack includes all pushrods, ply wing servo mounts (for X08 family servos), control horns, a ply elevator fuselage servo mount, colour coded wing servo covers and a glass firewall. No formal build instructions are available but this excellent build log of the slope version should answer most questions.

The complete accessory pack includes all pushrods, ply wing servo mounts (for X08 family servos), control horns, a ply elevator fuselage servo mount, colour coded wing servo covers and a glass firewall. See the link below the videos for English build instructions (of the glider version) and this excellent Magnus build log by the designer. Also check out the Facebook Magnus group. Note that although the surface finish is generally good the fit and finish of the model is not up to that of a top price European model. Small bumps and fit problems are normal at this price-point.

Magnus Hotliner Specifications
Wing span 1.5 m 59 in
Wing area 21.3 dm2 330 sq in
Length 96 cm 37.8 in
Flying weight from 1154 g 40.7 oz
Wing loading 54.3 g/dm2 17.8 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 10.6
Wing airfoil Custom 8% thick
Dihedral (EDA) 2.0º
Spinner Diameter 36 mm
Centre of Gravity 76-85 mm from wing leading edge
Controls Elevator, ailerons, flaps, throttle

Magnus Hotliner Typical Weights
Fuselage 202 g 7.1 oz
Wings 380 g 13.4 oz
Wing joiner 49 g 1.7 oz
Tailplane 47 g 1.7 oz
Accessories 32 g 1.1 oz
Total structure 710 g 25.0 oz
Glue mounts etc 8 g 0.3 oz
Wiring 23 g 0.8 oz
Receiver 8 g 0.3 oz
Elevator servo 10 g 0.4 oz
Aileron servos 20 g 0.7 oz
Flap servos 20 g 0.7 oz
Motor 140 g 4.9 oz
Prop & spinner 25 g 0.9 oz
ESC 40 g 1.4 oz
Battery 150 g 5.3 oz
Flying weight 1154 g 40.7 oz

Recommended Servos
Elevator (10-12mm) MKS DS6100, MKS HV6100, Blue Bird BMS-126WV, Blue Bird BMS-127WV, KST DS145, KST DS215MG, KST X10-710, KST MS320
Flap (9mm) CHA DS09, CHA HV85H, KST HS08A, KST HS08B, KST X08H Plus, KST X08 Plus, KST A08H, KST A08, KST X08H, KST X08, MKS DS6100, MKS HV6100, MKS HV6110, Blue Bird BMS-125
Aileron (8mm) KST HS08A, KST HS08B, KST X08H Plus, KST X08 Plus, KST A08H, KST A08, KST X08H, KST X08, Blue Bird BMS-A10V
The wing is very thin and 8 mm servos are required for the ailerons, and ideally 9 mm for the flaps. 10 mm thick flap servos can perhaps be used but the servo covers will need adjusting. The supplied plywood wing servos mounts have a 24mm servo cut and we recommend KST HS08A (flap) and KST A08H (aileron) servos.

Extension leads required:
4 pcs 20-30 cm ext leads (for receiver)
2 pcs 10-15 cm ext leads (for aileron servos)
2 pcs 25-30 cm ext leads (for flap servos)

Magnus Powertrain Recommendations
XPower F2925/8 Windy 3S 2-3 Ah LiPo, 12x8 prop, 60A ESC*
Mega 16/25/3 3S 2-3 Ah LiPo, GM9x5 prop, 60A ESC*
XPower F3426/7 Storm 3S 2-3 Ah LiPo, 12x8 prop, 60A ESC
XPower F3426/7 Storm 4S 2-3 Ah LiPo, 11x8 prop, 60A ESC
*these will need a forward RC installation to obtain correct CG.

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 Review by:

Fun little Hotliner

Positives. Good value little Hotliner. Looks great. The molding is actually quite good for something made in China. The molded gap seals are very well done. The fit of the parts is good. Supplied accessories are fine.
Negatives. The model is very heavy, puddles of resin can be seen inside the fuse. There is a slight twist of the flaps and ailerons, due perhaps from being released too soon from the molds. Wing molding could have been done better at the trailing edge as its very thick.
I fitted a 1400kv Gliderdrive motor. 10X6 folding Graupner prop. 60A YGE controller. 1800ma 3S battery. BMS 126 servo's on the flaps and elevator and DS 843 servo's on the ailerons.
It flies very well. Just the thing for when its to windy for the F5J models and it also helps to keep the reflexes in tune.

Comment by:

Neat little park flyer

I was thrilled to find this superb little chuck around model was neatly moulded to a crisp and strong standard offering amazing value for money too. I am enjoying the quick installation at the moment a Valenta model in all respects it is a JW design I know I have invested in a pedigree performance & I look forward to thrashing it next week.I do hope Jonathan & the team offer more designs which I will also buy..Neil sent it to me post haste & of course all was packaged safely as usual.I used an MVVS motor to ensure I have unlimited vertical urge..need to do the design justice in the electron discharge department.

 Review by:

Magnus Hotliner

Great service from Neil as always
Only downside was the absence of any build notes for this electric version.
Otherwise excellent build quality and canít wait to be able to get out and fly it

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