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KST HS08B Servo - 0.11s 11.0g 8mm

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KST delivers once again with the KST HS08 series competition servos for F5J glider pilots and soaring enthusiasts who demand the best! The all new HS08 are almost as compact as the much loved KST X08 series and offer power and performance levels approaching that of the X10 Mini servos in an 8 mm thick case. The slim 8mm thick casing is crafted from 7075 aluminium alloy, so not only do these servos look fantastic but they are also very rigid and robust.

The HS08 series are available with wing mounting tabs (A version) or normal mounting tabs (B version), to allow convenient installations in fuselages or wings or even tail surfaces. This is the KST HS08B, the normal mounting tab version

The KST HS08B has a hardened steel drive train and a coreless motor capable of running all the way from 3.8V to 8.4V (1S to 2S LiPo) making these WV (wide voltage range) servos will deliver the power and reliability you need.

KST HS08B Features
Compact and light weight design
Excellent torque and speed
Wide 1S to 2S voltage range
Designed for high performance RC Gliders
Excellent heat dissipation
Ultra slim 8mm body
7075 Alloy casing
Hardened Steel gears
Normal mounting tabs

KST HS08B Servo Specifications
Body dimensions 23.5 mm wide x 8.0 mm thick x 25.3 mm high 0.93" wide x 0.31" thick x 1.00" high
Max dimensions 29.5 mm wide x 8.0 mm thick x 29.0 mm high 1.16" wide x 0.31" thick x 1.14" high
Stall torque (3.8V) 2.8 39
Stall torque (6V) 4.5 62
Stall torque (7.4V) 5.2 72
Weight 11 g 0.39 oz
Lead length 15 cm 5.9 in
Operating speed (3.8V) 0.21 sec/60°
Operating speed (6V) 0.13 sec/60°
Operating speed (7.4V) 0.11 sec/60°
Operating voltage 3.8V to 8.4V
Operating temperature -20 to +65 °C
Bearings 2 ball bearings
Gear material Hardened Steel
Case material 7075 aluminium alloy
Motor type Coreless DC motor
Working frequency 333 Hz
Dead band/resolution 1 µs
Pulse width for ± 60º 1000 - 2000 µs
Digital Yes
Programmable No
Position feedback Potentiometer
Supplied accessories 3 output arms, 2 arm retaining screws, 4 mounting screws
Optional accessories Pulley For KST X08, KST X08 Servo Arm Set, Frame with plain bearing for the KST X08, Integrated Drive System/Mono for KST X08, VM Spring Loaded Pulley Set for X08

Stall Current: 0.68A
Continuous rated Current: 0.25A

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Good as ever!

Another batch of the little servos that can... full metal jacket, lots of torque and high voltage... perfect for my glider's needs.

 Review by:

I have previously fitted KST X08 plus servos to 2 models and was keen to try the new HS08 with its enclosed motor which has a larger diameter than that of the X08 but is 3mm shorter in overall height. I like the idea of a full enclosure unlike the xo8 with its exposed motor leads. The performance of the servos is excellent with good centering and resolution but like all the 08 series it is not very quiet but by now I am now used to the buzz from digital servos. All my KST servos have been used to power ailerons through a servorahmen IDS frame. I was concerned that the new HS08 would need a different IDS frame but mounting dimensions are all the same and the IDS frame can be used with the vertical or horizontal mounts.
The KST HS08 with its 8mm width is ideal for the latest F5J models many of which are using slim low profile aerofoils. As the servo delivers 5Kg+ torque it could also be used for flaps as well as ailerons.

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