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Integrated Drive System/Mono for KST X08, X08H, X08 Plus, X08H Plus, HS08A, HS08B

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Note the photos are currently showing the MKS HV6100 IDS set. The X08 frame does not include a ball-race. The plastic output arm rotates directly in the plastic frame only. This is technically called a plain bearing but most people would say that it isn't a bearing at all. Please disregard the references to a ball bearing in the template text below.

The Integrated Drive System/Mono for KST X08, X08H, X08 Plus, X08H Plus, HS08A, HS08B servos is a beautifully engineered external bearing servo frame matched to a custom servo horn and supplied with a set of ultra-rigid pushrods for connecting the servo to flaps and ailerons. The Integrated Drive System/Mono is the latest design of Servorahmen IDS systems. It ensures an low drag slop free and mechanically sound servo to control surface connection.

An Integrated Drive System or IDS is a largely or completely internal linkage between the servo and control surface. It is different from a normal wire based linkage in using much stiffer components, resulting in a more rigidly connected control surface, with much less compliance. Also IDS linkages use much shorter servo arm and control surface horn lengths. This allows the linkage to be enclosed in the wing.

These frames and IDS linkages speed-up servo installation, keep the servo secure and rigidly mounted, and also allow easy removal for maintenance or replacement. The external bearing reduces side load at the servo output arm, reducing compliance and extending the life of the servo. The external bearing and the special rigid IDS pushrod reduces any free play, increasing the stiffness of the control surface, improving control and avoiding flutter problems.

The connection between the servo and control surface is made via a ready-made hard plastic pushrod, so no cutting or gluing is required, making for a quicker and more repeatable installation. 11 of these mono pushrods are supplied in each kit, varying in length between 62 mm and 80 mm, each approx 1.8 mm longer than the next. These new IDS sets are labelled "Mono" as the pushrod is a monolithic component, not an assembly of parts that can come apart.

Parts supplied in this Mono IDS set:
1 servo frame
1 control surface horn
1 ball bearing
11 plastic IDS pushrods - range between 62 mm and 80 mm length
4 servo arms of different lengths
2 servo mounting screws
4 steel bearing shafts (2 are spares)

Sold singly. Add one to the basket for mounting and connecting one servo. The previous type of IDS sets with pushrods made from an aluminium tube are discontinued and replaced by this new IDS/Mono design.

No official installation guide is available but Piere Rondel has posted this excellent Servorahmen IDS Installation Guide. Also this Horn Installation Drawing is very useful.

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