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Dream 2.0 Electric 2m Hotliner

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The Dream 2.0 Electric is fast 2m electric hotliner. This model is nicely finished with great graphics. The design is conventional apart from a hatch aft of the wing for the tail servos, to allow maximum space to be used for the powertrain and battery. We are just stocking the all carbon version, and this is a very strong very heavy layup which should hold up well to high power setups.

The fuselage has a good sized canopy hatch. No firewall has been fitted but a thick 36 mm firewall is included in the complete accessory pack. The fin incorporates a nicely engineered bell crank to actuate the all-flying tail, and an access hatch for connecting the linkage.

The two part wing is nicely finished and of hollow molded construction. The through-fuselage wing joiner is very substantial and imparts just one degree of dihedral per panel, ensuring good aerobatic performance and an attractive look in the air. The wing has generous sized access hatches for the flap and aileron servos which can be up to 10 mm thick.

The photos mostly show the glider version, but we stock both glider and electric Dream 2.0 models, and electric Dream 2 versions do have the nosecone removed, and a firewall supplied.

Dream 2 Hotliner Specifications
Wing span 2.0 m 79 in
Wing area 32.2 dm2 499 sq in
Length inc spinner 119 cm 46.8 in
Flying weight from 1655 g 58.4 oz
Wing loading 51.4 g/dm 16.8 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 12.4
Wing airfoil Proprietary
EDA (dihedral) 1.0º
Spinner Diameter 36 mm
Centre of Gravity 65-80 mm from wing leading edge
Controls Rudder, elevator, ailerons, flap, throttle

Dream 2 Hotliner Typical Weights
Fuselage 300 g 10.6 oz
Wings 674 g 23.8 oz
Tail Plane 53 g 1.9 oz
Wing joiner 77 g 2.7 oz
Accessories 35 g 1.2 oz
Total structure 1139 g 40.2 oz
Wiring 24 g 0.8 oz
Pushrods 12 g 0.4 oz
Receiver 8 g 0.3 oz
Rudder servo 10 g 0.4 oz
Elevator servo 10 g 0.4 oz
Wing servos (4) 50 g 1.8 oz
Speed control 50 g 1.8 oz
Motor 150 g 5.3 oz
Prop & spinner 22 g 0.8 oz
Battery 180 g 6.3 oz
Flying weight 1655 g 58.4 oz

Recommended Servos
Rudder & Elevator KST X10-710, KST DS145, KST X12-508, KST MS320, MKS HV6130H
Flap KST X10, KST DS125, MKS HBL6625, MKS HV6130
Aileron KST X10 Mini, KST X10, KST DS135, KST DS125, MKS HBL6625 Mini, MKS HV6130

Dream 2.0 Powertrain Recommendations
Axi 2820/10 V2 Long 2Ah 3S LiPo, 10x8, 11x7
Axi 2820/14 V2 Long 2Ah 4S LiPo, 10x8, 11x7
Axi 2826/8 V2 Long 2Ah 3S LiPo, 10x8, 13x8
Axi 2826/8 V2 Long 2Ah 4S LiPo, 10x8, 11x7
Leomotion L3025-4550 2Ah 4S LiPo, 14x9, 15x8
Powerline Micro 1520/10 1.2Ah 4S LiPo, 15x10, 16x8

Recommended Control Throws
Rudder 20 mm each way
Elevator 12 mm up / 12 mm down
Ailerons 14 mm up / 10 mm down
Flap 45 mm down
Crow brake mix 10 mm up aileron with full down flap

Chinese video of Dream 2.0

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