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Leomotion L3025-4550 F5J 6.7:1

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The Leomotion L3025-4550 F5J 6.7:1 is a medium weight and very powerful electric motor for F5J models and larger models.

It weights 187 g and is capable of approx 1000W for 15 seconds on 3S LiPo's

  • Very powerful motor
  • Can be used on up to 4S LiPo batteries
  • Dynamically balanced 4 pole rotor
  • Hand wound stator
  • Carbon fiber reinforced rotor for max. 60,000 rpm
  • 6 mm shaft for perfect rotation
  • High end ball bearing
  • Geared 6.7:1 for high propulsive efficiency

Leomotion L3025-4550 6.7:1 Specifications
Motor name / GB name Leomotion L3025-4550 6.7 1 6.7:geared inrunner
Motor+GB weight 187 g 4.83 oz
Motor diameter 30.0 mm 1.18 in
Motor length 44.0 mm 1.73 in
Lead length 4.0 cm 1.57 in
Shaft diameter 6.0 mm 0.24 in
Mounting info 4 M2.5 holes on a 23 mm diameter circle
Manufacturers Rm 5 mR
Manufacturers Kv 4550 RPM/V
Manufacturers Geared Kv 679 RPM/V
Est Io 2.8 A @ 10 V
Max efficiency (10 V) 93 % @ 75 A
Operating efficiency (10 V) 92 % @ 105 A
Motor+gearbox Km 199 Nm/W^.5 X1000
Motor+gearbox Km/Kg 1452 Nm/(W^.5 Kg)
Recommended battery 3S or 4S LiPo
Rec max LiPo capacity 4 Ah
Supplied accessories 4 mounting screws
3S LiPo Performance
Recommended prop 16x10; 17x7; 16x8
Input power 860 W on 16x10 prop
Current 86 A on 16x10 prop
Rate of climb 15 m/s for 2000 g glider
4S LiPo Performance
Recommended prop 15x7; 14x9; 14x8
Input power 1150 W on 15x7 prop
Current 86 A on 15x7 prop
Rate of climb 17.5 m/s for 2000 g glider
Gearbox diameter 27.0 mm 1.06 in
Gearbox length 32.0 mm 1.26 in
Motor+GB length 76.0 mm 2.99 in
Gearbox Ratio 6.7
Planet bearings Needle bearings
Estimated GB efficiency 95 %

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Powerful enough for 2.9kg 3m sailplane

To install this geared motor solid and stable, I strongly recommend to use CNC milled aluminum motor mount sold on this site. This system seemed to be too heavy and long to be supported by a simple FRP plate.
The motor pulled up 2.9kg 3m wingspan F3F sailplane way high with 4 cell 2200mAh lipo.

 Review by:

Hello! Received my order today. She was 41 days! Everything came in one piece. Thank You very much for your cooperation! All is well!

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