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MKS HV6130H Servo - 0.10s 23.0g 10mm

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The fantastic MKS HV6130H servo is powerful, fast and very reliable. This -H version has standard horizontal mounting lugs making it especially suitable for fuselage, helicopter and other normally mounted applications. The aluminium casing and especially the web between the output shaft bearing and the motor housing creates a very rigid mechanism, minimising compliance. This great servo has no slop (zero free play) and works on 1S and 2S LiPo as well as 4.8V - 6V NiMH batteries. The Bulit-In Safe System ensures that if the motor shorts out for any reason the driver isolates the motor, allowing the plane to land safely without excess current drain.

The MKS HV6130H is a low-medium-high voltage servo to replace the acclaimed MSK DS6125H, MKS DS6125 Glider and MKS DS6125 Mini servos. It is specially optimised for glider fliers, with outstanding torque, precision and a very low dead band. On a 2S LiPo battery it has higher torque and speed than the DS6125 Mini, DS6125 Glider and even the HBL6625 Mini servo. At 23 g it is also lighter than all these servos. This very high torque 10 mm thin servo is suitable for many glider, jet, heli and other applications. It has more torque and a better geartrain than all other high voltage servos of this size and price range.

At only 10 mm thick the MKS HV6130-H can easily fit in constrained places, and with an excellent 8.1 torque and a blistering 0.10s/60° speed it is excellent for all high performance F3B, F3F, F3J, DS gliders, and F5J electric gliders, helis, jets, ducted fans and fast sport slopers.

The extreme reliability and performance of these servos also makes them very suitable for use in film and motion picture industry special effect departments. They are also used in robotic, drone, UAV, UAS, academic research, military, and other highly demanding applications.

(C) 2016 Neil Stainton.

MKS HV6130H Servo Specifications
Body dimensions 30.0 mm wide x 10.0 mm thick x 29.8 mm high 1.18" wide x 0.39" thick x 1.17" high
Max dimensions 40.0 mm wide x 10.0 mm thick x 32.3 mm high 1.57" wide x 0.39" thick x 1.27" high
Stall torque (6V) 6 83
Stall torque (7.4V) 7.6 106
Stall torque (8.2V) 8.1 112
Weight 23 g 0.81 oz
Lead length 18 cm 7.1 in
Operating speed (6V) 0.14 sec/60°
Operating speed (7.4V) 0.11 sec/60°
Operating speed (8.2V) 0.1 sec/60°
Operating voltage 6V to 8.2V
Operating temperature -10 to 50 °C
Bearings 3 ball bearings + 3 jewel bearings
Gear material Chrome-titanium alloy
Case material All Aluminium Alloy CNC Case
Motor type Coreless DC motor
Working frequency 333 Hz
Dead band/resolution 0.001 µs
Pulse width for ± 60º µs
Digital Yes
Programmable No
Position feedback Direct drive potentiometer
Supplied accessories 3 plastic output arms, 2 arm retaining screws, 6 mounting screws
Optional accessories MKS Short Metal Servo Output Arms, MKS Long Metal Servo Output Arms, Replacement Gear Set for MKS HV6130

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MKS HV6130H + LDS setup

I use the HV6130H with LDS frame as the new standard for my hard-wind F3F slopers. By setting the Jeti-receivers particular servo Y2 and Y3 gain to 125% for flap (butterfly) via the "jetibox", the servo movement allows for parallel servo-horn with LDS-rod in full down-flap position as well as allowing approx. 135degree travel to neutral position with net result a rock-solid-reliable super stiff lightweight setup.

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