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MKS Short Metal Servo Output Arms (2)

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Heavy duty aluminium servo output arm (horn) package for the MKS DS6125 Mini and all versions of the MKS DS6125 servos. Also fits HBL 6625, HV6125e, HV6100, DS6100, DS75K and DS65K servos.

Contains two substantial metal output arms and two output arm retaining screws. The distance from the servo output shaft axis to the only hole is 9 mm. Two dimples have been punched into the arm 2.3 mm and 4.6 mm nearer the axis, if less movement is required.

Reviews 12  

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Good quality product, as expected from MKS.

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MKS Short servo arms

Received the servo horns very promptly.
They are an extremely tight fit on the MKS6130 servo splines, so much so that I had great difficulty removing them after an initial, test fit. The larger, aluminium servo arms were a good fit but these small ones are just a bit too tight. I am sure they will loosen up if they need removing more often.

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Fits the servo perfect, good quality. Quick 'n easy shipping from Hyperflight.
Merry Christmas!

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mks short metal servo output arms

Good quality items

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Bought them as an optino for flaperon topdrive install for a nxt. Although the horns are nice and the fit is tight, they are far to big for a dlg. Might use them on a f5j build.
Personally I like the plastic horns that are available as extra better.

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for 6125 wonderfull

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These servo arms are much stronger than the stock plastic ones. They are a bit heavier, but they are small enough that the weight is not likely to be an issue.

The machine work is generally quite good. In particular, the splines fit perfectly and without any slop.

But I was very surprised and disappointed to find that the hole for the mounting screw was too small. The screw would not go through the hole. I had to drill the hole larger in order to insert the screw through the hole where I could engage the output shaft.

I was disappointed in the excessive width of the servo arm. This was not designed well. The arm could be considerably narrower and still be absurdly strong. I cut mine narrower to reduce weight in my very light, small glider.

I was disappointed that there was not at least one additional clevis mounting hole available for adjustablity. These servo arms are longer than the stock plastic arms that come with the MKS DS65K servo upon which I mounted this arm. So if you want the same throw as the stock factory arm, you will have to drill a new hole. It seems sensible that the metal arm should have a hole in the stock location as well as further out.

The clevis hole is too small to fit the pin on any of the clevises I tried. You will have to drill it larger to use it. The hole is also too small for any ball link.

The arm is quite thick. This is no problem if you are using a metal clevis, but it is too thick to use one of the minature, plastic clevises with it.

For all these reasons, I do not think this servo arm is very well designed. It simply will not work as delivered. There was poor attention to detail. Customers should not have to re-work the part in order to get it to mount on the servo, minimize weight, enlarge clevis mounting holes, and add additional holes. However, it certainly will produce a very rigid and strong connection to the servo if you are willing to modify it.

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Bought these to use with a pair of MKS 6125 mini servos for the ailerons on my Reichard SVIST. Excellent fit and finish. Recommended.

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Loose fit on MKS 6625!

Strangely these arms have a very loose fit on MKS 6625 HV. Very disappointed. I had to add glue on the inside when screwing them to the output-shaft. Other than that, they are what I need.

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Fits well. Very strong and efficient.

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Super, I use it on MKS DS65K micro servos, and with success. It add precision to this fantastic micro servo, transmitting power to your rudder aileron or elevator.
The given screw do not fits on DS65K, you have to use the servo original screw that fits perfectly.
Another magic accessory from Hyperflight.

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