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Corsa 2.75m 108"

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The Corsa 2.75 m is a stretched (to 108") and improved version of the Schwing Cosra design from the well regarded slope soaring designer James Hammond. The extra span opens up the performance envelope considerably, allowing the model to stay up in lighter airs and also to fly larger higher energy aerobatics on big air days.

The all molded carbon and glass Corsa 2.75 has a superb speed range, very precise and predictable aerobatic handling, making it probably the best 2.75m sloper currently available. It is built strong enough for high energy slope aerobatics while also being light enough to be enjoyable in lighter winds.

The wing is based on the earlier Schwing Corsa designs and benefit from the revolutionary Sine Wave Spar that is now a feature of all Aeroic planes. The optimized and now stretched wing planform has undergone a series of changes throughout the development and testing of the model resulting good performance over a wide speed range.

The reducing thickness, optimally cambered sections will let you go from really slow landing speeds with the flaps down to heart thudding passes with a little reflex, yet despite its ability to carry heavy ballast loads, the airframe will thermal with the best of them. Large ailerons, large flaps and the stretched wing planform each add to the overall performance of the airframe.

Horns are factory fitted with well thought out geometry to allow flush servo installation using 10mm servos for flaps and 8mm servos for the ailerons. Using conventional linkages, you can get a clean, practical and most importantly serviceable wing installation optimized to use full servo travel to give high torque and low slop. Ballast spaces in the wing root allow approx 450 g (1lb) of lead to be carried.

As used in several military aircraft the Sine Wave Spar (SWS) has been adapted for the first time to make up the heart of a model sailplane wing, and has frankly amazed us with its low weight, and ultra high strength. Unlike a conventional “Box” spar the Sine Wave Spar adds terrific torsional stiffness and yet actually weighs considerably less than the older conventional spar types. Now used in all Aeroic airframes, the Sine Wave Spar is lighter and far stronger than “conventional” spars and raises the overall performance level another few notches.

The slim and curvaceous fuselage is strong, light, and stiff with Carbon/Kevlar reinforcement and gives far more strength to the boom than most models. Electronics area is 2.4 GHz friendly with access to the radio and ballast through a slip-on nose cone. The long nose area accentuates the rakish lines but also provides plenty of space to easily balance the model. Snakes (not supplied) and/or rear mounted direct servos can be used for Rudder/Elevator control. Wing stub fairings with location dowel holes finish the fuselage with recesses for “green” Multiplex type connectors to connect the electronics pre-routed.

Supplied accessories include a wiring loom, four plastic servo mounting frames (designed to take larger 30 mm x 35 mm wing servos), good quality metal wing clevises and pushrods, and colour coded hatch covers. The supplied accessories assume the rudder and elevator servo are mounted in the fin, allowing short slop-free linkages.

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Elevator KST X08, KST X08N, MKS HV6110, MKS HV6100, MKS DS6100, Blue Bird BMS-126
Flap KST DS125, KST X10, MKS HBL6625, MKS HV6130
Aileron KST DS135, KST X10 Mini, MKS DS6100, MKS HV6100, MKS HV6110, Blue Bird BMS-125, Blue Bird BMS-126

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