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Tera V5 2.25m

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The Tera V5 is an attractive high performance electric glider that is stable and manoeuvrable. The model responds excellently to thermals and can also be flown quickly on slopes.

The geodesic wing structure is a work of art and engineering finesse. Apart from looking beautiful it makes the wing more torsionally rigid and allows the lightweight structure to support a fully articulated trailing edge with four servos operating separate ailerons and flaps. This results good controllability and also allows the wing camber to be adjusted for the desired flying speed and flight mode, giving a much wider speed range.

Despite the apparent complexity the included construction jig makes assembling the wing is very quick and easy.

Our thanks to Robson Rosa and Associação de Planadores de Belo Horizonte for use of their photos.

Product features
  • Laser cut balsa and plywood kit
  • Excellently engineered design
  • Geodesic wing structure for maximum strength
  • Construction jig for easy wing construction
  • 2-piece, removable wing
  • Slim fuselage and excellent aerodynamics
  • Full size construction plan included
  • Instructions in English and German

Tera V5 Specifications
Wing span 2.25 m 89 in
Wing area 33.8 dm2 524 sq in
Length 103 cm 40.6 in
Flying weight from 595 g 21.0 oz
Wing loading 17.6 g/dm 5.8 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 15.0
Wing airfoil SD7080
Dihedral angle 4.5º
Spinner Diameter 32 mm
Centre of Gravity TBA mm from wing leading edge
Controls Rudder, elevator, ailerons, flaps, throttle

Recommended RC
Rudder & elevator servos Hitec HS-40, Blue Bird BMS-101DMG, Blue Bird BMS-101HV, CHA DS06, Blue Bird BMS-A10H, MKS DS65K, KST X06, KST X08
Aileron servos (2) Hitec HS-40, Blue Bird BMS-101DMG, Blue Bird BMS-101HV, CHA DS06, MKS HV70, MKS DS65K, KST X06N, KST X06H, KST X08N, KST X08H
Flap servos (2) Blue Bird BMS-101DMG, Blue Bird BMS-101HV, CHA DS06, KST X06N, KST X06H, KST X08N, KST X08H, MKS DS75K
Receiver 7+ channel receiver to match your transmitter
Speed control 15A - 30A ESC, HyperFlight 28A BLHELI-32, HyperFlight 30A BLHELI-32, E-Power Plus 25A High RPM ESC

Powertrain Recommendations
ADH300L / MM1914-1100 3S 500mAh LiPo, 8x5 prop
ADH300L / MM1914-1100 2S 600mAh LiPo, 10x6 prop
Axi 2208/34 V2 Long 3S 500mah LiPo, 8x5 prop
Axi 2212/26 V2 Long 3S 500mah LiPo, 9x6 prop
Hacker A20-20L 3S 500mah LiPo, 10x7 prop (21A, 1950 fpm)
Hacker A20-20L 2S 600mah LiPo, 13x9 prop (23A, 1750 fpm)
Hacker A20-26M 3S 500mah LiPo, 9x6 prop (16A, 1530 fpm)
Dualsky XM2826-10 2S 600mAh LiPo, 10x7 prop
Dualsky XM2532EG-16 2S 1000mAh LiPo, 10x6 folding prop
Dualsky XM2527EG-23 2S 1000mAh LiPo, 6x6 folding prop
Hacker A10-7L 4.4:1 3S 900mAh LiPo, 12x10 folding prop, 12A, 7.5m/s
Hacker A10-7L 4.4:1 3S 900mAh LiPo, 13x8 folding prop, 13A, 8.5 m/s

Tera V5 Typical Weights
Total structure 400.0 g 14.1 oz
Receiver 7.0 g 0.2 oz
Aileron servos 10.0 g 0.4 oz
Flap servos 12.0 g 0.4 oz
Rudder servo 6.0 g 0.2 oz
Elevator servo 6.0 g 0.2 oz
ESC 10.0 g 0.4 oz
Motor 35.0 g 1.2 oz
Prop & spinner 14.0 g 0.5 oz
Battery 95.0 g 3.4 oz
Flying weight 595.0 g 21.0 oz

Reviews 2  

 Review by:

Geodetic Lightweight Excellence

The Terra V5 is a 'quality' kit that comes in a lite-ply box which becomes the building jig for the wings. It includes push-rods, hinges carbon joiner rod and 3D printed wing joiner mouldings. Assembly was straight forward but some care is required fitting the 1mm lead edge sheet and some effort required to sand down the trailing edges. It is a lightweight design using commendably light balsa for the tips and tail. I recommend carbon reinforcement (1x3 mm strip or 2mm rod ) is incorporated during the build. Some though is required during building as how to connect the wing servos and how to keep the wings in place . Nothing is mentioned on the plan. There is very little space to use rubber band retainers so I fitted a vertical tube in each wing root to be joined by a piano wire u shape across the top of the fuzelage. I used small 4way pcb header pins and plugs to connect the servos at the wing root. I used the recommended servos but needed to modify the supplied servo mounts to suit the confined space in the wings. My motor is a Dualsky XM2532 1500K which being a "cased outrunner" was a easy fit with a 9x6 folding prop. The model flys well in light conditions but I have not tried it in a strong breeze. Mine weighs in at 640gm but because of the rather short nose I needed 50gams of lead and a 78gm 3S 850mAh Lipo to bring the CoG to the recommended 60mm behind the leading edge. This is a rewarding model but requires prior building experience.

 Review by:

A balsa champion

I have for myself two kits of this fantastic entry level F5J glider. From the mind of Alexandre Cruz (currently in Germany), this is a champion when cost/benefit is considered. Superb flyer!

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