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MM1914-1100 / ADH300L Front Mount 39g 1100 RPM/V

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The AEO RC MM1914-1100 / ADH300L is a very nice small but powerful outrunner that is narrow enough to fit in small glider noses. It is excellent for electrifying most of the F3-RES models we sell.

It can be pushed to about 170W on 3S LiPo batteries or 120W in 2S LiPos.

Note the manufacturer label the motor AEO RC MM1914-1100 / ADH300L but we measured the Kv as 1280 RPM/V

Interesting RCGroups assesment.

AEORC MM1914-1100 / ADH300L Specifications
Motor name ADH300L Outrunner
Motor+GB weight 39 g 1.38 oz
Motor diameter 23.0 mm 0.91 in
Motor length 27.0 mm 1.06 in
Lead length 6.0 cm 2.36 in
Shaft diameter 3.0 mm 0.12 in
Mounting info 2 M2.5 holes on 16.3 mm & 2 M3 holes on 18 mm diameter circle
Measured Rm 161 mR
Specified Kv 1100 RPM/V
Measured Kv 1280 RPM/V
Measured Io 0.7 A @ 10 V
Max efficiency (10 V) 80 % @ 7 A
Operating efficiency (10 V) 75 % @ 13 A
Outrunner Motor Km 19 Nm/W^.5 X1000
Outrunner Motor Km/Kg 477 Nm/(W^.5 Kg)
Recommended battery 2S or 3S LiPo
Rec max LiPo capacity 1 Ah
Supplied accessories 4 mounting screws, plywood motor mount
Mounting On the same side as the prop shaft.
2S LiPo Performance
Recommended prop 11x7; 11x6; 10x7; 10x6; 9x7
Input power 115 W on 11x7 prop
Current 15 A on 11x7 prop
Rate of climb 5 m/s for 500 g glider
3S LiPo Performance
Recommended prop 9x4; 8x5; 8x4;7x4
Input power 150 W on 9x4 prop
Current 15 A on 9x4 prop
Rate of climb 6 m/s for 500 g glider

Note the Vitaprop 9x6 blades are too big for this motor on a 3S LiPo battery. Do not use them.

Reviews 8  

 Review by:

Excellent little motor which gives plenty of thrust on 2 cells mines in an O/ D lite weight 2 meter glider with a narrow front fuselage where your standard 28mm outrunner wouldn't have fitted.
I inadvertently ran it with 3 cells on a 10x6 and it still works !!

 Review by:

ADH300L Front Mount Brushless Motor

Fantastic fast shipping , and the motor is excellent!!! All the way! Thank you!

 Review by:

Impressed with this little motor

Bought this for an own design glider that used Hyperflight's Sapphire pod and boom.
It arrived in good time, and I was surprised how small and light it was. You never get a feel for these things even though the photos and specs give you the info!
Fitted without fuss and with the offset spinner and carbon 11 x 6 blades it really looked the part.
I had problems when using a Castle Creations ESC. It would not start consistently and would rattle / stop at anything above idle. This ESC did not offer any timing options, so I swapped for an EnErG and this sorted the problem. With the 11 x 6 it pulls around 95 - 100W on a 2S LiPo and pulls my little 1.5M span 440 gram glider up at around 70 degrees.
Only had three flights so far - hence only 4* at the moment - but so far very happy with performance and quality.

 Review by:

Failed after a few uses

I bought one of these to go in a Horesji Geronimo - turns out it was a bit underpowered with a 3S battery and a 9x6 prop but it worked OK. But after about 5 flights (maybe 10 minutes running time) it failed, with one lead now open circuit.

I reckon this is unrelated, but while inspecting the motor I also found that the spacing between rotor and stator varies from about 0.6 mm down to about 0.2 mm - a less serious version of David Still's fouling.

 Review by:

so far so good

I have not run them even less mounted them but they have strong magnets, much stronger than normally found in a motor of this size and they appear better made than some. We will see how they go when I have them in a plane.

 Review by:

RES Dart and this motor

Purchased an E RES Dart, and this motor. Looking forward to flying. The kit is very ingenious but the fun is translating the german building instructions as the english translation available is little better than Google Translate. Having said that, I have found Hyperflight service exceptional, speedy and friendly. Thankyou.

 Review by:

ADH300L Front Mount Brushless Motor

Fantastic service! Very fast you guys are great! The motor
is also excellent!

 Review by:

Second ones fine

I ordered one of these with a RES olution kit after installing it I couldn't get it to work it just jittered the odd time it did go it sounded very rough and on inspection the bell housing doesn't appear to be on straight, I emailed but heard nothing back so ordered a second witch runs fine with no issues so far.The first will be sent back for a refund.

HyperFlight Comment
Customer now contacted. Refund offered.

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