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Tango F5J

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The Tango F5J is a very nice 3.15m four servo wing (flap and aileron) all CNC cut wood kit. The wing uses carbon tubular spars to facilitate quick and accurate construction, and the CNC parts fit together like a beautiful giant jigsaw. Two carbon tubes per wing make it extremely torsion-resistant and allow the Tango to be flown on windier days with impunity. The large span, optimal aspect ratio, and HQ30/11 airfoil and full span control surfaces give the Tango an excellent glide angle and duration. Adding a little camber allows the models to thermal beautifully, so it can climb in even the weakest lift. The Tango is easy to master and the landings are child's play with the big flaps. The landing approach can be nearly vertical! If the flaps are set to 90° the Tango sinks safely very steeply and can be rounded out and alighted on the spot with ease.

But who is talking about landing? We want to fly the Tango does that very well. Even with normal flap position, the Tango thermals well. With the flaps in thermal position it's even better. When travelling back upwind raise the flaps a bit and the Tango pickings up speed without losing height.

The Tango really likes to circle tight. After the development and before the serial production of the models the manufacturer built several models to really verify the data. They found the Tango can fly very slowly but also has a wide speed range. It was built to circle in the thermals and to land accurately. Both are possible to perfection. The 4 control surface wing can be adapted to any desired situation. Modern programmable transmitters offer countless possibilities.

Tango Specifications
Wing span 3.1 m 124 in
Wing area 63.4 dm2 983 sq in
Length inc spinner 130 cm 51.2 in
Flying weight from 1618 g 57.1 oz
Wing loading 25.5 g/dm 8.4 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 15.6
Wing airfoil HQ30/11-10
EDA (dihedral) TBAº
Spinner Diameter TBA mm
Centre of Gravity TBA mm from wing leading edge
Controls Rudder, elevator, outer ailerons, ailerons, flap, throttle

Tango Typical Weights
Total structure 1150 g 40.6 oz
Wiring 25 g 0.9 oz
Pushrods g 0.0 oz
Receiver 10 g 0.4 oz
Rudder servo 11 g 0.4 oz
Elevator servo 11 g 0.4 oz
Wing servos (4) 66 g 2.3 oz
Speed control 45 g 1.6 oz
Motor 120 g 4.2 oz
Prop & spinner 30 g 1.1 oz
Battery 150 g 5.3 oz
Flying weight 1618 g 57.1 oz

For the Tango, motors from 200 watts of power and max. 28 mm diameter can be used
Some possible examples:
Hacker A20-6 XL 10-pole EVO + 4.4: 1
Poly-Tec 400-F5J / light m. Gear 4.4: 1
Hacker A20-12 XL EVO
Himax C 2816-1220

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This is a great kit, but if you donít read German youíll need Google Translate and look at the build pictures very carefully! The parts are well cut and the kit goes together very easily. I love the Ďcombs to help space the wing ribs and the angled piece to get the canted ribs correctly aligned. Nice touches! One thing, if you have a small car, realize this is a 2 piece wing, they take up a lot of space. It flies like a dream. My first flight launched into a thermal and it was climbing out while I trimmed it and checked how well the flaps work. The ad is right, this bird likes to fly! And, itís quite a nice looking airplane even when itís just sitting on the flight line.

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Amazing product, packing and very fast shipping! Well done Neil.

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another great kit by CAD2CNC

This is a high quality kit, especially the CF tubes employed. building the Tango was as much fun as flying it. If you have built the Samba (my favorite 2M RES), you will be familiar with the building techniques used for this bird. Instructions are in German and the Plans are not fully self explanatory. Flight characteristics are quite pleasant---very wide speed range, hard to stall with easy recovery. Highly recommend, but would use the most powerful motor that will fit in the space, i used an AXi 550 2220/20 with 14x7 GM props, which is just barely adequate .

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