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Foxtrott 2.7

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The Foxtrott 2.7 is an easy to fly and build 2.7m (107") span all wood kit. Substantially larger than a 2m model it has a great presence in the air and a performance to match. The three piece wing has generous dihedral for good stability and ailerons and spoilers for good control, safe dethermalising and easy landings.

The good sized fuselage uses a nicely shaped balsa pod with a carbon tube boom to minimise weight and wetted area. The wing has a balsa sheeted Dbox front part for good torsional strength.

The Foxtrott comes with all hardware and a superb full size plan and build manual (in German).

Foxtrott 2.7 Specifications
Wing span 2.7 m 107 in
Wing area 56.8 dm2 880 sq in
Length 122 cm 47.9 in
Flying weight from 1205 g 42.5 oz
Wing loading 21 g/dm 7.0 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 12.9
Wing airfoil S3021 mod
Dihedral (EDA) 12.0º
Spinner Diameter 38 mm
Controls Rudder, elevator, ailerons, spoiler

Foxtrott 2.7 Typical Weights
Wing centre 300 g 10.6 oz
Wing tips 315 g 11.1 oz
Fuselage pod 75 g 2.6 oz
Tailboom 30 g 1.1 oz
Tailplane & fin 50 g 1.8 oz
Covering 65 g 2.3 oz
Total structure 835 g 29.5 oz
Wiring 20 g 0.7 oz
Receiver 10 g 0.4 oz
Rudder servo 11 g 0.4 oz
Elevator servo 11 g 0.4 oz
Spoiler servo 11 g 0.4 oz
Aileron servos 22 g 0.8 oz
Motor 120 g 4.2 oz
Prop & spinner 25 g 0.9 oz
Battery 140 g 4.9 oz
Flying weight 1205 g 42.5 oz

Recommended Servos
Elevator & rudder KST X10-710, KST DS145MG, MKS DS6100, KST X08, Blue Bird BMS-125WV, Blue Bird BMS-M15H
Spoiler KST X10 Mini, KST DS135MG, MKS DS6100, Blue Bird BMS-115HV, Blue Bird BMS-125WV, Blue Bird BMS-M15V
Aileron KST X10 Mini, KST DS135MG, MKS DS6100, KST X08, Blue Bird BMS-115HV, Blue Bird BMS-125WV, Blue Bird BMS-M15V

Sprite Powertrain Recommendations
Powerline Micro 1010 3S 800mAh LiPo, 12x8 prop
Powerline Micro 1015 3S 800mAh LiPo, 15x8 prop
Hendrych/Tenshock 350 3S 800mAh LiPo, 12x6 prop
AXI 2217/16 V2 Long 3S 800mAh LiPo, 10x5 prop
Dualsky XM2826CA-10 45g outrunner 3S 800mAh LiPo, 10x7 prop (19A, 5.0 m/s)
Mega 16/15/4 geared 4.4:1 3S 800mAh LiPo, 16x8 prop
Mega 16/15/4 direct drive 2S 1000mAh LiPo, 7x4 prop
Mega 16/15/5 direct drive 2S 1000mAh LiPo, 8x4 prop

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Follow on

Follow on from previous review. I have been flying gliders for many years and all my trimming and adjustments have been in the air. For this model take note of the throws at the end of the manual . If like me you adjust in the air be warned it will not respond as you think. Once setup great model for those quiet days on a flat field.

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Denk aan invoerrechten

Wacht inmiddels anderhalve week op het model, zal wel 2 weken levertijd worden

 Review by:


1st off I marked it down one star as my kit came incomplete. 1. I only received a manual for the body and tail no details for the wing. I did source a complete manual which Neil has put on his site. 2. I had full plans for the wings but no full size plan for the body (which would have been handy for shaping) 3. Some small parts were missing (some dowel and a couple of small rods and connectors) these I had in my workshop so no problem. Having said the above I received in my kit some parts that were not part of this kit.
All though it sounds like I am disappointed far from it the plane is nearly finished and looks really good.
One thing I would say is that if you are not ok or this is your first build this Not an easy build Google translate from German is not the best read. If you can build from a plan only you will have no problem.

Comment by:

Thanks for the fast next day service in these trying times. As others have said kit well packaged and contents look excelant. Have a project on the go at the moment but can't wait to start.... Thanks again...

 Review by:

Very good kit, but .....

Perfectly model to build. Unfortunately, the kit only includes an illustrated building manual in German. For model builders who do not speak the German language, the not always easy structure should cause some problems. (I was born in Switzerland and went to school, the German language is not a problem for me.)

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