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XPower F2919/10 Light 1480 RPM/V 83g Cased Outrunner

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The F2919/10 Light is an excellent high performance cased outrunner for light 3m - 4m electric gliders, especially F5J competition ships up to 1800g weight. The 28mm diameter outer can does not rotate and the wires extend from the rear so it is perfect for installing in narrow glider noses, and the 5mm motor shaft stands up to dorked landings.

Eliminating the gearbox simplifies the powertrain and reduces the risk of failure. It also results in requiring a smaller (less efficient) propeller. In the past that was a disadvantage as powertrain efficiency was essential for good performance. However with the current state of technology excellent performance can be achieved even with small props, and they do offer several advantages, namely:
  • Less stuff hanging out in the wind and less glide drag, so overall better glide performance, especially at speed.
  • Usually a higher pitch speed is obtained, allowing very fast transitions to a low level thermal a long way away (if you are one of those god-pilots who know there the lift is).
  • Smaller propellers reduce the effects of torque, making the initial climb out easier.

XPower F2919/10 Light Specifications
KV 1480 RPM/V
Max current 38A for 30s
Power 400W
Manufacturer's Rm 30 mOhm
Measured Rm 35.6 mOhm
Dimensions Ø28.1x42.7 mm
Mounting 2 M3 on 16 mm & 2 on 19 mm diameter
Shaft diameter 5.0 mm
Weight 83 g
Number of poles 12
Recommended number of cells 3 LiPo
Recommended props 10x5-11x6"

Prop: Aeronaut CAM carbon 10x6" + 32mm spinner
Controller: XPower Xreg40 V5
Battery pack: Hot-LiPS VHD 1300 3S1P
RPM: 11900
Current drain: 34A
Static thrust: 1.5kg

Prop: carbon 10x6" + 32mm spinner
Controller: XPower Xreg40 V5
Battery pack: Hot-LiPS VHD 1300 3S1P
RPM: 12000
Current drain: 32A
Static thrust: 1.4kg

Prop: carbon 11x6" + 32mm spinner
Controller: XPower Xreg40 V5
Battery pack: Hot-LiPS VHD 1300 3S1P
RPM: 11000
Current drain: 37A
Static thrust: 1.7kg

Reviews 14  

 Review by:

Very Powerful and Light

I've seen more and more pilots using these XPower motors and have been very impressed. I finally decided to get some. They made it to me across the pond very quickly. This variant was able to pull up a 1400g Q4 4m model to almost 300m in 30 seconds.

 Review by:

Xpower motor

Not used in glider yet put appears very suitable for my glider and runs very
y smooth

 Review by:

First choice

A great product and quickly delivered !

 Review by:


Bought one of these which was one of the recommended motors for the Tango. Pretty much from the start I noticed the nose of the plane was noticeably warm to the touch. ( checked with a watt meter and was in spec.). Then the motor started turning off 10 or so seconds into the launch. On the last flight after plopping down into angle length grass I found the firewall with he motor still attached was laying on the grass with 2 of the 3 wires broken off. I am sort of assuming the wire were the problem from the start and created the more then normal heat???

 Review by:

Easy to use

The latest F5J has a very thin fuselage, limiting power unit options. Among them, I think X-Power, which can provide reliable power in the smallest size, is the best choice. The price is also reasonable. It has already been installed in multiple F5Js and can be used with confidence.

 Review by:

X Power motor

Superb for lighter models, only requires a 10' x 6' prop to get the full F5j height.

 Review by:

Great little out runner motor without the outer casing rotating.....perfect for the narrow F5J fuselages . As always arrives at the doorstep lighting fast...Neal excels with his prompted service.

 Review by:

Quick delivery

Quick delivery to nz. Always best prices and max 3 weeks delivery to nz.

 Review by:

Good service and good products. What could be more clear on the site is if the prices are including or excluding VAT. I had to pay additional import administration fees plus VAT, which made it a lot less competitive.

 Review by:

XPower F2919/10 Light 83g 1480 RPM/V

Loved the power of the windy edition so bought this one for my Light 5J. Care must be taken, when installing in 30mm CNC mount. that absolutely no epoxy builds up to the inside edge. You need all of mount area clear, or you will not seat the motor flush.

 Review by:

Excellent bit of engineering and surprisingly complete with 4 bearings.
Beware the short step at the back of the motor where the diameter is increased slightly.
In an Inside F5j, on 3 cells and swinging an 11x6 the climb is very spritely.

 Review by:

XPower electric motor

Bought this for a Travel Adventure 3m F5J ship....fits nicely in the nose, and the service was in accordance to tradition.....First rate!!!

 Review by:

All good and waiting for use.

 Review by:

Looks well built not in plane yet. Service awesome as always.

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