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Spada GoFast 3m

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The Spada GoFast is a good sized 3m (10ft) sports racer and aerobatic slope soarer from James Hammond's Aeroic company. Though at home in big lift it is also capable of great performance on scratchy days, and can thermal soar in the right conditions.

Aeroic test pilot Red Jensen wrote "I love it. No bad habits at all. Seems to do everything well, excels at high speed turns and acro. Slow speed/Landing manners are impeccable. No hint of dropping a wing. Can’t wait to get some ballast in it. Honestly, I think I’m most impressed about how hard it pings the turns even in the light lift. I was coming into the turn and banging it full elevator, and it just popped around and went right back out. No hint to flick at all and didn’t even mush, just held energy very well. Can’t wait to see what it does with some weight in it. I know it’s going to be awesome." Red is a very good and experienced pilot and also Runs NASA Armstrong flight testing.

James Hammond designed the Spada to be the follow-on to the Redshift F3F which was reasonably successful but could be improved with the experience obtained. Taking the useful feedback from the top pilots who flew the original plane the Spada was designed with a slimmer, lighter, stronger, bottom-loading fuselage. The wing design was also subtly improved with better optimized Optimum Lift Distribution (ODR) planform and low drag/High response aerofoil set. The construction was improved with harder wing skin layups and a double sine wave spar as standard. Also the new super light Aeroic carbon tissue skinned tailplanes keep the tail end light, creating a potentially lighter or stronger model with better pitch response. The result in a plane that is faster overall, accelerates instantly, turns tighter and has more energy retention potential than any model in the Aeroic stable. It is a pure-bred racing plane built to withstand the rigors of F3F or MOM racing. Spada is fast, agile, easy to fly and has no bad habits. Additionally it responds very progressively to flaps making it extremely easy to land.

Construction: GFK/CFK Hybrid (Aeroic)
Wings: Carbon with Aeroic Sine Wave Spar - SS version with double carbon skin
Fuse: Strong Carbon/Kevlar Reinforced Glass (2.4Ghz friendly)
Tailplanes: Carbon tissue skinned.

Spada Specifications
Span 3.0m 118 in
Wing area 43 dm2 666 sq in
Length 1.5m 59 in
Tail area 5.8 dm2 100 sq in
Total area 53.8 dm2 834 sq in
Flying weight from 2.1 Kg 74 oz
Wing Loading at 2.1 Kg 49 g/dm2 16 oz/sq ft
Wing Loading at 4 Kg 74 g/dm2 25 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 19
Wing aerofoils JH3580, JH3575, JH3570
Centre of Gravity TBA - 95-100 mm from wing leading edge
Controls Ailerons, flaps, V tail
Designer Dr. James D. Hammond

Recommended RC
V tail (servo body max 23 mm x 12 mm) MKS HV6125e, MKS DS6125e, KST DS215MG, KST X12-508, KST MS320, KST MS325
Flap (servo max 12 mm thick) MKS HV6130, KST X10, KST A12-T, KST DS125
Aileron (servo max 10 mm thick) MKS HV6130, KST X10, KST DS125
Receiver 6 channel rx to match your transmitter
Power Radient 1600 mAh 6V, 2S LiFe
The supplied servo frames fit KST X10 sized servos.

More info on this RCGroups Spada 3m thread.

Spada Gofast flying in southern California in 8~10mph variable winds.

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