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Eli F3L 2m

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The Eli F3L is a very beautiful high performance F3L/F3-RES model from Eastern Europe. With attractive elliptical flying surfaces (hence the name) and a very long tailboom it flies as well as it looks. The Eli model won all three Slovak competitions in F3-RES in Slovakia in 2020. It was 4th place in Austrian F3-RES nationals and won E-RES once. Eli is made from very accurately CNC and laser cut balsa with lightweight wound tubular carbon booms for the main spar and tailboom, giving excellent strength and light weight. The kit includes hardware for the Eli to be built for either F3L (pure glider) or F5L (electric). F3L and F5L are the new names for F3-RES (glider) and F5-RES (electric) competition classes.

The Eli design philosophy, as stated by the manufacturer is "This model is made for more dynamic flying which you know from F3J and F5J, it is not for standing in the wind. Whole conception is adapted to this fact. There are tubes for ballast about 100 g in the wing."

The balsa and ply parts are cleanly laser and CNC cut. The fuselage consists of a wooden (plywood/balsa) pod and a light weight tapered carbon tailboom with a balsa tailplane mount. The fin is fixed to the tailboom and the tailplane is removable. Both the fin and the tailplane are cut from a high quality lightweight balsa. The wing is connected to the fuselage using a through joiner. This makes for fast and easy assembly at the field as the wing is retained by magnets - there is nothing to screw. The wing main spar is a tapered carbon tube, which provides excellent strength and very light weight. Riblets ensure the covering material follows the airfoil contour accurately. There are two large spoilers for safely exiting thermals and precise landings.

The Eli can be built fast and accurately without any complications. The kit contents include all the necessary parts to build this sophisticated model easily, including pre-bent leading edge parts and a wing rib alignment jig. The well selected balsa and ply parts are cleanly laser cut and the wound carbon spars are light and well made, with the tip spars tapered. All the control parts and small accessories are included. The kit comes with parts to allow the model to be built as a pure glider or an electric glider. However the internal width is only about 23mm at the nose so installing an outrunner will be a squeeze.

The kit includes a professional quality full size plan with isometric views and a beautifully illustrated English build manual. Also see this excellent photo build log as an additional construction guide.

This is one of the nicest F3L kits we have seen and is highly recommended. Thanks to Nick Pusey for use of his photos.

(C) 2021 Neil Stainton

Eli F3-RES Specifications
Wing span 2.0 m 78 in
Wing area 34.7 dm2 538 sq in
Length 120 cm 47.4 in
Flying weight from 420 g 14.8 oz
Wing loading 12.1 g/dm2 4.0 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 11.3
Wing airfoil AG24 modified
Dihedral (EDA) 12.0º
Spinner Diameter 30 mm
Centre of Gravity 75-78 mm from wing leading edge
Controls Rudder, elevator, spoilers

Eli F3-RES Typical Weights
Bare structure 290 g 10.2 oz
Covering 50 g 1.8 oz
Total structure 340 g 12.0 oz
Receiver 6 g 0.2 oz
Rudder servo 5 g 0.2 oz
Elevator servo 5 g 0.2 oz
Spoiler servos (2) 10 g 0.4 oz
Battery 54 g 1.9 oz
Flying weight 420 g 14.8 oz

Recommended RC
Rudder & elevator servos Blue Bird BMS-101DMG, Blue Bird BMS-101HV, KST X06, CHA DS06
Spoiler servos Blue Bird BMS-101DMG, Blue Bird BMS-101HV, KST X06, CHA DS06
Receiver 4 or 5 channel receiver to match your transmitter
Battery Radient 1S 700 mAh LiPo, Dream-Flight 300 mAh 4.8V NiMH, HyperFlight 650 mAh 4.8V NiMH, Dream-Flight 700 mAh 4.8V NiMH, 1S 2600 mAh Li-Ion, 2S 300-600mAh LiPo

Control Throws
Rudder 17 mm each way
Elevator 12 mm up & down
Spoilers 80º up
Spoiler mix 3 mm up elevator with 45º up spoiler

Electric Powertrain Recommendations
Hacker A10-7L 4.4:1 3S 450mAh LiPo, 12x8, 13x8
DYS D2225-19 2S 450mAh LiPo, 9x6, 10x5
DYS D2225-19 3S 450mAh LiPo, 7x3.5, 7x4, 8x4
ADH300L** 2S 450mAh LiPo, 11x6
ADH300L** 3S 450mAh LiPo, 8x6, 9x5
** This motor will need a small widening of the internal fuse space to fit.

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 Review by:

Eli F3 RES

Quality kit and instructions, all went together perfectly, I'm nearly ready for covering.
Using the DYS D2225-19 1350kv with a 3S 500mAh and JX DHV56MG servos.
Looking forward to the maiden. Service from Hyperflight was outstanding, and it made it all the way to Australia in one piece.

 Review by:


I wanted to wait until I had completed the build and flown the model before posting a review. I mostly scratch build my planes from plans rather than a kit but wanting a 2m glider and faced with all those ribs, so on this occasion I chose the Eli RES. Like other reviewers I was very impressed with the quality of the kit and apart from a few head scratches during building, it went together very nicely with excellent fits. I used a suggested power train of the DYS D2225-19 1350kv (which is a nice snug fit in the nose) and the 28A BLHI-32 ESC. For r/e I used a pair of the CHA DS06 Chaservo and a pair of Power HD servos for the spoilers. The suggested spoiler/servo mechanism works fine. I covered the model with Hyperflight's own transparent covering and was surprised how nicely it worked. Finished weight was 470g with a Tattu 750mAh battery which I was able to squeeze in. I have flown it several times now, the power setup gives several reasonable climbs and although there was marginal lift on most occasions I flew the ELI it still managed not to disappoint. I can't wait for some better days. Spoilers are set to about 60 degrees and a little up elevator to compensate. They are not overly effective. I would thoroughly recommend the Eli, it looks and flies great. Excellent service from Hyperflight.

 Review by:

Amazing Kit

Top quality parts, perfectly cut and good instructions plus a colour plan

 Review by:

Eli kit was a Christmas present to myself.I am shortly starting the build and so far can only say that I am very satisfied with the quality of the parts.. The overseas delivery and packaging were excellent.

 Review by:

Eli F3l 2m

Was very impressed seeing one flying at my club , had to have one. The usual great service from hyperfligh, arrived next day well packaged . The kit is good quality with all the accessories to complete the build.

 Review by:


It's two years since I reviewed the kit I had just received and I thought it only fair to comment on the build and flying performance of the Eli. I flew it in last year's competitions and I feel that it made me look much better than I really am. It flies very well indeed! In one competition at Buckminster, after flying one max, I made the
really stupid decision to launch again without checking the battery and caught a thermal after releasing from the bungee. It was joined by some buzzards and I watched the model and birds disappear downwind, circling gracefully, without having any means of controlling the flight. It apparently landed in a farmer's field about 3 miles away and he telephoned Buckminster. Manny kindly picked it up for me. On my next visit for a competition, after cleaning off some sheep poo, I was able to fly with it! This is some model: it's very lightweight and looks fragile - but is much more robust than appearance suggests.
In strong winds, although it will still penetrate, it would benefit from adding ballast (ballast tubes are provided in the kit) and I have prepared some for using where necessary this year.
I think this model is really excellent!

 Review by:


I ordered a Eli RES kit from the website, the parcel arrived on the specific day that i requested, the kit was very well protected in a postal box, really pleased with this purchase along with all my previous purchases from Hyperflight and look forward to many more, Thank You

 Review by:

Eli F3L electric

I found the Eli on Hyperflight and loved the look of this model with the elliptical flying surfaces. I ordered from hyperflight and it arrived in 5 days from the uk to Pennsylvania!

The quality of the kit is amazing and the build was easy all the information is on the plans. The wood provided was l nice and light- all parts were numbered and the fit was excellent- it was a joy to put together. There are two shims included that go beneath the undercamber section of the airfoil during the build- other than that it’s a basic build on plan design.

I used the recommended DYS motor and it fits the fuselage with barely enough space. I used the GM 30 mm spinner - with 8x4 vita prop blades , a castle talon 15 ESC and a 3 cell Tattu 550 mah 95 c flight battery.

The model builds fast and I was ready for covering in 4 days ( roughly 20 hours). I covered mine with Ultracote Light and it was very easy to work with and went on the light weight structures beautifully - I would not recommend using a heavier covering material .

I got to test fly my Eli about two weeks ago and it flew well right off the building board…. a couple clicks of elevator trim was all that was necessary.

The power system is adequate it climbs at a 40 degree angle - I would like a little more power but it does the job.

I have flown my Eli about 5 outings now and I have to say that this is a really well designed model - it handles great it thermals with ease with a all up weight of 439 grams.

I have been getting one hour flights without using the motor more than once or twice from 60 - 70 meters launch height.

I am not sure why this model is not more popular- The two piece wings slide on and are held by a magnet retention system and auto mating spoiler servo connectors make it simple to assemble at the field … it literally takes 20 seconds to plug the battery in and slide the wings on !


 Review by:

Eli F3L 2m Beginners build

This is my 2nd only build ever and this kit has been very user friendly, easy and fun to assemble. The team at Hyperflight are keen to help, quick and very professional. Looking forward to flying it. Highly recommended.

 Review by:

Eli F3 RES

I bought the kit off Neil back in August, I only have a very small space to build so I specifically wanted the Eli, due to the wings construction, they are built in 3 sections on each wing.
The quality of kit is excellent, I was very impressed with the plans, they are extremely easy to understand and great to follow.
Build wise, once you get over using the carbon rods, the build is a dream, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I look forward to building another amazing Kit from Hyperflight.
My only regret in the build is not with the kit, but rather with the glue, super glue made my life alot harder when it came to the wing construction.
All in all 10 out of 10 for the kit, its a great easy build and I am sure when the time comes my Eli will be a lovely model to fly!
Thanks again Neil for an amazing service as always!!

 Review by:

Eli res glider

There is no doubt that is a fabulous kit. I t arrived here within two two days of ordering it inside two massive strong cardboard boxes. Opening, the piece or balsa and plywood are a joy to see. Perfect. The plan is self explanatory and building will be a delight. This is the first kit I have ever bought and it is perfect

 Review by:

Eli F3-RES 2m

This was my first laser cut kit. I was amazed how the pieces are precisely cut. It was quick and easy to build except sanding the trailing edge was a big chore. I reinforced the soft balsa tail seat using some 1oz fiberglass cloth. Can't wait to fly.

 Review by:

Eli F3-RES 2m.

Beautiful kit with nice wood, nicely cut, and accurate fit. It builds into a lovely shaped machine without difficulty. Mine came out nose heavy with Hacker A10-7=4.4:1

 Review by:

Eli F3RES kit

The Eli is an advanced F3RES competition sailplane. The wood selection and parts fit are good, but the design is not for beginners in this class. The design is well thought out, and with the excellent plan sheet, there were no ambiguities in putting things together. I look forward to flying this ship when the snow melts a bit.

 Review by:


Very accurate kit makes building a dream. They look so beautiful, as I hoped. Didn't glue the 6 panels so they can be covered apart.I will use just a few drops glue in between them before flying. That may save unnecessarily damage in unhappy landings. The tail doesn't appeal to the graphics of the wings and will be build in much more transparent and lighter/stiffer. Tailseat in soft balsa will be exchanged . Fuselage is neat and stiff but nose was to be thickened to get a little Axy outrunner innside. Looking forward to fly this beauty in a few weeks.

 Review by:

Eli F3-RES

Splendid kit. Just started building; a few bits of regrinding (!) to get parts to come together as intended but that's no big deal. Service exemplary and Neil couldn't have been more helpful. Roll on Spring!

 Review by:


nicely presented kit with excellent plan. took 8 days to build and fit motor to F5 spec with Hacker A7 geared motor- plan shows conversion and 2 motor bulkheads are included with different hole spacings. went together very well though tailplane pylon is fiddly. wing tips are very weak and I braced them with bent wire at T.E. and carbon rod into mainspar. turned up some stainless ballast bars to give an extra 100g and have now flown with and without ballast- very impressive all-round. looking forward to some competitions.

 Review by:

Eli F3-RES

Truly excellent kit, the laser cutting being the best I have seen. With an eliptical wing plan and tapered carbon fibre tube spars the laser cutting had to be spot on - and it was, everything fitted. All materials are top quality. Mine came out slightly heavy at 475 grams but I made no effort to keep the weight down as I wanted to use it more as a light wind slope soarer. I flew it today in a 'bit of a breeze' and as I suspected in the conditions, the performance was better with the ballast fitted. In very light air it will be fine without the ballast - it flies very well indeed. Spoilers are very effective too. I may even invest in a bungee!
Very highly recommended and of course top service from Neil.

 Review by:

Eli - F3-RES kit

This is simply an outstanding kit and a complete joy to put together. The full size plan is a work of art and should be framed and hung up in the workshop. Quality of everything is superb and as long as you have a degree of building ability will not be a problem. Having said that, with more than fifty years now of making model airplanes, there were still a couple of mistakes made. One too embarrassing to mention. And if building another one, half a dozen things I would do differently. But on the whole, simply outstanding. Finished model looks lovely, slightly heavier than planned at 447 gm, and ready for maiden flight, hopefully soon. Build one, you will love the experience as I did. GM.

 Review by:


Not a lot to report just yet (only just purchased and delivered the next day, thanks Neil!) but a close study today of the kit contents, the plan and instruction sheet, and the Google Album as well, reveals an extremely good quality product, which should go together without fuss.

Looking forward to building and eventually flying.

 Review by:

Eli F3 RES kit

Kit arrived as other items before within three days. this is a really well made kit. I won't be starting on it just yet as other projects in hand. Thanks Hyperflight.

 Review by:

Amazing Order Turnaround

Ordered late afternoon and delivered just over 24 hours later. I've looked longingly at the plan and the kit components but am not yet ready to start building. The quality of the balsa and the part-cutting is very impressive. The English translation of the build instructions is a little challenging but I think I've worked it all out. "Controll turning of the wing, on tip-1 negative 1-2mm ......" was particularly challenging but I'm assuming that it really does mean washout.
Hyperflight have a fabulous selection of kits and their response to customer orders is second-to-none. I know that obtaining balsa kits from Europe is very difficult at the moment and I hope that will be resolved because I look forward to building more of these.

HyperFlight comment: Yes it means washout.

 Review by:

Beautiful Kit

Beautiful kit, cutting and wood. First class, fast delivery and very well packaged. A1.
A pleasure to build. Thank you HyperFlight.

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