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Sapphire Ultralight Fuselage-suitable for 1.5m-2.5m gliders & eSoarers

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Pure or electric glider ultra lightweight pod, as used in our Sapphire Ultralight electric glider. Can be supplied with the nosecone intact or removed and a firewall fitted, for use with an inrunner or small outrunner electric motors.

This ultralight pod has a very light carbon/Kevlar layup. This is very slim and the electric version requires a 28mm or 30mm (max) spinner. We recommend the Hacker B20-18L or Hacker A10-7L motors, both geared 4:1.

Supplied with a removable carbon canopy. The 18.5mm boom is not included in the base price and should be selected using the Tailboom option. The Blaster V mount fits this boom and can be purchased separately to make a complete Drela type pod-boom-tail mount fuselage.

Suitable for use on Allegro Lite and Bubble Dancer type models. For a 2m size model the boom can be cut down to about 60-70 cm. A 1m boom is the perfect length for a Bubble Dancer, making this a very nice option for that classic design.

If the width of the opening under the canopy is too small for the motor you wish to use it is perfectly okay to open it up by filing or Dremelling away some of the material. This will not appreciably weaken the pod.

Sapphire Ultralight Pod Specification
Glider pod length ex spigot 43.7 cm 17.2 in
Glider pod length inc spigot 49.2 cm 19.4 in
Nose to wing LE 23.4 cm 9.2 in
Wing root chord 18.5 cm 7.3 in
Max wing chord No limit
Weight 27.6 g 1.0 oz
Spinner diameter 28 mm - 30 mm
Boom spigot diameter 17.3 mm
Recommended boom wide end OD 18 mm

Reviews 12  

 Review by:

Ultra light Sapphire fuselage

Exceptional quality, light and robust, great value, fits my Horejsi Hot Shot like a glove. Exceptional service yet again. Thanks.

 Review by:

Exceptional service yet again!

Ordered Sun , arrived Tuesday super well packed as always.

 Review by:

Exceptional service yet again!

Ordered Sun , arrived Tuesday super well packed as always.

 Review by:

Fuselage saphire

Une véritable œuvre d’art!
J’en ai acquis deux pour les équiper avec les ailes du MadRES d’Hyoerflight et du Pegasus de Topmodel, j’arrive à des planeurs électriques de 2m pour moins de 500gr tout équipés avec micro moteur type hacker À10 réducté et batterie d’air soft, longue et étroite pour pouvoir être glissée dans le fuselage.
Livraison rapide, articles bien protégés dans leurs emballages bulles.
Je recommande cet article et Hyperflight quî est une maison de confiançe.

 Review by:

Sapphire ultralight fuselage

Excellent item strong and very light , prompt service

 Review by:

excellent product, great service

 Review by:

Ordered and delivered the next day great service. Replacement for pilot error on my part. 32mm hyper spinner is the perfect fit.

 Review by:

Service like no other!!

The Fuse quality was as expected fantastic!
But more importantly Neil's service is WORLD CLASS!
I can't get this service locally in Sydney and he makes it happen across the globe.
Great store. Great product. Great support.
What more does a modeller want.

Well done Neil.
Keep ahead of the competition!!

 Review by:

Fantastic upgrade from the original Fuselage which has a very "guppy look" to it. Much lighter, stronger.

 Review by:

Very nice!

Purchased this Fuselage, an 18mm-8mm tapered carbon boom and a Blaster 2&3 v mount. All arrived in pristine shape to the US in about 4 weeks. Nice workmanship and finish.

 Review by:

Sapphire Ultralight Fuselag

Very nice and well done. Shipping across the pond was quick. Very impressed with the product and the customer service. ~thanks

 Review by:

Good quality,fast shiping,nice product,
but the pod was a little bit damaged, parcel was not correct packed,-compressed

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