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Encanto X F5L with ballast

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The Encanto X F5L kit is a high performance electric glider optimised for the F5L / F5-RES 2m class with forgiving flight charicteristics. This ultimate RES 2m e-glider is probably the top of the performance/technology pile as of early 2024.

The balsa parts are very precisely laser cut from excellent quality wood, with additional CNC routed and 3D printed items when more complex shapes are needed. The kit contains a construction jig to ease assembly and the full size plan is detailed and ensures accurate construction.

Flight weight is approximately 480 grams. Ballast capacity is 150 grams. The ballast set is included when purchasing from HyperFlight.

Technical parameters:

- Wingspan 1990 mm
- Length 1350 mm
- Wing area 35.6 dm2
- Surface area 40.16 dm2
- Profile JK 9372
- CG 104-105.5 mm from LE

See this RCGroups Encanto F5L thread and also this one about the Encanto F3L glider version thread for lots more info and build photos.

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