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Dream-Flight Weasel-Trek 90cm

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The Weasel-Trek is the new 90 cm (35") stowable slope flying wing from Dream Flight. Intended for higher wind speeds than the Alula, the Weasel gives insane slope fun without costing the Earth or taking up too much space. It is the latest version of the popular RC sloper from Dream-Flight. The ultra lightweight and packable airframe is perfect for travel and exploration, assembling in minutes without glue! Whether at a coastal dune, mountain ridge, the only limit is your soaring imagination. Spend less time inside building and more time outside flying, with Dream-Flight.

The Weasel-Trek was developed from the ground up to provide pilots of all skill levels a unique RC sloping experience with minimal building skills required. Getting into the air has never been easier.

Kit Features
  • "ARG" Almost Ready to Glide - NO GLUE interlocking design uses rare earth magnets.
  • Wide flight envelope for smooth, easy gliding or aggressive in-your-face slope aerobatics.
  • Precision-molded EPO foam and composite parts ensure a lightweight and durable airframe.
  • Wing retention system allows for quick break down and assembly at any location.
  • Integrally molded control surfaces for minimum weight and building ease.
  • Easy to launch - molded finger pocket makes for easy launching in all conditions.
  • Integrated ballast compartment - quickly adapt to varying wind conditions.
  • Complete hardware package includes light linkages, carbon-fibre pushrods, decals and more.
  • All pushrods and clevises, for connecting the servos to the control surfaces are included.
  • Detailed construction manual for easy assembly in approximately one hour.
  • Designed to go where your spirit for adventure leads you!

Items Required for Completion
Transmitter with programmable elevon mixing and adjustable dual rates
Micro receiver, such as Futaba R2106GF
2 Sub-micro servos
Receiver battery: 4.8V 750 mAh 5/4AAA NiMH
Small tools.

Many thanks to David Hogg for his great photos.

Dream-Flight Weasel Trek Specifications
Wing span 90 cm 35.4 in
Wing area 23.42 dm2 363 sq in
Flying weight from 312 g 11.5 oz
Wing loading from 13.3 g/dm2 4.6 oz/ft2
Wing airfoil Proprietary
Controls Elevons

Recommended R/C-nano gear only
Elevon servos (2) Dream-Flight 12.4g, MKS DS75K, Ripmax SD100, Ripmax SD150, Blue Bird BMS-101AMG, Blue Bird BMS-101DMG, Blue Bird BMS-101HV, KST X08
Receivers 2+ channel rx to suit your transmitter, eg Spektrum AR6270T, AR6260, AR6100e, Futaba R2106GF, FrSky X4R, Orange DSM2 compatible, Jeti Duplex R5, Multiplex Mlink RX-6-DR Light
Battery Dream-Flight 750 mAh 4.8V NiMH, HyperLiPo 2S 300 mAh

Note the model is designed around the Dream-Flight 12.4 g Digital Metal Gear servo and this is recommended as it will fit without any modification to the foam structure. However other servos can be fitted easily by the more experienced modeller. If fitting a LiPo battery make sure the servos can operate at this voltage - the Dream Flight servos can't.

See the PDF for more info.

Reviews 27  

 Review by:

Very Versatile- plug and play

This is a flight review, Ive had this a while so won't dwell on the super efficient delivery of HF (as ever!) Today I finally had the chance to take this out fir a whirl. This is so much hassle free fun. The conditions were changeable but due to the neat little pockets for adding ballast I was able to fly in low to medium wings with a single plane. I have an Alula which is another favorite of mine but this a bit more authority in winder conditions but still feelblikebits on rails. Highly recommended

 Review by:

Worth the wait......and the ivestment

After the usual Superquick Hyperflight delivery, I have to say this is a great plane. goes together really quick and feels more solid than my much loved Alula. Flight report coming soon.
"Highly recommended!!!!

 Review by:

Awesome model

Brilliant plane in terms of attention to detail and overall fit and finish. This extends to the instruction manual, useful for the less experienced (ie myself!). Sadly I've only done some trimming flights in a park due to lockdown so far, though that was very promising, and resulted in taking out the small amount of lead I had added.

I used the excellent KST 08 V5 servos, as suggested on Hyperflight's website, and the servo lugs fitted the Weasel's slot holes perfectly. However they are somewhat smaller than Dreamflight's servos and do not fill the bays, and by the time I finished poking around with decorating the model the servos seemed to have a fair bit of movement within their push-fit location, which seemed to be asking for trouble over the course of a few flights. I therefore epoxied in ultra-thin ply (0.4mm or 0.8mm) as a backing plate under the servo', and (once dry) stuck 'the servos in with double-sided tape, and they now don't budge. Because these are narrower servos they end up perfectly flush with the wing surface after this treatment.

For inexperienced fliers contemplating this model, it's worth knowing that the Weasel is included in the excellent free / donation-based slope-soaring flight simulator PicaSim. During lockdown I've had fun and improved my flying by "virtually" flying this model, including working on the limbo challenge on the simulator (as many times through a soccer goal as you can in 2 minutes). I'm hopeful this will improve the longevity of my model.

Love the convenience factor and portability of this model, it'll obviously get extra air time over other models for this reason alone.

 Review by:

And addendum to my initial review

Further to my first review where I stated this was a wonderful model for soaring in light’ish winds. Since then I have flown the Weasel with the DreamFlight 50 gram ballast cube. I now often fly in 20 mph winds which it now manages well. The extra weight also improves the momentum for carrying speed during aerobatics. The ballast cube has greatly extended the wind speed envelope and I would definitely recommend for stronger winds.

 Review by:

Amazing holiday slope soarer!

Having always loved slope soaring but rarely having the opportunity to fly, I wanted to buy a compact slope soarer that I could take on holidays and which could handle a range of wind conditions — and could also take the odd knock and bump without breaking. My previous ‘holiday’ slope soarer — the balsa and fibreglass Nano Floh — was great fun and was very lightweight, but the film covering over the balsa wing was prone to punctures and the wing itself was also pretty delicate.

The Weasel Trek has fitted the bill perfectly! It was a pleasure to assemble, and literally only required the use of a small screwdriver to complete the build. I then added some red and black adhesive film (sold by HyperFlight) and the decals that came in the box to personalise the plane and also make it more visible in the air.

I’ve now flown the Weasel at 4 different locations, each with different hill profiles and with varying amounts of wind (from light / medium to seriously stiff!), and the Weasel has handled all the conditions very admirably! I almost always fly it using the ‘high’ rates as detailed in the manual, and it gives it very spritely performance. Being basically a large wedge of lightweight foam, it doesn’t carry its speed particularly well (certainly compared to the all glass-fibre 2m slope soarer I used to fly), but it still recovers height well after a fast dive and generally a blast to hurl around the sky.

I’ve also developed my own lead ballast weights which allows me to add 15g, 30g or 45g of lead to the ballast cavity in the underside of the wing just behind the finger rest. I’ve not noticed a huge difference in performance yet, but the lead will certainly help the plane carry its speed better and also penetrate into stronger winds. The weights were formed by pouring molten lead into square aluminium tubing, cutting it to length, covering it in clear heat-shrink, and then drilling a 3mm hole in the middle for an M3 nylon screw. I then sunk an M3 threaded pillar into the foam at the bottom of the ballast cavity for the screw to screw into. Fortunately the foam wing is deep enough to allow either both 15g and 30g weights to be used together, or for no weights to be used, without the M3 nylon screw sticking out of the top surface of the wing, even when fully screwed in.

The Weasel Trek is a blast to fly and I’m so glad I bought it — I now take it everywhere with me on holidays if there’s a chance we will encounter the slightest of hills!

 Review by:

Great flying machine

Having previously owned a ‘Wildthing’ flying wing I thought the Weasel would be similar and initially tried soaring the Weasel in a strong wind. It did not have the penetration and basically fairly unsuccessful. The second outing to the soaring site was in very little wind, approximately 6 to 8 mph. The weasel was amazing. In these conditions. It immediately rose to a high height so I could safely put in though fairly extreme aerobatics. On the higher suggested throws the weasel will keep you on your toes and preform all the aerobatics anyone could wish for. Switching down to the smaller suggested throws it is so docile and gentle with am amazingly slow flying speed. It is a beautiful light wind soaring machine that will delight with its smooth and responsive flying characteristics.
One thing I should mention is the launching. I first threw the weasel hard in a level attitude to launch on the soaring slope. This resulted in a vertical climb before stalling alarmingly. I soon learnt that the way to launch is to almost put the Weasel into the air with a gentle movement forward with a level attitude. The weasel will then beautifully float away smoothly.
I would highly recommend this model for those light wing days. It flies so smoothly and efficiently yet highly aerobatic. A brilliant model and definitely worth the fairly high price for a foamy as it is a quality kit extremely well thought out.

 Review by:

A good product, fitted together very well with no issues. Arrived in a strong box.
Always a great service from Hyperflight.

 Review by:

Weasel trek

Great product, high quality, they’re recommended servos are great too.

 Review by:

Weasel Trek

At first I thought this a little expensive for a foamy but I now think it is a wonderful model. It is so well designed and perfected. Easy to finish and put in the air. Flying is absolutely amazing. With throws set to minimum it is gentle and agile in the air. Put the throw to recommendation maximum and Vooo!!! It will put you on your toes and will perform almost all imaginable aerobatic manoeuvers in spectacular, reliable and smooth manner. A marvellous little model, a bundle of fun! Highly recommended.

 Review by:


Excellent performer. Used to have a foam wing of another brand which was a pretty good flyer but this one is something else. Very quick to build. Build quality and instructions also good. Get one!

 Review by:

Great service from shop. The Weasel Trek flies brilliantly but take ballast with you. Fits into a back pack or pannier. I also take spare 2M size bolts which (if you are clumsy like me) are easily lost at flying sites and are essential for fastening wing and control rods. eBay have loads. To sum up the plane and shop are highly recommended. Btw. After a bad smash I needed a spare part from U.S. manufacturer. It arrived v fast.

 Review by:

Weasel-Trek = ideal traveling companion

I have flown RC planes and Helis for many years, but am a novice at Slope Soaring.
I was going on a month's holiday to Portugal all June. Expected perfect flying weather but too complicated to take & build a kit and no room for a plane already built.

I ordered the Weasel-Trek on a Friday, with recommended servos, battery and postage upgrade. Arrived 11:00 Saturday morning, into a suitcase and off to the airport.

I built (assembled) the plane in the holiday Flat - very quick and easy with mainly a small phillips screwdriver needed.
Note to HyperFlight : You do not need glue. You do need tape to decorate (add visibility) and cover the wing and tail joints for security.

I found a small sand dune ridge by the beach and had a lot of fun learning the basics. Just brilliant.

Packed up the plane to bring it home easily, pretty small box and reassembled it. I tried a serious slope with about 10 - 20 mph wind and wow, this thing just flew and flew.

I am super happy with the HyperFlight service, the Weasel-Trek is so practical for a traveler and flys so beautifully.

 Review by:

I bought the Weasel to give me more flying options. It was delivered quickly and well packed, I ordered the recommended servos and battery pack which fitted perfectly. To balance it i added a small amount of lead in battery slot. On my first attempt to fly off a slope i had no weight in the nose which made it a bit manic to handle but when i added the extra weight it made a huge difference. This is a big learning curve after flying on a flat field but such a buzz . I will be taking it on holidays as it fits easily in the car. This thing has fun written all over it and I am so glad i bought it.
Thanks to Hyperflight for a great product and service to match.

 Review by:

Dream Weasel-Trek

Excellently presented product with clear and comprehensive instructions. Product delivered promptly from an easy to use website

 Review by:

Weasel Trek

Paid for my weasel and it arrived one day later. I installed an Alula flight pack after modifying the battery hole so it fitted right up to the nose and super glued two bluebird 101hv servos in place. It took a bit of lead to get the balance point correct but my completed Weasel was nice and light.
Took it to crown hill for a test flight in 5mph wind and it flew perfectly first time, brilliant fun, I love scratchy conditions. The wind increased to about 10 mph and it flew really well, looping, rolling and gaining height very quickly in the smallest thermal.
Better than the Alula in my opinion but they both seem a bit expensive for a small flying wing foamie, well developed design though.
Tip: Spend some time setting up the control surface movements, C of G and exponential EXACTLY as it says in the instructions.

 Review by:

Weasel Trek

Much improved on original version, easy to put together and as long as C of G is accurately obtained, performs very well. First flights in 20 mph winds and performed well with and without ballast. Important to keep elevator throws low initialy and I find about 20% expotential on both controls helps.
Would have liked some bright decals but otherwise great value.

 Review by:

Great Flier

Excellent in flight and great fun, but disappointed that the decals aren't included. A bit pricey for what comes in the box.

 Review by:

Most Excellent!

After many years' absence from the slopes I turned to Hyperflight for guidance and to the Weasel Trek (WT) as the ‘best bet’ for my return: I'm glad I did. Hyperflight's service was swift and impeccable and Neil's patient and professional guidance on NIMH batteries was invaluable - many thanks. To summarise my experience with the WT - it assembled quickly and easily, the mouldings and accessories were faultless, it copes splendidly in light and strong winds and can fly both gracefully and with amazing agility. Excellent value! For more detail, read on.

Following the clear WT manual exactly in all but the control throws (more on this later) I assembled the wee beastie in under an hour. The recommended Dream Flight servos and battery fit perfectly. The Spektrum AR400 receiver (which has top connectors) fits with room to spare. With the C of G adjusted to the marks under the wing, and the elevons centred, the WT flew perfectly from the first chuck. I then flew it comfortably, without ballast, in winds from 6kt to 20kt, gaining height easily in the lulls and penetrating well at 20kt. Improvising a 47gram ballast weight (from ten pennies wrapped in sufficient masking tape for a tight push-fit into the ballast bay), I tried this in winds over 15kt: it improved penetration noticeably and did not dislodge during aerobatics. The manual suggests control throw values to suit both the fearless and the timid. I set-up 3 Control Rates beginning with slightly less deflection than the recommended Low Rate. By trial and error I then set 2 further (more thrilling) rates - the higher of which applies slightly less deflection than the manual's recommended High Rate. I also applied 15% exponential to all axes. In practice my low rate setting is restful and appropriately gentle when curious Red Kites fly alongside but aerobatics are slow; I use my mid-rates for basic aerobatics whilst my little-used high rates remind me of a bluebottle twizzling against a window. Using my mid-rates, tight loops and fast aileron rolls are easy but airspeed diminishes very quickly. Bigger, graceful loops and slow axial rolls look nicer and maintain airspeed better. Spins are straightforward and stable, with a brisk rotation rate; recovery is just a matter of centring the stick. I even tried DLGing my WT on a calm day - it was not a great success (I should have eaten a bigger breakfast).

 Review by:

Love it

The Weazel is my go to slope soarer for all weather conditions and i'm so glad i bought it. The kit is high quality, goes together in about 30mins and flys perfect. I love carving out tight grooves and turns on the slope. So far I've flown it in 6mph - 25mph winds without issue. There's a handy ballest box under the fuselage. It's had a few less than perfect landings but it's still completely fine with no issues....Just get one!!

 Review by:

Superb slope delight

I have previously flown the Elf, Vagabond, and the Alula and having thoroughly enjoyed the alula's portability I required NO motivation to buy this. I maidened it today at Butser hill and found it the perfect all-rounder. It is much more stable and much better at penetrating. It thermalled superbly and was able to handle a good variety of wind envelopes. My only issue is mastering launching it successfully without it dipping down - something to trim. But easy build, and great service as always from the Hyperflight site and Neil. Thanks.

 Review by:

Weasel Trek - Ideal travelling companion

Bought the Weasel Trek because of its ability to be broken down into a few components and left in its box for easy light transport in my backpack. Together with my TX in a hard case I can get to all those difficult and challenging flying site that I would not normally fly at. I took my Weasel Trek to Wales on my hols. Flew it on the beach and on the sand dunes and then up on Pen-Y-Fan (886m high) and then off to Rhossili. The model is fabulous. Goes together in minutes and you are ready to fly in a jiffy. I flew mine in 5 mph winds and also in 20mph winds. It floats along in light lift but up on Rhossili with the stronger winds it penetrated well (without any ballast) and proved itself to be a superb all rounder. I purchased the stock servo's and battery from the here and as usual the service from the Hyperflight guys was 1st rate.
I am a big fan of this little model and It will open up a lot more flying sites to me in the future.
If you are Interested then I have some video of my Weasel Trek flying in Wales for you to watch on my blog: or my Youtube channel:

 Review by:


I got the Weasel-Trek to replace an ancient and much battered Weasel-Evo. The new magnet construction system makes it a lot easier and faster to put together but, as on the Evo version, the CG position is critical. I balanced it as recommended, on the two marks under the centre section and it was as twitchy as hell! I was getting quite frustrated with bouncing it off the hillside and trying less and less control inputs until I added about 15g of lead in front of the battery. It then behaved as good as the Evo version. Funny in the at the Trek has the CG about 5mm in front of the recommended position whilst my Evo has it 5mm behind. Control throws are now as recommended on both versions and I can throw them around the slope with abandon!

 Review by:

Another Dreamflight Success

Having "built" and flown the other Dreamflight models the Weasel Trek is another very easy to build and enjoyable to fly model. My model balanced on the recommended CG marks without adding any ballast, the flying was very easy and smooth with loops and rolls no problem. The model flys quite fast downwind and when positioned into wind it will just hang in the sky on the prevailing wind. My only gripe is as mentioned by others I wish Dreamflight would include some more decorative decals just to brighten the sterile white foam. I used Solartrim sticky film to add a bit of colour and this also helps aid orientation. In a nutshell recommended.

 Review by:

Never had a flying wing before. Very easy to put together, used dream flights recommended servos and battery which no doubt helped. Maiden flight was uneventful set up on the high rates as per the manual, in fact (just my personal preference) I dialled in more elevator. I found I preferred a rearward CG. Next flight was literally a hoot, this thing will do ridiculous manoeuvres and its great fun to fly. I was curious to see if this was "For all levels of pilot" I have a friend who's interested in taking up flying, on low rates granted he crashed and burned a few times he can now do a few circuits on the local slope. Highly recommended.

 Review by:


Really worth the money (even though it is just a slab of foam). Fantasic low wind performance. Californian excellence for those lazy summer days. (And I suspect winter days with ballast).

Tip: You can use any aerosols to paint, just keep the nozzle about two feet away and do several light coats. This allows the solvent to evaporate before it hits the foam. Too close / heavy and it will melt, so less is more.

 Review by:

Cracking little kit

The Weasel goes together very quickly and easily indeed. Adding the recommended servos and NiMH battery, along with your own favourite 4ch rx, is straightforward. The magnetic latching arrangement on the airframe works a treat, simplifying assembly no end.

How does it fly? Pretty darn good straight out of the box. I needed to add around 3gms to bring the CG back to where I preferred it, but that took only a few seconds to organise. The Weasel is extremely manouverable, but will still hang in there on only a sniff of an updraft. Haven't tried ballasting it yet for windier days.

Overall I'm very pleased with this little flying wing, but wish there'd been a little more by way of decorative trim available - white foam isn't that visually appealing, is it?

 Review by:

The new Weasel Trek was definitely worth waiting for, although when you open the box it doesn’t seem much for your hundred quid. Having said that, the finish is superb, everything fits together perfectly and it’s all assembled (bar the electric bits) in about ten seconds.
When I ordered at the beginning of May, Hyperflight’s original estimated dispatch date was 10th May but that slipped to 31st. It arrived on 2nd June (Thursday) and by that time I’d ordered two Gening D90 digital metal geared servos (£7.50 each – how do they do that?), a Frsky 4 channel receiver and a four-square pack of AAA Eneloops. The servos didn’t quite fit the recesses but it’s an easy job to deepen them a bit and widen the grooves for the lugs. There’s plenty of room for the receiver and the rest of the installation is dead easy. Dreamflight supply some decals but it comes all white: the colour is added with parcel tape (left over from Zagis) and/or spray paint – Humbrol acrylic worked well, but do as they say and clean the surface well with meths first. The servos arrived on Saturday lunchtime, and it was all done by the afternoon. I used the control throws recommended in the instructions, with dual rates on the elevator and ailerons.
One minor problem I did find was that a couple of the magnets that hold things together fell off. I fixed them back on with epoxy rather than cyano, hoping that would give a better bond: so far, so good.
Installation complete, the test flight was on the Sunday, but the wind was light and swinging around easterly, which in this part of the world means a small slope at Rodborough Common, near Stroud. The c.g. was set on the two moulded-in markers, which needed about a 10 mm square of lead flashing beside the battery. It flew straight off the launch with just a touch of down trim, but not for long as the lift was not really up to it. I’ve flown it in much better conditions since then, and taken out some of the lead, and it’s now about neutral, which means it flies inverted with almost no down elevator. I never owned the previous version but I’ve flown other people’s, and the new one flies like any Weasel but better (have to say that). The roll rate is snappy and it will loop, bunt and all the other things you can do without a rudder.
If you like to experiment, I would recommend increasing the elevator throws from 10 mm (Dreamflight’s high setting) to about 25 mm, or the maximum the servos will allow. I now have that on a third rate switch position so it’s low, high and stupid. With that, it will stop in mid-air, or if applied slowly it will enter a deep stall and come down like a parachute. You can keep it straight with aileron, but it will spin if you let it. More experiments will no doubt follow. 40% exponential on elevator and ailerons seems to work with all the rates.
Conclusion: highly recommended, great fun but a bit pricey. We pay the same number of pounds as the Americans do dollars.
John Bennett, South Cotswold Soaring Association.

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