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Willow SOR F3F 2.75m

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The Willow SOR F3F is an updated version of the well regarded Willow F3F racer designed by Ian Mason. This 2.75 m span model has solid F3F credentials and is designed for typical European conditions, however it is made to a high standard in the Far East at a very economic price. Flying qualities, structural strength, fit and finish are all excellent.

The objective of the Willow SOR F3F is to create an affordable F3F plane that can give a lot of fun when sport flying, but still very capable in F3F racing events, allowing newcomers to this category to give it a try.

The Willow SOR is made to a high standard. The surface finish is as good as top rated manufacturer's planes. The design has been optimised to create a forgiving, easy to fly model that excels in high speed and high G flight.

The fuselage is glass with carbon reinforcements and features a large access hatch for easy installation of the RC. The attractive carbon canopy hatch RC has wire retaining springs ready fitted. The tail pushrod outers are bonded in place.

The two piece wings are nicely molded giving a high gloss finish. The wings are available in Full Carbon and Carbon DBox layups. Available in carbon Dbox and Full Carbon layups. The Dbox version is recommended for sports flying and the Full Carbon version for F3F racing and fully ballasted high speed runs in BIG air. The skins are very strong to minimise hanger rash and are bonded to a substantial carbon spar. The wings include openings for the flap and aileron servos and the aileron/flap control horns are supplied. Each wing root also includes spaces for extra ballast to be fitted.

Get one of these rare models at an excellent price. There is no catch, this is a high quality all molded 3 m class F3F racer for the price of a 2 m sports model. It is a superb sports sloper as well as a good entry-level racer.

Supplied with all pushrods and control linkages and a 16 mm ID ballast tube.

Willow SOR Specifications
Wing span 2.75 m 108 in
Wing area 55.9 dm2 866 sq in
Length 148 cm 58.3 in
Flying weight from 2550 g 89.9 oz
Wing loading 45.6 g/dm 14.9 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 13.5
Wing airfoil DP-IM-F3F (Dirk Pflug)
EDA (dihedral) 2.0º
Centre of Gravity 106-108 mm from wing leading edge
Controls Ailerons, flaps, V tail

Willow SOR Typical Weights
Fuselage inc pushrods 319 g 11.3 oz
Left wing 813 g 28.7 oz
Right wing 814 g 28.7 oz
V tails 89 g 3.1 oz
Wing joiner 122 g 4.3 oz
Ballast tube 42 g 1.5 oz
Accessories 25 g 0.9 oz
Total structure 2224 g 78.4 oz
Wiring 30 g 1.1 oz
Receiver 10 g 0.4 oz
Tail servos (2) 40 g 1.4 oz
Wing servos (4) 92 g 3.2 oz
Battery 154 g 5.5 oz
Flying weight from 2550 g 90 oz

Recommended RC
V tail (servo body max 23 mm x 12 mm) KST DS145, KST X10-710, KST DS215MG, KST X12-508, KST MS320, MKS HV6125e, MKS DS6125e, MKS HV6130H
Flap (servo max 12 mm thick) MKS HBL6625, MKS HV6130, KST DS225, KST DS125, KST X10, Blue Bird A56V
Aileron (servo max 10 mm thick) MKS HBL6625 Mini, MKS HV6130, KST DS225, KST DS125, KST X10, KST X10 Mini, Blue Bird A56V, KST X08 Plus
Receiver 6 channel rx to match your transmitter
Power Overlander 2S 1000mAh, Radient 1600 mAh 6V, HyperFlight 2200 mAh 4.8V, 1600 mAh 2S LiFe

Control Throws
V tail elevator function: 6 mm each way (measured at the root)
V tail rudder function: 5 mm each way (measured at the root)
Aileron: 9 mm up / 6 mm down (measured at the wing tip)
Flaps: Up to 80 degrees down

Snap flap: 2 mm down flap with up elevator, with ailerons following flap movement.
Roll: Flaps follow ailerons with 25% of the movement.
Aileron->Rudder: a little aileron to rudder mix to help keep the nose down.
Crow: flaps fully down, ailerons 40% up, elevator 40% down.

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