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Shinto Expert F3F Racer Glider 3m with wing bags

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We are pleased to have some of Vladimir’s Models new Shinto Expert F3F models. The Shinto Expert is an improvement to an already great design optimised for F3F, F3B, and fast sport flying, either from slope or flat field sites. Aeronautical design is by Max Steidle, a highly regarded aero engineer, with input from Stefan Eder and structural design and manufacture by Vladimir's Models. The new Shinto Expert variant has many detail improvements over the original model, and these major enhancements:
  • Improved fuselage design that is lighter and has lower drag and a slip-on nosecone to give better access to the RC.
  • Larger V tails to give better manoeuvrability and even faster F3F runs.
  • Even stronger wing.
Note that some of the photos still show the original Shinto with the fuselage with a canopy hatch - the models we have for sale now are definitely the Shinto Expert version with the above improvements.

The aircraft is available in three layups:
F: F3F = slope racing = strongest/heaviest layup
B: F3B = flat field thermalling and racing = medium layup
J: F3J & F5J = flat field thermal soaring = least strong/lightest layup
(The T layup mentioned on the VM site is "wing is same as early", so is compatible with previous F3F Shintos we think.)
All versions are strong and reasonably light for their intended task. We generally only stock the F3F version but will special order the other versions on request.

All Shintos we supply are ready fitted with servo frames and IDS servo linkages to speed assembly, come with excellent quality Shinto Wing, V tail and fuselage bags, and an excellent quality wiring loom . These are charged extras from other suppliers.

Quote by Simon Thornton, F3F Champion of Champions: It is a superb model, very light but very stiff, so it will happily fly in 25 m/s slope conditions without getting squirrelly. Ideal battery pack is a 1600 mAh LiFe. I have found the supplied noseweight is a little too heavy, so it is worth advising buyers to check before gluing in! This is the model that helped me win the UK F3F League 2015 and 2015 F3F Champion of Champions contest.

The wing is a two piece hollow molded structure with a very substantial spar and joiner system. The wing skin is a Carboline spread carbon - Rohacell - Carboline sandwich, with a strong carbon spar and carbon sandwich shear web. A full wiring harness is supplied with the model, so no soldering is required to install the RC.

Shinto wing construction

All our Shinto Experts are supplied with IDS (stands for Integrated Drive System, also called LDS for Linear Drive System on Vladimir's site) frames installed in the wings with ready to connect linkages for the flap and aileron servos. These beautifully engineered Integrated Drive Systems allow the servo to be dropped into place in the pre-fitted frame. A pre-fitted pushrod of optimal length and geometry is already connected to each of the control surfaces, massively simplifying the installation. This system utilises an external bearing built into each servo's mounting frame, increasing control rigidity, reducing servo forces, and improving the structural integration of the servo in the wing. It also allows the servo to be removed easily for servicing or replacement if required. All models are fitted with IDS frames and pushrods suitable for MKS HV 6130, Futaba/Robbe S3173, Graupner DS 3288, JR DS 171, JR DS 179 HV, JR DS 189 HV, JR DS 378, or JR DS 398 servos. The servos required are listed with the colour scheme below the price.

Shinto wing joiner construction

The Shinto Expert wing joiner is made of carbon prepreg in the steel mold with high pressure and cured at a temperature of 130 deg C. The wing joiner includes ballast compartments for mounting 680 g of steel ballast slugs. These joiner-ballast slugs are not included in the kit. For best performance in windy conditions we include the Shinto Wing Ballast Set. This adds up to 1850 g of mass to the plane and is a charged extra from other suppliers.

The Shinto Expert fuselage is laminated in an aluminium mold using a pressure balloon. The forward part is made of Kevlar and high modulus glass, and is 2.4Ghz friendly. The rear part is laminated using high modulus carbon fiber. The adjustable tow hook and the control rods are installed already. A beautiful V-tail horn carbon hatch is supplied. The Shinto is supplied with a molded nose ballast, with a weight of approx. 100 g. Note this may need reducing, depending upon the battery used.

The Shinto V-tail is a spread carbon sandwich construction. The stabilizers fit perfectly to the fuselage and the elevator horns are installed and hidden by the tailcone fairing. The stabilizers and wings must be secured to the fuselage with tape after assembly.

Nice build photos here.

Shinto Expert F3F Specifications
Wing span 3.0 m 118 in
Wing area 55.6 dm2 862 sq in
Length 142 cm 56.0 in
Flying weight from 2050 g 72.3 oz
Wing loading 36.9 g/dm 12.1 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 16.1
Wing airfoil M164792S-Straak
Dihedral (EDA) 3.0º
Centre of Gravity 93-95 mm from wing leading edge
Controls V tail, ailerons, flaps

Shinto Expert F3F Typical Weights
Fuselage 269 g 9.5 oz
Wing 1330 g 46.9 oz
V Tail 72 g 2.5 oz
Wing joiner 117 g 4.1 oz
Accessories & wiring 30 g 1.1 oz
Total structure 1818 g 64.1 oz
Receiver 10 g 0.4 oz
Tail servos 40 g 1.4 oz
Wing servos 92 g 3.2 oz
Battery 90 g 3.2 oz
Flying weight 2050 g 72.3 oz

Recommended RC
Elevator & rudder JR DS285MG, Graupner DES 261BB, MKS DS6100, MKS HV6100, MKS HV6130H
Flap Futaba/Robbe S3173, MKS HV6130, Graupner DS 3288, JR DS 171, JR DS 179 HV, JR DS 189 HV, JR DS 378, JR DS 398
Aileron Futaba/Robbe S3173, MKS HV6130, Graupner DS 3288, JR DS 171, JR DS 179 HV, JR DS 189 HV, JR DS 378, JR DS 398
Receiver 6 channel rx to match your transmitter
Power Overlander 2S 1000mAh, Radient 1600 mAh 6V, HyperFlight 2200 mAh 4.8V, 1600 mAh 2S LiFe

Recommended Control Throws & Mixes
See the Shinto-F3b-recommendations-from-Stefan-Eder.pdf file (link below).

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I have been looking at this model for sometime now, well over 3 years. The time had come, along with price drop and the added extra's.
I have just finishing installing the radio gear into the Shinto, the aileron servos were difficult to fit due the lack of room to push the servo onto the LDS horn, but managed to succeed.
The quality of the model is unbelievable, paint lines are very crisp along with moulding lines with those funky colours.
Just can't wait to fly the model next week.

 Review by:

Great Shipping and Plane

My Shinto came today in good order. You have the best shipping in the industry. I was pleasantly surprised to find, ballast, nose weight, wing, tail and fuselage bags and wiring all in the box. Thank you,

 Review by:

Shinto Tpro

You won't throw caution to the wind, there's no such thing as a free lunch but this Shinto worth every cent. New "pro" improved tails enhanced agility and stability. As usual from Vladimir's plant, the finish and fit are perfect. The T version enhancement flexural rigidity, you are now able to try DS keeping the empty weight below 2500grs which is good for F3F low conditions instead of getting lighter models that you will ballast immediately. It's a white elephant. Flights are precise but videos footage are worth a thousand words:

 Review by:

My Shinto F3F

Flying on the slope is very smooth with cg at 90mm. My Shinto is naturally fast and maintains speed in F3F type turns very well. Add a little reflex and off it goes!
The fit and finish of this model is exemplary. No fettling required whatsoever. The pre-installed LDS coupled to Futaba High Voltage servos works brilliantly and power consumption much less than my Servorahmen LDS high voltage models. The clever ballast system allows you to get right up to (or exceed!) the FAI limit and eliminates the need for expensive tungsten :)

 Review by:


Very impressive model for F3F competition. The wiring harness, ballast (5lbs and all slugs weigh the same),and installed LDS servo frames for the Futaba /Robbe HV servo S3173s are included. The servos snapped right in, very tight fit.
The craftsmanship is 1st class all the way around from the design to lay up.
I got the fuse LDS set for MKS HV DS 6100s which I would recommend as it nicely distributes the load on the servos.

 Review by:

My new F3B Shinto

I received my F3B Shinto about two weeks ago. I was immediately impressed with the fit and finish of the plane. The wings and stabs click into place like a machined part and the seams are super tight. The wings are very light and strong and the LDS linkage is super tight.
It would be nice if the servo tray was already installed but it's not a big deal. I'm waiting for our winter weather to give me a chance to try out this piece of art.

 Review by:

Very classy model. well thought out making fit out very straightforward, especially with the factory fit LDS frames. Super tight and accurate linkages. Carboline gives a finish that surpasses all other models I have witnessed. Strong in flight and light in construction.
Ballast is sufficient o reach max permissable loadings without having to resort to expensive Tungsten. Fast and stable in flight and also has very easy handling for light thermal work.

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