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Shaka 96cm

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The Shaka is a portable 1-meter flying wing slope glider/sport electric model that gives endless joy on a slope or a flat field. The Shaka RC glider kit features a classic balsa/plywood construction, reinforced with carbon fiber spars and a leading edge. The kit can be built in approx. 6-10 hours as either an electric-powered or a pure glider with no major difference in the weight. Check the assembly guide to learn how to build this kit.

Shaka is collapsible for transportation and storage. Simply unscrew 2 bolts and take the fuselage and both wings apart. It’s as easy as that. The fuselage has a hatch for easy access to the interior and electronics. 2 servos, there is a room for almost any 5 -10g servos which are glued onto the dedicated plates in the wing and drive the two elevons. You can easily install a suitable 14XX or 15XX drone motor to make your Shaka powered for flat-field fun or emergency rescues on the slope. The fuse is designed to fit both 30mm and 25mm spinners for your convenience.

This kit includes laser cut balsa and plywood, carbon spars, an excellent coloured full size plan and comes with a complete accessory set. This includes M4 plastic wing mounting bolts and a pair of M4 nuts to be glued into the fuselage during assembly, control horns, ball linkages, and servo horn clevises for pushrods, etc. Covering film is not included in the kit, we recommend Oracover or Oralight.

For more build and setup tips please check the Shaka thread on RC Groups.

Wingspan: 965mm
Wing area: 16.3 sq. dm
Flying weight: 190-220g
Controls: Elevons – 2 channels (+ an optional throttle)
Skill level: Intermediate
Flight style: Thermal and Slope Soaring

Recommended Gear For Slope Builds
Tattu 1S 3.7V 600mAh 25C LiPo if your servos work at 3.7V
Two 5-10g servos, HXT 900 or similar
2+ Channel Rx
Radio Tx with delta mixing features

Recommended Gear For Powered Builds
Bonka 2S 7.4V 2S 400 - 600 mAh LiPo
Two up 5 - 10g servos
T-Motor F1507 3800kv or a similar outrunner
BLHeli32 28A-40A ESC
30mm or 25mm Spinner and 6×3 or 6x4 folding prop
4+ Channel Rx
Radio Tx with delta mixing features

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