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Schwing 2.3m

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The Schwing 2.3m is a stretched and improved version of the renouned Schwing 2m design from the well regarded slope soaring designer James Hammond. The extra span opens up the performance envelope considerably, allowing the model to stay up in lighter airs and also to fly larger higher energy aerobatics on big air days.

The carbon hybrid layup Schwing 2.3 has a superb speed range, very precise and predictable aerobatic handling, making it probably the best 2.3m sloper currently available. It is built strong enough for high energy slope aerobatics while also being light enough to be enjoyable in lighter winds.

See this RCGroups Schwing thread for more info.

Recommended Servos
Elevator* MKS HV75K, MKS DS75K, MKS HV6100, MKS DS6100, Blue Bird BMS-106HV, Blue Bird BMS-107HV, KST X08
Rudder* MKS HV6125e, MKS DS6125e, MKS HV6100, MKS DS6100, Blue Bird BMS-106HV, Blue Bird BMS-107HV
Flap MKS HBL6625, MKS HBL6625 Mini, MKS HV6130, MKS HV6100, MKS HV6110, MKS DS6100, KST DS135, Blue bird A56V, Blue Bird BMS-105HV, KST X10
Aileron MKS DS6100, MKS HV6100, MKS HV6110, Blue Bird BMS-105HV, Blue Bird BMS-106HV, KST X10 Mini
* The rudder servo is in the front of the fuselage and the elevator servos is in the rear, close to the tailplane

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Schwing 88''

Really impressed by the strong packaging (perfect).
Inside the Schwing is really well protected, it's perfect. The glider is beautiful and the quality seems to be good, very nice.
I'm really happy with my purchase, thank you Hyperflight, very serious and professional store.

 Review by:

Schwing 2.3m

I contacted Neil on Fri 26/06 mid afternoon re colour availability of the 2.3M Schwing. Neil confirmed he had the colour I wanted but was going on holiday the next day and would have to dispatch the Schwing a week later when he returned because he hadn't had chance to check the models that had just arrived on his stock. This wasn't a problem for me so I paid and confirmed delivery in a week would be fine.
Two hours later Neil confirmed he had opened the crate and had checked the model I ordered and it would be good to dispatched by Deborah on Monday. As always great service by Neil and his team even late on a Friday afternoon a day before going on holiday.
The Model arrived on Tuesday and was promptly opened. The model was packed in a strong box with each component wrapped in small bubble wrap then large bubble wrap. Each component was then taped component by component within the box. Super service.
The model is built light but very strong which should give it a wide wind envelope to fly in especially with the Fuse ballast tube and wing ballast tubes. All components are finished to a very high standard with not a blemish in sight. Choice of push rods are left to the builder but all other ancillary compartments are supplied with the model most installed.
So far I am very Impressed with this model and the build looks straight forward. I will update this review when I have built and test flown the model.

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