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1.07mm ID Etched PTFE (18 AWG Bondable PTFE ) Pushrod Outer Tube

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Low friction 1.07 mm ID PTFE tube suitable for pushrod outers on discus launched glider and other small models. Also suitable for a large range of engineering and industrial uses.

This tubing is specially etched on the outside, making it easily bondable using many adhesives, thin CA being probably the best. Provides the lightest, easiest, most friction-free pushrod installations possible.

Can be stretched to 2 times the original length to reduce the weight per meter, and tune the inside diameter to be a perfect fit for the inner pushrod. Sold by the meter. Enter a quantity of 3 for a 3m roll.

18L Etched PTFE Tube Specification
Inside diameter 1.07 mm 0.042 in
Wall thickness 0.16 mm 0.006 in
Outside diameter 1.4 mm 0.055 in
3X Stretched ID 0.64 mm 0.025 in
Suggested inner 0.8mm Carbon Rod 22 SWG or thinner Piano or SS wire
US size 18 AWG L type (Lightweight)
Weight per m 1.4 g per meter

Dealer discounts available for orders of 30m or more.

Reviews 23  

 Review by:

PTFE Pushrod

A1 service and shipping, goods arrived well packaged in a sturdy cardboard container. High quality product, specs as described. Recommendable.

 Review by:

Wowee! Now I can get 'work done'

Dimensioning is spot on, and it is very easy to stretch if needed. CA bonding is very easy.

 Review by:


Great product, coupled with 0.8mm carbon rod for light weight control rods on 2m glider..
Fast shipping to Australia
Thanks Neil

 Review by:

1.07mm ID Etched PTFE

This etched teflon tubing isn't available too many places. A good price even with shipping to the US.

 Review by:

Quick international shipping, exactly what I needed to complete a project

 Review by:

Super nice lightweight stuff!

Very nice to build lightweight an low friction sleeves and rods !
Glues very wel to carbon fuses.

 Review by:


These were great and fit the recommended carbon rod perfectly. I used piano wire and magnets to secure them inside my tail boom and dropped thin CA down to secure them. Worked great!

 Review by:


Easy to install inside fuselages. Do not recommend stretching it too much since it may affect internal clearance. Best used with 0.8 carbon rod.

 Review by:

For lightweight and reliable control systems

If you want lightweight and reliable control you need this along with SS wire or a thin carbon rod. For DLG, you can use it with thinner wire like 24, 25 or 26SWG but you have to stretch the tube for a tighter fit.

 Review by:

Amazing discovery

I only recently discovered this product. I've used it now on three homebuilds. Two 2.3m and one 1.5m gliders.
It is so easy to route through the fuselage/pod and lay along the boom and then just tack in place with super glue. I use a 22 SWG s/s wire pushrod. Works very smoothly and slop free, even with some curves in the run.
I didn't stretch the tube as it didn't seem necessary.

 Review by:

Excellent with 1mm dia carbon for snake

Thank you

 Review by:

Sterdy and reliable

Makes the pushrod go som mutch smoother.

 Review by:

1.07mm ID Etched PTFE (18 AWG Bondable Teflon) Pus

This stuff works great and as usual Hyperflight is excellent to deal with. Service and fast shipping.

 Review by:

Great product and perfect for using in DLG

 Review by:

PTFE Tubing

Ideal material and thanks for prompt, next day, delivery

 Review by:


Used this on my Sapphire ( Q12 ) to replace the original split supports push rod system.
Works brilliantly as it glues easily with thin Cyano and it also reduces the chance of grit getting in the push rod supports.

 Review by:

ptfe and wire snakes

Very helpful advice from Neil and a 24 hr delivery. Thanks so much.Derrick.

 Review by:

Super smooth and free (with stainless steel wire) glues very well and securely.
Easy to stretch to make thinner for using finer wire inner too.
Excellent product 5/5

 Review by:

I used this on a 1500mm dlg, fed up with the supplied control cable, I used this with 20swg wire to give a positive control movement. You need to file the end of the wire to pass it through or it will snag.

 Review by:

Best pushrod housing. Light, low friction and easy to install.

 Review by:

Pushrod outer

I have made pushrods for a 4m electric glider using this tubing for the outer and some Hyperflight 1mm carbon rod as the inner.Together, these produce a lightweight, slop free,low friction unit at lengths just over a metre.The tubing glues very easily to a Hyperflight carbon tailboom using thin cyano.

 Review by:

Pushrod outer

Remember to the order the length you need.
Stretch to size works well but you will need to cut off about an inch at each end that will be ruined by the pliers or two bits of wood in a clamp.
Worked well with 025 piano wire

Comment by:

pushrod outer

I decided to alter the spring loaded elevator actuation on my 2 metre E-soarer. The kevlar thread pulling against the spring all the time was not to my liking.
The PTFE tube was brilliant. Dead easy to install and the smallest dab of cyano kept it in place and is hardly noticed on the outside of the carbon fuselage.
The elevator is now solid with a 0.8 carbon rod inside the PTFE. Magic.....

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