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Powerline Micro 1025/10 102g

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The Powerline Micro 1025/10 is the new 2020 Turbo version with Competition gearbox. It is good for 3S or 4S (with a smaller prop) LiPo power of optionally ballasted F5J models weighing up to 2400g. Max current 50A on a 3S LiPo with a max capacity 1600 mAh. The Powerline Micro 1025/10 Turbo has forced cooling allowing even higher power for a given weight of powertrain.

The new 2020 version is supplied with a stronger Competition gearbox that better handles the higher power this motor is cable of. This is coloured sliver-grey rather than black for the previous version.

This new Powerline Micro 1025/10 motor is specially designed for use on F5J models that have a ballast provision, and can get a heavy 2.4 Kg model to 200 m in 30 seconds even in windy conditions. It will of course be fine when the model is flown unballasted too. It is also perfect for converted F3J models which usually weigh more than modern F5J models.

Powerline Micro 1025/10
Suitable for gliders weighing 1300-2400 g max
Max power 500W
Max current 50A
Motor/gearbox weight 102 g
Length 75 mm
Diameter 22 mm
Mounting pitch circle diameter 17 mm
Shaft diameter 5 mm
Gearbox ratio 6.75:1
Winds 10
Recommended ESC YGE 65 LVT
Recommended 3S propeller GM 16x8, RF 16x8, RF 16x8.5
Recommended 4S propeller GM 14x10, GM 14x9F, GM 14x8F
Recommended battery Lipo up to 1600 mAh

Powerline Micro 1025/20 Turbo 2020 Weights
Powerline Micro 1025 Turbo 102 g
Propeller RF 16 x 8.5 12 g
Spinner RF 30 mm 13 g
Lipo 3s 1000 40C 98 g
ESC YGE 60 38 g
Plugs and screws 5 g
Total weight 268 g

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Comment by:

Correction 4 screws found

Earlier, on the unpack and check I found only 2 motor mount screws. At the end of the afternoon I got around to finding a home for the big box it came in, and heard a rattle. The missing screws are no longer missing. They must have escaped the zipsealed polythene bag the motor capsule and the previous pair of screws were in. I think it wasn't entirely my fault for missing the loose screws. Anyway, happy to say I don't have a screw loose!

Comment by:

Fixing screws

Came with two M2.5 motor mounting screws, while the motor gearbox has 4 mounting points. Maybe 2 screws is a preference but in the absence of any remark in the motor fact sheet I am going to want to use 4 screws.
Motor wires will need bullets adding.

 Review by:

Great motor

Powerful !!!

 Review by:

drive very powerful, mounted on Plus X

 Review by:

Powerline 1025 Turbo

Very good upgrade from the "old" 1025. About 20 % more power. Where the old one draws about 43 Amps with the 16 x 8 prop, the new one draws about 54/55 Amps. Brings a 1600 g model to 370 meters in 30 seconds. Very good for a fully ballasted F5J model in heavy wind!

(The weight of the motor is 106 g, not 91 g)

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