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Mini Graphite Glider

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The Vladimir's Models Mini Graphite is a 1.9m super sleek fully moulded glider for all-round use. The design gives excellent performance as a fast slope soarer and can even be used as a thermal soarer. The Mini Graphite is in its element on the slope with well-balanced flight performance and outstanding thermal soaring capability.

The fuselage and removable nose cone are constructed from a specially woven carbon/Kevlar cloth producing an extremely strong yet light fuselage. The MH32 section hollow moulded wings have carbon spars and curved wing tips, which improve the flight performance and add to the sleek appearance of the model. The model is easily transported with its two-piece wings and removable V tail.

Download our Mini Graphite Assembly Guide (5mb) to see how easily and quickly the Mini Graphite goes together.

An AVA ballast tube and Supra/Maxa/AVA ballast can be purchased and used to give the model a substantial ballast capability, widening its flight envelope considerably.

Mini Graphite Specifications
Wing span 1.9 m 75 in
Wing area 35.8 dm2 555 sq in
Length 116 cm 45.7 in
Flying weight from 1056 g 37.2 oz
Wing loading 29.5 g/dm 9.7 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 10.1
Wing airfoil MH32
Dihedral (EDA) 2.2º
Centre of Gravity 98-105 mm from wing leading edge
Controls V tail, ailerons, flaps

Mini Graphite Typical Weights
Fuselage 169 g 6.0 oz
Wings 524 g 18.5 oz
V tail 66 g 2.3 oz
Accessories 40 g 1.4 oz
Total structure 799 g 28.2 oz
Glue; mounts etc 4 g 0.1 oz
Wiring 25 g 0.9 oz
Receiver 10 g 0.4 oz
V tail servos 16 g 0.6 oz
Aileron servos 20 g 0.7 oz
Flap servos 22 g 0.8 oz
Battery 100 g 3.5 oz
Nose weight 60 g 2.1 oz
Flying weight 1056 g 37.2 oz

Recommended Control Throws & Mixes
Ailerons 20mm up, 8mm down
Aileron-crow brakes 12mm up
Ailerons thermal 2mm down
Ailerons speed 1.5mm up
Flap Crow brakes 70-80 degrees down
Flap thermal 3 mm down
Flap speed 2 mm up
Rudder 10mm up, 10mm down
Elevator 9mm up, 9mm down
Elevator crow brake mix 3-4mm down
Elevator thermal mix 1mm up
Elevator speed mix 1.5mm down

Recommended Servos
V tail* MKS HV6125e, MKS DS6125e, MKS HV75K, MKS DS75K, MKS HV6100, MKS DS6100, KST X08, KST DS113MG, Blue Bird BMS-105HV, Corona DS843MG, Ripmax SD150, Graupner DES 261BB
Flap MKS HBL6625, MKS HBL6625 Mini, MKS HV6130, MKS HV6130H, MKS DS6125 Mini, MKS HV6100, MKS DS6100, KST DS135, Blue bird A56V, Blue Bird BMS-105HV
Aileron MKS DS6100, MKS HV6100, MKS HV6110, MKS DS75K, MKS HV75K, KST X08N, KST X08, Corona DS843MG, Blue bird A56V, Blue Bird BMS-105HV, Ripmax SD150

* The rudder-vator servos are in the front of the fuselage in the glider version, and in the V tail for the electric version.

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Mini Graphite (Glider)

Just bought this from Neil.
Excellent service as always - arranged to be delivered to my work on a nominated day - all worked out perfectly - arrived very well packaged and as ever with Vladimir's Models, the quality of the kit is impeccable.

Why did I buy, what some people might describe as an old kit??? - Well I bought a Graphite 2 (Electric and Glider) from Neil in 2010 and simply love it. I also have a 2 M Erwin, a Needle 100 and an Art Hobby RES.

I like all these gliders but none of them could really be described as a plane for all seasons / conditions…… I fancy the M-G will be.

The Erwin only gets on step in stronger winds and doesn't really deliver much in light winds, the Graphite 2 is also a bit of a handful when the wind gets above 25 mph…..

The M-G will be getting a ballast tube and once complete (it will be several months before I get around to building it) I think it will be my go- to model for all conditions -lght wind slermalling to also being able to handle a blow (I fly on the South Downs).

It also looks a million dollars - not in a modern, needle-esque manner, but with a decent size fuselage and reasonable control surfaces on the tail (The Erwins are small and the rudder is pretty ineffective).

I could have bought a Stormbird (may yet do that as well !) - but with the Graphite being so good I think the Mini Graphite is likely to press all the right buttons. I will revisit this page and up-date the review once I have had it in the air.

Radio will be JR DMSS, Wing servos Airtronics 94761Zs (with MKS Becs) - Fuselage - haven't decided yet - possibly 2 of the new sensorless KSTs - battery will be a 2100 Li-Fe.

I also didn't want to bother kitting this out with the last word in MKS platinum geared (well they might as well be at that price) uber-servos - So I think what I have selected (OK I had the Airtronics ones sitting around since I found out they wouldn't fit in the wing of the Erwin!) should make for a robust and good performing general sports model.

Thank you Neil - Really looking forward to this one.


 Review by:

mini graphite thermal

Superbe machine!!!!
finition et accessoires au top!
performances ébouriffantes, même en plaine en thermique pur. Départ à la catapulte pour 20minutes de chasse aux thermiques..simplement magique!

 Review by:

Vladimir models mini graphite

The mini graphite arrived promptly superbly packaged,fit and finished second to none. The flight performance is exactly what I was looking for in a do it all model, floats on a whisper but will still scream around without ballast .
I am delighted with my purchase and the service from hyperflight, thank you ,you will get my return custom unlike sloperacer

 Review by:

Mini Graphite - Thermal and Speed

I have visited the Mini Graphite page on many occasions over the last year or two after seeing a friend and regular on the slopes of South Wales flying his MG in conditions ranging from 5mph to 30+.
I finally succumbed in this August (2014) as the mix of thermal ability and speed I have been witnessing assured me this was what I was after.

I've been buying from Hyperflight since 2010 and delivery was as prompt as ever before and the new kit arrived within a day or so - packaging was superb. I utilised all stock items and built the Mini Graphite in a few partial evenings.
The finish on the model is excellent and with all control horn points pre-drilled and threaded including the ball connectors ready to screw on the already threaded tail pieces, the build was very straight forward indeed!
I made use of an existing switch harness that used Multiplex "greenies"(originally put together for a Mini-Vec) - I used MKS6125-mini in the wing (As I had two already from a previous F3F) - and some
trusty Savox SH-0255 (also in my collection) for the Flaps, rudder and elevator. Perhaps not the recommended suite - but I was happy to use what I had.

I placed the servos through a cut out piece of painted shaped ply that sits flat on the surface of the cockpit area (not sure if that was needed - but it worked well and looks great. I have placed the battery (intellect type 1600 2/3a) beneath the area inside the fuselage in the nose.
The battery will be removable in long term by removing the ply plate the servos are sitting in (modest contact adhesive holds the plate against the glass bed). The battery connection and a magnetic switch are all that reside on the platform of the cockpit area in front of the servos.
All up weight is strikingly light compared to my other models (which admittedly are larger F3F types) at 1.18KG it is slightly above the estimated 1.1Kg mark - but I'm very happy with that.

Initial throws were left as per Hyperflights recommendations and I maidened with a safe and steady 100mm from leading edge. It was a great maiden at the Bwlch (Mickeys West for those that know it) in a constant 15 mph wind.
She found lift unbelievably easily - soaring in thermals off the slope and with speed flap came down at a terrific pace. A bit of tweaking no doubt still to do - but I have exactly what I was striving for - a very thermic and very fast 2M Glider. I went for the Yellow with blue tips and Yellow red underside as the white Welsh cloudy skies can instigate a nerve jingling game of "now you see me now you don't" with my white Ascot Short. It does look great in the air. All in all- a great service, superb Glider,
straight forward build and I'm hoping for many happy hours on the slope. This 2M model has been around a while - and whilst I have been tempted previously with offerings like the RCRCM Tucan - this is a class apart imo. If Thermal and speed is something you are looking for - I don't imagine much out there bettering this great model from Vladimir's stable.

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