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Micro Bird of Time 1.2m

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This ultralight Micro Bird of Time only weighs approx 110g as a pure glider or up to 140g when electrified, yet it spans a generous 1.2m (48"). It flies brilliantly and fulfils those childhood memories that never were.

This laser cut all balsa kit can be built as a slope or flat field pure glider or fitted with an electric motor (not supplied) and goes together surprisingly fast.

See this RC Groups Micro BOT thread for more info. Supplied with translucent white tissue-like covering material. Or use Solite covering film if a different finish is preferred.

No plan is supplied - the model is mostly self-jigging and is built in the hand. See the assembly guide.

The firewall, as designed, is only approx 20 mm x 18 mm, so the Elf Pro El & Spin Powerset will not fit nicely unless the firewall is moved further rearward, or the spinner is cut down.

Micro Bird of Time Specifications
Wing span 1.200 m 47 in
Wing area 11.2 dm2 174 sq in
Length 510 cm 200.8 in
Flying weight from 110 g 3.9 oz
Wing loading 9.8 g/dm 3.2 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 12.9
Wing airfoil Proprietary
Dihedral angle 7.0º
Centre of Gravity 35-40 mm from wing leading edge
Controls Rudder, elevator

Micro Bird of Time Typical Weights
Fuselage 20.0 g 0.7 oz
Wing 50.0 g 1.8 oz
Fin 6.0 g 0.2 oz
Tailplane 6.0 g 0.2 oz
Total structure 82.0 g 2.9 oz
Receiver 4.0 g 0.1 oz
Rudder servo 4.5 g 0.2 oz
Elevator servo 4.5 g 0.2 oz
Battery 15.0 g 0.5 oz
Flying weight 110 g 3.9 oz

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NIcely scaled down version of the 3M Classi

This is more of a first impressions review as the kit only arrived a couple of days ago and is destined for a winter build.
No need to say much about delivery turnaround times an packaging. Neil has again lived up to his fabled superfast turnaround times and sensible packaging.
A couple of things to note. There are several small parts in the kit, including motor mounts and pre-bent z bends, (itís worth putting these carefully to one side or taping to the fibreboard sheet supplied to protect the balsa sheet.
There is no plan in the kit. Not really a big deal as J & H build log is very detailed. There is a detailed part list and useful links included as well. In addition to the official build guide there is also an insightful build series by Steve (A470RC Soaring), this goes from unboxing, build and flight.
The kit comes with a roll of lightweight covering that seems very similar to the Angel wings Featherlight.
The quality of the wood is good and the laser cutting very reasonable.
The kit has the option as being built as a motorised or sailplane version.
Itís good to see this as a kit available in the UK, and at 1.2M a very manageable proposition.
As a final recommendation of the really good flight videos on YouTube on of my favs is from John Woodfield

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