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Geronimo Ultralight Fuselage-suitable for 2m-3.5m eSoarers

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Electric glider lightweight pod, as used in our Geronimo F5J electric glider.

This ultralight pod has a light carbon/Kevlar layup. This is quite slim and the electric version requires a 32 mm spinner. Although a 28 mm diameter outrunner (eg Hacker A20-20L) can just be fitted getting the wires to clear the rotating case is problematic. It is easier to fit a 28 mm inrunner (eg Mega 16/15/5), a smaller ourtunner like the ADH300L or a geared inrunner like any of our Powerline range. Note the canopy hatch opening is only 12 cm x 2 cm but it can be opened up to a max of about 13.5 cm x 2.5 cm. A little bending will be required if fitting a motor over this size. Also it is perfectly okay to open it up by a few millimetres by filing or Dremelling away some of the material. This will not appreciably weaken the pod.

Supplied with a removable carbon canopy. The 22 mm boom is not included in the price and should be purchased separately. The AVA V mount fits this boom to make a complete Drela type pod-boom-tail mount fuselage.

Suitable for use on Bubble Dancer type and other home design RC gliders. For pure gliders a wooden nosecone can easily be glued in place.

Geronimo Pod Specification
Electric pod length ex spigot 46.5 cm 18.4 in
Electric pod length inc spigot 53.5 cm 21.1 in
Nose to wing LE 25.4 cm 10.0 in
Boom spigot diameter 21 mm 0.86 in
Wing root chord approx 20 cm 8 in
Max wing chord No limit
Weight 53 g 1.9 oz
Spinner diameter 32 mm
Recommended boom wide end OD 22 mm

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Geronimo Ultralight Fuselage-suitable for 2m-3.5m


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