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Birdy DS 1m

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Don’t you want a handy slope model that's also "Flitschenfest"? Or a model with a mercilessly solid wooden construction, which you can also fly on the front or the backside of a slope? Then let the new Birdy DS convince you!

The most important changes from the Birdy-DS at a glance:
Wing profile (HN 871)
Cross-tail without underslung fin
Smaller ailerons to avoid flutter
Stiff control runs with cross-strengthening,
Very sturdy fuselage with continuous plywood reinforcement
Of course a Flitschenhaken!

If you want to leave your valuable crunchies (molded models) on the ground when flying new slopes, or want to fly at a new location without cares or worries then you will make the right choice with a Birdy-DS.

Kit Contents:
CNC-Milled and laser components
Multi-colored full size plan
German-language building instructions
All small parts....

Birdy DS Specifications
Wing span 1.00 m 39 in
Wing area 14.4 dm2 223 sq in
Length 81 cm 31.9 in
Flying weight from 350 g 12.3 oz
Wing loading 24.3 g/dm 8.0 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 6.9
Wing airfoil HN 871
Dihedral angle 3.0º
Centre of Gravity TBA mm from wing leading edge
Controls Rudder, elevator, ailerons

Birdy DS Typical Weights
Total structure 290.0 g 10.2 oz
Receiver 4.5 g 0.2 oz
Rudder servo 4.5 g 0.2 oz
Elevator servo 4.5 g 0.2 oz
Aileron servos (2) 9.0 g 0.3 oz
Battery 20.0 g 0.7 oz
Noseweight 17.5 g 0.6 oz
Flying weight 350.0 g 12.3 oz

Recommended R/C-nano gear only
Elevator & rudder servos Ripmax SD100, Blue Bird BMS-101AMG, Blue Bird BMS-101DMG, Blue Bird BMS-101HV, Blue Bird BMS-A10S, KST X08
Aileron servos (2) Ripmax SD100, Blue Bird BMS-101AMG, Blue Bird BMS-101DMG, Blue Bird BMS-101HV, Blue Bird BMS-A10S, KST X08
Receiver Spektrum AR6260*, AR6100e, AR400, Futaba R6004FF*, Orange DSM2 compatible, Jeti Duplex R4 & R5, Multiplex Mlink RX-6-DR Light*, FrSky D4R II
Battery HyperLipo 2S 300 mAh, 150 mAh 4.8V, 1S 300 - 500mAh LiPo

Our thanks to Mel Jones for use of his photos.

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Birdy DS slope soaring in Stroud

Very pleased with my Birdy DS. The accuracy of the cut parts is superb. But this not a plane for the novice. For instance the push rods need to be cut and bent to length but they have no adjustment. You need to know how to manage this sort of tricky issue.
Once built the plane is a delight - floats and thermals with the best but also has a huge turn of speed. Robust construction. I lost power and the plane spiralled to the base of the hill. It had no right to survive that!

 Review by:

Excellent laser cutting. Clever design.

An interesting wee model to put together. Some considerable thought has gone into the design and construction. Well executed.

 Review by:

Service / customer service excellent delivery fast would recommend Hyperflight.
I'm very new to RC anything & from what I've learnt so far I can tell I've hardly touched the surface so I think my comments are probably best kept brief in relation to the build so far.
On receipt I would advise putting selotape on the strips of leading edge shapers & 4 rows of webbing as they need to kept in order, are very delicate & easily come loose.
The instructions could be updated, not least because of a comment relating to Andreas Decker who is no longer with us.
Within is included a web link to a German rc forum, I used this also for the colour photo's & found it a great help.
The central rib of the jig onto which the convex wings are built is too delicate, but this shouldn't put you off I managed it.
Take good note of the advisory comments.
The plywood that has hexagonal wholes to hold the wing nuts during build, failed & soon wore into circles, I would advise gluing nuts in (without affecting threads, obviously).

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