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10mm Carbon Rod (CARBON-ROD-10MM)
10mm Carbon Rod
 (no reviews)
8 in stock
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Wiki F5L Electric 2m (WIKI-F5L)
Wiki F5L Electric 2m
 (no reviews)
More than 10 in stock
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Mini Kiwi 1.33m (MINI-KIWI)
Mini Kiwi 1.33m
 (1 review)
More than 10 in stock
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Sessanta 60" 1.5m (SESSANTA)
Sessanta 60" 1.5m
 (no reviews)
7 in stock
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Corsa 108" 2.75m (CORSA-275)
Corsa 108" 2.75m
 (no reviews)
5 in stock
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KST A08 A08N A08H Gear Set (KST-A08-GEARSET)
KST A08 A08N A08H Gear Set
 (no reviews)
4 in stock
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1806 CNC Motor Mount (KM-1806-MOUNT)
1806 CNC Motor Mount
 (no reviews)
More than 10 in stock
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YGE Prop Position Sensor (YGE-POS-SENS)
YGE Prop Position Sensor
 (no reviews)
3 in stock
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Smash EPP Slope Soarer 80cm (SMASH)
Smash EPP Slope Soarer 80cm
 (no reviews)
More than 10 in stock
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MKS HV70H Servo - 0.06s 5.4g 7mm (MKS-HV70H)
MKS HV70H Servo - 0.06s 5.4g 7mm
 (no reviews)
Out of stock
Available to pre-order
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CHA DS09 Servo - 0.10s 13.6g 9mm (CHA-DS09)
CHA DS09 Servo - 0.10s 13.6g 9mm
 (no reviews)
More than 10 in stock
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Featured Products

KST X06 V6 Servo - 0.07s 6.4g 7mm

The KST X06, KST X06N and KST X06H are a great new range of world-beating 7mm thick wide voltage range (1S , 4.8V or 2S) servos from KST. These precise and reliable metal cased servos only weigh 6.4g and are ideal for DLGs and other RC gliders and models weighing up to 1kg.

Ultima 2 F5J 4m - including protective bags

The sky just moved. If you fly F5J RC gliders the world will never be the same again. Can you believe a practical all molded 4m electric glider with an aspect ratio of 20 could weight just 1100g?

MKS HV6130 Servo - 0.10s 22.5g 10mm

The fantastic MKS HV6130 Wing Servo is in stock. The MKS HV6130 has 8.1 of torque, absolutely no free play and works on 1S and 2S LiPo and well as 4.8V - 6V NiMH batteries. This is one of the best servos for RC gliders.

Latest Reviews
Anonymous,  11 Dec 2023
All best, works perfekt
Simon,  10 Dec 2023
Excellent little servos
Excellent little servos, look well made. Have used them in anger yet as their intended model is not started yet. However, have hooked the servos up to a receiver and done an initial test, all looks good
Andrew,  10 Dec 2023
Talking Timer
I bought two of these as I was time keeping to process 90 school children through two flight simulators with 3 minutes each. The voice countdown was excellent as the children knew what to expect and they also helped the pilots. I highly recommend them and my thanks to Hyperflight for finding a seco... read more
John James Beaney,  9 Dec 2023
Tempest wing bags
These are best wing bags I have ever seen, well worth the money, have since bought some for my Magnus
Peter Huessy,  9 Dec 2023
Great ESC!
Amazing ESC, use it in my Riddick wing with a T30 2800Kv motor and 3s Lipo. Is similar or the same to the 30A Vladimir's Model ESC, which is no longer available because of the war in Ukraine that sadly made Vladimir to stop activities for now. Great it is programmable with Arduino, but Hyperflight a... read more
Anonymous,  9 Dec 2023
Easy to use, good covering Excellent product.
Bob Goldstein,  8 Dec 2023
Storm Motor Review
Motor arrived on time and as advertised. Good thrust for F5J XPlorer2.
Anonymous,  8 Dec 2023
cnc mount
looks good great with screws and not a bad price.
Frederik Lattner,  6 Dec 2023
Great and solid DLG Glider
Great RC DLG Glider ! Fairly easy to fly (my first RC plane after a long time) and pretty solid. I landed it quite hard a few times and things broke (mostly cracks in fuselage, dents in wing and vertical stabilizer), but nothing that couldn't be repaired. I recently ripped off the vertical stabiliz... read more
Frederik Lattner,  6 Dec 2023
Powerful but unreliable
The two servos I ordered were great. Really small and still powerful. Was a fairly tight fit into my Malibu 1m DLG, but that was expected. Unfortunately, after a couple not so soft landings and plugging them in and out a few times, one stopped working. Since I live in Germany, ordering another on... read more

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