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Sapphire 2m

Product Code: SAPPHIRE

Sapphire 2m

The Sapphire is a lightweight electric thermal soarer designed for the Czech/Slovak Small Outrunner electric glider class. It borrows many design and technology refinements from discus launched gliders, and the aerodynamic design is well thought out and fault-free.

The nicely finished smooth glass skinned foam core wing has a substantial carbon spar. Each wing half is molded with the polyhedral in place, ensuring a very smooth and low drag surface, and good stability. The small lightweight fuselage pod is of glass/epoxy construction, so is 2.4GHz friendly, and can accommodate folding props up to 14" diameter, allowing good climb rates. The convenient canopy hatch allows access to the electric motor and battery. The rear fuselage is made of a lightweight but long carbon boom, giving excellent flight stability.

The tail feathers have a similar construction to the wings and are in a conventional cross tail configuration, with a fin and tailplane. The tailplane is removable for easy transport. The control surfaces are actuated by servos in the pod using the supplied pushrods. This helps the CG to be correctly positioned even when using a lightweight powertrain. Please ignore all references to the older V tail version.

The light weight, high aspect ratio, generous dihedral and tail moments, make the Sapphire a high performance and easy to fly thermal soarer that will stay aloft with the best of them. The modern thin airfoil and four servo wing gives the model a wide speed range. The tough construction and excellent price point make it a very good first competition model for the 2m eSoaring class. The kit includes minimal English instructions. See this excellent German build log for lots of useful info.

The new Ultralight pod option has a lighter carbon/Kevlar fuselage pod. This is very slim and requires a 28mm or 30mm (max) spinner. Apart from being slimmer the pod is also longer, so a lighter powertrain can be used. Access to the pod is a little restricted so the only motors that we recommend are the Hacker B20-18L or the Hacker A10-7L motors, both geared 4:1. This pod saves about 28g (1 oz), from the flying weight shown below.

Recommended Ultralight Powertrains
Hacker A10-7L geared 4.4:1, 3S 900mAh LiPo, 12x10 folding prop, 12A, 7.5m/s
Hacker A10-7L geared 4.4:1, 3S 900mAh LiPo, 13x8 folding prop, 13A, 8.5 m/s
Hacker B20-18L geared 4:1, 2S 900mAh LiPo, 12x7 folding prop, 12A, 5.0 m/s
Hacker B20-18L geared 4:1, 3S 900mAh LiPo, 10x5 folding prop, 11A, 5.4 m/s

Sapphire Specification
Wing span 2.0 m 79 in
Wing area 30.4 dm2 471 sq in
Length 1.12 m 44 in
Flying weight from 525 g 18.5 oz
Wing loading 17.3 g/dm2 5.7 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 13.2
Wing airfoil AG40, AG41, AG42, AG43
EDA (dihedral) 8 degrees
Spinner diameter 32 mm
Centre of Gravity 60-65 mm from wing leading edge
Controls Ailerons, flaps, rudder, elevator

Sapphire Typical Weights
Fuselage 62 g 2.2 oz
Wing 190 g 6.7 oz
Tailplane & fin 19 g 0.6 oz
Accessories 30 g 1.1 oz
Total structure 300 g 10.6 oz
RC 72 g 2.5 oz
Motor 48 g 1.7 oz
Prop 29 g 1.1 oz
Battery 75 g 2.6 oz
Total 525 g 18.5 oz

Recommended RC
Rudder & elevator servos (2) KST X08, Ripmax SD100, Blue Bird BMS-101HV, Power HD DSM44, GWS Pico BB
Flap servos (2) KST X08, Corona DS843MG, Hyperion DS09-AMD, Ripmax SD150, Ripmax SD100, Power HD DSM44, GWS Pico BB,
Aileron servos (2) Ripmax SD100, Blue Bird BMS-101HV, KST X08, Corona DS843MG, Hyperion DS09-SCD, Power HD DSM44, Ripmax SD150, GWS Pico BB,
Receiver 7+ channel rx to match your transmitter
Power 30A ESC with 2A uBEC

Recommended Powertrains
ADH300L Front Mount, 3S 450mAh LiPo, 9x5 folding prop
ADH300L Front Mount, 2S 450mAh LiPo, 11x6 folding prop
Hacker A20-20L 10x7 prop, 3S 900mah LiPo (21A, 1950 fpm)
Hacker A20-20L 13x9 prop, 2S 900mah LiPo (23A, 1750 fpm)
Hacker A20-26M 9x6 prop, 3S 600mah LiPo (16A, 1530 fpm)
Dualsky XM2826CA-10, 9x6 prop, 2S 900mah LiPo (23A 1400 fpm)

Recommended Control Throws & Mixes
See the Sapphire Assembly Instructions (link below).

Sapphire 2m

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