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Welcome to Hyperflight.co.uk

HyperFlight are Europe's largest stockist of F3K hand launched gliders and F5J Esoarers. We stock the best F3J RC gliders, scale sailplanes, wing servos, and R/C glider & DLG accessories. Also please register for our new forum, and post your comments and build logs there. We will be giving monthly prizes to the best posts.

Featured Products
KST 4 for 3 Servo Offer

Don't miss special KST servo 4 for 3 giveaway!

Place an order for three or more KST servo and we will add an extra one free of charge!
Price: £0.00
KST DS245MG Ultra Thin Servo - 8mm 11g 2Kg.cm
This great 8mm thick 11g weight 2kg.cm torque servo is back in stock. The geartrain has been improved and it now has no free play. Please get one and see for yourself.
Price: £25.45
Pulsar Pro 2e
Check out this improved and refined version of the Pulsar 2m eSoarer. With a Drela airfoil, Ukrainian FF type lightweight construction, a practical canopy hatch, and lovely aesthetics, this model has it all.
Price: £359.00
Circle Dancer 3000 Full House Electric

Constructed from balsa and carbon, this aileron and flap model is based on the Bubble Dancer design. Excellent quality at an unbelievable price.
Price: £419.00
MKS HBL6625 Servo - 10mm 29.3g 10.4Kg.cm
This is the servo for those that appreciate the very best of RC technology. This 10mm thin wing servo weighs just 29 g yet has a massive 10.4 kg.cm torque . This is achieved by using one of the smallest brushless motors used in an RC servo, is is an amazing achievement by MKS. It isn't just good on paper, the HBL6625's torque and phenomenal speed was used to create a new F3F world record of 24.58 seconds.
Price: £92.95
Powerline Micro 1025/F5J
We have just taken delivery of probably the lightest F5J powertrain yet. The motor and integrated gearbox weigh only 103g and can get a Maxa 4e to 200m in 25 seconds. Check it out.
Price: £219.95
Hyperion DS09-SMD Servo - 9mm 8.4g 2.0Kg.cm
Don't miss out on these great Hyperion DS09-SMD servos at a very special price.

The -SMD variant has the -AMD's metal gears and the -SCD's gear ratio. making it fast, strong, and still torqey emough for most applications.
Price: £24.85
SmartLipo 240 V4 with Magnetic Switch
SmartLipos are back in stock. The updated range includes jumper switched and magnetic switched devices.

The 650 mAh version is now capable of higher currents than the 450 mAh SmartLipo. Check out the whole range.
Price: £37.95
AerobTec Altis v4 F5J Start Height Recorder and Flight Logger
The AerobTec Altis v4 is a multi purpose device:
- An F5J Start Height recorder and display, with its own mini OLED screen.
- An eSoaring or ALES limiter for cutting the throttle at the required altitude.
- An altitide logger for flight recording and later analysis on a PC.
- A telemetry sensor that works with Jeti and Multiplex 2.4GHz receivers.
- A DLG launch height recorder and display.
Price: £64.95 £59.95
Maxa 4e
We finally have stock of the Vladimir's Models Maxa 4 F5J eSoarer. This beautiful model is the most advanced glider Vladimir has ever produced. Designed by Joe Wurts, constructed using specially developed spread carbon fabric, and great contest success. Get one while we have a choice of colours.
Price: £1,669.00 £1,569.00
Taser Glass
The PCM Taser is lightest, highest performance 2m model in series production, and is now available in the UK. This model is less than half the weight of the most successful (till now) 2m eSoarer, and is destined to shake up the top of the 2m league.
Price: £495.00