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Welcome to Hyperflight.co.uk

HyperFlight are Europe's largest stockist of F3K hand launched gliders and F5J Esoarers. We stock the best F3J RC gliders, scale sailplanes, wing servos, and R/C glider & DLG accessories. Also please register for our new forum, and post your comments and build logs there. We will be giving monthly prizes to the best posts.

Featured Products
Kappa 35 F5J
Just in, the purest F5J model yet. Not a converted F3J pinger and dorker, the Kappa 35 has been designed to do what thermal soarers really need to do - to easily work small weak thermals low down, allowing the pilot to confidently make competition winning low starts.
Price: $1,330.19
KST X08 HV Servo - 8mm 8g 2.8Kg.cm
Please have a look at the very nice new KST X08 servo. Only weighing 8 grams, but capable of 2.8 Kg.cm torque and a speed of 0.09 sec/60°. It can cope with a voltage range of 3.8V to 8.4V, so can work on 1S LiPo, 2S LiPo and conventional NiMH batteries.

This is probably the best DLG servo currently available.
Price: $37.98 $35.44
MKS HV6100 Servo - 10mm 10g 3.4Kg.cm
The MKS HV6100 has just arrived. It is the new high voltage version of the well liked DS6100. This servo is rated up to 8.4V so can be used with 2S LiPo batteries with impunity. It is faster and stronger than the DS6100 and we are sure it will be a very popular servo. Use it everywhere on models up to 3m, for everything except flaps on 4m models.
Price: $40.57 $37.98
Pulsar Pro 2.5e
The Pulsar Pro 2.5e is a beautifully designed and built 100" electric glider that is ideal for sports fliers. It performs excellently, can be flown from smaller venues, and packs away into a compact space for transport and storage.
Price: $594.71
More Voodoo racers have arrived - we have all colours available. The Voodoo is superbly built, and flies like a trainer at Mach 2. It is a great model.
Price: $209.23
KST DS245S HV Servo - 8mm 9g 2.6Kg.cm
The latest DS245S version of this great range of KST micro servos only weighs 9g and has a generous 2.2 kg.cm of torque. There is no free play in the geartrain, so the output arm is rock solid. The electronics have been upgraded to allow it to be run on both 1S and 2S LiPo batteries without a regulator.

More stock has arrived. These servos are perfect for DLGs and small electric models
Price: $36.70 $32.90
MKS HBL6625 Mini Servo - 10mm 26.7g 6.0Kg.cm
The high voltage brushless version of the well liked MKS DS6125 Mini wing servo had arrived. THE HBL6625 Mini is a bit pricey, but it is probably the best possible servo for ailerons on F3J and F3J models and many racers and jets.
Price: $126.74
Hyper 2.7me
The Hyper 2.7me is an ultra lightweight 107" span electric soarer that really excels in light air. It is the very latest of the Hyper 2.x range and the extended wing improves the glide angle and reduces the already very low sing rate. It is probably the best 2m-3m calm weather model we sell.
Price: $632.75
195 cm Aluminium Model Tranportation Box - takes F3B, F3J, F3F, F5J Models
We have just received a range of beautifully made and very strong model transportation boxes. These boxes are the last word in safe model storage and transport. Now traveling to a national or international F3K, F3J, F3F, and F5J competition is easy. The boxes can be loaded easily, inspected without difficulty, and checked into an aircraft as oversized baggage.
Price: $277.70
MKS HBL6625 Servo - 10mm 29g 10.4Kg.cm
This is the servo for those that appreciate the very best of RC technology. This 10mm thin wing servo weighs just 29 g yet has a massive 10.4 kg.cm torque. This required development of one of the smallest brushless motors used in an RC servo. The HBL6625's torque and phenomenal speed was used to create a new F3F world record of 24.58 seconds.

The Mini version is now also available. Use the HBL6625 on flaps and the HBL6625-mini on ailerons.
Price: $128.00