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Welcome to Hyperflight.co.uk

HyperFlight are Europe's largest stockist of F3K hand launched gliders and F5J Esoarers. We stock the best F3J RC gliders, scale sailplanes, wing servos, and R/C glider & DLG accessories. Also please register for our new forum, and post your comments and build logs there. We will be giving monthly prizes to the best posts.

Featured Products
KS HD47MG HV Servo - 8.5mm 5.6g 1.2Kg.cm
Please have a look at this new high voltage economy servo for DLGs and small electric models.

It is 8.5 mm thick, weights 5.6 g, and can be run directly from a 2S LiPo battery. It has very little free play, and a good torque rating of 1.2 Kg.cm.
Price: $13.80
KST DS245S HV Servo - 8mm 9g 2.2Kg.cm
The latest DS245S version of this great range of KST micro servos only weighs 9g and has a generous 2.2 kg.cm of torque. There is no free play in the geartrain, so the output arm is rock solid. The electronics have been upgraded to allow it to be run on both 1S and 2S LiPo batteries without a regulator.

Please consider one next time you're shopping with us, and see for yourself.
Price: $40.14 $34.60
MKS HBL6625 Servo - 10mm 29g 10.4Kg.cm
This is the servo for those that appreciate the very best of RC technology. This 10mm thin wing servo weighs just 29 g yet has a massive 10.4 kg.cm torque. This required development of one of the smallest brushless motors used in an RC servo, and is an amazing achievement by MKS. It isn't just good on paper, the HBL6625's torque and phenomenal speed was used to create a new F3F world record of 24.58 seconds.
Price: $128.90
Stark DLG
More stock has just arrived! The Stark is a superb contest proven discus launched glider from LD Models. It launches high and ranges with the very best.
Price: $650.39 $539.46
Powerline Micro 1025/F5J
We have just taken delivery of probably the lightest F5J powertrain yet. The motor and integrated gearbox weigh only 103g and can get a Maxa 4e to 200m in 25 seconds. Check it out.
Price: $305.02
Altis Micro
The Altis Micro is a new tiny multi purpose device from Aerobtec:
- A DLG launch height recorder and display.
- An F5J Start Height recorder.
- An eSoaring or ALES limiter for cutting an electric glider's throttle at the required altitude.
- An altitide logger for flight recording and later analysis on a PC.
- A telemetry sensor that works with Jeti and Multiplex 2.4GHz receivers.
Price: $66.50
Fabulous design and construction sets this 84 cm (33") pylon racer apart, and makes it an excellent deal.
Price: $228.82
Phoenix Models K8b - 3.5m ARTF
Check out this great value 3.5m K8b balsa and ply built up scalie. It is a very similar size to the much missed Flair K8, and is less expensive and ready to fly! Amazing value.
Price: $386.91 $275.96
MKS DS6100 Servo - 10mm 9.5g 3.3Kg.cm
This excellent 9.5g MKS DS6100 servo works very well for DLGs and for pure and electric gliders weighing up to about 2kg. We even recommend it for the ailerons of 4m F5J models. It is fast, has a load of torque, and a very tight deadband, making it good for most control surfaces, but especially ailerons and elevators.
Price: $37.38 $34.60
Fireworks 4.2 Disser
Fireworks 4.2 Disser DLGs now in stock! Great flying model, and a good looker with the diagonal disser tows.
Price: $636.53 $539.46