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YGE ProgCard 3 / Programming Card 3 / ProgCard III

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The YGE ProgCard 3 is a programming device for legacy YGE ESCs, not the latest LVT ones, which need the YGE USB Adaptor.

Although YGE Electronic Speed Controls can be programmed using a transmitter it is very much easier and more reliable to do this using the ProgCard 3.

The ProgCard 3 has two pages of settings, to cover the multitude of features on YGE speed controls.

Connecting the ProgCard 3 the ESC

Left hand connector marked ESC: Plug the YGE Speed Controller into this, negative wire (brown or black) to the right.

Right hand connector marked Rx: This can be left unconnected if the ESC is powered from the flight battery. If the ESC is not powered from the flight battery plug this into a powered-up receiver, or other source of 5V power, negative wire (brown or black) to the right.

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Important consideration for LVT & HVT esc's

As per YGE website, this program card is not for YGE LVT and HVT speed controls.This would be useful information to convey on the product details.

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YGE programming card 3

Great programming card easy to use

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YGE ProgCard 3 / Programming Card 3 / ProgCard III

My YGE 90 ESC had gone into alarm mode and given the 6 consecutive beeps. There was no way I could reset the ESC without the Program III card.
As soon as I connected the Prog 3 card and check all the parameters and set them correctly powered it down and reconnected and the alarm mode is gone.

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Great programmer, easy to use.

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Essential to setup your F5J model properly and ensure motor life.

Easy to use and worth the price to ensure proper and easy setup of your ESC.

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