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The YGE95 LVT ESC is a high quality German engineered brushless electronic speed controller for powered gliders, helicopters, F3A aerobats, and sports models. YGE is the most reliable brand of speed controller currently available and gives the best performance from all electric motors.

The YGE95 LVT ESC has a very powerful BEC whose output voltage is set using a jumper to 5.7V, 7.4V or 8.0V. The BEC can supply 8A continuously or 18A for 10 seconds making it suitable for large models.

The YGE95LVT ESC is a 95 A electronic speed control with a veru powerful switch mode BEC (battery eliminator circuit) for powering the RC. The BEC can supply 5.5V to 8.4V adjustable in 0.1V steps at a current of 8 A continuously and 18 A for short periods. Adequate cooling is required for sustained running at the maximum continuous full power ESC and BEC current limits.

The YGE95LVT has powerful braking facilities to ensure that folding props fold correctly, without over straining the gearbox.

The YGE95LVT has an excellent helicopter governor mode allowing low and high rpm flight condition with the same pinion, allowing modern flybarless helis to benefit from the excellent low RPM capabilities of flybarless modules.

The YGE95LVT has these benefits:
  • Under voltage protection by power reduction.
  • Configurable under voltage detection.
  • Suitable for LiPo, LiFe, NiMh, NiCd and new battery chemistries.
  • Switching BEC ensures reliable well regulated power to the RC.
  • Adjustable BEC output of 5.5V to 8.4V in 0.1V increments makes it ideal for all RC setups.
  • Excellent speed regulation (Governor mode).
  • Soft start.
  • Active free-wheel, allowing unlimited part load operation.
  • Automatic or 6 step adjustable timing.
  • Continuously adjustable F3A brake.
  • Three step adjustable regular back EMF brake.
  • Temperature and overload warning.
  • Anti sparking circuit reduces connection sparks and eliminates damage.

YGE95LVT ESC Specifications
Continuous current 95 A
Max current (10s) 108 A
Voltage range 6V - 22V (2S-6S LiPo)
BEC type Switching (uBEC)
BEC output voltage 5.5V to 8.4V adjustable in 0.1V increments
BEC continuous current 8 A
BEC max current 18 A
Dimension 78 mm x 32 mm x 15 mm
Weight bare/inc cables 63 g / 93 g
Switching rate 8 to 16 kHz
Commutation limit 240, 000 RPM (2-Pole motors)
Programmed using Transmitter, YGE USB Adaptor

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This will be my second 95A YGE controller ... slim, work well, and give me telemetry ... first class service from Hyperflight :-)

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In comparison with CC this is a superior controller for power glider set ups. Twin outputs from BEC, silicone cables and excellent braking program. Mode 4 'Gliders' is a great set up, I only used Program Card to adjust motor timing everything else was automatically set. YGE installation data not easy to find, information supplied with ESC is scant but probably ok for experienced glider builders

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