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XPower F3426/7 Storm 1250 RPM/V 142g Cased Outrunner

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The F3426/7 Storm is apowerful high performance cased outrunner for larger and heavier gliders, up to 5 m span and 4 kg weight. The 34 mm diameter outer can does not rotate and the wires extend from the rear so it is perfect for installing in narrow glider noses, and the 5 mm motor shaft stands up to dorked landings.

Eliminating the gearbox simplifies the powertrain and reduces the risk of failure. It also results in requiring a smaller (less efficient) propeller. In the past that was a disadvantage as powertrain efficiency was essential for good performance. However with the current state of technology excellent performance can be achieved even with small props, and they do offer several advantages, namely:
  • Less stuff hanging out in the wind and less glide drag, so overall better glide performance, especially at speed.
  • Usually a higher pitch speed is obtained, allowing very fast transitions to a low level thermal a long way away (if you are one of those god-pilots who know there the lift is).
  • Smaller propellers reduce the effects of torque, making the initial climb out easier.

XPower F3426/7 Windy Specifications
KV 1250 RPM/V
Max current 75A for 30s
Power 800W
Internal resistance 23.6 mOhm
Dimensions Ø34 x50 mm
Mounting 2 holes on 16 mm & 2 on 19 mm diameter
Shaft diameter 5.0 mm
Weight 142 g
Number of poles 12
Recommended number of cells 3 - 4 LiPo
Recommended props 10x7-12x6


Prop: XPower Carbon Folding Prop 11x8"
Controller: YGE 65LVT
Battery pack: Hot Lips VHD 1300 4S1P
RPM: 12850
Current drain: 56A
Static Thrust: 2.8kg

Prop: GM DD Carbon Folding Prop 11x8"
Controller: YGE 65LVT
Battery pack: Hot Lips VHD 850 4S1P
RPM: 11100
Current drain: 61A
Static Thrust: 2.5kg

Recommended controller: YGE 65LVT

Reviews 5  

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Xpower storm 1250rpm Outrunner

Purchased the 1250 rpm outrunner & carbon prop for my Dream Hotliner 2.0. Postage to Country Australia was 2 weeks exactly. I have installed and tested but not flown as yet. Seems to have plenty of pull and carnt wait to get this airborne Neil has been absolutely excellent to deal with and I will be purchasing more products in the future.

 Review by:

Storm Motor Review

Motor arrived on time and as advertised. Good thrust for F5J XPlorer2.

 Review by:

Storm Motor Review

Motor arrived on time and as advertised. Good thrust for F5J XPlorer2.

 Review by:

Nice powerful motor. I have used both Xpower Windy and Light motors in the past; of course this one is more powerful and larger, but seems every bit as satisfactory. With 11x8 prop and 4s will pull around 800+W, as stated - but you will need a battery that can supply the required current without too much voltage sag to get that as continuous output (I used 850mAh Tattu Rline 4s, and could get the stated power only at peak - more like 700W steady state). An 11x7 prop was too small and 12x8 was too large (though maybe it would be OK with a larger capacity battery; over 1kW peak).

A few notes:
(1) the front end geometry will almost but not quite work with a CN 32mm mount: since the back of the mount and the front of the motor are both conical features, they mate before the front of the motor meets the back of the mount. Fixed this by fabricating a 2mm spacer from G10/fibreglass sheet;
(2) the motor and mount will just fit inside the hatch and nose of a PlusX - requires cutting the nose back 20mm to go from 30mm to 32mm spinner/firewall, and even so the fit is tight. So it will possibly work with other noses designed for 30mm spinners, too, but the fit didn't leave a lot of room to spare;
(3) the motor power leads (unlike smaller Xpower motors I have used) are enamelled stranded copper. If you decide - as I did - to cut them shorter you will have some trouble re-tinning them. Fixed this by fanning the wires and abrading off the enamel with sandpaper (this is apparently s standard treatment for re-tinning enamelled copper wires), then re-twining and tinning with solder.


 Review by:


Cracking motor performance is awesome. Long term who nows? It's nicely made but we will have to wait and see...

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