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HyperFlight 180 cm (71") Glider Bag

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The VMB180 is a very high quality bag suitable for transporting and storing very large model gliders and F5J electric planes. These bags are well constructed with commercial quality fabric and zippers, and usuaully available in red and blue. The 180 cm (71") bag is a perfect choice for 3.5m to 4.5m gliders where the longest wing panel is up to 180 cm long. The bag has three padded compartments and also three smaller pockets for stabs, wing rods or accessories. On the outside an additional lined compartment allows a glider fuselage to be carried externally

These bags pay for themselves in a season by eliminating transportation and storage hangar rash, allowing the model to stay in pristine condition for longer. They also allow more flying as the models can be prepared for flight and put away much more quickly, allowing an extra one or two flights per flying session. Also the fact that the model is enclosed in the bag while in the back of the car reduces the chance of theft.

182 cm Glider Bag Specifications
Dimensions 180 cm long x 10 cm thick x 31 cm high
Inside max length 180 cm
Material Heavy gauge nylon fabric
Padding 1 cm thick foam
Internal dividers Two padded dividers
Internal pockets Three pockets with Velcro fasteners
External pocket One, suitable for glider fuselage
Handles One either side, in the middle
Shoulder strap No
Hanging hook Yes
Logo Yes, HyperFlight
Weight 1700 g

Reviews 20  

 Review by:

Glider Bag

Great looking and fit for my Virtigo 4m.

 Review by:

Great glider bag

Great quality Glider bag, I have a few different sizes now and all are equally good.
range of pockets and soft dividers to keep the wings safe, The dividers can be removed if you want to keep wings in their original wing bags and use this to keep all components together.

 Review by:

Glider bag!!

Splendid bag!!!!....My 4m Enigma fits nicely in this.....Top of the mark service, as is the norm!!!

 Review by:


This is already the third glider bag I buy.
Excellent quality, strong and good layout internally.
They last a lifetime.
But there is a small minus.
Since the fuselages are getting thinner, they can no longer really be fixed.
When you carry the glider bag, the fuselage rotates due to the weight of the rudder.
Actually, the rudder should also be able to fixate so that it remains flat.
This reduces the chance of damage.
But otherwise more than satisfied.

 Review by:

Model saver bag

I previously used snowboard bags and ski bags but they were always a compromise. The Hyperflight bags are well made and the design has been well thought out. It is possible to get a Pike Diamond and a TOBA sized model in a 71in bag if you interlayer alternate protected and unprotected wings. I suggest that a larger version, 74in maybe be made with a bigger fuse tube (Valenta Chilli sized) and some hoops added for shoulder straps. The smaller ones could also have rucksack style shoulder straps added as an option. Great product at a fair price, highly recommended.

Comment by:

Transport bag

Maximum satisfaction. Excellent protection, storage, transport for F5J gliders and other varieties. In time I will order another for my glider.
A good, practical and high-quality product does not need advertising.
Thank you Hyperfligh.

 Review by:

Hyperflight glider transport bag (71")

The bag arrived the next day is ideal for my 4mtr Valenta Thermik XL, albeit the fuselage is slightly too fat to fit in the external side pocket. Not an issue though as the bag is big enough for it to go inside.

 Review by:

Excellent Bag

Perfect fit for a 4m Ultima 1. Super high quality. Would be a deal at double the price.

 Review by:

Excellent for my 1.8m wing

Superb quality bag. Better than any other I have. It just fits my one piece 1.8m wing. Excellent quality stitching and soft cushioned separation panels. This should last a lifetime. Also a very quick delivery from Hyperflight.

 Review by:

HyperFlight 180 cm (71") Glider Bag

High quality product that I hope will protect my composite gliders from hangar and transportation rash.

 Review by:

Super quality and well made. Ideal fit for my new Pike Prestige 2pk which like a number of the latest F5J gliders has a long center panel.

 Review by:

Essential equipment

I have three of the next size down bags, recently bought a 4 metre Xplorer, the centre panel needed this larger bag, fits perfectly. Delivery was extremely fast (it always is).
Compared to my older bags the two dividing foam panels are thinner but they still do the job.

As a precaution I make sure that any protruding control horns face to the outside of the bag or not facing each other. 10/10.

 Review by:

Very nice and well made bag fits my 4m F5j plane perfect

 Review by:

Great bag for 4m F5j glider

This is my second bag from Hyperflight and I'm again very happy with the product. I'm using this larger bag with a 4m Voyager F5j and it fits very well. The width for the wing is enough without being to wide, and the bag is nice and long to fully hold the fuse.

 Review by:

Hypeflight 72 inch glider wing bag

Arrived promptly. A very nice product - internal padded partitions give a lot of protection to the wing. Very convenient to carry up the slope. The fuselage compartment could be a little wider. Not cheap - but I think it is worth it.

 Review by:

Great bag

A well made and well thought out bag. Side pockets are larger enough for long stabs and vertical fins. I now have two of these bags, so well liked I bought another. I used them for models with removable tails. This one is for a 4M Explorer, big flap. Very long fuse goes in the outside sleeve. It protrudes a few inches, but works fine. Better than very oversized larger bag for me.

 Review by:

Very comfortable bag, with three compartments, with excellent padding. Ideal for transporting an F5J glider.
A single observation: the rudder remains outside unprotected, a dedicated cover is needed, to avoid disassembly from fuselage, every time.

 Review by:

Review by: Marco Moschetta
Very comfortable bag, with three compartments, with excellent padding. Ideal for transporting an F5J glider.
A single observation: the rudder remains outside unprotected, a dedicated cover is needed, to avoid disassembly from fuselage, every time.

 Review by:

HyperFlight 182 cm (72") Glider Bag.

Super cool /nice bag.
But I wish the room to the fuselage was bigger.
So there is room for a more wide body.
As well as a pair of handles to carry it your back.

 Review by:

HyperFlight 182 cm Glider Bag

Nice, slim bag that is nearly perfect for hauling and protecting your glider. My only complaint is that there is no place to store tools. While there are pockets in the bag, these are designed to hold tail surfaces and if you put tools in with them, they slide around and damage the tail surfaces. What is needed is a large, lightly-padded, independent pocket that can be closed with Velcro to hold tools safely away from the delicate flying surfaces.

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