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HyperFlight 125 cm (49") Glider Bag

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The VMB125 is a very high quality bag suitable for transporting and storing 2m - 3m model gliders and electric planes. These bags are well constructed with commercial quality fabric and zippers, and usually available in red and blue. The 125 cm (49") bag is a perfect choice for gliders where the longest wing panel is up to 125 cm long. The bag has three padded compartments and also three smaller pockets for stabs, wing rods or accessories. On the outside an additional lined compartment allows a glider fuselage to be carried externally

These bags pay for themselves in a season by eliminating transportation and storage hangar rash, allowing the model to stay in pristine condition for longer. They also allow more flying as the models can be prepared for flight and put away much more quickly, allowing an extra one or two flights per flying session. Also the fact that the model is enclosed in the bag while in the back of the car reduces the chance of theft.

125 cm Glider Bag Specifications
Dimensions 125 cm long x 10 cm thick x 31 cm high
Inside max length 122 cm
Material Heavy gauge nylon fabric
Padding 1 cm thick foam
Internal dividers Two padded dividers
Internal pockets Two pockets with Velcro fasteners
External pocket One, suitable for glider fuselage
Handles One either side, in the middle
Shoulder strap No
Hanging hook Yes
Logo Yes, HyperFlight
Weight 1250 g

Reviews 23  

 Review by:

Great bag

Bought this bag for Purito RES instead of the Purito own bag. Glad I did as it holds both my newly built Xres as well ,as the fuselage for this has fixed fin and rudder and is longer. Usual fast service from Neil.

 Review by:

Hyper Flight Glider Bag 125 cm. (49")

The GLIDER BAG has a very good design, with the internal division for protecting the wing glider made with ribs and finishing with a delicate coating. My Pulsar 2.5 m fits nice. I had a little problem with a zipper tooth because the bag was folded into 2 parts inside de box packing with de zipper closed. For the next shipment of this product, I recommend folding the bag with the zipper open. The HyperFlight delivery time and service are very good as always. Congratulations

 Review by:

Great wing bag

I bought this bag for my Black Horse Wilga wings and I am very pleased with the quality. Definitely worth having.

 Review by:

Love this Bag

Perfect fit (but only just) for my 3.8m F5J Explorer Q... with wing bags.
Heavy duty, good quality.

 Review by:

Fantastic service

Amazing service from Neil once again

 Review by:

Just bought my first Hyperflight model bags, firstly great service arrived within 48 hours !
The product is just brilliant, well made with a great all round quality feel !
I will be buying a third.

 Review by:

Good quality and smart

I like to have my models protected against general knocks for carriage and storage. The 125cm bag is very smart and nicely made and befits any model that is one’s pride and joy - it certainly adds to the feel-good factor! It has a sturdy long-lasting feel and smooth operating zips. The internal dividers have a light-weight soft-foam padding material. It all feels very secure and I am happy with my choice.

Do check your model size against the internal dimensions of these bags - my own electric glider model is quite a tight fit in length because the inside length of the bag is less than the external size and my fuselage+rudder is just on 125cm. The product specifications in fairness do state external 125cm and internal 122cm. I would say, if your longest item is 125cm, consider the next bag-size up.

 Review by:

Great glider bag fast and Excellent service.

 Review by:

Great glider bag and Excellent service as usual from hyperflight

 Review by:

I bought this for my Inside F5J. The extra length suits this model well with its wingtips, polyhedral and glued in joiner rod.
The bag is very well made, looks great and is well worth the price. I am so glad that I bought this bag rather than making my own from bubblewrap!

 Review by:

Ideal for my Blaster 2, fuselage with fin just fits inside , these bags are high quality & worth every penny , I have larger version for my Circle dancer 3000 , only criticism I found is that they need too be made ridged by adding very stiff cardboard to the back section inside , excellent service as usual from Neil at Hyperflight,

 Review by:

hyperflight bag

this is the second bag (two different models) I bought. there are very good products and very nice too. I am very satisfied ,very good job . Thank you

 Review by:

An ideal bag for safe transport of an F5J model.
Made of robust nylon fabric.
Beautiful and accurate realization.
Excellent and sliding zips.

 Review by:

Just the job for my new Graphite 2 electric model instead of a home brew carry/protection bag, and quick service.

 Review by:

Quick delivery, good quality bag, recommended.....

 Review by:

125cm Glider Bag

After splashing out on a 2m all molded glider I began to look for a good carry/storage bag. I had seen bags at our club field that were well priced. However the quality looked like the bag would not last long and the dividers would not give adequate protection to the components within. The Fuselage was also fully exposed on the outside of the bag all but for 1/10th of the fuselage that sat in a pocket that is far too big for my model.

I decided to look on the Hyperflight web site and found an extensive range of bags covering all sizes of models possible. The price seemed a little high at the time of looking but the bag fitted the bill perfectly and I ordered a 125cm glider bag. The bag arrived within 36 hours which I felt was excellent service.

First impressions were very positive and I could soon see why the bags were slightly higher priced then others on the market. The quality of the bag is excellent.

The outer material is a good strong quality material which is well-padded offering good protection to the models components within. The full length zip is substantial and allows easy access into the bag. On the outside of the bag there is a loop for hanging the bag and a convenient carry handle.

The outer fuselage pocket runs full length of the bag leaving only the fin exposed. The bottom end of this packet has a zip for access in case the pod would come of the fuselage in the pocket.

Inside the bag there are 2 well-padded inner dividers to create independent storage space for two wing panels. There are three pockets on the inside of the bag for housing elevators spars etc, one pocket runs 50% of the length of the bag and the other two are split equally over the remaining 50% of the bag. All three pockets give adequate storage space for the gliders components.

My only negative of the bag is with these pockets. The pockets are held closed with Velcro, however the Velcro fastener is only around 2cm long. After a recent flying session I wanted to give my model a check over, whilst the bag was hanging on the wall I opened the main zip to remove a wing panel for inspection when elevator half fell from one of the side pockets. I would have liked the Velcro to have been longer on the pocket openings to prevent items falling out while the bag is hung.

Is it worth the money? Will it protect models for years to come? Would I recommend this product? Most definitely yes.

Pete, Rotherham

 Review by:

125 cm (49") Glider Bag

This bag Is worth every penny if you want to protect your precious gliders. Ample space and protection, I would only add that to make them even better a shoulder strap would help. I am 5' 11" and the bag can get a bit wayward in the wind.

 Review by:

Need some protection for your pride and joy?

I am not new to these superb quality glider bags having bought one quite a while ago for my mini graphite, so when I recently bought Libelle, I already knew that these bags are just the job.
I do have just one criticism though, it would be nice to have a suitable lightweight stiffener available for the more delicate wings like Libelle, as the bag can hint at a false sense of security which is not such an issue with the stiffer fully glassed/carbon wings of the more expensive gliders.
Now as for HyperFlight's service, exemplary as ever, thank you.

 Review by:

Hyper service

Bag ordered 14.30 arrived next day at 10.30. Very high quality bag, makes traveling to slope so much easier. I ordered a size bigger so the fuse can go inside for travel and storage as the fin overhangs the bag when using the outside pocket. Only problem is the bag makes my models look a bit tatty, um, Dear Santa...

 Review by:

Glider bag

Great bag, good secure storage for wings an fus, however most slope nutters take more than one model, would be nice to see this bag with two fus pockets an one more divider inside, and a shoulder strap. Overall thou a good buy.

 Review by:

It's good....

I bought one of these. The first thing to mention is the delivery - it arrived next day!

As for the bag, it was better than I expected - there are actually three compartments inside, it's made from sturdy fabric, has good padding and a series of pockets to keep bits 'n bobs in too. It has a tag on the back too so it can be hung on a coat hook.

On the down side, the fuse tube on the outside is a bit on the tight side and it would really benefit from having some sown in loops so you could add a shoulder strap.

Overall, a great bit of kit. I haven't regretted buying mine!

 Review by:

Vladimir's Models 1250mm (49") Glider Bag

I brought this expecting it to be good and was blown away
by how good it was. Excellent padding for the wings and
handy external compartment for fuselage.

Highley recomended!

 Review by:

A Bag For My First Moulded Glider

Well, this is a review AND comment. A review of the Glider Bag - plus a comment about the service I received from Hyperflight.

I bought the bag for my new Luna 2. The bag is EXCELLENT! In fact far better than I thought it would be, as it's description only mentions one divider and two compartments, whereas it has TWO dividers and therefore THREE compartments, able to INTERNALLY house my wings AND fuselage (with the all-moving elevators removed). The outer housing, although perfect for the fuz with tail feathers intact, will be great for my umbrella!

The construction is damn sturdy, has excellent padding and is really well finished, perfect for next week's lugging around the mountains in Skye.

One slight disappointment - my bag doesn't have the groovy Vladimir's Models logo. No big deal though.

Hyperflight's info on the phone and delivery service was ace!
Next-day delivery. All round brilliant stuff.

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