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Vitaprop 14x9.5 Folding prop blades

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A pair of high quality Vitaprop 14 x 9.5 folding propeller blades, suitable for HyperFlight's and other makes of folding prop yokes and spinners.

These blades are very high quality carbon moldings with an excellent aerodynamic design to maximise efficiency. They will tend to pull a little less current than cheaper folding propellers. They are designed for very high power levels and the blade root is reinforced with an aluminium bearing to ensure good folding, reduce wear, and maximise strength.

Note this product consists of two carbon propeller blades only. The central spinner/yoke assembly is not included. Also it is common for prop blades to not fit all spinner/yokes perfectly as supplied. It is often necessary to reduce the width the blade root slightly to ensure free folding movement. Also the cut out in the spinner cone often needs to be increased to allow the blades to fully extend. The root of the blade should not touch the spinner cone when the prop is fully opened.

Vitaprop 14x9.5 Folding Propeller Blade Specifications
Prop diameter 36 cm 14 in
Prop pitch 24 cm 9.5 in
Weight of 2 blades 14.2 g 0.50 oz
Width of blade root 7.95 mm 0.313 in
Hinge pin hole dia 3.0 mm 0.118 in
Max power 1000 W

Reviews 4  

 Review by:

Great blades!

 Review by:

nice quality blades which fit perfectly in Hyperspinner, folds snugly onto fuselage

 Review by:

Great prop fits snug against the fuselage, not tried yet but as I've bought Vitaprops in the past I'm sure it won't disappoint

 Review by:

VitaProp 14-9.5' folding props.

I bought a pair of these a few days ago off Neil and I installed them on a Nan models Orion and wow, I had a pair of nylon blades on before and swapped them out and wow what a difference, she will climb vertical which the nylons wouldn't, fantastic blades, I want another set for another glider. Awesome blades.

Thanks Neil.

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