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Sunnysky X2216-8 Outrunner Brushless Motor

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The Sunnysky X2216-8 is a very nice small but powerful 28 mm diameter outrunner that is perfect for the Vladimir's Models Plus F5J model. It can be pushed to about 300W on 3S LiPo batteries.

It is supplied in a rear mount configuration but we are fairly certain that it can be easily reconfigured to be front mounted.

Note that the Vladimir's Models 12x4.5 prop may be a little too large for safe operation. Either the diameter should be trimmed a little or the throttle should be limited to approx 80% power. Please let us have feedback!

Sunnysky X2216-8 Specifications
Motor name Sunnysky X2216-8 outrunner
Motor weight 72 g 2.54 oz
Motor diameter 27.7 mm 1.09 in
Motor length 32.0 mm 1.26 in
Lead length 10.0 cm 3.94 in
Shaft diameter 3.15 mm 0.12 in
Mounting info 2 M3 holes on 16 mm & 19 mm diameter circles
Manufacturers Rm 63 mR
Manufacturers Kv 1250 RPM/V
Manufacturers Io 1.1 A @ 10 V
Max efficiency (10 V) 84 % @ 13 A
Operating efficiency (10 V) 78 % @ 30 A
Motor Km 30 Nm/W^.5 X1000
Motor Km/Kg 423 Nm/(W^.5 Kg)
Recommended battery 3S LiPo
Rec max LiPo capacity 1 Ah
Supplied accessories 4 Mounting screws & other hardware
3S LiPo Performance
Recommended prop 12x4??, 11x5, 10x6
Input power 350?? W on 12x4?? prop
Current 35 A on 12x4?? prop
Rate of climb 10 m/s for 1100 g glider
2S LiPo Performance
Recommended prop 13x7, 13x6, 12x8, 12x7
Input power 230 W on 12x8?? prop
Current 33 A on 12x8?? prop
Rate of climb 6 m/s for 1100 g glider

Some of the photos show the 1400 KV motor, we are supplying the 1250 RPM/V 8 wind version.

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