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The Dualsky SUMMIT 60 SLIM is a high quality 60A ESC with an 6V 5A UBEC circuit. It can be used with most 5V and HV servos and is suitable for use with 2S-6S LiPo batteries.

The Dualsky SUMMIT 60 SLIM is very small - sized just 42 x 17 x 7 mm and only weighs 33g inc cables making it very suitable for competition electric gliders. The 17g Special Edition version shown in some of the photos is not currently available but is just the standard version with the motor leads removed. We reccomend this is done and the motor is soldered direct to the ESC if weight saving is a high priority.

The ESC is supplied with the brake ON, so no programming is required for glider use.

Telemetry is supported using the KIS 24A protocol and is output to a blue wire next to the RC plug. The data output includes:
Temperature - degrees C
Volatage - V
Current - A
Rotation speed - electrical RPM - divide by motor poles/2 to convert to mechanical RPM.

Like our acclaimed HyperFlight ESCs this Dualsky ESC uses BLHeli-32 firmare. This makes it very efficient and thus small. However it also means that a PC and an Aurdino Nano or a BL Heli USB Programming Interface is reqired to program it, if required.

Dualsky Summit Slim 60A ESC Specification
Continuous current 60A
Burst current 80A
Battery 2S - 6S LiPo
SBEC 6V @ 5A, 10A peak
Weight inc leads and XT60 plug 33g
Weight ex leads 17g
Firmware BLHeli-32
Programmable Yes, with Arduino
PCB Size 42mm * 16mm
Battery connector 15 cm wires, XT60 plug/socket fitted
Motor connector 4 cm wires to 3.5mm sockets
RC wire length 35 cm

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Beautifully manufactured, small footprint, ESC. I have it in my Simitri F5J sailplane, paired with a XPower Windy motor and 11x6 carbon prop. It is running flawlessly. I also appreciate that all the connectors are already attached. Because I saved space and weight by using this beautiful little ESC, I was able to fit a larger capacity battery in the plane. Highly recommended!

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