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Frame with plain bearing for the KST X08, X08H, A08, A08H, X08 Plus, X08H Plus, HS08A & HS08B (2)

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A pair of nicely molded filled nylon servo frames with an external plain bearing, to fit the KST X08, X08H, A08, A08H, X08 Plus, X08H Plus, HS08A and HS08B servos. This frame does not use a ballrace - the aluminium servo extention shaft rotates directly in the plastic frame material. But it does include fittings to suit both horizontal and vertical lug servos.

These frames speed-up servo installation, keep the servo secure and rigidly mounted, and also allow easy removal for maintenance or replacement. The external bearing reduces side load at the servo output arm, reducing compliance and extending the life of the servo. The external bearing reduces any free play, increasing the stiffness of the control surface, improving control and avoiding flutter problems.

Sold in pairs. Add one to the basket for mounting two servos.

Size: 50 mm x 36 mm x 9.8 mm
Weight: 3.7 g

Reviews 6  

 Review by:

Given the multi-servo mount options, they are a little confusing at first but can be figured out after a short while. I would prefer to see a more simplified and slimline mount for the X08 as often these servos are going in very tight locations. .

 Review by:

Well made and perfect fitting external bearing frame. Would not mount the KST servos any other way. Great product.

 Review by:

I used this with 08 plus servos, ones without horizontal lugs and it's ok but I added some metal pins that hold the vertical lugs as the plastic pip that is designed to hold the lug are pretty poor and allow some movement. They are fine now, time will tell how the plain bearings hold up but for now it all feels good and tight.

 Review by:

I have to a to agree with Roger Sanders, a poor design, the jigsaw puzel of bits to mount the ervo took time to sort. A nylon to nylon bearing does not instill confidence. putting these mounts in a 1700 composit glider is like using cheap servos. I will make the best of a bad job as it is the flaps we are dealing with so perhaps not quite so chritcial?

I chose a different servo for the ailerons, no plastic cradle avaliable, so made my own lite ply version of an IDS frame. Just as good, quick to change a servo, even has a removable wing skin/servo torsion bar.

The product is fuctional but poorly conceived trying to cover to many servo designs? That is the only reason I can see for the large amount of redundent parts, a plain plastic bearing is 'cheap'.

 Review by:

This device does is poorly designed, poorly executed, and will not fit most small wing applications. I simply do not understand why a device designed for micro-sized servos was made so large. It will not fit into the servo pocket in the small wings for which the servo would be used. It needs to be designed to be compact around the servo so that it will fit into the space available.

Its output shaft support does not run in a ball bearing. It is just an aluminum shaft running in a plastic bushing. There is no excuse for such a poor bearing design.

The servo mounting system is clever, but very confusing. I am a mechanical engineer, but I had to study the device for awhile before I figured out how to mount the servo. There should be instructions with the device, but none were supplied.

This is an unsatisfactory and generally useless device. I wasted my money. I do not recommend it.

 Review by:

very usefull for KST X08 if don't want to glue the servo onto the wing.
Built in a hotliner with very limited space. No flutter anymore.
a manual was not supplied but would be usefull. Some parts are not used or purpose is unclear

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