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Frame with bearing for the Blue Bird BMS-125WV / BMS-126WV / BMS-127WV (pair)

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A pair (2) of nicely molded filled nylon servo frames with an external bearing, to fit the Blue Bird BMS-125WV, BMS-126WV, BMS-127WV and the older Blue Bird BMS-105HV, BMS-106HV, BMS-107HV and Kawatomo CB-1005HV servos.

Note these frames need a small modification to the servo and the mounting adapters to allow the servo to fit perfectly.

1. Use sandpaper or a file to reduce the thickness of the servo's mounting lugs, reducing their thickness by approx 0.5 mm.

2. Fit the servo to the frame

3. Trial fit and if necessary remove a little plastic from the red adapter pieces, until they can be inserted fully.

These frames speed-up servo installation, keep the servo secure and rigidly mounted, and also allow easy removal for maintenance or replacement. The external bearing reduces side load at the servo output arm, reducing compliance and extending the life of the servo. The external bearing reduces any free play, increasing the stiffness of the control surface, improving control and avoiding flutter problems.

Sold in pairs. Add one to the basket for mounting two servos.

Size: 40 mm x 37 mm x 10 mm
Weight: 4 g

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Reviews 11  

 Review by:

Usual speedy delivery from Hyperflight and after a couple of minutes with a permagrit to reduce the width of the servo lugs they fit the frames just fine. The external bearings need pliers to gently snap them into place into the nylon frame but just be careful to keep the bearing level with the top of the frame when doing this. So much better than the wooden frames.

 Review by:

Great little servo frames

Normal slick delivery from Hyperflight. Now used to fit a BMS125 and BMS126 into the wing and found it so easy. The servo mounting lugs are slightly too wide for the frame but two minutes with a sanding block and the issue is sorted. Very neat solution.

 Review by:

Frames are convenient for mounting BMS servos provide an outboard bearing support

 Review by:

Thin wing application for composite F5J sailplane.

As advertised. You do have to sand the inner frame and shorten the servo mounting tabs for it to fit. Once done the servos fit well.
Why not a design upgrade to solve this and add a platform above the bearings allowing one to tie top and bottom skins together for it's use in thin composite wing applications?

 Review by:

Perfect frame for bluebird servo’s

The servo frames are superb. Delivery ok!

 Review by:

Frame with bearing for Blue Bird servos

I bought 4 of these to fit the Blue Bird servos into the wing of my Osprey F5J and was glad that I did as it made the fitting the serves so much easier. Really well constructed and easy to fit. Thoroughly recommend these as they are also great value for money too! I should also add that the delivery service from Neil was also first rate, I ordered them and asked Neil if he could get them off to me quickly as I wanted them for the build (I forgot to order them with the main order), they arrived the next day! Can't get much better than that.

 Review by:

not as easy as written

These are frames for MKS 6100 with servo retention screw to suit the Bluebird servo. There is more to do than written in the instructions as although the Bluebird servos look like the MKS 6100 there are quite a few differences. Firstly the lugs have to be reduced in width so the servos fit in the frames without spreading them. Secondly the thickness of the lugs has to be taken off the top otherwise the boss which engages with bearing does not fully engage. Thinning down the securing wedges as as described but the plastic on all parts is tough and with such small parts it is very difficult to sand a parallel surface. The main problem is that being a competition pilot sometimes I have to change servos during a competition. This would mean preparing a number of the Bluebird servos just in case. The holes that fit over the location pips are not exactly in the same place and the frames do spread a little.Fortunately the frames are not modified and I will be changing the servos to MKS 6100 as soon as they arrive.
Call me finicky but in a plane costing $3000 the build must be done right.

 Review by:

Excellent support frames with end bearing. I usually mount them on a piece of 1/32 ply to provide a larger gluing area. The plastic wedges that lock the servo in place require sanding but this is only a 5 minute job.

 Review by:

Make life easy . . . .

Not the first time I have used servo frames but the first time I have fitted them as part of a build. Overall they fit the Blue Bird 105 like a glove, making servo fit and removal very simple

For full servo arm sweep on the shortest hole using a 2mm metal clevis requires a lot of clevis grinding and carfull alignment. As for the 'servo lug' modification to thin it down, it apperas that the top surface of the lug is the one to work on, alowing the aluminiunm conecting shaft to go fully home on the bearing.

I looked at it objectivly, not liking the idea of working the servo or the mating suface, prefering to reduce the fixing wedge thickness to fit.

The conecting shaft and bearing are a nice fit, giving a satisfying positive slide into place, because I have not worked the top surfaces of the servo lugs the shaft does not go quite to the machined sholder. However, making sure the ball race is fully home, (it goes in a tad more than the back plastic face), ensures a good pickup of shaft to race . . . be shoure the race is fully seated!

 Review by:

Very Good

Just nice and easy!

 Review by:

Frame for bluebird cb1005hv/kawatomo servo

Super frame,great fit for the kawatomo servo,one small gripe, supplied screws should have a lower profile head, as these add to the installation thickness

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