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Sprite Hot-e 2m with wing bags

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The Vladimir's Models Sprite Hot Electric is a 2m very efficient fully molded e-glider for thermal and aerobatics. The advanced design by Dr Mark Drela makes it a competitive 2m thermal soarer while the low drag, low dihedral and large controls make it a great hot dog plane too.

Like other VM models the Sprite is optionally available with servo frames with bearings and internal IDS linkages ready fitted. This simplifies installing the RC massively. Whether these have been fitted or not is indicated with text like Aileron and Flap IDS fitted for MKS 6100 below the colour in the Available Options area below the price. The number refers to the servo family, in this case MKS DS6100 or MKS HV6100 servos. Other servos will generally not work as the servo splines are incompatible between KST, MKS, Futaba, Hitec, etc.

The Hot version has a reduced dihedral angle of 2 degrees, of making it especially suitable for aerobatics and thermalling in windier, more turbulent conditions. The AG40/41/42/43 section hollow molded wings have carbon spars and large ailerons and flaps, extending the speed range at the low and high speed ends of the polar.

The attractive Kevlar fuselage and removable carbon canopy hatch are highly streamlined producing an extremely low drag and sleek pod. The molded-in wing pylon reduces interference drag and the long high modulus carbon tail boom and conventional cruciform tail ensure excellent handling. The molded tail assembly holds the superbly engineered all flying tail mount. The model is easily transported with its two-piece wings and removable tail.

In addition to the exceptional design the other outstanding characteristic of the Sprite is the very, very, very complete build done at the factory, with the following items already fitted to perfection: canopy, tailboom, tailplane mount. The only work required is gluing the fin and fitting the RC and motor.

These are available in glass or spread carbon layup. The delivery received included some lovely spread carbon Sprite Hot-e models. These are very strong and very light.

Now supplied with Vladimir's Models very nice wing and tail bags

Sprite Hot Electric Specification
Wing span 2.0m 79 in
Wing area 36.5dm2 565 sq in
Length 1.32m 52 in
Typical flying weight 900g 31.7 oz
Wing loading 25g/dm2 8.1 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 11.0
Wing airfoil AG40/41/42/43
Tail airfoil NT12-NT14
Dihedral angle 6.5º
Spinner size 38mm
Centre of Gravity 92-104mm from wing leading edge
Tailplane neutral 51.5mm from top of the boom to the centre of the leading edge
Controls Elevator, rudder, flaps, ailerons

Sprite Hot Electric Typical Weights
Fuselage 155g 5.5 oz
Wing (SC layup) 392g 13.8 oz
Hoz tail 25g 0.9 oz
Vert tail 12g 0.4 oz
Accessories 41g 1.5 oz
Total structure 625g 22.0 oz

Recommended Servos
Elevator & rudder (9mm) Blue Bird BMS-101DMG, Ripmax SD100, KST X08N, Blue Bird BMS-A10S, MKS DS65K, MKS DS75K-N
Flap (13mm) KST X10 Mini, KST DS135MG, MKS DS6100, Ripmax SD150, KST X08, KST X10 Mini, Blue Bird BMS-115HV, Blue Bird BMS-125WV, Blue Bird BMS-M15V
Aileron (12mm) KST X10 Mini, KST DS135MG, MKS DS6100, Ripmax SD150, KST X08, Blue Bird BMS-115HV, Blue Bird BMS-125WV, Blue Bird BMS-M15V

Powertrain Recommendations
XPower F2915/12 XLight 3S 800mAh LiPo, 10x5 prop
Powerline Micro 1010 3S 800mAh LiPo, 12x8 prop
Powerline Micro 1015 3S 800mAh LiPo, 15x8 prop
AXI 2217/16 V2 Long 3S 800mAh LiPo, 10x5 prop
Mega 16/15/4 geared 4.4:1 3S 800mAh LiPo, 16x8 prop
Mega 16/15/4 direct drive, 2S 1000mAh LiPo, 7x4 prop
Mega 16/15/5 direct drive, 2S 1000mAh LiPo, 8x4 prop
Dualsky XM2826CA-10 45g outrunner 3S 800mAh LiPo, 10x7 prop (19A, 5.0 m/s)

Recommended Control Throws & Mixes
See the Setup Template for Blaster-Sprite-Supra-Vladimir.pdf file (link below).

Reviews 5  

 Review by:

Fantastic Plane, first flight

Purchased this plane with Powerline Turbo 1010, YGE-35LVT and having just flown it off a slope can't tell you how impressed I am with both ballast and without. The flaps and control and landing is incredible, the rudder control is awesome. It is incredibly sensitive to camber / reflex changes. All in all very very pleased. With the motor it goes vertical with a 850mah and the telemetry from the esc is just what i wanted. Will be interested how it thermals but off a slope it worked wonders.

 Review by:

As always great service, a beautifully packed box and a perfect model which emerged. The Sprite is Vladimir's usual impeccable finish and fit. The only negative is that although there is good information on control surface settings, there is little advice or guidance on the best ways of getting them there through the fitting of servos, linkages etc. I fly these models for fun, not competition, and therefore I am not as up-to-speed as others may be on the best way of doing everything. These are such beautiful models that I really don't want to make a mistake and curse myself afterwards. Some guidance, however brief, would be welcome!

 Review by:

A marvelous plane. One of the more import things I want to let know everybody. The after sale support by is great. Especially if some thing goes wrong with the parcel supplier. The parcel delivery was able to crush the really strong box supplied by Hyperflight. Neil solved all problems with the broken plane. I am a happy customer. I will spend more money on this shop. Thank you very much for all your effort.

 Review by:

As with another fellow purchaser of this model, my review is a little premature as I have yet to give the craft it's maiden flight.

Have spent all the bad weather period in February acquiring all new kit to fit out this extremely precise and well made machine.

The much awaited delivery was very well packaged and protected. An art-form in itself.

I feel sure that as the better weather approaches I too will be very pleased to get into the air.

 Review by:

Sprite Hot Electric

This review is a little previous as I have not had a chance to fly this beautiful little glider. The model is nicely built and is very light with kevlar and carbon where needed. It comes almost ready to go. It's looks.... the Ferrari of the species!! Just stunning.

Just a little work and install the electrics. I enjoy soaring in marginal to moderate winds with a little aerobatics thrown in. Neil @ Hyperflight was exceptionally helpful in my model selection and I can see this is my ultimate dream glider for my flying.

I look forward to adding its flight characteristics soon. I am certain it will put a grin of my face!!!!!

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