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Sprite Ballast Set - Aluminium and Brass

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This ballast set is designed for the Sprite Hot and Thermal, but also works well for any model needing a physically flexible ballast system. Adding ballast improves performance when the wind and/or lift is strong. Ballast allows the model to be flown fast without loosing as much height as it if it was just dived.

The Sprite ballast is assembled on a flexible wire cable, which makes it possible to fit the ballast in more constrained places. This makes it especially suitable for F5J models.

The set includes:
6 pcs 27 g aluminium ballast slugs with a diameter of 16mm and the length of 50mm
6 pcs 80 g brass ballast slugs with a diameter of 16mm and the length of 52mm
2 pcs noncorrosive wire for fastening of the slugs
Screws for fixing of ballast in the fuselage (also one spare screw)
Allen key for the screws

Weight will all aluminium ballast slugs = 165 g (5.8 oz)

Weight will all brass ballast slugs = 490g (17.3 oz)

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Sprite ballast set.

Excellent. Quality clever product as you would expect from Vladimir.

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